Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryFriedens Church Cemetery
LocationNear Mt. Crawford, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 South to Mt. Crawford. Take a left onto Route 257 (Friedens Church Road). Stay on Route Friedens Church Road for several miles and you will see church/cemetery on the right side of the road.
NotesWell maintained. Facing the front door of the church, Section 1 is the old section of the graveyard to the left of the church, and Section 2 is the newer section to the right of the church. Both sections were recorded starting in the southwest corners and from left to right facing headstones. Section 1 in the "Remarks" column there are some notes from John W. Wayland. Some show Abstracts of Executor, Administrator & Guardian Bonds by Ms. Priode. Also some show recordings by Leiby or Hinke. August 8, 1928, John W. Wayland wrote: "I went to old Friedens Church (Reformed, German Reformed), between Mt. Crawford and Cross Keys, and began to copy inscriptions in the old graveyard (Section 1). I have been told that the Lutherans also worshiped at Friedens same years. I am told the old cemetery is full of graves but not many of the graves have stones or markers. Probably more than half of the graves in the old cemetery never had any markers or wooden slabs which have rotted down. A few wooden markers remain, but none of them have legible inscription. Some are sandstone, some a kind of marble, some a shaly (sic) kind of stone that scales off. A number of the stones, with almost faded inscriptions, are lying down and almost overgrown with grass, etc. The old brick church house, a century or more old, was not the first building here, I suppose. Mr. Q. G. Kaylor, of Kaylor Park, was with me. Most of the oldest inscriptions are in German. This was a German community and a German Reform church, one of the oldest in the state." There is another listing of Friedens Church cemetery/map/records located on Rockingham County, Virginia, website -
Survey Date and Recorder20 Jul 2006
Bob & Lois Emswiler, Martha Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001000BohnSusanna24 Feb 175413 Feb 1817
001000HolweCunrad15 Mar 174019 Dec 1817No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded. Maybe should be died in 1816 as Exe. bond- 21 Jan 1817 Conrad Hulvey, executor Henry Hulvey is recorded.
001000LangElisabeth22 Apr 1805No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded
001000MesserleyDavid C.23 Feb 1832 ?Age 6y 10m --d, s/Solomon & Mary MesserleyNo visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded-stone broken
001000MesserleyWilliam2 Oct 1832Age 9y 2m 22d, s/Solomon & Mary MesserleyNo visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded
001000RauhofJohn George20 Feb 181016 Mar 1815No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded
001000RauhofPeter13 Jun 18136 Mar 1815?No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded
001000Roller, Senr.Peter1 Apr 176317 Aug 1836No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded-refer to Peter Ruebush in this listing as he has same dates.
001000SchmidtChristoffel26 Dec 17351798No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded born 26 Dec 1735, died 1798-sandstone sunk into ground.
001000SchmidtHannah? Oct 178120 Mar 1802No visible marker 2006; Recorded in 1897 by either Leiby or Hinke.
001000SeflyMille ?No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded small sandstone lying on ground-almost illegible
001000SehlerUlrich17531811No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded data. Record by Leiby or Hinke in 1897- born 1753 d. 4 Apr 1811. Adm. bond- 21 May 1811 Ulrick Sailor, admrs. Henry Sipe & Mary Sailor.
001000SeilerGeorg12 May 1794 ?1810No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded.
001000SiefeyCatharina6 Mar 173010 Jan 1814No visible marker 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded
001001KallerElisabeth4 Mar 178027 Jan 1840Aged 59y 10m 23d, consort/Phillips
001001GreenCecil W.16 May 190131 Jul 1970
001001GreenDelphia E.3 Jun 190323 Mar 1978
001001WilbergerAlan Douglas20 Sep 196324 May 2005Husband & Daddy
001001Wilberger, Jr.William Winston5 Mar 193423 Jun 2005Husband, U.S. Air Force
001001WilbergerShirley Tate6 Mar 1940Wifew/William Wilston Wilberger, Jr.
