Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Zion Church of the Brethren Cemetery
LocationRockingham County, Virginia. On Mount Zion Road (Route 752) north of Singers Glen and near junction of Wengers Mill Road (Route 753).
NotesFrom the road, rows are front to back and right to left. In 1967, J. Robert Swank made a notation that - "there are many unmarked graves and some say there was an older burial ground adjacent to the present one. No indications".
Survey Date and Recorder2 Nov 2001
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001RimelChloe M.30 Oct 188218 Oct 191229y 11m 18d; w/O. G.nee Lam
001RimelOtis G.9 Nov 1889
001RitchieLelia V.18751951nee Dillard
001RitchieBenjamin F.18631955s/George W & Mary A.
001RitchieHannah M.18711913d/Abraham & Christina Moyers; 1/w-Benjamin F. Ritchie
001RitchieGlen B.23 Mar 1917
001RitchieEdna L.6 Sep 191818 May 1981
001RitchiePearl E.17 Oct 189923 Apr 1965d/Thomas & Minnie Fife Light; w/Cleo Berry Ritchie
001MoyersMinnie M.10 Sep 189616 Jun 191922y 9m 6d; w/David Moyersd/B. F. & Hannah Moyers Ritchie
001FlemmingsRaymond L.22 Aug 191415 Jan 1915s/Walter & Bessie Kenney Flemmings
001FlemmingsVada F.7 Oct 19163 Sep 1921d/Walter & Bessie Kenney Flemmings
001FlemmingsWalter L.5 Sep 188617 Mar 1920fathers/Walter & Bessie Kenney Flemmings
001FlemmingsFreeman W.22 Aug 191415 Jan 1915s/Walter & Bessie Kenney Flemmings
001FlemmingsMammie Bruce27 Jun 19099 Dec 1952d/Walter & Bessie Kenney Flemmings
001ArmentroutBessie Flemmings5 Sep 188511 Jul 1955mothernee Kenney; w/Walter L. Flemmings
001Unknownillegible funeral home marker
001RitchieDoris Jean19341936McMullen funeral home marker only
001RitchieEula C.11 Jan 18969 Nov 1974
001RitchieRalph R.7 Jun 18944 Apr 1976
001RitchieLawrence W.16 Oct 19147 Aug 1993father
001WhetzelJulian M.18 May 185630 Apr 191760y 11m 12d; w/Jacob Whetzeld/Michael & Catherine Lantz
001ReedyH. Link18651944s/Gustav Reedy
001ReedyRebecca Jane8 Mar 186520 Feb 1920
001ReedySusan5 May 191748 yearsw/John
001ReedyJohn P.24 Aug 191875y 6m 20d
001CusterJoseph C.18911921fathers/Harvey W. & Hannah Biller Custer; 1/h of Vernie L. Reedy
001AndesVernie Custer18911965motherd/Eli(Dick) & May F. Ritchie Reedy; 1/h Joseph Clint Custer; 2/h Albert Andes
001AndesAlbert F.18891971Rhodes (now Grandle) funeral marker only
001ReedyRoy Gilmer20 May 192217 Nov 1977PVT U.S. Army WWII
001ReedyDorothy V.31 Oct 19242 Nov 1924no visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
002ShowalterM. C.13 Dec 187617 May 1955
002ShowalterBenjamin A.24 Jan 184222 Jun 191674y 4m 29d; fathers/Jacob & Elizabeth Funk Showalter
002ShowalterMary E.9 May 184713 Oct 192376y 7m 4d; mothernee Hollar; w/Benjamin A. Showalter
002KlineJoseph D.4 Sep 187216 Mar 1943fathers/Isaac & Rebecca Kline
002KlineRebecca V.30 Apr 188021 Dec 1951motherd/Benj. A. & Mary E. Hollar Showalter; w/Joseph D. Kline
002MoyersJoseph L.19041969
002MoyersPauline S.19081986
002MoyersMinnie24 Apr 191418 Mar 1923d/Joel & Mary E. Myers Moyers
002MoyersMary E.18691928motherd/John G. & Hester Myers; 1/mJoel Moyers
002MoyersJoel18681941fathers/Henry & Susan Sanger Moyers
002KeisterBertha A.7 Feb 189410 Sep 191824y 7m 4d; d/W. C. & L. C. Keister
002KeisterElsie Florence22 Feb 18998 Mar 1920d/W. C. & L. C. Keister
002KeisterTicie Lee12 Jul 190112 May 1926d/W. C. & L. C. Keister
002KeisterLydia C.18681955mother2/w W. C. Keister; nee Smith
002Keister, Jr.John D.19221925
002Branner, Jr.Herbert7 Jul 1924Lindsey funeral home marker only
002LamAbigail18661938mother1/h Scott; 2/h Joseph Lam
002LamLydia R.7 Jul 18989 Dec 1959daughterd/Joseph & Abigail Lam
002LamKatie M.13 Mar 190812 Mar 1963d/Joseph & Abigail Lam
002LewisMrs. Emmer M.Lindsey funeral marker only; no dates; d/John & Lizzie Myers
002LewisMr. GeorgeLindsey funeral marker only; no dates; from W.Va.
