Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Crawford Cemetery
LocationMt. Crawford, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 south to the town of Mt. Crawford. In Mt. Crawford turn left onto Layman Road, which is directly across the street from the post office. Go a short distance and take a left onto alley way. The cemetery will be on the right side of the alley.
NotesThis was known at one time as the Mt. Crawford Reformed Church cemetery and the Mt. Crawford Methodist Church cemetery. It is now all one big cemetery. The majority of the Reformed Church burials are in the last rows of the cemetery. Headstones were recorded starting at the main entrance to the back (west to east), and from left to right (south to north) facing the headstones.
Survey Date and Recorder20 Jul 2005
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
TrobaughLouise B.24 May 1896No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SwitzerRebecca18411923His WifeNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s; w/Benjamin
SwitzerInfant13 May 1895Aged 8 yrs; dau & sister of Mary E.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SwitzerInfantch/B. J. & R.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SwitzerInfantch/B. J. & R.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SwitzerInfantch/B. J. & R.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SwitzerInfantch/B. J. & R.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
SwitzerBenjamin18221897No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
MoatsInfant Sons/William & wifeNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
HuffmanInfant Son22 Mar 193627 Mar 1936s/F. E. & Thelma E.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
ClineWalter Stuart26 Feb 1895Aged 9m 19dNo visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
WhitmerFannie7 Feb 1874Aged 1 yr; d/R. A. & J. A.No visible marker-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001HiserSusan M.Age 80 yrsNo dates
001HiserWm. E.Age 82 yrsNo dates
001HiserBettieAge 48 yrsNo dates
001BlundellA. R.2 May 183226 Mar 1920A Confederate Soldier, Co. E 31 Va Regt CSA
001BlundellMargaret C.1 Sep 183723 Aug 1915w/A. R.
001BlundellLera J.26 Oct 1887Aged 26y 8d; d/A. R. & M. C.
001FunkhouserI. Bruce18911959
001FunkhouserOlive L.18791948
001FunkhouserCharles H.18551937
001FunkhouserWillie A.18601935Died 1 Feb 1935 & d/Annanias May per her obit.
001MayLucy White18291886Mother; w/Annanias
001LynchWm. L., Rev.25 Apr 184226 Mar 1887
001LynchEdith Gray1 Aug 1891Aged 12y 5m 12d
001LynchClara Mildred13 Oct 186916 Aug 1885Born in Monroe County W.Va; d/W. L. & M. J.
001LynchRobert Gray21 May 192127 May 1921s/F. L. & L. R.
001GladdenVirginia F.18521928
001GladdenAndrew P.18481920Aged 57y 9m 27d
001GladdenAdam R.5 Feb 18162 Dec 1891
001GladdenCatharine J.19 Dec 181923 Jul 1884w/Adam R.
001PleckerCharles Andrew9 Dec 18922 May 1895Aged 2y 4m 23d
001PleckerMattie A.18 Jun 185624 Jan 1923
001PleckerMaude V.18881924
001PleckerAdam G.18961950
001MontagueAnnie Lindon20 Oct 1895Aged 47y 4m 26d; w/Peter
001MontagueKatheenInfant Child of Peter & A. L.No dates
001MontaguePeter24 Apr 1893Born County Cork, Ireland
001FoleyWilson A.18651950
001HawkinsJohn Add18731938Father
001HawkinsLillie C.19 Jan 18819 Apr 1957Beloved Motherw/John Add
001HawkinsBernard C.15 Sep 191410 Dec 1982
001SteuartM. V.3 Oct 184029 Jan 1916Aged 75y 3m 26d
001MayJames F.7 Jul 185829 Mar 1924
001GladdenCharles H.18591944
001GladdenSarah E.18451856ch/James & Elizabeth
001GladdenJames N.18471853ch/James & Elizabeth
001Gladden, Jr.Adam18541855ch/James & Elizabeth
001SummersCharles B.3 Apr 187111 Nov 1933Father
001SummersRebecca F.22 Dec 187311 Aug 1938Mother
001CaricofeOwen B.26 Apr 19073 Oct 1995
001CaricofeElizabeth F.28 May 19119 Jan 1999
001CaricofeRobert W.19 Jun 194130 Jun 2001Sons/Owen & Elizabeth
002AtkinsH. Rinker18 Oct 189323 Feb 1953
002AtkinsMadge I.17 Jan 190015 Jan 1975
002BlundellHarry S.8 Mar 189526 Oct 1896
002BlundellEarl A. R.22 Apr 18926 Nov 1896
002BlundellEdna A.11 May 188713 Feb 1895
002BlundellAltha B.21 Oct 18893 Jul 1896
002MayFlorenceCorner stones on lot next to Blundell shows name only
002MayEdgarCorner stones on lot next to Blundell shows name only
002MayJoe C.Corner stones on lot next to Blundell shows name only
002MayCloudyCorner stones on lot next to Blundell shows name only
002FunkhouserC. Meryin10 Jun 1895Aged 6 mos; s/C. H. & W. A.Illegible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
002FunkhouserMyrtle K.5 Jun 1895Aged 6 mos; d/C. H. & W. A.Illegible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
002FunkhouserKinzer26 Aug 1889Aged 5 mos; d/C. H. & W. A.Illegible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
002FunkhouserC. Norman13 Sep 1885Aged 3y 1m 13d; s/C. H. & W. A.
003FiferJas. A.23 Dec 183110 Sep 1915
003FiferAmanda J.21 Mar 183116 May 1899w/Jas. A.
003MooreGeorge C.7 Sep 185216 Nov 1936
003MooreLouise Saunders12 Jun 185914 May 1944w/George C.
003SaundersV. L.14 May 1892Aged 44 yrs; Father
003SlusserMartha A.2 Nov 18517 May 1937
003SlusserSarah B.3 Oct 181718 Apr 1892Aged 74y 6m 15d
003SlusserWilliam B.3 Aug 18134 Aug 1887Partially Illegible; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
003ShipplettEthel L.22 Apr 189028 Aug 1890d/John M. & Polly
003ShipplettStella7 Oct 188030 Oct 1890d/John M. & Polly
003ShipplettPolly27 Jan 1886Aged 74 yrs; Our Mother
003ShipplettMicagah2 Jan 1884Aged 77 yrs; Father
003KellerPerry L.No dates
003BennettAda V.18751944
003LevelDora K.11 Jan 1893Aged 30y 10m; w/J. W.
003LevelJ. W.1 Aug 1892Aged 30y 6m
003FiferG. C.18271915
003FiferMargaret18311910His Wifew/G. C.
003FisherJames L.13 Mar 1895Aged 63y 7m 14d
003LindonSarah Crawford9 Sep 180824 Nov 1888w/Thomas
003LindonThomas S.12 May 17981 Mar 1871Born in County Cork, IrelandPartially illegible-recorded by the D.A.R. in 1960s
003LindonCatherine25 Oct 17911 Jul 1870Aged 78y 8m 6d; Sister of Thomas Lindon; Born in County Cork, IrelandPartially Illegible-recorded by the D.A.R. in 1960s
003HarrisLaura E.No dates
003MauzeyGibson, Rev.17 Sep 181428 Oct 1889
003MauzeyEllen20 May 1857w/GibsonStone shows "Born May 20, 1857" and possibly meant died May 20 1857
003ShafferCharles T.18891942
003ShafferEmma C.18961941
003ShaverRaymond E.6 Dec 192119 Feb 1926s/C. T. & E. C.
003TutwilerMervyn29 Jul 1911Aged 24 yrs
003MyersM. Fannie18611944Motherw/John H.
003MyersJohn H.18561940Father
004FunkhouserRoland W.29 Jan 191219 Mar 1912s/C. J. & F. A.
004SlusserWard C.31 Dec 190011 Feb 1901s/J. W. & Ida
004ShipplettDaniel M.18511917
004ShipplettJennie18501938His Wifew/Daniel M.
004ShipplettS. B.8 Dec 1891Aged 47 yrs
004LevelNewton? Sep 1888Aged 3y 9m 16dPartially Illegible
004FisherPearl18741960w/Geo. D.
004LindonInfant1883On same stone as Dickey
004EdwardsMary C.6 Nov 184527 Feb 1916Mother; w/R. M.
004SmileyHarvey21 Jul 184327 Mar 1918Aged 69y 8m 6d
004SmileyGeorge William12 Apr 18237 Jul 1881CSA Co. I 1st Va Cavalry
004SmileyBarbara Anne Landis18211896His Wifew/George Wm.
004SmileyGeorge William Harvey21 Jul 184927 Mar 1918s/George & Barbara
004SmileySarah Justin CaracofeHis WifeNo dates; w/George Wm. Harvey
004EdwardsRudolph31 Jul 19051 Aug 1905s/M. J. & L. K.
004LindonGrady18 Feb 189112 Jul 1916
004LindonJohn F.12 May 189412 Feb 1953
004LindonMyrtie I.24 Sep 189910 Feb 1976
004ParrMassie Lee7 Jul 18832 Oct 1923
004ParrDora Reese26 Oct 188518 Feb 1946w/Massie
004RedwoodMaynard Holman23 Sep 19202 Aug 1921
004RedwoodJohn (Jack) Holman8 Jan 18873 Dec 1957Mason Emblem on stone
004RedwoodJannette Lindon "Jenny"7 Oct 189614 Oct 1973
004FloryElsie S.18831976Mother
004FloryOscar D.18841943Father
004FloryHelen V.19181956
004ThompsonRichard L.25 Sep 191230 May 1988
004ThompsonPauline V.31 Mar 191121 Feb 1992
004SmileyWilliam E.3 Aug 191418 Oct 1990PFC US Army WWII
004SmileyHazel N.6 Sep 191813 Aug 1990
004RheaNolen E.7 May 1927Father of Steven E., Vernon M., Robert E.
004AtkinsGeorge E.25 May 192330 Sep 1993
005SwitzerJ. V.18 Sep 18518 Jan 1908
005SwitzerMartha E.7 Jun 18282 Feb 1909w/N. W.; Our MOther
005SwitzerN. W.2 Jun 182511 Dec 1894Can't read-in boxwood bush; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
005DeanM. V.18551931Motherw/M. G.