001001KeysRaymond Thomas30 Sep 192524 Mar 1992PFC U.S. Army WWII
001001KeysLynn Marie10 Dec 193613 Sep 2005Blessed Mother & Grandmother
001001WilbergerTirza S.3 Apr 190813 Nov 1979Motherw/W. Winston
001001WilbergerW. Winston27 Jan 190812 Oct 1979Father
001001WilbergerWilliam G.12 Nov 18722 Nov 1964Father
001001WilbergerJennie L.10 Nov 187810 Feb 1966Mother
001001WilbergerPhillip Mohler21 Jul 192016 Apr 2001Father, Lt. Col. U.S. Air Force WWII Korea
001001CarverDavid F.22 Dec 185423 Oct 1936Father
001001CarverEmily C.3 Dec 18516 Apr 1924Motherw/David F.
001001BatemanBirdie Carver4 Sep 188728 Sep 1964
001002Baker, Sr.John17541830Dedicated by descendants 10 Aug 1980
001002BakerAnna Whitmer17611838His Wifew/John
001003DovelDaniel20 Mar 177318 May 1827Aged 54y 1m 27d
001003DovelCatharine16 Feb 176613 Oct 1830Aged 64y 7m 27d
001003RuebushPeter1 Apr 176317 Aug 1836John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded the name as Peter Roller Senr.
001003WhitmerMartin25 Jan 17632 Dec 1842
001003WhitmerEve Elizabeth7Jul 176813 Apr 1834Aged 65y 8m 6d, consort/Martin
001003SchwatzFriederich10 Aug 172218 May 1793John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded died 1795
001003ShoemakerRebecca15 Mar 181511 Apr 1835
001003HofmanNimrod21 Nov 181630 May 1817Aged 6m 9d
001003GongAbrahamApr 18079 Apr 1807John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded Abraham Gongwer, born 7 Apr 1807
001003GongJohan Georg17 Dec 173718 Oct 1799John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded Johan Georg Gongwer, Exe. bond- 17 Dec 1799, name missing in book but admrs. were Magdalene Gongware & Joseph Gongware
001004DoutJohn Mathew16 May 174512 Oct 1833Aged 88y 7m 4dAdm. bond 21 Oct 1833.
001004DoutMary Catherine29 Sep 174528 Aug 1821Aged 75y 11m
001004LongMargaret28 Dec 176827 Apr 1839Aged 70y 4m 1d was on old stone
001004RuebushMary Keller17361815w/John, parents of George, John, Peter
001004RuebushJohn1784parents of George, John, Peter
001004RuebushGeorge17751851s/John & Mary Keller Ruebush
001004RuebushJohn17821874s/John & Mary Keller Ruebush
001004RuebushPeter17841879s/John & Mary Keller Ruebush
001004BrannerCasper G.18731958
001004BrannerInfant22 Feb 191222 Feb 1912c/C. G. & Ottie A.
001004LeavelJoseph Ernest24 Sep 187516 Mar 1938
001004LeavelHattie E. Koontz8 Oct 188122 Dec 1977
001005WestialJohanna25 Jul 17412 Mar 1817
001005LongMary10 Apr 1797
001005MesserleyJoseph S.10 Mar 184729 Feb 1852John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded died 29 Feb 1832 (date uncertain) Aged 4y 11m 19d, s/Solomon & Mary
001005CraunCatherine E., Dr.19 Nov 192026 Nov 1974
001005CraunClaude Wilmer11 Jan 189323 Jul 1972
001005CraunAliceTrobaugh24 Aug 18924 Dec 1967
001005CraunWilliam Carlyle10 May 191810 Jun 1942
001006JostMaria4 Sep 17442 Mar 1815Aged 70y 6m
001006UnknownGerman Girl23 Sep 1816Aged 10y 10m
001006SeftleyValentine172816 Feb 1802Exe. bond- 20 Apr 1803 Vallentine Safley, bondsman George Safley
001006SeftleyCatharinaApr 17425 Jul 1814Aged 72y 3mJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded born 1740
001006MesserleyGeorge W.12 Jun 185027 Feb 1852John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded- died 27 Feb 1832 or 1852 Aged 1y 8m 15d, s/Solomon & Mary
001006WhitesellMildred S.20 Oct 192112 Nov 2004
001006WhitesellC. Switzer4 Oct 190712 Nov 1971
001006WhitesellFrank L.27 Oct 18812 Sep 1962
001006WhitesellMargaret M.10 Sep 18814 Jan 1965
001007SeilerMatheis15 Aug 17969 Aug 1799Aged 3yJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded died 5 Aug 1799
001007RuebushMaryMar 1736Aged either 19 or 79yJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded died 1815
001007TutwilerLeonard17401804Leonhardt Duttweiler, born in Switzerland
001007ArmentroutHattie M.17 May 18784 Jul 1896w/Otis M.
