Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryPerry Moyers Memorial Cemetery
LocationBergton Area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, go through Broadway and take Route 259 west (Brocks Gap Road). Drive past Fulks Run Grocery Store and continue on Rt. 259 till you come to Route 820 (Bergton Road) and turn left. Go 5.7 miles on Route 820 (name changed to Crab Run Road) and cemetery is on the left side of road.
NotesWell maintained. Rows were recorded from the bottom end of cemetery (older stones) to the top. Facing headstones, they were recorded from left to right. In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote; "beside Brethren Church parsonage near West Virginia line, northwest of Bergton." In 2004 the parsonage is gone. Majority of notes in remarks column were from J. Robert Swank.
Survey Date and Recorder07 Nov 2004
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001HuppJoseph L.23 Nov 189521 Oct 1961
001HuppMinnie14 Jan 19033 Jul 1951w/J. L.
001MoyersJesse Franklin27 Oct 190521 Mar 1965PFC US Army WWII
001HuppAndrew J.8 Jul 19399 Jul 1939
001HuppWanda H.25 Jul 19277 Mar 1932
001MillerSport W.26 May 190127 Dec 1901s/A. F. & Elizabeth
001MillerNannie D.6 May 19006 May 1900d/A. F. & Elizabeth
001MoyersHenry11 May 1871Age 47y 4m 7d
001MoyersSusan16 Sep 1905Age 80y 5m 13d; w/Henry
001MoyersBalserJun 1867Age 18 yrs; s/Henry & Susan
001MoyersElizabethNov 1864Age 9y 6m; d/Henry & Susan
001UnknownF. W.Illegible slate stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
001UnknownIllegible slate stone
001UnknownIllegible slate stone
002WhiteDewey6 Aug 192413 Sep 1986Brother & Uncle
002WhiteMartha30 Aug 188713 Feb 1985Mother
002MillerEthel Viola27 Nov 191413 Sep 1989Mom
002UnknownIllegible marker
002ShipeBenjamin C.10 Jan 187019 Jun 1918
002ShipeDora9 Jan 187414 Oct 1919w/Benjamin C.
002MoyersJessie19 Aug 1879Age 30y 6m 19d
002MoyersDelilah May26 Jun 1894Age 39y 9m 13d; w/Jessie
002StultzWilliam20 Oct 183312 Aug 1892
002StultzMary16 Dec 1910Age 83y 1m, W/William
002StultzHagerName only-no date on marker
002UnknownSlate stone-illegible
002StultzInfantch/H. & C. E.
002StultzInfantch/H. & C. E.
002StultzInfantch/H. & C. E.
002ShultzInfantch/H. & C. E.
002ShultzInfantch/H. & C. E.
003CullersChristina "Candi"29 Oct 19659 Aug 1989Daughter
003GibsonJames S.15 Apr 190824 May 1976
003GibsonLena B.19 Sep 1914Appears to be burial here
003CullersErnest B.31 May 1929Appears to be burial here
003CullersIva G.5 Aug 192926 Feb 1958w/E. B.; d/Perry & Ada E. Moyers
003MoyersEdward Lee21 Apr 191223 Jul 1956
003MoyersNellie V.30 Sep 191116 Apr 1984w/E. L.
003MoyersPerry17 Feb 187319 Jun 1947
003MoyersAda E.13 Aug 188619 Sep 1966w/Perry
003MoyersArchie B.30 Apr 1917Age 10m 7d, s/Perry & Ada
003MoyersMarvin O.12 Jun 1920Age 1m 27d, s/Perry & Ada
003MoyerCalvin15 Dec 188131 Oct 1944Father
003MoyerDaisy25 Aug 188027 Feb 1937Motherw/Calvin
003MoyerFloyd B.26 Feb 1903s/Calvin & Daisy
003MoyerZella V.16 Dec 191210 Feb 1913
003MoyerSamuel B.19 Jan 187123 Dec 1912
003MoyerClara T.13 Sep 18806 Nov 1964
003MoyersMary28 Jul 1883Age 15 yrs; d/Abraham & Catherine
003MoyersAbraham11 May 1905Age 64y 1m 7d
003MoyersCatherine9 Mar 192780y 2m 24d, w/ Abraham
003StultzChristina E.18641926w/Harvey
003StultzClara C.31 Dec 19001 Jun 1939Mother
003PenceCatherine Dove13 Jan 193310 Aug 1994
003DoveMary Elizabeth13 Jul 19016 Mar 1964Mother
004LloydJames2 Mar 192211 Apr 1992
004LloydRuth4 Apr 192417 Mar 1998
004WomackCalvin G.17 Jul 195725 Mar 1990
004TurnerSharon D.6 Jun 1955I love you Sharon-James M. Lloyd Jr.; James M. Lloyd son of Sharon & James Lloyd, dau Labreesha & Manette
004LloydJames M.20 May 195111 Oct 1989Mom & Dad; son-James Morris, Sisters & Brothers-Mavis, Susan, Barbara, Timothy, Alton
004MayGarland L.10 Jan 19451 Feb 1985Their children-Garland L. May Jr., Daniel, Richard, Roger, Rose, Ruth, Shelley
004MayBarbara A.12 Sep 1945Married 26 Jan 1962w/Garland L. May
004WolfeGladys Ethel2 Nov 1926Mom
004DoveB. Raymond29 Nov 191219 Mar 2000Grandle Funeral Home marker
004DoveJames Ashby28 Jun 188226 Dec 1940
004DoveLenore Florence11 Dec 18819 Feb 1958w/J. A.
