Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryNew Hope United Church of Christ Cemetery
Location1020 Smithland Road, Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. Take Route 33 East (East Market Street) and go 0.7 miles and turn left onto Old Furnace Road (Road 718). Go 1.5 miles and turn right onto Smithland Road. Go 1.2 miles and church and cemetery are on the left side of the road. (Caution -- Be alert as you turn left into the church/cemetery as it is on the crest of a hill.)
NotesPreviously known as New Hope Congregational Christian Church Cemetery. Cemetery rows were recorded by facing the street, front to back, and left to right.
Survey Date and Recorder29 Jan 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
KnuppMary1 May 188118 Oct 1969No visible marker - recorded by DAR in 1960s
001LiskeyVerdie7 Nov 187713 Oct 1971
001LiskeyAlva F.18941945
001LiskeyMargaret4 Oct 18616 May 1933Mother
001LiskeyT. Ashby4 Sep 186124 Oct 1936Father
001SpitzerErnest M.11 Apr 18824 Jun 1960Father
001SpitzerPalma I.25 Dec 188821 Feb 1974Mother
002LiskeyClark18 Nov 19001 Jul 1991
002CorbinRussell J.18941985
002CorbinMary Mae18891957
002Spitzer, Jr.Donald Lee31 Jul 196331 Jul 1963s/D. L. & Barbara Spitzer
003FryGeorge V.23 Mar 185719 Feb 1932Father
003FryGenettie M.16 Jun 18626 Apr 1927Mother
003Liskey, Jr.Hubert Earl18 Dec 19261 Feb 1927s/H. E. & S. L.
003LiskeyHubert E.6 Feb 189918 Dec 1975
003LiskeyStella E.12 Mar 190613 Jun 1993
004FoltzMajor Frank18851962
004FoltzCorinne L.18931977
004LiskeyAlbert H.10 May 186325 Sep 1940
004LiskeyMollie E.30 Apr 185330 Sep 1934
004LiskeyAnn Elizabeth26 Nov 18573 Sep 1921Mother
004LiskeyJohn R.11 Jul 185219 Jan 1936Father
004LiskeyMattie L.26 Oct 188628 Nov 1966
004LiskeyWilda M.25 Jun 189617 Aug 1985
005EarmanSamuel T.22 Jan 19076 Apr 1980
005EarmanEvelyn F.18 Jan 190919 Sep 1986
005EarmanM. Katheryn9 Feb 191527 Oct 1921d/J. R. & E. M.
005Earman, Sr.Samuel18611953
005EarmanAlice G. Carpenter18641935
005EarmanMargie C.18891918d/S. & A. C.
005EarmanCarpenter B.19091969
006EarmanBilly1 May 192929 Feb 1932s/S. T. & E. F.
006EarmanWilbur L.18921973
006EarmanJoice E.27 Sep 193418 Oct 1934
006EarmanDavid F.26 Mar 19332 Aug 1935
006HarshbargerInfant Son1931s/C. L. & B. E.
006HarshbargerInfant Dau.1929s/C. L. & B. E.
007LiskeyFreeman H.22 Apr 188721 Oct 1974Father
007LiskeyIda B.14 Jul 189924 Jul 1974Mother
007ChvatalJoseph W.29 Dec 19129 Sep 1966
007ChvatalEdith Bryant11 Apr 191911 Oct 2000
007BryantJerry E. W.14 Jan 18805 Nov 1927
007BryantCora V.3 Feb 188410 Oct 1927His Wife
007BryantRobert W.23 Jul 191127 Oct 1983
007LiskeyCletus E.8 Aug 19196 Sep 1920s/D. F. & N. M.
008LiskeyInfant5 Jun 1962Lindsey funeral home marker only
008CarrierNorman T.18 Jul 19297 Mar 1984Husband
008CarrierSheron L.2 Oct 193724 Dec 1963Wife
009HaslerHomer H.25 Nov 190318 Jan 1946
009HaslerLaura E.4 Nov 189918 Dec 1932
009HaslerNewton M.13 Oct 18777 Jul 1962
009HaslerLena M.23 Sep 188019 Dec 1961
009HooverJ. Newton22 Aug 186627 Nov 1943
009HooverMattie J.4 Apr 186024 Jul 1936Wife
009LongIvan Luther15 Mar 1922`
009BoyersMary Long17 Feb 191426 Jul 1936
009LongStaton A.18811933
009LongAlma E.18811972Wife
010KiblerSamuel Ford5 Mar 19027 Sep 1943
011ArmentroutErnest E.14 Sep 189924 May 1978Father
011ArmentroutThelma H.12 Mar 190121 Jun 1978Mother
011KiblerDanny B.25 Nov 193214 Oct 1971
011KiblerCarsley D.29 Jan 190013 Feb 1983Father
011KiblerMattie B.10 Jul 19068 Aug 1964Mother
011KnuppGilbert M.9 Jan 188023 Dec 1956
011KnuppEleanora M.1 May 188018 Oct 1969
011KnuppCleo B.11 Mar 192716 Feb 1999
012GaitherRadford A.11 May 19104 Aug 1971Va. Pvt U.S. Army WWIIMilitary stone only
012GaitherJohn W.18741956
012GaitherCharlotte E.18901965
012UnknownAppears to be a child grave here marked with head and foot fieldstones