001007WinegordJoseph E.23 Dec 184411 Feb 1894
001007HartJames W.No dates
001007HartFannie F.His WifeNo dates, w/James W. Hart
001008OsbournLula B.18861973
001008Osbourn, Jr.Harry19311963
001008SchenckerJacob10 Feb 176514 Mar 1815Aged 60 y 1m 4dAdm. bond- 16 May 1815 Henry (should be Jacob) Shank, admrs. Catharine Shank (his wife) & Jehu Gum. Rockingham Co. Minute Book 8, p78 dated 16 May 1815 Catharine Shank widow of Jacob Shank presented his verbal will. This is Jacob Schenck not Schencker. Tombstone all the words are separated by a dot. There is a dot between Schenck and er. The "er" is German for "he"-Klaus Wust pointed this out years ago. Jacob Shank married Catharine Wise 4 Dec 1787 Shenandoah (now Page) Co.,VA. He signed the marriage bond as Schenck. Children baptized at Friedens Church as Schenck.
001008CarpenterWilliam28 May 17753 Apr 1837Aged 61y 10m 5d
001009HoffmanDaniel22 Feb 1758Jun 1798John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded him as minister; adm. bond- 24 Sep 1799 Daniel Hufman, admr. Mary Huffman
001010SluserGeorg9 Aug 1746Aged 89y
001010SchlossernBarbara Hausern10 Dec 17545 Apr 1809born Barbara Hausern, married Georg & lived with him 34y 4m 14dJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded she died 22 Nov 1774
001010SchlosserGeorg18 Jan 172128 Feb 1815Aged 94y 1m 10dAdm. bond- 17 Oct 1815 George Slusser, Jr., admr. George Slusser
001010LongSarah16 May 179217 Jun 1834w/George
001010LongPatsy D.10 Nov 181322 Feb 1832
001011LinnRobert13 Feb 177611 Sep 1859Aged 83y 6m 29d
001011LinnIsabell5 Apr 1847Aged 66y
001011LinnSamuel3 Feb 1833Aged 10y
001011EhrmanAnna Maria8 Dec 17548 Dec 1814Aged 60yTranslated from the German on stone.
001011SchenckJacobJulIllegible stone-buried; Jacob Schenck 3 Jul 1794 - 25 Jan 1817 age 22, rest below ground (source unknown). Adm. bond- 18 Mar 1817 Jacob Shank, admr. Magdaline Shank (his wfie), bondsman John Shank (his brother).
