Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Pleasant Church of The Brethren Cemetery
LocationHarrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. In Harrisonburg, from the intersection of Route 11 (South Main Street) and Route 659 (Port Republic Road), turn left (east) on Route 659. Go 3.2 miles and turn left onto Route 704 (Boyers Road). Go 5/10th mile and church/cemetery on left side of road.
NotesWell maintained. There are two separate cemeteries. Section 001 is the old cemetery and it was recorded by starting in the southwest corner and proceeded north. The old cemetery indicates that there are many burials that do not have markers. Section 002 is the new cemetery and it was recorded by starting in the northeast corner and proceeded south. Facing headstones, they were recorded from left to right (east to west).
Survey Date and RecorderNov 2004; 28 Apr 2005
Debbie Wake; Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001KiceJoseph Mar 185414 Dec 1937Debbie Wake has death certificate stating Joseph Kice was buried in this cemetery-location unknown. Probably buried near son-in-law Frank Long who died two weeks later.
001001LambertRonald Lloyd9 Feb 194928 Oct 1968In the morning of his day in youth and love, he passed away
001001LambertLloyd (Bert)3 Apr 192528 Jul 1983SFC US Navy WWII
001001LambertBetty Jo24 Mar 19274 Jan 1997The world was a better place because Bert livedshared headstone w/ (Bert) Lloyd
001001HornElizabeth M.19031963footstone H
001001WilliamsC. J. "Buck"19241999Lindsey Funeral home marker only; given name is Clarence; footstone W
001001PenceJoseph Henry8 Mar 19275 May 1989PFC US Army WWII2nd husband of Leona
001001KnightingWarnie R.29 May 190826 Apr 1982shared headstone w/ Leona
001001KnightingLeona S.29 Jul 191818 Feb 2001shared headstone w/ Warnie; 1st h.
001001KnightingDaisy E.22 Jan 193611 Jun 1958footstone K
001001ShiffletCecil F.2 Dec 191823 Oct 1921s/Della Shiffletuncut footstone
001001ClatterbuckJoe Earman2 Jan 191820 Nov 1962
001001ClatterbuckHelen M.9 Aug 191510 Nov 1988
001001ClatterbuckLayton Page19 Apr 192720 Jul 1970Virginia AS US Coast Guard WWII
001001ClatterbuckJoseph18831950shared headstone w/ Effie
001001ClatterbuckEffie S.18861959shared headstone w/ Joseph
001001ClatterbuckClaud C.21 Oct 190611 Oct 1908s/Jos. & E. S. Clatterbuck
001001MalousisLucille C.19 Apr 191619 Apr 1973
001001EarmanJ. William12 Oct 184912 Sep 1932Aged 82y 11m
001001EarmanElizabeth17 May 185515 Jul 1907Aged 52y 1m 28dwife of JW Earman; footstone E. E.
001001EarmanGeorge L.8 Jan 188316 Feb 1940
001001EarmanWilmer D.Co C 2 Virginia Inf. Sp Am War
001001EarmanSamuel J.15 Sep 18842 Jan 1958Virginia CCS US Navy WWI
001001Meyerhoeffer/BraithwaiteL. Cleveland18841944shared headstone
001001Meyerhoeffer/BraithwaiteCora E.18901942shared headstone
001001Meyerhoeffer/BraithwaiteFlora M.19121970shared headstone
001001Meyerhoeffer/BraithwaiteJ. A. (Mike)19111971shared headstone
001001BraithwaiteRodney L.18 Oct 195027 Aug 1978
001001GrandleHarveyAge 83
001002CookMae V.18 May 189321 Jun 1936shared headstone w/ Walter
001002CookWalter W.25 Oct 188723 Nov 1953shared headstone w/ Mae
001002CookEdward Lee25 Mar 19271940not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001002HooverVelma Marie28 Sep 19314 Aug 2000
001002WilliamsMargie1948Our Baby
001002CulpMary Florence15 Apr 19065 Aug 1961
001002RutherfordHelen B.18761948
001002RutherfordWilson L.19131984Lindsey Funeral home marker only
001002DeanRobert T.12 Jul 188927 Feb 1915s/William & Lucy Dean
001002ChandlerSt. Clair3 Apr 184731 Dec 1894
001002ChandlerCatherine Ann24 Mar 182315 Mar 1892
001002ChandlerRobert H.24 Jun 182325 Aug 1986
001002LandisSarah E.18 Jul 184916 Oct 1885
001002BaugherVirgil L.26 Jan 185411 Jun 1921shared headstone w/ Mary Belle
001002BaugherMary Belle Landis2 Oct 18572 Jul 1919w/V. L. Baugherbroken footstone L. B.
