Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySt. Peter's Lutheran Church Cemetery
LocationFrom Courthouse in Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 33 East. Go 12.4 miles and turn left onto Route 602 (East Point Road). Go 6.6 miles. You will see St. Peterís United Methodist Church (also known as-St. Peterís Evangelical United Brethren Church) on left side of Route 602. On the right side you will see business-Dovelís Garage. On the south side of the business there is a dirt lane which leads to St. Peterís Lutheran Church Cemetery.
NotesWell maintained. This is a marker which is at the front of the cemetery: "St. Peter's Lutheran Church founded on Naked Creek in 1733. Adam Miller the oldest settler in the valley, gave the land for what is the 2nd oldest Lutheran Church in Virginia. St. Peter's moved to this location in 1747 and worshiped here until 1884. The building was used by St. Peter's U.B. until 1953. The Lutheran Church is now Located on Rt. 340." Volunteers in 1997 recorded cemetery for an Eagle Scout service Project with the assistance of Rev. Ralph Jenkins. In 1936 C. C. Morris with the W.P.A. wrote the following: "Here we have one of the oldest cemeteries in the valley, established along with one of the oldest Churches. It has the same name as it did when established about 180 years ago. Today it is still a union cemetery & belonged to several different denominations, Lutherans, United Brethren, Methodist & Presbyterians. Mathias Shuler came from Germany about 1730 and was buried here about 1750. It is not certain whether he was the first burial. It is known that William Cravens & John Bear, two noted Methodist preaches, held audiences spellbound here in 1770. This cemetery must have been for a long time a burying place as it is near the camping grounds of the Indians when they occupied the valley. Some of the Stovers are buried here, who are supposed to be descendants of the first settlers by that name in the country. The older graves have no inscriptions, only rock stones. Others have limestones with amateur inscriptions."
Survey Date and RecorderNov 2004
Martha Lee & Nettie Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
MichaelCharlieNo visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
MichaelCornelia18781965No visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
AmmonMary22 Dec 1818w/ChristopherNo visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
BaugherHiram15 May 1845No visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
CaveSamuel19171961No visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
DovelFlorine V.6 Aug 184414 May 1912No visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
LummocksFosterNo visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
McCoyMarietta12 Sep 186731 Jan 1929No visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
MeadowsAlice18641942 or 1949No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1970s. This may be the person buried in row 21 grave 5
MichaelNeilNo visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
MichaelWillNo visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
PurdhamDavid William18881952No visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
SeekfordCatherine16 Jul 189731 Jul 1910No visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
StonebergerBobbie LeeNo visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
StonebergerGeorge18811962No visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
WatsonLuther12 May ____No visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
ShulerMathiasAbt 1750No visible marker-recorded by WPA in 1936
MeadowsWilliam T.18651947No visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
PeterfishMary M.29 Dec 17813 Jun 1835w/John; d/H. N. Monger & wifeNo visible marker-record by DAR in early 1970s
MeadNo visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished data in 1997
001KislingOliver Richard22 Dec 192317 Dec 2000m/26 Jul 1946, Cpl. U. S. Marine Corps WWII, children: Oliver Jr. "Ricky", Brenda Lorene, Howard W. "Jacky", Joyce Ann, Danny Ray, Norman Scott "Scotty"
001KislingHelen Frances Good25 Apr 1929m/26 Jul 1946, children: Oliver Jr. "Ricky", Brenda Lorene, Howard W. "Jacky", Joyce Ann, Danny Ray, Norman Scott "Scotty"
002GoodCecil J.18 Oct 192517 May 1993Dad
002GoodRezona E.2 Aug 19306 Jul 1997Mom
002GoodBlank-surname only
003GoodBenjamin F.18 Sep 19352 Jul 1992Dad, 23 Jan 1954
003GoodGale Davis27 Mar 1937Mom, 23 Jan 1954
003Davis, Sr.Paul Vernon5 Jun 19117 Nov 1980PFC U. S. Army WWII
003DavisLillian K.3 Jan 191428 Jan 1991
003ShifflettWillie W.24 Dec 192024 Feb 1975
003ShifflettRosie A.18991980
003UnknownBlank cinderblock marks grave.