001011WilbergerMathias10 Jun 1818
001011WilbergerMarcabeth A.27 Jul 1743? Aug 1817Aged 74y
001011ZimmermanAnna19 Feb 181517 Aug 1817Aged 2y 6m 8d
001011CarpenterJacob31 Jan 18052 Dec 1831
001011CarpenterDavid17 Apr 182430 Nov 1831
001012SlosserElizabeth8 Mar 1837Aged 27y 17d, consort/SamuelJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded age 27y 4m 17d
001012SlosserJohn B.Aged 2m 21d
001013DavisRobert Whitfield6 Aug 190910 Jul 1978Pvt U.S. Army WWII
001013DavisLottie H.18 Mar 19121 Jan 1986
001013DavisAndy T.21 Mar 193817 Nov 1999PFC U.S. Army, VietnamMilitary marker shows Andy Theodore Davis
001013SeilerChristian8 Dec 17833 Jan 1810Aged 26y 27dAdm. bond- 20 Mar 1810 Christian Sailor, bondsman Ulrich Sailor (his father)
001013SeilerPeter31 Oct 179324 Feb 1810Aged 16y 4m 23d
001014CraunJulius M.Aug 1 191523 May 1983
001014CraunSudie F.12 Mar 191619 Aug 1962
001014HulveyIvan H.18841981Father
001014HulveyFannie C.18871973Mother
001014HulveyCarter F.18 Nov 189731 Dec 1972
001014MiltenbergerRobert31 Aug 18648 Sep 1943
001014MiltenbergerMary J.23 Feb 184210 Apr 1908Mother
001014MiltenbergerBeulah Frances17 Mar 191126 Feb 1916Aged 4y 11m 9d, d/J. W. & Annie S.
001014MiltenbergerAnnie S.14 Aug 18751 Apr 1959
001014MiltenbergerJohn W.24 Mar 187926 Apr 1965
001014MiltenbergerCarl William23 Sep 19168 Sep 1974
001015PirkeyAlbert H.22 Apr 18389 Aug 1915
001015PirkeyAmanda C.4 Oct 184418 Feb 1930His Wifew/Albert H.
001015BallardFannie B.14 Oct 18699 Nov 1931
001015HuffmanAnnie Kyger29 Jul 186330 Jun 1952
001015HuffmanGeorge Edward18 Feb 18592 Jan 1936
001015MillerHenry R.20 Jul 18936 Dec 1965
001015MillerClara E.16 May 189119 May 1969
001015ShenkGeorge L.9 Oct 186820 Jun 1941
001015ShenkMelvina F.17 Apr 187116 Dec 1942
001015RodgersHoward W.25 Sep 188928 Dec 1972
001015RodgersClara J.4 Aug 19018 Mar 1966
001016SaufleyVirdie C.9 Feb 189910 Feb 1921w/Forrest J.
001016MillerGeorge R. "Giggs"29 Jul 191715 Oct 1999Dad, married 10 Aug 1939
001016MillerAnnie Belle25 Jun 1922Momw/George R.
001016MillerGeneva F.4 Jun 194030 Apr 1942
001016MillerInfant Son18 May 1916s/Henry R. & Clara E.
001016TrainerPaul Davis8 May 19138 Aug 1920s/J. R. & Emma E.
001016TrainerDavid F.6 May 189814 Jan 1920s/J. R. & Emma E.
001016TrainerEmma May19 Apr 19164 May 1916d/J. R. & Emma E.
001017DavisTheador A.4 Nov 187220 Oct 1961Father
001017DavisMary E.2 Apr 187230 Apr 1935Mother
001017DavisLeona V.19001936
001017DavisJ. Frank18981978
001017LandisHobart R.20 Sep 19026 Oct 1975
001017LandisEthel Long14 May 190619 Mar 1979
001017LongJohn William28 May 18717 May 1947Father
001017LongMinnie Etta18 Oct 187723 Jun 1933Father
001017LongMoffett F.14 Nov 187723 Apr 1964Undertaker
001017LongAnnie A.19 Jul 187716 Jun 1951
001017LongAlton Franklin30 Jul 19044 Apr 1960
001017LongFarel Isaac26 Sep 191824 Apr 1997
001017LongEva Beckemeier10 Dec 189915 Mar 1967
001017LongHazel Kiser25 Jun 19154 Jul 1996Teacher
001017LongHassie E.7 Jan 18945 May 1957Wifew/Basil O.
001017LongBasil O.30 Dec 190629 Jun 1987Husband
001017LongAleta R.13 Jul 191727 Mar 1986w/Basil O.