001002LandesDavid7 Oct 1885Aged 63 yearsshared headstone; footstone DL
001002LandisMargaret24 Aug 1883Aged 60 yearsshared headstone; footstone ML
001002LandesInfant28 Dec 190028 Dec 1900d/D. F. & Mary E.
001002LandesNancy A.26 Jul 18311 Oct 1911Age 80y 2m 5dshared headstone w/ Noah & Anna
001002LandesNoah26 Jul 18141 Apr 1896Age 82y 8m 5dshared headstone w/ Nancy & Anna
001002LandesAnna21 May 182015 Feb 1870Age 49y 8m 25dshared headstone w/ Nancy & Noah
001002ChandlerSamuel W.26 Dec 181712 Nov 1895Age 77y 10m 16dshared headstone w/ Elizabeth
001002ChandlerElizabeth5 Apr 181917 Mar 1892Age 72y 11m 5dshared headstone w/ Samuel
001002ChandlerEstie L.7 Mar 186519 Dec 1889
001002LongSusan F27 May 185227 Apr 1929footstone SFL
001002ChandlerEliga E. M. "Massy"1 Dec 18513 Sep 1886footstone EEMC
001002ChandlerJohn S.16 Nov 187210 Aug 1873
001002ChandlerAddie May1 Aug 18775 Feb 1879footstone AMC beside headstone
001002SipeCatherine F.21 Jan 183819 Mar 1863Consort of Archibald Sipenot recorded by DAR in 1960s
001003ClatterbuckLelea C.31 Oct 18856 Aug 1950shared headstone "Clatterbuck"
001003ClatterbuckJames Edward13 Feb 190724 Oct 1931shared headstone "Clatterbuck"
001003PaisleyDonald S.18961905shared headstone w/ Madeline
001003PaisleyMadeline G.19051966shared headstone w/ Donald
001003MyersLawrence I.19191934s/L.O. & I. M.shared headstone "Myers"
001003MyersLester Olin4 Sep 18904 May 1975shared headstone "Myers"
001003MyersIsa Good9 May 189436 May 1975shared headstone "Myers"
001003HentonLavada E.19441956shared headstone "Myers"
001003BakerNewton J.12 Apr 186710 Oct 1943shared headstone "Baker"
001003BakerJennie A.11 Jul 186823 Jul 1950shared headstone "Baker"
001003BakerHobart W.17 Dec 189621 Sep 1945shared headstone "Baker"
001003KettersonLavina Bell21 May 189920 Nov 1964shared headstone "Baker"
001003GarionMichael G.5 Oct 185212 Aug 1943shared headstone w/ Sallie
001003GarionSallie E.16 Feb 18493 Nov 1931shared headstone w/Michael
001003SuthardCharles E.23 Mar 188214 Jul 1951shared headstone w/ Annie
001003SuthardAnnie E.10 Oct 187828 Apr 1957shared headstone w/ Charles
001003WineAdam S.9 Aug 184813 Jun 1905
001003MillerSarah22 Aug 18213 Jun 1884Aged 63y 9m 12d; w/Calvin Miller
001003WineJoseph6 May 182224 Mar 1866Aged 43y 10m 18dburied footstone
001003WineMary E.3 Aug 185915 May 1879Aged 19y 9m 12d
001003GoodOra19 Apr 1880Aged 1y 7m 9d; d/A. & S. E. Good
001003GoodAnthony18451917shared headstone
001003GoodSarah E.18501928shared headstone
001003GoodG. Kenney17 Jan 188718 Feb 1920Aged 33 yrburied footstone
001003GoodMertie May7 May 18812 Jan 1926Age 44 yr
001003GoodH. Ray6 Jun 189212 Apr 1932
001003GoodEleanor28 Oct 188919 Jan 1972
001003EarmanJohn H.16 Nov 1893Aged 48 yr
001003EarmanSarah A.3 Feb 18493 Feb 1897w/John H. Earman
001003PendletonPage P.27 Nov 18403 Apr 1905Age 64y 4m 5dfootstone PPR
001003PendletonJulia F.2 Feb 1903Age 46y 11m 11d; w/P.H. Pendletonfootstone JFP
001003EarmanMatilda2 Feb 18252 Sep 1891footstone ME
001003EarmanPeter A.30 Mar 1882Age 20y 5m 13d
001003EarmanNewton G.9 Sep 1876Age 17y 10m 9d; s/W. & M. Earman
001004WismanSamuel E.18 Jul 18662 Mar 1928shared headstone w/ Minnie
001004WismanMinnie A.19 Dec 18703 Oct 1958w/Samuel Wismanshared headstone w/ Samuel
001004WismanOwen M.22 Feb 189611 Mar 1979shared headstone w/ Roberta
