Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryLinville Cemetery
LocationLinville, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg take Route 42 north 3.7 miles and turn right on to Road 765 (Buttermilk Creek Road). Go 1.6 miles and turn left on to Road 753 (Kratzer Road). Go 1.0 miles and church/cemetery are on the right side of the road.
NotesPreviously known as Linville Congregational Christian Church Cemetery. Standing in the cemetery facing the church, the rows are from left to right and front to back. SECTION 1 (south side) is the oldest area. SECTION 1A is the Black area (south and towards the back of Section 1). SECTION 2 (middle). Section 3 (north side) is the newer area. J. Robert Swank made a notation in 1967 "there are other burials in this cemetery without markers." There are many burials in the Black area without markers. Mr. Andrew Temple in 1996 said "there was only one grave left in the Black cemetery and it was for him".
Survey Date and Recorder1/29/2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BarrixCharles, wife, other family membersNo visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 - no cemetery records 11/12/2001
KeedeerDaniel & wifeNo visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 - no cemetery records 11/12/2001
HighMrs. FrankNo visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 - no cemetery records 11/12/2001
GreenZackNo visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 - no cemetery records 11/12/2001
GradyBettie & BelleNo visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 - no cemetery records 11/12/2001
DonovanClarenceNo visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 - no cemetery records 11/12/2001
BellAda B.18721950No visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 but location undetermined; no cemetery record
TribbyCharles & wifeNo visible markers - noted by Swank in 1967 - no cemetery records 11/12/2001
016UnknownAppears to be grave here per cemetery records 11/12/2001
01001Long, Sr.Robert H.17 Nov 193513 Mar 1993
01001HuffmanGrace F.18971958No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
01001HuffmanJames M.18711949No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
01001HuffmanAnn R.No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
01001MorrisVictoria14 Oct 187811 Jan 1961
01002FriesInfant Daughter03 Nov 192805 Nov 1928d/Floyd & Mary; Our Darling
01002ShoemakerHoward W.20 Mar 1925
01002ShoemakerMary M.23 Nov 19261 Mar 1999
01003SheehanJohn13 Jul 190906 Nov 1989
01003SheehanMary S.18811924
01003Sheehan, Jr.Daniel19151937
01003WestThomas25 Jan 185821 Feb 1924
01003WestMelvina11 Aug 186819 Apr 1938w/Thomas
01003WestBurley F.10 Apr 190221 Nov 1966
01003WestEdward E.23 Jul 190907 Jan 1991
01003HosaflookA. Lynwood07 Feb191704 Feb 1969SSGT 4149 Base Unit AAF WWII
01003HosaflookVictor L.18 Sep 195506 Jun 1969s/A. L. & V.
01004HosaflookArnold R.18901966
01004HosaflookMaylah B.18951976w/A. R.
01004HosaflookDorothy19231924d/A.R.& M.
01005RandolphHiram E.18951937
01005RandolphMrs. HiramNo dates - buried here per cemetery records 11/12/2001
01005SimmersB. Erasmus31 May 188208 Jul 1951
01005SimmersHazel D.01 Nov 190027 Jul 1984w/B. E.
01005SimmersJohn C.18491932
01005SimmersSarah F.18501922His Wifew/J. C.
01005LokeyLuther F.22 Sep 188324 Oct 1945Father
01005LokeyBertie E.31 Aug 188725 May 1939Motherw/L. F.; sister to Jim & Charles Huffman
01005LokeyElmer F.11 Apr 190903 Feb 1968
01005DonovanClarine L.07 Jul 191817 Feb 1995Grave here - obituary in Daily News-Record 18 Feb 1995; data from cemetery records
01006SimmersRalph Lee03 Mar 193205 May 1980
01006SimmersMary Martha13 Oct 1934
01006CurryBessie Mrs.18891965McMullen funeral home marker only
01007FreeseJacob R.18711955Lindsey funeral home marker only
01007FreeseAlice Mrs.18761963Lindsey funeral home marker only
01007FriesBarbara A.18 Aug 191268 years old; w/D. H.
01007LongBernie D.01 Jul 188615 Apr 1956
01007LongEsther B.12 Oct 190005 Nov 1990w/B. D.
01007LongJ. Harvey23 Mar 192715 Jul 1943s/B.D. & Ester L.
01007PirkeyAvis Long04 Jun 1931Love to see you all
01007RhinehartPollie A.06 Oct 185509 Nov 1918Aged 53y 1m 3d
01007RhinehartArtie M.28 May 186422 Sep 1929Aged 65y 3m 24d
01007RhinehartSusan E.11 May 185517 Sep 1931
01008FriesLuther E.18781949
01008FriesMinnie Via18891920w/Luther
01008LongNannie E. Miss08 Jun 189218 Feb 1972
01008LongWilliam Henry28 Sep 192902 Jul 1996SSGT U.S. Air Force KoreaMilitary marker only
01008HedrickBaby Girl07 Dec 1960
01008RhinehartBenjamin F.27 May 185823 Jul 1939
01008RhinehartMary C.12 Apr 187004 Apr 1954w/B. F.
01009TaylorHalcye C.19031944
01009RoadcapJacob10 May 185304 May 1932
01009RoadcapSusannah01 Mar 183726 Mar 1920Aged 83y 25d
01009KingreeNora L.09 Apr 188022 Dec 1936Mother
01009KingreeVernon S.09 Mar 187726 May 1962Father
01009KingreeIrvin Roy07 Nov 190722 Mar 1984
01009KingreeVirgil S.16 Apr 191704 Jun 1985PFC Army WWIIMilitary marker only
01009HosaflookMeryl H.19 Jun 190718 Nov 1982
01009HosaflookAddie F.17 Dec 190917 Jan 1997w/M. H.
01010TaylorStill Bornc/R. R. & H. C.
01010TaylorStill Bornc/R. R. & H. C.
01010TaylorInfant Daughter03 Oct 192603 Oct 1926d/R. R. & H. C.
01010TaylorInfant Son13 Jun 192413 Jun 1924s/R. R. & H. C.
01010KingreeInfant Son03 Oct 190604 Oct 1906s/Vernon & Nora
01010HosaflookWilliam H.19221923Children of H.H.& Bertie
01010HosaflookRalph L.19121913Children of H.H. & Bertie
01011Rinker-FosterJames E. R.07 Sep 190917 Apr 1982
01011Rinker-FosterHelen I.25 Oct 190818 Feb 1932
01011HuffmanWarner01 Mar 190818 Aug 1959Father
01011HuffmanElizabeth12 Jan 190821 Dec 1974Mother
01011LongStanley Bryan26 Nov 195130 May 1982BT3 U.S. Navy VietnamMilitary marker only
01012KratzerAllen R.21 Oct 1945
01012RigglemanFrances E.10 Mar 1954
01012Clatchey, Sr.Alfred B.12 Sep 185608 Aug 1908Born in Baltimore, MarylandLillie Green's 1st husband
01012May -Lillie Green26 May 188020 Dec 1967No visible marker- recorded by Swank in 1967
01012May -John W.05 Feb 189323 Mar 1966Lillie Green's 2nd husband
01013RitchieRobert F.17 Aug 188229 Jan 1964
01013RitchieBruce M.29 Apr 188505 Aug 1948
01013RitchieRichard F.23 Jun 191114 Mar 1944
01013RitchieVirginia M.19091960
01013BradfordWilliam R.22 Mar 187905 Apr 1932Father
01013BradfordAnnie C.21 May 187423 Mar 1950Mothersister to Sally & Louise Payne
01014McInturffVernie L.21 Mar 189606 Nov 1923
01014GilkersonJohn H.18521922
01014GilkersonEliza Mildred13 Dec 185922 Aug 1912
01014GilkersonMinnie Eldora25 Aug 188028 Sep 1904
01015RhodesJ. B. D.09 Aug 184804 Dec 1909
01015RhodesEmma F.19 Sep 185415 Apr 1918w/J. B. D.
01015RhodesSarah B.04 Apr 187718 Jan 1945
01015RhodesBessie F.20 Mar 1889Aged 10y 2d; d/J.B.D. & E.F.
01015SipeKittie Sue28 Jan 1879Aged 1y 6m 15d; d/Emanuel & Penelope C. Sipe
01015SipeLuciphine Virginia09 Apr 187021 Mar 1886Aged 15y 11m 12d; d/Emanuel & Penelope C. Sipe
01015SipePenelope C.12 Feb 183406 Nov 1897w/Emanuel Sipe; Our Mother
01015SipeEmanuel05 Jul 183023 Sep 1901Aged 71y 2m 18dCol. C.S.A.