001017AllenJames W.19 May186121 May 1925
001017AllenGeorgianna C.28 May 185928 Apr 1938
001017AllenGeorge K.10 Feb 188518 May 1951
001017AllenO. Lucretia5 Apr 189019 Nov 1946
001017AllenJ. Ward27 Aug 189720 Nov 1971
001017AllenFlorence M.2 Mar 1897
001017AllenB. F.18 May 192312 Sep 1994Son
001017SmithLillian Bonnor Bogan19141973Mother
001017SmithWarwick Edgar22 Aug 190929 Dec 1996U.S. Navy WWII
001018DavisCharles Paul26 May 194628 Dec 1946
001018DavisStephen Wayne8 Jan 194428 Jan 1965
001018LandisOrren D.29 Nov 187728 May 1960Father
001018LandisOllie D.2 Aug 188030 Oct 1947Mother
001018LandisHoskins S.13 May 19094 Apr 1964
001018RhodesHarley M.1920
001018RhodesThelma Long19131962
001018LongOrmond Daniel19091987
001018LongMargaret Boyers19111993
001018ReubushClaude I. "Chub"2 Aug 18972 Nov 1986
001018AllenClarence Coolidge20 May 192521 Mar 1999Cpl U.S. Army WWII
001018AllenMary Elizabeth "Betty"15 Dec 1928
001018ForresterLucy D.1 Dec 192016 May 1978
001019DavisCharles W.10 Jan 190322 Oct 1971Virginia Private U. S. Army WWII
001019EdwardsJ. R.18711958
001019EdwardsM. B. Clatterbuck190719--
001019WinegardElizabeth K.2 Jun 19005 Sep 1970
001019WinegardRussell M.14 Sep 189920 Aug 1968
001019WinegardArthur W.10 May 187217 Dec 1955
001019WinegardMattie M.4 Dec 187215 Aug 1941
001019TrobaughRuby C.4 Dec 191029 Dec 1936
001019TrobaughMary E.11 Jun 189130 Jun 1942
001019TrobaughWillie O.17 Aug 18889 Oct 1963
001019TrobaughGeorge Dewitt, Pvt.2 Dec 19213 Feb 1943Buried at sea
001019TutwilerThomas H.5 Aug 186210 Aug 1949
001019TutwilerElla E.20 Sep 18694 Oct 1954
001019TutwilerThomas Nelson31 May 191523 Apr 1967
002001DinkelWm. H., Rev.24 Apr 18382 Jan 1875
002001EarmanMary S.28 Sep 1861Aged 4y 9m 5d
002001EarmanHannah C.11 Nov 1862Aged 44y 4m 26d
002001EarmanJacob23 Jun 1862Aged 54y 8m
002001ShowalterSusan20 May 179417 Mar 1854Aged 56y 9m 27d, w/John
002001ShowalterJohn2 Dec 179512 Mar 1875Aged 79y 3m 10d
002001RuebushSamuel3 Sep 180910 Dec 1876Aged 67y 3m 7d
002001RuebushMathies1 Sep 180713 Sep 1875Aged 68y 12d
002001RuebushCatharine1 Aug 181120 Jan 1867Aged 55y 5m 20d
002001HartmanJacob Harvey29 Nov 1862Aged 2y 9m 2dJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - age 7y 9m 7d
002001HartmanElizabeth14 Nov 1862John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - age 34y 0m 10d
002001RuebushSamuel17 Jul 1856Aged 1m 6dJohn W. Wayland recorded in 1928 - son of W. & C. Ruebush
002001RuebushJacob2 Jun 17989 Aug 1861Aged 63y 2m 7d
002001RuebushSusan23 May 181814 May 1861Aged 42y 11m 22d
002001BakerMargaret27 Sep 180310 May 1849Aged 45y 7m, consort/Phillip
002001RuebushPeter21 Apr 18207 Feb 1848Aged 27y 9m 16d
002001RuebushGeorge23 Jan 17752 Jan 1851Aged 75y 11m 10d
002001RuebushElizabethConsort of GeorgePartially illegible-top of stone remains-no dates. Recorded by John W. Wayland in 1928-died 7 March 1864, Age 88y 9m 19d
002001PainterLaura Ellen7 Nov 185815 May 1862Aged 3y 6m 8d, d/R. E. & M. E.