001004WismanRoberta C.9 Jul 18977 Sep 1979shared headstone w/ Owen
001004MyersMaggie M.18581947w/Richardshared headstone w/ Richard
001004MyersRichard L.18561930shared headstone w/ Maggie
001004MyersElizabeth W.3 Dec 185427 Nov 1940shared headstone; footstone EWM
001004MyersErastus N.18 Jul 185310 Apr 1928shared headstone; footstone ENM
001004WeaverAlvin M.14 Jul 189617 Oct 1964shared headstone
001004WeaverLurena B.23 Jul 190322 Dec 1987shared headstone
001004CaveEdna17 Nov 190015 Mar 1937not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001004JohnsonWilliam B.1 Oct 18684 Jan 1941Fathershared headstone
001004JohnsonLucy J.5 Aug 18662 Feb 1938Mothershared headstone
001004BatemanJohn F.28 Mar 186821 Jul 1933shared headstone
001004BatemanLinnie A.5 Aug 186031 Dec 1927w/John F. Batemanshared headstone; footstone LAB
001004BatemanMargaret A.21 Nov 1919Age 59y 8m 5dsunken footstone
001004BatemanHenry Frank20 Mar 1915Age 83 yrshared headstone
001004BatemanKeziah11 Jul 1904Age 70 yr; w/Henry Frank Batemanshared headstone
001004MyersJacob B.13 Oct 182323 Jan 1901Age 77y 3m 10d
001004MyersNancy15 Jan 182320 Dec 1886Age 63y 11m 5d; w/Jacob Myers
001004MyersRussell25 Jan 189823 Mar 1899Age 1y 1m 28d s/R. L. & Maggie M. Myers
001004MyersOren24 Jun 19002 Dec 1900Age 5m 8d; s/R. L. & Maggie M. Myers
001004MyersInfant Daughter6 Feb 19036 Feb 1903d/R. L. & Maggie M. Myers
001004HedrickSallie Rebecca8 Jan 18453 Sep 1901Age 55y 7m 26d
001004HedrickEliza A. Huffman6 Sep 18193 Jun 1900Age 81y 9m 27d; w/John Hedrickshared headstone
001004HedrickJohn22 Jan 181230 Dec 1891Age 79y 11m 8dshared headstone
001004HedrickBarbara A.17 Jul 184225 Jul 1888Age 46y 8d
001004HedrickJacob F.31 Dec 185218 Feb 1879Age 26y 1m 18d
001004HedrickHenry C.7 Jul 184710 Oct 1877Age 30y ?m ?dbroken stone at age
001005MoyersEtta V.22 Apr 1886shared headstone
001005MoyersJ. Frank18 Aug 188314 Jul 1953shared headstone
001005MoyersBen F.25 May 185718 Jul 1943
001005MoyersEttie C.25 Sep 18541 Aug 1928Mother; w/Ben J. Moyers
001005MoyersMarvin U.6 Jul 189614 May 1922Co H 18 Inf 1st Div USA
001005MoyersArnold B.3 Jul 18854 Aug 1913
001005MoyersSadie A.18 Feb 188229 Aug 1904
001005MoyersVernon J.25 May 1909s/V.J. & M.J. Moyers
001005PittingtonInfant6 Mar 18896 Mar 1889Infant of S.D. & Lucy M. Pittingtonnot recorded by DAR in 1960s
001006LongSallie Hagedorn18791925
001006LongFrank David18831937
001006ShifflettKager B.15 Aug 1881Fthershared headstone
001006ShifflettLaura B.8 Apr 188514 Feb 1940Mothershared headstone
001006BlakePhyllis Eaton23 Aug 19136 Feb 1974
001006EatonEdna B.18881969shared headstone
001006EatonJ. Daniel18851927shared headstone
001006EatonRuth L.d/J.D. & E.D. Eaton
001006CoakleyInfants/William E. & Phyllis Coakley
001006FatelyGertrudeJan 1876Mar 1946
001006FatelyMaud A.29 Jul 188431 Jul 1900Age 16y 2d; d/T.A. & J.E. Fately
001006FatelyTurner A.Sep 1862Sep 1940
001006FatelyJ. Ella4 Jan 18625 Jul 1895Age 33y 6m 1d; w/T.A. Fately
001006BillhimerSusie A.4 Jul 187120 Sep 1898Age 25y 2m 6d; w/C.E. Billhimer
001006BillhimerCharles E.2 Aug 1903Age 38 yr
001006unknownfieldstone marker
001006GarnesAdam and7 Dec 1863Age 34 yr; husband/Lucinda G. Garnes
001006GarnesWilliam A.25 Jul 1864Age 3y 5m 8d; s/Lucinda G. GarnesDAR transcribed "G's" as "C's"
001006unknownfieldstone marker
001006unknownfieldstone marker
001006Unknownillegible marker in 2004