004SouderEdwardInfant per Swank's 1967 records
004SouderOwenInfant per Swank's 1967 records
004SouderLoreneInfant per Swank's 1967 records
004FitzwaterW.Illegible slate marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
004LantzJ.Illegible slate marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
004LantzF.w/J.Illegible slate marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; w/J.
004FinkSusie Elizabeth16 May 193016 May 1930d/Edward & Pammie
004FinkEdward Ray6 Mar 18935 Mar 1969
004FinkPammie Stultz11 Oct 18984 Oct 1995
004FinkElizabeth16 May 193016 May 1930No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; d/Edward & Pammie
004FinkMichael29 Jan 18576 May 1935Father
004FinkMartha11 Sep 186020 Jan 1937Mother
005Hughes, Jr.James Floyd18 Mar 196720 Jun 1996Mavis Womak, James F. Hughes Sr, Calvin Womack, Tommy Hughes, Crystal, Mathew
005PopelarskiMattie Z. Lantz15 Jun 192627 Apr 2003
005LloydJames Morris29 Jul 1988s/Sharon Turner & James M. Lloyd Jr.
005LantzE. Dow10 Feb 193228 Nov 1998US Army Korea
005LantzHays Earman24 May 19164 Jul 1989
005CombsRichard E.25 Sep 19426 Jul 2004Father; Children-Robin-Sarah-Wendy
005PopelarskiGeorge A.20 Apr 194816 Aug 1975
005CombsKathern F.19 Sep 1951Motherw/Richard
005MayOtis L. (Ted)7 Oct 191728 Aug 1985S2 US Navy WWIIMilitary marker shows Otis Lee May
005MayGracie M.15 Aug 19209 Mar 2001
005SouderVirginiaOn stone with David & Hannah
005SouderDavidOn stone with Virginia & Hannah
005SouderHannahOn stone with Virginia & David
005UnknownIllegible marker
005HaltermanAron H.18571946
005MoyerNey L.20 Apr 190710 Jul 1973
005HaltermanMary V.18631940w/A. H.
005MoyerMae Dove27 Sep 190111 Feb 1985
005UnknownJ. M.Illegible marker-initials on top of stone
005SouderWilmer Gene21 Jan 192215 Dec 1959
005SouderVirginia E.8 Apr 1924
005FitzwaterAaron24 Nov 187210 Nov 1938Father
005FitzwaterMartha E.19 Dec 18814 Feb 1960Motherw/Aaron
005StultzGeo. Brown19 Oct 188915 Oct 1967Married 6 Sep 1920
005StultzStella C.20 Sep 190111 Jan 1989w/Geo. Brown Stultz
005DavisJune Bernett Turner7 Feb 19495 Sep 1971
006LantzFelix E.14 Dec 192330 May 1942
006LantzGeorge M.17 Jun 188013 Mar 1943
006LantzDora C.24 Jul 18886 Mar 1964w/George M.
006LantzViolet8 Feb 19299 Jun 1943
006FlippinLillian Lantz19111955
006HeishmanDenana Pearl21 Apr 190519 Apr 1959
006WhetzelHannah R.15 Apr 186821 Nov 1946
006MoyerLucy Gayd/Mr. & Mrs. Ney Moyer
006LantzSamuel L.7 Sep 1923
006LantzMary R.12 Oct 192223 Aug 1997
006LantzEllen Gayd/Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Lantz
006LantzWilma Leed/Mr. & Mrs. Loyd Lantz
006DelawderJ. Perry1 Aug 187423 Mar 1964
006DelawderClara17 Jan 187623 Jun 1948w/J. P.