005DeanM. G.18541920Father
005DeanCaleb13 Mar 1896Aged 73y 6m 18d
005DeanSarah14 May 1889Aged 66y 9m 3d; w/Caleb
005ShipplettMary Ida15 Feb 186531 Jan 1935
005ShipplettGeorge C.18551927
005ShipplettEleanor M.18731905
005KellerLillie B.2 Jan 187126 Jun 1894d/H. W. & S. C.
005KellerSarah C.25 Jan 184030 Mar 1904w/H. W.
005KellerHenry W.12 Apr 1892Aged 60y ?m 8d
005KellerElmer J.4 Feb 187225 Feb 1893s/H. W. & S. C.
005LevelNewton C.18 Sep 1888Aged 3y 9m 16d; s/J. W. & D. K.
005MurrayHattie20 Sep 1883Aged 11y 30d; d/C. W. & J. L.
005FisherGeorge D.18581938
005FisherLinnie H.25 Sep 1897Aged 35y 10m 28d; w/Geo. D.
005FisherEaster E.24 May 1887Aged 4 yrs; d/G. D. & G. A. V.
005FisherGeo. Annah V.1 Apr 1883Aged 18y 10m 8d; w/George D.
005LindonA. Byrd17 Jan 187020 Aug 1925
005LindonMame E.2 May 186621 Mar 1920
005LindonMichael11 Dec 183826 Jul 1911Father
005LindenVirginia L.8 Feb 18398 Nov 1911
005LindonLillie E.3 Aug 1881Aged 18y 11m 4d; d/M. & V. L.
005EdwardsMarvin J.18811951
005EdwardsLucy K.18821950
005SoldanRudolph "Rudy"12 Nov 192020 Feb 2001US Army WWII, Purple Heart
005CaracofeLawrence A.14 Jun 191617 Apr 1992
005CaracofeVivian L.4 Jul 192126 Feb 1981
005RodefferLottie Myers29 Aug 189716 May 1988
005StephensLetitia Rodeffer13 Jan 191616 Apr 1994Loving daughter of Lottie
005BakerSheldon D.15 Dec 1929
005DuncanHelen Shreve19511998Johnson Funeral Service marker only
006MayThurston S.18791970
006MayLucy E.18581928
006MayEmma C.18521926
006MayHenrietta K.18501923
006MayEsteline C.18471927
006PiferGeo. D.18691919
006WiseGeorge K.23 May 187920 Apr 1952Father
006WiseDaisy M.24 Sep 188322 Jan 1969Motherw/George K.
006KellerVictor B.11-?-1882Aged ?; Infant son/H. W. & S. C.
006UnknownBase of stone only; moved or missing??
007FoleyJ. W.9 Aug 182917 Jan 1913Aged 83y 5m 8d
007FoleySarah J.8 Aug 183010 Jun 1901Aged 70y 10m 2d; w/J. W.
007FoleyJames18 Mar 1853Aged 75y 3m 6d
007FoleyPhebe A.6 Nov 1862Aged 72y 1m 2dw/James
007O'neillHenry St. John17 Feb 182216 Apr 1885Our Father
007O'neillMary Ann1 Feb 181711 Oct 1899Our Motherw/Henry
007O'neillGertrude Harrison23 Oct 18985 Mar 1900ch/Thomas J. & Mary E.
007O'neillInfant Daughter17 Apr 190420 Apr 1904d/Thomas J. & Mary E.
007ShowalterSallie M.20 Jul 184121 Jul 1921Aged 80y 1d; His Wifew/George
007ShowalterGeo. W.31 Aug 183616 Dec 1900Aged 64y 3m 6d
007DriverNettie G.28 Jun 18603 Feb 1884w/S. G.
007FoleyJames McK.18401907MUS. Co I, 33 Va. Inf. CSA
007FoleySara18471920His Wifew/James
007FoleyElizabeth15 May 1902Aged 83y 6m 18d; w/John
007FoleyJohn30 Jul 1888Aged 71y 6m 21d
007SaundersM. J. S.
007SaundersS. E. S.
007SaundersJ. T. S.
007CraunJohn W.24 Nov 184711 Oct 1930
007CrawnSallie J.6 Jun 1897Aged 41y 3m 1d; w/J. W.
007CrawnInfant Son13 Oct 1875
007CrawnAnnie Elise12 Apr 1878Aged 18m 17d
007CrawnInfant Son28 Nov 1889
007CraunMaggie A.18 May 188129 May 1941
007SwitzerMary S.13 May 1893Aged 8y 4m 23d; Our daughter & sister
007SwitzerFour Infantsch/B. M. & R. A.All on one stone; No dates
007HuffmanJohn H.18651942
007HuffmanOta R.18751959
007LagoInfant Daughter18 Jun 1917d/F. H. & M. L.
007LagoLillian8 Jan 191720 May 1934d/F. H. & M. L.
007LagoLillian A.2 Aug 186410 Feb 1915w/F. H.Photo of Lillian on headstone
007LagoFrank H.13 Mar 186111 Mar 1943
007LagoMabel F.12 Jul 187620 May 1934w/F. H.
007ShipplettJohn M.16 Dec 184110 Jul 1918
007ShipplettSarah E. May16 Jul 18432 Aug 1911
007KnicelyDaisy P. Shipplett9 Feb 188326 Oct 1910
007TutwilerElmer L.18701928
007TutwilerLucy V.18721956
007TutwilerMalinda8 Sep 187324 Dec 1952
007TutwilerWithroe19 Oct 187313 Mar 1928
007VawterIna G.2 Oct 19026 May 1991Daughter
007VawterFuller R.25 Feb 186918 Aug 1938Father
007VawterAnnie E.10 Sep 187014 Nov 1957Motherw/Fuller
007VawterBoyd O.28 Oct 18961 Oct 1913Sons/F. & A.
007PainterR. Huston19 Jul 18963 Jun 1932s/C. T. & Sarah M.
007PainterVirginia K.3 Aug 192112 Nov 1921d/Mr. & Mrs. Huston PainterPartially illegible-recorded by the D.A.R. in 1960s
007ShowalterRennie Myers27 Mar 18877 Sep 1970
007TrainerJohn E.1 Sep 190317 Feb 1931
007TrainerJ. R.18751959Father
007TrainerEmma E.18741934His Wife; Motherw/J. R.
008O'neillMary W.18521938
008HouffA. Dewey18991943s/M. C. & A. S.
008HouffMaggie C.18681942Mother
008HouffBasil A.18971928s/M. C. & A. S.
008HouffNina May1 Mar 189018 Jun 1890d/M. C. & A. S.Partially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
008PiferAdam M.9 Jan 186923 Sep 1913Aged 44y 8m 14d
008PiferBlanche F.31 Mar 187017 Sep 1928Aged 58y 7m 14d
008KellerCharles N.22 Feb 18605 Feb 1938
008KellerMary A.13 Feb 186113 Nov 1941
008HuffmanM. D. H.18 Oct 1923Aged 3 m 18d; s/J. H. & O. R.
008HuffmanG. H.2 Feb 1911Aged 1y 1m 2d; s/J. H. & O. R.
008LagoInfant Daughter28 Oct 188529 Oct 1885ch/J. N. & E. M.On same stone as Infant Son
008LagoInfant Son6 Aug 1888ch/J. N. & E. M.On same stone as Infant Daughter
008LagoJacob V.18551950
008LagoElizabeth M.18671939
008PirkeyInfant Daughter24 Nov 194024 Nov 1940d/ M. T. & J. M.
008CaracoffLeonard A.9 Jan 18852 Mar 1957
008CaracoffMaude S.4 Sep 188910 Apr 1933
008CaracofeMyrtle Alma2 Apr 191015 May 2001Mother & Grandmother
008TutwilerCharles V.12 Apr 185829 Jan 1917
008TutwilerOsceola17 Feb 18619 Oct 1949His Wifew/Charles V.
008CarverE. R.18561932
008CarverLucy M.18651944His Wifew/E. R.
008ShaverHuber M.23 Jan 188525 May 1979
008ShaverBonnie J.8 Oct 189630 Mar 1963
008TrainerRussell N.10 Feb 19059 Aug 1971
008TrainerLucy M.6 Jun 190816 Jun 1976
008FrenchJon M.1 Jan 19361 Mar 1996
008FrenchElston E.2 Apr 190529 Dec 1974
008FrenchMarie P.10 Nov 191711 Jul 2001
008Hodges, Sr.Walter L.14 Aug 19174 Nov 1985
008HodgesSylvia R.5 Jan 1919
008TutwilerWade H.22 Mar 189715 Nov 1986
008TutwilerHazel B.10 Oct 19002 Oct 1986
008HottelLuther Ben8 Sep 1922
008HottelBernice R.11 Jul 1922
008ChittumHerbert L.26 Feb 191325 Apr 2000
008ChittumWinston L.9 Dec 1960
008HottelAmy Dawn21 Apr 197219 Sep 1987
008O"RoarkBuddy R.16 Feb 193422 Oct 1986Cpl US Marine Corps, KoreaMilitary marker shows Buddy Russell O'roark
008O"RoarkBonnie W.19 Jul 1934
008MoyerDavid Wilton6 May 19395 Sep 2002Our dau-Debbie, Dimple, Donna, Diana; Our grandchildren-Phillip, David, Cara, Mackenzie
008MoyerJean Whetzel7 Oct 1940w/David
009FoleyJ. R.18531923
009FoleyChas. S.8 Aug 186112 Jan 1944Father
009FoleyInfant Son30 Sep 189730 Sep 1897Brothersch/Chas. S. & Mary V. Foley
009FoleyChas. R.15 Jan 189922 Jan 1900Brothersch/Chas. S. & Mary V. Foley
009FoleySarah J.10 Sep 189118 Nov 1894Sistersch/Chas. S. & Mary V. Foley
009FoleyNellie C.26 Sep 18953 Aug 1896Sistersch/Chas. S. & Mary V. Foley
009FoleyMary V.13 May 18581 Nov 1920Mother
009CrawnEmma O.18 Mar 1892Aged 33 yrs; Beloved w/Josiah F.