003DovelJanie Louise1 Oct 190831 Jul 1987
003PlumGene D.17 Jun 193011 May 1996
003PlumHilda V.8 Mar 1930
003ShifflettJohn H.19381990Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
003WarbleCharles V.21 Sep 192027 Apr 1994Army Air Corps WWII, PFC
003WarbleMary V.7 Oct 1923
003UnknownGrave marked off with arrows
004RoudabushJames C.10 Jan 193016 Nov 1996
004RoudabushIda Mae S.15 Apr 1932
004ShifflettBobby E.2 Dec 1961
004ShifflettRose M.1 Aug 196310 May 1991
004MillerRonald Lee19621962W. H. Kyger Funeral Home
004Collins, Jr.Lee Clinton2 Sep 1942Dad
004CollinsBarbara Lee15 Oct 1944Mom
004Collins, IIILee Clinton29 Sep 196020 Aug 1988Son
004CollinsChristopher Matthew Lee28 Jul 19637 Apr 1989Black Sheep, son
005SnyderLula Jane19 Aug 189929 Jun 1932Aged 32y 10m 10d
005MillerMillard E.12 Aug 191518 Feb 1994m/29 Jan 1938
005MillerLeola M.7 Sep 191518 Sep 1984m/29 Jan 1938
005TumerBetty Miller8 Jun 194715 Jan 1974
005MillerHarry E.12 Jul 18765 Feb 1941
005MillerNellie Burks10 Oct 18921942
005ShifflettClarence W.19011954Father
005DovelAubrey A.10 Feb 1930
005DovelEva B.21 Nov 193119 Sep 1984
006McCoyCurtis Melvin18981955
006McCoyEvelyn V.19001985
006McCoyArnold Thomas3 Mar 192119 Dec 1975M2 U. S. Navy WWII
006McCoyCurtis W.5 May 18587 Jan 1937Father
006EberleLura P.24 Apr 189415 Sep 1921w/H. A.
006MartinCharles E.23 Jul 18957 Feb 1984
006MartinMabel E.7 Oct 18999 Nov 1949
006MartinMargaret V.18 Apr 1920
006MayLewis P.2 Nov 191218 Dec 1984
006MayDaisy B.14 Aug 190822 Apr 1985
006Lam, Jr.Freddie13 Jun 194814 Jun 1948
006DreherRussell W.20 Oct 190914 Aug 1984
006DreherSadie E.22 Feb 190630 May 1988
006TaylorCharles E.2 Sep 188011 Nov 1957Mason
006TaylorMary E.18 May 188118 Feb 1967
006MayCharles G.14 Aug 19141 Dec 1990
006MayMagline T.11 May 1920
007SnyderInfant Girl1874d/J. G. & M. J.
007SnyderBettie Maygraph1894d/J. G. & M. J., age 30y
007SnyderLaura B.1898Age 20y
007SnyderJohn W.18721924
007SnyderCora A.18731917w/John W.
007SnyderJoseph G.5 Nov 1892Aged 56y 17d
007SnyderMary J.11 Jan 1912w/Joseph G., aged 74y 7m22d
007SnyderElmer18961910s/J. W. & C. A.
007SnyderFloid18971898s/J. W. & C. A.
007SnyderEddie E.19081911s/J. W. & C. A.
007SnyderMedford19091911s/J. W. & C. A.
007MongerE. L. T.9 Jul 1910
007FerrellMamie L.8 Jul 190019 Nov 1925
007LawsonOtis Wilson3 Nov 19294 Oct 1998m/20 Sep 1957
007LawsonJanice L.2 Oct 1938m/20 Sep 1957
007DovelHelen Marie22 Oct 192025 May 1991Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
008Snyder (?)Infant
008SnyderJ. G.18 Oct 183626 Nov 1892
008SnyderM. J.19 May 183711 Jan 1919
008McGraphWilliam M.30 Jul 1934Virginia Pvt. 5th Depot BrigadeDates are buried recording by DAR in the early 1970s.
008GainesWilliam E.17 Nov 18336 Jul 1893
008GainesElizabeth Burner9 Jan 18371 Apr 1912
008StanleySarah Jane15 Dec 18638 Jul 1903w/David, d/Charles Dovel
008GibsonE. D.19 Nov 185815 Aug 1906
008SmithLillie Gibson14 Oct 187519 Nov 1959
008DovelRaymond Lee1 Sep 191913 Sep 1919s/W. N. & R. L.
