Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryEd Hensley Cemetery
LocationElkton area, Rockingham County, Virginia. Go 1.7 miles from U.S. 340 on U.S. 33 east and turn left onto Rt. 634 for 6/10 mile. Turn right on Rt 623 and go 7/10 mile and turn left just before crossing bridge. Go past house and turn left past fence. Go up hill 2/10 mile to cemetery.
NotesCemetery is well maintained.
Survey Date and Recorder19 Apr 2004
Graham & Barbara Hensley

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
MongerMinnie DeanRecorded by DAR in 1960s; No visible marker in 2004-Known to be buried in this cemetery; w/Samuel Monger
HensleyJesseRecorded by DAR in 1960s no dates; No visible marker in 2004-Known to be buried in this cemetery; s/Adam & Columbia Hensley
HensleyIrene B.No visible marker in 2004; Recorded in 1970s by Connie Heartman
MongerJulia9 Nov 1922Aged 70y 5m 8d; w/MatthewNo visible marker in 2004; Recorded in 1970s by Connie Heartman
001HensleyErnest Harry6 Oct 192627 Oct 1979S1 US Navy WWIIs/Hiram Samuel & Myrtle A. Hensley
001HensleyMyrtle A.21 Jan 189923 Jan 1977Motherd/Vernon L. Hensley & Kate Florence Baugher
001HensleyH. Samuel14 Nov 189428 Feb 1966Fathers/David Franklin Hensley & Elizabeth Catherine Eppard
002MongerMatthew16 Mar 184724 Nov 1914Age 67y 8m 8d
002SmithMaude H.11 May 188830 May 1909w/H. J. Smithd/George H. Glenn & Elvira Jean Hensley
002GlennElvira J.18531930d/John Hensley & Rebecca Jane Smith
002GlennGeorge H.18611892s/George Glenn & Sarah Baugher
002HensleyColumbia A.1 Jul 1911Age 61y 11d; w/Adam Hensleyd/William Hensley & Lucinda Hensley
002HensleyAdam18 Oct 184420 Sep 1919Age 74y 11m 2ds/John Hensley & Rebecca Jane Smith
002HensleyRebecca J.17 Sep 1902Age 78y 3m 4d; w/John Hensleyd/William Smith & Nancy Morris
002HensleyJohn5 Mar 18182 Feb 1892s/Benjamin Hensley & Nellie Meadows
003HensleyStephen A.19141977Lindsey Funeral Home marker; s/Wm. Marvin Hensley & Mattie Bell Long
003HensleyWebster M.13 Jan 191316 Mar 1913In Memory ofs/W. M. & M. B. Hensley
003HensleyLincoln W.12 Jul 191831 May 1920In Memory ofs/W. M. & M. B. Hensley
003HensleyMattie L.18881971Brill Funeral Home marker; d/J. Thos. Long & Mary E. Sullivan
003HensleyWilliam M.18811961Recorded by DAR in 1960s; Illegible in 2004-Brill Funeral Home marker only; Possibly Wm. Marvin Hensley 1881-1961, h/Mattie, s/Adam Hensley & Columbia Ann Hensley
003WyantGussie M.18971970s/Ed Hensley & Rebecca Emily Hensley
003WyantFranklin P.18991975s/John Daniel Harrison Wyant & Ida Jane Hensley
003HensleyLoring Harry13 Apr 191917 Jun 1920Age 1y 2m 4d; Infant s/Harry R. & Gussie M. Hensley
003HensleyJohn Wesley16 Jul 1916Age 1 day; Infant s/Harry R. & Gussie M. Hensley
003ShiflettVivian28 Sep 19134 Apr 1915d/E. & S. L. Shiflett
003HensleyEllen M.13 Sep 191814 Feb 1919Waren Funeral Service marker; d/Hiram Samuel Hensley & Myrtle Ann Hensley
003UnknownIllegible-metal marker only, no data
004HensleyWilmer M.27 Mar 187914 Feb 1954s/Edward Hensley & Rebecca Emily Hensley