009MyersElton Gladdine16 Oct 18945 Oct 1899d/B. F. & L. L.
009MyersBenjamin Franklin18651959
009MyersLaura L. Showalter18661952
009SaundesLuther A.21 Aug 184912 Aug 1893
009SaundersLouise F.3 May 185819 Feb 1938
009MayAdam W.3 Jan 1908Aged 73y 1m 7d
009MayHattie J.27 Jan 1916Aged 81y 6m; w/Adam W.
009StickleyInfant Son18891889s/E. M. & B. L.
009StickleyBessie L.18641955
009StickleyEdward M.18601935
009StickleySarah A.7 Jul 183625 Apr 1911Aged 74y 9m 18d; w/Samuel
009StickleyHerbert L.18931946
009SwitzerMary S.1 Sep 183816 Oct 1887Aged 49y 1m 15d
009BearHattie I.1912Partially illegible-can't read age
009TutwilerN. A.15 Mar 18313 Mar 1910
009TutwilerElizabeth V.18451932His Wifew/N. A.
009LagoCornelia S.18571943
009LagoMartha E.18501939
009LagoJacob22 Oct 181516 May 1888Aged 72y 6m 24d
009LagoRachel B.1 Jul 182326 Apr 1874Aged 50y 3m 22d
009CalhounWilliam H.18801927Husband
009CalhounVera C.18861967Wifew/Wm. H.
009EvansVernie Burgess21 Mar 189919 Feb 1988
009SmileyWilliam S.12 Jun 188010 Apr 1965
009SmileyPearl M.18 Aug 188412 Nov 1968
009SmileyGlenn Rhodes28 Mar 192113 May 1985Pvt US Army WWII
009ChittumArthur B.19091974
009ChittumEdna F.1911
009YeakleMervil M.19 Mar 189521 Aug 1990PFC US Army WWIMilitary marker shows Mervil Harris Yeakle Sr.
009YeakleVivian P.9 Nov 190118 Feb 1995
009NesselrodtLester9 Mar 192316 May 1987Cpl US Army WWII; Wed 16 Feb 1946; Father
009NesselrodtViola M.15 Jul 1925Wed 16 Feb 1946; Mother
009HarmanErnest Samuel15 Nov 1935Our children-Ernie Jr., Carol, H.D. Tim
009HarmanJean Burgess26 Nov 1942Wed 30 Oct 1958w/Ernest Samuel
009Harman, Jr.Ernest S.22 May 195921 Aug 1984
010FoleyAnna B.7 Aug 188527 Feb 1900Aged 14y 6m 20d; Daughter
010FoleyNorman H.19 Mar 188812 Oct 1912Aged 24y 6m 23d; Son
010FoleyPollie A.27 Apr 18599 Jun 1896Aged 38y 1m 13d; Wifew/Newton H.
010FoleyNewton H.18 Nov 185128 Oct 1916Aged 65y 11m 10d; Husband
010WiseGeorge D.29 Jan 186120 Jan 1893
010WiseMargaret S.5 Aug 18639 Feb 1953
010MenefeeThomas Jackson9 Mar 1893Aged 26 14d; s/Saml. L. & Virginia
010MenefeeMargaret Frances10 Sep 185117 Apr 1923Mother; w/Samuel L.
010MenifeeSamuel L.14 Jan 1910Aged 74y 10mC.S.A. marker at his grave
010MenifeeVirginia F.13 May 18413 Nov 1890Aged 49y 5m 20d; w/Samuel L.
010RhodesAnnieEach person has one small footstone with name on it and there is one large stone reads: In memory of Jackson Rhodes & Family 1916
010RhodesFannieEach person has one small footstone with name on it and there is one large stone reads: In memory of Jackson Rhodes & Family 1916
010RhodesCharlesEach person has one small footstone with name on it and there is one large stone reads: In memory of Jackson Rhodes & Family 1916
010RhodesGraceEach person has one small footstone with name on it and there is one large stone reads: In memory of Jackson Rhodes & Family 1916
010RhodesJacksonEach person has one small footstone with name on it and there is one large stone reads: In memory of Jackson Rhodes & Family 1916
010ShinnickEdwin H.No other data on stone
010KiserJ. Robt.17 Dec 186913 Nov 1944
010KiserMary J.16 Dec 184223 Sep 1917Mother
010KiserPlesant A.15 Apr 184124 Mar 1896Father
010KiserWm. A.9 Jun 187917 Nov 1917
010KiserGeorge P.30 Nov 187520 Jan 1962
010WeadeInfant Childch/H. C. & S. V. J.No dates
010FisherGeorge24 Jul 181817 Aug 1881Aged 63y 23d
010FisherElizabeth26 Oct 181914 Apr 1899w/G. W.
010FisherMaggie M.23 Nov 184617 Jan 1873d/G. & E.
010SwitzerWilliam O.18391917Co. I 33rd Regiment Stonewall Brigade
010SwitzerMary M.9 May 183926 Mar 1918Aged 78y 10m 17d; w/S. C.
010SwitzerS. C.6 Nov 18334 Jan 1915
010SwitzerMargaret23 Jul 179927 May 1876Our Motherw/Valentine
010SwitzerValentine28 Aug 17891 Aug 1848Our Father
010SwitzerValentine C.23 Oct 183116 Apr 1898Aged 66y 5m 23d
010BareJames W.23 Dec 18448 Nov 1907
010BareHannah J.29 Feb 18202 Jun 1896Aged 76y 3m 3d; Our Mother
010SwitzerMary E.5 Oct 184026 Dec 1915w/V. C.
010FoleyAndrew B.18681947
010FoleyDora C.18761965
010FoleyRoy L.18991920
010MayHarry E.13 Jul 189531 Dec 1954
010MayLena V.1 Aug 189524 Nov 1975
010HawkinsCharles H.5 Aug 18661 Sep 1931
010HawkinsVictoria Jennett22 Jun 186530 Sep 1941
010SmileyCharles L.18781957
010SmileyVirgie L.18861969
010SmileyHarold L.19241969Brother
010ChittumArthur H.9 Sep 187929 Jun 1961
010ChittumFlossie M.21 May 188413 May 1964w/Arthur H.
010ChittumClara R.1919d/A. H. & Flossie
010MartinWilliam E.189719__
010MartinBertha V.18861957
010MetzBirdie May18821960
010Burgess, Jr.Arthur H. "Pete"10 May 192425 Aug 1970Son; Virginia Pvt Co. L 147 Inf. 36 Div. WWII
010ShreveHarry Raymond6 Jul 189916 Dec 1980
010MayJames L.12 Dec 187515 Jul 1962
010MayMary E.8 Jul 186615 Nov 1954
010PiferArval B.18951973
010AtkinsAudrey G.19272000McMullen Funeral Home marker only
011ClarkStephen Paul10 May 19547 Oct 2002Married 28 Aug 1976
011ClarkElisa Joy22 Mar 2001
011ClarkRoberta VanDessel22 Nov 195422 Mar 2001Married 28 Aug 1976w/Stephen Paul
011SmithLydia J.Aged 71y 8m 27d; w/John M.No dates
011TrobaughJohn A.18471922
011TrobaughMary S.18651901His Wifew/John A.
011ShowalterJohn H.12 Sep 18309 Apr 1900Aged 69y 6m 27d
011ShowalterHettie J.29 Sep 1893Aged 58y 8d; w/Jno. H.
011KaylorViolet Grace19011986Daughter
011KaylorWilliam Jackson18621956Father
011KaylorMinnie M.18681948Mother
011ClarkeHenrietta Matilda27 Jan 182713 Apr 1894The 6th child of P. A. & Isabella; died peacefully in the Christian faith.
011ShinnickWilliam E.12 Aug 185119 Aug 1908Aged 57y 7d; Father
011ShinnickCornelia F.5 Sep 185622 Feb 1893Aged 36y 5m 17d; w/Wm. E.
011ShinnickCatherine A.15 Oct 18131 Sep 1883Aged 71y 10m 16d; Mother
011ShinnickJames M.5 May 181331 May 1881Aged 67y 11m 28d
011KiserCarrie Bernice28 Sep 19131 Sep 1926Drowned
011KiserCharles Bernard20 Oct 18735 Apr 1962
011KiserCarrie Miller30 Nov 188115 Jul 1954
011KiserChristina5 Jul 1883Aged 78y 4m 3d; w/George
011KiserSusan M.9 Mar 1893Aged 55y 1m 9d; d/George & Christina
011KiserGeorge17 Feb 1894Aged 92y 2m 1d
011FisherGeo. W.4 Jul 18558 Mar 1907
011SwitzerNellie Boyd Lindon5 Oct 18717 Apr 1944Faithful wife/Boyd V. Switzer
011SwitzerBoyd Valentine, Rev.14 Apr 187214 Feb 1940A minister in the Baltimore Conference M.E. Church, South, for 40 years
011BareHolmes Boyd30 Jan 187710 Jul 1904
011ShinnickMargaret Lavinia26 Feb 189314 Mar 1918w/Herbert H.
011ShinnickHerbert H.3 Mar 189310 Oct 1954Sgt HQ Trp 2 Army WWI Purple Heart
011MayBernice E.27 Jun 19232 Aug 1923d/Harry E. & Lena V.
012TrobaughArthur J.21 Dec 189930 Sep 1985s/John A. & Mary S.
012ShowalterWilliam L.28 Nov 185521 Oct 1932Father
012KaylorWashington J.19101918Son
012KaylorEmery P.18931903Son
012KaylorRichard T.18901890Son
012ReedMary F.2 Mar 182828 Jun 1909w/John H.
012ReedSallie E.8 Dec 18549 Oct 1941
012ClarkeSallie Gray18531932
012ClarkeLeah Francis9 Dec 18248 Feb 1902w/E. D.
012ClarkeE. D.12 May 182214 May 1885Mason emblem
012LeavelCharles H.18751933
012LeavelMary C.18811936His Wifew/Charles H.
