Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryCedar Run Church of the Brethren Cemetery
LocationCedar Run, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg take Route 42 North. Go 9.9 miles and turn left onto Trissels Road (Route 809). Go 2.1 miles and turn right on Hisers Lane (Route 752). Go 1 mile (you will pass Trissels Mennonite Church/cemetery) and turn right on Cedar Run Road (Route 786). Go 0.6 mile and cemetery/church is on the left side of the road.
NotesFacing the stones, they are recorded from front (near the street) to back and left to right. In 1967 J. Robert Swank recorded this cemetery and noted "There are a number of unmarked graves." The majority of notes in the "Remarks" column were recorded by Mr. Swank.
Survey Date and Recorder16 Feb 2002
Bob and Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001ZiglerW. Garfield29 May 188117 Feb 1940
001HulveyHerman Caywood14 Jan 190319 Jan 1921Veteran
001HulveyInfant Son1932s/J. W. & M. E.
001HulveyInfant Son30 Jan 194731 Jan 1947s/J. W. & M. E.
002SprinkleRobert L.15 Mar 190317 Sep 1969
002SprinkleGertrude E.12 Mar 19052 Jun 1995
002SprinkleInfant3 May 1932d/R. L. & G. E.
002FulkJoseph A.19 Dec 18859 May 1961Father
002FulkBessie L.11 Jun 189311 Feb 1946Motherw/Joseph A.
002FulkRetha E.1925d/J. A. & B. L.
002SandyEstella M.23 Dec 189120 Jan 1923
002ShowalterIsaac26 Jul 183216 Apr 1916Aged 83y 8m 21d
002ShowalterAgnes12 Jan 183823 Jun 1917Aged 79y 5m 11d; w/Isaacnee Shoemaker
002ZirkleCharles A.29 Dec 187017 Mar 1938Aged 67y 2m 18d
002ZirkleNora V.15 Dec 187331 Dec 1912Aged 39y 16d; w/C. A.
002SimmersRobert W.6 Dec 189013 Oct 1911Aged 20y 10m 6d
002HulveyJacob N.2 Jun 186827 Jul 1948
002HulveyIrma A.8 Feb 18781 Nov 1966
002HornAlice P.11 Apr 185418 Jul 1912Aged 58y 3m 7d
002HulveyJ. Weldon4 Jun 191223 Dec 1997Married 20 Jun 1932
002HulveyMabel C.12 Dec 190813 Jun 1994
002HopkinsRebecca J.4 Feb 1912Aged 63 yrs
003TaylorBaby BoyMar 1961Rhodes funeral home marker only
003UnknownFuneral home marker only - no data
003RitchieMossie Craig18721963
003MohlerHazelAged 5 weeks; twin/M. T. & Z. F.
003MohlerHildaAged 3 weeks; twin/M. T. & Z. F.
003EatonHerman S.23 Dec 190616 Jan 1907Aged 24 days; c/C. W. & A. E.
003EatonHoward W.23 Dec 190610 Jan 1907Aged 13 days; c/C. W. & A. E.
004TaylorCarl C.2 Feb 191412 Jan 1960
004TaylorFred A.3 Apr 18831 May 1958
004TaylorBertie E.13 Nov 188624 Dec 1969
004TaylorAllen F.15 Sep 1925Aged 4y 7m 15d; s/F. A. & B. E.
004FitzwaterAlbert21 Jan 18632 Aug 1935
004FitzwaterDorcas30 Sep 18671 Dec 1921His Wifew/Albert
004Fitzwater, Sr.Lester Price10 Mar 189815 Aug 1974
004FitzwaterAnnie Hartman10 Dec 18958 Jan 1977
004DoveMartin25 Nov 184928 May 1939
004DoveElizabeth11 Jun 185911 Jun 1937w/Martin
004RitchiePhilip29 Jun 184012 Jun 1910Aged 69y 11m 12dC. S. A.
004RitchieBoyd Russel18 Mar 190525 Aug 1907Aged 2y 5m 7d; s/J. W. & L. E.
004RitchieJacob W.18691945
004RitchieIda E.3 May 186812 Apr 1907Aged 38y 11m 9d; w/J. W.
004EatonCasper W.9 May 18815 Dec 1963husband/Annie E.
