Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryLinville Creek Church of the Brethren Cemetery
LocationBroadway, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 north (Harpine Highway) to Broadway. Turn right onto Route 1421 (E. Springbrook Road). Go 5/10th mile and go right onto Brethren Road. Go 2/10th mile and cemetery is located by the church.
NotesCemetery is maintained but it has numerous stones broken and/or lying on the ground. Section 1 is behind the wall and the first row starts the furthest from the church along side of Route 1421 (E. Springbrook Road). Facing the headstones they are recorded from left to right (south to north). Section 2 is located outside the wall. The 12 Kline stones in Section 1 at the end of Rows 46, 47 & 48 were moved in 1972 from the Paul G. Kline farm 4 miles south of here. In Section 1 at the beginning of Row 20, there is a memorial that reads: "In Gratitude to the Church Fathers who dedicated this parcel of land for the burial of Black People- Marker placed by M. R. Zigler & S. D. Lindsay 1980." And in Section 1 at the beginning of Rows 15 & 16, J. Robert Swank noted there are 5 Negro graves. The caretaker of the cemetery does not have good records of early graves and the church uses J. Robert Swanks recording for it's records.
Survey Date and RecorderJune 2004
Martha Lee & Nettie Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001001NesselrodtInfant1 Apr 1943
001001ShipeAnnie L. Snider18871959nee Snider
001001ShipeWard V.27 Feb 191525 Jan 1967
001001CriderChristopher Lee8 Oct 197116 Jan 1975
001001MillsCharlotte Eliz.8 Oct 19103 Sep 1967
001001ConradErnest Marion16 Sep 190622 Apr 1909Aged 2y 7m 6d
001001ConradSidney Critterden4 Dec 18982 Feb 1904Aged 5y 4m 5d
001001ConradLester J.25 Aug 191030 Dec 1910
001001RitchieEffie Dove20 Jan 189311 Nov 1973
001001DoveNoah A.14 Jan 186819 Dec 1945
001001DoveSusan E.21 Nov 18731947
001001DoveGrover F.19001936s/N. A. & S. E.
001001DerrowEmanuel E.21 Apr 185619 Apr 1921
001001DerrowFannie R.9 Jul 185919 Nov 1951w/ E. E.
001001EvansCharles Franklin5 Nov 184822 Mar 1932
001001EvansIda Alice16 Sep 186115 Jun 1935w/C. F.; nee Minnick
001001KennedyManna Elton18921922Mother1w/J. C.
001001KennedyJames Casper18831958Father
001001KennedyTracy Catherine18881933Mother2w/J. C.
001001RitchieElizabeth S.18501938w/Frank
001001LaymonOrville A.1 Dec 187418 Jan 1924Father
001001LaymonDaisy C.31 Jan 187722 Sep 1955Motherw/ O. A.; d/John Showalter
001001LaymonWillard A.27 May 19055 Sep 1932s/O. A. & D. C.
001001LaymonLewis Clinton28 Jun 190312 Apr 1968
001001CristLuella S.24 Apr 18662 Feb 1933w/Jacob; nee Sites
001001SpitzerFranklin P.11 Aug 185315 Jul 1927Aged 73y 11m 4d
001001SpitzerMattie A.9 Jan 187124 Jan 1956w/Franklin P.nee Holsinger
001001TurnerLayman B.19031960h/Mary Trumbo; s/Zachariah
001001TurnerMary T.19001928
001001TurnerInfant Daughter19 Feb 1952d/Lawrence & Mary
001001HawkinsJohn Calvin16 Nov 19328 Feb 1934s/Roy B. & Pauline
001001Hawkins, SrRoy Benton25 Jan 18983 Feb 1971
001001HawkinsPauline Larrick28 Jun 190013 Feb 1992
001001Hawkins, Jr.Roy Benton31 Aug 192521 Dec 1978S. Sgt. U. S. Army WWII
001001HawkinsSue Turner3 Jan 193312 Jan 1992
001001HelbertTracy L.29 May 18853 Jun 1934w/W. D.; nee Derrow
001001LeeLaura Alise24 Oct 186720 Nov 1944
001001LorenPatty (King)27 Aug 193729 Aug 1993Mother
001001KingJames A.8 Dec 19059 Mar 2002Pappy
001001KingJacob R.2 Apr 1950
001001KingAnna Mary3 Feb 191729 Jun 1992
001001FlemingAmos Benny, Cpt1 Oct 194620 Mar 1989U.S. Army, Vietnam, Purple Heart
001002MillerHazel Virginia1 Feb 190924 Dec 1909Aged 10m 23dd/Edward & Anna M.
001002MillerMargaret L.16 May 19152 Aug 1931d/E. C. & A. M.d/Edward & Anna M.
001002MillerAnna L.13 Dec 192410 Feb 1925d/E. C. & A. M.d/Edward & Anna M.
001002MillerNellie May26 Sep 190630 Mar 1926d/E. C. & A. M.d/Edward & Anna M.
001002VaughanInfantJan 1964s/Samuel & Linda
001002NieswanderAndy G.18361908h/Miss Winfield, Stone is mostly buried-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001002TamkinRev. John18321922
001002TamkinCatherine18301901w/Rev. John
001002NipeGeorge R.25 Mar 184630 Aug 19232w-Katie Rolls
001002NipeEliza23 Mar 185026 Mar 1905w/George, Aged 55y ?m 3d1w/George
001002KnuppWilliam17 May 1898Aged 73y 1m 11dStone is leaning againist Nipe stone
001002KnuppBettyMother of Luella & Lessie
001002KnuppMary Catherine18831951
001002ZiglerVirginia Buhl21 Mar 18719 Jan 1963w/James
001002KnuppClarence F.11 Oct 19036 Jan 1924
001002KnuppDavid L.6 Jul 184912 Apr 1921
001002KnuppJosephine Rebecca22 Jan 185022 Jan 1898Aged 48y
001002SpitzerJacob, Rev.18201897
001002SpitzerElizabethd. in 88th year; Mother
001002SpitzerAlice S.14 May 187826 Nov 1955Wifew/J. B.
001002SpitzerJohn B.20 May 187829 Jan 1932Husband
001002LaingElizabeth A.14 Apr 18737 Jan 1897Aged 23y 8m 23d, w/J. M.nee Spitzer
001002SpitzerAlonza R.3 Nov 18678 Sep 1914Aged 46y 10m 5d
001002SouderRobert R.18811963
001002SpitzerJoseph F.26 Nov 184211 Dec 1936Aged 94y 15d
001002SpitzerAmanda M. T.15 Apr 184126 Dec 1906w/J. F.
001002Knupp, Sr.George E31 Aug 19129 Mar 1994
001002ConardMarion F.31 Jul 183726 Dec 1914Aged 77y 4m 25d
001002ConardBettie F.12 Jan 184426 Aug 1906Aged 62y 7m 14dw/M. F.
001002KnuppMargaret Virginia7 Jun 191018 Aug 1989
001002KnuppRaymond P.15 May 192010 Apr 1969
001002KnuppSaylor J.18881951s/Charles
001002KnuppMinnie R.18881938w/ S. J.; d/John Phillips
001002KlineJohn M.18671952Fathers/Michael B. & Bertie Homan
001002KlineBertie H.18811972Mother
001002KlineInfant Daughter1906d/J. M.
001002KlineJohn H.19141975Husband
001002KlineLouise A.19141998WifeLindsey funeral home marker only
001002BeardJohn Edward18561927
001002BeardSallie Kate18661943w/J. E.
001002FravelInfant Son25 Jan 1931s/J. H. & M. V.
001002MillerMartin Oliver18861947h/Bessie Helbert
001002MillerBessie Beulah18881974
001002MillerMorris Eugene19231928s/M. O. & B. H.
001002HolsingerPaul W.6 Nov 191217 Feb 1977
001002HolsingerRaymond C.19041986s/Philip; 2w/Catherine Shank
001002HolsingerTreva H.190519601w/R. C.; nee Hilliard
001002VanpeltGeorge T.30 Sep 188023 Aug 1963s/Martin D. & Mary Hoover V.
001002VanpeltEmma H.12 Oct 187928 Apr 1965w/G. T.; d/ John M. & Mary E. Moneymother Holsinger
001002VanpeltRoy Daniel11 Aug 19203 Jul 1974
001002VanpeltJohn M.18 Jan 191217 Mar 1984
001002VanpeltVivian B.3 Sep 19084 Apr 1988
001002TrumboCharles G.18691939
001002TrumboAnnie S.18701934w/C. G.; nee Holsinger
001002SpitzerFrederick A.21 Dec 192114 Dec 1934s/Fred L.
001002SpitzerFred L.18921936Husbands/John & Eliz.; h/Mary Layman
001002SpitzerMay L.16 Nov 18963 Mar 1972Mother
001002RodgersGrover M.18 Sep 190812 Dec 1961Tec4 70 Field Hospital WWII Va.
001002BlosserLee R.3 Jan 191913 Nov 1944Pvt 109 Inf 28 Div WWII Va.h/Gladys Spitzer
001002BlosserNelson J.13 Oct 194020 Apr 1955
001002Spitzer, Sr.Albert M.14 Oct 1923
001002FlemingJohn C.25 Aug 1932
001002FlemingVista A.15 Dec 1932
001002FlemingPatricia Jenkins25 Jul 1953
001002FlemingNelson R.19551996d/Kimberly
001002FlemingLana E.1958d/Kimberly
001003DoveE. Junior23 Jun 19244 Nov 1999
001003DoveJune B.13 Sep 192722 Apr 1992
001003ShermanLillie V.8 May 190423 May 1904Aged 15dd/J. T. & Rebecca E.
001003RimelBurnel T.18801960
001003RimelSallie R.18801950w/B. T.; d/John G. Kline
001003SpitzerRuby Rimel22 Nov 188630 Dec 1986
001003HarpineCharles M.18711953
001003HarpineAbbie J.18711964w/C. M.
001003BlickenstaffFannie N.30 Jun 18701 May 1960
001003BareJohn W.18961974
001003BareVergie L.18961989
001003WhitmoreC. Richard15 Jan 188118 Dec 1973
001003WhitmoreStella H.4 Dec 188721 Jan 1982
001003WamplerEverette Bruce6 Oct 193317 Oct 1994
001003HomanWilliam J.10 Jul 189626 Mar 1970
001003CrocketDavid T.189419612h/Bess G.
001003CrocketBess G.19011982w/D. T.; d/Dr. D. F. Geil
001003PickeringJay Dan16 Feb 192718 Mar 19421h/Bess Geil
001003GelburdRalph M.23 May 191821 Jun 1977
001003GelburdMildred H.22 May 1923
001003GilburdRobert F.3 May 194530 Mar 1950s/Ralph & Mildred Holsinger Gilburd
001003ShowalterMinnie M.18831943d/John
001003HillyardAda F.25 Sep 18794 Jan 1939d/John Showalter
001003WamplerGalen V.19001978
001003WamplerEva C.19071987
001003SternWm. Russell "Nick"19051967
001003SternEstella Mae "Jay"19011977
001003ReidKenneth E.25 Apr 19577 Dec 1957s/Julian & Jean Reid
001003MillerVilas V.18921945w/Casper; d/Tom Helbert
001003FawleyJames E.18911945s/George
001003FawleyStella A.1895w/J. E.; nee Roadcap
001003MillerCasper C.18921974
001003RodgersCleo Catherine21 Mar 190530 Mar 1989
001003LaymanEugene Edward17 Oct 19259 Oct 1992PFC U. S. Army WWII
001003ShirkeyLester S.19251993
001003GetzBennie I.17 Nov 1930Married 30 Aug 1949
001003GetzBernice S.1 Sep 193029 Aug 2002w/Bennie I.
001004BatemanSarah C.8 Jul 183528 Feb 1901Aged 65y 7m 20dw/W. L.
001004BatemanWilliam Lewis13 Apr 182923 Nov 1909Aged 80y 7m 10d
001004DerrowCharles E.14 Oct 189420 Apr 1989
001004DerrowPearl19001929w/C. E.
001004MillerSusan22 Jun 182629 Dec 1903Aged 77y 6m 7dw/St. Clair
001004LambertTerry O.13 Aug 189921 Apr 1946Father
001004LambertHelen R.21 May 190315 Mar 2001Motherw/T. O.; nee Thompson
001004LambertLawrence T.25 Mar 193230 Mar 1932s/T. O. & H. R.
001004SpitzerAnnie M. K.23 Nov 186010 Jan 1924Aged 63y 1m 17d, w/D. F.nee Summers
001004SummersCatherine5 Dec 182411 Jan 1904Aged 79y 1m 6d, w/ Simon P.
001004MoyersJosie E.26 Feb 186619 Jul 1946
001004WhislerEmma E.1 Jul 185616 Jan 1896Aged 39y 6m 15d, w/J. H.1w/J. H.
001004WhislerJ. H.2 Jun 185518 Jul 1927
001004WhislerEva C.20 Feb 186513 Feb 1953w/J. W.2w/J. H.; nee Hulvey
001004DoveO. Nelson14 Jul 190217 Dec 1984
001004GradyGeorge W.26 Feb 18318 Mar 1905Aged 74y 19d
001004GradyElizabeth1 Nov 1902Aged 70y 2m, w/G. W.d/George & Magdelene Showalter Moyer
001004KlineHomer M.24 May 189723 Jan 1965s/Samuel & Florence Hays Kline
001004KlineOllie S.20 Jan 190330 Oct 1972w/H. M.; d/Joseph & Sey Dora Donovan Sites
001004KlineInfant Boy1 Dec 1895s/J. S. & Mattie
001004ReedyMary Elizabeth27 Jan 18863 Feb 1905Aged 19y 7dw/A. L.
001004PenceCharles C.8 Jul 186317 Apr 1897Aged 33y 9m 9d
001004AldhizerT. Cletus18831916S/G. S. & A. A.
001004NiswarnerChristian18 Oct 181924 Feb 1907Aged 87y 4m 6d
001004SpitzerLaura188119311w/B. F.
001004SpitzerBenjamin F.18711932
001004SpitzerWilliam C.1902s/B. F. & A. C.
001004SpitzerAnnie C.3 Nov 187427 Apr 1907Aged 32y 5m 24d, w/B. F.2w/B. F.
001004BareDorothy J.19311931d/John W. & Virgie H. Linwood Bare
001004BareMary E.18361904w/Joseph; d/Peter & Louisa A. Barnes Acker
001004BareCharles E.18541942s/Joseph & Mary Acker Bare
001004BareMaggie C.18561913w/C. E.; nee Bateman
001004KlineGertie M.27 Jan 189012 Nov 19761/w A. F.; nee Rodeffer
001004KlineAndrew F.9 Feb 186822 Mar 1940
001004KlineElsie C.17 Aug 187917 Jan 1912Aged 32y 5m, w/A. F.1/w A. F., nee Holsinger
001004KlineAlice E.19 Nov 192724 Nov 1927
001004KlineRuth A.9 Nov 192815 Sep 1929
001004KlineTreva M.1 Jan 192610 Jan 1945
001004KellerRussell D.19051988
001004KellerDaisy B.19001995
001004SecristRay W.27 Jan 1934Father
001004SecristLoretta M.13 Sep 1936Mother
001004SecristKristen R.1 May 1978Daughter
001004RoushJames S.19372003Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001005KlineEffie Susan13 Jul 18884 Aug 1888Aged 21d, d/J. M. & E. E.
001005KlineDelphia Catherine13 Jul 188816 Jul 1902Aged 14y 3d, d/J. M. & E. E.
001005KlineEllie E.25 Jun 186419 May 1906Aged 44y 10m 24d, w/Jacob M.
001005MowreyMelvin William18 Aug 190920 Oct 1909Aged 2m 2d, s/J. W. & Ida D.
001005MowreyIca D.14 Feb 190814 Feb 1908
001005CampbellMartha22 Apr 190317 Oct 1971
001005StroopCharles E.1 Nov 187810 Jan 1952
001005StroopBertha E.4 May 18949 Feb 1988w/C. E.; nee Gordan
001005FulkRichard F.29 Jul 192217 Jan 1973Va. Tec5 U.S. Army WWII
001005FulkGladys P.30 Jul 19233 Feb 1983
001005SpitzerCharles Phares11 Feb 193112 Feb 1931s/D. M. & Reba P.
001005SpitzerReba Phares15 Jul 190522 Apr 1998
001005SpitzerDaniel Miller25 May 189712 Jun 1985
001005SpitzerElizabeth U.18501852
001005SpitzerEmma J.18581859
001005SpitzerJacob F.18591862
001005BowmanBeulah Rachael8 Jan 19001 Nov 1918Aged 18y 9m 23dw/J. H.; d/Frank Spitzer
001005BowmanJohn Homan14 Jul 189619 Oct 1918Aged 22y 3m 5d
001005SteppRobert E.18681947s/George
001005SteppMinnie E.18791943w/R. E.; d/Sallie Holsinger
001005ReidCharles1966h/Miss Layman, no stone found for her
001005PetitBessie18881953w/Edgar; nee Layman
001005StinespringJohn W.18831923
001005StinespringKatherine M.18971930w/J. W.; nee Miller
001005Stinespring, Jr.John W.19231923s/J. W. & K. M.
001005MinnickWilliam L.18811954s/Casper
001005MinnickAnnie R.18841940w/W. L.; d/Andrew Holsinger
001005Minnick, Jr.Weltie M.27 Aug 193631 Oct 1959Married 11 Oct 1958h/Rachael Custer
001005RhodesTrovillo G.18951956s/Anthony; 1w/Rita Rhodes, 2w/Ogretta Dove
001005RhodesDante LaMarr19211922s/ T. G. & R.
001005RhodesMichael Patrick19491949s/T. G.
001005RhodesTrovillo Geil25 Sep 191710 May 1973U.S. Army WWII
001005BartleWilliam H.19031935s/W. H. & E. J.
001005BartleEmma J.18731955w/W. H.; nee Kronk
001005OrebaughEmmett Gene1925s/O. B. & E. R.
001005OrebaughBessie L.17 Apr 188919 Oct 19772w/Oscar B.; nee Flick
001005OrebaughOscar B.10 Feb 187618 Jun 1950
001005OrebaughEmma R.15 Mar 188127 Mar 19321w/Oscar B.; nee Simmers
001005OrebaughEmma Simmers18811932
001005MurryWilliam B.19001976
001005MurryRuth E.19061979
001005WhetzelSarah E.25 Oct 195926 Oct 1959d/N. W. & Eleanor M.
001005WhetzelNorman W.27 Jul 19137 Jun 1977
001005WhetzelEleanor M.5 Jul 192315 Nov 1981
001005HolsingerOtto R.12 Oct 19124 Apr 1964Va. PFC 903 Base Unit AAF WWIIs/O. R. & A. M.
001005HolsingerOather R.7 May 188623 Oct 1969
001005HolsingerAnnie M.11 Dec 189017 Jan 1964w/O. R.; nee Spitzer
001005HolsingerWillie V. K.11 Aug 19159 Nov 1920d/O. R. & A. M.
001005YankeyClarence F.4 Feb 19192 Sep 1996PFC U. S. Army WWII
001005YankeyViola F.5 Jan 19228 Oct 1997
001006StroopWilliam J.11 Mar 18671 Jul 1913
001006AlbrightSarah E. Mason11 Nov 185918 Oct 1931nee Holsinger; 1h/Mason; 2h/D. F. Albright
001006AlbrightD. Franklin1 Jul 185826 Jul 19382w/Sarah E. Mason
001006AlbrightCatherine F.I Jul 184526 Oct 1919Aged 74y 3m 25d, w/D. F.
001006AlbrightCharles William28 Oct 1884Aged 3m 27d; s/D. F. & Cath.