012ShinnickWilliam C.1 Mar 188517 Feb 1935
012KiserOliver A.4 Aug 188626 Dec 1957
012KiserVirginia A.20 Oct 189419 Apr 1989
012KiserMary10 Jun 188026 Jan 1949
012KiserChristina13 Apr 187312 Jan 1962
012KiserP. I.22 Aug 183922 Sep 1916Footstone shows-Philander
012KiserJennie E.23 Aug 184810 Nov 1904w/P. I.
012ByerlyBruce Lago14 Nov 18878 Sep 1888Age 9m 24d; s/F. A. & J. D.
012LiskeyVirginia S.8 Nov 185725 Apr 1913w/A. O.
012FlemingSarah16 Mar 185015 Jul 1899
012FlemingEliza E.12 Jan 1909Aged 81y 5m 18d
012FlemingHenry17 Apr 1899Aged 80y 2m 17d
012WhissenMargie P.19011966
012WhissenCharles A.18881976
012WhissenLecia A.18951950
012ArmstrongA. Wayne11 Oct 1924
012ArmstrongRonald Lee18 Oct 195027 Aug 1951
012ArmstrongM. Lorene7 Nov 192512 Feb 1997
012RiddlebergerL. Frank26 Feb 189714 Jun 1951Daddy
012RiddlebergerM. Arlene22 Jul 189929 Apr 1977
012RiddlebergerLorene W.17 Oct 19205 Mar 1987
012BurgessArthur H. (Pete)7 Dec 189627 Sep 1951
012BurgessGrace V.18 Oct 1904Appears to be buried here
012FunkhouserFrank A.18 Mar 188630 Dec 1952Father
012FunkhouserClara J.24 Sep 18865 Sep 1983Motherw/Frank A.
012FunkhouserRichard Lee "Bill"21 Mar 19071 Apr 1987
012RheaKathleen Funkhouser22 May 191022 Apr 1998Photo on stone
012MayCharles D.18711953
012MayZana M.18991977
012ParrNancy Lee25 Apr 194116 Feb 1953
012ParrLee Harding15 Nov 192016 Mar 1972
012CampbellBarbara Ann Parr26 Jan 194826 Mar 1983
012MongerRussell E.25 Sep 191130 Jun 1983PFC US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Russel Eugene Monger
012MongerMinnie B.12 Feb 1921
013HuffmanElijah S.9 Jul 182214 Feb 1904Unable to read age
013HuffmanLucy A.9 Nov 182211 Oct 1895Aged 72y 11m 2d; w/Elijah S.
013BurgessRobert Miller4 Sep 19062 Dec 2000
013BurgessJohn William9 Oct 186118 Apr 1944
013BurgessIda Luella17 May 186812 Feb 1947
013RogersJames R. "Dick"28 Apr 18658 Nov 1925
013RogersLouisa E.18 Oct 1898Aged 68y 9m 17d; Our Mother
013BushElizabeth A.9 Apr 186019 May 1943
013BushVirginia F.24 Mar 185210 Oct 1900
013BushLewis20 May 181114 Oct 1891
013BushMary Ann McD.15 Feb 181312 Jun 1886
013KeagyMagdaline8 Mar 1897Aged 29y 10m 10d; Sister
013LandesIrene Keagy18 Dec 18646 Feb 1931Aged 76y 9m 21d; w/S. F.; Mother
013LandesGladys M.8 May 190516 Aug 1905
013LandesInfant21 May 188521 May 1885ch/S. F. & Irene
013SummersE. R.9 Mar 18608 Mar 1916
013SummersElizabeth8 Dec 183319 Aug 1917
013SummersJessie10 Sep 182623 Dec 2001
013McLaughlinInfant SonInfant Son of AndyNo dates
013BausermanSallie R.27 Feb 18748 Jul 1905Aged 31y 4m 11d
013BausermanJohn22 Jul 182420 Jun 1905Aged 80y 10m 28d
013BausermanSarah C.16 Sep 18346 Jan 1904Aged 69y 3m 20d
013BausermanCarrie E.Aged 5y 2m 7d; d/J. & S. C.Partially illegible
013BausermanLottie I.4 Apr 1877d/J. & S. C.
013ShowalterElizabeth14 Aug 182530 Aug 1887Aged 52y 16d; w/J. J.
013ShowalterMazy J.21 Feb 185612 Sep 1862Partially illegible marker
013ShowalterSamuel H.1 Apr 1875recorded by John Wayland in 1928: b. 9 May 1852 d. 1 Apr 1875
013PenceMalinda22 Feb 1879Aged 71y 1m 8d
013PenceAbraham21 Jan 1875Aged 69y 2m 27d
013McAteeJosie20 Nov 1911
013McAteeWm. M.7 Nov 1887Aged 66 yrs; Erected to the memory of McAtee Family
013McAteeArabell10 Jun 1880Aged 60 yrs; Erected to the memory of McAtee Family
013McAteeAnna L.8 Dec 1872Erected to the memory of McAtee Family
013McAteeHelen F.11 Nov 1875Erected to the memory of McAtee Family
013McAteePatrick Henry1858Married 1802
013McAteeJane Harrison17851835Married 1802w/Patrick Henry
013ShermanJohn Wise26 Mar 18367 Jan 1914FatherCivil War emblem by stone
013ShermanNancy Henkel2 Feb 183917 Dec 1903Motherw/John Wise
013ShermanLaura Belle19 Sep 1872Aged 6y 6m 9d; d/J. W. & N. H.
013PiferJohn C.9 Sep 185726 Mar 1937
013PiferRichard9 Mar 182724 Jun 1902
013PiferMary A.24 Nov 183113 Jun 1924His Wifew/Richard
013DeanGeorge E.185019__
013DeanP. Elizabeth18671928His Wifew/George E.
013DeanHarry E.18901923
013CisselWm. E.18991956
013CisselVa. T.19082003
013AlexanderDavid Henry26 Sep 18542 Mar 1937
013AlexanderCornelia Catherine 16 Jan 186218 Jan 1933
013ThurstonMae Alexander3 Mar 188926 Sep 1987
013CoffmanA. Bernard19061962
013CarverCharles12 Jan 187213 Jul 1946
013CarverBettie V.8 Sep 18729 Feb 1951
013DillardEdward J.16 May 187530 Dec 1947Father
013DillardLouella17 Sep 187823 Jul 1955Motherw/Edward J.
013FoleyHalsey D.13 Mar 190129 Dec 1962
013NewmanOllie D.5 Jul 190724 May 1964
013BurgessDonald E.1939
013BurgessDonald A.19061949
013HuffmanMadeline May Burgess19182004
013BurgessEdward L.8 Nov 187212 Jan 1964
013BurgessEstella M.18 Mar 187811 Apr 1961
013FlickAl Journey18811975
013FlickEtta V.18811955
013ClaytonJ. Bryan19001972
013ClaytonNaomi E.19111978
013ClaytonWilliam J. B.9 Nov 190025 Jan 1972Virginia Sgt Army Air Forces WWII
013SimmersVernon C.17 May 191915 Dec 1957
014ShipplettCharles Fletcher12 Oct 186726 Dec 1921
014ShipplettBessie V. Bauserman9 Oct 187127 Oct 1919w/C. F.
014ShipplettBurnice L.12 Oct 189725 May 1898
014ShipplettUpton C.18 Jun 18921 May 1893
014A.J. M.Footstone with initials only
014WhismanOlivia11 Dec 1891Aged 57 yrsPartially illegible
014JonesFrances Sherman18751950
014AlexanderMark Edward10 Aug 188121 Nov 1920
014JordanMerle Alexander17 Sep 18991 Jun 1964
014AlexanderFlossie Virginia24 Jun 188528 Nov 1973
015ProctorChamp C.6 May 186115 Aug 1951Father
015ProctorLula E.7 Jun 18647 Aug 1924Mother; His Wifew/Champ C.
015ProctorHattie Irene14 Mar 188719 Nov 1897Their daughterd/Champ C. & Lula E.
015PainterVerdie A.18661937
015PainterRomanus9 Feb 1897Aged 60y 11m 25d
015PainterElizabeth F.1 Jan 184114 Nov 1902Aged 61y 10m 14d
015PainterCora C.14 Aug 187418 Apr 1895Aged 20y 7m 28d; d/E. F. & R.
015BeamJames W.18571947
015BeamLaura V.18591941His WifeJames W.
015BeamGertrude18941896Their daughter
015BeamEmanuelAge 62 yrs; FatherNo dates
015FunkhouserEugene D.24 Jan 1895Aged 32y 4m 23d
015FunkhouserSallie2 Dec 1895Aged 74y 2m 28d; w/George F.
015FunkhouserJohn S.16 Dec 18478 Apr 1908
015FunkhouserMary E.28 Jul 184415 Jul 1922
015StinebuckZettie B.12 Mar 18809 Jan 1882
015StinebuckLucy B.8 Jul 185215 Mar 1882
015StinebuckMargaret C.26 Mar 185519 Jun 1884Aged 25y 2m 23d; w/Newton
015StinebuckI. N.18521936
015SummersMollie H.31 Aug 187619 Feb 1888Aged 16y 5m 18d
015ShowalterKatherine Virginia16 Jun 185327 Aug 1919d/J. J. & Elizabeth Hiser Showalter; w/Hiram Jackson MongerThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015McCabeHattie O., Monger, Hatcher, McCabe10 Jan 187321 Mar 1925ch/Hiram Jackson & Catherine Virginia Showalter MongerThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015GarberMazie Jane Monger3 Nov 1877ch/Hiram Jackson & Catherine Virginia Showalter Monger; w/Homer Bell GarberThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015MongerMabel Lindon3 Jun 1885w/John Ott MongerThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015MongerW. Clarence5 Dec 188617 Aug 1887ch/Hiram Jackson & Catherine Virginia Showalter MongerThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015ShowalterMazy Jane21 Feb 185612 Sep 1862d/J. J. & Elizabeth Hiser ShowalterThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015ShowalterSamuel H.9 May 18521 Apr 1875s/J. J. & Elizabeth Hiser ShowalterThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015ShowalterElizabeth Hiser14 Aug 182330 Aug 1887w/J. J.This is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015ShowalterJ. J.5 Jan 182325 Dec 1904This is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015Showalter-Monger FamiliesThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015MongerHiram Jackson18 May 18481 Mar 1913husb/Catherine Virginia ShowalterThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015MongerJohn Ott2 Sep 18844 Aug 1943ch/Hiram Jackson & Catherine Virginia Showalter MongerThis is on a marker titled "Showalter-Monger Families"; some have individual markers in the cemetery
015MongerLindon L.14 Jan 19175 May 1999Cpl US Army WWII
015PenceJ. W.18401919A Southern Soldier
015PenceJulia Ann18491921His Wifew/J. W.