004EatonAnnie E.15 Apr 188319 Dec 1971
004EatonMae Ellen1 May 1910
004SmithJ. Newton22 Jan 186126 Oct 1925
004SmithHettie E.26 Apr 187120 Oct 1925His Wifew/J. Newton
004ShowalterJohn A.19 Dec 183224 Mar 1916Aged 83y 3m 5d; Fathers/Anthony & Elizabeth Shull Showalter
004ShowalterSusannah5 Mar 183222 Nov 1906Aged 74y 8m 17d; Mother; w/John A.; nee Millar
004FitzwaterAndrew J.18861952
004FitzwaterClara D.18791948w/Andrew J.
004MohlerLouie E.18801945
004MohlerSamuel M.2 Feb 186423 Aug 1936Aged 72y 6m 21d
004MohlerAnnie S.20 May 18659 May 1907Aged 41y 11m 19d; w/Samuel M.
005SimmersInfant Son1828s/R. A. & S. G.
005NeffEarl Edgar26 Jul 190511 Mar 1907Aged 1y 7m 15d; s/David E. & F. O.
005TusingRossey E.10 Nov 189830 Nov 1898Aged 20 days; c/J. W. & J. E.
005TusingSallie D.10 Jun 19065 Jul 1906Aged 25 days; c/J. W. & J. E.
005TusingSusie D.10 Jun 190627 Jun 1906c/J. W. & J. E.
005TusingInfant Son18 Mar 1903c/J. W. & J. E.
005RosenbergerInfant Son7 Sep 1908s/A. W. & O. D.
005RosenbergerInfant Son18 Jul 1904s/A. W. & O. D.
005RosenbergerInfant Dau.7 Oct 1903d/A. W. & O. D.
005RaderSavilla Florence11 Apr 190329 May 1903d/J. C. & E. H.
005MoyersInfant Son20 Nov 190220 Nov 1902s/J. D. & Mary E.
005BrownJacob C.26 Jul 188724 Oct 1901Aged 14y 2m 28d; s/J. N. & Sallie
005BrownHomer P.11 Apr 188430 Aug 1901Aged 17y 4m 19d; s/J. N. & Sallie
006SimmersRalph A.19011950
006BillerStella F.19031975
006SimmersCarroll Randolph15 Oct 193228 Dec 1984
006SimmersPeggy J.28 Apr 1936
006KlineGrant P.22 Jan 190930 Oct 1959Father
006KlineLucy R.1 Nov 191018 May 2001Motherw/Grant P.
006TusingJohn W.17 Dec 1867
006TusingMary V.29 Aug 187028 Feb 1909His Wifew/John W.
006TusingOwen J.19081971Lindsey funeral home marker only
006TusingSusan L.25 Sep 188920 Mar 1961
006RosenbergerCecil O.12 Mar 190711 Aug 1938s/A. W. & O. D.
006RosenbergerSallie B.18831951Same stone as Arthur
006RosenbergerArthur W.18771953
006RosenbergerOllie D.18801910Same stone as Arthur
006RaderForrest H.23 Jun 19177 May 1986
006RaderNaomi E.16 Jan 191714 Nov 2000
006RaderJohn C.11 Feb 186331 Dec 1946
006RaderEliza H.7 Feb 18704 Mar 1935w/John C.
006SchafferWilda Rader8 Jun 190410 Aug 1995
006BrownJoseph M.18941951Lindsey funeral home marker only
006BrownJohn Newton19 Apr 185024 Jan 1924Aged 73y 9m 5d
006BrownSallie R.25 May 185521 Dec 1911Aged 56y 6m 26d; w/J. N.
007DeanLeon A.17 Jan 19183 Nov 1918s/P. A. & M. M.
007ShowalterGoldie Ethel21 Aug 1906Aged 3y 6m 18d; d/B. F. & Alice
007SimmonsBenjamin A.29 Mar 19185 May 1924s/A. G. & B. A.
008LowryWoodrow W.25 Dec 191923 Dec 1977
008LowryRetta V.17 Aug 1917
008MasonAlma Virginia30 Sep 190124 Aug 1935d/Joseph & Hannah
008MasonJoseph M.18731957
008MasonHannah M.18721959w/Joseph M.