002HooverL. H.186519__s/Jacob; Swank notes Lemuel H. Hoover b. 1863 d. 9 Sep 1946
002HooverMatilda18551937his wifed/Isaac Barton; w/Lemuel L. H. Hoover
002MoyersElmer L.19221938s/John & Erma F. Crigler Moyers
002MoyersJohn H.18931946s/Joel & Mary Myers Moyers
002MoyersErma F.18951947d/Walter & Ida Hawse Crigler
002ShoemakerMarian I.17 Apr 193824 Apr 1938d/Carl C. & Gladys D. Shoemaker
002ShoemakerJean1 Apr 194017 Apr 1940d/Carl C. & Gladys D. Shoemaker
002ShoemakerCarl C.30 Nov 191010 Nov 1985
002ShoemakerGladys D.13 Jan 1917
002ShoemakerMaggie A.18751954
002ShoemakerJacob B.18701940
003BrownAva Landis2 Sep 1903burial here - no date
003CriderNora Landis14 Oct 18913 Nov 1925
003LandesBenjamin F.19 Mar 186830 Mar 192759 years; father
003LandisBetty Moyers23 Aug 187311 Apr 1937
003LandisGladys Landis Neff8 Dec 190918 Dec 1977
003LandisDavid R.16 Aug 189511 Apr 1954
003LandesHenry F.19 Mar 188830 Mar 1927no visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
003LandesDavid Roland11 Apr 1954aged 58y 8mno visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967;s/Benjamin & Betty Moyers Landes; 1/h of Gladys E. Donovan
003ShoemakerRuth E.1916mother
003ShoemakerGlen W.24 Jul 191426 Oct 1966fathers/John D. & Clara Lam Shoemaker; w/Ruth Miller
003HartmanLaura B.18711948d/Jacob Kesner; w/James Adam Hartman
003HartmanJames A.18651940
003ChapmanJohn D.10 Feb 189121 Sep 1971
003ChapmanReta E.3 Jun 189917 Aug 1969
003PriestVirginia C.18 Jul 1880d/B. H. & Matilda Goul; w/Bert Virgil Priest
003PriestBert V.22 Sep 187722 Dec 1952s/J. H. & Sarah E. Priest
003CampbellMichael E.21 Sep 1955Infant s/John E. & Joan Campbell
003ReedyLettie Mohler6 Jan 189023 Nov 1977
003ReedyH. Spencer2 Feb 189310 Apr 1979
003PhillipsDoshie T.26 Jun 18937 Feb 1970
003ReedyMaggie M.2 Feb 189918 Sep 1990h/Joseph Oliver Reedy
003ReedyJoseph O.14 Dec 189127 Jan 1965s/Link & Lydia Reedy
004FallsOla Frances19111978Lindsey Funeral Marker only
004FallsNo nameLindsey Funeral Marker only
004FallsJohn L.21 Sep 188820 May 1968
004ReedyOllie M.25 May 192016 May 2001
004ReedyClarnece R.16 May 1922
005KageyNettie J.24 Sep 188821 Jun 1930d/John R. & Josie C. KageyJosie nee Ritchie
005KageyJosie C.20 Dec 18565 Oct 1931d/George & Lena Ritchie; w/John Kagey
005KageyJohn R.9 Jan 186013 Dec 1924s/Samuel & Amanda Walker Kagey
005HillInfant Son of18 May 1932w/W. E. & I. L. Hill
005HillH. Howard31 Jan 189912 May 1963
005HillWilliam H.17 Apr 188120 Nov 1917s/John & Mary E.
005HillMary E.2 Jan 1933mother; 80 yearsnee Moneymaker; 2/w John M. Hill
005HillJohn M.1 Mar 1918father; 70 years
005LamSarah C.18491924mother; his wifenee Cookley; w/James M. Lam
005LamJames M.18531923father
005LamTracy H.189219201/w B. H. Lam
005LamBenjamin H.18891967
005LamVera D.19021997
005ShoemakerClara V.18801960his wifed/James M. & Sarah Cookley Lam; w/Jacob D.
005ShoemakerJ. D.18741931s/Christian & Rebecca Showalter Shoemaker
005ShoemakerBernard Gene12 Jul 194219 Oct 1942
005ShoemakerOwen S.4 Jun 19004 Sep 1944s/J. D. & Clara V.