01015RhodesGeorge A. J.08 Jan 186506 Apr 1905Aged 40y 2m 28d
01015RhodesEmily R. S.07 Jun 185727 Oct 1907Aged 50y 4m 20d
01015ClayterEmma F.18701960
01016SheetsKatherine A.14 Jul 182622 Jul 1904Aged 78y 8d; Our Motherd/Peter Neff
01016RhodesJ. Bruce D.22 Sep 189406 Feb 1946
01016SipeChas. E.14 Sep 186313 Feb 1916
01016SipeLaura Gaines15 May 187522 Mar 1963
01016SipeCharlsie Jennings02 Feb 191525 Jul 1933
01017NeffPeter03 Jan 180303 Jun 1877Aged 74y 5m; In Memory of Father
01017NeffLydia28 Nov 180410 Apr 1884Aged 80y 4m 13d; In Memory of Our Mother; w/Peter Neff; d/Christian Kratzerw/Peter Neff
01017FletcherClarence B.04 Mar 1903Aged 24y 5m 3d; s/E. & M.A.D.
01017FletcherMary Helen19 Jan 190222 Mar 1902d/C.D. & H.C.
01017FletcherJacob Henry19 Mar 1883Aged 1y 2m 2d; s/E. & M.A.D.s/E. & M.A.D.; in Holsinger book
01017FletcherInfant Son12 Dec 1880Aged 2 days; s/E. & M.A.D.s/E. & M.A.D.; in Holsinger book
01017FletcherGeorge Ernest04 Jan 1887Aged 10m 1d; s/E. & M.A.D.s/E. & M.A.D.; in Holsinger book
01017MesserleyJames A.10 May 183315 May 1904
01017MesserleyMary S.08 Dec 184702 Jul 1932His Wifenee Emswiler; w/James
01017MesserleyClaire Agnes21 May 188428 Jul 1971
01017MesserleyElizabeth High02 May 190709 Apr 1951
01017MesserleyJoseph Russell14 Sep 188814 Apr 1970Cremated; buried with Elizabeth
01017EmswilerHarrison24 May 184122 Jan 1888Aged 46 years; FatherC.S.A. Civil War
01017EmswilerFannie V.10 Jan 184527 Feb 1918Aged 73 years; Motherw/Harrison; nee Rhinehart
01017SimmersDora Lee18731942d/Harrison & Fannie V. Emswiler
01017HulsLaura Mae18761943d/Harrison & Fannie V. Emswiler
01018NeffSusie Hyde05 May 188630 Sep 1886
01018NeffElla Henton29 Nov 187529 Mar 1899
01018FletcherErasmus08 Oct 184623 Apr 1905railroad agent
01018FletcherMary A. D.26 Oct185104 Mar 1921w/Erasmus
01018FletcherDelucia Sarah03 Jun 189306 Dec 1935
01018MesserleyElizabeth04 Mar 180815 Jun 1888
01018EmswilerAva Winona19121914d/W.H. & T.R.
01018EmswilerWilliam H.18811970
01018EmswilerTracey R.18891933w/W. H.; nee Ragan
01019FlickLulu Moore12 Aug 188322 Dec 1888Aged 5y 4m 10d; d/A.B. & Ida S.d/A.B.& Ida S.
01019FletcherRebecca11 Apr 18197 Jun 1882Aged 65y 4m 2d; Mothernee Moore
01019FletcherWilliam07 Aug 1894In the 84th year of his age; Our Father
01019KratzerJoseph N. B.19 Jul 185224 Apr 1907Our Father
01019KratzerLaura L.17 May 185201 Nov 1910Our Motherw/J. N. B.; nee Emswiler
01019EmswilerElias16 Mar 181907 Apr 1900Aged 81y 21d; Father
01019EmswilerElizabeth03 Mar 180817 Aug 1897Aged 89y 5m 14d; Motherw/Elias
01019BarrixB. F.18681938
01019BarrixNellie G.18721954
01020KratzerJulia F.07 Apr 182330 Dec 1898w/G. S.
01020KratzerGideon S.22 Nov 180811 Sep 1893
01020BarrixVirgil Aubrey28 May 1898Aged 8m 28d; s/B.F. & Nellie F.
01021RhodesCharles L.26 Jun 188911 Dec 1915
01021RhodesLouella Ritchie17 Apr 189110 Apr 1971w/C. L.; nee Depoy
01021DeanesNancy Eliza07 Aug 182602 Jan 1885Aged 58y 5m; w/Rev. D. T. Deanesw/Rev. D. T.
01021PayneJames R.23 Oct 186805 Jun 1923
01021PayneEtta L.04 Jul 186909 Apr 1950His Wife
01021PayneRobert E.18941965Virginia PVT U.S. Army WWIMilitary marker shows name Robert Edward Payne; b. 9 Dec 1894 d. 6 May 1965
01021PayneMamie E.19021975w/R. E.
01022SimmersJohn W. H.18701947
01022SimmersHattie L.18791919w/J. W. H.
01022SteaLouis29 Nov 191223 May 1984PFC 446th EngineersMilitary marker only
01022SteaNelson R.10 Jan 191506 Apr 19992nd m. Boss (Dora N. Boss)
01022Boss, Jr.Robert L.19 Mar 191721 Jul 1993MAM2 U.S. NavyMilitary marker shows name Robert Lake Boss, Jr.
01022PayneInfant Daughter14 Oct 189314 Oct 1893d/James R. & Etta L.
01022PayneAlma May18981900d/James R. & Etta L.
01022WengerDorothy I.20 Feb 192624 Feb 1928d/O.S. & L.O.
01022RoweEtta Laura18 Jul 1953d/H.C. & H.M.
01022FogleSamatha20 Nov 1883Aged 46y 23d; w/Martin; d/John & Mary J. Davis
01023HosaflookR. Roy18861945
01023HosaflookEva M.18861970w/R. Roy; nee Davis
01023BarbMalinda C.01 Mar 183211 Apr 1920Aged 88y 1m 11dMother of Mary Ann Hosaflook
01023HosaflookMary Ann09 Jan 185913 Aug 1940w/W. H.; nee Barb
01023HosaflookWilliam H.29 Apr 185627 Jan 1937
01023HosaflookMilton29 Dec 186104 Apr 1939
01023HuffmanMadison09 Sep 183930 Sep 1895
01023HuffmanMargaret J.01 Jan 184511 Jan 1893
01023HuffmanJulia G.16 Dec 186617 Jul 1889
01023HuffmanPeter15 Mar 187621 Mar 1900
01023FlickMargaret09 Mar 182431 Dec 1905Aged 81y 9m 22d
01023FlickBenjamin F.13 Jun 182604 Nov 1889
01025HighGrafton W.23 Jan 184617 Jun 1926Father
01025HighJessie E.23 May 185921 Oct 1926Motherw/G. W.
01025HosaflookRussell D.18941967PVT U.S. Army WWIMilitary marker shows b. 9 Feb 1894 d. 16 Feb 1967
01025HosaflookEvangeline G.19011989w/R.D.; nee Gaines
01025DawsonVirginia Gaines19061967sister to Evangeline Hosaflook
01025ScottBruce W.05 Apr 188423 Nov 1921
01025ScottBessie P.15 Apr 189517 Sep 1987
01025ScottBruce W.07 Aug 191628 Oct 1972Husband
01025ScottRachael L.28 Sep 1921Wife
01025TribbyEmma J.15 Sep 1889Death Date Unknown
01025TribbyBetty E.05 Mar 1895Birth Date Unknown
01026Terry, Sr.Elmer Allen21 Apr 190929 Oct 1996Married 1 June 1936
01026TerryWilda Emswiler12 Feb 1912w/Elmer Allen
01026EttelOra S.21 Feb 1919
01026EttelPaul Revere11 Jan 192109 Sep 1991PFC US Army WWIIMilitary marker only
01026HeistermanJessica Marie19 Feb 200118 Mar 2001
01026HumphreyWilliam E.18881971
01026HumphreyFlorence T.18841973
01027HighFrank E.15 Sep 188602 Apr 1970
01027HighTigie A.04 Oct 189629 Aug 1924w/Frank A.
