Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMartin Luther Lutheran Church Cemetery
LocationBergton Area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, go through Broadway and take Route 259 west (Brocks Gap Road). Drive past Fulks Run Grocery Store and continue on Rt. 259 till you come to Route 820 (Bergton Road) and turn left. Go 2.5 miles and you will see church/cemetery in front of you.
NotesWell maintained. J. Robert Swank notes church as Martin Luther Phanuels Church and cemetery. Rows were recorded from the bottom end of cemetery to the top. Facing headstones, they were recorded from left to right. Majority of notes in remarks column were made by J. Robert Swank.
Survey Date and Recorder09 Nov 2004
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001RaceyGoldie L.18 Jul 193721 Jul 1987Husband-Raymond Racey; Children-Juanita Racey, Debbie Racie Ruby
001MookMinnie S.19021978Mother
001MookDorman W.7 Mar 19252 May 1986VT (Vermont) Pvt US Army WWII
001MookRobert P.18871973Father
001SoutherlyNellie B.4 Sep 190817 Jan 1970Mother
001UnknownMarker with no writing
001UnknownMarker with no writing
001MookSamuel Webster18781956Rhodes Funeral Home marker only
001Unknown10 markers with no writing
002ShoemakerBrook W.25 Jan 19331 Feb 1992US Army KoreaMilitary marker shows Brook Weldon Shoemaker
002ShoemakerTimmy Ray "Shoe"2 Oct 196017 Oct 1996US Army
002SoutherlyVirgil E.6 Feb 193612 Nov 1996MM3 US Navy
002JohnsHarry L.16 Sep 191710 Mar 1992Married 31 Jul 1965
002JohnsBetty R.23 Feb 1934w/Harry L. Johns
002JohnsRichard W.21 Aug 19606 Jun 1990Children-Heather, Perri
002JohnsPatricia D.15 Mar 1962w/Richard W.
003CriderGerald M. "Red"9 Mar 194615 Nov 1983
003ShoemakerBobby B.3 Nov 193424 Jun 1988US Army Korea
003ShoemakerMinnie Crider Rinker13 Apr 191322 Nov 1988
003ShoemakerCifford Lee11 Apr 19165 Oct 1979Pvt US Army WWII
003Unknown14 markers with no writing
004FitzwaterHoward L.30 Jun 191213 Sep 1973Cpl Army Air Forces
004DoveGeorge M.18721958s/Nimrod
004DoveA. Laura18741963w/George M.
004SmithSoloman7 Jun 1925Father
004SmithMary A.13 Nov 184918 Nov 1921Motherw/Soloman
004Dove, Sr.Elmer H.11 Sep 190029 Nov 1963Husband
004DoveClara E.4 Sep 190210 Dec 1986Wife, Motherw/Elmer H. Dove, Sr.
004MayJoseph D.10 Feb 186617 Mar 1919
004Unknown14 markers with no writing
005WhetzelLawson L.11 Sep 191511 Jan 1997
005WhetzelHelen V.6 Dec 1917
005WhetzelL. Glenn25 Feb 1921Dad
005WhetzelDonnie E.29 Oct 1925Mom
005WhetzelLowell K.17 Jan 196118 Jan 1981Son
005WhetzelWilliam E.18841957
005WhetzelIda F.18821956w/William E.nee Smith
005UnknownMarker with no writing
005FitzwaterPauline13 Jul 192716 Jan 1969
005CriderElizabeth5 Aug 18739 May 1966
005CriderWilliam R.5 Jan 187330 Sep 1952
005ShoemakerSusan Kay1956Rhodes Funeral Home marker only
005ShoemakerBaby Boy1957Rhodes Funeral Home marker only
005UnknownMarker with no writing
005UnknownMarker with no writing
005DovePerry L.28 Apr 18761 Nov 1957
005Unknown14 markers with no writing
006WhetzelHattie A.15 Oct 18829 Mar 1967
006WhetzelLelia F.19 Oct 189223 Dec 1961
006FeathersJohn W.18861956
006FeathersSusan B.18881959w/John W.
006WhetzelSolomon E.14 Dec 185621 Jun 1925Fathers/Pierson
006WhetzelIda Alice22 Jan 18659 Jul 1903Aged 38y 5m 17d; w/S. E.w/Solomon E.
