Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryShady Grove United Brethren Church Cemetery
LocationPort Republic area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From corner of Route 11 (South Main Street and Route 659 (Port Republic Road), travel east 8.1 miles on Route 659. Take the first right after you pass Mill Creek Church of the Brethren & cemetery, on to Route 673 (Mill Creek Ch Road). Go 9/10th mile and turn right on to Route 672 (Latimer Road & also called Mill Creek Ch Road). Go 6/10th mile on Route 672 till you can make a left turn on to Route 671 (Shady Grove Rd). Go about 6/10ths mile on Route 671 (gravel road) & cemetery is on the left side of road.
NotesCemetery is enclosed by a fence and well maintained. Notes in the "Remarks" column were made by an unknown person. This person furnished the following: Recorded History of Shady Grove United Brethrens in Christ Church, Records found in Virginia General Conference Annual Reports. Shady Grove Church was part of the Pleasant Valley Parish. Other churches in Parish: Mt. Hebron, Mt. Sinai, Keezletown. Pastors listed: 1898-A.J. Secrist (32 members), 1900 J.W. Maiden (31 members), 1901 J.W. Maiden (16 members), 1904 & 1905 T.J. Feaster (24 members), 1908 W.H. Sampsell (no members listed), 1910 L.A. Racey (no members Listed), 1912 C.P. Dyche (no members listed), 1916 S.L. Baugher (no members listed), 1920 G.A. McGuire (no members listed), 1921 C.W. Tinsman (no members listed), 1923 C.W. Tinsman (49 members), 1924 E.B. Caplinger (no members listed), 1925 & 1926 D.A. Frazier (7 members), 1927 D.A. Frazier (6 members), 1928 Luther Tedrick (6 members), 1929 J.W. Brill (6 members), 1930 J.W. Brill (0 members). The church building was dedicated on June 12, 1911. The cost of the building was $1700.00, with a $625.00 down payment and remaining balance of $1025.00.
Survey Date and Recorder05 Apr 2005
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BakerWilliam Russell6 May 18773 Jul 1921s/Samuel H. Baker & Sarah M. shreckhiseMoved to Pineville Brethren Church Cemetery
BakerWilliam Russell3 Sep 191713 Sep 1917s/William R. Baker & Mollie M. KygerMoved to Pineville Brethren Church Cemetery
ShowalterJohn Wise19 Sep 18886 Apr 1906s/Mathias F. Showalter & Susan C. LahmanUnmarked grave
ShowalterMathias Franklin1 Mar 185613 Sep 1923s/William Showalter & Eliza A. BakerUnmarked grave
ShowalterSusan Catherine Lahman13 Sep 186125 Dec 1925Unmarked grave
001PirkeyDianna C.15 Oct 18546 Mar 1911ch/Alexander Pirkey & Elizabeth Eutsler
002SaufleyInfant1897ch/T. J. & A. Jefferson Saufley & Ada Floss Dennett
002SaufleyAda F.18701936b. 11 Apr 1870 d. 18 Mar 1936; w/T. J. Saufley; Full name-Ada Floss Saufley
002SaufleyThomas J.18691955b. 4 Jul 1869 d. 12 Jul 1955; s/Isaac Newton Brown Saufley & Josepha Ann Null; Full name-Thomas Jefferson Saufley
003MeyerhoefferInfant Son27 Feb 189327 Feb 1893s/W. J. & A. E.Parents-Giles Samuel Meyerhoeffer & Mary Salome Kyger
003MeyerhoefferGiles S.12 Aug 185017 Apr 1926FatherFull name-Giles Samuel Meyerhoeffer
003MeyerhoefferMary S.11 Jan 185321 May 1923His wife; Motherw/Giles S. Meyerhoeffer; parents-William W. Kyger & Mary Jane Jones; Full name-Mary Salome Kyger Meyerhoeffer
003DrummondWilliam A.22 Feb 1897Aged 74y 1m 21d
003DrummondBarbara A.8 Mar 1898Aged 63y 8m 5d; w/Wm. A.
003SaufleyMary E. C.6 May 185823 Apr 1924w/George H.2nd w/George H. Saufley; full name-Mary Elizabeth Catherine Drummond Saufley
003SaufleyGeo. H.31 Mar 183626 Feb 1913Parents-William Saufley & Margaret Altaffer; full name George Harrison Saufley
004MeyerhoefferLaura S., Little15 Oct 1891Aged 4y 1m 25d; d/G. S. & Mary S.Parents-Giles Samuel Meyerhoeffer & Mary Salome Kyger
004MeyerhoefferJ. Paul29 Jun 1893Aged 14y 7m 18d; s/G. S. & Mary S.Parents-Giles Samuel Meyerhoeffer & Mary Salome Kyger; full name-John Paul Meyerhoeffer
004MeyerhoefferJ. W.6 Oct 1895Aged 12y 1m 14d; s/G. S. & Mary S.Parents-Giles Samuel Meyerhoeffer & Mary Salome Kyger; full name-Jacob Will Meyerhoeffer
004MeyerhoefferBennie M.11 Mar 1896Aged 8y 6m 19d; s/G. S. & M. S.Parents-Giles Samuel Meyerhoeffer & Mary Salome Kyger; full name-Benjamin (Bennie) M. Meyerhoeffer
004SipePearl L., Little15 Dec 1897Aged 5y 4m 4d; d/H. S. & G. B.Parents-Samuel H. & Gertha B. Sipe; Full name-Pearl Lenora Sipe
004SipeInfant Son24 Jul 1905Aged 3 das; s/S. H. & G. B.Parents-Samuel H. & Gertha B. Sipe
004SipeInfant Daughter1 Sep 1906d/S. H. & G. B.Parents-Samuel H. & Gertha B. Sipe; no age shown
004SipeSteward A.12 Sep 18986 Dec 1911s/Henry & GerthieParents-Samuel H. & Gertha B. Sipe; full name-Steward Albert Sipe
004SipeSamuel H.12 Aug 186829 Jun 1919FatherFull name-Samuel Henry Sipe
004SipeGertha B.9 Jun 18749 Apr 1942His Wifew/S. H. Sipe; parents-Giles Samuel Meyerhoeffer & Mary Salome Kyger da. of William W. Kyger & Mary Jane Jones; full name-Gertrude (Gertha) Belle Zora Meyerhoeffer Sipe, born in Port Republic, VA.