001006McWilliamsAshby T.29 May 186328 Sep 1948
001006McWilliamsSusan C.30 Sep 18664 Dec 1928nee Knupp
001006ShirkeyElwood Ashby30 Nov 192125 Jul 1956PFC 271 Base Unit AAF WWII Va. BSM
001006ShirkeyJennie N.18691938Mother
001006ShirkeySusan28 Apr 183529 Dec 1896w/Henry
001006NiswanderChristian L.8 May 18755 Jun 1904
001006HideckerDora A.18771959Mother
001006MyersAmanda E.Apr 1922Grandmother
001006HideckerMichael H.18841963Father
001006CootesJohn F.26 Apr 185627 Jan 1901Aged 44y 9m 1d
001006CootesMary E.23 Mar 185315 Aug 1901Aged 48y 4m 22d; w/John F.
001006CootesCharles E.2 May 188116 Jul 1961Married 30 Oct 1902
001006CootesMary A.25 Jun 188121 Aug 1975w/Charles E.; nee Miller
001006CootesCharles E.20 Jan 191818 Dec 1922Aged 4y 10m 18d, s/C. E. & M. A.
001006SpitzerCyrus11 Oct 18103 Dec 1897Aged 87y 1m 22d; Father
001006SpitzerCatherine16 Apr 181428 Dec 1900Aged 86y 8m 12d
001006SpitzerCharles F.23 Oct 185017 Feb 1929Aged 78y 3m 24d
001006SpitzerMary C. Zigler12 Apr 185431 Jul 1913Aged 59y 3m 19dw/C. F.; nee Zigler
001006DerrowJacob H.18831976
001006DerrowAlberta N.18791953w/J. H.; nee Coates
001006DoveViolet V.28 Sep 191019 Apr 1939d/J. H. Derroww/Lawrence
001006ZirkleInfant30 Oct 1901Infant/C. L. & Susie K.
001006ZirkleC. L. & Susie K.11 Oct 1905
001006OrebaughGeorge M.22 Sep 185422 Sep 1914
001006OrebaughVirginia F.2 Jan 185618 Jul 1927Aged 71y 6m 15dw/G. M.
001006HolsingerJohn H.20 Jun 184019 Mar 1908Aged 67y 8m 29ds/John
001006HolsingerThomas V.10 Feb 187517 May 1939s/John
001006HolsingerIda C.21 Sep 18788 Mar 1965w/T.V.; nee Beahm
001006LamanCharles H.21 Mar 186818 Feb 1905Aged 36y 10m 27ds/Eli
001006LaymanEmma S.7 Dec 187325 Oct 1945
001006LaymanEli24 Jul 18459 Aug 1908Aged 63y 16d
001006LaymanAmanda J.4 Dec 184610 Jun 1916Aged 69y 6m 6dw/Eli; d/Philip Holsinger
001006HarrisonDavid B.24 May 188615 May 1921s/William
001006ProsserLewis D.9 Aug 190020 Sep 1969
001006ProsserFlorence W.10 Sep 188913 Oct 1970
001006MinnickSolomon Franklin18831934s/Casper h/Fannie Turner
001006KennedyMary Fannie9 Mar 188522 Apr 1969
001006MinnickWeltie M.5 Sep 190925 Apr 1992Father
001006MinnickGoldie Marie19 Jul 191026 Mar 1991Mother
001006TurnerElva Jean3 Jan 19369 Apr 1936d/H. D.
001006BradyMaggie C.18491923w/Samuel Wampler
001006WamplerTillie J.18811959w/Jonathan; nee Brady
001006DodsonCharles E.10 Mar 18644 Jun 1933
001006DodsonJosie H.8 May 186424 Mar 1924w/C. E.
001006GoodLaRue18991958d/C. E. & J. H. Dodson, no stone found
001006PetitErnest W.28 Apr 189316 Aug 1965
001006PetitFlorence C.4 Jan 18923 Jun 1969w/E. W.; d/Kate Cline
001006PetitMildred L.1 Oct 19291 Oct 1929c/E. W. & F. C.
001006HepnerRichard M.5 Jun 193518 Aug 1973
001006HepnerBetty H.11 Nov 1930
001006FeddonW. Frank18701936Father
001006FeddonDaisy M.18851971Mother
001006FeddonEdgar J.5 Apr 192026 Jan 1968Va. S2 USNR WWII
001006GarnerPatrick Ray15 Jun 1948Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
001006LongCharles L.18741947s/Thomas
001006LongMary E.18721960w/C. L.; nee Flick
001006LongOwen "Hummy"26 Sep 190123 Dec 1985
001006LongGrace B.16 Dec 19126 Feb 1989
001006OrebaughBessie F.17 Apr 188919 Oct 1977
001006LongEtta Louise12 Dec 193115 Feb 1996
001006FahrneyRalph J.20 Sep 190816 Jun 1982
001006FahrneyRuth P.20 Jul 191224 Jul 1980
001006WineRoy F.9 Aug 19135 Sep 1987
001006WineEvelyn S.10 Jul 190714 Jan 1999
001006TurnerCarroll W.13 Mar 19221 Nov 1999PVT U S. Army WWII
001006TurnerBradley F.19552000Dellinger Funeral Home Marker
001006DriverJackie Lee19352004Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001007WilsonMartha R.30 Mar 182923 Aug 1911
001007HolsingerPhilip4 Mar 183720 Apr 1927Aged 90y 1m 16ds/J. L. & Elizabeth
001007HolsingerDelilah3 Mar 184211 Mar 1911Aged 69y 8d, w/Phillipnee Holsinger
001007HolsingerAda Virginia11 Oct 188430 Jan 1905Aged 20y 3m 19dd/Philip & Delilah
001007FravelErnest C.31 Jul 189022 Oct 968
001007FravelLuella P.10 Jul 189222 Nov 1970
001007FravelGladis M.21 May 181120 Oct 1911s/E. G. & Luella P.
001007FravelInfant Son1922s/E. G. & L. P.
001007CriderMary A.31 Dec 186625 Dec 1928w/C. L.
001007CriderCharles L.6 Mar 1863
001007CriderDavid E.1870
001007CriderLydia F.18731929w/D. E.
001007HulveyT. Carroll22 Jan 190121 Jun 1974
001007HulveyJuliaw/ T. Carroll
001007RitchieHazel Sandy14 Jan 19135 Jun 1987
001007SandyFred R.6 Jul 191529 Aug 1940s/Marvin
001007DoveRussell J.19222002
001007DoveEdna Lee29 Aug 19254 Jul 1974
001007HillyardMary Ruth19 Aug 1907Aged 4m 25dd/E. I. & Delphia, no marker found
001007NaveSarah Henkel20 Dec 18726 Jan 1920w/Joseph H.
001007NaveJoseph H.2 Apr 186522 Nov 1917Aged 52y 7m 20d
001007NaveCalvin R.21 Mar 189426 Sep 1916Aged 22y 6m 5d, s. J. & S. H.
001007LudholtzChristley20 Apr 184215 Mar 1930
001007Cullers, Sr.Wilbert W.7 Dec 192428 Dec 1997PFC U. S. Army WWII
001007CullersEvelyn J.12 May 193229 Sep 1991
001008SpitzerNettie H.18801914w/Aldine; nee See
001008SpitzerRebecca C.19081918d/A. & N. H.
001008HolsingerAbram A.8 Apr 186829 Oct 1896Aged 28y 6m 23ds/Philip
001008ArmentroutE. C., Mrs.30 Aug 1957no marker found in 2004
001008FulkRussel M.6 Dec 19036 Aug1964
001008FulkErma F.19 Apr 190817 Oct 1970
001008Fulk, Sr.Clarence William30 Jun 19327 Mar 1992
001008FravelJacob M.8 Apr 186319 Jul 1934
001008FravelMary E.11 Oct 186427 Apr 1903w/J. M.; d/Philip Holsinger
001008CriderJacob10 Mar 18248 Jun 1904Aged 80y 2m 8d, Father
001008CriderMagadalene25 Mar 183225 Mar 1919Aged 87y
001008CriderJames A.24 Mar 186514 Oct 1922Aged 57y 6m 20d
001008DonovanAnnetta Crider29 Jun 18691 May 1957Aged 87y 10m 2d2h/Perry Donovan; nee Mohler 1h/Crider
001008HulveyRaymond E.9 Nov 189423 Jul 1917Husbands/D. O. & E. C.
001008HulveyTenney C.22 Mar 189117 Mar 1936w/R. E.nee Cline
001008HulveyInfant Daughter29 Apr 1925d/Mr. & Mrs. T. C.
001008HulveyDavid O.19 Oct 18688 Mar 1934Father
001008HulveyElizabeth C.19 Mar 186826 Sep 1958Motherw/D. O.
001008CaplingerMary M.14 Dec 18523 Aug 1918Aged 65y 7m 18d, Mother
001008SandyMarion16 Nov 188111 Nov 1949Father
001008SandyClara May23 Feb 188325 May 1969Mother
001008SandyCarl P.9 Jan 191225 Oct 1923Son
001008SandyMarion L.29 Jan 1919Mar 1919Son
001008SandyIda B.20 Oct 188310 Feb 1909Aged 26y 3m 27d, w/M. K.
001008HolsingerGeorge H.18801956s/Malinda; 1w/M. Sandy; 2w/Veda Holsinger
001008HillyardEdward I.18731953s/Fred
001008HillyardDelphia M.188219__w/Edward I.; nee Lohr
001008HillyardMary V.19051905
001008HolsingerGeorge H.188219__
001008HolsingerVada1902w/Geo. H.; d/E. I & D. M.
001008CharltonNuten H.18601946
001008CharltonFannie L.18681926w/N. H.
001008CharltonEarl F.s/N. H. & F. L.
001008CharltonMarion L.w/E. F.
001008CharltonKatlene F.28 Oct 191514 Sep 1917d/E. F. & S. M.
001008CarlJennie A.21 Mar 186421 Jun 1930
001008CarlJohn R.18581949
001008CarlMary M.30 May 187125 Jun 1922Aged 51y 24d, w/John Carl
001008CarlMary ElizabethMar 182325 Feb 1916Aged 92y 11m, w/Solomon
001008TurnerJohn & Family
001008TurnerSusanw/John; nee Holsinger; Children: Lewis, Joseph, Minnie & Laura Spitzer, marker not found.
001008HilliardInfant Son3 Mar 1905s/ H. P. & P. A.
001008HillyardHomer P.15 May 187825 Aug 1960s/Fred
001008HillyardPhoebe A.31 Aug 187910 Mar 1905W/H. P.d/Michael Lohr
001008HolsingerCharles D.7 Jan 187010 Jan 1924s/Philip, 1/w Eliz. spitzer, 2/w Sallie Fulk
001008MyersSallie Holsinger24 Jul 189130 May 1993
001008BrannerLester W.10 Aug 191319 Feb 1988Parent of Jon Ivan & Faye Ellen
001008BrannerFrances H.3 Sep 1919Married 6 Sep 1939w/Lester W.
001008HolsingerPhil D.6 May 18753 Aug 1945Fathers/Philip
001008HolsingerIrene R.6 Feb 18763 Oct 1925Mother1w/Phil D.
001008SpitzerGarland V.25 Feb 191520 Apr 1981
001008SpitzerEdna H.15 Jun 190921 Sep 2003
001008ShirkeyJohn E.18761942
001008ShirkeyKatie C.18721930w/J. E.; nee Holsinger
001008ShirkeyAnnie Lee29 Jul 190318 Apr 1939d/J. E. & K. C.
001008ShirkeyLewis J.19121978
001008LohrSarah E.28 Feb 186124 May 1926m/M. L.; nee Spitzer
001008LohrMartin L.22 Jun 18522 Jul 1940
001008WhiteGertrude L.16 Jan 188118 Nov 1924w/W. E.nee Niswander
001008MasonRaymond B.19111942s/T. R. & I. F.
001008MasonLonnie T.190219__
001008MasonRuth E.191119__
001008MasonThomas R.187219__
001008MasonIda F.18691949w/T. R.
001008MasonWilliam L.190019__
001008FeddonWade Junior19311944
001008FeddonAshby J.12 Sep 188729 Jan 1953
001008FeddonEffie P.10 Jan 18966 Aug 1981
001008RigglemanJesse J.190019__
001008RigglemanKatherine J.19111953w/J. J.; nee Lowery
001008FawleyDorman Walton1 Sep 189318 May 1984
001008FawleyEdna Mae Cale23 Sep 19025 Mar 1986
001008AbbottGeorge W.2 Jul 19122 Nov 1991U.S. Army WWII
001008AbbottVesta J.7 Jun 192214 Jun 1945
001008WhetzelRobert M.22 Jul 1930
001008WhetzelWinona P.20 Jun 192214 Nov 2000
001009EmswilerElcie W.11 Apr 190716 Jul 1907
001009ElyardJoseph E.18871968
001009ElyardDora A.18861951w/J. E.
001009HedrickGeorge L.14 Apr 194320 Feb 1944
001009HedrickRoy David15 Sep 193614 Apr 1997
001009StevensEthel Irene28 Oct 19177 Apr 1999
001009SimmersJoseph D.9 Apr 187619 Nov 1957
001009SimmersAda V.18 Nov 188625 Oct 1970w/J. D.; nee Holsinger
001009SpitzerWm. A.13 Jan 186629 Aug 1930
001009SpitzerEmma L.17 Jul 186929 Jun 1918w/W. A.nee Helbert
001009BennettBryan C.19041962s/Casper
001009BennettLeah H.w/B. C.; nee Halterman
001009ShickleHenry W.9 Jul 190017 Oct 1958s/Adam; h/Mrs. Shull
001009ShickleMary B.17 Jun 189010 Nov 1983
001009ClineOlga M.17 Feb 191624 Jul 1916s/Solon & Rebecca
001009PhillipsMary E.18971925d/Harvey
001009MyersMinnie S.23 Oct 18596 Nov 1921
001009RiddleCorneilous20 Aug 188916 Mar 1968Father
001009RiddleEmma M.4 Nov 189330 Apr 1973Mother
001009ShirkeyJonathan H.24 Oct 184921 Mar 1924
001009ShirkeyVirginia H.18 Aug 185518 Jul 1929w/J. H.
001009HelbertLuther W.21 Jun 19592 Feb 1926
001009SpitzerSidney A.18771935s/Noah
001009SpitzerViola Catherine17 Ocr 187825 Oct 1968
001009SpitzerIra19 Jan 18825 Jan 1958Also 2 children, no stone
001009SpitzerMary D.14 Dec 189111 Oct 1960w/Irah; nee Driver
001009FulkWilliam A.2 Dec 185717 Jan 1949
001009FulkJosephine A.20 Jun 186519 Nov 1937w/W. A.; nee Fogle
001009SimmersHomer9 May 18796 Mar 1945Father
001009SimmersMary C.5 Jun 18868 Jun 1976Motherw/Homer
001009SimmersCletus "Babe"11 Aug 191127 Dec 1985
001009SimmersAiradner "Sis"28 Jul 19182 Sep 1991
001009SimmersCecil W.19051993
001009SimmersLillian P.19131968
001009SimmersGlendon Henry30 Aug 19076 Nov 1990WWII
001009SimmersLottie V.3 Jan 191226 Feb 1972
001009SimmersRussell B.29 Nov 190313 Jun 1981Married 25 Nov 1924
001009SimmersHilda K.26 May 19087 May 1981w/Russell B.
001009Feaster, Sr.Richard W.21 Jul 19332 Jun 1989U.S. Army Korea
001009SchweikardtDavid A.4 Aug 1938
001009SchweikardtLeona E.30 Apr 1926
001010StroopU. Dera18701951nee Petit
001010GoodErnest M.27 Jan 187521 Aug 1934
001010BreedenJohn W.21 Aug 187421 Aug 1899Aged 24y 11m 21d
001010BreedenNathaniel13 Apr 18286 May 1911Aged 83y 23d
001010BreedenEmma M.13 Feb 18439 Apr 1915Aged 72y 2m 27d, nee Salyardw/Nathaniel
001010CoakleyJames P.18591914Father
001010CoakleyAnnie B.18641953Motherw/J. P.
001010CoakleyBessie L.18931914Daughterd/J. P. & A. B.
001010CoakleyPaul E.18941913Sons/J. P. & A. B.
001010EmswilerJacob W.25 Aug 185926 Mar 1907
001010EmswilerHannah R.28 Aug 186430 Nov 1962w/ J. W.
001010EmswilerRuth Irene6 May 190529 Jul 1911Aged 6y 2m 23d, d/J. W. & Hannah P.
001010EmswilerLee Alvin30 Oct 190018 Jun 1912Aged 11y 6m 18d, s/J. W. & H. P.
001010ElyardRalph E.29 Nov 190829 Apr 1909s/Joe & Dora
001010ElyardArthur J. B.5 Nov 191322 Jul 1917s/Joe & Dora
001010ElyardPauline Star9 Apr 192022 Jul 1921d/Joe & Dora
001010ElyardPaul Star9 Apr 192023 Jul 1920s/Joe & Dora
001010EmswilerMartin Lee18 Aug 192718 Aug 1927
001010HedrickEdward F.19 Aug 19336 Oct 1933
001010HedrickSamuel L.26 Mar 190821 May 1971
001010HedrickAva E.9 May 191014 Jan 2001
001010EmswilerJohn B.28 Mar 189020 Dec 1960
001010EmswilerMinnie E.27 Jun 189231 Mar 1955w/J. B.
001010StaynerBetty M.11 Sep 19101 May 1986
001010StaynerHoward E.16 Aug 19007 Oct 1952s/Edward
001010StaynerEmma H.30 Apr 18995 Jul 1985
001010StaynerRuth9 Feb 191822 Jan 1942d/Edward
001010JohnstonCharles W.9 Dec 19392 Aug 1998
001010WoodC. Virgil19101914s/Charles
001010WoodWalter Z.19121914s/Charles
001010SpitzerJames L.18761917b. 14 Jun & d. 2 Jun, middle name Luther according to Swank's records in 1960s.
001010SpitzerAnne L.18831967
001010LeaViolet Spitzer1 Sep 190915 Feb 1992
001010WhetzelMonroe F.12 Aug 185818 Jul 1931
001010WhetzelElizabeth K.30 Apr 18572 Sep 1932w/M. F.
001010StaynerMary C.7 Apr 18478 Feb 1922Aged 74y 10. 1d, Motherw/Jonathan
001010StaynerJonathan25 Dec 184411 May 1916Aged 71y 4m 16d
001010PhillipsAbraham4 Apr 185715 Mar 1924Aged 66y,Brother
001010PhillipsEmily A.24 Aug 18555 Jul 1927Sister
001010PhillipsHarvey F.18531914Father
001010PhillipsLillie L.18631929Motherw/H. F.; nee Spitzer
001010TurnerBaby Boy19 Mar 1963s/J. Edwin & Betty Sue
001011CriderJacob W.18971961Son
001011CriderClarence D.19431968Mothers/Jacob W.
001011CriderPearl C.19071996w/Jacob W.
001011CriderJohn Paul19301987PFC U.S. Army Korea
001011CubbageDaniel M.18801964No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001011ShirkeyThomas H.19011961Brothers/Jennie
001011CarlElizabeth12 Nov 182718 Dec 1906Aged 79y 1m 6d
001011SpitzerSamuel7 Oct 1900
001011SpitzerRoy D.17 May 18954 Jan 1900
001011SpitzerBertie S.1 Jun 189921 May 1920
001011SpitzerGeorgie M.14 Apr 190819 Sep 1908c/J. R. & K. M.
001011SpitzerMary V.3 Apr 1907c/J. R. & K. M.
001011HoranBertha, Mrs.19221966No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001011HockmanElsie I. Charlton15 Nov 191012 Apr 1945Mother/Betty Lou & Ralph
001011WhitmireEdgar Allen Poe18811955
001011WhitmireFlora Etta18861920w/E. A. P.; nee Salyard
001011WhitmireJames A.8 Dec 19124 Jul 1942s/E. A. P. & F. E.