001006JohnsonInfant Son3 Jan 18963 Jan 1896Infant s/W.B. & Lucy J. Johnson
001006HollarDorothy Lee25 Feb 19299 Apr 1932shared headstone "Hollar"
001006HollarRufus A.28 Oct 189710 Aug 1941shared headstone "Hollar"
001006HollarElizabeth Ann10 Jan 18468 Jan 1928Age 81y 11m 29d; w/Samuel Hollarshared headstone
001006HollarSamuel16 Mar 184030 Apr 1907Age 67y 1m 14dshared headstone
001006HollarHugh D.8 Oct 1892Age 17y 3m; s/Sam'l & E.A. Hollar
001006WismanWalter W.28 May 18767 Jul 1946Pvt 2 Virginia Inf Sp Am War
001006WismanRachel A.3 Oct 183428 Mar 1898
001006WismanWard4 Oct 1891?Infant s/D.H. & J.V. Wismanstone sunken in ground in 2005
001006WismanMattie E.9 Jun 186425 Mar 1889
001006WismanWinfield E.17 Aug 188712 Feb 1889Age 1y 5m 25d; s/D.H. & J.V. Wisman
001006WismanJoseph A.31 Jul 18707 Dec 1884
001007LambertDiana Lynn12 Jul 195424 Oct 1954d/Coy & Geneva Lambertnot recorded by DAR in 1960s
001007LambertMartin Coy18 Dec 193027 Feb 1998Sgt US Army Korea; Purple Heart
001007PharesWalter E.18711942shared headstone
001007PharesLucy M.18811964shared headstone
001007DavisSula Phares3 Jun 189929 Mar 1981
001007HollarEthel E.17 Jul 19052 Feb 1994shared headstone "Hollar"
001007HollarJ. Wilson7 Oct 190821 Nov 1983shared headstone "Hollar"
001007HollarTheodore R.23 Jul 19038 May 1983shared headstone "Hollar"
001007HollarS. Ellsworth4 Aug 190729 May 1959shared headstone "Hollar"
001007HollarHerman Clark20 Oct 19132 Jan 1955Pvt US Army WWIIshared headstone "Hollar"
001007HollarAlbert S.18691958shared headstone
001007HollarCharlotte T.18701945shared headstone
001007FurrJohn R.9 Sep 186218 Oct 1943
001007FatelyW. H.15 Jul 183317 Aug 1917Age 81y 4m 2d; Our Father
001007FatelySarah C.4 Dec 18356 May 1905Age 69y 5m 2d; w/W.H. Fately
001007SipeJacob H.4 Apr 18706 Jan 1934shared headstone
001007SipeMary E.12 Oct 18637 Oct 1933shared headstone
001007BilllhimerIsaac G.8 Nov 1908Age 77 yr
001007BillhimerJane Ann14 Mar 1897Age 61 yr
001007SecristOscar D.19031986Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
001007SecristEarl Price8 Nov 18943 May 1957Ohio Pvt US Army WWI
001007SecristGeorge D.15 Aug 186515 May 1938shared headstone
001007SecristHattie S.15 Mar 187217 Nov 1957shared headstone
001007L.S. E.footstone only-no further information
001007MoomawEarmel June15 Jun 189628 Feb 1918w/Harrison Moomaw
001007MiddletonWillie6 Oct 1917Age 13 yr
001007MiddletonVita3 Apr 1917Age 19 yr
001007CrawnJacob T.6 Nov 18806 Nov 1880s/James W. & F.M. Crawn
001007WashingtonLittle Laura14 Aug 187914 Aug 1879
001007ShiffletBennett S.14 Feb 1907Age 61 yr
001007UnknownFieldstone marker only
001008DillardRobert G.17 Aug 185223 Feb 1927
001008DillardCharles W.7 Mar 186227 Jul 1937shared headstone; not recorded by DAR
001008DillardBetty Ann28 Jun 185816 Mar 1939shared headstone; not recorded by DAR
001008RandolphHenry D.15 Jun 18646 Sep 1929Fathershared headstone
001008RandolphDora E.6 Oct 18785 Feb 1939Mothershared headstone
001008LambertEzra J.20 Oct 190714 May 1960
001008LambertBettie28 Oct 19067 Jan 2002
001008HedrickRebecca Vandevander1 Aug 187030 Aug 1952
001008FadelyHomer L.14 May 186328 Jun 1937Fathershared headstone
001008FadelyJennie B.16 Jul 186620 Sep 1943Mothershared headstone
001008FadlyW. Henry R.4 Jan 18947 Aug 1931s/H.L. & J.B. Fadlyfootstone WHRF
001008FadelyHerman H.2 Jul 1907Age 1y 7m 12d; s/H.L. & J.B. Fadely