006UnknownMarker with no writing
006HaltermanInfant Son17 Feb 195117 Feb 1951Still born s/H. M. & Inez
006HaltermanHoward M.28 Jan 190626 Jun 1967
006ShoemakerBobby Benson28 Dec 195710 Feb 1958
006RitchieClara D.18631951w/John; nee Dove
006RitchieMary Dove14 May 186729 Aug 1925w/John Reuben2nd stone shows born 11 May 1867
006DoveIda C.22 Jun 188019 Oct 1906
006DoveFrancis11 Mar 186910 Mar 1894
006DoveJonas1 Jan 18356 Jan 1921
006DoveFrances Smith10 May 184023 Mar 1926
006Unknown18 markers with no writing
007TuttleSarah Jane22 Apr 18913 Nov 1973
007SmithHiram J. (Jackson)2 Sep 187720 Mar 1962
007SmithMartha E. (Ellen)6 Dec 187716 Jan 1963w/Hiram J.
007SmithVirginia L.19101928d/H. J. & M. E.
007SmithPeter S.20 Jul 1921FatherBorn 1847 per Swank in 1967
007SmithJoseph A.11 Dec 187118 Jan 1916Aged 45y 1m 7d
007Unknown28 markers with no writing
007Hoover-DoveWilma J.13 Sep 1928
007Hoover-DoveDavid S.30 Sep 19239 Dec 2001
007MongoldShirley R.25 Sep 1934w/Ralph M. Mongold
007MongoldRalph M.5 Apr 193230 Mar 1991US Army Korea; Wed 24 Dec 1955
007WhitmerSallie Jane22 Jun 189722 Aug 1975
007SmithRobert1 Feb 188411 Sep 1948
008DoveLehman Ward29 Jun 190521 Aug 1994
008MoyersS. Loy18821966
008MoyersM. Etta18851978w/S. Loy
008MoyersSamuel5 Nov 18415 Apr 1928
008MoyersElizabeth25 Dec 18461 Apr 1910w/Samuel
008SouderMary Etta6 Feb 186922 Jul 1906w/Levi P.; nee Moyers
008SouderLevi PerryJun 1866Oct 1955
008DoveEarman Ward22 Nov 18724 Aug 1903s/John A. & Lelia V. Dove
008SouderSusieJan 1872Nov 1960
008Unknown7 markers with no writing
008WittigEdward Lee12 Jan 186214 Sep 1932s/George & Rachael
008Unknown15 markers with no writing
009WilkinsLory Dow10 Jan 1950Still born
009Unknown4 markers with no writing
009Whetzel1934Still bornNo given name
009Unknown3 markers with no writing
009DoveJosiah Franklin5 Nov 18797 Nov 1949
009DoveEliza Souder22 Jun 187825 Apr 1968
009SouderWade H.18691936Brother
009HuppInfant10 Aug 1936ch/C. A. & L. V.
009CriderJacob11 Dec 185113 Feb 1934
009DoveMary A.18911922w/W. Pearlnee Crider
009CriderMartha J.18581908w/Jacobnee Wittig
009CriderTracy B.7 Feb 1896Aged 8y 4m 20d; d/Jacob & Martha
009CriderInfant27 May 189027 May 1890d/Jacob & MarthaPartial illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
009CriderDora23 Nov 1886Aged 2y 11d; d/Jacob & MarthaPartial illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
009WittigInfant27 Aug 188327 Aug 1883d/Henry & Mary
009WittigInfant6 Feb 18806 Feb 1880d/Henry & Mary
009WittigJames M. K.18731873Swank's 1967 record shows died 11 Aug 1873; Aged 1m 24 d; s/George & Rachael
009WittigInfant1 Jul 186719 Aug 1867ch/George & RachaelSwank's 1967 record shows born 1 Jul 1867, died 19 Aug 1867
009WittigInfant18651865ch/George & RachaelPartially illegible-Swank's 1967 record shows born 20 Aug 1866, died 18 Sep 1866
009WittigInfant1863ch/George & RachaelPartially illegible-Swank's 1967 record shows born 3 Nov 1865
009WittigDavid F.17 Aug 1860Aged 1m 11d; ch/George & Rachael
009SouderJohn18491853s/J. & E.; wood slab replaced by marker
009DoveAaron1 Apr 178618 Oct 1848Capt 116 Regt VA Mil War of 1812wooden slab replaced by military marker
009DoveSarah Salley Baker17911868wooden slab replaced by marker; Swank's 1967 record shows born 11 Nov 1791, died 1902, w/Aaron
009SouderElizabeth Dove18231851w/Josiah, nee Dovew/Josiah; nee Dove; wooden slab replaced by marker
009Unknown3 markers with no writing
009FitzwaterDella M.23 Jul 1947w/Gary W.