001011TurnerRussell M.18 Nov 190412 Mar 1969Father
001011TurnerLillian C.2 Sep 191115 Dec 1972Mother
001011StroopHenry R.24 Nov 190524 Jan 1918Aged 12y 2m, s/David & Susan
001011StroopSusan S. G.18791956w/D. F.
001011StroopDavid F.18621956
001011SpitzerCyrus N.13 Dec 184631 Mar 1913Aged 66y 3m 18d
001011SpitzerMary M.6 Jul 1856
001011VanpeltRay H.21 Jul 19049 Oct 1965s/George
001011VanpeltPauline C.16 Jun 190720 Oct 1992w/Roy H.
001011ChenaultJ. Walker3 Jun 189331 Mar 1956
001011ChenaultDaphna S.27 Dec 189416 Jul 1981
001011ShowalterGlen M.26 Mar 191913 Aug 1971Va. PFC 157 Inf WWII P.H.
001011ShowalterDorothy E.9 May 192128 Sep 1997Married 5 Mar 1946w/Glen M.
001011SpitzerAlpheus M.2 Feb 18728 Nov 1925s/Ambrose
001011SpitzerJulia F.6 Mar 185317 Apr 19411h/Crulin; 2h/A. M. Spitzer
001011WamplerJoseph M.18801944s/Joseph
001011WamplerRebecca C.15 Jun 187424 Jun 1926w/J. M.d/Geo. Kline
001011WamplerAmos Jacob8 May 191615 Jun 1998h/Mary S.
001011WamplerMary Stephens24 Sep 19198 Nov 1960w/A. J.
001011PenceWilliam S.19 Jul 188421 May 1948
001011PenceMinnie C.6 Jul 18836 Jan 1959w/William
001011PayneJohn D.18981946
001011PayneGladys L.191519__w/J. D.; nee Hidecker
001011TurnerAnna P.1947Infant d/J. L. & L. F.
001011TurnerHilda ArmentroutJul 1912Jul 2002
001011TurnerJohn L.Dec 1910Feb 1996
001011TurnerLillian T.Jul 1912Jul 1965w/J. L.; d/Otis Turner
001011MasonInfantMar 1960No marker found-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001011MasonCarroll Howard6 Apr 192531 Jan 2001
001011MasonDorothy Trumbo11 Apr 1924
001011CarrS. Dodd19061950
001011CarrMinnie S.19091994w/S. D., nee Lance
001011LantzJoseph David14 Jan 19125 Apr1991U.S. Navy WWII
001011LantzGoldie N.30 Aug 191316 Apr 2003
001011BrenemanWilson Raymond17 Sep 191314 Dec 1981
001011LantzJoseph David28 Sep 193410 Nov 2002Married 12 Jun 1954
001011LantzElaine Muntzing11 May 1935w/Joseph David
001012FridleyAbigail16 Jan 183628 Oct 1897Aged 61y 9m 12d
001012ColeAnnie R.15 Dec 184428 Oct 1913Mother
001012ColeEmma F.10 Jul 186715 Feb 1885Sister
001012SimmersLovice15 Jul 1902Mother; Aged about 29y
001012SimmersHannah16 Sep 1903Aged about 55y; Mother
001012CubbageBenjamin S.1 Jan 18277 Jan 1917Aged 90y 6d
001012CubbageRebecca1 Mar 18392 Mar 1917Aged 78y 1dw/B. S.
001012CarlJohn R.14 Sep 183314 Dec 1910Aged 77y 3m
001012CaveWillie Florence29 Feb 18762 Dec 1900Aged 24y, w/D. O.
001012SpitzerJohn S.28 Sep 18626 Jun 1941s/Catherine
001012SpitzerMary E.15 Mar 186521 Jan 1947w/J. S.; nee Lam
001012SpitzerRoy D.17 May 18954 Jan 1900
001012SpitzerJoseph R.7 Feb 18806 Aug 1929s/George
001012SpitzerKatie M.4 Aug 186621 May 1886w/J. R.; nee Knupp
001012FergusonElma R.18 Aug 190530 Mar 1934Mothernee Spitzer
001012FergusonBillie R.5 Dec 192128 Nov 1939Son
001012CharlttonLynwood22 Dec 192027 Jun 1928Aged 7y 6m 5d, s/Mr. & Mrs. C. H.
001012CharlttonEmma E.14 Mar 186228 Feb 1908Aged 45y 11m14dw/Chas. H.
001012WoodGeorge W.20 Jun 18541 Aug 1922Aged 68y 1m 11d, FatherAmerican Legion marker
001012WoodH. Russel14 Oct 18947 Nov 1918Aged 24y 24d, Killed in France
001012WoodMargaret E.20 Jun 185616 Jul 1919Aged 63y 27dw/G. W.
001012HolsingerRawleigh F.6 Aug 18818 Jul 1951s/Philip
001012HolsingerEmma M.7 Mar 18908 Oct 1968d/Geo. W. & M. E. Wood
001012RhineheartMary R.5 May 184730 Nov 1919w/J. S.
001012MinnickDavid M.10 Jun 18597 Jun 1922
001012MinnickSallie24 Feb 18547 Aug 1902nee Lam
001012LamNoah20 Jan 182414 Jan 1906Aged 81y 11m 24d
001012MinnickViola C.16 Apr 18991 Apr 1919Aged 19y 11m 15dd/David
001012MinnickRebecca M.1 Feb 189629 Apr 1923Aged 27y 2m 28d, Wife & Daughter
001012TurnerPete T.29 Apr 188722 Jan 1953Va. PVT Co B 318 Inf Reg WWIs/John & Susan Holsinger
001012TurnerLena C.18881968w/P. T.; d/Newton Charlton
001012TurnerCarl J.16 Apr 19163 Mar 1918Aged 1y 11m 13d, s/R. A. & AliceStone is leaning againist Joseph McMullen's stone in 2004
001012McMullinJoseph16 Jun 184822 Mar 1905Aged 57y 9m 6d
001012LuckeWilliam H.19191984Kyger Funeral Home Marker
001012LuckeRobert Ormond11 Feb 188522 Jul 1968
001012LuckeJessie Ryan19 Jan 18852 Apr 1952Wife
001012SpitzerLeslie S.24 Sep 188717 Feb 1956
001012SpitzerVita L.5 Jul 18933 Apr 1995
001012SpitzerWeldon S.17 Sep 191612 Aug 1949
001012SpitzerNelson S.1 Jul 19217 Feb 1967
001012SpitzerEvelyn H.19 Oct 1921
001012CristNorris Will1 Jul 192117 Oct 1992CPL U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
001012CristDoris Driver24 Dec 19223 Jul 1997Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend
001012BowmanCharles E.18981973
001012BowmanPauline P.18981974w/C. E.
001012Bowman, Sr.Beverly L.25 Dec 192516 Aug 1976
001012BowmanEvelyn C.
001012BowmanBrenda L.9 Oct 1952
001012BowmanJo Ann30 Sep 1953
001012ReidFrank L.18931952s/Abraham
001012ReidOllie S.18991974nee Harpine
001012ReidMark E.2 Jan 19241 Apr 1985
001012ReidLois L.4 Sep 1926
001012CollinsCarl D.1 Mar 19195 Sep 1957
001012CollinsBertha A.28 Aug 190828 Jan 1977
001012CollinsInfant Son18 Nov 1959s/Paul & Lena
001012Collins, Sr.Carl R.1 Feb 1942
001012CollinsBlanche R.2 Sep 1940
001012HeberleinEdward Everett25 Nov 191424 Dec 1996
001012HeberleinMaxine Stenerson12 Sep 1919
001013StearnJoseph23 Nov 187319 Jan 1956
001013StearnJosephine A.27 Mar 187915 Feb 1964
001013StearnF. Loraine2 Oct 191620 Apr 1931
001013StearnFrank L.19161931
001013NormanGeorge T.8 May 19155 Jun 1971
001013OrebaughMaxine E.19261929d/Reason & Laura
001013OrebaughReason D.26 Apr 190829 Apr 1975
001013OrebaughLaura F.22 Sep 190919 Jan 1978
001013DerrowMarion SophiaAbt. 1915
001013SellersCharles W.18651936Father
001013SellersNealy N.18661948Motherw/C. W.
001013GoodMary V.18561949
001013KennedyBertie M.18841960
001013RootWilliam A.22 Jan 182425 Apr 1885Va. PVT U.S. Marine Corps Mexican War
001013MacfarlaneEdna F.23 Jul 18976 Aug 1982
001013EttingerOttie M.23 May 187819 Apr 1965
001013EttingerJames B.30 Nov 18567 Oct 1933No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001013EttingerTalmage O.15 Jul 190926 Jan 1975
001013BattingerJames?? 18567 Oct 1933Stone is broken and flat on the ground in 2004; recorded by Swank in 1960s
001013BowmanGary W.5 Jan 19477 Jun 1968
001013CollinsLena I.15 Jan 192030 Dec 1991
001013CollinsPaul R.30 Jun 19128 Jul 1971
001013CollinsAlice L.15 Jan 18872 Jan 1969
001013WoodHarold W.22 Oct 1921
001013WoodBeverly J.21 Jan 1926
001013WoodChristie L.18 Aug 1950
001013Collins, Sr.Harry O'Brien28 Sep 192128 Aug 1998PFC U.S. Army WWII
001013CollinsRoger Lee10 Jul 194322 Aug 2002
001013CollinsWanda22 Jan 1946
001013UnknownIllegible - double base stone broken
001013UnknownIllegible - double base stone broken
001013SineVirginia "Gladys Collins30 Mar 191827 Sep 2000
001014WhitmireEmma W.18771934w/Newton
001014NormanLula & FamilyIn memory of the Lula V. Norman Family
001014JamesonMabel V.13 Jun 18978 Oct 1923w/ E. E.
001014NormanWilliam H.18551900
001014NormanJames F.18791962
001014NormanLucy M.18841966
001014Norman, Jr.William H.18921904
001014FiddenMary E.23 May 1898Aged 20y 9m 7d, w/Ashbynee Miller
001014JonesAda Pearl14 Nov 189212 Jun 1895Aged 2y 8m 28d
001014HepnerBertie Lee21 Feb 18901 Dec 1895
001014KennedyJames E.11 Oct 190012 Jan 1969
001014KennedyMyrtle M.13 Jul 189820 Jul 1963w/J. E.
001014KennedyInfant28 May 193728 May 1937s/J. E. & M. M.
001014FlickSamuel A.18701958Father
001014FlickAnnie L.18701941Motherw/S. A.; nee Root
001014RootElizabeth E.18321910Grandmother
001014RootSamuel H.18681901Uncle
001014DerrowDaphney Virginia16 Dec 190710 May 1989Grave has collapsed 2004
001014EttingerAlbert W.10 Aug 187727 Sep 1948s/Geo. W.
001014EttingerGeorge W.18471920Father
001014EttingerInfant26 Jun 190226 Jun 1902c/Wm. A. & Ottie M.
001014EttingerWilmer L.17 May 1905Aged 1y 3m 4d, s/Wm. A. & Ottie M.
001014EttingerLucinda10 Jul 183116 Apr 1904Aged 72y 9m 6dw/Jacob
001014EttingerLewis Boon24 Jul 186931 Jan 1905Aged 35y 6m 7d
001014EttingerElizabeth A.8 Aug 18519 Apr 1909Aged 58y, Aunt
001014EttingerCharles L.5 Jun 185911 Nov 1915Aged 56y, Father
001014KennedyJames L.31 Jan 187212 Dec 1930Husband
001014KennedyIda B.18 Aug 187528 Apr 1959Wifew/J. L.; nee Derrow
001014RiddleFrank I.3 Feb 190726 Jan 1935
001014RiddleVirginia E.12 Feb 191016 Dec 1966
001014RiddleNewton J.30 Oct 186515 Feb 1951s/Joseph
001014RiddleMollie E.7 Feb 187718 Dec 1945w/N. J.; d/J. R. (Hick) & Hannah Vanpelt Humes
001014StaynerJefferson J.9 Dec 190431 Jul 1965s/Edward M. & L. F.
001014StaynerEdward M.18701956Father
001014StaynerLula F.18801953Motherw/E. M.
001014AshenfelterWilliam Bryan18 Oct 189627 Feb 1957Father
001014AshenfelterEdith Ritchie25 May 190529 Mar 1987Mother
001014ScothornCharles Edward19011954
001014LohrCharles J.1 Jan 18857 Oct 1969
001014GoodSarah C.3 Mar 18791 Sep 1954
001014BreedenThomas J.18671955no marker found
001014OrebaughGalen B.3 Mar 190027 Nov 1955PFC U.S. Marine Corps Res. WWII, Va.s/Oscar, name is spelt Gaylon on war marker
001014OrebaughGrace V.26 Oct 19007 Oct 1985w/G. B.
001014RigglemanWilliam H.27 Jan 188112 Jun 1956Married 24 Aug 1900, Father
001014RigglemanBessie S.24 May 188020 Sep 1962Motherw/William H.; nee Petit
001014PropstBabyFeb 1977Rhodes Funeral Home Marker
001014PropstDavidDec 1977
001014CullersGail Marie3 Jul 19617 Jul 1961
001014MillerJohn (Infant)2 Feb 1963
001014SecristTodd Scott8 Jan 1974
001014FulkWayne G.Jr. infant19641964No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001014ShoemakerInfant Daughter1961No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001014PughInfant DaughterJun 1960No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001014ReedyMichael (infant)Aug 1960No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001015Unknown??Stone is overturned and too heavy to lift in 2004
001015AllenJacob A.18501909Negro, No stone found, recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001015NickensDoria Allen18601924Negro, No stone found, recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001015CorbinJohn W.18681926
001015CorbinTracy L.18961930
001015CorbinPaul C.19081908
001015CharltonJohn W.18721941
001015CharltonRilla C.18761930w/J. W.; nee Hawse
001015WebsterVirginia13 Nov 186611 Dec 1925
001015CarlJohn W.18831962Father
001015JamisonB. H.18931942No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001015ShirkeyEdward B.18711943
001015ShirkeyCarrie L.18711951w/E. B.; nee Spitzer
001015ShirkeyVivian R.19111959d/E. B. & C. L.
001015WhitmerAda F.1888Dates are buried-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001015WhitmerRobert C.18851947No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960's
001015HolsingerNancy26 Nov 18369 Sep 1904d/Alexander
001015DerrowEllen Virginia23 May 193723 May 1937Infant d/Russell & Treva
001015ShirkeyElmer E.12 Mar 188422 Dec 1918
001015GarberOdes S.21 May 189119 Oct 1960
001015GarberStella E.6 May 189522 Oct 1971w/O. S.
001015WilliamsSolomon E.13 Aug 18907 Feb 1969Father
001015WilliamsSallie R.2 Aug 189127 Mar 1935Mother
001015WilliamsLorraine A.19 Sep 191526 Aug 1967Son
001015TurnerIsabelle S. May18881968
001015MayHoward Wesley22 Jan 192212 Nov 1982Dad of Pauline, Lynn, Bernadette, Bobby, Cindy & Junior
001015PainterJohn Talmadge19031983
001015PainterVernie Lee18971986
001015BlosserDewey E.15 Apr 191623 Mar 1973
001015BlosserHelen D.23 May 19163 Feb 1989
001015WhetzelGuy F.10 May 1939
001015WhetzelLuvada M.7 Apr 19394 Nov 2002
001015CullersEmory I.15 Apr 189624 May1970
001015CullersJennie M.31 Jan 190711 Jan 2001
001015JonesHartwell A.15 Mar 19053 Aug 1970
001015JonesMary E.11 Oct 19078 Aug 1998
001015FulkLelia E.26 Mar 190618 Jul 1972
001015ShirkeyJoseph Lee13 Aug 195123 Oct 1972
001015SimmersJames Elmer19011972
001015FulkStanley M.19271979U.S. Army WWII
001015EatonDonna Roadcap26 Sep 193120 Jul 1980
001015CollinsLisa LynnApr 1968
001015CollinsTeresa AnnApr 1968
001015JenkinsBrian S.2 Aug 198021 Apr 1981
001015FawcettMoses Gabriel12 Jul 1985
001016MaddenAlice25 Dec 184210 May 1906Negro, w/Ned
001016LewisJames23 Sep 1925Aged about 80 yrNegro
001016AllenJames G.18 Oct 18306 Nov 1914Aged 84y 18dNegro
001016BowmanJohn R.17 Feb 19257 May 1926
001016BowmanElsie E.8 Nov 18873 Nov 1917
001016BowmanFranklin H.5 Dec 188027 Jul 1947
001016BowmanAmanda E.21 Feb 188519 Jul 1963
001016CharltonFrank N.18781934
001016CharltonIda16 Dec 18789 May 1921w/F. N.
001016CharltonWilliam J.26 Feb 184813 Feb 1915Aged 66y 11m 17d
001016CharltonLydia7 May 184821 Sep 1911Aged 63y 4m 14d, w/W. J.
001016JamesonCharles R.1 Jan 18782 May 1955
001016JamesonMary E.20 Oct 18756 Feb 1949w/C. R.
001016JamesonAlice20 Oct 189929 Sep 1905d/Charles R. & Mary E.
001016JamesonVirginia M.11 Oct 190215 Jun 1905d/Charles R. & Mary E.
001016CharltonDavid P.15 Oct 189421 Oct 1918
001016CharltonSallie J.26 May 185730 Jul 1905w/John B.
001016HottingerJohn26 Nov 18618 Jan 1917Aged 56y 1m 12d
001016HottingerEliza Ann4 May 185719 May 1917w/John
001016WhitmerWilliam H.4 Feb 18908 Mar 1898Aged 8y 1m 4d; s/Frank & S. E.
001016WhitmerLewis R.7 Jun 190230 Dec 1918Aged 16y 5m 23d; s/Frank & S. E.
001016WhitmerSarah E.26 Mar 186231 Jul 1951w/Frank
001016WhitmerFrank16 Nov 18621 Dec 1933
001016HolsingerAndrew J.18451903
001016HolsingerSusannah S.18451900
001016RobeyElizabeth9 Jan 18386 May 1916Aged 78y 3m 28d
001016RobeyS. S.6 Mar 183629 Dec 1915Aged 79y 9m 23d
001016EttingerSallie E.28 Aug 188725 Mar 1904Aged 18y 9m 27dd/George & Mary C.
001016BreedenErnest M.18801927
001016BreedenDora Lee18901917w/E. M.; nee Shirkey
001016ShirkeyClara C.12 Aug 184925 Apr 1904Aged 54y 8m 13dw/Gideon
001016ShirkeyGideon & ChildNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001016PenceErnest B.1 Nov 188626 Sep 1902Aged 15y 10m 25d; s/Anderson & M. E.
001016Garber, Jr.Jacob D.19 Jun 19485 Dec 1948No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; s/J. D. & A. P.
001016MartzWilliam Floyd5 Mar 194129 Aug 2001
001016EarlsNatasha D.2 Jan 1987d/Larry W. Jr. & Bonnie
001016CarpenterTeresa Darlyn4 Jan 195811 Oct 1989
001016ShirkeyLeonard H.12 Mar 19004 Jul 1980
001016ShirkeyRuby E.25 Apr 19264 Nov 1999
001017WinegardLydia M.13 Oct 18736 Aug 1916Aged 42y 9m 23d
001017WinegardDavid R. M.15 Dec 1893Aged 2y 3m 2d
001017ClineDelphia12 Dec 189228 Mar 1893Aged 3m 16d; d/F. H. & F. E.
001017ClineMary E.13 Sep 188727 Jan 1895Aged 7y 4m 12d; d/F. H. & F. E.
001017LongSallie E.d/Tom A. & Amanda J.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001017FlickElizabeth F.18691927
001017FulkSmantha S.18291895
001017WamplerCatherine1 Aug 18497 Apr 1906Aged 56y 8m 6d; d/Samuel & Sarah
001017WamplerJacob10 Jul 186828 Sep 1902Aged 34y 2m 18d; s/Samuel & Sarah: died in Frnace
001017CristSamuel Robert6 Aug 18849 Oct 1918Aged 34y 2m 3d; s/S. K. & Rebecca
001017LaymonAlice C.5 Oct 191017 Dec 1910d/O. A. & D. C.