001008LeedyFanny1 May 1908w/John Leedysunken stone; not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001008CarrollB. F.20 Mar 185014 Jun 1923
001008CarrollAlice29 Feb 1936Age 81 yrs; w/BF Carroll
001008C.C. A.footstone only-no further information
001008WashingtonH. H.18491920
001008WashingtonBessie Lee29?Jan? 188012 May 1883?Age 3y 1?m 13d; d/D.N. & A.C. Washington
001008WashingtonJulia27 Jan 1896Age 71y 9m 20d; Mother
001008WashingtonThomas23 Feb 18187 Nov 1878Age 60y 8m 14d; Father
001008UnknownFieldstone marker only
001008UnknownFieldstone marker only
001008UnknownFieldstone marker only
001009RandolphPhillip N.18661936
001009FallsNancy Jean19411990McMullen Funeral Home marker only
001009Falls, Sr.Melvin B.20 Feb 192010 Jan 1976shared headstone
001009FallsEffie M.30 Apr 192128 Oct 1959shared headstone; not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001009FallsJohnny E.24 Mar 195219 Aug 1984
001009ElyardMartha J.18751911shared headstone; not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001009ElyardJames A.18501923shared headstone; not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001009CoffmanReuben C.18241899shared headstone "Coffman"
001009CoffmanCharles L.18591947shared headstone "Coffman"
001009CoffmanLucy M.18571936shared headstone "Coffman"
001009CoffmanMelvin18961896shared headstone "Coffman"
001009UnknownFieldstone marker only
001009EatonWilliam E.18471947shared headstone
001009EatonElizabeth A.18451919shared headstone
001009LeakeElizabeth W.1 Jan 18184 Aug 1894Age 76y 7m 3d; w/Walter Leake
001009WilliamsJohn F.186312 Jul 1935shared headstone; not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001009WilliamsSallie E.187227 Jan 1941shared headstone; not recorded by DAR in 1960s
001009HilbertSophia Branum18711946Mother
001009W.M. E.footstone only-no further information
001009SecristIlene10 Aug 1896Age 4 mo; d/Geo. & Hattie Secrist
001009EarlyMaggie4 Jan 1907Age 72 yr; w/J.F. Earlyfootstone ME
001009UnknownFieldstone marker only
001010UnknownFieldstone marker only
001010BrannumAmanda10 Apr 18214 Feb 1876w/Wm. Brannum
001010W.J. A.footstone only-no further information
001010YoungIda E1 Sep 1907Age 45y 9mfootstone IEY
001010GladwellTwins10 May 1905Aged 17 ds; s/L.H. & H.B. Gladwell
001010GladwellTwins23 Apr 190523 Apr 1905s/L.H. & H.B. Gladwell
001010ElliottHattie B.5 Sep 188116 Jan 1916w/Luther H. Gladwellfootstone HBEG
001010GladwellEdward L13 Nov 1918Age 11 yrHand-etched stone
001010BreedenMarvin E.28 Jul 191828 Oct 1918s/E.M. & Margaret Breeden
001010BreedenWilliam M.4 Mar 192121 Aug 1926s/E.M. & Margaret Breeden
001010ArgubrightNoah6 Dec 182011 Nov 1912shared headstone; footstone NA
001010ArgubrightMary Byrd5 Aug 182927 Apr 1910w/Noah Argubrightshared headstone; footstone MBA
001010LinkNannie11 Nov 1895Age 60y 8m 26d; w/Wm. Link
001010ArgubrightElijah24 Aug 182328 Jan 1891Age 67y 5m 4dfootstone EA
001010ArgubrightSarah4 Jul 18329 Mar 1889Age 56y 8m 5d; w/E. Argubright; footstone SA
001010ArgubrightM. Lizzie18 May 18661 May 1884Age 17y 11m 13; d/N. & M. Argubright
001010ArgubrightDavid E.10 Jul 1874Age 20y 10m 5d; s/N. & M. Argubright
001010KoontzSamuel3 Feb 1862Age 4y 28d; s/S. & N. Koontz
001010ArgubrightJoseph B.22 Jan 1863Age 7y 8m 14d; s/N. & M. Argubright
001010G.E. L.misplaced footstone for Edward Gladwell?