01027CriglerRoger Allen03 Jan 194710 Jan 1947
01027CriglerRay Allen24 Jun 192324 Jun 1923
01027CriglerCharles02 Sep 1906Aged 14 years
01027CriglerMarion03 Nov 1899Aged 1y 7m 23d
01027StearnCharles E.18 Apr 190125 Mar 1954Father
01027StearnVirginia C.10 Feb 190212 Mar 1966Mother
01027StearnCharles A.12 Jan 186223 Aug 1919
01027StearnBettie S.18 Sep 186126 Dec 1925His Wifew/C. A.
01027BellHerbert A.08 Sep 187620 Jan 1949
01027BellAmelia V.14 Jan 188201 Jul 1982w/W. A.; nee Bowman
01027BowmanWilliam E.22 Sep 195431 Mar 1931Father
01027BowmanMargaret H.01 Sep 184708 Apr 1927Motherw/W. E.
01028HighGeneva E.29 Jun 1928d/F.E. & V.K.
01028HighInfant Son24 Jul 1924s/F.E. & T.A.
01028CriglerWilliam H.06 Oct 188725 Feb 1924Aged 37y 4m 19d
01028CriglerJohn H.05 Aug 1918Aged 75 years
01028CriglerSarah25 Oct 1899Aged 47 yearsw/J. H.
01028CriglerEmma R.20 Jan 1897Aged 18y 2m; d/J.H. & Sarah E.d/J. H. & S. E.
01028FridleyIsaac N.20 Jul 185514 Apr 1923
01028BowmanDavid A.17 Apr 189105 Apr 1912Aged 20y 11m 18d
01028BowmanEmanuel A.31 Mar 1887Aged 16y 7m 2d
01029SeeCharles Monroe19011952No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
01029ZirkRoy E.28 Sep 191805 Mar 1979
01029ZirkLena E.25 Feb 1920w/R. E.; nee Emswiler
01029StearnLester L.18961957Father
01029StearnEdna L.19021970Motherw/L. L.
01029Stearn, Jr.Lester L.01 Jun 192517 Dec 1985Junior; Married 4 Apr 1953
01029StearnHelen C.17 Mar 1925Bootsw/L. L. Jr.
01029HarperJohn E.19281962Son
01029HarperGeorge W.18711957Father
01029HarperCatherine G.18911972Motherw/G. W.
01030HuffmanCharles E.18691950Father
01030HuffmanKatie V.18771944Motherw/C. E.
01030DepoyErasmus L.01 Apr 187303 Nov 1939Father
01030DepoyLula E.02 Feb189221 Apr 1973Motherw/E. L.
01030KratzerCaroline D.02 Nov 192109 Feb 1977Mother
01030RoadcapJoseph E.17 May 192313 Nov 1994Dad; TEC 5 U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker shows name Joseph Earman Roadcap
01030StearnJ. Warner18891955
01030StearnLydia E.18891975w/J. R.
01031BarrixRaymond Keith27 Nov 192017 Jul 1984TEC 5 U.S. Army WWII
01031BarrixNancy Depoy23 Sep 1925
01031BarrixBarry W.28 Jun 1946
01031BarrixJoyce D.03 Jun 194701 Sep 1992
01031LaymanRay H.18981955Father
01031LaymanElsie M.18991961Motherw/R. H.
01031ClineWayne F.12 Aug 194315 Aug 1943s/F.D. & E.M.
01031KratzerLertie L.25 Sep 189107 Oct 1961
01031KratzerMaude R.24 Aug 189514 Apr 1964w/L. L.
01031KratzerGeorge A.19 Feb 190616 Jun 1983
01032BushFitzhugh L.18851948
01032BushLessie M.18871946w/F. L.
01032RhinehartVernon S.18921953
01032RhinehartBertha D.19011985w/V. S.
01032RhinehartCharles V.07 Jun 192830 Mar 1977CPL U.S. Army Korea
01032ShifflettClarence M.10 Jan 189814 Feb 1976
01032ShifflettEffie H.20 Jan 189914 May 1990
01032EmswilerWheeler Oscar18851966
01032EmswilerLeoda Hosaflook18881964w/W. O.
01033BushRichard Rhodesmem. stone - not buried here
01033BushJames Marshallchildmem. stone - not buried here
01033BushCharlenatwin child; mem. stone - not buried here
01033BushCharlottetwin child; mem. stone - not buried here
01033ShifflettMarvin M.29 Apr 191919 Apr 1988Our children: Linda I.; Marvin L., Tammy J.
01033ShifflettFrances I.07 Apr 1924
01034EmswilerInfant Son22 Apr 194322 Apr 1943s/Lee & Reba Emswiler
01034SmithRoy D.18981977Father
01034SmithGrace T.19021981Motherw/R. D.
01034SmithGlenna M.19231943Daughterd/G.T. & R.D.
01034HosaflookM. Donald22 Jul 192222 Jul 1982
01034HosaflookEvelyn B.29 Dec 1933w/M. D.
01034EmswilerEdgar A.31 Dec 187831 May 1954Father
01034EmswilerAnnie F.08 Oct 187307 Mar 1957w/Edgar
01034EmswilerAllen Z.12 Nov 190618 Oct 1993
01034EmswilerMamie G.06 May 1911w/Allen
01035SmithJean K.22 Apr 192820 Jan 1972nee Kratzer
01035SmithInfant Daughter1958
01036MongoldMadeline R.19201948Lindsey funeral home marker only
01036RaynesStuard21 Apr 190809 Dec 1943s/C.K. & D.B.
01036ArmentroutPaul F.22 Aug 1919
01036ArmentroutGwendolyn S.06 Sep 192103 Dec 1977
01036HighJames Eugene9 Nov 1932
01036HighLillian G.14 Jun 192220 Dec 1996Footstone: Lillian Grace High
01036HighPaul Daniel11 May 192025 Mar 1989Pvt Army WWII
01036CrawfordEffie M.13 Oct 189723 Feb 1964Mother
01036HighWill J.17 Mar 188415 Sep 1976
01036HighMay C.07 Sep 188611 Jun 1975
01037RaynesRebecca Mrs.18851957Lindsey funeral home marker only
01037FaulsBaby Boy28 Sep 1960No visible marker - record by Swank in 1967
01037HighSandra Kay25 Aug 195929 Nov 1959No visible marker - record by Swank in 1967
01037FaulsInfant Daughter19631963No visible marker - record by Swank in 1967
01038LokerIvan D.21 Feb 189716 Nov1976
01038LokerMae H.05 Jun 189619 Jul 1989
01038FlickDavid T.07 Sep 188026 Oct 1955Father
01038FlickBettie A.09 Apr 188207 Sep 1944Mother
01038FlickPatricia F.19 Feb 190525 Jan 1984
01038FlickCatherine B.08 Jun 191114 May 1995
01038HuffmanDavid L.10 Oct 187904 Nov 1945
01038HuffmanZula V.16 Mar 188128 Feb 1945
01038SmithLurtie H.03 Nov 188703 Mar 1945Father
01038SmithEthel M.04 Mar 189223 Feb 1978Motherw/L. H.
01038SmithDavid Neal06 Oct 193520 Mar 1955Sons/L.H. & E.M.
01038SmithPauline K.11 Jun 1922
01039LokerInfant13 Nov 1947s/Charles & Frances R.In 1967 Swank showed name as Donald Lee
01039HuffmanEmma Jane22 Aug 187208 Apr 1959
01039SmithDaniel Howard07 Dec 192915 Apr 2001U.S. Air Force KoreaMilitary marker only; cremated
01040RhodesHunter M.18921946Vet WWI per J. Swank in 1967
01040RhodesFrances W.18911955
01040SimmersCatherine V.19121949Daughterd/J.W.&L.C.
01040SimmersLucy C.18701948Motherw/J. W.
