Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryTrinity Lutheran Church Cemetery
LocationNear Harrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg travel east on East Market Street. Go 0.7 miles and turn left on to Old Furnace Road (Route 718). Go 3.8 miles and turn left on Indian Trail Road (Route 717). Go 2.1 miles and turn left on Trinity Church Road (Route 724). Church and cemetery are on right side of road.
NotesPreviously recorded by the DAR in the 1960s. Most of the notes in the remarks column were made by the DAR. Cemetery is well maintained.
Survey Date and Recorder19 Feb 2002
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
ArmentroutJohnny18881893No visible marker. Recorded by Robert Howell in 1971.
ArmentroutWalter18901910No visible marker. Recorded by Robert Howell in 1971.
ArmentroutPeachie18951918Died in France.No visible marker. Recorded by Robert Howell in 1971.
MillerAnnie E.18611938Aged 77y 3m 4dNo visible marker. Recorded by Robert Howell in 1971.
001ReidCharlie O.27 Feb 189123 Feb 1955
001ReidCornelia R.15 Aug 186328 Oct 1944Mother
001ReidAbraham27 Dec 185720 Feb 1930Father
002ArmentroutRalph W.11 Apr 19217 Oct 1997PFC US Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Ralph William Armentrout
002ArmentroutDorothy S.25 Feb 1929
002ArmentroutLuther E.18 Apr 188930 Jan 1960
002ArmentroutLena M.29 Jul 189414 Jun 1948
002ArmentroutInfant Son24 Apr 1944s/Owen & Velda
002ArmentroutClarence W.18 Jan 18834 Mar 1971
002ArmentroutEmma F.23 May 18893 Sep 1978
002ArmentroutBernard Leon24 Jun 192210 Aug 1941
002ArmentroutInfant Dau.22 Jul 1931d/Clarence W. & M. F. Armentrout
002ArmentroutLillian R.24 Sep 188525 Dec 1963
002ArmentroutMartin C.5 Mar 188010 Oct 1918His words were kindness, His deeds were love, His spirit humble, He rests above
002ClutteurMary Armentrout22 Sep 188920 Jan 1968She rests in Peace
002ArmentroutHenry H.15 Sep 185430 Apr 1941Father; I Know That My Redeemer Liveth
002ArmentroutRebecca10 Sep 183118 Jan 1914Aged 82y 4m 8d; w/Ezra Armentrout; At Rest
002ArmentroutHenrietta7 Mar 184114 Jan 1913d/Michael & Mary Armentrout; May she rest in Peace
002ArmentroutAbram M.18561934Father
002ArmentroutElizabeth C.18671943Mother; At Rest
002ArmentroutC. Owen9 Jan 191629 Jul 1984
002ArmentroutVelda E.24 Mar 191916 Jan 2000
002ArmentroutJ. Edwin19 May 190024 Oct 1988
003HaslerRush R.7 Jun 190421 Nov 1962
003HaslerGilbert I.7 Feb 187818 Jul 1955
003HaslerMyrtle E.9 Feb 187822 Dec 1958
003HayneElizaDec 1873Aged 76y 4m; Relic of Jacob Hayne & Daughter of Bernley & H. Duke
003UnknownNo headstone - base only; Possibly Jacob Haynes per Robert Howell 1971 records.
003HarrisonAlice Ida25 Sep 1878Aged 23y 25d; d/Jacob & Elizabeth
003HayneCatherine27 Jan 1874Aged 73 yrs; d/Casper & M. Hayne
003HayneMaria J.11 Feb 182215 Nov 1895d/Jacob & Eliza Hayne
003HarrisonElizabeth H.12 Jun 183118 Sep 1893w/Jacob C.d/Jacob Von Hayne & Eliza Burnley Duke
003HarrisonJacob Cowan22 Nov 183214 Mar 1912s/National & Mary; C.S.A. 7th Virginia Cavalry, Gen. Rosser's Brigade
003HarrisonNina Lee21 Oct 1907Aged 42 yrs; d/Jacob Cowan & Elizabeth Hayne Harrison
003HayneKatherine A.11 Jan 18278 Sep 1912
003ArmentroutWilliam H.17 Jul 185618 Mar 1933
003ArmentroutAmanda E.29 Apr 18585 Apr 1907
003ArmentroutE. A. Virginia1 Jan 186411 Dec 1922w/H. H. Armentrout; Come to Me
004HaslerVenson R.18 Aug 192322 Mar 1981PVT US Army WWIIMilitary marker only
004HaslerMyrtie Alice16 Sep 187528 Sep 1961
004ChapmanMichael J.17 Jun 186115 Apr 1938
004ChapmanMartha E.22 May 186628 Feb 1937
004HaslerMargaret E.30 Apr 1889Aged 54y 1m 26d; w/William F.