015JohnsonNora Elizabeth26 Jan 190426 Nov 1990Our Mother
015HelquistEvelyn V.9 Dec 190816 Dec 1966Mother; w/Edwin (Buried in Arlington)
015MongerEdgar C.29 Feb 18767 Oct 1956Father
015MongerSallie A.19 Aug 187919 May 1942Mother
015Pifer, Sr.James Harris19111977Tec 5 US Army WWII
015TutwilerWm. Henry22 May 183821 May 1921Father
015TutwilerMary Bell18 Dec 183710 Jun 1925Mother; His Wifew/Wm. Henry
015ShermanEdwin H.29 Nov 186723 Jan 1950Husband
015ShermanAnnie E.23 Mar 187118 Dec 1952Wifew/Edwin H.
015SummersDavid A.18641939
015SummersLelia M.18731951
015FryeJoseph J.18891967
015FryeAnna G.18841971
015FryeJ. Clifford17 Aug 191126 Dec 1970Virginia Tec 4 Co A 1513 Engr Bn WWIIMilitary marker shows-Jospeh C. Frye
015FryeLena M.16 Jan 19051 Feb 1995Grammy
015CarverNannie Eddins1 Dec 187616 Oct 1943
015CarverGeorge K.5 Jun 18762 Jan 1946
015CarverSarah S.23 Oct 186620 Jun 1948
015HawkinsGeorge H.19021948Husband
015HawkinsElizabeth Carver19101965Wifew/George H.
015HawkinsHarry Michael20 Dec 188926 May 1958Stepfather
015LeeBrenda Carolyn23 Jun 194827 Jun 1948d/B. B. & J. F.
015LeeBilly B.26 Oct 1924
015LeeJanie F.16 Jul 1929
015ShaverJoseph F.12 Jul 18809 Dec 1951
015ShaverIrma C.20 Aug 18905 Jun 1963
015CalhounHarold C.15 Dec 191422 Aug 1998PFC US Army WWII
015CalhounAnnie E.14 Feb 19175 Dec 2000
015HawkinsRoger Wayne24 Aug 194215 Sep 1973SP4 US Army
015HartmanBarbara Hawkins19 Feb 19466 Oct 2002
015SmithGarnett W.23 Feb 192926 Oct 2003Father; Forever in our hearts, loved & missed by Alice, Johnny, Katerine, Willy, Susan, Sam, Mary Lou, Sarah
015SmithDorothy M.3 May 192913 May 2004Mother; Married 8 Apr 1950w/Garnett W.
015SayrePaul W.1 May 1919
015SayreEstelle R.27 Apr 1921
015KiddH. Anne21 Feb 191927 Feb 2005Sister of-Margaret Shepherd, Marie McKenney, Joel Kidd, Delisle Greene, Mildred Kidd
016FunkhouserW. Douglas18611945
016FunkhouserJacob H.18531915
016FunkhouserLaura V.18541915His Wifew/Jacob H.
016FunkhouserElbert H.23 Jul 1897Aged 13y 4m 19d
016IrickRobert D.19061908
016StinebeckFannie B.Aged 32y 1m 18dPartially illegible and broken-can't read dates
016MongerOtis B.3 Apr 19022 Sep 1904Aged 2y 4m 29d
016SaufleyD. Seymour22 Nov 186810 Sep 1948Father
016SaufleyMary J.27 Nov 187628 Jul 1941Motherw/D. Seymour
016SaufleyCarl B.19101966
016SaufleyA. LaRue19131996
016JohnsonCharles W.3 Nov 187613 Nov 1944
016JohnsonAlzie L.4 Sep 187810 Dec 1942
016WhitesellJ. W. Statton6 Nov 186810 Dec 1942Father
016WhitesellIda Bell14 Feb 18692 Mar 1944Motherw/J. W. Statton
016MichaelClaude C.18871971
016ShankGeorge Wm.5 Sep 186919 Dec 1944
016ShankLaura K.9 Aug 187017 Feb 1962
016SummersCharles Jesse24 Sep 191525 Nov 1984
016SummersLarry C.26 Jun 19435 Jul 1945s/C. J. & C. M.
016LeavelWalter T.5 Aug 191020 Dec 1998Father
016LeavelVirginia H.1 Jun 192031 Dec 1956Motherw/Walter T.
016GreeneOley E.20 Mar 18799 Feb 1968
016GreeneDeLisle K.2 Sep 189729 Aug 1976
016ThurstonA. Shawn19701999Married 23 Jan 1999
016ThurstonConnie M.1971w/A. Shawn
016ShankRoy F.27 Dec 19135 Nov 1997
016ShankFloey E.10 Oct 191631 Oct 1981
016SayreGuy G.27 May 188325 Jan 1971
016SayreAda B.12 Apr 189210 Oct 1973
016HolsingerWilliam P.22 Dec 193828 May 2003Married 6 Apr 1963
016HolsingerWilda W.10 Feb 1942
016BurkholderRobert L.5 Feb 192116 Feb 2004
016BurkholderHazel C.23 Dec 192329 Oct 2000
016McKenneyJames R., Rev.19111995
016McKenneyMamie K.28 Oct 191514 Jun 19791st Lt US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Mamie Kidd McKenney
017RhodesOtha L.8 Nov 1908Aged 10y 3m 8d; s/J. S. & A. E.
017RhodesWalter E.12 Jun 1896Aged 9m 2d; s/J. S. & A. E.
017DetrickAdam21 Apr 177019 Jul 1819
017DetrickAnn ElizabethPartially illegible-can't read dates
017AdamsWilliam17 Apr 1849Aged 32y 11m 6d; Our Father
017AdamsElizabeth Ann11 Jun 1891Our MotherPartially illegible-age below ground level; w/William
017MumawHamden Blair24 Aug 1882Aged 3m 24d; s/W. H. & M. M.
017MumawMattie M.17 May 1892Aged 43y 11m 29d; Our Mother; w/W. H.
017StinebuckClara V.16 Jan 18964 Dec 1984
017DillardGiles D.13 Jul 1865s/M. A. & V. J.Partially illegible
017HelmsJohnNo dates
017HelmsFrankNo dates
017HelmsLevi1 Dec 182530 Aug 1906Aged 80y 8m 29d
017CoffeltJohn L.16 Jan 1862Aged 11m 4d; s/Levi & Mary
017CoffeltMary Ann14 Jun 18325 Dec 1892Aged 60y 5m 21
017ShowalterElizabeth C.23 Oct 1850Aged 7m 4d
017ShowalterKenny P.6 Sep 1861He was a member of Capt. Curry Company 25th Regt. Va. Vol.; s/William & S. L.
017TutwilerAda J.1 Apr 1868Aged 7m 29d; d/Wm. & S. F.
017TutwilerSemantha F.6 Jun 184518 Oct 1868Aged 23y 4m 12; d/Wm.
017ShowalterSusan1 May 1871Aged 56y 3m 3d
017ShowalterWilliam5 Jan 1880Aged 73 yrs
017MillerThomas Edward9 Oct 1861Aged 2y 1m 2d; s/C. & M. J.
017HawkinsMary Ella1 Dec 18692 Mar 1879
017HawkinsCaroline C.29 Mar 18385 Feb 1914
017HawkinsSamuel15 Nov 18327 Aug 1905
017KeagyT. T.18751957Father
017KeagyAda V.18761963Motherw/T. T.
017KeagyOliver T.13 Aug 191512 May 1978PFC US Army WWII
017KeagyHelen Armentrout26 Mar 191822 Feb 2002
017LevansClifford8 May 189618 Oct 1918Aged 22y 5m 2d
017HensleyInfant Son10 Mar 194313 Mar 1943s/Jamie & Levan
017LinhossLaVan Tutwiler6 Sep 1921
017HensleyTracey L.5 Apr 196612 Jan 2003
017TutwilerOtis H.23 Jul 189929 Jun 1991
017TutwilerLillian G.2 May 189930 Dec 1978
017TutwilerEmma E.18791931
017TutwilerJ. E.18701953
018RhodesAnnie E.18601937Motherw/John S.
018RhodesJohn S.18571939Father
018RhodesTurner A.18871954Brother
018SmileyDoris Jean25 Feb 193622 Aug 1942d/W. E. & Naomi
018KaegyRhoda A.6 Feb 187528 Mar 1959Daughter
018KaegySara10 Sep 187217 Nov 1954Daughter
018KaegyWilliam22 Dec 18699 Dec 1943Son
018KaegyElizabeth M.6 Jun 183727 Mar 1914Mother
018HelmsThomas E.18611900Father
018HelmsMary M.18641932Motherw/Thomas E.
018HelmsLottie E.18991900ch/T. F. & M. M
018HelmsMaude C.18901896ch/T. F. & M. M
018ShreavesEdward L.No dates
018HelmsElizabethNo dates
018HelmsAndyNo dates
018UnknownFieldstone only-no writing
018UnknownFieldstone only-no writing
018ShowalterAdda A.11 Apr 1907Aged 50y 10m 18d
018ShowalterMary E.12 Apr 1886Aged 48y 6m 15d
018ShowalterLouisa M.11 Feb 1911Aged 71y 4m 7d
019TrobaughHunter C.24 Aug 189218 Mar 1954
019TrobaughAlice Menefee7 Jul 189416 Jun 1943
019HuffmanFloyd J.26 Jul 189826 May 1975Father
019HuffmanVernon T.1 Jun 19243 Apr 1925s/Floyd & Mary
019HuffmanMary T.21 Feb 189831 Jun 1981Motherw/Floyd J.