002001HuffmanDoratha15 Apr 1859Aged 86y, w/Abraham
002001ArgubrightSusannah28 Jan 1862w/George
002001ShoemakerAbrahamCo. C, 6 Va Cav, C.S.ANo dates
002001GladdenLydia5 Jan 1842Aged 25y, w/Adam Gladden
002001BrownElizabeth23 Mar 17775 Dec 1857Aged 80y 8m 12d, w/Rev. John Brown
002001BrownJohn, DD.21 Jul 177126 Jan 1850Aged 78y 6m 5d
002001YoungJulian21 Jun 18198 May 1842Aged 22y 10m 18d, and her 2 infant children
002001BrownAdaline20 Sep 182123 Jan 1842Aged 20y 4m 3d
002001BrownSamuel D.15 Apr 180924 Sep 1838Aged 29y 5m 10d
002002RodgersWm. D.18341908Father
002002RodgersJudith Rebecca2 Aug 183330 Aug 1901w/Wm. D.; Mother
002002MillerElizabeth29 Jun 1882Aged 75y 1m; Our Mother
002002MillerJoseph11 Jul 180425 Sep 1866Our Father
002002RogersBerthad/W. D. & J. R.On stone with Maggie
002002RogersMaggied/W. D. & J. R.On stone with Bertha
002002RodgersDavid Bittles/Wm. D. & J. R.John W. Wayland recorded in 1928 - Davey Bittle Rogers, son of W. D. & J. R.
002002RodgersVirgie16 Jan 1885Aged 3d, d/C. L. & P. A. V.
002002KnippleInfant Son11 ? 187513 Feb 1875s/A. W. & M. A. L.No visible stone in 2006; John W. Wayland recorded in 1928-Infant son of A.W. & M.A.L. Knippe, born 11 Nov 1875, died 13 Feb 1875 (1876?)
002002KnippleGeorge E.2 Jan 18698 Feb 1880Aged 11y 1m 6d; s/W. & M. A. L.Age below ground
002002SlusserSamuel L.11 Jan 1916Aged 72y 1m 3d
002002GangwerSarah C.14 May 1912Aged 88y 7m 29d
002002SlusserCatherine17 Jan 1897Aged 88y 11m 26d, w/Saml.
002002SlusserSamuel20 May 1894Aged 86y 10m 20d
002002SlusserWilliam H.29 Jul 1865Aged 22y 8m 8d, s/S. & C.John W. Wayland noted in 1928 - died of wound
002002EarmanHarman D.27 Jun 182117 Dec 1882Aged 61y 5m 20d
002002EarmanJohn B.4 Jul 18194 Jun 1883Aged 63y 11m
002002EarmanSusan17 Sep 18139 Dec 1883Aged 70y 2m 22d
002002EhrmanMary24 Dec 180411 Apr 1893
002002RuebushCatherine A.2 Jun 1897Aged 76y 23d, w/Wm.
002002ReubushWm.12 Aug 181320 Jan 1883Aged 69y 5m 8d
002002RolarEmanuel22 Nov 181325 Jul 1887Aged 73y 8m 3d
002002RolarElizabeth25 Jul 181930 Mar 1896Aged 76y 8m 5d, w/Emanuel
002002BowmanElizabeth14 Aug 184113 May 1870Aged 28y 8m 29d
002002AltafferJoseph16 Feb 181024 Mar 1882Aged 72y 1m 8d
002002AltafferElizabeth14 Apr 1862Aged 40y 10d, w/Joseph
002002CarpenterMary J.13 Mar 183512 Apr 1861Aged 26y 29d
002002HuffmanMariah S.20 Apr 183715 Nov 1857
002002CarpenterMargaret5 Nov 178223 Jan 1855Aged 72y 2m 18d, consort/William
002002HulveyHenry13 May 1863Aged 78y 28d
002002HulveySusan19 Jun 17772 Feb 1850Aged 72y 7m 14d
002002HuffmanElizabeth M.28 Aug 18533 Oct 1854Aged 1y, 1m 5d
002002ClinePeter17 Aug 17988 Jul 1857
002002NairMary15 May 1857Aged 69y 18dPartially illegible marker-death day could be March and not May
002002EarmanPatterson F.11 Sep 1863Aged 18y 3m 15d
002002EarmanDavid H.19 Nov 1860Aged 5y 5m 8d
002002EarmanAmanda Jane11 Jun 1855Aged 34y 7m 26d; consort/Jno. B.