005HartmanGrace L.19101932daughterd/Pearl D. & Maud Chapman Hartman
005HartmanPearl D.18911936fathers/Adam & Lauru Keener Hartman
005HartmanMaude S.18871949motherd/John & Phoebe Kratzer Chapman; w/Pearl D. Hartman
005DayMildred8 May 185712 Mar 1943mothernee Simmons; w/Adam Day
005DayJames A.4 Sep 18501 Mar 1934father
005WhetzelRaleigh R.b 1892d 1976
005WhetzelLouise F.b 1895d 1974
005WhetzelDavid R.6 Oct 188813 Oct 1971
005WhetzelNora A.25 Nov 18959 Aug 1988
005ReedyClyde Raymond19171991McMullen funeral home marker only
005Ritchie, Jr.Charles E.11 Jul 1948
005RitchieRonald Lee15 Jun 19492 Jun 1961
005MillerCharlotte R.25 Nov 19298 Mar 1978motherm/Sandra Ann Miller
005MillerSandra Ann11 Dec 196112 Mar 1978daughterd/Charlotte R. Miller
005RitchieLouise R.9 Oct 1927c/Charles Jr, Ronald, Gloria, Sue, Robert, Joyce, Kay
005RitchieCharles E.17 Feb 192725 Jan 2001Charles Evert Ritchie PFC US Army WWII
006ReedyMary J.6 Mar 1946
006ReedyLeonard J. P.17 Aug 193924 Jun 1985
006ReedyEli Richard21 Dec 18644 Mar 1954
006ReedyMary Frances18 Sep 186927 May 1928
006ReedyJacob A.1956Lindsey funeral home marker only
006ReedyLucille E.1956Lindsey funeral home marker only
006ReedyCharles L.1956Lindsey funeral home marker only
006PetrieSallie C.13 Mar 190316 Nov 1979
006SpitzerHattie C.b 1886d 1958d/David H & Sallie Hollar Berry; w/Samuel Spitzer
006SpitzerSamuel E.b 1877d 1964s/Jacob A & Mollie E. Shaver Spitzer
006LanhamDorothy Ruth8 Jun 192014 May 192111m 6d; d/Mr. & Mrs. M. L. Lanhamd/M.L. & Ticey Spitzer Lanham
006SpitzerMurel O.28 Apr 19237m 5d; s/C. H. & M. J. Spitzer
006SpitzerKatherine Elizabeth28 Oct 19198 Oct 1939d/Charles & Myrtle
006SpitzerShirley W.8 Nov 191719 Jul 196951y 8m 11d
006SpitzerMyrtle J.9 Sep 188923 Jan 1985
006SpitzerCharlie H.13 Dec 188823 Oct 1977married 8 Sep 1908w/Myrtle J.
006Mohler, Jr.Cletus T.12 Sep 192613 Jun 1984s/C. T. Mohler & M. H. Alexander
006MohlerLawrence D.12 Apr 193012 Apr 1930sons/Cletus T. & Mabel Hartman Mohler
006MohlerElvin L.19 Jan 19297 Sep 1929sons/Cletus T. & Mabel Hartman Mohler
006MohlerCletus T.26 Apr 190516 Jul 1956fathers/Mark & Zella Ritchie Mohler; h/Mabel Va. Hartman
006MohlerMark T.18761961s/Thomas J. and Sarah
006MohlerZella18751938d/George W. & Mary Ann Ritchie; W/Mark T. Mohler
006DoveMelvin F.19141965s/George & Goldie Roadcap Dove
006DoveGracie H.19131953sweetheartd/Ira Ritchie; w/Melvin F. Dove
006RitchieLillie D.18841947motherd/David C. & Malinda Reedy Hoover
006RitchieIra C.18771965fathers/George W. & Mary M. Ritchie
006Hill, Jr.Ward E.1 Apr 192024 Aug 1941s/Ward E. & Irene L.
006HillIrene L.18961958d/John W. & Ella Moubray Shifflet; w/Ward E. Hill
006HillWard E.18961961s/John M. & Mary E. Moneymaker Hill
006HillWarren W.13 Sep 193419 Jan 1987
007GroggHelen Marie29 Apr 19511 May 2000
007BareHattie L.22 Jun 190530 May 1993
007BareRaymond E.7 Aug 190229 Sep 1985
007BareRobert Edward19 Sep 192513 Feb 1927s/Raymond & Hattie Bare
007BossermanShirley M.23 Oct 1945
007BossermanRobert P.15 Jan 19392 Feb 1971
007HawseRuth J.18931973d/John M. & Mary #. Hill; w/Claude H. Hawse
007HawseClaude H.18961973
007CarrBertha B.9 Jan 190321 Jul 1970nee Phillips; w/David D. Carr
007CarrDavid D.1 May 189526 Feb 1958
007HawseMartha E.19031975nee Hartman; w/Ernest L.