01040SimmersJohn W.18631954Father
01040DerrowMelvin L.07 Jun 191130 Apr 1965TEC5 537 AAA AW Bn CAC WWII PH VAMilitary marker shows name Melvin Leon Derrow
01040DerrowChristine I.27 Oct 191816 Feb 1985Married 4 Jun 1939d/Lurty Smith
01041ComerFrances E.29 Jun 191429 Sep 1950Motherd/Lurty Smith
01042LokerMarven B.10 Nov 191922 Jan 1997Married 29 Jun 1944
01042LokerLenore C.13 Jul 1921
01042LokerJohn David19142001Kyger-Trobaugh funeral home marker only
01042LokerSarah Margaret19232001Kyger-Trobaugh funeral home marker only
01042EmswilerGlen H.24 Sep 191001 Jun 1977Married 25 Mar 1933
01042EmswilerFlorence R.08 Oct 1909nee Rosenberger
01042BeasleyNathan H.21 Jun 192505 Apr 1978
01042BeasleyMargaret M.03 Jul 192421 Feb 1970
01042SanchezErma Jean19 Aug 194717 Mar 1973Beloved wife of Pete J. Sanchez & mother of Patrick & John
01042BeasleyJeremy Ross05 Mar 198203 Sep 1999
01043LokerInfant Son10 Mar 1948s/John D. & Margaret
01043BeasleyRoy Edward23 Apr 195621 Oct 1983
01043ConleyJerry A.01 Dec 196112 Jun 1987
01044SeeAnnie1962Lindsey funeral home marker only
01044LokerLurty Lee29 Mar 188829 Mar 1960
01044LokerEliza Ann17 Apr 188402 Jan 1969w/L. L.
01044LokeyOwen H.09 Nov 192325 Mar 1981
01044LokeyZella K.10 Jun 1921
01045RhinehartRalph T.09 Aug 190912 Aug 1951Father
01045RhinehartVelva V.20 Jan 191518 Dec 1986Mother
01045SheehanGeorge Patrick03 Oct 192423 Nov 1989
01045SheehanLorena M.21 Aug 192525 Sep 1972
01045SheehanGeorge Charles27 Aug 195316 May 1972
01A001BlackburnSadie Conley "Aunt Sallie"07 Sep 186518 Dec 1950
01A001MealeyCharity Elizabeth24 Dec 184623 Dec 1908Aged 62 yrs; w/Alexandriu
01A001TempleAndrew Roy19 Oct 191313 Feb 1998Kyger-Trobaugh funeral home marker only - dates from obit
02001WhetzelJoseph E. L.22 Nov 189909 Mar 1939
02001WhetzelLottie V.03 Oct 189908 Dec 1971
02001WhetzelLena Mae19262001McMullen funeral home marker only
02001WhetzelMary C.26 Aug 193304 Jul 1937
02001CurtisWalter B.14 Mar 189607 Feb 1958PFC Co. H 306 Inf 77 Div WWI VA
02001CurtisJennie Roberta13 Jul 189711 May 1982
02001HigbieJohn R.22 Nov 186109 Feb 1938
02001HigbieJennie B.17 Aug 186610 Jul 1943
02001TaylorJoseph A.18791937
02001TaylorEmma S.18831931
02003SeeOrville C.19 Nov 1925
02003SeeBetty D.29 Dec 192912 Sep 1967
02003BurnshireShelly M.18981981
02003BurnshireEva L.19031963w/S.M.
02003LokerOtis L.18731952
02003LokerBertie A.18791944
02004BrunkEverette W.23 Mar 193122 Jan 1994CPL U.S. Army Korea
02004BrunkJoann B.27 Aug 193226 Sep 1974
02004BurnshireLillian E.30 Nov 192214 Aug 1923
02004SellersFrances Dare16 Jun 192416 Jun 1924Our Darling Daughter B.A. & O.R.
02005PayneWilliam H.10 Mar 188515 Jan 1958
02005PayneMaude V.16 Sep 189114 Dec 1950
02005LokerAmos Jacob12 Sep 189521 Jun 1925Father
02005LokerOllie Mae19 Dec 189913 Dec 1945Mother
02005LokerHanna M.24 Feb 185520 Mar 1926
02005LokerJ. Paul05 Apr 188605 Aug 1953
02005LokerMary S.01 Sep 188315 May 1981
02005LookerMary R.18581942
02005DepoyLydia Margaret24 Oct 188404 Nov 1952Lydia is buried here per cemetery records 11/12/2001
02005DepoyKemper David18831958McMullen funeral home marker only; 11/12/2001 marker gone
02006PayneHelen Virginia10 Apr 192116 Sep 1921d/W.H. & M.V.
02006KeysearDovey Miss11 Jul 188730 Sep 1960Dovey is buried here per cemetery records 11/12/2001; she is Lydia Depoy's sister
02006DepoyBaby Boy19601960McMullen funeral home marker only; 11/12/2001 marker gone.
02007TerrellCharles N.31 Jul 187625 Jan 1920
02007TerrellMary Q.12 May 187630 May 1961
02007LineweaverClara T.19041974
02007LineweaverE. Reid19121986
02007SimmersCharles L.18761958Father
02007SimmersDevada I.18811943Motherw/C. L.
02007SimmersElla Maun11 Oct 190901 Aug 1921d/C.L. & V.I.
02007Raynes, Jr.Hencil E.12 Jul 194614 Jul 1946s/Ruth & Hencil
02008SimmersEldon W.04 Apr 192120 Aug 1921s/C.L. & V.I.
02008SimmersDonald L.22 Feb 192022 Feb 1920s/C.L. & V.I.
02008SimmersJanet D.03 Jun 191922 Jul 1919d/C.L. & V.I.
02008SimmersJanice D.03 Jun 191910 Jul 1919d/C.L. & V.I.
02008RhodesMaxime A.19131997
02008RhodesRock R.19561996
02008RhodesArrista A.18881964
02008RhodesPearl A.18901969w/A. A.
02008RhodesGertrude25 Jun 191106 May 1921Aged 29y 10m 11d; d/A.A. & A.P.
02008BoyersPelitia A. Gentry24 Mar 186712 Nov 1925
02009ShirleyLucille K.14 Nov 1919
02009ThomasGeneva K.18 Mar 191807 Aug 1982
02009Kennedy, Jr.John W.14 Jun 189116 Sep 1921
02009KennedyLillie K. Myers01 Jun 189406 Dec 1973w/J. W. Jr.
02009DedrickRaymond C.17 Mar 192026 May 1945SSGT 382 Inf. 96 Inf. DIV. WWII
02009DedrickJohn Hopkins29 Dec 186805 Mar 1950
02009DedrickLillie C. Cline16 Feb 187824 Mar 1928w/J. H.
02010Strange-LankfordSusan J. Woodson21 Sep 184003 Aug 1908Erected by son T. K. Strange
02010KennedyCecil M.27 Jul 191411 Dec 1914s/J.W. & L.
02011SmithDaniel20 Apr 184709 Apr 1919Aged 71y 11m 20d
02011SmithDorothy17 Mar 1849w/Daniel
02011SmithWilliam D.16 Apr 193702 Jan 1993Drawing for God
02011SmithJohn W.11 Aug 187201 Oct 1953
02011SmithAmanda C.02 May 187424 Oct 1931w/J. W.
02012SmithClarence H.27 Jan 190716 Jul 1989TEC 5 U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker shows name Clarence Howard
02012SmithBeulah F.11 Nov 190713 Sep 1982Married 12 Mar 1960w/C. H.
02012SmithB. Arthur18781954Father
02012SmithJulia C.18771958Motherw/B. A.
02012SmithOwen Carl10 Apr 191126 Aug 1911s/B.A. & J.C.
02012SmithOscar Emanuel28 Mar 190119 Feb 1905s/J.W.& A.C.
02012TribbyLillie May25 Nov 1914Aged 2m 24d; d/Charles M. & Virgie
02013HuffmanDock H.18681954
02013HuffmanMinnie E.20 Jul 186913 May 1909Aged 39y 9m 23d; w/Dock
02013HuffmanEmma V.09 Nov 187808 May 1926Aged 48y 3m 29d; w/Dock2w/ Dock H.
02013HighRessie H.02 May 189328 Feb 1979
02014SlusserCalvin E.12 Jul 191501 Apr 1982
02014SlusserBruce Eva03 Nov 191626 Apr 1980
02014GilkersonAlpha L.29 Aug 190701 Jul 1972
02014GilkersonEstella A.15 May 1910w/A. L.; nee Higgs
02014SummersGeo. B.06 Mar 185601 Jul 1924Father
02014SummersG. B. MrsMay 185116 Jan 1905Aged 54y 7m 27d
02014LokeyHattie F.29 May 191401 Aug 1917d/L.E. & B.E.
02015HiggsHoward W.13 Jun 190507 Nov 1970s/W.D. & L.K.
