Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryEast Point Cemetery
LocationEast Point area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Courthouse in Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 33 East. Go 12.4 miles and turn left onto Route 602 (East Point Road). Go 2.7 miles and you will see East Point Cemetery on the left side of the road.
NotesMaintained in good condition and surrounded by a block wall. Entering cemetery from the gate in the middle, Section 1 is to the right of the gate and the rows were recorded starting away from the gate. Facing headstones they were recorded from left to right (east to west). There appears to be many unmarked graves and fieldstones with no writing on them. Section 2 is to the left of the gate and recorded starting at the gate. In Section 1 there is a large monument dedicated to the Conrad family; "John Stephen Conrad, Sr.-his wife Anna Catarina Stahlschmidt and more than 50 descendants are buried in this lot outlined by 4 granite posts. Coming from Germany they settled here about 1758. John Stephen, Sr., died in 1767 and his wife in 1768. Their rough unlettered grave stones now support this tablet. East Point Cemetery thus began." Robert Crawford furnished the following information: "The cemetery of Mary Stover where my great-great-grandfather, Sinclair Shiflet, asked to be buried in his will - the property where East Point Cemetery is located, belonged to the Conrad Family who settled there around 1750. Mary Anne Conrad, daughter of John and Anna Maria Nicholas Conrad, eventually became the owner of this property. Mary A. Conrad and David Stover were married on Feb. 1, 1855 and David was killed in the Civil War on July 1, 1861. Mary A Stover sold a parcel of land to the trustees (Rev. Henry Jones, Robert Harnsberger, Thomas Miller, Edward E. Coffman & Samuel Shifflett) of East Point Cemetery on February 16, 1888, deed book 32, page 503 of Rockingham County records. There was a cemetery already on the land when plot was sold to the trustees of East Point Cemetery. The deed has a notation indicating the sale included Ďa certain lot or parcel of land including the old burial ground now enclosed and used for burial purposes.í Mary Stoverís husband David Stover, and George Shiflet, son of Sinclair, were both killed in the Civil War and both served in Company I, 10 Inf. C.S.A."
Survey Date and Recorder18 Aug 2004
Robert Crawford

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001001HensleyYnona1 Feb 189219 Feb 1927
001001WrightAshby L.28 Sep 190227 Aug 1982
001001WrightAlma B.18 Feb 19106 Oct 1990Same stone as Ashby L.
001002BurkettJohn W.16 Aug 18377 Jan 1916Father; Confederate Soldier
001002BurkettEmmaline15 Jul 18462 Feb 1922His wifew/John W.
001002BurkettJohn Edgar31 Oct 18822 May 1920
001002BurkettLena B.24 Jun 188818 Aug 1961His wifew/John Edgar
001002BurkettHerman E.24 Apr 1908No death date
001002BurkettLouise Sipe26 Nov 1906No death date; same stone as Herman E.
001002CookWilliam H.18611939Husband
001002CookMargaret H.18591925w/W. H. Cook
001002HimlerCharles E.18681953Father
001002HimlerJosephine F.18761957w/Charles E.
001002HainesStella J.18971984
001002ShiplettLizzie C.4 Aug 18739 Apr 1922w/L. A. Shiplettw/Lycur A.; d/B. J. & Mary J. Stanton
001002ShiplettLycurgus A.10 May 188010 Aug 1962
001002ShiplettJennetta A.17 Jan 184124 Mar 1922w/Phillip P. Shiplett
001002ShiplettPhillip Penelton29 Oct 183716 Mar 1919
001002ShiplettMitta Lee7 Jun 186312 Mar 1945
001002CookJohn R.4 Aug 18454 Aug 1911Father
001002CookSallie F.13 Dec 184419 Jul 1910Motherw/John R.
001003BurkettGrace Folsome22 Oct 188629 May 1910
001003BurkettInfant Son3 Feb 19143 Feb 1914s/J. E. & Lena B. Burkett
001003BurkettInfant Son5 Jul 19135 Jul 1913s/J. E. & Lena B. Burkett
001003BurkettLewis C.25 May 191628 Mar 1917s/J.E. & Lena Burkett
001003HimlerG. G.21 Sep 18657 Apr 1914
001003FrazierInfant Daughter30 Apr 193430 Apr 1934d/L. I. & Maude Frazier
001003FrazierLena M.4 Dec 189721 Sep 1965On stone with Licinius
001003FrazierLicinius1 May 189321 Oct 1966
001004ConradJ.18 Oct 178823 Jun 1853Hand incised fieldstone
001004ConradIllegible brown fieldstone-AU2, MC, 1830; Note of Robert Crawford's-thought to be Anna Maria w/John Conrad
001004Conrad, Jr.Jno. Stephen26 Feb 174928 Aug 1822Capt of Co 15 Rockingham Militia 1781-1788
001004ConradMary Margaret Moyer15 Feb 17628 Dec 1820His wifew/Jno. Stephen Conrad, Jr.