007HawseErnest L.18991955
007ArmentroutGlenn B.30 Jun 191029 Aug 1983
007ArmentroutMinnie W.7 Jul 19098 Sep 1968
007WhetzelCarrie Spitzer18 Jan 18855 Nov 1966d/Cyrus N. & Mary Grady Spitzer; w/John Elmer Whetzel
007WhetzelJohn Elmer9 Jun 188518 Sep 1952s/David & Fannie Whetzel
007CarrMartha Joyce13 Oct 193931 Aug 1985
007StroopPhoebe18721948d/Noah Stroop
007ShermanThelma D.20 Nov 191728 Oct 1978
007ShermanEdward L.28 Jan 19126 Mar 1986
007DoveAda F.18971973d/Phoebe Stroop; 2/w Homer F. Dove
007DoveHomer F.18771947s/B. Frank & Sarah R. Ralston Dove
007DoveTracy D.14 Jul 1964married 8 April 1982
007DoveDewey L.22 Nov 196211 Aug 1998
007ReedyJ. Edward11 Sep 187027 Sep 1940s/Augustus & Nancy Dougherty Reedy; h/Susan Corbin
007Allman, Jr.Charles W.23 May 191224 May 1981TEC 4 U.S. Army WWIImilitary marker only
007SmithJohn W.1886194356y 9m
007BlackTracy M.1 May 1915appears to be grave here
007BlackWarren H.25 Jan 191627 Jul 1987married 6 Nov 1965w/Tracy M.
008GolladayMary Kathy8 Mar 196815 Jan 1994
008Golladay, Sr.Cecil L.30 Jun 1957
008ShoemakerFrances L.29 Aug 192922 Feb 1987
008ShoemakerMarshall J.4 Jun 191729 Apr 1986
008LambertBessie Simmons19 Feb 189929 Feb 1989
008LambertLuther22 Mar 190720 Jun 1986
008BowmanRuth V.21 Aug 191216 Oct 1993
008BowmanJames28 Jul 191022 Oct 1988
008ReedyEtta C.19 Sep 188427 Aug 1975mother
008ShifflettOllie M.11 Nov 189511 Feb 1984d/Charles Smith; w/Edward Shifflett
008ShifflettEdward L.7 Sep 189429 Mar 1963s/John Sifflett
008AlexanderMabel H.6 Feb 190523 Jun 1992
008AlexanderArthur A.30 May 190416 Oct 1961h/Mabel H.
008MohlerGary S. "Sam"12 Dec 194811 Feb 1967
008MohlerHilda M.10 Apr 1926married 5 April 1947w/Russell Mohler
008Mohler, Sr.Russell G.15 May 192127 Jan 1999CPL U.S. Army WWII
008OrebaughMary Opal19022001deceased now
008OrebaughJohn Boyd18981979
008Curry, IIIWalter Ray17 Dec 197418 Dec 1974
008DoveGoldie L.15 Oct 193022 May 1999
008DoveArnold L.23 Apr 1934
008MohlerBaby Boy__ Apr 1969__ Apr 1969Rhodes (now Grandle) funeral home marker only
008WhetzelRessie P.6 Mar 191523 Jun 1993mother
008WhetzelRussell A.10 Jan 192110 Nov 1991father
008MohlerJudy Whetzel15 Dec 195219 Feb 1968
008WhetzelEdward Wade20 Apr 191521 Mar 196448y 11m 1ds/Perry & Armedia Cleaver Whitzel
008WhetzelArmedia V.10 Apr 189019 Jul 1978
008WhetzelPerry W.20 Nov 18911 Nov 1971
009ReedyWillard E.19341999McMullen funeral home marker only
009WarnerMartha D.10 Dec 194417 Oct 2001mother
009WarnerDouglas E.6 Dec 1948father; married 20 July 1973
009MoyersRussell E.19301987
009GriffithHomer D.17 Jun 19178 Dec 1992CPL U.S. Army WWII
009GriffithFlorence L.6 Feb 192113 Oct 1993married 10 Feb 1942w/Homer Griffith
009HerchelrothBlanche19341989McMullen funeral home marker only
009GriffithWilda R.17 May 1931
009GriffithElbert E.16 Jan 192415 May 1998
010StroopIciey S.9 Apr 191916 Nov 1989
010StroopRalph6 Jul 191526 May 1991
010MoyersEdward D.21 Feb 195722 Mar 1990
010AllmanWalter Earl22 Dec 192231 Dec 1993PFC U.S. Army WWIImilitary marker only
010ReedyAnn S.4 Jun 1940
010ReedyWarren D.14 Apr 193719 Sep 1997
010BibbleLee Allen18 Aug 196930 Dec 1992
010GriffithRichard E.4 Mar 197311 Jun 1995