019KershOwen Guy25 Jul 1895Aged 4m 12d; s/S. A. & A. J.
019FoleyWm. Auber28 Aug 189111 Feb 1962
019FoleyLorena L.18 Jul 18883 Dec 1937
019FoleyWm. H.4 May 184328 Oct 1908
019FoleyElizabeth Ann17 Mar 185813 Aug 1921His Wifew/Wm. H.
019FoleyDaisy8 Apr 187721 Jun 1879d/W. H. & A. E.
019FoleyInfant Son16 Jul 1899s/W. H. & A. E.
019BurgessTurner J.10 May 186330 May 1932
019BurgessNellie Wilhite20 Sep 186921 Feb 1926
019JonesFrances Steele17 Jun 1862Aged 2y 18d; d/H. B. & E. F.
019BurgessStella A.22 Sep 1888Aged 12y 8m 29d
019BurgessEliza Ann28 Feb 183415 Apr 1901
019BurgessPatterson21 Feb 18252 Apr 1912
019SheetzSimon P.2 Sep 184227 Apr 1876SGT Co I 33 Regt. Va. Inf. CSA
019BurgessCharles5 Jul 1871Aged 1 yr; s/J. W. & L. J.Partially Illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
019SheetsElizabeth M.6 Dec 183213 Apr 1866Aged 33y 1m 7d; d/John & S.
019SheetsJohn B.7 Apr 1865Aged 27y 18d; Lt. Killed near High Bridge, Va. CSA
019SheetsJohn11 Sep 1855Aged 58y 9m 3d
019SheetsSarah5 Jul 18107 Mar 1852w/JohnPartially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
019PiferSarah G.1 Sep 18534 Aug 1854d/Adam & Mary C.Partially Illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
019PiferWilliam Perry2 Nov 18541 Nov 1857s/Adam & Mary C.Partially Illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
019PiferLillian23 Sep 185815 Jan 1881Aged 22y 3m 22d; d/Adam & Mary C.
019PiferAdam21 Jun 1902Aged 77y 2m 28d; Our Parent
019PiferMary C.16 Jun 1889Aged 58y 1m 15d; Our Parentw/Adam
019PiferJames B.25 Nov 186311 Jul 1902
019RollerJames Carlton28 Sep 1901Aged 1m 7d; s/H. D. & C. A.
019RollerMary Catherine23 Jun 1909Aged 1m 11d; d/H. D. & C. A.
019RollerCora A.18711948
019RollerHomer D.18741963
019PiferJohn S.7 Jan 186513 Mar 1935
019KaylorPeter C.18571940Father
019KaylorLucy M.18601943Motherw/Peter C.
019KaylorWilliam R.18841905s/Peer C. & Lucy M.
019CarpenterMargaret Ann18601926
019CarpenterEdward Whitfield18611925John J. Wayland note in 1928: "He (Edward) was treasurer of Rockingham County. This name was originally Zimmeral as Mr. Carpenter told me."
019HarrisKenney D.18981969
019HarrisFrances R.18981986
019RollerElla Roberta21 Dec 186922 Apr 1940
019RollerErnest F.25 Jan 187925 May 1924
019RollerElizabeth C.2 Mar 184730 Apr 1927His Wife; Motherw/Emanuel
019RollerEmanuel25 Sep 184311 Feb 1907Father
019RollerPeter R.18471921
019RollerFrances V.18581929
019RollerLuther H.18811951
019RollerGourney L.18831937
019TutwilerJohn S.2 Sep 184615 Sep 1927
019TutwilerAnnie E.13 Dec 18478 Aug 1921His Wifew/John S.
019NewmanJohn A.22 Sep 190728 Oct 1973
019RodefferRudolph Y. "Doc"28 Mar 192024 Jan 1970Father; Married 6 Nov 1948
019RodefferBrownie C.10 May 19246 Jun 1989Motherw/Rudolph Y.
019HuffmanVirgil T.20 Sep 1925Father
019HuffmanVerna E.12 Dec 192311 Jun 1985Motherw/Virgil T.
019HuffmanKenneth E.19 Dec 1961Sons/Virgil T. & Verna E.
019BakerCharles W.29 Jan 19371 Dec 1998Father; Married 21 Aug 1959
019BakerShirley S.26 Dec 1938Motherw/Charles W.
020GilkersonWilliam LaVeran16 Aug 190923 Nov 1967
020GilkersonWilliam A. R.15 Jun 18737 Dec 1954Father
020GilkersonBlanche G.7 Jan 18785 Jan 1960Motherw/William A. R.
020GilkersonMadalyne Lydia9 Mar 190423 Oct 1952Daughter
020GilkersonWard H.28 Jun 189928 Sep 1996
020GilkersonM. Virginia19 Mar 190420 Sep 1987
020BurgessCharles H.25 Mar 186615 May 1916
020BurgessLena D.21 Jun 187928 Jun 1966
020JohnsonThomas J.26 Aug 186225 Jul 1944Father
020JohnsonSallie E.10 Jan 18709 Mar 1954
020BurgessMary L.3 Jul 187228 Jun 1967
020BurgessJohn W.30 Dec 186627 Dec 1907
020BurgessRuth23 Aug 189515 Oct 1895d/J. W. & M. L.
020MurrayJohn R. L.18571917
020MurrayMary A.18601936His Wifew/John R. L.
020KaylorIda E.11 Aug 186825 Jan 1949Twin SistersTwin sister to Ada K. Garrison
020GarrisonAda K.11 Aug 186822 Feb 1948Twin SistersTwin sister to Ida E. Kaylor
020KaylorQuincy G.8 Feb 185917 May 1943Father
020KaylorAnnie Lee6 Jun 187728 Jul 1954Motherw/Quincy G.
020KaylorL. Lupton14 Mar 188920 Feb 1963Virginia Sgt 8 Photo Sec Air SVC WWIMilitary marker shows Lewis Lupton Kaylor
020KaylorRuth Smeltzer31 Jan 189420 May1975w/L. Lupton
020RollerWilliam McAlister14 Apr 18754 Oct 1954
020RollerLaura R.10 Mar 187215 May 1959
020RollerElizabeth Catharine5 Apr 190719 Jan 2003
020RollerVerdie Pence18891983
020PenceAnna L.18721957Sister
020PenceSusan E.18471937Motherw/Peter P.; In 1928 John J. Wayland recorded: died 29 May 1937, Aged 89y 5m 26d
020PencePeter P.18371902FatherIn 1928 John J. Wayland recorded: died 26 Jan 1902, Aged 64y 4m 16d
020TrobaughAbner S.18561916
020TrobaughSallie C.18671944His Wifew/Abner S.
020O'RoarkFrank M.16 May 19113 May 1983Married 7 Jul 1957
020O'RoarkLouella D.28 May 191720 Aug 1990w/Frank M.
020TrobaughRichard F.29 Aug 1931
020TrobaughFrances V.26 Feb 1933
020CarverElvin L.2 Jan 191928 May 1999
020CarverLuella T.6 Apr 191215 Feb 1988
020TrobaughJohn W.21 Jul 192325 Nov 1997
020TrobaughReba A.Appears to be buried here; no dates
020SimmersWilmer W.23 Jan 19125 Oct 1990
020SimmersEva Mae22 Dec 19106 Aug 1985
021ClineFrank Boyd13 May 1894?11 Sep 1897?Partially illegible-can't read dates
021ClineLola Lorena7 Jul 190030 Sep 1910d/C. J. & S. S.
021ClineSophronia S.9 May 18689 Sep 1943
021GuyerA. Ralph20 Nov 18915 Apr 1976
021GuyerSallie W.24 Jun 19078 Jul 1992
021SimmersCharlie D.9 Feb 188720 Nov 1962Father; Married 9 Jul 1911
021SimmersStella P.1 Jul 189130 Nov 1978Motherw/Charlie D.
021ClaytorTracy E.4 April 19028 Mar 1974
021ClaytorIrene K.4 Feb 190322 Jan 1984
021YatesTheodore Edward4 Dec 190714 Jan 1965
021YatesAllen J.16 Nov 188728 Sep 1974Father
021YatesRuby B.31 Aug 188929 Aug 1977Motherw/Allen J.
021YatesHazel Mae19151998Lindsay Funeral Home marker
022RogersClarence F.28 Sep 189728 May 1984
022RogersMary M.27 Sep 190115 Oct 1985
022Steele, Jr.Ralph L.26 Aug 194814 May 1986
022SteeleBrenda W.23 Dec 1949
022WiseEarl C.21 Jan 191915 Sep 1996
022WiseNancy L.5 Sep 192230 Mar 1992
022DePoyI. wilson26 Jun 19111 Dec 1994Father
022DePoyElizabeth A.13 Sep 19104 Aug 1969Motherw/I. Wilson
022WhitesellCarl E.3 Nov 19173 Dec 1988Tec 5 US Army WWII
022WhitesellErva C.2 Mar 1928
022DePoyMary Lou15 Dec 196125 Apr 2005Johnson Funeral Home marker
022MakelyJ. LeRoy20 Oct 1932Married 11 Mar 1988
022MakelyElla S.13 Feb 1936w/J. LeRoy
023BeallNona A.1906
023BeallInfant Son1911
023BeallHorace H.19001933
023BeallLemuel S.18971985
023BeallSamuel E.18731939
023BeallPeggy L.18721934
023FisherMoman G.17 Dec 1895Aged 22y 9m 23d
023KaylorRobert D.Partially illegible-can't read dates
023KaylorLewis W.1 May 1902Aged 78y 5m
023KaylorElizabeth Cline15 Jun 18321 Apr 1912w/L. W.
023RollerPeter S.18631918
023RollerElizabeth E.18651954
023RollerRobert W.4 Oct 189030 Oct 1976
023CarpenterMary L.18691951d/William T. & Elizabeth E. Lamb Carpenter
023CarpenterMary J.19 Jul 1923Aged 83y 11m 5d
023CarpenterWm. T.27 Nov 1892Aged 58y 2m 24d
023BeardMargaret A.20 Apr 1894Aged 63y 21d
023CarpenterJohn4 Jan 180722 Dec 1890Aged 88y 11m 18d
023CarpenterMary A.7 Aug 1906Aged 88 yrs
023PiferOliver B.24 Jul 186011 Dec 1925
023PiferAlice V.24 Mar 186728 Mar 1928His Wifew/Oliver B.