009FitzwaterGary W.29 Nov 194330 Jun 1965
009DoveLillie V.18961962
010WhetzelMary Alice18 Oct 195918 Oct 1959
010WittigMartin1 Nov 1928Age 72 yrss/Ulrich
010WittigHenry4 Feb 183316 Jul 1912Aged 79y 7m 16d; born in Germanys/Ulrich
010WittigMary12 Jan 183923 Oct 1926Aged 87y 9m 11d; Mother; w/Henry
010WittigDavid U.17 Apr 186328 Nov 1886s/Henry & Mary
010WittigUlrich23 Jun 1889Aged 79y 2m 24d; "the emigrant"
010WittigCatharine14 Apr 1896Aged 88y 6m; w/Ulrich; a member of the Lutheran Church
010WittigJohn C.17 Oct 1863Aged 19y 1m 24d Soldier C.S.A.Partially illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967
010MillerIda A.25 Jun 186825 Jan 1900Aged 31y 7m; w/Robert
010WittigGeorge12 Mar 183029 Dec 1918Born in Germanys/Ulrich
010WittigRachael25 May 183527 Apr 1901His Wifew/George Wittig
010Unknown3 markers with no writing
010SouderSarah Rosetta18 Apr 1887Aged 2 mo; d/J. Frank & Sarah
010UnknownMarker with no writing
010SouderGregory Warren25 Mar 195531 Oct 1956
010SouderWarren James1913Geologist
010SouderBlanche Schuler19101995Teacher
010Unknown10 markers with no writing
010DoveWilliam H.9 May 18898 Mar 1952s/Cornelius
010DoveBessie L.12 Sep 189814 Apr 1974w/William H. Dove
011LoweryLydia Virginia18721966
011LoweryLuther H.18831958Rhodes Funeral Homer marker only
011DoveErchie M.18951948
011ForceSteven Eugene5 Aug 1959s/Howard & Velma Force
011ForceJulia Anda6 Aug 1959d/Howard & Velma Force
011WhetzelAlice18811952w/Pierce; nee Dove
011HuppStanley B.11 Apr 193428 Aug 1961
011HuppDelores A.18 Jul 19341 Oct 1977w/Stanley B.
011FulkEdwin B.19321961s/William & Pearl
011FulkPearl G.18881971
011HuppElmer Guy8 May 19191 Aug 1966
011HuppCharles A.18931958
011HuppLula V.18961955w/Charles A.
011WittigMary C.18731949d/Henry & Mary
011WittigJohn F.29 Jan 185929 Oct 1946
011WittigAnnie C.5 Jan 186816 Jul 1956w/John F.
011WittigGeorge W.18611934Fathers/Henry & Mary
011WittigLina B.18821975Motherw/George W.
011WittigCora19 Dec 191225 Apr 1914d/W. H. M. & May A.
011WittigWm. Russell14 Dec 19012 Feb 1902S/W. H. M. & May A.
011WittigIda Herman29 Apr 190020 Dec 1900s/W. H. & Mary A.