008BrownFannie L. Mason18801950
008MasonHenry24 Feb 183627 May 1920Aged 84y 3m 3d; Father
008MasonMartha Jane7 Jun 184310 Sep 1916Aged 73y 3m 3d; Wifew/Henry
008ShowalterWade V.4 Feb 190810 Nov 1983
008ShowalterB. Frank20 Nov 187015 Jul 1941s/David & Sarah Strine Showalter
008ShowalterAlice18711935w/B. Franknee Vance
008LutholtzNoah19 Oct 183529 Feb 1906Aged 70y 4m 10d
008LutholtzBettie G.10 Oct 183415 Feb 1917Aged 82y 4m 5d
008JenkinsAnnie8 May 1907Aged about 88 yrs
008GlovierMary E.20 Oct 183328 Mar 1908Aged 75y 7m 7d
008SimmonsBertie A.18831976Motherw/Arlie G.
008SimmonsArlie G.18831920Father
008DoveGeorge W.1 Aug 18868 Jun 1952
008DoveSadie M.21 Dec 188611 Jun 1946w/George W.
008DoveSally C.5 Sep 185212 Sep 1921Aged 69y 7d; w/James H.
008DoveJames H.24 Feb 184713 Sep 1911Aged 64y 6m 19d
009HillWade E.15 Sep 189619 Jun 1966
009HillCharlotte A. "Lottie"16 Apr 190015 Jan 1981
009HillBettie L.30 Aug 1930Aged 12 days; d/Wade & Lela
009MasonLizzie V.30 Aug 190721 Nov 1907d/C. E. & E. C.
009TurnerJohn W.18631934Father
009TurnerSarah E.18701933Motherw/John W.
009FitzwaterLawrence A.1 Dec 191419 May 1976Bodies donated to medical science
009FitzwaterRuby Vest8 Aug 19137 Oct 1975Bodies donated to medical science
010HillLela W.30 Apr 189918 May 1936w/W. E.
010HillViolet P.12 May 18974 May 1928w/W. E.
010BlaineMarvin F.15 Sep 19254 Mar 1986
010BlaineNancy J.12 Jun 193022 Nov 1986
010StroopLena Tusing7 Oct 189314 Jul 1964
010WisnerAdam12 Aug 1918Aged about 85 yrs; born in Germany
010MasonJohn E.18931979
010MasonBess L.18951989
010ShowalterJohn B.31 May 191218 Jun 1994
010ShowalterBeatrice M.29 Apr 190421 Dec 1994
010EatonFlemma V.18911938w/B. M.
010VanceJohn S.22 Feb 184423 Mar 1926Our Father
010FitzwaterMelvin H.28 Nov 190815 Jul 1972
010FitzwaterElizabeth V.4 May 19094 Aug 1999
010EmswilerCleaver E.18 Sep 18936 Dec 1965
010EmswilerMartha R.31 Aug 189328 Aug 1997
010RunionAmelia C.27 Jun 185527 Mar 1914Mother
011SmithAnn Elizabeth31 Dec 19412 Jan 1942
011MyersInfant Son24 Apr 191912 Aug 1919s/J. W. & Bertie R. Myers
011MyersHarold G.15 Jan 19147 Mar 1914s/J. W. & Bertie R. Myers
011EatonCarl D.Apr 1941Sep 1941Baby
011EatonIda May19331934d/D. F. & M. E.
012FitzwaterJessie A.27 Apr 188829 Nov 1952
012FitzwaterVirginia M.23 Jan 18698 Jan 1945w/Jessie A.
012BrockJacob L.7 Jul 189128 Jun 1980
012BrockEffie S.31 Aug 189123 Jan 1972
012ZirkleGertrude E.1 Nov 190815 May 1927w/Roy
012SmithCecil H.18841969
012SmithDora M.18881957w/Cecil H.
012MoyersHenry S.20 Mar 18617 Sep 1934
012MoyersSusan24 Mar 183520 Aug 1913Aged 78y 4m 25d; Motherw/Henry W.
012MoyersHenry W.22 Feb 183218 Feb 1912Aged 79y 11m 26d
012MyersWeldon L.9 Jul 191223 Apr 1989
012MyersHazel V.26 Mar 191519 Mar 2001
012MyersJohn W.25 Jun 189110 Apr 1963
012MyersBertie R.29 Jan 189227 Oct 1973
012TurnerLena F.15 Feb 192428 Sep 1990
012KingMary E.27 Apr 187515 May 1959
012KingSallie11 Oct 183623 Jan 1912
012KippsIda Knupp18771946
012HulveySpencer W.19091980
012HulveyCharles H.19311932
012EatonDaniel F.18771960Father
012EatonMary E.19111994Motherw/Daniel F.