001004FrazierInfant Son5 Jul 19635 Jul 1963s/Veril L. & Janet C. Frazier
001005ConradMonumentRefer to cemetery notes for inscription
001005Conrad, Sr.John Stephen1767Fieldstone removed; Refer to cemetery notes for inscription
001005ConradAnna Catarina Stahlschmidt1768Refer to cemetery notes for inscription
001005HarlinJosephine1857Age 4y; Infant d/S. & D. Harlin
001005HarlinJos. H. (Joseph)14 Jun 1857Age 4y 1m 6d; Infant s/S. & D. Harlin
001005HarlinSamantha J.1 Dec 183030 Jun 1908w/D. Harlin
001005HarlinDaniel16 May 1857Aged 40 yrs
001005CoffmanFloyd Wilmer14 Sep 18891 Jul 1961s/Edwin E. & Columbia Stover Coffman; 16th AER Photo Det WWI, Husband
001005CoffmanMona Lucille Lyon28 Jul 190727 Feb 2001Wife; d/Edwin B. & Louisa Gerlach Lyonw/Floyd Wilmer
001005CoffmanEdwin Elone24 Sep 18535 Oct 1919Father; s/William C. Coffman & Louise DeBard
001005CoffmanColumbia Frances Stover18 Nov 185626 Aug 1941Wife; d/David H. Stover & Mary Anne Conradw/Edwin Elone
001006FrazierJames K. P.15 Nov 184910 Oct 1919Father
001006FrazierJosephine Catora1 Jun 186013 Jul 1931Wife; Motherw/James K. P.
001006FrazierJosaphine29 Dec 1890Aged 8y 9m 14d; d/J. K. P. & JosephinePartial illegible marker
001006FrazierOttie Lee5 Jul 187330 Dec 1881d/J. K. P. & Josephine
001006StoverMary Anne Conrad25 Sep 183031 Jul 1901Wife; d/John Conrad & Anna Maria Nicholasw/David H.; nee Conrad
001006StoverDavid H.182720 Jul 1861Husband; s/Joseph & Mary Ann Stover; Pvt Co I 10th Va Inf C.S.A.Killed in Civil War
001006CoffmanLilly21 Jun 188628 Jan 1887Ch/Edwin & Frances Coffman
001006CoffmanAshby Ward9 Sep 18839 Apr 1891Ch/Edwin & Frances Coffman
001007FadeleyOra E.30 Jun 18873 Sep 1889d/C. D. & Charlotte C. Fadeley
001008ShiflettMary M.1880Partially illegible fieldstone; w/Stephen C.
001008ShiflettStephen C.1884Partially illegible fieldstone
001008ShifflettJoael A.1 Nov 184917 Sep 1883
001008GibsonErnest7 Nov 188016 Oct 1882s/Susan F. Gibson
001008LookerLester W.14 Mar 1983
001008LookerFannie F.4 Nov 18413 Mar 1917His wifew/William P.
001008LookerWilliam P.4 Nov 182719 Nov 1902
001008LookerLucey Elizabeth19 Jan 187723 Aug 1882d/William P. & Fannie LookerStone broken and on ground
001008HarnsbergerBettie A.30 Jan 184617 Apr 1910d/C. F. & Lucy Harnsberger
001008HarnsbergerC. Vandelia16 Sep 18547 Jan 1937d/C. F. & Lucy Harnsberger
001008HarnsbergerMary C.12 May 183722 Aug 1885d/C. F. & Lucy HarnsbergerPartially illegible-in bush
001008HarnsbergerC. F.9 Dec 181129 Jun 1894Age 82y 6m 20d; Our Father
001008HarnsbergerLucy12 Jun 181612 Sep 1880w/C. F. Harnsberger
001009HallVictoria Wyant16 Jun 186029 Nov 1913Mother; w/Samuel HallStone in bushes
001009HallSam (Samuel)16 May 18497 May 1922Father
001009HallRuth May31 May 189826 Feb 1899d/S. & V. W.Partially illegible
001009ShiflettMaggie B.25 Oct 185913 Jan 1888w/T. C.