004HarrisonEliza J.19 Aug 18618 Jul 1913w/R. M. Harrison
004FaughtSon29 Aug 191529 Aug 1915s/Mr. & Mrs. L. E. Faught
004MillerHester S.3 Dec 18412 Feb 1909w/David E.
004MillerDavid F.2 Jul 184313 Jan 1924
004BaughmanMary Dianed/Stamper Dandridge & Amanda Miller Bloxton
004WiseJames B.23 Dec 18562 Feb 1916
004WiseLuella C.29 Jun 186026 May 1949
004ArmentroutMary E. A.7 Sep 186515 Jan 1912Aged 46y 4m 8d; d/Ezra & Rebecca Armentrout; Gone but not Forgotten
004ArmentroutMary10 Apr 18111 Dec 1888Aged 77y 7m 21d
004ArmentroutMichael13 Oct 181015 Nov 1895Aged 85y 1m 2d
004WhitmoreHarriettIllegible stone - no dates. Per Robert Howell 1971 record - died 29 Sep 1900.
005WhitmoreJohn G.29 Apr 187114 Jun 1937
005WhitmoreDora25 Jul 1905Aged 1y 7m 18d; d/J. & L.
005WhitmoreLenura L.13 Dec 1904Aged 33y 9m 4d; w/J. C.
006MichaelEdward E.14 Mar 187531 May 1947
006MichaelLaura E.12 Nov 186626 Sep 1947
006DerrerLucy Ann16 Feb 187421 Feb 1944
006LaymanLeanna31 Aug 186914 Apr 1929
006ArmentroutMartha E.18531939
006ArmentroutAlice I. M.18891927Sister
006ArmentroutLewis M.11 Jun 188326 Dec 1956
006ArmentroutLula May25 Jun 188126 Aug 1959
006HasslerAnnie L.18951959Mother
006SpitzerCharles F.26 Dec 19182 Jul 1983Husband; PVT US Army WWII
006SpitzerJosephine23 Nov 1933Mother
006HaslerGeorge F.18 Dec 183823 May 1914Aged 75y 5m 5d
006HaslerAmanda E.24 May 184120 Nov 1919Aged 78y 5m 26
007ArmentroutMamie B.30 May 190516 Apr 1985d/Samuel & Blanche
007ArmentroutClara L.29 Aug 190810 Feb 1930d/Samuel & Blanch Armentrout; Gone But Not Forgotten
007ArmentroutBlanche C.5 Jun 187420 Jul 1954Her Memory is Blessed
007ArmentroutSamuel22 Mar 186510 Mar 1925His Memory is Blessed
007ArmentroutMary Ann20 Jan 183330 Dec 1916Aged 83y 11m 10dWm & Mary on same stone - opposite sides
007ArmentroutWilliam27 May 182614 Aug 1907Aged 81y 2m 17d
007ReidFranklin H.26 Aug 190027 Aug 1923
007ReidBenjamin F.18791939
007ReidBertha E.18771951
007GeorgeHarry W.23 Dec 188823 Aug 1959
007GeorgeEthel Reid18 Sep 19054 Nov 1987
007ThompsonJoseph R.1928
007ThompsonLois A.19312001
008ColeAnna18 May 18869 Jul 1911
008SitesAlma E.7 Dec 186624 May 1899w/Charles E.
008HarrisonJames K. P.15 Nov 184313 Jan 1924Father
008HarrisonMary Catherine11 Aug 184921 May 1926w/James K. P.; Mother
008HarrisonInfant daughterd/James K. P. & CatherineNo dates
008HarrisonAbram Blain22 Jun 188422 Mar 1888Aged 3y 9m; s/James K. P. & Mary C.