008DovelWilmer N.10 Jun 189814 Jun 1965
008DovelRessie L.8 Sep 189620 Sep 1982
008DovelFlorine V.6 Jun 19245 Nov 1925
008DovelJesse Lee3 Sep 194610 Jan 1950
008DovelHomer F.8 May 190415 Mar 1974
008DovelHettie V.24 May 190616 Jul 1994
008DovelJohn E.19021983
008DovelTessie M.19021985
009DovelCharles W.29 May 189223 Feb 1914Evening Star Council No. 75
009DovelIda Bell2 Jun 1895Aged 8m
009DovelClara G.28 Jan 19118 Feb 1911d/C. C. & Sallie
009DovelSarahan19 Apr 19064 Mar 1925
009DovelElzy Joan22 Oct 191112 Jan 1973
009DovelErvin L.16 Mar 19096 Jul 1980Father
009DovelHubert27 Jun 1902s/I. N. & J. V.Illegible death date recorded as 20 Nov 1903 by the DAR about 1971.
009DovelMamied/I. N. & J. V.Illegible dates-recorded by DAR in 1970s as born 22 Jan 1901, died 1 Dec 1903
009DovelJennette V.18691952
009DovelIsaac N.18761937
009DovelElizabeth J.12 Oct 188423 Sep 1897
009DovelL. B.18371909
009DovelD. A.18571931
009DovelCelester28 Dec 18903 Mar 1956
009SteppMary V.5 Sep 191420 Jun 1915d/A. N. & D. A.
009SteppReba F.30 Jan 19397 Feb 1939d/R. H. & G. M.
009FoltzAlbert Newton1 Oct 193521 Oct 1935
010LamVirgil M.25 Jun 18922 Jun 1961
010LamNellie M.4 Oct 189429 May 1969DAR states that middle name is Mabel, recorded in about 1971
010DovelSallie A.7 Jun 18677 Dec 1938
010DovelCharles C.29 May 18678 Apr 1934
010DovelCharles W.29 May 189228 Feb 1914No visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished date in 1997
010DovelCharles W.11 Mar 183219 Mar 1887Aged 55y 2m 8d
010DovelTalitha J.28 Mar 1835Feb 1921w/Charles W.
010DovelGeorge D.18991973
010DovelJohn C.Illegible dates
010BurkettMary A.18601919
010BurkettHorace E.18491919
010DovelSusan R.18721916
010DovelDavid R.18741932
010DovelIda J.18791917
010SteppArt N.6 Jun 187926 Jul 1954
010SteppDorotha A.27 Feb 188621 Feb 1975
010SteppRaymond H.29 Jan 191220 Jul 1998Father, 29 Nov 1933, children - Robert H., Margaret M., Reba F., Kenneth F., Judith A., V. Elaine, J. Dale, Jewell F., Raymond A., Paulene J., Eva F., James L., B. Martin, Lois J.
010SteppGladys M.10 Oct 1913Mother, 29 Nov 1933, children - Robert H., Margaret M., Reba F., Kenneth F., Judith A., V. Elaine, J. Dale, Jewell F., Raymond A., Paulene J., Eva F., James L., B. Martin, Lois J.
010FoltzHenry A.16 May 191110 Aug 1938
010LamRuth28 Jun 1913w/M.
010LamIrvin E.9 Aug 19178 Jul 1996SP5 U. S. Army WWII, Korea, Vietnam
010PenceElmer E.20 Dec 18926 Feb 1945Dad
010PenceBertha A.20 Jul 18944 Apr 1984Mom
010MillerWatkins E.7 Oct 191516 Sep 1989
010MillerLouise E.6 Jun 1925
011KislingAlvin J.15 Apr 194328 Dec 1955
011KislingCalvin W.27 Jul 191918 Dec 1991Pvt. U. S. Army WWII, father
011KislingHallie D.1922Mother
011RothgebMary A.31 Jan 1898w/G. W., Aged 42y
011UnknownH. D. ?