004HensleyMinnie S.5 Jan 188116 Dec 1921d/Samuel Whitfield Hensley & Sidney Jane Lam
004HensleyMinnie S.5 Jan 188116 Dec 1921w/Wilmer HensleyMinnie has two headstones
004HensleyLenore H.18871971Married 12 Mar 1911w/Claude B. Hensley; d/William Benjamin Hensley & Mary Jane Hensley
004HensleyClaude B.18871963s/John Milton Hensley & Adaline Virginia Berry
004HensleyAlice V.19131977Cremated; on back side of parent's marker-Claude B. & Lenore H. Hensley
004HensleyRosetta V.8 Apr 188426 Feb 1969d/William Lam & Luraney Meadows; w/Hiram A. Hensley
004HensleyHiram A.16 Jan 188527 Oct 1927s/John Milton Hensley & Adaline Virginia Berry
004HensleyAdaline Virginia28 Apr 185719 Sep 1923d/Henry S. Berry & Polly Keyser; w/John Milton Hensley
004HensleyJohn H.18991993Cremated; 1/2 ashes buried between his parents, 1/2 ashes buried with his wife Anna in Mt. Olivet Cemetery, McGaheysville, VA; s/John Milton Hensley & Adaline Virginia Berry
004HensleyJohn Milton12 Jun 185610 Aug 1917s/John Hensley & Rebecca Jane Smith
004HensleyHerman E.9 Oct 188225 Dec 1899Aged 17y 2m 16d; s/J. M. & A. V. Hensley
004HensleyAnnie G.3 Nov 189115 Nov 1897Aged 6y 12d; d/J. M. & A. V. Hensley
005HensleyLurty A.24 Mar 189511 Feb 1964s/William Benjamin Hensley & Mary Jane Hensley
005HensleyMary Jane25 Sep 186818 Nov 1956d/Silas Hensley & Sarah Elizabeth Maiden; w/William B. Hensley
005HensleyWilliam B.22 Sep 186323 Sep 1909s/John Hensley & Rebecca Jane Smith
005HensleyWillie6 Jun 1920Metal marker only
006CookEarl28 Jan 19265 Mar 1926Ch/Welty Cook & Jessie Rebecca Hensley
006CookGene31 May 192728 Jan 1929Ch/Welty Cook & Jessie Rebecca Hensley
006CookLucille5 Mar 193413 Jan 1936Ch/Welty Cook & Jessie Rebecca Hensley
006ShifflettErnest18901950Virginia Pvt 155 Depot Brigade WWI
006ShifflettSarah L.18941971His wifew/Ernest; d/Edward Hensley & Rebecca Emily Hensley
006HensleyLula21 Feb 188924 Jun 1959d/Edward Hensley & Rebecca Emily Hensley
006HensleyEdward31 Oct 185314 Mar 1934s/William Hensley & Lucinda Hensley
006HensleyEmily21 Feb 185919 Oct 1937d/John Hensley & Rebecca Jane Smith
006HensleyKitty Florence9 May 187518 Jun 1961w/Vernon C. Hensley
006HensleyVernon C.24 May 18776 Sep 1918s/Edward Hensley & Rebecca Emily Hensley
006UnknownIllegible metal marker
006DeanMalcolm21 May 193614 Mar 1937s/G. W. & Alice Dean
006DeanJames Edgar22 Mar 193811 May 1939s/Edgar & Selena Dean
007CookJessie H.12 May 19029 Jan 1989d/Edward Hensley & Emily Hensley; w/Welty G. Cook
007CookWelty G.11 Mar 189914 May 1986s/Joseph Cook & Leannah Hensley
007HensleyPearl M.20 Aug 1921
007HensleyWillard H.12 May 19175 Dec 1987s/Hiram Samuel Hensley & Myrtle Ann Hensley
008MongerHomer E.18831938s/Benjamin Price Monger & Mary "Molly" Hensley
008MongerLaura P.18981927His wifew/Homer E. Monger; d/Andrew Pierce Hensley & Emma Lee Eppard
008HellerBernice Marie Monger18 Dec 19255 Jan 2001Cremated; d/Homer E. Monger & Laura P. Hensley
008HensleyErnest L.17 Jan 191431 Oct 1967
008HensleyVivian6 Jul 192317 Jan 2004Death date taken from obituary; d/Lula Hensley
008HensleyBrenda Jollane1 Dec 195017 Feb 1996