012DeanHelen M.10 Sep 193115 Jan 1995Daughter
012EatonHazel C.23 Feb 1934Daughter
013LutholtzRamine Edward4 Mar 19164 Mar 1916s/L. D. & Minnie S.
013HulveyInfant Son1934s/M. R. & A. B.
013MasonHazel W.3 Sep 191530 Jul 1916Aged 10m 27d; d/C. & Emma D.
013CallahanMildred Lee19241962Daughter
014HulveyMarshall R. "Chug"30 Aug 191430 Apr 1990Married 20 Aug 1933
014HulveyAudrey A. Bowers20 Aug 1913dau. Marlene; son Alan
014BlaineWilliam H.4 Jan 19235 Dec 1981S.Sgt. U.S. Army WWII
014BlaineRuby F.28 Apr 1925
014MasonJohn C.18661960
014MasonEmma D.18831928
014MasonDora A.18671902
014BlaineRoy F.4 May 189311 Mar 1957
014BlaineAnnie J.1 Mar 189123 Jan 1975w/Ray F.
014BlaineWilmer L.11 Jul 19207 Mar 1936
014BrownJacob M.18521925
014BrownEmma V.18531929w/Jacob M.
014ReedyMatilda C.16 Feb 182924 Sep 1904Aged 75y 7m 8d; w/Phillip
014BrownRebecca20 Jul 1897Aged 77y 9m 8d; Our Mother
015WhetzelIvan Earl19161984Sgt. U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker only
015WhetzelArthur J.24 Jan 188915 Feb 1974
015WhetzelBlanche H.10 Dec 18948 Aug 1978
015WhetzelBetty Jean19341940d/Arthur & Blanche
015FeddonAlma Whetzel15 Apr 19195 Apr 2000
015HottingerWalter F.25 Feb 190923 Oct 1960
015HottingerOlive F.28 Aug 19103 Sep 1966
015HottingerN. Franklin29 Dec 187129 Jun 1955
015HottingerSusan R.25 Jul 18685 Mar 1939w/N. Franklin
015BibbleAnna Lee18961939Mother
015WilkinsSarah D.18811936Motherw/W. P.
015WilkinsW. R.18741957Father
015EatonWilliam C.4 Oct 189526 Aug 1945
015EatonEdna B.5 Aug 190026 Sep 2000
015PenceJohn L.18871970Funeral home marker only
015CubbageLula V.18921973Grandle funeral home marker only
015ParkWilliam E.14 Mar 186727 Jun 1943Father
015ParkMaude E.6 Oct 188114 Nov 1956Motherw/Wm. E.
015CallahanInfant SonsSons of Lydia & Other
015CallahanOather C.1 Jul 189425 Aug 1967
015CallahanLydia R.2 Mar 18922 Mar 1970
015MasonRay R.6 Mar 19057 Jan 1947
015MasonIva N.14 May 190230 Aug 1949w/Ray R.
016HottingerDennis Elwood15 Jul 194730 Nov 1992Father
016HottingerArlin F.19451986Grandle funeral home marker only
016HottingerWilford Jennings13 Jul 190125 Oct 1991
016HottingerDora Mary24 Sep 19036 Apr 1986
016HottingerDolan W.29 Aug 191231 Aug 1993S.Sgt. U.S. Air Force WWII KoreaMilitary marker only
016HottingerMaynard F.19051987
016HottingerGeneva M.1909
016HottingerClarence Edward18 Sep 193523 Sep 1950s/M. F. & G. G.
016SpitzerCharles J.6 Mar 188731 Mar 1974
016SpitzerNora G.15 Jun 189217 Feb 1948w/Charles J.
016MyersSamuel D.18811949
016MyersNora L.18781970w/Samuel D.
016RosenbergerArthur W.19261952Veteran
016MillerEthel R.19 Jun 190322 Nov 2001
016HaltermanCharles T.20 May 1937
016HaltermanElaine H.3 Nov 1937
016HaltermanCarole A.24 Sep 196227 Nov 1994
016HartmanInfant Son1947c/C. M. & H. T.
016HaltermanInfant Twin1956c/C. T. & E. H.
016HaltermanInfant Twin1956c/C. T. & E. H.
