Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryDofflemyer Cemetery
LocationEast Point area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Courthouse in Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 33 East. Go 12.4 miles and turn left onto Route 602 (East Point Road). Go 3.3 miles and turn right onto Route 637 (Bryant Hollow Road), then go 5/10ths mile. Cemetery is off to the right side of road.
NotesCemetery is enclosed by a fence and well maintained. Rows are recorded starting to the right of the gate entrance. Facing headstones, they are recorded from left to right. There are numerous unmarked fieldstones and unmarked graves.
Survey Date and Recorder16 Aug 2004
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
CrawfordFrancesMay 18579 Jul 1938w/George W. CrawfordPer Robert Crawford 4 Apr 2002-Frances' death certificate states she is buried in the Dovel Cemetery; nee Rodgers
DraperSamuel H.6 May 186023 Nov 1882Born in Henry Co., Va.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
TurnerRoselle C.18751959No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
ShipleteIsaac P.7 Jan 187431 Jan 1875s/P. P. & JennetteNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
DofflemyerInfant9 Apr 19669 April 1966No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001HerringGeorge E.18841950
001MouberyMaggie8 Mar 18862 Oct 1908Aged 22y 6m 24d; w/J. S. Moubery
001DofflemyerBlanche19 Dec 190010 Dec 1903
001DofflemyerSummerbell28 Feb 190315 Oct 1906
001ShifflettSarah A. M.14 Dec 18566 Nov 1929
001FrazierShadrach T.18541923Father
001DovelRobert D.3 Jan 18594 May 1936
001DovelCarrie B.6 Aug 187024 Sep 1921Aged 51y 4m 18d; w/R. D. Dovel
001DovelPhillip G.1 Feb 186826 May 1907s/J. H. & E. G. Dovel
001AdamsJosephine W.25 Jun 187924 Dec 1904w/W. T. Adams
001AdamsInfant26 Sep 190329 Sep 1903d/Josephine Adams
001AdamsCharles E.5 Aug 190113 Sep 1902s/Josephine Adams
001DovelJameson H.19 Nov 182724 Apr 1904
001DovelEliza C.24 Mar 183431 Oct 1903w/Jamison Dovel
001DovelMary C.18 Mar 186514 Nov 1895w/R. D. Dovel
001UnknownFieldstone-no markings
002CrawfordW. J.18 Jan 182722 Jan 1904
002CrawfordRebecca A.27 Jun 182821 Mar 1905w/W. J. Crawfordd/Sinclair & Mary Self Shiflet
002DofflemyerBessie C.28 Aug 1892Aged 7y 7m 18d
002DofflemyerAda F.15 May 1873Aged 1y 11m 8d
002DofflemyerJohn W.24 Feb 185023 Jan 1930Father
002DofflemyerPamley A.8 Feb 185028 Oct 1918His Wife; Motherw/John W.
002DofflemyerMilton A.19 Mar 18765 Dec 1963Father
002DofflemyerAlfred A.19 Dec 190926 Apr 1995
002DofflemyerNaomi Frazier28 Feb 18783 May 1933Mothernee Frazier
002DofflemyerLarry Milton5 Oct 1934Married 28 May 1955
002DofflemyerJane Luce9 Apr 193631 Aug 2000w/Larry Milton
002DofflemyerRalph E.23 Feb 194621 Feb 1998
002DofflemyerFloyd R.28 Oct 190428 Dec 1984
002DofflemyerClaudia L.18 Feb 190621 Nov 1981
002DofflemyerWestly E.19281931
002FrazierOsby Floyd18901931
002FrazierM. Lawrence19221927s/O. F. & L. V. Frazier
002FrazierColumbus Elmer18851961
002FrazierAlice U.14 Nov 187126 May 1948w/R. A. Frazier
002FrazierR. Arthur24 Jan 188225 Mar 1925
002FrazierViola E.6 Dec 188710 Apr 1915
002FrazierBetty Ann15 Oct 18746 Jan 1948w/John M. Frazier
002FrazierJohn M.4 Aug 18488 Apr 1916
002FrazierSarah C.13 Jul 18619 Jun 1907
003DofflemyerJames Herbert22 Jan 189922 Apr 1956Husband
003DofflemyerRandalIllegible funeral home marker; no dates
003DofflemyerInfant19551955Brill funeral home marker only
003DofflemyerMerlinIllegible funeral home marker; no dates
003DofflemyerTrudieIllegible funeral home marker; no dates
003DofflemyerDavid P.19141980
003DofflemyerPearl E.19142000
003DofflemyerOwen F.19121938
003DofflemyerD. "Frank"18731952
003DofflemyerCressie S.18781959
003AlgerEdith Mae19151943
003AlgerRuth E.1 Feb 19268 Sep 1926d/W. H. & Elsie Alger
003AlgerCharlotte Jane18561931w/Philip
003DofflemyerJames R.22 Jul 187010 Sep 1948
003DofflemyerKizzie R.4 Mar 187113 Feb 1923w/J. R. Dofflemyer
003DofflemyerLuther M.10 Jun 188020 Nov 1917Father
003DofflemyerWm. D.11 Jun 186729 Dec 1907
003DofflemyerHenrietta C.9 Apr 1907Aged 56y 5m 26d; w/Rev. J. W. Dofflemyer
003DofflemyerJ. W., Reverent19 Oct 183919 Oct 1914
004LookerMary A.15 Dec 18395 Feb 1907
004LookerElizabeth4 Mar 18291 Jan 1899
004UnknownFieldstone-no markings
004UnknownFieldstone-no markings
004CoffmanAda C.30 Nov 18388 Jun 1902w/J. W. Coffman
004CoffmanJ. Wesley7 Jul 18448 Jan 1927
004BloseOttie May19 Jun 189931 Jan 1952w/John W. Blose
004BloseJohn W.25 May 189126 Dec 1974
004TurnerCarl19081961Brill funeral home marker only
005MathiasCharles O.20 Mar 189914 Feb 1953
005MathiasMabel M.11 Mar 190116 Mar 1994w/Charles O.
005LookerThomas J.26 Aug 186719 Sep 1942
005LookerMary C.9 Nov 184510 Dec 1914His wifew/T. B.
005LookerT. B.25 Sep 1890Aged 66 years
005LookerAndrew J.7 Apr 183424 Sep 1880
005UnknownFieldstone-no markings
005DavisZula A. Winona18 Jun 1887Aged 3m 11d
005LongAdam17 May 182424 Dec 1901
005LongVirginia20 Feb 185711 Jun 1880
005LongJoseph F.26 Feb 18?s/Adam & Virginia LongPartially illegible marker
006BurkettWilliam H.13 Jun 18849 Jun 1918
006CookR. B.18211903
006CookAdner Stell29 Dec 18881 Jan 1889d/R. B. & Mollie Cook
006CookGrover15 Sep 189012 Jan 1899s/R. B. CookIllegible stone broken-lying flat on ground; Recorded by Dar in 1960s