001010ArgubrightWilliam H.18 Jan 1863Age 7y 4m 3d; s/E. & S. Argubright
001010ArgubrightInfant2 Oct 1860Born dead; d/N. & M. Argubright
001011DillardMinnie C.29 May 188917 Feb 1907
001011DillardErasmus C.2 Dec 185429 Dec 1916Father
001011DillardDollie E.28 Sep 186429 Dec 1920Mother
001011DillardAlice V.9 Dec 188513 Sep 1957
001011EatonFrancis A.18251915
001011EatonWilliam E.18191909
001011EatonG. Whitfield18811915
001011UnknownIllegible-stone broken off in 2004
001011UnknownFieldstone marker only
001011BaileyWilliam H.12 May 18348 Jun 18601st person buried in graveyard
002001DoveDestiny Autumn31 Jan 199731 Jan 1997d/Jay & Juanita
002001HallBeverly Joan19402005
002002CampbellLurty D.9 Jun 191016 Apr 1990Married 8 Feb 1930
002002CampbellRuby V.14 Aug 19145 Mar 1996w/Lurty D.
002003MillerVelma Fern23 Dec 19241 Aug 2003
002003MillerDwight M.13 May 194510 Jan 2000US Army VietnamMilitary marker shows Dwight Marshall Miller
002004Landis, IIRobert Neil19841985
002004KisamoreRoy Richard2 May 192121 Jul 2004Pvt US Army WWII
002004HevenerRay C.7 Feb 192015 May 1996
002005SandyGeorge W. "Pop"13 Oct 19049 Jan 1987
002005SandyStella V. "Mom"27 Aug 190620 Apr 1985
002005MillerJerry D.6 Dec 19383 Mar 1999Beloved Husband
002006KnightingAndrew Jason8 Sep 18923 Aug 1965Virginia Pvt Co A 102 MG BN WWI
002006KnightingEllie Ree16 Sep 190219 May 1984w/Andrew Jason; She tought of others first.
002006GrimmOwen Winston2 Dec 193511 Jun 1985
002006ThompsonDorsey G.12 Jun 1923Our children-Ronald, Ray, Joe, Harrell, Darrell, Bruce
002006ThompsonHattie M.2 Jul 1928w/Dorsey G.