004KygerWm. W.14 Jul 180728 Apr 1855Aged 47y 9m 14dBorn Cub Run, VA; 3 daughters-Elizabeth C., Virginia Frances, Mary Salome; parents-Johannes (John) M. Kyger & Elizabeth Harshman
004KygerMary14 Jul 182719 Jun 1903Age 76 yrsFull name-Mary Jane Jones Kyger
004KygerLeon A.26 Aug 1899Age 2m 28d
004KygerAlbert26 Jan 1898Age 1m 25d
004KygerWm. McKinly26 Jan 1897Age 5m 18d
004KygerAlonza7 May 1901Age 3m 9d
004KygerThomas J. F.5 Jan 1903Age 4m 15d
004ShifflettJos. A.12 Sep 18397 Dec 1887Aged 48y 2m 25d
005CraunInfant Daughter17 Sep 1889d/C. S. & M. M.
005ShowalterEliza A.30 Jan 183022 Dec 1910w/Wm.Parents-Philip Baker & Margaret Ruebush; w/William Showalter
005DiehlElizabeth C.12 Sep 183225 Aug 1911w/Hezekiah DiehlNo children; parents-Philip Baker & Margaret Ruebush
005RodgersMargaret J.9 Feb 183714 Feb 1921
005NullGeorge8 Jul 18135 Apr 1885FatherParents-Leonard Null & Margaret Mittenberger
005NullAmanda9 Mar 18209 Feb 1904MotherParents-John Pirkey & Ann Mittenberger; Ann & Margaret Mittenberger were sisters
006BakerMary F.3 Oct 1894Aged 55y 7m 28dParents-Philip Baker & Margaret Ruebush; Not married, lived at home per 1880 census
006BakerLuella L.19 May 1900Aged 28y 6m 14d; w/L. W.1st w/Luther W. Baker; Parents-William Liskey & Amanda Catherine Arementrout; Full name-Luella Lee Liskey Baker
006BakerSaml. H.18 Sep 183425 Aug 1906Aged 71y 11m 7dHusband of Sara Margaret Shreckhise; Parents-Philip Baker & Margaret Ruebush
006BakerSarah M.27 May 184128 Jan 1922His Wife; Gone but not forgottenw/Samuel; Full name-Sarah Margaret Shreckhise Baker
006BakerMaggie M.12 Jan 186714 Aug 1936Wife2nd w/Luther W. Baker; Parents-Peter & Elizabeth Hartman; Full name-Maggie M. Hartman Baker
006BakerLuther W.10 Jun 18675 Apr 1955HusbandParents-Samuel H. Baker & Sarah Margaret Shreckhise; Full name-Luther Worthington Baker
006HartmanWard B.18721945Parents-Peter W. & Elizabeth Ann Hartman; Full name-Benjamin Ward Hartman
006HartmanPeter W.12 Oct 183415 Jul 1913Kind angels watch his sleeping dust till Jesus comes to raise the just. Then may he wake with sweet surprise and in his Savior's image rise.Parents-Abram Hartman and Susannah Long
006HartmanElizabeth Ann9 Oct 183629 Nov 1919Aged 83y 1m 20d; w/Peter W.
006HartmanJohn William27 Apr 18741 Aug 1928Their children-Lester J., Olin W., Wilson A., Jesse C., Bessie M., Ethel A.; It is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing; the words that I speak unto you, they are Spirit and they are life. St. John 6-63Parents-Peter W. & Elizabeth Ann Hartman
006HartmanMaude Mary Root15 Feb 188212 Mar 1922His wifew/John William Hartman
007FreedCharles N.24 May 189213 Jan 1895Age 2y 7m 19d; s/J. N. & A. I.
008BakerVirginia F.10 Dec 185130 Apr 1909His wife; Dear Parents, Tho we miss you much, we know you rest with Godw/G. Baker; Parents-William W. Kyger & Mary Jane Jones; Full name-Virginia Frances Kyger Baker
008BakerAnna Laura Silona24 May 1874? ? 1877Age 3y 1m 13d; d/George & V.d. 7 Oct 1877 per DAR in 1960s; only death year legible in 2005
008BakerGeorge26 Jan 184514 Apr 1928Husband of V. F. Kyger; Parents-Philip Baker & Margaret Ruebush
008BakerBertie A.28 Jan 1884Age 4m 6d; d/Geo. & V.Parents-George & Virginia F. Baker; Full name-Bertie Alice Baker
009HarbinGloria Ann18 Apr 194218 Apr 1942d/R. H. & EdnaParents-Robert H. & Edna Harbin
010KygerBenjamin H.18 Oct 18886 Jun 1912s/D. N.; My beloved son; Twas hard to give thee up, but thy will O God be done
011CrowPolly Anne23 Mar 1898Age 67 yrs; Mother; Erected by W. H. Crow
011CrowJames W.4 Oct 1902Age 70 yrs; Father; Erected by W. H. Crow
011CroweGeorge F.12 Aug 184826 Dec 1924Age 66y 4m 12d
012SeiversElmer J.19482002Grandle Funeral Home marker only