001017LaymonEdith W.1 Sep 19121 Jul 1922
001017HolsingerC. Walter9 Sep 1900Aged 24y 8m 6d
001017SpitzerNannie M.187519471h/C. W. Holsinger; 2h/Anderson Spitzer; nee Laymon
001017KlineFred Lee19251998Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001017MullenJohn Frank20 Aug 191029 Feb 1988
001017WelshLawrence John8 Mar 19328 Aug 1976CPL U.S. Marine Corps - Korea
001017BrownCharles W.19071976
001017BrownMarjorie G.19131988
001017CullerIvan S.28 Mar 19309 Jan 1977
001017VanceLana Norman27 Jan 194921 Nov 1977
001017Helmick, Sr.Steven L.2 Sep 193518 Jun 1978
001017GilliamElizabeth H. "Sorta"17 Jul 19248 Jun 1978
001017StrayerEdward M.9 Mar 193027 Dec 1978
001017StrayerBeverly L.21 Sep 1929
001017MickCharles12 Jun 19349 Nov 1999Father, Son
001017Caper, Sr.Paul Massey23 Apr 190722 Oct 1979LtCol U.S. Air Forces WWII; Father/Paul Jr., Paula Viola, Diana, Patricia
001017CaperAlva Viola McCoy10 Nov 190723 Jun 1987Married 3 Jul 1930w/Paul Massey
001018RuffnerAnne F.25 May 190911 Feb 1997
001018LongThomas A.21 May 183830 Sep 1926Aged 88y 4m 9d
001018LongSidney M.5 Jan 1887
001018LongAmanda J.30 Oct 18467 Nov 1918Aged 72y 7d
001018ClineAnnie Rebecca2 Apr 1890Aged 5y 5m 21dd/Wm. J. & Minnie L.; No stone found, recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001018FlickWilliam H.18461914Father
001018FlickColumbia C.18491891Motherw/William H.
001018FlickStella E.18901891Daughterd/W. H. & C. C.
001018FlickRobert M.18791892Sons/W. H. & C. C.
001018FlickMary A.18821968
001018GeilD. F., Dr.28 May 186424 Jun 1918
001018GeilMinnie L.28 May 187519 Mar 1939w/Dr. D. F.; nee Helbert
001018WamplerAnna17 Apr 1890Aged 30y 4m 28d; d/Samuel & Sarah
001018WamplerSamuel5 Jan 18242 Jul 1891Aged 67y 5m 27d
001018WamplerSarah23 Jan 182826 Nov 1892Aged 64y 5m 27d; w/Samuel
001018WamplerRebecca23 Dec 186127 Apr 1900d/Samuel & Sarah
001018CristRebecca J.14 Mar 185611 Jun 1914Aged 58y 2m 27d; w/S. K.
001018CristWilliam A.13 Dec 188210 Apr 1910Aged 27y 3m 27d;s/Samuel & Rebecca
001018CristCora F.5 Aug 1889Aged 10y 2m 4d; d/S. K. & R J.
001018LaymanReuben14 Apr 18386 Dec 1919
001018LaymanRebecca9 Oct 184116 Dec 1929w/Reuben
001018KlineSamuel M.24 Feb 185812Mar 1917
001018KlineArrabella F.17 Oct 18678 Feb 1952w/Samuel M.
001018KlineHomer R.29 Sep 190518 Apr 1997Married 19 Feb 1927
001018KlineGoldie Summers1 Dec 190518 Jan 1998w/Homer R.
001018HolsingerMinor F.18921955s/John C.
001018HolsingerSadie F.18901920w/Minor
001018MartzWm. Frank24 Mar 191510 Sep 1987PVT U.S. Army WWII; Married 23 Sep 1936
001018MartzWinnie H.19 Sep 1917Children: Bill & Sandy, Don & Junew/Wm. Frank
001018MitchellJ. Claude23 Aug 191624 Jan 1981Married 25 May 1939
001018MitchellEvelyn Dove14 Oct 1921243 Aug 1987w/J. Claude
001018Barton, Jr.Rufus Sturges30 May 190111 Jul 1987
001018BartonAnne Kopiar12 Mar 1908
001018Crider, Jr.Samuel A.11 May 192728 Mar 1989S1 U.S. Coast Guard WWII; Married 24 Jun 1948
001018CriderAlma M.24 Jun 1929Children: Lana, Jadene, Marla, Grandchild: Melissaw/Samuel A.
001018FulkDennis Lloyd24 May 194613 Nov 2002
001018Norman, Jr.James F.7 Jul 191222 Sep 1983Children: Brenda, James III, Donna, Natalie, Karen, Valerie & Lana
001018NormanBeatrice O.30 Sep 192118 Feb 2003w/James F.
001018ForbusRonald W.3 May 19595 Oct 1989Brother & Father
001018ForbusRuby Geniva19392004Kyger Funeral Home Marker
001018MillerEvelyn F.30 Mar 194516 Jan 1995
001018RodgersAlbert B.25 Aug 19184 Jun 1993
001018RodgersMargaret L.24 Apr 19211 Oct 2002
001018BotkinDarhl A.19 Oct 1938Children: Cindy, Rick, Dana, Lisa & Dena
001018BotkinRuth G.17 Nov 19399 Aug 2001Married 24 Dec 1957w/Darhl A.
001019KennedyHuston B.11 Feb 1912May 1912s/D. F. & Rebecca
001019KennedyDavid F.18721946Father
001019KennedyRebecca B.18871912Motherw/D. F.
001019KennedyJames W.24 Dec 1910Apr 1911s/D. F. & Rebecca
001019HelbertJ. Thomas18711949s/Benjamin
001019HelbertGertrude L.18721957w/J. T.; nee Fulk
001019HelbertJohn Ed18 Aug 190626 Nov 1988
001019HelbertDarrell G.25 Mar 190717 Dec 1999
001019SpitzerCharles E.18801953s/David
001019SptzerLelia C.18851963w/C. E., d/Frank Spitzer
001019King, Sr.Charles E.18781951h/Suzie Spitzer
001019KingSudie S.18841968
001019King, Jr.Charles19181938s/C. & S.
001019KlineAlbert E.17 Apr 188421 Feb 1966
001019KlineJulia E.11 Apr 18865 Sep 1965w/A. E.; nee Yates
001019SalyardsCharles Elmer24 Dec 187427 Dec 1898s/James & Margaret
001019SpitzerBertha A.18761952
001019SpitzerAtha M.18781944
001019SpitzerGrover E.18921950s/Ambrose
001019SpitzerEthel R.18921988w/G. E.; nee Holsinger
001019SpitzerMargaret L.6 May 1915
001019SpitzerAlpha2 May 1917
001019WamplerEva Catherine16 Oct 190213 Apr 1904Aged 1y 5, 27d, d/J. S. & Mary C. A.
001019WamplerMark Raymond12 Sep190610 Jul 1994
001019WamplerNellie Mundy23 Apr 1909
001019RigglemanVergie V.17 Nov 190224 May 1909d/W. H. & Bessie
001019RigglemanRachel S.Jan 1905Aged 21d; d/W. H. & BessieName illegible-rest is correct-recorded by Swank in 1960s.
001019DepoyCarl C.1 Jul 19063 Aug 1974s/Mary Jane Elyard
001019DepoyViolet C.8 Oct 190612 Apr 1983
001019KlineLevi M.28 Dec 190529 Dec 1905ch/George & A. R.
001019KlineAmos M.21 Jul 191114 Nov 1911
001019WilliamsWilliam W.15 Nov 19226 Jul 1979
001019Earls, Sr.Roy W.11 May 191717 Dec 1979
001019EarlsViolet M.9 Jun 192311 Jan 1994
001019BarnsRoy W.8 Sep 191114 Nov 1987
001019BarnsLouise W.9 Aug 19195 Feb 1988
001019DoveConway S.12 Mar 19311 Jul 1987CPL U.S. Army Korea
001019DoveJean May23 Jun 1934
001019ClarkNellie Grace Burnett14 Apr 18921 Sep 1979Mother
001019Greathead, IIIRobert Newton19361978
001019FawleyJohn W.10 Sep 191226 Dec 1979
001019FawleyFrances W.13 Sep 191526 Apr 1987
001019RhodesRobert S.22 Nov 192628 Apr 1984
001019RhodesLois M.5 Feb 1932
001019MongoldVernon Ray21 Mar 1929
001019MongoldAlice Fulk23 Jan 1934
001019HartmanOna Ellard15 May 191524 Aug 1988
001019ProctorFrancis L.20 Feb 1922Married 15 May 1943
001019ProctorPhyllis H.27 May 19236 May 1992w/Francis L.
001020MemorialIn Gratitude to the Church Fathers who dedicated this parcel of land for the burial of Black People- Marker placed by M. R. Zigler & S. D. Lindsay 1980
001020KennedyRobert T.12 Jul 187613 Dec 1953
001020KennedyJohn T.25 Sep 18247 Apr 1893Aged 68y 7m 12 d
001020KennedyAnnie E.25 Sep 18347 Jul 1928w/John T.
001020HelbertBerryman F.18501928
001020HelbertArian18471930w/Berryman; nee Pence
001020HelbertBerlin1893s/B. F. & A.
001020MoyersAmanda C.16 Oct 185714 Nov 1924Aged 67y 28d
001020MoyersSusanna24 Dec 182723 Apr 1907Aged 79y 3m 29s; w/Geo. W.
001020MoyersGeo. W.12 Dec 182512 Dec 1892Aged 67y
001020FloryNannie Coppock20 Jul 1898Aged 27y 7m 25d; w/Dr. Johnnee Wampler
001020FloryDaniel16 Aug 183330 Sep 1901Aged 68y 1m 14d
001020FlorySusanna6 Jan 18324 Feb 1917Aged 85y 29dw/Daniel
001020WamplerDorcas H.19 Mar 1862Aged 2y 11m 28d; d/Joshua & Mary
001020WamplerEmanuel16 Mar 1862Aged 4y 4m; s/Joshua & Mary
001020WamplerCatherine20 Oct 1860Aged 7y 8m 24d; d/Joshua & Mary
001020WamplerLydia Ann6 Sep 1877Aged 22y 4m 21d, d/Joshua & Mary
001020WamplerJoshua4 Jan 182619 Apr 1904
001020WamplerMary11 Nov 18252 Apr 1890w/Joshua
001020MarstonLucy18951992Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001020SpitzerAmbrose M.17 Dec 184722 Mar 1915
001020SpitzerMatrono A.20 Mar 185122 Mar 1915w/A. M.
001020SpitzerDora F.18741875d/A. M. & M. A.
001020SpitzerLee H.18711889d/A. M. & M. A.
001020SmithMary Wine18751964w/Leander
001020WhitmerRuth V.18361904Motherw/Benjamin
001020AndesAdam19 Oct 18283 Dec 1888Aged 60y 1m 14d
001020AndesMary15 Nov 182625 Aug 1901Aged 74y 9m 19d
001020WamplerJohn S.26 Dec 186720 Nov 1947
001020WamplerMary C. A.15 May 18676 Nov 1949w/John S.
001020ZirkleCrawford16 Nov 183310 May 1903Aged 69y 5m 24d
001020ZirkleAnnie E.1 Jul 18368 Jun 1903Aged 64y 11m 7dw/Crawford
001020ShirkeyDelphia A.12 Dec 18749 Feb 1915w/M. M.d/C. & Annie E. Zirkle
001020KlineGeorge L.18 Mar 187219 Nov 1950s/George
001020KlineAmanda R.4 Apr 18708 Nov 1923w/Geo. L.
001020KlineHerman M.20 Jun 189827 Jan 1965
001020KlineN. Ruth30 Jun 190616 Jan 2002
001020LloydEverett M.29 Nov 1927Married 23 Oct 1948
001020LloydNancy L.12 Apr 1931w/Everett M.
001020RitchieShawn Ashley10 May 1985Infant s/Robert & Sherry Ritchie
001020PenningtonRobert W.12 Aug 193117 Jul 1991U.S. Army
001020PenningtonJulia A.3 Feb 1928
001020PenningtonStacey Allen28 Jun 196020 Oct 1984
001020TusingGarnet E.2 Sep 191610 Sep 2002
001020TusingRuth V.28 Feb 19213 Aug 1994
001020HolsingerSteven Scott3 Feb 19585 Apr 1992Son
001020HolsingerRichard Lee3 Jun 1935Husband & Father
001020HolsingerArdella Mae30 Oct 1938
001020ChildsPhillip E.1945Married 11 Jun 1965
001020ChildsJama J.19461993w/Phillip E.
001021MillerMabel Ruth17 Apr 1913d/L. W. & Lucy M.
001021MillerCarson B.21 Aug 188719 Jan 1908Aged 20y 4m 29ds/Benjamin
001021MillerCharles R.20 Jan 188526 Oct 1905Aged 20y 9m 6ds/Benjamin
001021MillerRawley David19 Aug 1893Aged 1y 9m 20d; s/B. F. & S. L.
001021NairMary Susan22 Mar 186625 Oct 1911Aged 45y 7m 3d; w/R. F.
001021RinkerEmma F.8 Sep 1902Aged 23y 5d; w/Charles D.
001021HubbardHenry C.9 Aug 18997 Nov 1982
001021HubbardRena H.25 Feb 190914 Aug 1995
001021KlineHoward E.25 Feb 18859 Oct 1970s/John H.
001021KlineSallie M.17 Apr 188521 Nov 1960w/H. E.; d/Benj. Kline
001021KlineRoy F.22 Jan 18947 Jul 1980
001021KlineFleta M.3 Aug 189730 Jan 1972
001021SengerElizabeth Ann27 Apr 1902Aged 71y 7m 7dw/Jacob
001021SengerJacob23 Feb 183123 Mar 1894Aged 63y 1m
001021StroopCharles H.30 Apr 188928 Nov 1973
001021StroopDaisy L.8 Sep 188812 Nov 1955w/C. H.
001021StroopGeorge W.11 Jul 19158 Jan 1938
001021StroopElsie L.26 Apr 19241 Sep 1925d/C. H. & Daisy L.
001021CunninghamJanet Mohler12 Feb 192028 Dec 1985
001021CreasyAubrey Oliver22 Mar 192430 Aug 1987PFC U.S. Army WWII
001021SpitzerOrville J.19261988
001021SpitzerRita K.19221992
001021WaggonerRobert A.1 Oct 19108 May 1990
001021WaggonerEura M.8 Sep 191010 Sep 1998
001021LongJohn Franklin29 Jun 192714 Jun 2001Married 1 Nov 1951
001021LongCarolyn Jane30 Sep 1932w/John Franklin
001021AppleyardWilfred D.14 May 192327 Nov 1990
001021AppleyardSharon E.14 Jun 1947
001022MillerBenjamin F.24 Jul 185112 Mar 1919Aged 67y 5m 8d
001022MillerSusan L.6 May 1915Aged 68y 1m 5d; w/B. F.
001022MillerHannah25 Jun 182520 Aug 1897Aged 72y 1m 25d
001022NairR. F.14 Mar 184922 Jun 1917Aged 68y 3m 8d; Father
001022NairSusan A.23 Apr 1892Aged 37y 9d; w/R. F.
001022HuffmanJesse M.16 Mar 1885Aged 2m 16d; s/J. W. & M. E.
001022NairLottie F.10 Aug 1891Aged 10m 2d; d/R. F. & S. A.
001022NairRobert Horst1921child
001022NairCharles Elam1922child
001022BrownCatherined/Jacob & Frances; no stone found, recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001022KlineBenjamin B.15 Oct 185730 May 1927
001022KlineElla M.20 Feb 18651 May 1853nee Wilkins
001022KlineWilliam Joseph2 Feb 1889Aged 1y 3m; ch/Benjamin B. & E. M.
001022KlineCharles Thomas16 Sep 1892Aged 20d; ch/Benj. B. & E. M.
001022ShirkeyMildred Ann18681961Stone shows Shirkey name only rest recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001022ShirkeyWilliam3 Aug 1888Infant son/W.N. C. & M. A.
001022KlineJohn H.20 Dec 18585 Nov 1939
001022KlineMary C.26 Sep 18618 Feb 1934w/J. H., nee Hoover
001022KlineAnna M.23 Nov 189717 Oct 1987
001022KlineEmma Rebecca15 Jun 188617 Mar 1888Aged 1y 9m 2d; d/John H. & Mary C.
001022PetrieMary Shaffer10 Oct 185624 Feb 1934w/J. M.
001022SangerSimon2 Aug 184025 Aug 1862Aged 22y 4m 23ds/Joel & Sarah
001022SangerSarah1 Sep 180917 Feb 1865Aged 55y 5m 16d; w/Joel; d/H. & Sarah KnaussIn 1960s Swank showed died 12 Feb 1865
001022SangerJoel12 May 18007 Mar 1888
001022GarberHenry R.11 Feb 187523 Jul 1968
001022GarberMary S.4 Jun 18801 Apr 1933
001022GarberEthel R.11 Feb 19053 Mar 1905
001022StroopLizzie18781951Lindsey & Sons Funeral Home Marker
001022DelawderEarl Franklin19 Apr 19157 Jul 1998PFC U.S. Army WWII; Married 7 Jul 1945
001022DelawderThelma E.25 Jun 192213 Jan 1986w/Earl Franklin
001022DelawderRoger Dale23 Feb 1946
001022RoseAubrey C.14 Jun 190915 Sep 1998
001022RoseMary E.3 May 192723 Apr 1988
001022WoodruffMaureen (Nanny Mom)16 Sep 194413 Sep 1990
001022LaycockRichard M. (Grandpa)21 Mar 1927
001022DelawderOwen Ward4 Aug 19095 Jul 1996PFC U.S. Army WWII
001022DelawderEdna C.15 Jan 1925
001022DelawderClarence E.21 Apr 19232 Jun 1990PFC U.S. Army WWII
001022DelawderClara M.29 Dec 191612 Apr 2002Tec 5 U.S. Army WWII
001022BarbRobert Lee14 Feb 193412 Mar 2001SP4 U.S. Army
001022BarbNancy C.15 Feb 1935
001022DavisIvan Wilmer27 Jun 19105 Sep 1990U.S. Army WWII; Married 23 Aug 1940
001022DavisGeneva M.21 May 191522 Dec 1999Children: Wilmer P., Larry I., Melanie G.w/Ivan Wilmer
001023LinhossFrederick29 May 182318 May 1894Aged 70 y 11m 29d
001023SpitzerMary M.29 Mar 1862Aged 6y 3m 4dd/Joseph & Frances
001023SpitzerLydia C.16 Apr 1862Aged 9y 2m 10dd/Joseph & Frances
001023SpitzerJoseph C.17 Dec 182320 Aug 1862Aged 38y 8m 3d
001023LinhossFrances22 Jun 182814 Nov 1902Aged 74y 4m 23d
001023KnuppGrover C.18841959s/Charles
001023KnuppMary E.18821956w/G. C.; nee Miller
001023KnuppGlendon C.12 Sep 190914 Jan 1988
001023SpitzerLena18891889Daughterd/F. & L.
001023RhodesBerlie Bush26 Jan 188419 Jul 1895Aged 11y 5m 24ds/Anthony & Ida L.
001023CoffmanCecil C.10 Oct 190424 Jan 1971
001023CoffmanGladys C.19 Jul 190423 Dec 1994
001023KneipleCharles E.18 Jan 187512 Apr 1906Aged 31y 2m 24ds/E. B. & A. M.
001023KneipleEdward B.25 Nov 183917 Jan 1916Aged 75y 1m 23d, Father
001023KneipleAmanda M.10 Nov 184413 Dec 1925Aged 81y 1m 3d, Motherw/E. B.
001023KageySamuel9 Aug 183731 Oct 1918Aged 81y 2m 22d, Fathers/Samuel & Mary Toppin K.
