Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryNaylor Cemetery
LocationElkton Area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Elkton at U.S. 340, go east on U.S. 33 for 3.95 miles and turn left onto Rt. 624 (Mill Lane) and go to end to T intersection with Rt. 623 (Mt. Pleasant Road). Turn right onto Rt. 623 and go 0.5 miles. Turn right on lane to barn. Turn left before barn and follow road to cemetery.
NotesWell maintained.
Survey Date and Recorder15 Sep 2003
Graham & Barbara Hensley

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
GillisIda MongerUnmarked grave per DAR in 1960s
GillisJohn AndrewUnmarked grave per DAR in 1960s
SandridgeIraUnmarked grave per DAR in 1960s
SandridgeSarahUnmarked grave per DAR in 1960s
001WyantHenry Dewitt6 Jun 189426 Dec 1973Fathers/Robert Harrison Wyant & Lucy A.
001WyantFrances Eva26 Jul 189510 Jun 1995Motherd/John A. & Ida B. Gillis
001WyantSarah B.10 May 188411 Jun 1958w/James F. Wyant; d/Rev. Stephen Hensley & Harriett Dean
001WyantJames F.9 Feb 188417 Aug 1968Married 8 Nov 1906 R'ham Co.s/Robert Harrison Wyant & Lucy A.
001WyantJames L.9 Feb 191414 Sep 1945Virginia Pvt 150 Infantry WWII
002WyantMertie Lee21 Jan 190914 Mar 1909Baby
002WyantEffie (Hensley)19101972Metal marker; d/David Hensley & Catherine Eppard; w/Samuel Lee Wyant
002WyantSamuel Lee7 Jun 189615 Sep 1949Cpl U.S. Army WWIWed 18 Aug 1932 Rockingham Co. to Effie
003NaylorElizabeth J.8 Oct 182217 Sep 1912WifeMiddle name Jane; she has two markers
003NaylorJ. Thomas27 May 18519 Mar 1926
003NaylorSamuel C.1 Oct 182123 Aug 1900Age 78y 10m 22d; Husband
003NaylorEliza Jane7 Oct 182217 Sep 1912Age 89y 11m 10d
003HensleyMaude A. Naylor26 Mar 189717 Aug 1941Middle name Agnes; w/Lurty Hensley; d/A. S. Naylor & C. M. Runkle
003WyantJacob L.9 Apr 188626 Nov 1973Fathers/Robert Harrison Wyant & Lucy A.
003WyantMaggie J.24 Jun 188828 Aug 1949Motherw/Jacob L. Wyant; d/Thomas N. Hensley & Virginia
003WyantAusby29 Jan 191620 Sep 1938Son
003WyantRuby Lucille20 Jan 19308 Oct 1931
003WyantNora Lee21 Feb 191020 Nov 1919
004GentrySara Cathorine25 Mar 18549 Aug 1882Age 28y 4m 14d
004GentryNora Cathorine17 Jul 18821 Aug 1882
004GentryBernard Thomas19 Mar 188114 Oct 1881
004WyantWilliam Robert23 Aug 18779 Oct 1878Infant s/R. H. & Lucy Wyant
004WyantHubert3 Feb 188721 Feb 1887s/R. H. & Lucy Wyant
004WyantEliza R.11 Sep 189211 Sep 1892d/R. H. & Lucy Wyant
004WyantLucy A.28 Apr 186010 Mar 1927
004WyantRobert H.25 Aug 183814 Apr 1910Age 71y 8m 11d
004WyantIda J.22 Jun 187910 Jul 1939Mother
004WyantAdam J.24 Dec 18894 Mar 1945Brother