Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Moriah United Methodist Church Cemetery (*)
LocationGrottoes, Rockingham County, Virginia. In Harrisonburg, from the intersection of Route 11 (South Main Street) and Route 659 (Port Republic Road), turn left (east) onto Route 659 and go 12.1 miles on Route 659. Turn right onto Route 340 (South Eastside Hwy) and go 2.0 miles. Turn right onto Route 256 and go 8/10 mile and then turn right onto Holly Avenue. Go 2/10 mile and church/cemetery is on the right side of road. Corner of 6th St. and Holly Ave.
NotesFairly well maintained. There are many unmarked graves and many with rocks or limestones that have no writing on them.
Survey Date and Recorder17 Apr 2005
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
GoensJohn T.12 Mar 1854Jun 1919No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
JohnsonCharles A.14 Aug 19183 Aug 1919s/C. E. & V. V.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
JohnsonMatthew19501969No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
JohnstonMary Annw/WarrenNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s; no dates
JonesJosie14 Jul 1934No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
McCarthyInfant Boy1964No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
McCarthyTheodore CurtisDec 1962No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
McCarthyWade18981969No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
PoindexterBernice19271958No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
ShreckhiseSonMar 1894Aged 15y 7m; s/M. M. & SelenaNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SolomonTina19611962No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
VeneySallieNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001VeneyBenjamin H.28 May 18893 Oct 1987
001MartinCharles C., Rev.1 Oct 188527 Oct 1934
001BellFranklin J.7 Jul 1932Virginia Pvt 347 Serv. B. N.No age shown
001JonesMarshall9 Sep 191016 Oct 1979M Sgt U.S. Air Force WWII
002VeneyCharles H.30 Jul 1950
002VeneyShelia T.7 Jul 19519 Mar 2000
002NickensE. C.10 Jan 184324 Feb 1908w/Rev G. D.; aged 65y 4m 14d
002YanceySherman W.19251959Funeral Home marker only-name missing
002YanceyJames E.19311970Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
003JohnsonFranklin15 Mar 180927 Jan 1881Aged 71y 10m 12d; Our Father
003YanceySewilla, Mrs.18901980Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
004UnknownNo legible markings in 2005
004McCarthyCharles A.10 Jul 19243 Sep 1972Virginia Cpl 1328 Engineers WWII
004McCarthyWilliam "Billy"25 Jan 192918 Mar 1993
004McCarthyGertrude H.25 Aug 190524 Jun 1997
004WilliamsParthenia J.12 Aug 184012 Feb 1898Aged 58 yrs
004BrownRobert W.18871979
005BeyAntony A.19901996Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
005McCarthyJames Edward5 Mar 192524 May 1995STM1 U.S. Navy WWII
005MoultryClara McCarthy19201985
005McCarthyDonald R.19331981Kyger Funeral Home marker only
005McCarthyMary19351972W. H. Kyger Funeral home marker only
005McCarthyJosephine H.28 Sep 190215 Apr 1992
005McCarthyCecil E.6 Mar 190025 Mar 1962
005UnknownT. A.Illegible Funeral Home marker in 2005
006CarterHesterPartially illegible-dates
006McCarthyLena M.13 Apr 187410 Jan 1894Aged 19y 8m; w/Robert
006BaswellMargaret A.8 Apr 182115 Jan 1898
006BoswellJoseph1 Apr 1891Aged 62 yrs
006WareCharles H.10 Mar 186620 Jul 1890
006WareMary Jane13 Aug 1889Aged 1 yr; Infant d/C. H. & J. M.Partially illegible-recorded by DAR in 1960s
006PoindexterMary13 Feb 184827 Apr 1888
007PondexterMargaret19082005Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
007PoindexterGeo R.27 Feb 190620 May 1961Father
007PoindexterJohn28 Sep 186831 Jan 1914Aged 46y 4m 3d
007JohnstonInfant19331933s/Theodore M. & Rosa P.
007PoindexterSt. Clair19 Jul 1892Aged 85 yrs
007PoindexterSidney12 Feb 1889Aged 79y 7m 8d
007PoindexterCharles S.24 Nov 187317 May 1945
007PoindexterMaggie V.17 Jan 188114 Apr 1980
007SolomonElizabeth P.5 Jun 191119 Feb 1972
007JacksonVirginia Frances27 May 191227 Apr 2001
007BrownAnnie E.18911971
007Randle, Sr.Dan4 Aug 189330 Jan 1963Husband
007RandleEdith M.31 Jul 189419 Mar 1968
007MasonGeorge H.12 May 187211 Feb 1911Aged 38y 9m
007VeneyCharles B.21 Dec 185524 Jul 1910Aged 55y 7m 3d
008BrownBeatrice M.21 Mar 191029 Jan 1984nee May
008DoubtJames W.18571911
008DoubtAnnie M.18571924Wifew/James W.
009JohnsonMatthews MacShana1 Feb 19508 Mar 1968
009JonesMet10 May 18995 Jul 1952
009JohnsonHampton "Hamp"27 Sep 192716 Jul 2003Funeral Home marker only-no name on it
009JohnsonViola Lillian11 Jun 189413 Aug 1957
009JohnsonCharles Elmer7 Aug 188811 Mar 1983
010VeneyRobert B.16 May 18926 Feb 1901s/Charles & Bette
010JohnsonSharon K.27 Apr 195527 Aug 1983Sister
010WalkerLottie V.18951976
010MehaneyAdam26 Sep 1901Aged 55 yrsPartial Illegible-recorded by DAR in 1960s
010Randle, Jr.Dan19221922
011BarbourAnnie P.Funeral Home marker only-no name on it
011ShreckhiseM. M. SelenaAug 1878Mar 1891
012BrownLorraine L.19292005Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
012Brown, Sr.Charles D.19512001Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
012CurryAlberta S.9 Sep 19085 Apr 1992
012WessonElsie H.1 Aug 1905
012WessonWinfred H., Rev.26 Jun 19066 Aug 1967
013TaylorJames J.10 Jun 192126 May 2001ST1 U.S. Navy WWII
013JonesMary E.5 Oct 1905Mother
013JonesCatherine B.9 Apr 192118 Jan 1992Daughter
013ChapmanLina P.21 Dec 19117 Feb 1978
014AllenJames Henry25 May 191620 Jul 2000Pvt U.S. Army WWII
014JohnstonRosa Poindexter14 Jun 1913
014JohnstonTheodore M.11 Sep 190119 Sep 1990
014CrittendenEmma C.19071985Kyger Funeral Home marker only
014WilliamsBessie M.3 Apr 18883 Mar 1962
014WilliamsFlorence A.14 Apr 191513 Jun 1948
014JohnsonJohn C.15 Apr 189718 Nov 1925Aged 28y 7m 3d
015Veney, Jr.James L.3 Jul 193913 Feb 1992Father
015UnknownFuneral Home marker only-no name on it; American Flag by grave
015AllenCatherine B.22 Mar 18897 Nov 1976Mother
015AllenWilla M.10 Apr 190527 Jan 1992Sister
015BrownHarold Franklin21 Jan 192019 Feb 1988SFC U.S. Army WWII Korea
015RandolphElsie L.24 Jan 1916
015RandolphM. M. Lucille28 Feb 191826 Dec 1999
015RandolphMary B.18821968
015StevensonAlfred11 Apr 1932District of Columbia, Corp. 368 Inf 92 Div
016WilliamsLouella A.19161996McCutcheons Funeral Home marker only