001023KageyMary15 Sep 183327 May 1910Aged 76y 8m 12d; w/Samueld/Geo. & Mary Ritchie
001023K.S. M.Stone with initials only in 2004
001023KageySallie C.16 Nov 186724 May 1952d/Samuel & Mary
001023KageyLydia A.14 Jan 186431 Jan 1946d/Samuel & Mary
001023SouthornGeorge C.22 Oct 189213 Feb 1963
001023SouthornMyrtle H.26 Jun 189418 Jul 1971w/G. C.
001023HolsingerInfant Son10 Oct 191011 Oct 1910s/O. L. & Fannie
001023WamplerSusan187019441w/L. M.
001023WamplerBess S.19021929d/L. M. & Annie M.
001023WamplerHubert L.19161933s/L. M. & Annie M.
001023StroopLizzie18781951No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001023VanpeltJames M.29 Oct 193524 Oct 1987
001023UnknownNo marker-new grave in 2004
001023BrunkJeni Lynn19 Nov 19825 May 1988d/John & Tamara Brunk
001023SchmittElizabeth Ann28 Jan 199328 Jan 1993d/Edgar & Tamara Schmitt
001023VanpeltGlenn A.19481999Dad
001023AltE. Maxine19261999Kyger Funeral Home Marker
001023SchulerEdythe Branner12 Oct 19161 Jan 1993
001023NolenAaron D.25 Oct 1912
001023NolenGladys Y.1 Apr 191022 Dec 1997
001024EttingerMary E.21 Sep 187118 Aug 1924
001024EttingerWade H.1896191844th Coast Artillery; died in France
001024EttingerEdward L.18931895s/George W. & Mary E.
001024HelbertMary C.10 Sep 1892Aged 41y 3m 2dw/M. M.
001024HelbertM. M.29 Mar 184810 Nov 1894Aged 46y 7m 11d
001024HelbertCharles L.2 Feb 187427 Nov 1899Aged 25y 9m 25ds/M. C. & M. M.
001024HillyardWalter F.17 Sep 18825 Feb 1968
001024HillyardMary E.18461904w/Frederick
001024SpitzerWilliam A.19 Jul 184626 Nov 1909Aged 63y 4m 7d
001024SpitzerEliza A.11 Jan 185227 Jul 1926Aged 74y 6m 16dw/W. A.; nee Pence
001024RhodesAnthony22 Oct 185826 Aug 1909Husband
001024RhodesIda Bush2 Jun 186110 Jul 1937w/Anthony
001024WilliamsSallie Rhodes2 Aug 189127 Mar 1835
001024RhodesMyrtie F.26 Jul 18858 Aug 1976
001024KneipleBettie Lenise1 Apr 187526 Sep 1905Aged 30y 5m 25d; w/W. E.; d/G. S. & C. C. Young
001024KneipleEmmett16 Dec 187116 Aug 1935s/C. B. & A. M
001024KlinePaul George14 Feb 190130 May 1986
001024KlineVallie May
001024KageyGeorge L.18 Sep 187618 Jul 1892Aged 15y 10d; s/Samuel & Mary
001024KageySamuel M.9 Jul 186618 Oct 1887Aged 21y 3m 19d; s/Samuel & Mary
001024KageyBenjamin B.18 Feb 18704 Oct 1887Aged 17y 7m 15d; s/Samuel & Mary
001024HolsingerOscar L.18691948s/P. P.
001024HolsingerFannie K.18761953w/O. L.; d/George Kline
001024HolsingerIcie E.4 Oct 190924 Jan 1926
001024WamplerLuther M.18701943Fathers/Joseph
001024WamplerAnna M.18731917Motherw/L. M.; nee Linhoss
001024WamplerRuby Etta13 Mar 190430 Mar 1916Aged 12y 17d
001024WamplerCharles4 Aug 19013 Jul 1912Aged 10y 10m 29d; s/Luther & Annie
001024WamplerGlenden G.22 Dec 191129 Dec 1911Aged 7d; d/Luther & Annie
001024MendezRosalina Colon7 Jun 191818 Apr 1996
001024MolloyDaniel T. "Danny"23 Nov 19625 Apr 1988
001024CriderCharles Edward17 Apr 193414 Jan 1988SP4 U.S. Army; Father
001024CriderNancy Y.20 Apr 1941Mother
001024ClineJoseph G.21 Sep 194319 Nov 1991
001024ClineLinda L.25 Jul 1947
001024CardusuTeresa19612004Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001025RallsCaldie Virginia30 Jan 190312 Aug 1904Aged 1y 6m 13d
001025MinnickCelia M.7 Sep 188918 Jul 1916Aged 26y 10m 11d; d/D. C. & M. C.
001025MinnickNoah J.19 Apr 190110 Nov 1928Aged 27y 6m 21d; s/D. C. & M. C.
001025MinnickMyrtle E.22 Nov 189021 Mar 1971
001025MinnickLawrence E.12 Oct 192522 Sep 1968Va. S1 U.S. Navy WWII
001025FogleMartin18 Jan 181228 Dec 1889
001025FogleDiana18 Mar 18229 Jul 1913
001025FogleLewis J.30 Sep 186019 Feb 1911
001025HolsingerAlexander27 Apr 184016 Feb 1897Aged 56y 9m 19d
001025HolsingerSarah J.2 May 18342 Feb 1907Aged 72y 9m; w/Alex
001025SuttonI. A.3 May 1920h/S. Wilma Buchanan
001025BuchananS. Wilma21 Jun 192231 Jan 1992w/I. A. Sutton
001026MinnickDavid C.15 Mar 185614 Dec 1906Aged 50y 8m 29ds/Noah
001026MinnickMalinda C.1 Aug 186113 Nov 1941nee Holsinger
001026MinnickAlva S.16 Aug 18881 Nov 1906Aged 18y 2m 15d
001026MinnickVernon O.11 Oct 188612 Jan 1887Aged 3m 1d
001026FogleJohn W.21 Feb 18524 Sep 1932Aged 80y 6m 13d
001026FogleWilliam H.26 Sep 181022 Nov 1887Aged 72y 1m 26d
001026FogleElizabeth Ann9 Jul 181814 Jun 1887Aged 68y 11m 5d; w/William H.
001026SoutherlyLelia A.19021946
001026SoutherlyLaney H.18971978
001026HolsingerJ. Franklin9 Jun 186526 Nov 1885Aged 20y 5m 17ds/Elizabeth
001026HolsingerEllen R. Hawkins6 Jan 1888Aged 26y 9m 5d; w/J. Franklin
001026HolsingerElizabeth20 Feb 183825 May 1904Aged 66y 5m 5dSister
001026HolsingerAmanda2 Feb 184528 Apr 1912Aged 67y 2m 26dSister
001026LantzJ. Harry4 Oct 1922
001026LantzLois L.6 Jun 192812 Jan 1998
001026HolsingerPeter S.11 Oct 184628 Nov 1916Aged 70y 1m 17d; Fathers/David
001026HolsingerSusannah1 Feb 184712 Apr 1903Aged 56y 2m 11dw/P. S.; nee Wenger
001026LohrMichael11 Dec 182727 Dec 188659y 16d
001026LohrLeannah M.18621831w/MichaelDates 1862-1831 are written on the stone 2004
001026LohrElizabeth17 Oct 18389 Sep 1904Aged 65y 10m 22d
001026ShipeC. Brown28 Jan 191724 May 1986
001026ShipeNorma M.29 Nov 1924
001026HolsingerMary C.28 Mar 18716 Jun 1906Aged 35y 2m 8d; w/A. A.; d/Jacob A. & C. C. Spitzer
001026HolsingerElizabeth Susan30 May 186717 Feb 1905w/C. D.; d/Jacob A. & Cath. Spitzer
001026SpitzerJacob A.12 Jan 18445 Jan 1890Aged 45y 11m 29d
001026SpitzerMary C.30 Apr 184430 Apr 1889Aged 45y 1m 3d
001026YatesVictor Alfred29 Aug 190126 Oct 1903Aged 2y 1m 23d; s/A. J. & Ida C.
001026HolsingerPeter P.6 Oct 18378 May 1925Aged 87y 10m 28d; 1w/P. P. Spitzer
001026HolsingerMary A.14 Jan 183616 Feb 1910Aged 74y 1m 2d2h/P.P.; nee Kessler
001026HolsingerLuella22 Dec 188020 Oct 1884Aged 3y 9m 28d; d/P. P. & Mary A.
001026MillerJ. Preston17 Dec 185415 Apr 1905Brother
001026MillerAbraham R.4 Jan 185614 Feb 1933Brother
001026SpitzerRebecca F.18541935w/Med.nee Miller
001026PenceElmer Thomas1 Sep 192021 Mar 2003
001026PenceAudrey F.21 Feb 19195 Jun 1992
001027KnuppVirginia F.31 Mar 185623 Mar 1917No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; w/Charles B.
001027CharltonMary13 May 1893Aged 30y 2m 10d
001027CharltonSidney22 Apr 1893Aged 22y 8m 1d
001027CharltonGeo. Thomas6 Mar 1895Aged 28y 3m 6d
001027CharltonSusan Catherine
001027CharltonWilliam4 Jan 1893Aged 62y 7m 10d
001027StroopGeorge W.2 Apr 183422 May 1916Aged about 83y; Father
001027StroopAnnie L.18 Mar 1858Motherw/Geo. W.
001027GlickB. F., Elder18621928
001027GlickEmma W.18751968
001027ScothornMichael J.18571907
001027ScothornMary Daugherty18611934
001027KnuppVirginia F.31 Mar 185623 Mar 1917Aged 60y 11m 22d; w/Charles B.
001027ScothornLucinda20 Sep 183416 Sep 1916Aged 81y 11m 26d
001027SternWalter L.19 Jul 190526 Jun 1988
001027SternSallie M.17 Mar 18981 Jul 1991
001027SpitzerBerlin Lee14 Jan 187917 Feb 1947Married 4 Jun 1902
001027SpitzerEffie Belle20 Jan 188625 Apr 1936
001027SpitzerSarahAged 27y; Sister of Solomon B.
001027JonesJacob M.19 Sep 18638 May 1928
001027JonesMartha L.26 Feb 1890Aged 70y 10m 11d; w/James W.
001027WamplerCarroll Driver13 Nov 191419 Jan 1995Parent of Sam, P. K., Jim, John & Dot
001027WamplerAlma Zigler18 Jul 191922 Feb 2003w/Carroll Driver Wampler
001027WamplerMary Catherine28 May 1904Aged 33y 9m 22d; d/Samuel S. & Catherine R.d/Samuel S. & Cath. R.
001027WamplerFreddie A.25 Feb 188723 Mar 1894s/Samuel s. & Kate R.s/Samuel S. & Cath. R.
001027MillerVirginia C.18 Sep 190714 Dec 1987
001027MillerLeonard W.28 Feb 188029 Dec 1968
001027MillerLucy M.6 Jan 18836 Apr 1967
001027LamD. Robert19001963
001027LamMary C.19021968w/D. R.; nee Moyers
001027LamInfant Son28 Mar 1941s/D. R. & M. C.
001027LamInfant Daughter17 Jun 1940d/D. R. & M. C.
001027RitchieRobert Carl25 Mar 194228 Sep 2002
001027RitchieAlma Jane Lantz22 Dec 1943
001027LantzL. Guy19 Dec 191725 May 1999
001027LantzRuth F.14 Sep 191524 Jan 2004
001027BowlesTina Pearl27 Jun 196329 Jun 1999
001027GrandleCarrel (Jody)23 Feb 192522 Jun 2003PFC U.S. Army WWII
001027GrandleAnn L.7 Jan 1929
001027StroopMildred19212004Grandle Funeral Home Marker
001028StroopAda13 Apr 188312 Sep 1883d/Geo. W. & Anna
001028StroopDolly5 Jun 188522 Jun 1885d/Geo. W. & Anna
001028StroopMartin5 Jul 188719 Jul 1887s/Geo. W. & Anna
001028StroopDilly9 Sep 188921 Sep 1889d/Geo. W. & Anna
001028StroopDorothy13 Jun 189120 Jun 1891d/Geo. W. & Anna
001028WamplerInfant13 May 1882d/J. C. & M. E.
001028WhislerLydia F.10 Dec 1922Aged 80y 11m 28d2/w Samuel R.
001028WhislerS. R.22 Jul 184720 Mar 1930Aged 82y 7m 28d
001028WhislerParmelia F.29 Jul 1884Aged 41y 9m 28d1/w Samuel R.
001028ScothornHarry L.18941932
001028SpitzerNina Mae24 Feb 190616 Nov 1983
001028ReedHarvey D.10 Oct 185525 Jan 1943
001028ReedMary F.13 Jan 186222 Feb 1894w/H. D.
001028SpitzerRussell E.23 Sep 188820 Dec 1898Aged 10y 2m 27d; s/S. R. & M. M.
001028SpitzerHomer Earl27 Jul 1892Aged 1y 10m 16dNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001028SpitzerLaura E.25 Jun 188417 Nov 1884d/S. B. & E.; 1m 22d
001028SpitzerElizabeth H.19 Aug 185512 Jul 1884Aged 28y 10m 23dw/Solomon B.
001028WamplerD. Sol18801963
001028WamplerNellie Myers18831975w/D. Sol.
001028WamplerSamuel D.15 Nov 184017 Jun 1913Aged 72y 7m 2d
001028WamplerCatharine R.23 Sep 1902Aged 55y 11m 8dw/S. D.
001028MyersWeldon T.18791973
001028MyersMaude K.18851938w/Weldon T.; b.9 Feb & d. 8 Jul according to Swank's note in 1960s
001028BaldwinGeorge W.17 May 1888Aged 34y 9m 5dMarker broken in several pieces
001028MoyersMary S.186519001w/George
001028MoyersFannie C.18681956Mother2w/George
001028HillyardJames D.2 Sep 184521 Oct 1938Aged 93y 1m 19d; Father
001028HillyardEmma V.15 Sep 184514 Apr 1920Aged 74y 6m 29dw/J. D.
001028HillyardE. A.24 Dec 187022 Nov 1942Father
001028HillyardMartha E. Lohr11 Aug 18707 Apr 1932Motherw/E. A.
001029EarlyFrank J.18 Apr 189711 Jun 1961s/Samuel; h/Eunice
001029EarlyEunice D.1 Jan 190830 Apr 1988
001029MyersDavid Howard21 Jul 191829 Jun 1919
001029MyersBenjamin Allen7 Aug 191312 Apr 1944S/Sgt U.S. Army Air Force WWII, Missing In Action
001029MyersWalter A.5 Jan 187830 Sep 1973
001029MyersMollie E.22 Jan 188714 Feb 1973
001029SpitzerRebecca Jane8 Jan 18534 Apr 1890Aged 37y 2m 26d; w/Geo. W.nee Holsinger
001029SpitzerGeorge W.7 Feb. 185726 Oct 1897Aged 40y 10m 26d
001029ShowalterSidney L.18851956No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; s/John
001029MyersAllen S.18 Jul 190711 Sep 1909Aged 2y 1m 23ds/John C. & Attie F.
001029ReedMartha Ann18491920s/D. Hays
001029HaysPearl Beatrice5 Jan 18862 Apr 1954
001030EarlySusan V.31 Dec 185924 Jun 1937w/Saml. H.
001030EarlySamuel H.26 Aug 185018 Apr 1935
001030EarlyAnnie V.18 Dec 184618 Oct 18891w/Saml. H.
001030DriverLewis J.18581906Father
001030DriverBarbara F. Glick18631935Motherw/L. J.
001030DriverAnna C.18901969Daughter
001030WamplerJoseph6 Nov 18339 Apr 1890
001030WamplerLydia Zigler26 Apr 18311 Jan 1917w/Joseph
001030HottingerEarl Chester16 Apr 189726 Mar 1978Brother of Carson
001030HottingerLoraine Aleshire13 Aug 19076 Oct 1946w/E. C.
001030ZiglerDavid H.26 Dec 185726 Oct 1930
001030ZiglerSarah E.31 Jul 18592 Jan 1952w/Rev. D. H.; nee Shank
001030ZiglerWalter Joseph21 Oct 190126 Jun 1903s/David H. & Sarah E.
001030ZiglerEmmer David21 Dec 1899Aged 21d; s/David H. & Sarah E.
001030ZiglerEmma Frances24 Jun 1893Aged 1y 3m 1d; d/David H.& Sarah E.Illegible marker-buried in ground-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001030SpitzerLucy26 Jun 18982 Aug 1899d/Jesse & Susan I.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001030SpitzerJessie8 Sep 18472 Sep 1917
001030SpitzerSusan L.16 Apr 185420 Jul 1919w/Jesse; nee Kennedy
001030SpitzerEtta15 Feb 189413 Sep 1917Aged 23y 6m 28d; d/Jessie & Susan
001030HolsingerJohn L.Jun 18087 Apr 1884Aged 76y
001030HolsingerElizabeth L.May 181418 Feb 1891Aged 78y
001030StroopNoah C.28 Dec 190924 Aug 1917s/David & Susan
001030StroopCharlie W.12 Jun 19023 Feb 1907s/D. F. & Selena S.
001030StroopJames S.17 Jul 190021 Oct 1900s/D. F. & Selena S.
001030ShowalterJoseph Daniel28 Dec 1888Aged 27y 5m 27d
001030ShowalterJohn F.1 Jan 18599 Feb 1938
001030ShowalterMalinda F.6 Apr 18585 Dec 1924
001030ShowalterCatherine2 Apr 1892Aged 63y 7m 17d; w/Joseph
001030MyersJohn C.18 Jan 187621 Oct 1962
001030MyersOttie F.20 Aug 187719 Sep 1965w/J. C.; nee Showalter
001030BowmanSidney Lee17 Nov 186722 Nov 1937
001030BowmanEdna Myers4 Jul 187016 Jan 1943
001030MyersBenjamin Allen6 Dec 184128 Sep 1931
001030MyersSallie Garber20 Dec 18457 May 1912w/B. A.
001030MyersBessie15 Mar 18726 Jul 1894Aged 22y 3m 21d; d/B. A. & Sallie
001030MyersMamie K.18821967
001030HaysDaniel, Elder16 May 18393 Nov 1916
001030HaysSarah H. C.3 Jun 184912 Feb 1924w/Eld. Danl.
001030HaysJerome18841938CAPT U.S. Aux Res.
001030HaysFrances G.18841973w/Jerome
001030HaysMary Kizzie23 Feb 187814 Dec 1953
001030HillyardElmer E.16 Jan 18733 Apr 1951
001030HillyardKatie E.3 Jun 187715 Apr 1962w/E. E.; nee Zigler
001030HillyardIsaac A.25 Apr 190817 Mar 1940h/Bonnie Neff
001030HillyardBonnie Neff23 Dec 190816 May 1990w/Isaac
001031AckerD. Clarence19121914s/David C. & M. B.
001031AckerDavid C.18691959s/Isaac & Sallie V. S. Shoup Acker
001031AckerMartha M. B.18791944w/D. C.; nee Sellers
001031ZiglerJulia Elizabeth22 Jul 18946 Oct 1993
001031ZiglerMinnie Eagle18711959w/E. A.
001031ZiglerEdgar Alllen18701952s/Michael
001031SpitzerHenry F.21 Mar 18071 Mar 1881Aged 73y 11m 10d
001031SpitzerMargaret11 Jun 181222 Jun 1885Aged 73y 11dIllegible except for birth date, death date is buried; recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001031BridgesElizabeth16 Sep 18045 Dec 1881Our Motherdeath date is buried - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001031ConardNancy S.5 Oct 188321 Nov 1887Aged 4y 1m 17d; d/M. F. & Bettie
001031ConardJohn N.7 Sep 186811 Jul 1899Aged 30y 10m 4d; s/M. F. & Bettie
001031EmswilerElizabeth15 Feb 18207 Mar 1883w/Philip; d/John & Ellen Moore
001031CunninghamAllen R.8 Dec 1903Aged 4y 7m 7ds/ W. B. & M. Rebecca
001031EttingerSusen25 Oct 185721 Sep 1886Aged 28y 10m 27d; w/Chas. L. & Elizabeth
001031DavisRussell H.21 Jan 189922 Dec 1900Aged 1y 11m 1d; s/Charles B. & M. E.