006DeLawderRoy Franklin8 Feb 191010 Jul 1978
006DeLawderLena Catherine19101941w/Roy F.
006DeLawderLloyd Wayne23 May 194414 Apr 1995Son & Brother
006TurnerJoseph B. "Joe"12 Sep 191528 Jul 1993Married 24 Jul 1948
006TurnerJessie Stultz2 Mar 1921w/Joseph B.
007MoyerGage M. CarterJun 1996Grandle funeral home marker only
007MoyerEverett M.8 Dec 19288 Jun 1992
007MoyerLeota D.14 Nov 193024 Feb 2001
007StultzJohn R.29 Jan 189628 Sep 1967Virginia Pvt Co D Dev Bn WWI
007StultzShirley M.28 Jun 192316 Feb 1988Married 25 Dec 1943w/John R.
007StultzPaul Kenneth5 Mar 19525 Mar 1952
007MoyerElizabeth A.25 Jun 18587 Mar 1943
007MoyerMichael L.23 Sep 189329 Jun 1954
007MoyerGrace M.10 Jul 190013 Apr 1995
007DelawderErnest B.1 Aug 19208 Jan 1997Cpl US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Ernest Brown Delawder
007DelawderElizabeth E.7 Apr 19172 Jul 1991
007LantzPerry Samuel19 Jun 188421 Aug 969
007LantzElla Moyer18 Mar 189131 May 1974
007LantzFrances V.24 Jan 1943Age 81y 5m 13d; Mother
007LantzGeorge H.17 Mar 18897 Sep 1984
007LantzMinnie T.27 Sep 188714 Jun 1972
007LantzFleta V. (Tata)23 Jul 192120 Feb 1994d/George & Minnie
008SeamanScott T.8 Jul 19501 Nov 1994
008SeamanEvelyn M.27 Mar 1955
008DoveRandal K.20 Jun 1927
008DoveViola Mae9 Oct 193118 Sep 1983
008DoveJohn M.28 Jul 19096 Jul 1973
008DoveMargie S.6 Aug 19116 Apr 1995
008DeLawderLee Franklin8 Apr 193327 Jan 2004Pvt US Army
008DeLawderAnne Rae26 Jul 1940
008FitzwaterF. Allen9 Sep 189212 Jun 1976
008FitzwaterAda M.2 Nov 189628 Jul 1989
009See, Jr.Dewey McArthur18 Nov 196621 Nov 1966
009RitchieBessie D.19031966
009StultzFelix23 May 189317 Jan 1954
009StultzAnnie23 Mar 189024 Oct 1968
009StultzWilliam P.15 Dec 187028 Aug 1956
009StultzPhebe E.8 Sep 18713 Dec 1952w/William P.
009StultzGeorge W.18621948
009StultzLaura F.18731956w/George W.
009StultzRussell Lee14 Jun 189325 Nov 1968
009Shoemaker, Jr.Howard C.30 Dec 194125 Jun 1942
010ThorpArchie H.31 Oct 192213 Mar 2004Cpl US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Archie Hobart Thorp
010ThorpGladys P.14 Nov 192125 Jan 1999
010MoyersChester W.12 Jul 191723 Aug 1983
010MoyersRita F.28 May 19219 Apr 1999
010MoyersCalvin J.18931978
010MoyersEtta S.18951968
010MoyersNaomi Gay19 Jun 19289 Jun 1982
010SieversMary S.24 Sep 18775 Mar 1965
010MoyersHarvey W.28 Apr 188529 Jul 1968
010MoyersEthel S.16 Aug 189013 Jul 1956w/H. W.
010StultzFranklin8 Mar 185814 Sep 1945
010StultzSamuel D.2 Apr 189326 Aug 1983Loving Father
010StultzDara M.31 Mar 189814 May 1979Devoted Mother
010StultzDonald21 Nov 1942infant s/S. D. & Dara
010StultzVirgil E.21 Feb 19269 Nov 1991US Army WWII; Parents of Mildred Elaine 7-23-1952; Grandparents of Joni Luetta Gochenour 8-24-1981, Keri Clarisa Gochenour 6-1-1984Military marker shows Virgil Ernest Stultz
010StultzLola M.22 May 1927w/Virgil E.