002002EarmanElizabeth J.17 May 1842Aged 26y 9m 21d, consort/Jacob
002002Earman, Sr.John21 Jun 178220 Oct 1853Aged 71y 3m 29d
002002EarmanAnna Barbary14 Feb 1842Aged 60y 20d; consort/John
002002EarmanSarah7 Nov 181628 Jul 1870
002002PenceElizabeth S.20 Oct 18453 May 1856Aged 10y 5m 17d, d/John & Ann
002002PlecherJohn10 Sep 177829 May 1847
002003ShankPolly8 Oct 18217 Feb 1906Aged 84y 2m 29d
002003ShankAbraham3 Mar 181927 Oct 1904Aged 85y 7m 11d
002003ArgabrightRebecca18 Nov 182223 Jan 1905
002003ShankSamuel T.28 Feb 184318 Dec 1928
002003ShankBettie E.1 Jul 18427 Aug 1914
002003ShankBirdie E.8 Sep 186611 May 1894Aged 27y 8m
002003ShankFrank Lee3 Jun 1882Aged 11y 2m 15d
002003EarmanJ. Wm.19 Feb 184024 Oct 1883Aged 43y 8m 5d
002003EarmanEllen H.25 Mar 18445 Feb 1897w/J. W., Aged 52y 10m 10d
002003FillerGary A.22 Dec 19581 Jul 2001
002003FillerAlvin E.15 Dec 191921 Aug 1997
002003FillerBettie R.5 Oct 192824 May 1969
002003FillerInfant Son23 Apr 1956s/A. E. & B. R.
002003CarpenterGeo.11 Nov 180819 Jan 1890
002003CarpenterSallie Linn24 Aug 181430 Jul 1885w/Geo.
002003CarpenterSamuel Linn15 Aug 18495 Jun 1868Aged 18y 9m 21d, s/G. & S.
002003CarpenterLucy V.10 Dec 1863Aged 6y _ m 1d, d/G. & S.John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - age 6y 7m 1d
002003LeckieJohn13 Nov 18626 Dec 1862s/Robert J. & Sarah M.
002003HuffmanSamuel29 Nov 17989 Feb 1865Aged 67y 2m 10d
002003MeyerhoefferPeter M.28 Feb 1861Aged 3y 7m, s/ ? ? & S. C.John W. Wayland recorded in 1928 - son of W. M. & S. C. Meyerhoeffer
002003JordanSamuel H.25 Aug 186031 May 1868John W. Wayland noted in 1928 - "New granite-just erected. This boy, son of Capt. Wm. N. Jordan (see Wayland's Hist. of Rockh. Co. VA p. 147) was shot and killed (unintentionally) by one of his brothers, says Mr. P.C. Kaylor, Aug. 27, 1928 - J.W.W.