011TaylorOliver P.18471919
011LamJoseph R. T.24 Apr 187617 Oct 1948
011LamElzy M.22 May 188314 Apr 1952
011GladwellDavid M.5 Jun 187715 Jan 1967
011GladwellEmma J.18 Apr 187320 Oct 1961
011ThompsonRoger23 Apr 1938Va. Pvt. 329 Inf. 83 Div.
011ThompsonVirginia M.10 Apr 190020 Oct 1961
012KislingEverette F.26 Sep 192624 Apr 2004Father
012KislingDelilah M.31 Aug 192619 May 2003Mother
012KislingGalen Tony31 Jul 196118 Dec 1999
012KislingEffie D.28 Aug 189115 Sep 1958Mother
012StanleyMabel Kisling21 Sep 191715 Jan 1989Mother
012PeterfishMary A.Aug 1838Nov 1912
012PeterfishEmmaAug 1845Jun 1931
012PeterfishAndrew Jackson12 Mar 18436 Apr 1913Aged 70y 25d
012PeterfishMargaret6 Jan 18103 Jul 1886Aged 76y 5m 27d
012PeterfishRuben28 Dec 180210 Dec 1876Aged 73y 11m 12d
012PeterfishJohn H.12 Apr 18498 Jan 1860Aged 10y 8m 26d
012CoffmanWilliam14 May 1895Aged 21y 5m
012CoffmanWilliam T.23 Mar 18376 Oct 1902
012DovelNina F.25 Jun 189115 Mar 1972
012DovelEugene W.5 Nov 18785 Jul 1957
012DovelBettie E.4 Mar 188324 Jan 1922
012FoltzWilliam F.2 Jan 195822 Jul 1979
012FoltzAnna A.20 May 192917 Jan 1991
012FoltzLeon M.23 Jul 192323 Dec 1995
012LamJames W.11 Dec 193813 Jul 2000
012LamBetty Ann2 Aug 1934
012KiteAlvin Carter12 Apr 192721 Jun 2003
012KiteFlorence Lorraine22 Mar 1924
013FisherJames Woodrow4 May 193118 Apr 1997AIC U. S. Air Force Korea
013BennettBessie F.10 Aug 188810 Aug 1888
013BennettJames A.9 Aug 18789 Aug 1878
013BennettEdward L.16 Sep 18861 Jun 1887
013BennettMary S.28 Sep 185020 Apr 1896Mother, w/George W.
014ArmentroutJames Jackson23 Aug 192830 Jun 1979T. Sgt. U. S. Army Korea
014ArmentroutBetty L.26 Dec 1934
014UnknownBlank base-may be headstone base for James Woodrow Fisher
014HeistonL. S.13 Mar 18535 Apr 1915
014HeistonIsabelle13 Mar 1889w/John , Aged 62y
014HeistonJohn7 Oct 178815 Oct 1881
014UnknownIllegible rock-may be Mary Ammon (see last page)
015ArmentroutKevin Lynn21 Oct 197520 Sep 1998
015SeekfordJoseph N.22 Aug 185430 Dec 1887Brother
015SeekfordCatherine23 Feb 182823 Feb 1893Mother
015SeekfordAttie May Catherine3 Jul 189716 Jul 1910Daughter
015SeekfordJohn21 Jun 185626 Oct 1914Father
015SeekfordNathaniel G.24 Jun 18993 Dec 1925KKKK
015LongPaul2 Dec 1883Illegible age-recorded by DAR in 1970s as aged 31y 4m
015LongElizabeth17 Jun 179931 Dec 1879w/Paul, Aged 80y 6m 14d
015KitePhillip B.7 Sep 186917 Nov 1928
015KiteMittie A.1 Sep 18674 Nov 1922
015KiteBobby L.2 Aug 193412 May 2003children: Tammy, Kathy, Roger, Sandra, Phyllis
015KiteMary E.29 Sep 1935children: Tammy, Kathy, Roger, Sandra, Phyllis
015HensleyOsba19211999Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home Marker
015HensleyEarl W.26 Jan 195121 Oct 1983
015HensleyGloria J.30 Sep 1955
016SteppMartin12 Jan 1895Aged 66y 4mPartially illegible age-recorded by DAR 1971; Recorded as born 7 Dec 1829 by Scout project in 1997
016SteppPhrana28 Jun 1892Aged 64y 4m 8d
016SprouseJacob W.16 Aug 191929 Oct 1976
016SprouseMildred R.4 Jun 192819 Apr 1975
016RyanEdward L.6 Jun 186728 Jul 1932
016RyanIda186916 Apr 1939
016EatonHenry F.15 Aug 192218 Nov 1943
016MorrisGail H.25 Nov 194924 Mar 1968
016HensleyMathew D.19551995