016HaltermanCharles M.10 Aug 1917
016HaltermanHazel T.12 Apr 191623 Nov 1957
016BrownIra E.16 Dec 189123 May 1956
016BrownErma A.23 Feb 189710 Apr 1967w/Ira E.
016WrightJames Ernest23 Mar 187030 Jun 1957Father
016WrightJulia Ann20 Feb 187115 Apr 1950Motherw/James E.
016BennettJacenta E.4 Aug 190425 Mar 1995
016BennettOdie S. (Pop)13 Aug 189216 Jun 1961
017ZirkleArnold S.25 Apr 19085 Aug 1986Pvt U.S. Army WWII
017ZirkleNina S.25 Mar 1928
017MorrisEverette L.1 Feb 19141 May 1986
017MorrisGertie V.30 Nov 192530 Sep 1989
017FordRosaette F.6 Jul 18816 Oct 1965
017RunionCletus F.26 Apr 19058 Jul 1972Virgina TEC 5 U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker only
017RunionEmma Frances28 Nov 190814 Jan 1974
017WhitmerIvan Joseph9 Nov 1914
017WhitmerBlanche Mason28 May 191222 Feb 1970
017FultzFrancis E.3 Jan 192331 Dec 1987PFC U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker only
017BillerBerlin Beverly15 Jul 19424 Sep 1964
017IpockPaul Emerson24 Mar 195321 Oct 1991
017EmswilerEsca K.5 Jul 190919 Feb 1972
017EmswilerElsie V.19 Aug 19048 Jan 1993
017EmswilerEdwin W.18771956
017EmswilerHattie J.18751964w/Edwin W.
018CallahanCharles E.28 Jan 191711 Apr 1985PVT U.S. Army WWII
018CallahanMary E.29 May 19159 Feb 2000
018WeaverHarry V.12 Sep 190525 Jan 1978
018WeaverGlenna F.27 Jul 191112 Dec 1992
018RhodesRobert N.6 May 189831 Oct 1966
018RhodesVirginia F.2 Aug 191817 May 1995
018SmithWilson M.21 Aug 191330 Mar 1985
018SmithThelma M.6 Apr 191917 Sep 1971
018PenningtonLeo W.12 Feb 190917 May 1972
018PenningtonNeva E.9 Mar 191029 Jan 1967
018Ritchie, Sr.George W.6 Dec 19081 Nov 1971Father
018RitchieAnnabelle Z.9 Apr 190910 Dec 1975Mother
018RitchieJoseph A. "Joe"10 May 191112 Nov 1988Brothers
018RitchieDavid F. "Dave"23 May 191730 Mar 1998Brothers
018EmswilerLawrence G.31 Jul 19121 Mar 1989U.S. Army WWII
018EmswilerHaller L.3 May 19158 Jun 1972
018EmswilerNellie M.2 Sep 1917
018LittlefieldDewitt Nahum16 Dec 190114 Nov 1961Georgia S1 U.S. NavyMilitary marker only
018LittlefieldBeulah Emswiler20 Oct 189923 Nov 1992Military marker only
019CoakleyMarvin E.21 Jan 19151 Aug 1993
019CoakleyGoldie L.2 Jun 191912 Jan 1986
019Sprinkle, Jr.Robert L.3 Aug 192316 Feb 1995
019SprinkleVirginia Dare21 Mar 1929
019DoerrClarence E.16 Apr 189421 Mar 1988CPL U.S. Army WW I
019DoerrBessie H.2 Sep 189614 Nov 1982
019McIntyreBasil B.15 Apr 190626 Dec 1971
019McIntyreOlgie B.2 Mar 190415 Aug 1987
019DoveRussell L.28 Sep 192113 Jun 1974
019DoveCleo M.3 Feb 191431 May 1980
019FultzJefferson L.16 Dec 189815 Dec 1975Father
019CallahanMarshall L.6 Mar 192312 Dec 1980
019CallahanFrances29 Apr 19173 Sep 1975
020KeisterPaul Ashby13 Feb 192819 May 1997Married 27 Jun 1951
020KeisterPearl Louise30 Jul 1934
020RhodesEllen T.19562001Grandle funeral home marker only
020IpockGarrison Durham3 Aug 191723 Sep 1993Lt. U.S. Navy WWII
020IpockMary Julia Steppe6 Feb 1921