02015HiggsLula K.29 Oct 188121 Oct 19452w/W. D.; nee Emswiler
02015HiggsWilliam D.23 Aug 187518 Feb 1958
02015HiggsMaude M.20 Sep 187417 Jul 19031w/W. D.
02015HuffmanLula M.04 Jul 188528 Nov 1910
02015HuffmanWard K.10 Feb 189818 Feb 1912
02015HuffmanJohn W.20 Mar 186210 Apr 1926Father
02015HuffmanNannie G.15 Aug 186728 Jul 1914Motherw/J. W.
02016LaymanEarl S.1933
02016LaymanEleanor M.1933
02016HiggsC. Emmet28 May 19081 day; s/W.D. & L.K.
02016HiggsMadeline13 Jun 18991 day; d/W.D. & M.M.
02016HuffmanBennie F.18881888s/Ella
02016HuffmanElla F.18991903
02016SimmersSallie E.03 Mar 185823 Jul 1904Mother
02016SimmersJohn W.01 Dec 185415 Apr 1913Father
02016RigglemanEavy M.12 Nov 190412 Mar 1982
02016MesserleyMargie Faye07 Apr 193602 May2001nee Riggleman
02016RigglemanRichard L.23 Sep 192330 Mar 1983CPL U.S.Army WWIIMilitary marker shows name Richard Lee
02017ZirkleMichael J.20 Jan 181603 May 1888Aged 72y 3m 13d
02017ZirklePhebe A.12 Jun 182114 Feb 1890Aged 68y 8m 2d
02017RhodesI. Newton25 Jan 185619 Oct 1933
02017RhodesRebecca S.25 Aug 186304 Nov 1935Motherw/I. N.
02017NeffMary Elizabeth02 Jul 185021 Apr 1914
02017NeffWilliam H.16 Feb 184623 Feb 1933
02017NeffLydia Catharine09 Nov 187407 Nov 1948
02017NeffHugh29 Aug 188712 May 1961
02017NeffMargaret M.01 Dec 188316 Jun 1970
02017SimmersSaylor Jennings23 Mar 189614 Feb 1969Father
02017SimmersMabel Kratzer21 Mar 189920 Aug 1972Motherw/S. J.
02017KratzerGideon L.10 Oct 186913 Dec 1955
02017KratzerBertie C.26 Mar 187416 Mar 1942w/G. L.
02017ShirkeyCharles F.18811926No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
02018RhodesOttie May17 Sep 1889Aged 5m 21d; d/Newton & Beckie
02018BushRichard R.19151915s/F.L. & L.M.
02018RhodesI. Newton19251925s/H.M. & F.W.
02018RhodesJ. Rebecca19221923d/H.M. & F.W.
02018KratzerDaughter05 Oct 191331 Jul 1914d/G. L. & Bertie C.
02019KennedyCharles R.06 Mar 189718 Mar 1976Son
02019KennedyJohn J.24 Jun 186016 May 1942Father
02019KennedyMinnie L.27 Feb 186308 Nov 1956Motherw/J. J.; nee Kratzer
02019KennedyRoy Lee31 May 190529 Jan 1959
02019KennedyEthel Bricker10 Apr 190512 Apr 1967w/R. L.
02019DedrickDavid Loker24 Aug 190304 Oct 1969In loving memory of my wonderful father
02019DedrickHenry H.04 Jan 187318 Jul 1967
02019DedrickIda F.20 Mar 187404 Oct 1947w/H. H.
02019DedrickSon30 Nov 190708 Jul 1909Aged 1y 7m 8d; s/H.H. & I.F.Name is Luther G. per Swank in 1967
02020KennedyGeorge12 Sep 1894Aged 1y 10m; s/J.J. & M.L.
02020SimmersDoris M.03 Feb 193004 Jun 1934d/MR. & MRS. B.E.
02020LokerChas O.28 Sep 186222 Jan 1924
02020LokerLula M.14 Aug 187813 Aug 1905Aged 26y 11m 29d; w/C. O.
02021UnknownAppears to be grave here per cemetery records-probably Pat Shay 11/12/2001
02021Simmers, Jr.J. Homer06 Jun 192315 Feb 1927
02021SimmersMyrtle G.17 Oct 191722 Mar 1917d/J.H. & S.N.
02021MorrisonInfant Daughter01 Feb 1908d/Robt C & Arberta
02021LaingLelia20 Jun 186103 Nov 1910
02021UnknownAppears to be graves here per cemetery records-owner George Gould 11/12/2001
02022SimmersJacob A.11 Jan 184213 Mar 1923Aged 81y 2m 2d
02022SimmersMalinda G.07 Jun 184410 Mar 1916Aged 71y 9m 3d; w/Jacob A.
02022SimmersJ. Homer18 Sep 187710 Sep 1949
02022SimmersSibyl N.25 May 188119 Apr 1978
02022LaingJohn B.22 May 186809 Nov 1910Remembrance of our father
02023RhinehartIrma O.08 Feb 1899Aged 1y 10m 15d
02023RhinehartArlie V.16 Jan 1892Aged 1y 4m 4d
02023RhinehartEarl L.09 Jul 1889Aged 3 months
02023RhinehartEarthel L.26 Dec 1889Aged 8m 16d
02023RhinehartElmo O.22 Sep 1886Aged 26 days
02023RhinehartVirgil R.27 Dec 1884Aged 1y 3m
02023RhinehartOlive E.Aged 14 years
02023RhinehartAnnie M.Infantd/I. & V.
02023RhinehartClaude R.Aged 6 yearss/I. & V.
02023RosserSusan24 Apr 184427 Jan 1909Aged 64y 7m 3d
02023RosserAndrew22 Jul 184003 Jul 1925
02024RaganDaniel Preston
02024RaganEdward H.18591917
02024RaganMinnie E.18581929w/E. H.
02024RhinehartAlgernon Robert29 Mar 184211 Jan 1922
02024RhinehartElla V.01 Aug 185922 Jul 1941w/A. R.
02024PenningtonKenneth Reeve03 Sep 192209 Nov 1997TEC 5 U. S. Army WWII
02024PenningtonMargaret Beryl01 Aug 1925Married 25 Dec 1946w/Kenneth
02024RhinehartIsaac N.Aged 73 years
02024RhinehartVictoria E.Aged 78 yearsw/I. N.
02024RhinehartAugusta M.Aged 84 years
02024RhinehartHugh S.Aged 45 years
02024BrosonInfant__ Sep 1959No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
02025WebsterMary E.10 May 186706 Mar 1895w/J. H.
02025DepoyPhillip C.18411926
02025DepoyBarbara H.18441908
02025BurnshireHattie D.18741946
02025BurnshireJohn J.18681902
02025PayneJames Asberry20 Apr 184306 Feb 1919Aged 75y 9m 16d; Father
02025PayneRebecca Kingree08 Feb 184501 Nov 1925Aged 80y 8m 23d; Motherw/J. A.
02025PayneDaniel Lemuel11 Aug 187712 Oct 1924Son
02025PayneLillie Louise15 Dec 188106 May 1941
02025SpitzerMary E.28 May 1892Aged 45y 10m 18dw/Michael
02025SpitzerMichael17 Jun 1887Aged 48 years
02026WebsterGeorge W.15 May 1890Aged 63y 1m 26d
02026WebsterDianna F.28 Apr 184326 Jan 1908Aged 64y 8m 29d; w/G.W.
02026WebsterThomas Edward24 Apr 1905Aged 24y 2m 24d; s/GW & DF
02026PayneSallie A.27 Aug 187029 Mar 1950
02026BowmanBarbara24 Feb 1898Aged 80y 8m 29d
02027RhodesLevi S.18541928
02027RhodesDorcas S.18591930His wifew/Levi
02027ClemJoseph H.24 Aug 185106 Apr 1928
02027ClemMary E.28 Aug 1853His wife
02027SimmersHarvey03 Jan 1910Aged 82 years
02027SimmersMary C.21 Jun 1914Aged 80 years
02027SimmersDavid B.18731954
02027SimmersHarvey E.18691954Aged 82 years
02027SimmersJacob S.20 May 1895Aged 34y 7m 13d
02027SimmersFannie C.18551915
02027PiperBarbara E.05 Apr 1886Aged 29 yearsw/Frank
02027ShowalterBettie E.18661946
02028RhodesMabel E.05 Jul 189704 Mar 1922Aged 24y 8m 29d; d/L.S. & D.S.