017AskinJimmy John19701978J. C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
017AskinSandra C.19511978J. C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
017CaveDonald Lewis19571978J. C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
017CaveEd. W.21 Jul 1910Aged 57In 2004 Jul 219010 sratched into stone; DAR recorded as died 21 Jul 1910
017CaveGeorgeNo visible marker-Ralph Jenkins furnished name in 1997
017BreedenHensel C.9 Nov 191024 Jun 1964
017StonebergerOsbey McKinley9 Oct 18965 Dec 1971
017StonebergerCharles L.4 Dec 188528 Mar 1965
017UnknownPainted cinderblocks with no name
017UnknownPainted cinderblocks with no name
017UnknownPainted cinderblocks with no name
017UnknownPainted cinderblocks with no name
017UnknownPainted cinderblocks with no name
017KislingNorman Franklin2 Aug 193731 Mar 1983erected by sister Stella & nephew Dickie
017PuckettDalton T. E.19921992Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
017StinnettEugene Harper25 Dec 193514 Dec 1984m/19 Dec 1955
017StinnettStella F.26 Jan 1940m/19 Dec 1955
018StonebergerWilliam B.16 Mar 189215 Jun 1924
018GoodLydia Stoneberger18771902Mother
018GoodHarry David19001946Son
018UnknownMarker broken-illegible
018GarrisonG. William8 Jul 19267 Dec 1944
018GarrisonJ. Henry18831947
018GarrisonLoretta S.18881961
018GarrisonLeonard E.17 Apr 19179 Mar 2001
018KislingWilliam E.23 Jul 194420 Oct 1944
018KislingWilbert H.26 Jul 193419 Sep 1953
018KislingEmma Jean2 Dec 194315 Sep 1955
018KislingElwood15 Feb 19491 Feb 1965
018KislingAmos H.10 Jul 191326 Jul 1972
018KislingMinnie Cyle12 Sep 190830 Dec 1991
018KislingLawrence Clyde20 Apr 193324 Oct 2001
019BaileyJohn H.5 Jun 18698 Mar 1902
019McCauleyLloyd M.19181980Pvt U. S. Army
019McCauleyBertha E.18 Aug 18987 Sep 1981
019McCauleyAndrew W.5 Jun 189411 Sep 1956
019ShifflettE. Monroe2 Nov 190624 Nov 1985
019ShifflettNora V.6 Jan 19113 Feb 1962
019ShifflettJeffrey C. (Rev.)4 Oct 196526 Oct 1985Son
020MowbrayMary Jane Dean5 Jul 1830w/James W.
020MowbrayMary Janed/J. W. & M. J.
020DeanNoah J.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1970s-no dates
020DeanWilliam H.1908No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1970s
020DeanWilliam31 Jan 1857Aged 60y 11m 26d
020DeanMary15 Dec 179427 Jan 1879w/William
020ShifflettLue Emma12 Sep 190812 Sep 1908
020RodefferAnnie F.18961918
020ThomasDonald Lee1 May 19491 May 1949c/C. E. & L. F.
020ThomasPeggy Lynn13 Jul 195213 Jul 1952
020ShifflettEarman H.24 Jun 19392 Jul 1939c/W. H. & E. V.
020ShifflettErvin H.26 Feb 194026 Feb 1940
020ShifflettWilliam H.19111979
020ShifflettEthel V.19091994
020ShifflettWilliam Ray10 Apr 196310 Apr 1963s/Raymond & Dorothy
020HensleyMary Ellen19601960J. E. Brill funeral home marker
020ShifflettRaymond D.11 Mar 194620 Aug 1992
021DovelDaniel D.16 Jul 180030 Jul 1867Aged 66y 11m 14d
021DovelEve1 Sep 1867Aged about 63y
021DovelPamlia or Pauline3 May 184315 Jul 1845d/Daniel & Eve
021PeterfishElizabeth31 Jan 18234 Jul 1852d/Daniel & Eve
021Ma_____?S. Alice18641942Freddy Treagle Funeral Home; dates match name of Alice Meadows recorded by DAR in the early 1970s.