023HensellMary F.10 May 184615 Sep 1920
023HensellEdward L.16 Jun 184420 Mar 1913
023HensellDavid E.8 Aug 187210 May 1883
023MillerJohn A.11 May 188520 Aug 1965
023MillerAnna E.2 Nov 188311 Sep 1976
023DillardWalter "Bud"19031968
023DillardAnn J.18911964
023MyersWard E.23 Feb 18927 Apr 1961
023MyersStella O.15 Nov 18992 Sep 1959
023KaylorRonald L.28 Oct 194827 Aug 1966
023TutwilerLuther A.2 Oct 189320 Sep 1971
023TutwilerBlanche D.18 Oct 189714 May 1981
023WillLeonard C.25 Jan 191111 Jan 2004
023WillOla Virginia6 Feb 190911 Jan 1976
024WiseHerbert C.18 Aug 192430 Sep 1950
024WiseMargaret C.1 Apr 18844 Dec 1950
024KaylorHarry R.11 Apr 19014 Jul 1988Father
024KaylorLula F.20 Oct 190225 May 1988Motherw/Harry R.
024KaylorElizabeth Ann13 Jul 193411 Jul 1949
024KaylorInfant Daughterd/Harry R. & Lula F.No dates
024PenceJohn W.25 May 187116 Jan 1937
024PenceMary Y.4 Mar 187924 Nov 1953
024ChildsGoldie P.18971964Wifew/Lester O.
024ChildsLester O.18971982Husband
024ChildsMay L.19001919Wife
024ChildsRobert Michael18721953
024ChildsSarah Alice18701915
024ChildsIda Rebecca18731953
024CallenderCornelius T.31 Mar 185927 Oct 1912
024CallenderLaura W.8 Mar 186817 Dec 1948His Wifew/Cornelius T.
024CallenderRalph W.21 Dec 18925 Sep 1967
024CallenderElizabeth L.5 Mar 189919 Apr 1996
024GorhamPauline C.29 Nov 18966 Sep 1982
024WiseHubert W.17 Dec 187521 Mar 1943
024WhitmoreElizabeth M.16 Oct 18785 Feb 1919Motherw/Charles T.
024WhitmoreCharles T.18 May 187228 Feb 1912Father
024MenefeeWilliam M.6 Aug 18665 Apr 1936Father
024MenefeeAlice Roller13 Sep 186616 Jun 1934Motherw/William M.
024LagoAndrew B.18481900
024LagoSarah E.18541916
024MooneyLucy J.15 Apr 185730 Nov 1909w/P. B.
024MooneyPreston B.16 Aug 185723 Jan 1900
024SipeAnn10 Apr 182220 May 1891
024MeyerhoefferWilliam F.30 Jan 185217 Jan 1934
024MeyerhoefferElla E.11 Jul 185815 Jan 1937His Wifew/William F.
024VarnerSallie A.16 Oct 186227 Jan 1888Aged 25y 3m 11d
024MeyerhoefferMother1 Oct 18264 May 1900In memory of our Mother; erected by her four sons-J.S., W.F., S.K., R.M.
024PenceElizabeth C.26 Jul 185525 Sep 1886
024PenceEmanuel20 Sep 183517 Oct 1907Aged 72y 27d
024PenceNelia Ann14 Aug 186322 Jun 1937
024WardMargaret H.9 Apr 18724 Mar 1949Mother
024RollerMary M.18431924
024RollerHenry W.18371907
024RollerVernie E.14 Dec 187015 Jan 1889Aged 18y 1m 1d; d/H. W. & Mary M.
024ArehartMaggie J.25 Oct 18457 Nov 1876Aged 31y 13d; w/Wm. H.
024ArehartInfant Daughter9 Sep 18739 Oct 1873Age 14 days; d/H. W. & Maggie M.
025MoatsWilliam Garland4 Aug 19318 Jan 1993Father
025MoatsMary Will12 Apr 192827 Dec 1992Motherw/William Garland
025WillDonald E.16 Mar 194027 Nov 2003
025WillCheryl L.5 Jul 1946
025BakerLouella C.22 Feb 18811 Jan 1938Wifew/John H.
025BakerJohn H.23 Sep 18612 Aug 1927Husband
025BakerElizabeth S. Craun14 Nov 1917Aged 77y 1m 21d; His Wifew/Isaac H.
025BakerIsaac H.4 Jul 1898Aged 61y 4m 13d
025HensellSamuel14 Jun 185414 Jul 1939
025CrawnMary Elizabeth31 Oct 18501 Mar 1910w/John S.
025CrawnJohn S.29 Mar 18457 Oct 1916
025CrawnJohn Samuel8 Feb 1892Aged 5y 10m 11d; s/J. S. & M. E.No dates
025SaufleyWilmer H.29 Dec 1919
025SaufleyAnna Maude Grissinger18851927
025HollarAda SaufleyAge 61 yrs; MotherNo dates
025SaufleyRob Ray7 Feb 1897Aged 6y 8m 16ds/William & Ada
025SaufleyWilliam H.18 Sep 184128 Feb 1896Aged 54y 5m 10d; My Husband; Our Papa
025SaufleyInfant Sons/S. S.No dates
025BurgessMatilda J.4 Jun 184313 Feb 1910
025RollerAnne C.3 May 186016 Dec 1881Aged 21y 7m 13d
025RollerJulia A.26 Jun 184012 Sep 1882Aged 42y 2m 16d; w/Jno. J.
025RollerJohn J.26 Nov 182824 May 1880Aged 51y 5m 28
025OrebaughEmma E.18671928w/James H.
025OrebaughJames H.18611931
025WhitmerJulia A.30 Dec 183913 Jun 1892w/Reuben A.
025WhitmerReuben A.5 Apr 182025 Aug 1879Aged 59y 4m 20d
025WhitmerAnnied/R. E. & J. A.No dates
025WhitmerEddie27 Jan 1874Aged 5y 9m ?d; s/R. E. & J. A.
025CrawnRobert D.2 Feb 1858Aged 3y 10 22d
026WillThomas Henry13 Oct 192917 Jun 1999Sgt US Air Force Korea
026WillFred H.18991975Father
026WillCarrie N.19001979Motherw/Fred H.
026WillRollan Neff3 Aug 192618 Feb 1971Virginia S Sgt 49 Bomb Sq AF Korea
026WillInfant Son19421942s/Fred & Carrie
026WhitesellWade O.18941960
026TutwilerMartha J.18461914Sister
026TutwilerLouie B.18661940Daughter
026TutwilerWilliamCo G 6 Va. Inf. CSANo dates
026ChapmanChas. D.18 Apr 1912Aged 43y 8m 12d
026FoleyIdonia T. Chapman28 Jan 187315 Sep 1954
026ChapmanMary S.4 Apr 186529 Jan 1927
026ProctorWilliam M.23 Jul 188813 Jul 1954Father
026ProctorClara E.7 Jan 189414 Feb 1948Motherw/William M.
026ProctorHelen V.10 Apr 191217 Aug 1912Daughterd/William M. & Clara E.
026ShermanGeorge Franklin29 Jul 183612 Jun 1911
026ShermanElizabeth Margaret2 Apr 184225 Sep 1917His Wifew/George Franklin
026BeeryLucy Alice Sherman11 Mar 187921 Jan 1943Sister; w/W. H. Beery
026ShermanJohn Todd2 Apr 188117 Aug 1951Brother
026WineVirginia D.20 Aug 185212 Jun 1900Mother; w/W. H.
026WineWilliam H.21 Jan 18547 Mar 1903Father
026CraunOttie Wine31 Oct 187829 Sep 1968
026CrawnFannie V.23 May 184819 Jan 1924
026CrawnLucy A.30 Aug 1907Aged 86y, 5d; w/J. F.
026CrawnJohn F.1 Mar 1893Aged 78y 11mhusb/Lucy A.
026WiseAnnie Bowman29 Apr 18694 Apr 1944
026BowmanMary E.19 Mar 184525 Feb 1911Aged 65y 11m 6d; w/Ephraim
026BowmanEphraim15 Oct 184327 Apr 1907Aged 63y 6m 12dhusb/Mary E.
026BowmanBoyd Lee1 Dec 1899Aged 9 y 8m 13d; s/Ephraim & Mary E.Partially illegible-recorded by the DAR in 1960s
026BowmanRobert S.4 Sep 188924 Apr 1891s/Ephraim & Mary E.
026CallenderBenjamin13 Aug 190013 Jun 1902
026CallenderJohn H.11 Oct 186228 Dec 1881ch/Rev. S. N. & E. J.
026CallenderS. Katie2 Aug 18578 Feb 1880ch/Rev. S. N. & E. J.
026CrawnAlice V.13 Jan 18691 Jul 1955
026CrawnJosiah F.7 Mar 18518 Jun 1934
026CrawnJohn Heller1920Aged 23 yrs; 6th Marine Corps USA; s/Josiah F. & Annie R.
026CrawnAnnie R.3 Mar 1898Aged 29 yrs; w/Josiah F.
026RollerEliza A.30 Dec 183416 Feb 1900
026RollerGeorge W.28 Feb 183019 Apr 1899
026TutwilerSamuel30 Aug 180615 Jul 1874Aged 67y 10m 15d
026TutwilerSusannah12 Aug 181114 Jun 1874Aged 63y 10m 20d; w/Samuel
026RollerBettie1 May 182717 Jun 1890Aged 63y 1m 16d
026RollerPeter31 Mar 17997 Oct 1876Aged 77y 6m 7d
026RollerElizabeth7 Jun 18043 Apr 1877Aged 72y 9m 26d; w/Peter
026RollerAmanda18 Mar 1870Aged 25y 9m 24d; w/J. B.