011WittigElmer Leo5 Jul 190816 Feb 1908s/William H. & Mary A.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1976-wooden slab
011WittigIda16 Mar 191519 Mar 1915d/W. H. M. & Maywooden slab replaced by marker
011Unknown2 markers with no writing
011Souder, Jr.Jacob10 Sep 18624 Aug 1885s/Josiah & CatherinePartially illegible wooden slab
011SouderIllegible marker
011SouderMartin18561864wooden slab replaced by marker
011SouderDavid Luther18701870wooden slab replaced by marker
011SouderAnna Alice18751880wooden slab replaced by marker; Recorded in 1967 by Swank as born 7 Feb 1875, died 7 Oct 1880
011SouderMary Jane18681880wooden slab replaced by marker; recorded by Swank in 1967 born 12 Jan 1868, died 12 Oct 1880
011Unknown11 markers with no writing
011ShoemakerOda5 Aug 1911Mar 1924wooden slab replaced with marker; d/Mannie & Elie
011DoveCornelious S.12 Aug 186221 Apr 1933s/Joshuawooden slab replaced with marker
011DoveElizabeth3 Apr 18646 Dec 1925His Wifewooden slab replaced by marker; w/Cornelious
012Unknown2 markers with no writing
012WittigCora Blanche26 Feb 189328 Feb 1893d/Isaac U. & Ida
012WittigBessie Nora12 Jul 189426 Dec 1894
012Unknown2 markers with no writing
013KeplingerMary Bliss22 Jun 188815 Aug 1956w/Edmond A.
013KeplingerEdmond A.7 Apr 188723 May 1935s/John
013WittigWilliam15 Oct 184722 May 1921s/Ulrich
013WittigMary27 Mar 184515 Feb 1912w/William; nee Fink
013MurphyBobby E.21 Jan 195925 Jul 1995
013Unknown5 markers with no writing
013DoveAble181010 Nov 1892
013DoveMary M.18 Jun 181118 Jun 1881w/Able
013DoveCyrus10 Oct 185330 Mar 1935s/Able
013DoveMary L.9 May 186115 Sep 1885w/Silas
013WallaceCarroll B.15 Aug 192830 Aug 1955Beloved Son
013Unknown6 markers with no writing
013WallaceGuy C. (Clifford)9 Sep 189620 Dec 1961Pvt Co. K 54 Inf WWI Ga.; Father
013WallaceJulia L.9 Apr 19011 Mar 1991Motherw/Guy Clifford
013Wallace, Jr.Guy C.28 Jan 19279 Nov 1983PFC US Army WWII
014WilkinsCharlie B.10 Jan 192028 Feb 2002PFC US Army WWII, Married 8 Jan 1943
014WilkinsElva29 Oct 19162 Dec 1989w/Charlie B.
014WhetzelEarl B.2 Sep 192625 Jun 1978
014WhetzelOdie Ruth9 Mar 190913 Jan 1973
014LowryWilson16 Nov 18943 Feb 1974
014LowryPammie29 Jul 189429 Jun 1971
014LantzDwight N.12 Mar 191329 Oct 1967
014LantzAnna Lee31 Jan 1913
014KeplingerLena Ruth19 Oct 189724 Aug 1957
014UnknownMarker with no writing
014KittlePastor F. (Frederick)25 Feb 187318 Aug 1921Erected by Lutheran BrotherhoodPastor of Phanuels Luth. Ch.
014DapperEdward Reid20 Sep 19221 Sep 1995
014DapperSonia T.6 Nov 1922His Wifew/Edward Reid
014DapperJohn Daniel20 Sep 192226 Sep 1922s/Rev. & Mrs. R. A. Dapper
014DoveAlma L.4 Feb 191627 Feb 1937d/W. C. & Dottie
014DoveJason Winfred29 Jun 19144 Feb 1941
014DoveWm. Casper10 Apr 18821 Dec 1958s/Silas C.
014DoveDottie V.17 Jan 18907 Nov 1950w/William Casper
014WittigWilliam H. M.18781973
014WittigMary Alice18801948w/William H. M.; nee Fink
014Whetzel, Sr.Joseph M.4 Jan 18944 Oct 1970
014VaughanCora G.19031960Mother
014UnknownMarker with no writing
014WhetzelGeorge W.18691939Fathers/Pierson
014WhetzelE. Nettie18721934Motherw/George W.; nee Smith
014Unknown2 markers with no writing
014LowryCatharine31 Mar 184016 Jun 1916w/Joseph Lowry
014DoveJacob C.18331891Pvt 2D Co B 62 VA MTD Inf C.S.A.
014LantzLee Roy24 Jan 189424 Jun 1913s/J. H. & Mary E.
014DoveJulyan18371 Oct 1908Mother
014LantzGertie V.3 Mar 19048 Feb 1907d/J. H. & Mary E.
