Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryRife Family Cemetery
LocationTimberville area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square downtown Harrisonburg, take Route 11 North (N. Marin Street name changes to Valley Pike) and go 10.5 miles and turn left onto Route 259 (Mayland Road). Go 4.4 miles and go straight and this is where the Route changes to Route 42. Go 1.9 miles on Route 42 and turn right onto Route 617 (Church Street and name changes to Evergreen Valley Road). Go 1.2 miles and turn left onto Neighbors Lane (private lane). Lane turns to the right and ends by a house. Ask permission here to visit the cemetery which is just down the hill from the house.
NotesWell maintained and enclosed by fence. In 1967 Mr. J. Robert Swank noted: There are many other graves unmarked.
Survey Date and Recorder06 Apr 2005
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001DriverLewis26 Mar 1835Aged 75y 7m 18d
001DriverBarbara11 Feb 1836Aged 70y 10m 7d
001DriverElizabeth2 Jul 1835Aged 31y 10m 21d
001DriverSamuel27 Jul 1835Aged 38y 4m 17d
001DriverAbraham25 Oct 1843Aged 4y 9m 26d
001GileMary22 Oct 1851Aged 47y 5m 19d; Consort of John Geil
001GeilJohn22 Jan 179919 Oct 1889Aged 90y 8m 27d; Born in Bucks Co. PA
001DriverDaniel25 Dec 1863Aged 71y 9d
001DriverSusannah17 Dec 1832Aged 8m 22d
001HoodwardFrances25 Jan 18??Aged ?y 26d; Consort of James M. Hoodward
001SilviusS. H.18561869
001SilviusP. A.18201888
001UnknownUnmarked limestock rock
002UnknownSmall unmarked limestock rock
002UnknownSmall unmarked limestock rock
002UnknownSmall unmarked limestock rock
002UnknownSmall unmarked limestock rock
002DriverMary27 Jun 1835Aged 4y 11m
002DriverInfant2? Aug 1837Ch/Daniel & CatherineStone scratched on day born-illegible; No age shown
002DriverChristian7 April 183_?Aged 2y 9m 19dStone scratched on year born-illegible year
003Rife, Sr.Jacob26 Apr 1832Aged 50y 9m 9d
003RifeMary1 Aug 178223 Dec 1865Aged 83y 4m 23d
003Rife, Jr.Jacob16 Aug 1834Aged 20y 29d
003RifeJacob3 Jul 1858Aged 17y 6m 29d; s/John & Catherine
003RifeJohn11 Jun 18125 Jun 1889Aged 76y 11m 24d; Our Father
003RifeCatharine21 Sep 180812 Jul 1890Aged 81y 9m 22d; Our Mother; w/John
003HuppLouisa P.25 Jan1861Aged 4y 3m 5d
003UnknownUnmarked limestock rock
003HuppRebecca22 Jan 1861In the 33rd year of her age
003HuppHenry25 Jan 1861Aged 23y 7m 22d
003HuppSamuel H.30 Sep 185915 Oct 1869Aged 10y 15d; s/Joseph & Rebecca
004DriverCharles Henry17 Jan 1878Aged 8y 5m 10d; s/J. F. & G. C.
004ZirkleInfant7 Jul 18708 Jul 1870s/John P. & Elizabeth E.
004FultzMary A.1 Nov 183824 Mar 1901Aged 62y 2m 23d; w/R. T.
004BowmanSarah Cathrine15 Jul 1853Aged 3m 3d