026RollerElizabeth25 Dec 179917 Apr 1879Aged 79y 3m 22d
026RollerJohn27 Oct 179614 Oct 1856Aged 59y 11m 17d
026WhitmireHarry M.18851945
026WhitmireNellie K.18861966
026HammerGeorge D.13 Apr 189923 Jan 1959
026HammerZeno A.14 Feb 190122 Jul 1964
026HuffmanThomas J.1 Jun 18627 Mar 1950
026HuffmanAnnie V.23 Sep 18721 Jan 1964
026ShankP. Krauth16 Mar 188421 Nov 1958
026ShankNora W.29 Dec 18817 Nov 1981
026StickleySamuel S.18951951
026StickleyMariam W.19031987
026RollerBernard H.31 Mar 19109 Feb 1981
026RollerThelma M.25 Jul 191030 Jul 1970
026EarmanCharlie H.19 Aug 189414 Nov 1982
026EarmanGrace L.5 Jun 189214 Jan 1982
026BatteuxNina E.7 Jan 192811 May 2005Cremated
026CrawnAndrew J.7 Mar 18923 Dec 1976
027Lindamood, Sr.Thomas C.29 Apr 189425 Jul 1936
027LindamoodVirginia C.23 Jan 190229 Jun 1981
027WiseJohn C.25 May 184411 Dec 1933Aged 89y 6m 12d
027WiseRebecca E.27 Oct 1905Aged 59y 1m 11d; w/J. C.
027WiseMary C.4 Feb 185214 Mar 1928Aged 76y 1m 10d
027WiseJulian A.27 May 185619 Mar 1888d/John M. & Mary
027WiseMary8 Mar 182214 Dec 1899Aged 77y 9m 6d; w/John M.
027WiseJohn M.11 May 181025 Feb 1887Aged 76y 9m 14d
027WiseClara E.11 Oct 1893Aged 24y 9m 29d; d/Wm. R. & Mary E.
027WiseMinor G.27 Jan 1895Aged 18y 3m 26d; s/W. R. & Mary E.
027WiseWm. R.3 Mar 1925Aged 84y 5m 13d
027WiseMary E.19 Jul 1897Aged 56y 8m 18d; w/Wm. R.
027WiseAshford H.21 Oct 1902Aged 28y 9m 12d
027WiseInfant Daughter15 Mar 190615 Mar 1906d/H. A. & N. C.
027WiseNettie C.29 Jan 186922 Feb 1936Motherw/Howard A.
027WiseHoward A.17 Mar 187013 Jun 1956Father
028DavisMary L.25 Jul 18398 Oct 1914
028DavisJames W.2 Apr 183729 Jul 1909Aged 72y 3m 25d
028OttDwight B.18 Apr 189314 May 1899
028WaylandJohn Wesley7 Jul 182923 Apr 1899Born in Shenandoah Co. VA; Died Bridgewater, Rockingham Co. VA
028WilliamsBettieDied about 80 years of ageNo dates
028OwensFleta V.18801898Sister
028LandesCelinda E.18381914Motherw/Noah
028LandesDaniel11 May 1898Aged 59 yrs
028LandesMargaret7 Jun 1898Aged 62 yrs; Mother
028LandesWilliam C.18691939
028HangerEdna Viola Wise11 May 190518 Mar 1925w/R. E.
028WisePerry L.9 Apr 18801 Apr 1915Aged 34y 11m 22dHusb/Roberta H.
028WiseRoberta H.24 Apr 188420 Mar 1927w/P. L.
028WiseClarence16 Apr 1930Infant s/C. W. & I. M. Wise
028WiseRoland A.23 Feb 19324 Mar 1932s/C. W. & I. M.
028WiseClarence W.25 Jan 190812 May 1971Married 22 Dec 1926
028WiseIda M. Dovel28 Jul 19081 Dec 1995w/Clarence W.
028LeavelLeonard L.17 Jun 187228 May 1942Fatherhusb/Ella N.
028LeavelElla N.1 Nov 187420 Mar 1940Motherw/Leonard L.
028LeavelElla A.8 Jan 1900Aged 57y 1m 20d
028LeavelJames Thomas17 Oct 186926 Nov 1941
028LeavelMary Crawn8 Jul 18776 Jan 1972
028LeavelLucy Ellen10 Jun 18577 Apr 1919w/J. T.
028RogersPaul H.6 Mar 189322 Dec 1930Co I 23rd Inf. USA; Brief, brave and glorious was his young career
028RogersGeo. D.1 Dec 188723 Jun 1914
028RogersHarry M., Dr.6 Apr 18603 Oct 1908Husb/Anna Lee
028RogersAnna Lee11 Jan 186315 Nov 1936
028DingesGeorge H., Dr.31 Oct 18311 Mar 1893
028DingesLizzie6 Apr 183616 Jan 1879Beloved w/Dr. G. H.
028HensellJ. C., Rev.29 Mar 1894Aged 85 yrs
028HensellAnna2 Dec 180227 Jun 1884Beloved w/Rev. J. C.
028LiteHarvey11 Apr 1894Aged 80y 7m 11d; Father
028LiteAbigail11 Nov 1896Aged 79y 8m 27d; Mother
028WardGriffin S.24 May 18363 Mar 1877Father
028WardLucy A.20 Aug 184014 Oct 1905Motherw/Griffin S.
028RollerArmer F. C.10 Oct 187819 Nov 1879Partially illegible-recorded by the DAR in 1960s
028RollerGeorge Lewis10 Feb 188723 Aug 1887s/Peter S. & Lizzie C.Partially illegible-below ground-recorded by DAR in 1960s
028ShermanDora Helen3 Jul 1894Aged 8y 3m 29d; d/George F. & E. M.
028ShermanCapitola B.16 Sep 1878Aged 13y 2m 13d; d/George F. & Eliza
028ShermanGeorge18 Mar 1876Aged 66y 21d
028ShermanSarah4 Apr 1871Aged 60y 6m 6d; w/George; d/David Wise
028FrankJoseph B.25 Apr 184927 Dec 1883
028MeyerhoefferMattie G.16 Aug 1899Aged 47y 7m 18d; w/J. H.
028CarpenterWm.26 Apr 18136 Jul 1864Aged 51y 2m 10d
028CarpenterMary Louisa15 Aug 1852Aged 1y 6m 12d; d/Wm. & Sarah
028LaymanPaul S. "Jack"16 Sep 191611 Oct 1981
028LaymanEllen H.12 Oct 1924
028PainterJohn A.2 Jun 187629 Dec 1960
028PainterMinnie E.1 Feb 18727 May 1946
028PainterGeorge B.21 Feb 191319 Dec 1977
028PainterRuth E.7 Jun 190813 Jun 1985
028ShankFred R.22 May 189429 Apr 1968
028ShankMabel L.3 Nov 19012 Jan 1963
028ShankInfant Son9 Jul 1944s/F. R. & Mabel L.
028MyersPaul S.18 May 18914 Jan 1954
028MyersJanette E.9 May 190127 Mar 1987
028BrookshireJenilee29 Jan 1936
028HuffmanGeorge A.6 Oct 188210 Jul 1971
028HuffmanMary E.13 Aug 189426 Mar 1971
028BaileyKenneth O.28 Nov 190731 Jan 1984
028BaileyMary F.22 May 19251 Jun 1980
028BakerJohn D.1929
028BakerMary P.1929
028MartinRaymond C.3 Feb 191126 Dec 1987
028MartinSarah C.16 Oct 191126 Jan 1989
029Brown, Jr.Frank M.19161999
029BrownFlora W.19141983
029ArmentroutM. Julius30 Jun 190011 Dec 1999
029ArmentroutMargaret W.20 Dec 190517 Jul 1990
029WillThomas J.17 May 187121 Nov 1959
029WillMary E.31 Aug 187522 Jan 1964
029WillRussell B.5 Mar 18979 Sep 1966
029JohnsonJames A., Rev.14 Sep 188916 Jan 1957Minister in the Virginia Conference of the Methodist Church
029JohnsonElizabeth Kelly10 Jun 189019 Jan 1982
029KiddJoel Thomas14 Sep 190616 Sep 1981
029KiddMildred Johnson10 Mar 191325 Feb 1998
029Kidd, Jr.Joel Thomas29 Nov 19443 May 1989
029ChaplinJames E.16 Oct 192322 Jul 1978
029ChaplinMarie P.14 Jan 1925
029WiseFrank B.15 Feb 190622 Nov 1983Husband
029WiseH. Virginia26 Sep 190631 Mar 1974Wifew/Frank B.
029BakerJourney Ernest6 Dec 188420 Dec 1956Father
029BakerVirgie Irene30 Jan 189529 Jul 1974Motherw/Journey Ernest
029PirkeyMerle T.25 Apr 19182 Aug 1982
029PirkeyJuanita B.2 Oct 19187 Sep 2004
029PriceScott Quinn28 Sep 197017 Jun 1972Photo on marker
029PricePhyllis T.2 Sep 1944
029PriceElwood M.9 May 1943
029LiskeyClaude E.3 Feb 192218 Apr 2005
029LiskeyElaine F.15 Sep 1928
029RitchieCarrie Liskey16 Apr 19521 Dec 2001
030KiserJacob6 Apr 176323 Jun 1823
030KiserElizabeth2 Jun 175923 Aug 1836
030FalconSteven R.2 Sep 195912 Nov 2004Son, Brother, Husband, Friend
030KingLoretta Yordy20 Dec 1942
030KingCarlton Alfred27 Jan 1942
030SellersCletus Miller19 Aug 19171 Apr 20021st Lt US Army WWII
030SellersHazel Laymon10 Sep 191410 Sep 1996
030BakerRuby Jean18 Nov 1935On stone with Ruth Irene
030BakerRuth Irene18 Nov 1935On stock with Ruby Jean
030MuterspaughEugene P.1 Oct 1922Married 26 Jun 1948; Children-Mike, Tim, Jill
030MuterspaughJune L.11 Jun 19263 Aug 1999w/Eugene P.
030JohnsonHoward E.29 May 19249 Feb 2000US Army WWII; married 1 Nov 1947Military marker shows Howard Elwood Johnson
030JohnsonCamilla M.25 Aug 1927