014LantzLeonard13 Aug 1891Aged 2 dayss/J. H. & Mary E.
014Unknown2 markers with no writing
014LantzAlton L.16 Jul 192716 Jul 1927s/Paul & Clara
014DoveAnnie L.18681940w/A. V. S.; nee Smith
014LantzJohn Harvey18 Feb 18616 Sep 1942Beloved Husband & Father
014LantzMary E.15 Feb 186226 Sep 1928w/John H.; nee Dove
014DoveA. V. S.18721936s/Jacob
015WhetzelDelsie F.6 Aug 1923
015WhetzelOlin H.8 Feb 19185 Sep 1985
015WittigJ. Allen29 Aug 189820 Dec 1976
015WittigE. Nadean14 Oct 1910
015WittigWade R.24 Apr 190117 Sep 1977
015WittigMinnie R.15 Feb 190811 Jul 1975
015WittigJesse E.17 Aug 189323 Oct 1989
015WittigSallie M.8 Dec 19038 Dec 1972
015SouderCharles L.16 Apr 188624 Jul 1973
015SouderRhoda V.F.N.18 Aug 18831 Apr 1973
015SouderJohn S.14 Sep 18926 Nov 1971
015SouderL. Gertrude5 Oct 188727 Oct 1975
015SouderJ. Frank4 Mar 186025 Nov 1947
015SouderSarah C.24 Oct 186018 Oct 1939w/J. Frank
015SouderEmma May15 Jul 189621 Feb 1917Aged 20y 5m 6d; d/J. F. & S. C.
015SouderJosiah L.8 Jun 189826 Mar 1924s/J. F. & S. C.
015LoweryEffie Angeline2 May 189129 May 1914Aged 23y 27dw/S. Wilson
015SouderJosiah7 Apr 18227 Feb 1902
015SouderCatharine14 Dec 18326 Dec 1922w/Josiah
015Unknown8 markers with no writing
015SmithBenjamin J.12 Apr 186411 Oct 1941Aged 77y 6ms/Frederick
015SmithSusan C.15 Feb 186215 Apr 1906Aged 44y 2m; w/Benjamin J.
015LantzPaul J.14 Apr 190720 Jul 1983
015LantzClara E.24 May 190626 Oct 1981
015ShaverSarah Hottinger23 Mar 188913 Apr 1969
015HottingerSarah E.18391914w/Jonas
015HottingerWilliam A.3 Oct 186329 May 1959
015HottingerRosa C.13 May 188512 Jan 1970
015HottingerJasper Allen27 Mar 19092 Jan 2003PFC US Army WWII
016MarkerPhanuels Lutheran Church9 Sep 1888
016Witting, Sr.Edward R.10 Feb 192829 Oct 1990
016WittigOrvan R.30 Apr 19315 Sep 1991
016WittigMargaret F.26 Jul 1938
016BrownWoodrow W.17 Oct 19144 Mar 1990TEC 4 US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Woodrow W. Brown, Sr.
016BrownEunice W.15 Dec 191916 Nov 2000Married 13 May 1939w/Woodrow W.
016WhetzelRussell J.13 Nov 18965 Mar 1988Father
016WhetzelEdith Daniel18 Jun 189611 Jun 1965Motherw/Russell J.
016WhetzelRussell F.25 May 192124 Jun 1945Son; Gave his life on Okinawas/R. J. & E. D.
016DoveMary S.23 Jan 186026 Jul 1934Mother
016DoveAhab31 Oct 183417 Jun 1917
016DoveSarah M.22 Apr 1891Aged 36y 6m 15d; w/Ahab; nee FitzwaterIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
016DoveWade H.10 Apr 189123 Apr 1956s/Ahab
016DoveFannie L.21 Jun 18863 Nov 1964
016FinkJohn19 May 184922 Mar 1935Aged 85y 10m 3d
016FinkBarbary Francis17 May 184521 Apr 1916w/Johnnee Dove
016Unknown3 markers with no writing
016SonifrankSimon1 Feb 182925 Jul 1912
016TurnerSeymour F.10 Feb 189727 Nov 1987
017MayRussell C.18 May 189111 Dec 1976
017MayAda D.7 Sep 189018 May 1974
017MayErin Jane7 Jan 196321 Mar 1963d/J. E. & Vada T.