008HarrisonKaty4 Jul 188223 Mar 1884Aged 1y 8m 19d
008ReidWilliam W.18 Jan 190927 Mar 1962
008ArmentroutJacob S.18471928
008ArmentroutLaura E.18671938His Wife; Earth has no sorrows that Heaven cannot heal
008HoskinsS. Clyde18981976
008HoskinsMary E.19041996
008BoyerWilliam Ray9 Mar 18908 Feb 1942
008BoyersNewton24 Dec 185925 Feb 1946
008ArmentroutRobert E.26 Oct 1928Father of 3 sons James M., Thomas E. & Dale R.; Carpenter & cabinet maker
008MartinJasmine Grace24 Jun 20016 Jul 2001
009MillerNina21 Oct 186826 Nov 1953Aged 85y 1m 5d
009HaslerSarah A.2 Oct 18406 Mar 1935
009HaslerJohn Phillip12 Mar 183022 Feb 1907Aged 76y 11m 10d
009DerrerDora M.22 Nov 188524 Feb 1989
009DerrerFranklin P.28 Sep 187921 Oct 1956
009GrandleR. P.18591926
009GrandleLeanna S.18621931His Wife
010SheetsMary M.24 Nov 184614 Feb 1901
010SheetsLucy V.21 Nov 187629 Jun 1877
010SheetsJohn P.18 Jul 18796 Nov 1882
010SheetsSamuel M.2 Jun 18756 Nov 1882
010MillerAnnie E.31 Mar 18716 Jan 1929
010DeedsElizabeth29 Oct 1831
010DeedsAdam27 Mar 182127 Jul 1886Aged 65y 4mAdam & Elizabeth on same stone - opposite sides
010HaslerJacob20 Dec 180725 Sep 1888Aged 80y 9m 5dStone broken
010HaslerLeanna5 Mar 180911 Jun 1869Aged 60y 3m 6d
010HaslerJacob F.17 Sep 184121 May 1862Aged 21y 8m 4d
010ArmentroutEzra25 May 1878Aged 46y 9m 2d
010ArmentroutSamuel B.15 May 185914 Aug 1859Aged 2m 29d; s/Ezra & Rebecca
010ArmentroutPolybius L.2 Jan 185313 Jun 1862Aged 9y 5m 11d; s/Ezra & Rebecca
010ArmentroutInfant16 Feb 1884Aged 1 day; s/H. H. & M. C.
010ArmentroutMary C.25 Apr 1893Aged 37y 9m 6d; w/H. H.; I Know that my Redemer Liveth
010ArmentroutAddie A.27 Mar 18765 Apr 1901Aged 25y 8m; w/H. H.; At Rest
010MillerPhillip21 Jan 180616 Jun 1885
010MillerJohn E.18501936Aged 87y 8m 21d
010BoyersVictor L.20 Jun 188427 Sep 1947
010BoyersMargaret M.22 Jul 188728 Feb 1956
010ArmentroutInfant Daughter2 Dec 19064 Dec 1908d/E. A. & M. V.
010CarperLuella18 Nov 189120 Mar 1896Aged 4y 4m 2d; d/H. & Hannah
010BoyersGeorge N.11 Mar 190213 Nov 1989
010BoyersClarreas B.12 Dec 19111 Aug 1994
011KiblerLeanna8 May 187616 Mar 1940Mother
011ArmentroutEffie Getz27 Jul 187710 Feb 1908
011ArmentroutBarbara A.18461908
011ArmentroutDavid A.18441927Erected by Effie M. Leap
011UnknownIllegible stone. Per Robert Howell 1971 record - infant daughter Zell 16 Dec 1872 - 16 Dec 1872 d/Jacob W. & Matilda.
011BoyersMary13 Nov 1870Aged 5m, 11d; d/W. & M.
011BoyersNancy J.7 Nov 1871Aged 24y 6m 2d; d/W. & M.
011BoyersLucy F.25 Mar 1872Aged 23y 8m 17d; w/George
011BoyersRalph E.s/Daniel & EmmaNo dates
011BoyersWilliam9 Feb 181327 Apr 1880Aged 67y 1m 18d
011BoyersMary30 Jun 182611 Jan 1898w/Wm.; Our mother
011BoyersEdward12 Dec 187121 Apr 1883Aged 11y 4m 3d
011Boyers13 Feb 1887Aged 11m 26dIllegible stone. Per Robert Howell 1971 record - name is Roy O. Gilvia Boyers.
011BoyersDaniel F.1 May 18513 Sep 1901Our father
011BoyersEmma E. Eutsler30 Jan 18447 Aug 1920w/Daniel
012BoyersLuther21 May 186417 Jul 1939
012BoyersDorcas18571938Died to Live
012BoyersJohn25 Aug 184929 May 1927
012BoyersMildred16 Feb 185720 Dec 1932Mother
012BoyersWilliam25 Aug 185521 Nov 1935Father
012SchuckDavid Ramsey5 Sep 194016 Dec 1973Iowa TEC SGT US Air Force VietnamMilitary marker only
012CooleyDeWitt R.17 May 191322 Dec 1985
012CooleyEleanor E.27 Oct 191423 Dec 1998
012RoyerTalmadge L. "Jake"30 Mar 192126 Jun 1991
012RoyerMarie A.7 Apr 1928