02028TaylorSallie R.29 Oct 187831 Jan 1968Mother
02028SimmersClarence E.30 Oct 189311 Aug 1959PVT 118 PW Escort Co. ASC WWI VirginiaMilitary marker only
02028ConardElla May28 Sep 1894Aged 4y 9m 27d; d/C.E. & M.A.
02028SimmersCarl Maurice17 Mar 190515 Dec 1918Aged 13y 8m 28d; s/H.E. & Dora L.
02028SimmersLydia A.18591936
02028SimmersHarlan Page11 Oct 190828 Feb 1910
02028ShowalterFloyd F.21 Jul 190803 Jun 1909s/J.W.R. & Bettie
02028ShowalterEarl E.Feb 18901898s/J.W.R. & Bettie
02029PiperCatharine C.22 Oct 182815 Feb 1908
02029DavisMinnie C.18651948
02029DavisIsaac D.18441921
02029DavisEva M.18481886
02029TurnerMamie Alice15 Jul 188609 Oct 1956
02029DepoyJacob W.18431928
02029DepoyBarbara E.18631946His wives2w/J. W.
02029DepoyCaroline N.18491886His wives1w/J. W.
02029GentryMary25 Apr 181227 Oct 1893Aged 81y 6m 2d
02029GentryAbraham23 May 184820 Feb 1907Aged 58y 8m 28d
02030PiperWilda G.12 Feb 1897Aged 19 days; d/P.A. & L.
02030DavisJohn Paul18831903
02030DavisNora May18881893
02030BennettJames P.27 Dec 186614 Jan 1951
02030BennettBeatrice D.04 Apr 189523 Jun 1979w/J. P.
02030DepoyEdith R.24 Sep 191510 Mar 1924d/Beatrice Depoy
02030NiswanderMary E.04 Feb 181431 Dec 1895Aged 81y 10m 22d
02030RhinehartInfant Daughter13 Feb 1899Aged 4 weeks; d/B.F. & M.A.
02030RhinehartLila Katherine18 Mar 1932Aged 4 days; d/V.S. & B.H.
02030RhinehartRay Lee Infant10 Jul 1932s/R.T. & V.V.
02031AglestonCatherine06 Mar 181313 Jan 1895Aged 84y 10m 7d; w/Richard
02031GibbsMariam Caroline03 Mar 1885Aged 29y 8m 3d
02032FaughtJoyce Ann06 Jul 193606 Jul 1936d/T.W. & L.E.
02032LohrGilbert W.13 Dec 193620 Jan 1937s/R.W. & B.A.
02033LokerJ. Ashby18611941
02033DavisJames Rowland19231966
02033KratzerJ. Paul25 Jan 188017 Feb 1938
02033SimmersMary E. F.17 Sep 188626 Jan 1957
02033KratzerBertha M.01 Nov 188307 Nov 1959
02033KratzerWade H.12 Oct 188115 Feb 1960
02034DavisDennis F.31 Aug 189109 Jul 1972
02034DavisMay J.08 Jun 188708 Sep 1969
02034KratzerH. Douglas26 Jan 188821 Oct 1968
02034KratzerEdith R.20 Dec 189501 Oct 1963
02034FaughtTheodore "Ted"24 Oct 190315 Aug 1970Married 22 Dec 1923
02034FaughtLeda Edna16 Dec 190619 Dec 1979w/Ted
02035MesserleyE. Walker26 Jan 188322 Jan 1964Father; Married 29 Mar 1916
02035MesserleyLeora V.31 Mar 189729 Jan 1982Motherw/E. Walker
02035HuffmanIra F.18981955
02035HuffmanAda V.19061983w/Ira F.
02035HeishmanRoscoe N.15 May 191912 Nov 1979MSGT U.S. Army WWII-KoreaMilitary marker shows name Roscoe Nelson
02035HeishmanAudrey C.04 Mar 192319 Apr 1979w/R. N.
02035ArmentroutJerry T.08 Jun 186818 May 1940
02035ArmentroutAda E.05 Dec 187421 Jul 1966His wifew/J. T.
02036MesserleyWayne Lee10 Feb 193710 Feb 1937
02036MesserleyKevin David28 Sep 197722 Jan 1979s/Timothy & Deborah
02036DerrowByrnie D.09 Jun 189209 Mar 1972
02036DerrowArtie A.05 Jan 189222 Oct 1956
02037KernsWilliam S.21 Oct 188911 Aug 1938
02037KernsHazel P.10 Jan 189031 Aug 1961w/W. S.
02037FlickJohn W.18731953
02037FlickLester04 Aug 190818 Jan 1969WO U.S. Air Force WWII Virginia
02037FlickWilda L.26 Apr 1923
02037StultzCharles11 Sep 188126 Jun 1959
02037StultzClemmie A.01 Aug 189619 Oct 1991w/Charles
02038KernsEvelyn Gochenour06 May 191606 Nov 1985
02039ShifflettC. Zirkle19001985
02039ShifflettSusie19051962w/C. Z.
02039ShifflettDorothy Lee20 Sep 193029 Mar 1943Aged 12y 6m 9d; d/C.Z. & S.S.
02039FriesCharles R.17 Sep 188213 Mar 1954
02039FriesFlorence M.12 Feb 188419 Jan 1961w/C. R.
02039RitchieC. Norwood10 Mar 191120 May 1979TEC 5 U.S.Army WWII
02039RitchieOdessa F.07 Sep 190103 Jul 1977w/C. N
02039FriesJohn I.09 Sep 186927 Jun 1957
02039FriesAnnie B.24 Feb 186728 Mar 1956w/J. I.
02039FriesLeroy F.18941977
02039FriesE. Pearl18891942
02040FriesCharles E.19141986
02040ShreveRandolph C.18 Oct 190418 Jan 1991
02040ShreveVivian O.08 May 1908
02040BarrixRaymond A.07 Apr 190306 Oct 1975
02040BarrixSada F.02 Jul 190228 Dec 1999w/R. A.; nee Fries
02041HuffmanSolomon M.18771962Father
02041HuffmanLaura18851945Motherw/S. M.
02041HuffmanCora Lillie25 Sep 187705 Nov 1953
02041HuffmanZackharah18841954Lindsey funeral home marker only
02041TribbyJames C.18861954Father
02041TribbyMary D.18861961Motherw/J. C.
02041UnknownAppears to be grave here per cemetery records 11/12/2001
02041TribbyJames William09 Mar 191305 Nov 1970PFC 108 Cml Proc Com WWII VirginiaMilitary marker only
02041KratzerPaul Edward19191999Grandle funeral home marker only
02041CriglerCarson Lee19511988
02041CriglerFrances Yvonne07 Jun 195407 Jun 1954
02041Crigler, Jr.Roy Vernon08 Jan 194810 Jan 1948
02041CriglerPaul Edward08 Jan 194810 Jan 1948
02042HuffmanPaul Andrew19191977PFC US Army WWIIMilitary marker only
02042HuffmanOllie E. Miss18731958Lindsey funeral home marker only
02042HuffmanRuth A.31 Jan 1956Lindsey funeral home marker only
02042TribbyCharles Earl19161982Buried here per cemetery records 11/12/2001
02042TribbyJohn Calvin18 Jul 19283 Feb 1988PFC U.S. Army KoreaMilitary marker only
02042CriglerRoy Vernon24 Jun 192329 Oct 1963
02042GarberMaybelle C.19271978Lindsey funeral home marker only
02043ClineWalton03 May 192101 Jun 1983TEC5 US Army WWII
02043ClineMary F.06 May 1929
02043RhodesHarold Franklin08 Dec 191128 Sep 1951
02043RhodesEmma Davis11 Oct 191529 Sep 1999
02043RhodesAlma G.20 Sep 190718 Oct 1957w/H. F.
02043DavisMary Scott19 Dec 188807 Oct 1977
02043KratzerHugh W.18921950Father
02043KratzerHoward19171918Infant Son
02043KratzerMyrtie C.18881945Motherw/H. W.