001031EmswilerPhilip3 Feb 18171 Mar 1902Aged 85y 25d; Father
001031FlickShearer Gilbert17 Jan 1895Aged 4m 17d; d/Wm. J. & Eliz.
001031MooreG. Edward18701951
001031MooreErma C.18761954w/G. E.; nee Bowman
001031MooreInfant Sonss/G. E. & E. C.
001031PennybackerS. S.10 Dec 187310 Jan 1944
001031PennybackerC. F.9 Oct 187116 Nov 1931
001031PennybackerC. M. R. Elizabeth28 Jun 18472 May 1930w/D. D.nee Bowman
001031PennybackerD. D.5 Nov 184116 Apr 1916
001031BlackLouella25 Aug 188120 Dec 1933w/Fred A.; nee Stinespring
001031BlackFred A.27 Jan 187526 Oct 1937
001031HideckerMary9 Feb 1916Aged about 89y
001031McKayJennie22 Mar 1921Aged 55y 8m 27d; w/J. W. McKay
001031BillerSamuel Layton1 Sep 190631 Jul 1915
001031WagnerJohn L.11 Jun 190429 Oct 1962
001031WagnerElizabeth B.2 Dec 190421 Dec 1987
001031BillerOlivia R.28 Jul 18977 Feb 1990
001032AckerIsaac4 Sep 183223 Jul 1908s/Peter & Louisa Barnes A.
001032AckerSallie V.27 Mar 183822 Nov 19262h/Isaac; nee Shirkey; 1h/John C. Shoupe
001032FowlerRachel Ann Fogle6 Dec 18681 Nov 1956
001032ZiglerMichael14 Sep 18434 Jan 1926Aged 82y 3m 20d;
001032ZiglerMary J.7 Aug 185011 Jan 1904Aged 53y 5m 4d; d/Abram & Elizabeth Knupp
001032ZiglerMary Ruth21 Oct 1897Aged 3y 3m 13d; d/Michael & Mary J.
001032ShickelJoseph Edwin28 Jun 18827 Mar 1913Aged 30y 8m 7d; s/Joseph & Nancy E.
001032ShickelIda Beatrice25 Jan 1888Aged 3y 1m; d/Jos. & Nancy E.
001032ShickelInfant6 Sep 18886 Sep 1888c/Jesse & Susan J.
001032ShickelMary S.4 Oct 1853Aged 4y 1m 14d; d/Jesse & Susan J.Illegible marker-in bush can't read-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001032EmswilerNancy C.10 Oct 18531 May 1882Aged 28y 6m 21d; d/Phil & Elizabeth
001032CunninghamBessie Belle7 Sep 1886Aged 5y 5d; d/William. & Nancie
001032EmswilerFrances J.14 Aug 18513 Dec 1887Mother; Aged 36y 3m 19d
001032CunninghamFlorence M.10 Sep 1887Aged 9y 11m 7d; d/W. B. & NanciePartially illegible-age recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001032CunninghamWinifred R.17 Sep 1896Aged 6m 3d; d/W. B. & Rebecca M.
001032FlickSara E. "Lizzie"10 May 188621 Jun 1983
001032FlickJoseph H.Co H 7 Va. Cav C.S.A.Partially illegible-dates & military record in ground-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001032FlickElizabeth16 Apr 18483 Dec 1919Aged 71y 7m 18d; w/Joseph
001032FlickCharles Benjamin9 Sep 1889Aged 10y; s/J. H. & Eliz.
001032FlickEmma Florence21 Dec 1882Aged 6m 5d; d/Joseph & Bettie E.No vislbe marker-may be in big bush; recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001032BowmanJoseph M.12 Sep 184521 Feb 1908
001032BowmanAnnie21 Nov 184916 Oct 1935nee Zigler
001032PennybackerEmma Strayer8 Aug 1884d/D. D. & LizzieStone has fallen over
001032PennybackerPhilip D.18 Jan 1888Aged 2y 5m 14d; s/D. D. & LizzieStone has fallen over
001032PennybackerA. E. (Bess)12 May 18829 Oct 1963
001032PennybackerH. H.1 Jul 187912 Jul 1962
001032BowmanJohn J.28 Oct 181617 Apr 1895Aged 78y 5m 19d
001032BowmanAbigail1 Oct 182231 Jan 1892w/John J.
001032StinespringJohn6 Mar 1883Aged 65y 10m 29d; Husband & Father
001032StinespringDaphna10 Feb 1903Aged 78y 4m 16d; Motherw/John
001032StinespringInfant30 Dec 1879s/J. B. & Lou
001032StinespringMollie C.14 Aug 185313 Dec 1902Aged 49y 3m 29d; w/F. M.; d/J. A. & Annie Mitchello
001032StinespringF. Monroe11 Nov 184813 Sep 1925Aged 76y 10m 2ds/John & Daphna
001032HolsingerRebecca18791904Daughterd/D. & E.
001032WamplerSusanna15 Mar 185624 Feb 1921Aged 65y 11m 9d; w/Daniel
001032BillerTimothy T.19 Mar 186418 Jan 1915Father
001032BillerLavina Smuck7 Jul 187022 Jan 1954Motherw/T. T.
001032Biller, Sr.Belmont H.23 Oct 189917 Mar 1967
001032BillerMary Lindamood13 Sep 190123 Dec 1954w/Belmont; d/John Lindamood
001033ZiglerEarl M.12 Jan 190327 Apr 1982
001033ZiglerRachel Myers20 Jul 190515 Jan 1996
001033HillyardJames F.19041977
001033HillyardReba M.19001994
001033MillerCharles E.7 Mar 186328 Aug 1949
001033MillerLucy Derrow7 Mar 188017 Apr 1952
001033DerrowIda C. V.7 Nov 188919 Jun 1913d/R. A. & V. G.
001033AlexanderAndrew Atlee1 Jul 1875Aged 1y 11ms/Dr. J. A. & E. E.; no marker found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001033AlexanderMary Susan3 Feb 1877Aged 5y 5md/Dr. J. A. & E. E.; no marker found - recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001033FravelBenjamin E.17 Oct 187921 Feb 1899Aged 19y 4m 4d; s/D. H. & Mary E.
001033FravelNoah J.25 Mar 187725 Dec 1877Aged 9m; s/D. H. & Mary E.
001033FravelArthur D.2 Jul 186228 Feb 1871Age4d 8y 7m 20d, s/D. H. & Mary E.
001033SpitzerMary4 Nov 18021 Sep 1876w/David
001033SpitzerDavid4 Mar 180111 Feb 1875
001033UnknownUnmarked rock-recorded 2004
001033LudholtzG. Michael A.12 Aug 187729 Jul 1899Aged 21y 11m 17d
001033SpitzerAnna C.2 Aug 190329 Nov 1981Mother
001033SpitzerCharlote V.19111960d/ George
001033PhillipsEmily A.18601909w/John H.
001033PhillipsJohn H.18511935
001033TurnerInfant Daughter19181919d/O W. & Sallie E.
001033TurnerInfant Son9 Jul 1910s/O W. & Sallie E.
001033PainterElizabeth N.18621952Motherw/Lemuel
001033PainterRoy R.19001918b. 16 Jan & d. 3 Oct according to Swank's record in the 1960s; s/L. & E. N.
001033PainterEffie P.18961920b. 22 Jan & d. 5 Jun according to Swank's record in the 1960s; d/L. & E. N.
001034SpitzerNoah C.18491883Father
001034SpitzerElizabeth C.18511932Motherw/N. C.
001034SpitzerDelphia A.1883No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; d/N. C. & E. C.
001034ZiglerSarah E. Andes17 Dec 185623 Oct 1925Aged 68y 10m 6d; w/J. P
001034ZiglerJoseph A.14 Jan 187014 Jan 1889Age 19y; s/J. P. & S. J.
001034ZiglerJ. P., Elder10 Jan 184515 Oct 1907Aged 62y 9m 5d
001034ZiglerSarah J.11 Oct 184814 Oct 1888Aged 40y 3d; w/J. P.
001034DerrowLucy M.23 Oct 1892Aged 11y 7m 6d; d/ Emanuel & E.
001034DerrowWalter E.29 Mar 189722 Jul 1920Aged 23y 3m 23d
001034DerrowRobert D.6 Nov 191920 Jan 19210
001034GallehueWilliam H.13 Apr 1876Aged 55y 6m 24d; Father
001034GallehueSarah25 Aug 1907Aged 84y 2m 11d; Mother
001034SpitzerSarah Ann4 Nov 18376 Jun 1903Aged 65y 7m 2d
001034SpitzerLessie P.19 Sep 188831 Mar 1925Mother; w/G. V.
001034SpitzerGeorge V.25 Feb 189013 Nov 1942Fathers/David
001034SpitzerDavid F.14 Jul 18591 Mar 1927Father
001034SpitzerAnnie E.6 Jun 185115 Mar 1900Aged 48y 9m 9d; w/D. F.; Mothernee Summers
001034KlineGeorge2 Feb 183414 Jul 1903Aged 69y 5m 12d; Father
001034KlineElizabeth26 Feb 18365 Jul 1914Aged 78y 3m 10d; Motherw/ George
001034KlineL. Anne14 Feb 187030 Mar 1915
001034KlineLydia F.23 Aug 18564 Dec 1886Aged 30y 3m 11d; w/S. M.
001034HotingerDavid H.3 May 1880Aged21y 7m 8d
001034TurnerOtie William18781962
001034TurnerSallie Spitzer18791961w/O. W.
001034MichaudEdith Ruth Turner18 Mar 1920Nursing symbol on stone.
001034BrenemanVelma Ann Turner20 Jun 1915
001034ShirkeyEmma C.18 Feb 188730 Mar 1974
001034ShirkeyWilliam D.25 May 18947 Apr 1922
001035ClineJonny10 Jul 187910 Jul 1879s/David & Mary
001035ClineMary C.3 Apr 1873Aged 27d; d/Martin G. & Susan A.Partially illegible-death date below ground-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001035FerrisHerbert G.2 May 1914
001035FerrisCecilia L.3 Jul 1925
001035EttingerRebecca30 Apr 181716 Jul 1880Aged 63y 2m 15d
001035AlexanderThomas5 May 1876Aged 65y
001035AlexanderCora E.28 Feb 187619 Jun 1882Aged 6y 3m 21d
001035BrockDorothy27 Mar 18346 Sep 1893
001035MinnickGeorge C.24 Mar 189010 Oct 1918
001035MinnickWallas B.12 Jan 185412 Feb 1925
001035MinnickSarah E.15 Jan 185228 Oct 1928w/Wm. B.
001035NeffLeannah29 Aug 18254 Aug 1903Aged 77y 11mDays are buried.
001035FravelAnnie C.18651944
001035RhodesCatherine23 May 1894Aged 74y
001035MasonSallie K.11 Sep 18756 Mar 1876d/Henry & Martha J.
001035MasonLizzie V.12 Dec 1885Aged 3y 29d; d/Henry & Martha J.
001035MillerSamuel E.18801952
001035MillerMartha V.18781949w/S. E.
001035HolsingerJacob C.1 Jul 185230 Mar 1915
001035HolsingerAnnie R.23 Jan 18565 Nov 1910w/J. C.
001035NiswanderEmma S.8 Jun 18522 Feb 1902Aged 49y 7m ?d; w/W. C.
001035NiswanderFlorence May20 May 188820 May 1888d/W. C. & E. S.
001035NiswanderLessie Maud18 Feb 1880Aged 11m 9d; d/W. C. & Emma S.Partially illegible-name is partly broken off-recorded by Swank in 1960s
001035HarpinePerry D.25 Oct 186031 Aug 1925Aged 64y 10m 6d
001035HarpineDorcas C.11 Nov 186018 Dec 1923Mother; w/P. D.w/Perry D.
001035WamplerEarl Lee3 Feb 190813 Feb 1908s/John M. & Bessie L.
001035WamplerPearl Milton3 Feb 190810 Feb 1908d/John M. & Bessie L.
001035MathiasAva F.19091934
001035MathiasHoward S.22 Dec 19079 Jul 1986
001035MathiasEdith F.6 Jun 1921
001036WhetzelEmmer Earnest19 Aug 1892Age 3m 2d; s/Monroe & Elizabeth
001036HolsingerElizabeth18 Mar 1891Aged 69y 11m; Motherw/David
001036HolsingerDavid24 Mar 181924 Mar 1898Aged 79y
001036HolsingerJohn C.18591937
001036HolsingerEmma S.18631943w/J. C.
001036MooreReuben6 Feb 18175 Oct 1892Aged 24y 8m
001036MooreMary11 Aug 18188 Aug 1891Aged 77y 11m 27dw/Reuben
001036MoyersAdam8 Oct 184418 Sep 1869Aged 24y 11m 10d
001036MoyersSusan19 Feb 184510 Dec 1935
001036LittonFrances F.12 Jul 188810 Oct 1918w/G. R.
001036LandisCharles K.18711945
001036LandisMamie O.187819__w/Charles
001036SitesDavid B.24 Jan 183518 Sep 1918Aged 83y 7m 25d
001036SitesMary C.21 Apr 18531 Dec 1927Aged 74y 7m 10d; w/D. B.
001036SitesHannah8 May 181325 Sep 1893Aged 80y 4m 17d; w/Christian
001036SitesChristian7 May 180814 Oct 1887Aged 79y 5m 7d
001036FravelDavid H.29 May 184020 Oct 1922
001036FravelMary E.25 Mar 184021 Nov 1922w/Daniel H.
001036MasonGeorge William3 Dec 186723 Nov 1891Aged 23y 11m 20d; s/Henry & Martha J.
001036MasonMary C.8 Sep 18716 Sep 1890Aged 18y 11m 28d; d/Henry & Martha
001036MillerDaisy S.18801955
001036MillerAmanda V.18581959
001036MillerJoseph S.22 Apr 185218 Jul 1931Aged 79y 2m 26d
001036MillerS. Emma20 Aug 18504 Apr 1884Aged 33y 7m 14dw/J. S.
001036MillerValposie B.4 Jun 1883Aged 7m 28d; s/Joseph & Emma S.
001036NiswanderWm. A.2 Dec 18238 Apr 1890Aged 66y 4m 6d
001036NiswanderBarbara A.22 May 1895Aged 69y 5m 23dw/W. A.
001036WashingtonLaura A.2 Aug 185219 Feb 1897w/H. H.; d/Isaac & Susan Rhinehart
001036SpitzerInfant1 May 1870No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001036WamplerJoseph F.29 Jan 18353 Jun 1910Aged 75y 4m 5d
001036WamplerSallie26 May 18426 Nov 1904Aged 62y 5m 11d; w/Joseph F.
001036HolsingerMinnie Bell15 Aug 18672 Dec 1917Aged 50y 3m 2d; w/Dr. S. J.
001036MathiasWilliam A.18691937
001036MathiasEliza J.18731938w/W. A.
001037UnknownRock-no markings-recorded 2004
001037BullFrances18062 Feb 1886Aged 80; w/John
001037BullHenry9 Sep 183129 Jan 1882Aged 50y 4m 20d
001037YoderCarl E.30 Jul 190929 May 1993Married 11 Jun 1943
001037YoderLillian M.27 Dec 1918w/Carl E.
001037CristAndrew Jackson1 Sep 183422 Jan 1920Aged 85y 2m 21d
001037CristChristina24 Jul 183523 Feb 1917Aged 81y 6m 29dw/A. J.
001037KlineSusan M.20 Dec 184327 Jun 1913Aged 69y 6m 7d
001037ShowalterJacob M.18671951s/John A. & Susanna Miller S.
001037ShowalterMary Kline18691952w/J. M.
001037ShowalterLena Mae22 Dec 18996 Nov 1980
001037ShowalterHettie Ragle9 Jan 190821 Jun 1978
001037HollarElena6 Dec 1896Aged 1m 29d; d/B. F. & Sue
001037WineInfant28 Jun 1912s/Noah C. & Gertrude
001037WineNoah C.9 Jan 188410 Dec 1950
001037WineM. Gertrude26 Mar 188717 Feb 1961w/N. C.
001037HolsingerSidney H.18821882
001037HolsingerCharles F.18831884
001037HolsingerReuben C.18921892
001037WineCarl Noah16 Dec 192721 Dec 1986
001037RhodesRaleigh N.18621947
001037RhodesSallie C.18621929w/ R. N.
001037KlineAllen S.18851971
001037KlineTracy V.18861973w/A. S.
001037KlineInfant Son21 Feb 190728 Feb 1907s/A. S. & T. V.
001037WamplerLeonard F.5 Oct 189917 Apr 1985
001037WamplerMary C.19051922d/Joshua & Maggie
001037WamplerCora E.19071908d/Joshua & Maggie
001037WamplerDora S.19071908d/Joshua & Maggie
001038SummersLessie29 Dec 1878Aged 2m 4d; d/Frank & FanniePartially illegible dates-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001038DavisJohn Robert27 Jan 1872Aged 21y 9m 18d; s/Henry & Louisa
001038DavisEliza22 Nov 18191 Dec 1881Aged 62y 8d; w/Henry
001038DavisHenry30 Jun 182421 Nov 1887Aged 65y 4m 21d
001038HolsingerMartha Ellen3 Mar 1891Aged 27y 8m 16d; w/Abraham
001038HolsingerAbraham11 Feb 184813 Nov 1922Aged 74y 9m 4d
001038LongeneckerSamuel W.19161993Married 29 May 1939
001038LongeneckerMary M.19162002w/Samuel W.
001038BakerInfant Daughter10 Jun 187210 Jun 1872Still Born d/John H. & Anna B.Partially illegible-dates are buried-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001038BakerWilliam Elmer13 Apr 1876Aged 8m 23d; s/J. H. & A. B.
001038MaySamuel L.7 May 188111 Jul 1881Aged 2m 8d; s/Milton & Hattie
001038SpitzerLucinda181815 Mar 1871Aged 56yStone is leaning on Samuel May's stone.
001038KlineSamuel19 Oct 18061 Dec 1884Aged 78y 1m 12d; h/Mary
001038KlineMary5 Jul 181122 Sep 1889Aged 78y 2m 17dw/Samuel
001038GarberFrances V.16 Aug 184224 Jul 1897Aged 54y 11m 8d; w/Abrahamd/Sam & Mary Kline
001038KlineSallieFeb 1837Apr 1905d/Sam & MaryIllegible date-recorded by Swank in the 1960s.
001038KlineChristian G.16 Sep 184020 Feb 1906Aged 65y 5m 4d
001038KlineCatherine M.25 Feb 18438 Sep 1919Aged 76y 6m 14d; w/C. G.
001038KlineIsaac C.1 Aug 187921 May 1912Aged 32y 9m 20d
001038MoyersJoyce Catherine21 Dec 1927
001038KlineJohn G.2 Mar 18392 Nov 1913Aged 74y 8m
001038KlineMartha J.1 Nov 184625 Aug 1920Aged 73y 9m 24d; w/John G.
001038KlineDaisy V.18821959
001038MoyersDaniel H.4 Mar 189121 Oct 1974
001038MoyersIda J.1 Feb 188929 Sep 1970
001038MartzJohnny Franklin1 May 1895Aged 17y 3m 17d; s/D. H. & Elizabeth A.
001038DonovanJohn G.11 Dec 19049 Dec 1932
001038ClineAnna C.16 Dec 1988Aged 21y 5m 10d; d/Frederick & Mary
001038RhodesJacob S.22 Apr 182723 Jul 1899Aged 72y 3m 1d
001038RhodesCatherine C.29 Sep 18338 Feb 1915Aged 81y 4m 9dw/J. S.