017GetzJohn I.18901983
017GetzMartha J.18941962
017FitzwaterWilliam H.7 Oct 183314 Mar 1917Headstone shows surname as Fitzwalter
017FitzwaterMary17 Jan 18324 Jun 1896Aged 64y 3m 17d; w/W. H.
017FitzwaterMary Blanche25 May 1896Aged 1y 10m; d/Ida
017Unknown2 markers with no writing
017Unknown2 markers with no writing
018HottingerBruce E.19 Nov 1950
018HottingerKathleen J.2 Mar 19521 Jun 1990
018HottingerGeorge W.15 May 19152 Jan 1987
018HottingerAdeen V. May8 May 191728 Mar 1984
018DoveDale Carl1 Aug 19633 Nov 1983
018CookLucy Gladys18971978Rhodes Funeral Home marker only
018CriderBenjamin Franklin18961978US Navy WWI
018WittigLehman H.20 Dec 189718 May 1972
018WittigMary A.10 Aug 18995 Aug 1994
018WhitmireDavid Wm.7 Nov 189718 May 1971
018WhitmireGertie E.7 Jun 190112 Feb 1990
018CurnsKlemeth C.19131971
018CurnsKathryn M.1914
018HottingerDawson7 Jul 191426 Oct 1969
018HottingerVita M.2 Oct 1917
018HottingerD. Perry9 Nov 188119 Oct 1978
018HottingerMary E.4 Apr 189126 Oct 1948
018HottingerSilas S.24 Jun 18793 Jun 1967
018HottingerAnnie Dove28 Mar 188021 Mar 1933
018HaltermanInfant SonMay 1931Still born; s/H. M. & Arlean
018Unknown7 markers with no writing
019CriderEverett W.21 Jan 193413 Mar 2001
019CriderJettie Bowers26 Jan 190715 Feb 1988
019WindhamJoseph Clinton8 Dec 191910 Nov 1981
019WindhamLucille Day2 Nov 192027 Mar 2001
019CriderStephen M. "Steve"10 Oct 190828 Sep 1980
019CriderBetty Mae25 Sep 19428 Nov 1979
019DoveGrover J.28 Apr 188725 Jan 1976
019DoveBessie A.12 Jul 191315 Jul 1987
019CriderHerbert L.15 Feb 190215 Jun 1974
019CriderSarah F.29 Aug 19015 Mar 1974
019HensleyForrest Wayne24 Dec 196627 Jul 1986
019MathiasLawson A.7 Dec 190711 Oct 1973
019MathiasMabel A.18 Apr 191327 Jul 2001
019HuppCharley Dorman24 Sep 192421 Jun 1973Virgina Cpl US Marine Corps WWII
019DoveOmar Dow1 Jun 19236 Dec 1971
019DoveBeulah C.22 Aug 1931
019HottingerLoy E.18911968
019HottingerLena J.18961969
019Hottinger, Jr.Loy E.19171987Pvt US Army
019Unknown6 markers with no writing
019TurnerMatilda Stepp18911922
019Unknown2 markers with no writing
019TurnerDavid Luther11 Aug 188320 Sep 1963
019UnknownMarker with no writing
019TurnerLula R. Riggleman16 Jul 190410 Jan 1986
020DoveKent Edwin22 Mar 197521 Jun 1976
020LanceInfant Son20 Jul 193920 Jul 1939s/H. B. & T. P.
020DoveWilliam L.1912s/W. C. & D. V.
020DoveDonna Jean24 Aug 196926 Aug 1969
020DoveDickie Lee8 Apr 193917 May 1970
021KeithKatie9 May 1997Infant d/Jon & Kathy
021FoltzRaymond D. "Chum"31 Jul 193524 Feb 1993Beloved Husband & Father; Married 16 Jun 1956; Our children-Kathy, Gregory, Myron, Chris
021FoltzJanice I.17 Mar 1938Devoted Wife & Motherw/Raymond D.
021HottingerGeorge D.19 Dec 1922Father
021HottingerBeulah M.21 Jul 19215 Sep 1989Mother
021HottingerOrvin J.16 Aug 1934
021HottingerShirley M.4 Jan 193630 Jun 1984