02043HeflinWanda H.26 Mar 192615 Dec 1991d/H. W. & M. C. Kratzer
02043HeflinArthur H.14 Dec 191816 Jun 1979
02043HigginsVallie J.07 Sep 189429 Dec 1984
02044CurryWalter R.25 Aug 191108 Mar 1979
02044CurryMary A.06 Jun 1926
02044McCarryEdward W.21 Sep 189228 Aug 1982
02044McCarryRuth Bixler05 Feb 190008 Jun 1983
02044HigginsWeldon C. "Swig"21 Jun 191512 Jan 2002Kyger-Trobaugh funeral home marker only - dates from obit
02045RoadcapFrances E.28 Mar 192707 Dec 2000Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker only
02045ShifflettRaymond W.02 Apr 192219 Dec 1986SGT US Army WWII
02045ShifflettRuby V.21 Jul 1925
02045WooddellEvelyn Kratzer07 Oct 192313 Jul 1991nee Kratzer
02045SellersJohn David17 Apr 190028 Feb 1980
02045SellersMichael O.18751964
02045SellersMary R.18771951w/M. O.
02045LokerJacob T.03 Sep 190623 Aug 1994
02045LokerLottie L.25 Oct 190812 Oct 1983
02046NesselrodtLee F.19 Nov 190403 Apr 1980
02046NesselrodtJessie M.01 Sep 190418 Jun 1987
03001PoffWilliam L.17 Feb 194907 Apr 1999
03002SitesPerry L.15 Oct 190805 Aug 2000
03002SitesLaura J.19 Nov 1914
03003StroopErnest E.20 Sep 189810 May 1984
03003StroopHattie E.09 May 190521 May 1988w/Ernest
03003StroopWillie F.13 Jul 1940
03004SoutherlyFloyd A.19101987No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
03004PirkeyIva D.25 Jun 192319 Sep 1980
03006SimmersR. Merle12 Mar 190710 Jan 1957
03006SimmersMartha L.14 Mar 190614 Sep 1973w/R. M.
03007CarperEverett L.10 Oct 191804 Mar 1994
03007CarperColleen G.26 May 1927w/E. L.
03007RhodesCharles William "Bill"18 Oct 1935
03007RhodesLinda Lou11 Mar 194208 Feb 1997
03007EarmanCharles Ray22 Aug 1931
03007EarmanMary Ruth Callahan30 Jul 1936
03007WilliamsHarry E.31 May 192416 May 19941st LT US Air Force WWII
03008AndesDarrell L.26 Dec 197124 Apr 1998Twin
03008AndesCharles M.26 Dec 1971Twin
03008AndesHubert W.21 Sep 193018 Jul 1998Grandle funeral home marker only
03008RileyKaren Ann28 Feb 19473 Dec 1988
03009Good, Sr.Guy Gene19302001Grandle funeral home marker; Veteran Korea; obit dates 05 June 1930 - 29 Dec 2001
03009ClaytonLawrence W.22 Nov 192113 Aug 1994TEC 4 US Army WWII
03009ClaytonMary E.17 Sep 1922
03009CraunHomer N.28 Apr 191621 Aug 1991
03009CraunFrances E.29 Mar 1919w/H. N.
03009RamseyDennis H.27 Apr 1924
03009RamseyBertha I.31 Aug 192528 Oct 1999
03010RohartEmerson Rev.16 Apr 189613 Oct 1994
03010RohartMarion H.16 Mar 190314 Dec 1986w/E. J.
03010RohartJames Emerson19 Nov 192809 Feb 1993S. SGT. US Air Force
03010WallaceElen Enmark12 Oct 189825 Sep 1983
03010FulkHerman I.05 Aug 190230 Jan 1988
03010FulkHalsie V.07 Jul 190305 May 1986w/H. I.
03010HottingerRussell I.25 Dec 19188 Jan 1989
03010HottingerMarie F.19 Jul 1920
03010SimmersDouglas L.9 Aug 1949
03010SimmersCynthia J.22 Feb 195003 May 1990
03010McCauleyPenny L. Simmers06 Jun 196703 Apr 1995
03010Depoy, Sr.Weldie R.19221989
03011GoodJames W.05 Sep 192428 Oct 1993Married 13 April 1945
03011GoodGwendola W.27 Jul 192513 Sep 1990w/J. W.
03011SwitzerRaymond L. "Ray"24 May 194805 Apr 1998Wed 29 Sep 1973
03011SwitzerGeorgia G.21 Nov 1950w/R. L.
03011WorkmanChallis18 Mar 195717 May 1981Husband
03011WeaverJoseph M.10 Nov 192414 Jan 1987Father; SGT US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Joseph Mark Weaver
03011WeaverPearl V.22 Dec 192621 Jun 1985Mother
03012DeaversHoward N.19221987McMullen funeral home marker only
03012DeaversHelen Virginia19181980McMullen funeral home marker only
03012McClungKarl Preston17 Jul 193318 Apr 1980CPL US Army Korea
03012Armstrong, Sr.Vernon H.30 Sep 191729 Aug 1984PFC US Army WWII
03012ArmstrongEtta D.24 Jul 1919w/V. H.
03013MundyDee Clement04 Jun 191125 Sep 1991
03013MundyLeona Miller22 Nov 191323 Dec 1999w/D. C.
03015RymanElwood C. "Runt"18 Apr 192302 May 2001Wed 29 Dec 1943
03015RymanLillie C.04 Apr 1928w/Elwood
03015ThackerRobert L.11 Jun 196721 Aug 1975s/D.L. & M.E.
03016GoodHoward C.19 Oct 190716 Sep 1987Husband
03016GoodRessie F.22 Jul 190206 Jul 1978Wife
03016ThomasJames R.15 Nov 192915 Jan 1995s/Ressie Good
03016CrawfordGeorge A.24 Jan 192423 Feb 1990
03016CrawfordReba V.29 Mar 192414 May 1998w/G. A.
03016CrawfordLarry Allen2 Nov 1947
03016BibleGisela A.22 Apr 194230 Jul 1978
03016BibleStanley W.26 Feb 194528 Feb 2001
03016RasnickBaby Boy04 Jan 1969
03016RasnickAlafair C.08 Apr 190330 Oct 1981Mother
03017PangleMedford M.22 May 191614 Oct 1986S2 US Navy WWII
03017PanglePhenie V.28 Jul 1917
03017PangleWilliam M.22 Sep 194823 Apr 1968PFC Co.M 5 Marine 1 Marine Div Vietnam, PH
03017PangleLinda Lou10 Nov 194405 Sep 1956d/M.M. & P.V.
03017RitterCharles W.09 Sep 188827 Nov 1973
03017RitterAnnie C.28 May 189518 Jul 1972
03017JenkinsArtie B.12 Jul 187401 Feb 1960
03017JenkinsPhenie22 Mar 187815 Jan 1969w/A. B.
03017WardCecil Lee5 Apr 19051 Nov 1967Dad
03017HoffmanHazel R. Ward07 Jul 192414 Nov 1997Mom
03018RitchieRussell E.27 Apr 190703 Feb 1992Father
03018RitchieNina S.01 Jul 191226 Mar 1992Mother
03018RitchieMina S.21 Jun 195009 Aug 2001Buried here but no marker; born & died dates from obit
03018McCauleyLawrence I.11 Jul 188923 Dec 1959
03018McCauleyBessie M.08 Apr 187811 Dec 1962w/L. I.
03018BibleBenjamin F.22 Dec 188928 Aug 1966
03018BibleMay V.26 Feb 1917married 29 Jul 1939w/B. F.
03018ShifflettJames26 Feb 190630 Sep 1989Husband of May V.
03019HarperSon31 Mar 1958
03019HarperDaughter15 Oct 1960
03019HarperRichard O.02 Mar 1915
03019HarperChristine B.08 Mar 1924
03019Frye, Sr.Thurmond C.24 May 191622 Aug 1966SGT 725 Engr Base Dep Co. WWIIMilitary marker reads Thurmond Clay Frye, Sr.
03019FryeEline Harper04 Jun 191311 Jan 2000
03019SpitzerClaud D.17 Feb 188829 Dec 1965
03019TateSarah A.02 Feb 190022 Jan 1965
03020PayneJames E.19291995Lindsey funeral home marker only
03021CoffletHarry R.03 Jan 188216 May 1958
03021CoffletOdessa Lincoln06 Aug 187909 Nov 1964w/H. R.
03021CoffletHarry Lincoln01 Jun 191209 Sep 1993Buried here-no marker; born & died dates from obit
03022HosaflookMyron Elmo03 Jun 189218 Jun 1979
03022HosaflookElizabeth F.04 May 189313 Dec 1988w/M. E.