002007ThompsonJoe Paul17 Apr 195226 Dec 2002T Sgt US Air Force Persian Gulf; Children-Barry & Andrea
002007VanHussJohn Allen27 Feb 19398 Jan 1996Married 27 Oct 1961
002007VanHussMary Susan Good27 Dec 1941w/John Allen
002008KnightingCalvin N.10 Feb 19244 Mar 2000
002008MartzIrene C.29 Apr 19149 Jul 1978Mother
002008WismanJames Owen19 Jan 19298 Dec 1996Pvt US Army Korea
002008WengerHarold W.15 Oct 192329 Apr 1990
002008WengerLeta B.15 Jun 1923
002009HelmickJoanne M.19951995Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home marker only
002010LambertGeorge K.1 Feb 192113 Jun 2001Sgt US Marine Corps WWII
002010LambertSyvil R.28 Mar 19243 Dec 2002
002010VandevanderCharlie L.4 May 1933
002010VandevanderPhyllis W.22 May 1934
002010WismanAudrey Craun8 Jun 192410 Mar 2001Sister
002010BrownKurt M.26 Jun 196225 Mar 1991
002010BrownCindy-Kay W.29 Mar 1962
002010LambertGarner Arvil12 Aug 193228 Mar 1998US Army Korea
002011LambertSusan Arbogast "Sudie"22 Feb 189012 Feb 1981
002011HillDavis Shane19831984Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
002011HillDustin Michael19831984Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
002011VarnerGeorge D.19391982Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home marker only
002011HelmickJames Cread22 Sep 191511 Oct 1988
002011HelmickGeorgia Ellen25 Mar 192713 Dec 1987
002012HumphreyErnest Ray15 Dec 19689 Aug 1978Son
002012ClatterbuckHarold F.19221980PFC US Army WWII
002012ClatterbuckIrene V.19181989
002012ShifflettBernard L.20 Nov 19011 Jun 1976
002012ShifflettIrene R.3 Jan 190528 Nov 1984
002012HicksJennetta Armentrout8 Jul 193723 Sep 1986
002013SimmonsRichard J., Rev.25 Jul 19354 Mar 1969
002013SimmonsM. Corinne29 May 1936
002013Humphrey, Jr.William M.12 Feb 193129 Jun 1985
002013HumphreySudie A.20 Apr 1930
002013MayAllen Edgar11 Jan 192720 Sep 1995PFC US Army WWII
002013ThomasAthel B.19382005Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home marker only
002013WarblePierce Matthew8 Jun 19851 Jan 2000
002013WismanGladys V.7 Jul 19349 Jun 1975Mother
002013WismanJason Lynn27 Mar 197929 Mar 1979Infant of Larry & Doris
002013DoveLawrence T.8 Jan 19258 Jan 1992Sgt US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Lawrence Turner Dove
002013DoveDoris M.20 Feb 1930
002013LambertJimmie11 Sep 19265 Jun 1999S Sgt US Army WWII
002013LambertRhoda S.30 Jun 1931Bloved Wife & Mother
002013HicksRobert A.19031998McMullen Funeral Home marker only
002014WaybrightWilliam J. "Sonny"21 May 192210 Oct 1988
002014SecristAlton J. "Pickle"20 Oct 191231 Jul 1984Father
002014SecristRuby J.5 Feb 191421 Sep 1984Mother
002014SecristGeorge W.21 Jul 194110 Oct 1965Son
002014SecristVerdie A. (Sally)19101979
002014SecristElmer (Jug)19071963
002015HaynesArthur J.11 Nov 190122 Jan 1966
002015HaynesTicie F.10 Dec 19081 Feb 1978
002015DiehlRussell J.23 Mar 191528 Apr 1998Wed 7 Jun 1947
002015DiehlHazel L.7 Feb 1917w/Russell J.; Recent burial here
002015DiehlDonald W.9 Jul 1948
002015DiehlBetty H.2 Apr 19504 Mar 1988
002015SecristLarry W.22 May 19547 Aug 1998Son
002015SecristMargaret L.27 Aug 1935Mom
002015SecristElwood A.30 Sep 1933Dad
002016BoyersIra B.25 Sep 19252 Nov 1998Father
002016BoyersEthel G.29 Jan 1931Mother
002016BoyersBenford19811981Lindsey Funeral Home marker only
002016SecristCharles W.13 Sep 1938
002016SecristShirley L. "Doris"15 Jan 193512 Mar 1996
002016SipeHarold L.21 Nov 192711 Jan 1986Tec 5 US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Harold Leon Sipe
002016SipeFrances L.28 Jan 1928
002017LambertLawrence L.16 Feb 19395 Mar 1972
002017LambertLilly V.11 Sep 18961 Jun 1973
002017LambertJames R.3 Nov 18942 Apr 1975PFC US Army WWI
002017LambertBobby Lee "Buddy"2 Feb 19298 Jun 1987
002017LambertMary M. "Sissie"20 May 1941
002017HawseOrville Lee8 Feb 1941
002017HawseCatherine E. "Kate"23 Feb 191613 Apr 1984
002017LongAlbert K.5 Jul 190512 Jan 1989M Sgt US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Albert Kemper Long
002017LongMary C.23 Nov 190516 Dec 1984
002017LongHomer T.19031984Husband; Married 30 Sep 1943
002017LongVirginia L.19151964Wifew/Homer T.