001038RhodesLuther H.18671907
001038RhodesMary E.18751940w/L. H.
001038FryeFannie Mae Southerly24 Aug 19185 Oct 1971
001038MasonRoy H.18991997
001038MasonEdna A.18981987
001038WamplerMary E.18701958w/Wm.; nee Driver
001038DriverEliza A.29 Mar 183813 Jul 1921Aged 83y 3m 14d; Mother
001038WamplerJoshua E.18711958Father
001038WamplerMaggie S.18741936Mother1w/Joshua E.; nee Cassidy
001038WamplerSallie E.186819482w/J. E.; nee Holsinger
001039KneiplerArthur Lee20 Feb 187027 Apr 1871Aged 1y 2m 7d; s/E. B. & Amanda M.
001039KneiplerAlbert Marvine29 Apr 187818 Jul 1878Aged 2m 19d; s/E. B. & Amanda M.
001039KneiplerMary Etta15 May 187628 Nov 1887d/Edward B. & Amanda M.; Aged 11y 6m 13d
001039KneiplerLula Virginia30 Jun 18834 Oct 1897d/Edward B. & Amanda M.; Aged 14 3m 4d
001039KneiplerMay Irene1 May 188521 Jul 1901d/Edward B. & Amanda M.; Aged 16y 2m 20d
001039HooverJacob Franklin23 Jun 1855Aged 5m 8d; s/David & Mary
001039HooverElizabeth Ann16 Sep 1853Aged 7y 1m 18d
001039HooverDavid6 Oct 1860Aged 37y 7d
001039HooverMary12 Mar 182221 Dec 1889Aged 67y 9m 9d; w/David
001039UrnikSallieNo visible marker-said to be buried here
001039StrineFannie29 Dec 184428 Nov 1898Aged 53y 10m 29d
001039UnknownB. S.Broken off stone that doesn't seem to fit in the spot-recorded 2004
001039StrineBarbara22 Jun 181127 Jan 1867Aged 55y 7m 5d
001039StrinePeter10 Apr 1904Aged about 93y
001039StrineElizabeth15 Aug 185128 Aug 1916Aged 65y 13d
001040ZiglerJohn21 Jan 1856Aged 69y 2m 27d; Came to Va. from Pa. 1812; Erected by his great grandson Earl C. Holsinger in 1970
001040ZiglerElizabeth31 May 1870Aged 80y 9m 25d
001040ZiglerCatherine1 Jul 182924 Feb 1886Aged 56y 7m 23d; d/J. & ElizabethCatherine has her own stone and is also listed on her parents stone.
001040HooverInfant25 Jan 1892s/S. L. & M. D.
001040HooverGeorge M., Dr.3 Aug 185229 Oct 1880Aged 28y 2m 26d
001040ZiglerEdna Elsie4 Aug 1879Aged 11m 7d
001040ZiglerAnna Mary30 Oct 1885Aged 5y 11m 22d
001040ZiglerJacob B.13 Aug 1938Aged 86y 1m 4d
001040ZiglerLee Virginia21 Sep 1934Aged 83y 11m 7d
001040KlineNoah F.22 Jun 185626 Aug 1936
001040KlineSallie E.5 Dec 186419 Dec 1938w/N. F.
001040MoyersWeldon Kline11 Jul 19227 Jul 2003Dad
001040MoyersCarrie Louise10 May 1926Mom
001040WineAnnie C.3 Aug 188214 Dec 1948d/Benjamin
001040ClarkFannie V.11 Mar 186424 Sep 1926Aged 62y 6m 18dw/R. S.
001040ClarkRichard S.8 Aug 186728 Oct 1915Aged 48y 2m 20d; Husband
001040ClarkInfant17 Sep 189617 Sep 1896d/R. S. & Fannie V.
001040YatesJohn A.19 Oct 184921 Oct 1932
001040YatesVirginia F.3 Jul 18595 Aug 1921w/J. F.
001040RhodesKate A.6 Apr 1892Aged 35y 9m 3dIllegible marker-stone lying on face & can't read-recorded by Swank in the 1960s; w/Emmer B.
001040RhodesEmmer B.23 May 185623 Oct 1885Aged 29y 3m
001040RhodesInfant18 May 1888d/Raleigh N. & Sallie C.
001040RhodesInfant Son21 Aug 1883d/Emmer B. & Kate A.
001040FiferNancy Catherine8 Aug 183118 Jul 1881w/HarveyPartially illegible-dates are buried-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001040LightMary F.25 Dec 181715 Jan 1889Aged 72y 21d
001040ShowalterHiram Miller22 Mar 190312 Nov 1938
001040ShowalterCarrie Kline30 Jun 19065 May 1983
001040KlineAgnes Virginia4 Oct 18983 Dec 1986
001040HaysKline20 Jun 190026 Sep 1993
001040WamplerEarl Franklin20 Oct 192730 Nov 1957
001041WamplerAmanda8 Oct 1859Aged 19y 7m 23d
001041SpitzerSarah13 Mar 1861Aged 18y 11m 11dIllegible age-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001041SpitzerCatherine20 May 181818 Dec 1884Aged 66y 6m 28d; w/Eli
001041SpitzerEli25 Apr 181622 Jul 1890Stone is broken
001041SpitzerMary C.16 May 1868Infant d/John F. & SusanIllegible dates-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001041SpitzerInfant19 Dec 1869d/Jos. F. & Amanda
001041ShowalterJoseph2 Jan 1862Aged 28y 6m 27ds/Danl. & Nancy Miller Showalter
001041KnuppLaura21 Nov 1862Aged 10m 18d; d/Abe & Eliz.Illegible marker except age-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001041UnknownBase of stone only-recorded 2004
001041KnuppInfant11Jan 1874s/Abe & Catharine
001041KnuppCatherine15 Oct 173518 Dec 1893Aged 58y 2m 29d2w/Rev. Abraham
001041KnuppAbraham17 Apr 178817 Feb 1880Aged 91y 10m
001041KnuppElizabeth31 Aug 17871 Dec 1860Aged 73y 3m 1d1w/Rev. Abraham
001041GarberMary C.18421919Motherw/Isaac
001041MayB. T.12 Jun 1930Married 3 Jun 1951; Children-David, Sharon & Scotty
001041MayEmma R.13 Oct 1928w/B. T.
001041MayInfant Son2 Mar 1957s/Erma & B. T. May
001041SpitzerDavid Harry20 Apr 1886Aged 8m 2d; Infant s/C. F. & M. C.
001041KlineJoseph F.10 Dec 18235 Apr 1879
001041KlineMary C.25 Oct 182718 Apr 1883w/J. F.
001041KlineElizabeth M.23 Aug 185127 Dec 1888d/J. F. & M. C.
001041KlineSallie M.30 Apr 18609 Jun 1884w/N. F.
001041KlineTheresa M.18 Aug 188215 Sep 1899d/Sallie M. & N. F.
001041WineBenjamin2 Jun 1928Aged 76y 11m 16d
001041WineMary S.23 Dec 1937Aged 85y 3m 1d
001041RhodesNoah25 Dec 18299 Jul 1912Aged 82y 6m 14d
001041RhodesAnna1 Dec 183212 Mar 1906Aged 73y 3m 11d; w/Noah & d/Samuel & Mary Cline
001041BartleHobart Rhodes1 Sep 18966 Apr 1897s/W. H. & Alice M.
001041YatesEvelyn T.15 Feb 191310 Mar 1913Aged 25d; d/H. B. & Bertie I.
001041BartleOscar M.19 Apr 18798 Dec 1897Aged 18y 7m 19d; s/W. H. & Alice M.
001041BartleAlice M.4 Apr 186110 Feb 1900Aged 38y 10m 6d; w/Wm. H.
001041BartleWilliam H.2 Apr 185318 Nov 1902
001041RhodesAutelia S.11 Feb 187021 Oct 1884Aged 14y 8m
001041FiferWilliam15 Apr 1880Aged 67y 1m 2dIllegible age-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001041LowmanRuth A.14 Feb 182726 May 1910Aged 83y 3m 12d; w/David B.
001041ArmentroutHarvey4 Nov 18254 Jan 1887No visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001041TurnerJohn W.5 May 185612 Feb 1877Aged 20y 9m 7d
001041KlineSamuel Rhodes26 Jul 186218 Aug 1947
001041KlineFlorence Hays16 Jul 187319 Oct 1951w/S. R.
001041WamplerRuth E.18 Jul 190229 Nov 1942Married 9 Apr 1922; w/H. J.nee Higgs
001041WamplerHobert J.31 Mar 18984 Oct 1961s/Joshua
001042NewhamAnna13 May 1860Aged 63y 1m 24d; w/Wesley T.
001042NewhamWesley T., Dr.11 Mar 180215 Mar 1883Aged 81y 1d
001042ShaverGeorge B.27 Jun 17902 Jun 1873
001042SpitzerMary E.19 Apr 185427 Dec 1897Aged 43y 8m 8dw/Jacob H.
001042HelbertCosmus D.18551931Father
001042HelbertMary H.18541930Motherw/C. D.
001042HelbertLevi6 Oct 1876Aged 60y 2m 20d
001042HelbertSarah5 Mar 1866Aged 47y 10m 13d
001042HelbertEldora12 Feb 1861Aged 16y 3m 6d
001042FrankJohn6 Jul 179025 May 1866Aged 75y 10m 19d
001042FrankSusan22 Dec 1878Aged 75y 10m 12d; w/ John
001042SummersEli5 Jan 1876Aged 52y 11m 12d
001042SummersSophia7 Dec 183130 Sep 1884Aged 52y 9m 23d
001042SummersElizabeth16 Sep 185121 Mar 1876Aged 24y 6m 5d
001042SummersMary S.2 Mar 185819 May 1882Aged 24y 2m 17d
001042WineChristian24 Dec 1893Aged 82y 1m 11d
001042WineCatherineAged 69y 5m 13d
001042RoudabushRebecca F.9 Nov 1896Aged 45y 11m 1d; w/ George O.
001042DoveSally E.20 Nov 187612 Feb 1877Aged 2m 22d; d/Noah H. & Mary A.
001042DoveNoah H.4 Feb 18527 May 1879Aged 27y 3m 3d
001042HolsingerLula Ann18881946w/ Russell
001042PenceEddie LeeInfant Son
001042PenceCarl R.20 Feb 1927
001042SpitzerPhillis P.7 May 1928
001042HolsingerCharles O.18811936Father
001042HolsingerDillie18871948Motherw/C. O.
001042HolsingerSallie C.6 Feb 186231 Dec 1892Mother
001042HolsingerJ. Frank12 Jun 18558 Sep 1943Father
001042HolsingerRebecca S.25 Oct 186418 Feb 1952Mother
001042HolsingerLydia A.23 Jul 18487 Jan 1929
001042BeardGeorge W.7 May 183027 Dec 1876Aged 46y 7m 20d
001042MillerAnna7 Jul 182530 Dec 1910Aged 85y 5m 23d
001042CriderDavid L.10 Aug 19009 May 1978
001042CriderMinnie B.23 Mar 19021 Jun 1995
001042DeanGeorge W.29 Jan 193421 Sep 2001SP4 U.S. ArmyMilitary marker shows George W. Dean, Jr.
001042DeanHelen V.28 Oct 1927
001043SummersMaria28 Aug 1902Aged 80y; w/Wm.
001043SummersWilliam4 Mar 182120 Mar 1884Aged 63y 16d
001043FrankPolly21 Aug 182129 Nov !864Aged 43y 3m 7d
001043ZiglerSamuel4 Aug 1865Aged 15y 6m 2d; s/S. & A.
001043ZiglerGeorge16 May 1861Aged 5y 12m 9d; s/S. & A.
001043ZiglerSamuel, Elder11 Oct 181630 Nov 1901Aged 85y 1m 19d
001043ZiglerAnna26 Sep 181815 Sep 1880Aged 61y 11m 19d; w/Samuel
001043ToppinKatie1 Nov 184317 Feb 1913Aged 69y 3m 17d; w/George W.
001043HooperClifford Samuel10 Jan 1895Aged 1y 11m 19d; s/J. F. & Mary S.
001043HooperArchibell (still born)17 Sep 1891s/J. R. & Mary S.
001043RoudabushElizabeth V.16 Jan 187915 Mar 1880Aged 1y 1m 29d
001043WamplerArthur F.8 Nov 187921 May 1880Aged 6m 13d; s/J. M. & S. F.
001043RoudabushHannah C.10 Nov 187510 Jan 1876d/G. O. & B. F.
001043DoveSally E.20 Nov 187612 Feb 1877d/John H. & Mary A.
001043KlineSusan E.29 Nov 1873Aged 2m 3d; d/David B. & Sally
001043KlineJacob Iry22 Dec 1874Aged 1m 1d; s/David B. & Sally
001043HolsingerJuretta24 Mar 184325 Jan 1887Aged 43y 10m 1dw/Dr. S. J.
001043HolsingerS. J., Dr.27 Mar 184512 Jan 1923
001043PenceLucy A.18971989w/E. R.
001043PenceElmer L.18911964
001043UnknownOnly writing on stone-recorded 2004
001043KlineNoah B.25 Jun 185228 Sep 1913
001043KlineEmma C.19 Dec 185214 Jul 1928w/N. B.
001043KlineNorah Lee23 Apr 18799 Oct 1898Aged 19y 5m 16d; d/Noah B. & E. C.
001043KlineJames F.8 Oct 1875Aged 3d; s/Noah B. & E. C.
001043KlineCora25 Mar 1878Aged 15d; d/Noah B. & E. C.
001043HolsingerAnna18241915w/W. Alexander
001043DoveKatherine S.16 Dec 192627 Apr 1966
001043HollifieldThomas B.17 Dec 195419 Feb 1984
001043KlineMichael B., Elder31 Aug 182628 Dec 1902Aged 76y 3m 27d; Father
001043KlineElizabeth6 Feb 18262 May 1905Aged 79y 2m 24d; w/Elder M. B.
001043KlineMadison2 Mar 185911 Sep 1943
001043KlineCatherine R.18 Nov 186612 Mar 1923w/Madisonnee Shickel
001043HollarB. F.13 Nov 186813 Nov 1907Aged 39y
001043HollarSusan G. Kline8 Dec 18676 Mar 1949Aged 79y 9m 14dw/B. F.
001043HollarClarence F.16 Apr 190030 Jan 1920
001043HollarGalen A.1 Apr 190426 Nov 1977
001044TressellHoward Lamorh23 Jul 1881Aged 3m 5d; s/T. W. & Va.Stone is leaning againist the wall.
001044ShueSusan19 Nov 1860Aged 66y 9m 2d; w/Abram
001044ClickJacob B.17 Dec 1863Aged 21y 1m 2d; s/Dan'l & Elizabeth
001044ClickElizabeth27 Aug 181820 Mar 1889Aged 70y 6m 21d; Mother
001044WhiteBenjamin F.30 Jan 18667 Dec 1868Aged 2y 10m 7d; s/John A. & Lydia
001044WhiteMary E.26 Jan 185916 Jul 1865Aged 6y 7m; d/John A. & Lydia
001044CandicaRebecca29 Nov 17951 Jul 1887Aged 9y 7mw/Abner
001044CandicaAbner17 Oct 179628 Dec 187478y 2m 11d
001044SummersWilliam C.Aged 4y 5m 16d; s/William & Maria
001044SummersSarah AnnAged 14y 8m 3d; d/William & MariaIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001044SummersCaroline P.Aged 7y 10m 13d; d/William & Maria
001044SummersMary21 Mar 17927 May 1862Aged 70y 1m 17d
001044SummersSamuel25 Aug 179629 Jan 1862Aged 65y 5m 1d
001045GochinouerJacob15 Jul 1858
001045GochinouerElizabeth9 Jan 179218 Jan 1871
001045ShoupCaroline H.21 May 1874Aged 64y 3m 20d, w/Joseph S.
001045ShoupJoseph Stover21 Sep 179923 Dec 1890Born in Shenandoah Co. Va., birthplace now known as Blosser's Mill, 6 miles S.E. of Luray in Page Co.The rest of stone is illegible.
001045ShoupJohn C.27 Apr 183315 Oct 1864s/Joseph & Caroline, h/Sallie V. Shirkey, He was killedSallie's 2h/Isaac Acker
001045YankeyGertie S.18 Aug 18867 May 1979
001045UnknownBase only
001045ShauseJacob K.5 Mar 18567 Mar 1863Aged 71y 2d
001045ShauseJohn K.23 Feb 185328 Feb 1863Aged 10y 5d
001045ShauseNoah K.30 May 185923 Feb 1863Aged 3y 8m 23d
001045ShowalterFrederick27 Aug 1862Aged 5y 7m 5d
001045CristJohn K.23 Jul 1862Aged 5y 3m 21d
001046LamkinsSarah25 Apr 1858Aged 12y 10m 1d, d/Sarah
001046LamkinsAnnie21 Feb 181727 Nov 1892Aged 75y 9m 6d
001046LamkinsTommie16 Feb 181820 Dec 1894Aged 76y 10m 4d
001046ThomasRichard6 May 1858Aged 23y 4m 26d
001046ThomasElizabeth21 May 1875Aged 68y 10m 16d
001046ThomasIsaac15 Jun 18387 Jun 1898Aged 59y 11m 22d
001046ThomasSarah E.13 Apr 183030 Dec 1900Aged 70y 8m 17d
001046ThomasJohn H.30 May 18263 Jul 1902Aged 76y 1m 3d
001046KlineGeorge H.3 Mar 18574 Nov 1910Aged 53y 8m 1d
001046KlineJohn B.11 Mar 18306 Aug 1906Aged 76y 4m 25d
001046KlineMagdalene8 Feb 1861Aged 28y 8dw/J. B. Kline
001046KlineJ. H.11 Nov 1861Aged 9m 10dIn 1960s Swank showed age 9m 19d
001047WrightCecil C.25 Jul 1855Aged 5m 5d; s/J. W. & M. C..
001047ShirkeyMaria Catherine17 Jun 188923 Sep 1889d/J. H. & Hannah M.
001047KlineElizabeth13 Jan 184510 Feb 1910Aged 65y 28d
001047KlineGeorge8 Jul 1858Aged 57y 9m 27d
001047KlineSusannah14 Jun 18043 Feb 1878Aged 73y 7m 19d; w/George
001048BibleElizabeth2 Jul 1851Aged 8y 10m 13d
001048BibleHarvey19 May 1852Aged 8m 15d
001048BibleBenjamin12 Mar 1850Aged 11m
001048BibleGeorge W.14 Feb 1849Aged 1y 11m 2d
001048SherkeyEli10 Oct 1855Aged 11y 3m 14d
001048SherkeyJoseph6 Oct 1863Aged 17y 7m 17d
001048SherkeySilas3 Nov 18735 Jan 1874s/J. H & W. V.
001048SherkeyJ. W.25 Mar 1875Aged 2m 3d
001048TrussellCatherine E.19 Mar 1879Aged 3m 9d; d/G. H. & A., M.
001048ShirkeyCatherine21 Nov 180621 Feb 1889Aged 82y 3mw/David
001048ShirkeyDavid8 Feb 18147 Aug 1907Aged 93y 5m 29d
001048BowmanMary E.22 Dec 18769 Jan 1877d/M. H. & M. M.Partially illegible-stone broken-dates illegible-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001048KlineSamuel1 Oct 1811Aged 13y 9m
001048KlineAnna19 Oct 1817Aged 7y 2m 19d
001048KlineMary30 Oct 1815Aged 4y 7m 11d
001048KlineJacob10 Apr 1836Aged 1y 2m 11d
001048KlineDaniel10 Nov 1815Aged 3y 1dThe 12 Kline stones at the ends of rows 46, 47 & 48 were moved from the Paul G. Kline farm 4 miles south of here to here in 1972.