021UnknownPainted cinderblock with no writing.
021S.E. F.Marker with initials only
021McCauleyMatilda M.22 Mar 184029 Feb 1909
021McCauleyWilliam F.6 May 185027 Jan 1919
021McCauleyJacob A.26 Jun 18771 Oct 1965Beloved Uncle
021ShifflettCharles H.23 Aug 19198 Jan 1922s/Earman & Ida
021ShifflettArthur C.9 Sep 192427 Dec 1929s/Earman & Ida
021ShifflettEarman F.16 Dec 18793 Oct 1948
021ShifflettIda F.11 Sep 187928 Feb 1951
021McCauleyCharles C.21 May 19212 Jul 1923Son
021McCauleyA. Frank2 Feb 187513 Aug 1950
021McCauleyBertha A.25 Oct 189516 May 1959
021JenkinsBenjamin S.2 Jan 190416 Jan 1930
021JenkinsFlorence E.6 Dec 19036 Sep 1935d/E. F. & Ida
021ShifflettConrad W. "C. W."1 Aug 194417 Nov 1982Father
021ShifflettP. Jim8 Feb 19655 Aug 1972s/Conrad W.
022RionHarry Lee23 Dec 19188 Dec 1987Pvt. U. S. Army WWII
022RyanLeona May12 Dec 190815 Jan 1978
022RyanJohn B.3 Sep 19117 Mar 1970Son
022RyanVirgie M.11 Sep 187811 Mar 1965Mother
022RyanLuther L.19 Dec 187121 Feb 1947Father
022StoverMary Ann9 Dec17991 Feb 1849w/Joseph ; aged 49y 7m 20d
022StonebergerJ. N. B.Walker Co. Vo. Arty. C.S.A.Record as J. V. B. by DAR in 1970s
022ShifflettWilliam M.24 Jul 187223 Nov 1934
022JenkinsJerry A.30 Apr 19435 Apr 1946sR. H. & M. G.
022JenkinsHazel L.23 Apr 194026 Apr 1940d/R. H. & M. G.
023DovelFrankie Lee29 Apr 19333 May 1933
023DovelSudie Lourene28 Jul 191321 Mar 1991
023DovelCarl Edgar12 Sep 190715 Jan 1975
023RyanJohn D.16 Jun 183125 Dec 1902Aged 71y 6m 9d
023RyanCatherine Stover18331919w/John D.
023HepnerSulena B.18 Apr 186519 Dec 1899w/C. W.
023RionChas. L.3 Oct 19141 Aug 1915s/L. L. & V. M
023RionJacob F.4 Dec 186014 Apr 1918Aged 57y 4m 10d
023RionMollie McCoy15 Jul 18746 Jan 1960Mother
023StoverHenry W.2 Apr 18752 May 1961
023StoverWilliam Henry26 Feb 193031 Mar 1918
023DovelPatrick H.10 Jun 187114 Nov 1956h/Martha J.
023DovelMartha J.24 Oct 187022 Sep 1941w/Patrick H.
023McCoySafronia E.29 Nov 1915Aged 75y 11m 29d
023StoverChas. W.1 Mar 187822 Jan 1901
023StoverMary J.18391928Illegible dates-Recorded by DAR in 1960s as b. 1839, d. 1928
023StoverMary A.24 Nov 187025 Dec 1903
023DovelNorah J.1901Infant
023DovelWilliam H.1903
023DovelCalvin B.18681913Father
023DovelEmma F.18681909Daughter
023DovelJossie P.18961919
023DovelJames A.1914s/C.M. & C.
023DovelStella V1918d/C. M. & C.
023DovelHenry1923s/C. M. & C
023DovelHarold1923s/C. M. & C
023McCauley, Sr.Andrew Leon28 Mar 192718 Feb 1999BKR3 U. S. Navy WWII
023McCauleyPhyllis Lee12 Nov 1929
023RyanArthur A.10 May 1937
023RyanCleta Lantz189513 Dec 1965
023RyanGarland E.9 Jul 193027 Mar 1975PFC U. S. Amry Korea