011ShoemakerJoan Halterman28 Feb 194314 May 1989
011ShoemakerSonja Renee23 Feb 196616 Aug 1966Our Daughter
011ShoemakerCarl Danny18 Feb 196126 Jul 1961Our Son
011ShoemakerCarl Dow20 Aug 191729 Apr 1963Wed 18 Dec 1937
011ShoemakerB. Nadeene12 Oct 1920w/Carl Dow; no death date
011HaltermanFrank M.14 Nov 189728 Jul 1968
011HaltermanIola A.3 Aug 191214 May 2001
011HaltermanWilliam F.19381959
011MoyersCurtis R.29 Jun 190917 Aug 1972
011MoyersAlda Mae28 Jul 19223 Jun 1991
011MoyersDennis Zane16 Aug 19451 Nov 1945s/C. R. & Mae
012RitchieDale Stanley5 Jan 192625 Feb 1966Father; Married 8 Apr 1950Veteran
012RitchieGlenna Kathleen23 Apr 1927Motherw/Dale Stanley
012MongoldWilson W. (Shorty)8 May 192225 May 1988Dad
012MongoldV. Louise18 Jan 1926Mom
012MoyersKathy Lee14 Nov 196416 Sep 1973
013MoyerVergie E.14 Oct 18991 Jun 1976Beloved Sister
013MoyerAnna Catherine10 May 19047 Jan 1991
013StultzWilliam H.25 Sep 190618 Jun 1968
013StultzVivian P.18 Nov 191025 Dec 1993
013HartmanPaul W.12 Jan 193930 Jul 1966Husband; Virginia BM2 US NavyMilitary marker shows Paul Welton Hartman
013Hartman, Jr.Paul W.19582004Grandle funeral home marker only
013WilkinsOrlando B.1 Jan 19191 Feb 2004S Sgt US Army Air Forces WWII; Maried 10 Sep 1948; Our children-Bruce Allen 11-14-1949; Alice Janel 8-17-1953; Grandchildren-Brian Victor Miller 7-30-1974, Janel Lee Miller 10-26-1977Military marker shows Orlando Basye Wilkins
013WilkinsLona Moyer21 Jul 1921w/Orlando B.
013MoyerWalter L.4 Aug 189024 Dec 1964
013MoyerPearl L.23 Feb 189730 Jul 1991w/W. L.
014DelawderKimberly Shawn22 Oct 196213 Jun 1974Son
014VanceBurt L.12 Sep 191821 Jun 1984US Army WWII
014VanceHazel C.4 Apr 1938
014VanceSue Ann28 Jan 195828 Jan 1958d/Mr. & Mrs. Burt Vance
015SmithVincent M.17 Aug 192813 Jul 2001US Army KoreaMilitary marker shows Vincent Moyer Smith
015MoyerH. Kenna20 Dec 189320 Dec 1989Pvt US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Harvey K. Moyer
015MoyerRuth D.6 Apr 189329 Aug 1976
015MoyerLawrence B.17 May 192014 May 1992Married 30 Jun 1941
015MoyerBernice L.27 Jun 192324 Oct 2000w/Lawrence B.
015MoyerClyde A.23 Jan 19025 Dec 1987
015MoyerOda E.19 May 190617 Mar 1973
015LohrAlicia Ann "Sissy"19 Nov 19677 Feb 1997
016SouderRussell W.13 May 190419 Oct 1991Father; Married 10 Nov 1929
016SouderBeulah Lee22 Sep 190830 Aug 2003Motherw/Russell W.
016MoyerHazel May "Aunt Hazel"31 Oct 190521 Apr 1983
016MoyerHarold W.14 Jul 190420 Oct 1980Pvt US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Herald W. Moyer
016MoyerSusie D.12 Aug 188127 Sep 1979Mother
017MoyerWilson W.19122004Grandle funeral home marker only
018RitchieTeghan Fawna26 Jun 199130 Jun 1993d/Tom & Vicki
018HuppWilliam F.19 Jul 189819 Jan 1970
018HuppGussie Shipe3 Dec 189627 Mar 1983
019MoyerLoy Franklin20 Sep 191414 Sep 1996Married 4 Apr 1936
019MoyerDelna Mae29 Mar 191529 Apr 2002w/Loy Franklin
019WinesburgCatherine Moyers29 Feb 189216 Dec 1984
019MoyerWebb17 Sep 188424 Jul 1967Father; Married 24 Dec 1908
019MoyerBertie C.30 May 188912 Sep 1984Motherw/Webb
020MoyerInfant Son27 Sep 198027 Sep 1980s/Franklin & Joyce
021HuppCletus H.19291987Father
022DoveGuy L.17 Jun 1926
022DoveBeulah G.29 May 192526 Jan 1992
023ShermanCharley H.4 Dec 1924Married 16 Dec 1944
023ShermanFleta I.7 May 1924w/Charley H.
024Moyers, Jr.Boyd24 Feb 19238 Jan 1997
024MoyersMannie B.No dates