001009GibsonPireha C.8 Jul 18662 May 1887Aged 20y 9m 24d
001009ShulerE. F.23 Dec 1887Aged 21y 7m 0ds/Noah & Kezia Shuler
001009AdamsWilliam Thomas8 Apr 187131 Jan 1957Father
001009BreedenElijah N.26 Apr 186426 Dec 1928Father
001009BreedenChristena C.20 Sep 18594 Mar 1940Mother; His wifew/Elijah N.
001009SellersBeauragard10 May 186118 Dec 1874His sons/J. B. & Mary C.
001009SellersMary C.15 Jun 183417 Oct 1917w/J. B.
001009SellersJ. R.22 Jun 18331 Jan 1880
001009DennettWilliam H.15 Oct 185114 Feb 1881Aged 29y 3m 29d
001009DennettMary J.25 Mar 18579 May 1904w/Wm. H.
001009DeanMartha R.19 Nov 183518 Dec 1915
001009DeanSallie E.20 Dec 18657 Apr 1952
001010PropestH. F.11 Aug 1908Aged 78 yrs
001010BruceJimason14 Aug 18972 Feb 1910s/R. A. & E.
001010BruceElizabeth Frances17 Apr 185627 Dec 1922w/R. A.
001010BruceRichard A.18 May 185024 Jul 1930
001010ShulerNoah W.20 Sep 18214 Dec 1909Aged 88y 2m 14d
001010ShulerKeyia11 Jun 18253 Feb 1904Aged 77y 7m 22d; w/N. W.; MotherMother/M. W. Shuler
001010ShulerJohn W.7 Jan 18518 Feb 1922
001010ShulerIda B.31 Jul 187026 Jan 1937His wifew/John W.
001010SellersJames E.19061942Marker in rose bush
001010SellersCharles W.17 May 186510 Mar 1916
001010SellersMary E.25 Oct 187029 Dec 1957His wifew/Charles W.
001010Sellers, Sr.Jacob F.3 Jun 191121 Jun 1971Father
001011UnknownGirtruded/Charles W.Stone broken & face down on ground
001011RionHiram J.28 Nov 186515 Mar 1936
001011RionIrene F.26 Nov 187011 Nov 1947w/Hiriam J.
001011CoffmanWilliam C.18221896Father
001011CoffmanMary J.18381911His wife; Motherw/William C.
001011CoffmanMary N. C.18571929Daughterd/William C. & Mary J.
001011AmmonJohn B.21 Jan 182225 Mar 1896Aged 74y 2m 4d
001011AmmonColumbia18 Jan 183511 Mar 1913Aged 78y 1m 23d
001011MillerJ. Thomas10 Sep 18521 Mar 1930Father
001011MillerAnnie F.28 Jan 186316 Dec 1943Motherw/J. Thomas
001011MillerLula Pearl30 Oct 1890d/J. T. & A. F.
001011MillerEugene A.18 Feb 188724 Dec 1938
001011MillerMary M.4 May 18904 Jun 1958w/Eugene A.
001012ShiflettEdith D.22 Jul 1901Aged 80 yrsOn stone with Wm. H. K.
001012ShiflettWm. H. K.5 Aug 184616 Jan 1902
001012ThomasMary Etta18651931w/J. Vernon Thomasw/J. V. Thomas
001012ShiplettAva Evangeline7 Dec 190717 Feb 1909d/M. W. & B. C.
001012HeistonThomas H.18681941
001012HeistonNancy A.18741963w/Thomas H.
001012HeistonHoward E.13 May 190923 Jun 1917s/T. H. & Annie
001012FrazierBessie P.16 Aug 188519 Jan 1968w/E. Clark
001012FrazierE. Clark21 Apr 188318 Feb 1946
001012MillerJohn W.22 Apr 188511 Oct 1955
001012MillerMamie L. (Laura)3 Aug 188620 Jul 1979w/John W.