03022FriesFloyd E.31 Jul 190919 Jun 1975PVT U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Floyd Ellsworth Fries
03022FriesMary L.27 May 191117 Feb 1986
03022ShoemakerBrenda Kay21 Apr 195308 Sep 1957d/Wilmer & Janet
03022ShoemakerWilmer J.20 Mar 192725 Nov 1964
03024Davis, Jr.D. Franklin27 Jan 192024 Nov 1995Father
03024DavisAnn S.30 May 1924Mother
03024StearnMarion Lincoln16 Jul 195718 Jul 1957s/Stanley & Lillian
03024RhodesAlfred F.18861962
03024RhodesBertha S.18891975
03024RhodesJames N.27 Apr 192006 Dec 1966
03025SimmersStanley Davis17 Aug 191927 Aug 1999Married 24 Sep 1944
03025SimmersLois Neff08 Nov 1925w/Stanley Davis Simmers
03025FriesMarilyn Dawn Stearn07 Aug 195804 Sep 1993
03025StearnStanley S.07 Apr 1927
03025StearnLillian Cline15 Jul 1927w/S. S.
03025Jarrels, Jr.Harry S.04 Nov 192512 May 1963PFC US Army WWII; s/Mr. & Mrs. H. S. Jarrels, Sr.
03025Jarrels, Sr.Harry S.26 May 189717 Mar 1969
03025JarrelsOllie D.01 Mar 190018 Jan 1972
03025JarrelsRobert N.12 Sep 192125 Nov 1978TEC5 US Army WWII
03026BibleBerlin E.16 Aug 193430 Aug 1999Married 28 Feb 1954
03026BibleAlva W.01 Jun 1935
03026BiblePaula Louise27 Sep 195728 Nov 1957d/Berlin E. & Alva W.
03026ZirkTurner S.17 Jul 191425 Oct 1994Wed 5 Nov 1935
03026ZirkReba L.09 Nov 191622 Apr 1999w/Turner Zirk; nee Pennington
03026HighEarl Edward20 Oct 189217 Aug 1970PVT 148 Machine Gun BN WWI
03026BoyersOtho D.01 Mar 191812 May 1987Father; SGT US Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Otho D. Boyers, Jr.
03026BoyersViolet M.05 Aug 192601 Sep 1987Mother
03027FahnestockRoy L.11 May 189325 Nov 1958
03027FahnestockEdna H.15 Oct 190023 Mar 1976nee Hosaflook
03027MoyersRose D.03 Feb 193707 Jun 2001Lindsey funeral home marker; dates from obit
03027Gainer, Jr.Ernest M.__ Sep 1959__ Dec 1959Our baby
03028HiggsLawrence H.08 Oct 190625 Oct 1990
03028HiggsMabel F.02 Sep 191108 May 1985w/L. H.
03028LohrRalph W.19031961
03028LohrBeulah A.19071961Married Aug 1926w/R. W.
03028AndesJean L.1933w/G. S.
03028AndesGarnett S.19271992Married 9 Oct 1954Dates in obit 05 Apr 1927 - 17 May 1992
03028RicedorfBernard E.19 Aug 191628 Feb 1985
03028RicedorfMildred E.06 Mar 1918
03029RohartJohn W.16 Oct 193124 Jun 1997Memorial headstone - not buried here
03029AndesGlenn A. Sgt.19 Dec 195926 Jul 1998RCSO 220RCSO = Rockingham County Sheriff Officer; Badge 220
03029DeviersCharles E.23 Jul 191725 Apr 1964Married 5 Oct 1943
03029DeviersHelen I.27 Jun 192001 Nov 1976w/C. E.
03030SimmersEarl E.13 Mar 190126 Feb 1960
03030SimmersNina L.27 Sep 190314 Jul 1993w/E. E.
03030RhinehartHubert L.19001979PVT US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows 29 Dec 1900 - 18 Oct 1979
03030RhinehartAnna M.19041961w/H. L.
03030LokeyClarence M.07 Jul 191813 Mar 1992
03030LokeyMargaret C.23 Mar 192514 Mar 1990
03030DeanGeorge Luther18841965Lindsey funeral home marker only
03031BennettThurman T. "Bud"02 Mar 191706 Feb 1979S1 US Navy WWII
03031BennettGladys Mae07 May 1925
03031BennettTimothy Scott07 Mar 196608 Mar 1966s/T.T.& Mae
03031RaynesC. O.19051962Grave here - no marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
03031RaynesThelma19101965Grave here - no marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
03031NuttyNellie R.16 Jun 191114 Jun 1976
03031RaynesPaul A.19311976
03031ShirkeyCharles W.19 Jun 190711Jan 1967SGT 331 AAF WWIIMilitary marker only
03031ShirkeyEdna Virginia03 Aug 190801 Nov 1983
03031DormanCharlotte Mae01 Jan 192225 May 1987Mother
03032MyersHarold Sellers14 Jun 191204 Jun 1995
03032MyersMargaret L.20 Sep 1913
03032DerrowLeroy C.19101965
03032DerrowLucille B.19141981
03032HigginsJames F.10 Dec 190806 Jan 1980Father
03033KingreeArnold W.28 May 191204 Aug 1967
03033KingreeMary F.05 Aug 191325 Jan 1997w/A. W.
03033ShoemakerFrank L.21 Mar 192112 May 1967CPL 179 Inf 45 Inf Div WWII BSM
03033ShoemakerLawrence E.25 May 193501 Dec 1980
03033ShoemakerAda M.05 Mar 190431 May 1988
03033Rhodes, Jr.Alfred F.24 Nov 191220 Sep 1997
03033RhodesPrudence E.17 Sep 192107 Aug 1993w/A. F.
03034LokerHarry L.17 Sep 191022 Dec 1966
03034LokerRachel E.05 Oct 191820 Jan 1995
03034ShipeLester E.30 Sep 191415 Jul 1973
03034ShipeFrances K.14 Jun 191304 Feb 1969
03035Emswiler, Sr.Cloyd S. "Runt"16 Jan 192211 Jun 1987SSGT US Army WWII
03035EmswilerGeorgia L.02 May 1920w/C. S.
03035EmswilerJames Wine18 Jan 195210 Sep 1981s/C. S. & G. L.
03035WhiteSylvester W.13 Mar 191129 Aug 1972Father
03035ArmentroutRoy J.20 Mar 192222 Dec 1996
03035ArmentroutJean R.07 Jan 1925
03036RaynesRalph Crawford10 May 191310 Apr 1978SGT US Army WWIIMilitary marker only
03036RaynesCarolyn L.12 Aug 195017 Nov 1997McMullen funeral home marker only; dates from obit
03036MooreEugene T.30 Jun 191208 Aug 1993
03036MooreEleanor H.25 Jan 191901 Dec 1996w/E. T.
03036CombsMarvin D.30 Jun 1927
03036CombsMandy J.17 Aug 192906 Jan 1992
03036CoakleyC. Eugene08 Oct 1927died 28 Dec 2001- not on headstone yet
03036CoakleyAnn R.22 May 1927
03037SnyderJames R.03 Mar 193414 Apr 1996
03037SnyderBetty L.19 Apr 1933Married 5 Sep 1953w/J. R.
03037RhinehartRussell L.04 Jan 194512 Mar 2001
03037RhinehartElaine E.23 Feb 1949Married 4 Jun 1965
03037CombsNaman A.12 May 190906 Jun 1989
03037CombsCody M.20 Apr 190816 Dec 1982
03037CombsVada E.29 May 192519 Jul 2001
03037Higgins, Jr.James F.23 Jul 193530 May 1991
03037HiggsHershel G.14 Nov 190425 Jan 1979PVT US Army WWII
03037HiggsMyrtle V.27 Sep 192020 Oct 1990w/H. G.
03038GochenourJoseph D.08 Dec 1945died 4 Jun 2001 - not on headstone yet
03038McAvoyBarbara A.18 May 1942
03038LambertDaphnia D.30 Apr 191430 Aug 1988
03038Shifflett, Sr.Charles N.30 Jul 192330 Nov 1997CPL US Army WWII
03038ShifflettLois G.24 May 193209 May 1993w/C. N. Sr.
03038ShifflettPeggy L.20 Jun 1950d/C. N. & L. G.
03038AlbrightLisa S.11 Sep 1969
03039LangeGeorge R.29 Oct 1939
03039LangePatricia21 Oct 193428 Oct 1992