001049BowmanCharlie20 Feb 1851Aged 7m 22ds/Jacob C. & Catherine
001049BowmanCatherine Virginia15 Mar 1852Aged 1y 8m 18d; d/John J. & Abigail
001049BowmanSamuel15 Nov 1853Aged 66y 5m 14d
001049BowmanCatherine28 Oct 178717 Oct 1872Aged 83y 11m 20dw/Samuel
001049BowmanDavid P.17 Sep 1858Aged 44y 7m 25d
001049BowmanDeborah17 Jun 181725 May 1862Aged 44y 11m 5d
001049BowmanMary R.7 Aug 18427 Feb 1864Aged 21y 6m
001049BarglebaughJohn182414 Dec 1885Born in Lebanon, Pa.
001049BarglebaughRebecca29 May 181927 Feb 1877Aged 57y 8m 28d; w/John; d/Samuel Bowman
001049BarglebaughInfant (Still born)29 Feb 1872s/Samuel H. & Lizzie
001049BarglebaughMary C.28 Mar 187031 Mar 1870Aged 3d; d/S. H. & Lizzie
001049UnknownBase only
001049BarglebaughAnna E. Lee16 Oct 18661 Nov 1866Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1960s; d/S. H. & Lizzie
001049BowmanEmma Thomas28 Oct 1962Aged 7m 6d; d/J. J. & A.
001049BowmanSallie Frances20 Oct 1862Aged 9y 11m 6d
001049NiswanderJohn R.12 May 1862Aged 3y 1m 4d
001049ClickElizabeth J.4 Apr 1862Aged 9y 3m; d/Daniel & Elizabeth
001049DavisMarian7 Oct 1861Aged 4y 5m 25d; s/Henry & Louisa
001050CarrMargaret9 Mar 1850Aged 72y
001050CarrJohn12 Nov 1861Aged 83y
001051SpitzerRichard Michael27 Sep 1845Aged 22d
001051SummersMary Susan31 May 1848Aged 4y 18d
001051SitesRebecca Catherine21 Jan 1850Aged 2y 5m 6d
001051SherkeyLydia5 Apr 1850Aged 11m 12d
001051SummersAnna24 Jun 1850Aged 7m 3d; d/Sophia
001051BowmanJoseph23 Jul 1850Aged 6y 5m 13d
001051SengerSamuel11 Jul 1851Aged 8y 6m
001051SengerAndrew14 Jul 1851Aged 5m 21d
001051MaloyElizabeth A.10 Sep 1861Aged 7y 10m 28d; d/S. & M.
001052SitesDavid27 Mar 1847Aged 37y 24d
001052SitesRebecca18 Apr 17893 Feb 1853
001052SitesGeorge15 Oct 1868Aged 85y 5m 14d
001052RaderAgness V.25 Mar 1865Aged 50y 11m 3d
001052SitesHenry H.26 Jan 182329 Jun 1872Aged 49y 3m 3d
001052SitesBettie C.26 Feb 183922 Nov 1889Aged 50y 8m 26d;w/Henry
001052UnknownIllegible stone in 2004
001053ParksMary14 Feb 1844Aged 7y
001053SkeltonJohn H.26 Apr 1850Aged 25y
001053SpitserJohn7 Nov 1851Aged 25y 9m 22dStone is broken
001054UnknownNo writing on stone in 2004
001054Van TrumpPeter20 Mar 1835Aged 1m; s/John & Elizabeth
001054Van TrumpAmanda14 Sep 1839Aged 14m; d/John & Elizabeth
001054UnknownIllegible stone in 2004
001054HevengerJohn17 Apr 1844Aged 5y 4m 14d
001054WineSamuel3 Oct 1844Aged 6y 9m 25d
001054Van TrumpJohn11 May 1845Aged 4; s/John & Elizabeth
001054UnknownNo writing on stone in 2004
001054MillerInfant18 Jan 1851s/D. & M.
001054MillerDaniel3 Apr 1852Aged 2m 17d
001054MillerAnna4 Jul 18463 Jan 1847d/Daniel & Magelene
001054FowlerHannah13 Jan 1861Aged 51y 2m 2d
001055MatthewsSolomon2 Feb 17452 Apr 1834
001055NewhamRobert C.10 Jun 1839Aged 14y 2m; s/Wesley T. & Anna
001055NipeGeorge24 Dec 1841Aged 55y 7m 23d
001055HooverBenjamin Franklin13 Sep 1845Aged 9y 10m 11dNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001055AlexanderCatherine13 Apr 1850Aged 47y 7m 12d
001055BrillhardAnna30 Aug 1850Aged 73y 12d
001055MillerMagdalene20 Jan 1851Aged 31y 9m 20d; w/Daniel
001055MillerDaniel27 Nov 18125 Jul 1877Aged 64y 7m 8d
001055MillerCatherine10 Feb 181220 Dec 1895Aged 83y 10m 10d
001056YountBenjamin4 May 1831Aged about 78yIllegible age-recorded by Swank in the 1960s
001056YountBarbara1 Oct 1837Aged 7y 8m 6d; w/B.
001056FrantzMagdalena4 Apr 17809 Apr 1863Aged 83y 5d
001056YountSarah13 Sep 179830 Mar 1838Aged 39y 6m 16dw/Samuel; d/Geo. M. & E. Trout
001056YountReuben9 Jun 1844Aged 25y 12d
001056ClemmensPeter11Oct 1848Aged 24y 5m 21d
001056ThompsonSarah Catherine2 Jun 1850Aged 2y 2m 15d
001056DevierAlice Catlett25 Mar 1851Aged 1y 5m 16d; d/Giles & Catherine
001056BowmanDavid14 Nov 1846Aged 69y 24d
001056BowmanCatherine11 Aug 1853Aged 70y 9m 2dw/David
001056BowmanJoseph3 Sep 1849Aged 21y 9m 5d
001056BowmanBarbara27 Apr 1852Aged 49y 5m 27d, w/Jacob
001056BowmanJacob9 Apr 180111 May 1876
001057NeffWillie7 Jan 187516 Jan 1875Aged 10d; s/E. B. & M. F.
001057LichliterInfant11 Jul 1832c/Adam & Sarah
001057KlineGeorge8 Sep 1840Aged 2y 12d
001057KlineMary E.9 Nov 1872Aged 2y 11m 2d; d/John G. & Martha J.
001058KlineMary24 Jul 1856Aged 23y 4m 16d
001058SilvouseSamuel26 Mar 1852Aged 1y 2m 15d
001058KlineInfant27 Jul 1838c/Samuel & Mary
001058KlineAnny30 May 1844Aged 6m 16d
001058ClineJohn27 Mar 1844Aged 80y 8m 23d
001058KlineMary11 Mar 1852Aged 81y 3m 20d
001058KlineJohn, Elder15 Jun 1864Aged 66y 11m 28dKilled by ambush returning home from having horse shod. He donated land for Linville Creek Church. New footstone was erected in 1970 for John and his wife by his great, great nephew Earl C. Holsinger
001058KlineAnna4 May 1885Aged 88y 4m 24d; born Wamplerw/Elder John
001058FrankBenjamin13 Sep 1815Aged 9y 10m 11d
001058KlineMary Frances11 Feb 1863Aged 20y 10m 8d; w/John G.
001058KlineMary E.16 Feb 1863Aged 1m 27d; d/J. G. & M. F.
001058KlinePolly24 Jul 1879Aged 75y 8m 3d; w/Frederick
001058KlineFrederick13 Sep 1865Aged 66y 3m 16d
001058UnknownIllegible and broken stone in 2004
001058ZiglerMary Miller27 Nov 1906Aged 84y 6m 1d; w/John; d/David & Anna Miller
001058ZiglerJohn21 Jul 180930 Aug 1898Aged 89y 1m 9d
001058ZiglerCatherine21 Apr 1846Aged 29y 6m 8dw/John; d/John & Cath. Hoover
002001StultzJerry L.19542004
002001HuntVerna Mae18 Jun 190929 Apr 1977
002001SellersJ. S.27 Feb 191521 Dec 2001
002001SellersNan H.2 Dec 1918
002001LongSidney M.5 Jan 188725 Mar 1979
002001LongMary H.12 Mar 19044 Jul 1971
002001Clougherty, Jr.Hugh E.14 Aug 1926
002001CloughertyJoy H.1 May 1926
002001CloughertyInfant23 Jul 1956d/H. E. Jr. & J. H.
002001LongEdward P.18851957
002001LongLula M.1890w/E. P.
002001HolesRomaine18891959w/H. J.
002001MillerErnest Yates19 Jul 19107 Feb 1983
002001MillerGladys May12 Jul 1912
002001MayHomer A.18771955
002001MayNannie S.18761966w/H. A.
002001Williams, Sr.William N.18761952
002001WilliamsHattie M.18791984
002001MillerGeorge E.1908
002001MillerKathleen E.19081951w/George E.
002002TurnerGarner Grant10 Aug 19218 Aug 1998
002002TurnerMary E.20 Dec 1927
002002LantzJ. Clarence7 Oct 190030 Jun 1973
002002LantzMyrtle R.4 Oct 19058 May 1973
002002FlemingViolet G.16 May 1928
002002Fleming, Jr.Clarence H.26 Jun 192912 Sep 1971
002002FlemingMary H.12 Jan 191229 Dec 1993Mother
002002FlemingLandon L.10 Oct 193621 Apr 1985Father & Son
002002RhinehartKendall E.26 Sep 19264 Nov 1971
002002RhinehartNora E.21 Oct 192123 Apr 1985
002002WhetzelHoward T.26 Dec 190315 Dec 1981
002002WhetzelPauline T.20 Oct 19044 Apr 2000
002002MauzyFrank B.18 Jan 189121 Aug1968
002002MauzyElva W.4 Nov 189218 Oct 1971
002002OrebaughVernon P.18921958
002002OrebaughBeulah G.18951957w/V. P.
002002PriceJohn Franklin19081986Son
002002PriceRessie Helbert18821952Mother(on Hilbert lot)
002003Funkhouser, Sr.Curtis Lee29 Aug 192530 Dec 2002
002003FunkhouserBeverly K.9 Aug 192712 Oct 2000
002003Funkhouser, Jr.Curtis Lee23 Oct 195112 Feb 1978
002003ShirkeyLester S.27 Nov 18965 Nov 1985
002003ShirkeyViola E.19 May 190527 Nov 1985
002003HooverGault W.18 Dec 191928 Jun 1991
002003HooverBeulah E.15 Feb 190520 Nov 1994
002003SouderMargaret H.21 Jan 191116 Dec 1995
002003HolsingerSaylor J.11 Mar 18905 Sep 1963
002003HolsingerEffie M.8 Nov 188918 Apr 1974w/S. J.
002003FulkErnest W.8 Jul 192222 Mar 1989
002003SummersGrover C.24 Jul 188518 Jan 1963
002003SummersLizzie A.17 Jan 188324 Jul 1973s/G. C.
002003WiseZeph Lewis3 Jan 18891 May 1870
002003EarlyRuth23 Jan 189510 Jul 1971
002003LantzEdward Lee4 Jul 192914 Feb 1953
002004HolsingerEverett F.6 Aug 191929 Jan 1993
002004HolsingerEvelyn F.2 Feb 1925
002004LongRalph R.1 Apr 19054 Feb 1979
002004LongCatherine E.10 Feb 191814 Jul 1998
002004MillerJoseph W.19081990
002004MillerDove F.19091990
002004MoyerAubrey L.19181967
002004MoyerJane Echenrode1923
002004MoyersEleanor L.29 Sep 19523 Jan 1957
002004HartmanCecil Lee19122003
002004HartmanEdna Rader19111979
002005CristRebecca28 Nov 189826 Apr 1988Mother
002005CristKenneth S.22 Jul 192221 May 1973Son
002005Hinton, Jr.John H.31 Jan 194124 Oct 1999
002005HintonClara A.30 Nov 1941
002005EmrichRachael M.22 Apr 2003
002005WatsonCharles E., M.D.11 Oct 189919 Jan 1970
002005WatsonEva Miller3 Jan 18984 Jan 1970
002005HolsingerCarson F.20 Jul 18903 Oct 1974
002005HolsingerVada Good3 Nov 189815 Dec 1987
002005HolsingerRobert F.26 Dec 192517 Apr 1986
002005HolsingerRoy J.3 Jun 189618 Aug 1963
002005HolsingerCharlotte K.11 Jan 190831 Aug 1986w/R. J.
002005Messick, Jr.Walter C.20 May 1928
002005MessickElva H.13 Aug 1927
002005MessickCarl W. ? 25 Apr 1901
002005MessickPauline J.7 Sep 19052 May 1964w/C. W.
002005Moyers, Sr.James W.26 Feb 19129 Jun 1998
002005MoyersFrances Utz19 Jul 1912
002005Moyers, Jr.James W.10 Nov 19366 Feb 1991
002005TurnerJohn Hermon8 May 190917 Jun 1979
002005TurnerEdna Heishmon11 Oct 190623 Feb 1956
002005DonsonBernie B.18881966
002005DonsonMattie Lee18901964
002005ZirkleWilliam P.18841959
002006HaunHarry G.5 Nov 188613 Jan 1974
002006HaunCallie M.11 May 188921 Sep 1985
002006FahnneyRaymond M.19211972
002006FahnneyMildred M.1925
002006KellerJuanita W.17 Sep 1940
002006KellerOtis G.10 May 19153 Dec 1969
002006LevineMaril Barr17 Jun 19181 May 1987
002006VaughnHarry W.19001991
002006VaughnFaye J.1920
002006LantzCharles Daniel16 Dec 190224 Aug 1996Children: Carolyn, C. Eugene, Phyllis, Ellen
002006LantzVergie Ruth Carr18 Jun 190819 Jan 2002Married 18 Feb 1933w/Charles Daniel
002006LantzOlen S.20 Jun 189522 Nov 1976
002006LantzRosa T. Lantz17 Oct 189628 May 1992
002006LantzGuy W.7 Jun 1917
002006LantzOna M.27 Jun 19162 Nov 1997
002006LantzTurner H.23 Feb 1919
002006LantzElwanda S.24 Feb 1925
002006HulveyWilliam Marion18941967
002006HulveyMary Miller18991974
002007DonsonJames B .3 Sep 191614 Mar 1977
002007DonsonMadeline C.26 Jan 1919
002007SilviousJohn E.3 Dec 190823 Dec 1969Father
002007SilviousLeona M.14 Apr 19172 Nov 2002
002007LambertRobert Francis19381992U. S. Air Force Vietnam
002007BurtonJohn Wesley12 Jan 189121 Apr 1972
002007BurtonAtha Joyce30 Nov 188618 Aug 1968
002007EarlyErnest F.11 Aug 190223 Jul 1993
002007EarlySadie Miller12 Dec 190327 Jun 1996
002007CormierDorothy H.31 Aug 1933
002007CormierJoseph J.26 Aug 189820 Jan 1961
002007CormierSarah F.20 Aug 19103 Aug 1984
002007MohlerGarnet L.2 Aug 1896
002007MohlerMinnie S.12 Apr 189127 Nov 1960
002007MohlerW. Wilson27 Nov 191827 Oct 1963
002007MessengerEdna18 Sep 188615 Mar 1969
002007HollarRoy Mack29 Mar 192326 Nov 1960M Sgt Co C 2 Eng Bn WWII & Korea
002007MitchellCareta, Mrs.19111965Mother
002008AyersEleanor H.10 Oct 191627 Apr 1992
002008CookNellie B.31 Jan 189012 Aug 1980
002008HarrisonNancy J.14 Aug 19207 Nov 1988
002008ShifflettHarry W.16 Mar 191614 Jul 1995
002008ShifflettJada B .29 Jan 191614 Nov 1995
002008RunionJoseph D.2 Sep 191016 Feb 1971Virginia Cpl 466 ORD Eva C Co WWII
002008RunionEdith Hoover8 Oct 1917Married 25 Nov 1942w/Joseph D.
002008Helbert, Jr.William B.13 Aug 192425 Jan 2002
002008HelbertW. Berryman22 Mar 189719 Nov 1977
002008BowesVirginia Snowden Helbert7 May 19028 Apr 1975Bill's Mother
002008Branner? Bradford19 Nov 191311 Apr 1968
002008BrannerMarcella ?2 Nov 19142 Dec 1998
002008HooverLaney E.20 Feb 189927 Sep 1967
002008HooverGladys C.25 Nov 190214 Nov 1994
002008HooverW. Eugene "Gene"30 Apr 19216 Nov 1985Gramps; Cpl U.S. Marine Corps WWII
002008MayHoward V.8 May 190410 Mar 1985
002008MayGoldie T.28 Jan 191226 Sep 1994
002008CobbW. Harmon24 Nov 191530 Dec 1963Married 22 Jun 1946
002008CobbAnna M.19 Oct 1915w/W. Harmon
002008SwickGeorge E.19211978
002008SwickMartha M.1925
002008MoyersAllen Samuel20 Aug 191626 Mar 2004
002008LongThomas P.25 Mar 1914
002008LongAvis L.18 Dec 19148 Nov 1981
002009SagerKeith Leon19 Jun 194814 Mar 1928
002009SagerJudy Messick16 Jun 1950
002009DeLawderMelvin Garnet9 Sep 191315 Jul 1977
002009DeLawderLifa Fitzwater5 Oct 191829 Jan 1997
002009BrannerDonald D.19221986S Sgt U.S. Army Air Corps WWII
002009BrannerDwendolyn M.1925
002009HolsingerPasco N.19161983Children: Lee N., Sarha E. & Rebecca S.
002009HolsingerAnna Lee19121999w/Pasco N.
002009HolsingerLee N.19441984In loving memory of our father- Tracey, Keeley , Julie
002009ShoemakerRussell B.26 Dec 191527 Jan 1978
002009ShoemakerClarence B.26 Jan 193725 Feb 1968
002009ShoemakerSarah E.1 Sep 1943
002009ShoemakerJennifer Lynn13 Jul 1987d/Kathy, twin sister of Scottie Brewer
002010WoodEverett R.9 Sep 191314 May 1976Dad
002010WoodRuth M.5 Nov 191719 Apr 1991
002010SpitzerRobert Lewis27 Jun 1928
002010SpitzerMary Rebecca11 Jun 192827 May 1992
002010WineRay Benjamin5 Feb 19167 Oct 1998Sgt U.S. Army WWII
002010WineWilma Stayner12 Feb 192028 Feb 1999
002010TurnerGary L.3 May 1951Father
002010WilliamsBessie T.24 Mar 191319 Jul 1989
002010WilliamsJohn Edger31 Oct 19066 Nov 1972Virginia Pvt U.S. Army WWII
002010WilliamsFrances Brock8 Nov 19045 Aug 1985
002011LongWilliam L.3 Mar 192516 May 1988
002011LongWilma L.12 Jun 1928
002011RhodesJoe R.26 May 19019 Jul 1975
002011RhodesGladys R.12 Dec 18998 Feb 1994
002011ZiglerM. Robert9 Nov 189125 Oct 1985
002011ZiglerAmy Arnold11 Sep 189016 Aug 1958w/M. R.
002011Glick, Jr.John T.25 Sep 1919
002011GlickGeraldine Zigler30 Apr 192618 Jul 1996
002011LindsaySamuel David10 Feb 19072 Mar 1991Married 30 Aug 1930
002011LindsayPauline Anna Miller10 Jul 190325 May 1985w/Samuel David
002011GroseWilbur H.24 Oct 190016 May 1978
002011GroseMary C.8 Nov 189828 Feb 1983
002011WineMark H.18 Jan 192221 Jan 1977Married 29 May 1943
002011WineBromola F.17 Jun 1921w/Mark H.
002011WinePaul B.23 Nov 19167 Dec 1974
002011WineJune E.27 Jun 192420 Aug 2001
002011HolsingerWilliam E.19141989
002011HolsingerAda E.19171994
002011ClarePhyllis Ann18 Feb 194516 Dec 1978