001013LifeGeorge F.28 Feb 189316 Oct 1918Died & buried in FranceWWI soldier
001013LifeEmma L.4 Aug 18653 Oct 1897Motherw/Charles
001013LifeSalena F.27 Mar 187318 May 1945
001013LifeCharles M.2 Apr 186314 Apr 1943
001013LifeTalmage Y.11 Jul 190019 Jan 1971BrotherBrother/Dora G. Life
001013LifeDora C. (Catherine)2 Aug 190212 May 1985SisterSister to Talmadge Y. Life
001013GibsonSalena Roberta17 Feb 187513 Sep 1888d/S. W. & M. A.; Joined M.C. church 18 Aug 1886
001013GibsonMartha A.22 Nov 18385 Jul 1900w/S. W.
001013GibsonS. W.18 Jun 183719 Feb 1906
001014ThomasJ. V.18701937
001014ThomasBenjamin Franklin9 Feb 182312 May 1898David Stover & Mary Conrad married 1 Feb 1855
001014MayJohn A.28 Aug 187326 Jan 1956Father
001014MayMyriam24 Jul 187421 Nov 1929Motherw/John A.
001014ShiplettWilliam T.19 Feb 187919 Aug 1959
001014ShiplettLeora3 Feb 187810 Aug 1908w/Wm. T.
001015SnappInfant Son20 May 193920 May 1939s/S. H. & N. D. Snapp
001015BruceLycenius H.16 Aug 187221 Sep 1942HusbandOn stone with Gladdie Bruce Ruebush
001015RuebushGladda E. Bruce16 Apr 187721 Jul 1964Wifew/Lycenius H. Bruce
001015DycheCharles P.18441927Father
001015DycheNancy J.18431916Motherw/Charles P.
001015HittMargret A.Aged 66y 4m 19dNo dates on stone
001015JohnsonHenry4 Apr 1895Aged 54 yrs
001015JohnsonSusan12 Aug 184011 Aug 1906Motherw/Henry
001015JohnsonCharles H.6 Mar 18696 Mar 1939
001015JohnsonDezzie M.26 Oct 187618 May 1961SisterSister to Martha A.
001015JohnsonMartha A.21 Jun 187414 Jul 1968SisterSister to Dezzie M.
001016LifeSarah FrancesInfant d/W. M. & Nina F.No dates
001017BrillLena Lee18 Feb 188512 Feb 1969w/Kenzie
001017BrillKenzie Earl27 Jan 189621 Dec 1950
001017BrillJohn W.8 Aug 18511 Feb 1936Father
001017BrillSarah J.22 Aug 185523 Dec 1943Motherw/John W.
001017TurnerGilbert LeeJulAdopted child of J. W. & S. J. Brill
001017MoyersAmanda27 Aug 1896Aged 67y 0m 16d; w/Layton
001017MoyersLayton20 Apr 1880Aged 71y 3m 25d
001017DeanHezekiah D.15 Aug 186217 Nov 1922
001017DeanSarah E.3 Mar 186419 Jun 1933w/Hezekiah D.
001017DeanMathew M.18991939
001017CookWilber J.28 Oct 1899Aged 0y 5m 26d; s/Jos. K. & Mollie B. Cook
001018LambLurty Henry16 Oct 188626 Apr 1956Virginia Pfc Co F 332 Infantry WWIs/Andrew F. & Matilda C. Lam
001018LamBettie A.2 Jul 187612 Jun 1959d/Andrew F. & Matilda C. Lam
001018KiteDonald R.6 Apr 193819 Jun 1991s/Ernest & Ruby; husband/Emmogene Lam
001018KiteEmmogene L.8 Nov 19308 Jan 1995Widow of Donald R.
001019JonesOdessa D.1 May 189827 Jun 1899
001019JonesCharles H.25 Nov 189325 Aug 1907
001019JonesOra E.22 Oct 18685 Dec 1927
001019JonesEdward C.11 Feb 186610 Jul 1953
001019JonesWynona G.29 Oct 18893 Jan 1963
001019SellersJohn W.1 Mar 186730 Nov 1923
001019SellersMary J.19 Apr 18582 May 1947His wifew/John W.
001019SellersWilliam V.22 Feb 187216 Jan 1935
001019SellersAnna L.23 Apr 1876w/William; no death date
001019SellersCharles A.13 Apr 190021 Dec 1904On stone with Edgar W.
001019SellersEdgar W.27 Mar 18982 Jun1918On stone with Charles A.
001019LamAndrew F.8 Jul 184327 Feb 1902Father
001019LamMatilda C.21 Apr 184229 Aug 1934Motherw/Andrew F.; nee Matilda Catherin Graves
001019LamCharles M.15 Mar 186927 Jan 1946FatherHusband/Virginia S.
001019LamVirginia S.1 Oct 18706 May 1939Mothernee Virginia Susan Johnson
001019LamJosie E.5 Mar 18744 Sep 1950d/Andrew F. & Matilda C. Lam
001019CookJoseph R.17 Jan 186710 Aug 1938Father
001019CookMollie B.3 Dec 186911 Feb 1935Motherw/Joseph R.
001019KiteRuby A.22 Nov 189631 Jan 1969w/Ernest L.
001019KiteErnest L.15 Feb 189312 Aug 1971
001020JonesMay F.29 Nov 190513 Dec 1905
001020JonesNellie C.18931894Infant ch/George F. & Mildred A.
001020JonesHenry H.18841884Infant ch/George F. & Mildred A.
001020JonesGeorge F.25 Jan 186331 Jan 1900
001020JonesMildred A.9 Jun 18629 Oct 1920
001020LamMalinda C.1862Motherw/Luther; Malinda d. 19 Feb 1944 but she is buried in Mt. Olive Cemetery
001020LamLuther E.18681937FatherHusband/Malinda C.; s/William H. H. & Sarah V. Long Lam
001020LamWilliam H.23 Apr 183920 Jan 1913Fatherhusband/Sarah V.; full name-William "Lute" Henry Hudson Lam
001020LamSarah V.12 Apr 184218 Feb 1900His wife; Motherw/William H.; nee Sarah Virginia Long
001021JonesCharles N.18 Sep 187631 Jul 1889
001021JonesJohnnie H.11 Nov 187125 Oct 1893
001021JonesEmory H.3 Dec 188425 Aug 1908
001021GibsonWarren11 Jul 1897Age 9 mos; s/T. T. & L. A.
001021LamSarah F.26 Dec 184512 Aug 1920w/J. M.
001021HimlerWm. H.1 Apr 188320 Jul 1906
001021CrawfordNancy11 Jul 183322 May 1899Mother of Malinda Crawford & sister of William J. Crawford
001021ShifflettAnnie R.5 Dec 187121 Aug 1900w/Edgar J.
001021ShifflettEdgar J.11 Jan 187125 Nov 1953
001022DrummondGracie Garland17 Mar 1894Age 25 days; Infant d/J. & M.Broken & leaning against cemetery wall
001022JonesHenry17 Oct 183623 Aug 1889
001022JonesSarah C.4 Dec 18406 Sep 1923
001022JonesClifford A.12 Aug 190017 Oct 1955
001022JonesCarrie V.15 Jun 189321 Oct 1977
001023GibsonSamuel M.15 May 18649 Apr 1882Recorded by Judy Campbell; Exact location in cemetery not known
001023GibsonSallie J.Jul 187022 Sep 1891Aged 21y 2m 9dRecorded by Judy Campbell; Exact location in cemetery not known
001023HarnsbergerChildrenChildren of J. T. & M. F.Recorded by Judy Campbell; Exact location in cemetery not known
001023LongGeorge W.21 May 18938 Jul 1898Child of A. S. & A. E.Exact location in cemetery not recorded
001023LongWilliam M.24 May 189726 May 1898Child of A. S. & A. E.Exact location in cemetery not recorded
002001RionSallie E.27 Nov 189724 Oct 1955
002002KiteKeith Edward19641975
002003KiteYancey E. (Edwin)19221978
002003KiteEdith B.1926w/Yancey E.
002003ConleyNancy Kite30 May 195816 Aug 1981
002003KiteSharon G.11 Mar 196330 Sep 1984
002004MeadowsLisa Denise16 Dec 19642 May 1973
002004MeadowsHoward M.8 Jul 19312 May 1973
002004MeadowsSarah F.30 Dec 1935w/Howard M.
002005FrazierColumbus Russel30 Apr 191830 May 1994Pfc U.S. Army WWII - Purple Hearts/Columbus Elmer & Pearl Stoneberger Frazier
002005FrazierMargaret A.23 Jan 1925w/Columbus
002006KiteAmmon Cline6 Sep 1930He is buried here
002006KiteIla Virginia8 Dec 1939