002003ShowalterHenry Huffman12 Nov 1863Aged 52y 2dJohn W. Wayland recorded in 1928 - Catherine Showalter & Henry Huffman both on same shaft marked SHOWALTER
002003ShowalterCatharine18 Jan 1892Aged 71y 8m 5d
002003LutzRebecca K.16 Feb 1880Aged 68y 3m 6d
002003LutzGeorge24 Nov 1876Aged 79y 3m 10d
002003LutzRebecca9 Nov 179712 Feb 1855Aged 52y 3m 3d, consort/George
002003LutzBalser14 May 1863Aged 28y 6m 9d
002003LutzCharlie18 May 1863s/Balser & Margaret
002003RolerInfant Son20 Jan 1851Aged 1m 23d,s/Emanuel & Elisabeth
002003PenceAnna26 Jul 180529 Dec 1849Aged 44y 5m 3d, consort/John Pence
002003RollerDaniel FeetAged 6m 8d, s/Peter & Elizabeth
002003Roller, IIIPeter17 Mar 1844Aged 16y 10m 16d
002003RollerEve30 Jul 1840Aged 67y 8m 13dJohn W. Wayland recorded in 1928 - surname as Roler
002003SipeEmanuel16 Apr 1840In the 54th yr of his life
002004ClineMary A.15 Mar 182428 Sep 1911
002004MeyerhoefferSarah C.29 May 1910Aged 73y 11m 17d, w/ W. M., Mother
002004BrownElizabeth23 Mar 180024 Apr 1890Aged 90y 1m 1dPartially illegible-can't read age
002004KennedyIrenaeus B.3 Dec 185710 Apr 1888Aged 30y 4m 7d, s/John & Elizabeth C.
002004KennedyJohn5 Jan 181416 Dec 1872Aged 58y 11m 10d, My Husband
002004KennedyElizabeth C.7 Jun 18304 Jul 1911w/John Kennedy; Our Mother
002004BowmanRussell Brown15 Jul 1898Aged 6m, s/P. C. & M. A.John W. Wayland recorded in 1928 - died 5 July 1898
002004KennedyWilliam Lee25 Oct 186619 Aug 1935
002004KennedySusan E.16 Apr 187011 Dec 1936
002004EarmanC. Emmett18671955
002004EarmanFannie C.18701939
002004HinkelAlice Will18821966
002004WillLizzie A. V.18541924w/Charles B.
002004EarmanElla A.27 Nov 1924
002004EhrmanSarah A.30 Mar 183011 Apr 1898
002004EhrmanPeter F.24 Mar 182430 Jan 1897
002004BowmanJohn R.17 Aug 184123 May 1910
002004BowmanMargaret S.28 Oct 18485 Jun 1901w/John R.
002004CarpenterSam'l7 Apr 1905Aged 84y 11m 22d; Our Father
002004CarpenterLeannah Showalter15 Jan 1897Aged 73y 3m 15d, w/Sam'l, Our Mother
002004MundayFleta C.9 Apr 1887Aged 1y 17d, d/G. W. & S. F.
002004CromerMargaret13 Apr 17941 May 1875w/H. E. Cromer
002004PleckerPeter8 Jan 18046 Sep 1871Aged 70y 7m 28d
002004RootJohn Samuel20 Dec 1878Aged 2y 10m 15d, s/G. S. & B. A.
002004HenkelHenry3 Oct 182014 Jun 1878Aged 57y 8m 11d
002004ShankGeorge Bolton29 Jan 1865Aged 8y 6m 25d, s/A. & P.
002004ShankLuther Pierce8 Jul 185428 Jul 1855Aged 11m 20d, s/Abraham & PollyJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - died 28 June 1855
002004ShankJohn Henry23 Oct 185126 May 1855Aged 3y 7m 3d, s/Abraham & PollyDeath date & age below ground
002004MillerLawra K.30 Mar 1857Aged 4m 24d, d/P. & M.
002004ShankJohn18 Aug 17925 Jun 1862
002004ShankSusanna M.27 Mar 179930 Sep 1869Aged 70y 6m 3dStone broken & on ground 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - born 27 May 1799
002004PenceJohn5 May 179715 Feb 1867Aged 69y 9m 10d
002005LevelJurietta1 Aug 181027 Mar 1882Aged 71y 7m 26d, w/James
002005LevelThomas F.28 Nov 183524 Apr 1880Aged 44y 4m 26d
002005LeavelJames17 Jun 181216 Nov 1869Aged 57y 4m 29d
002005LeavelCharles H.19 Jun 1864Aged 18y 9m 5d, Co. G 25th Va. Battal. died in hospital near Chaffin's Farm
002005LeavelJoseph W.14 Aug 18408 Aug 1861Aged 20y 11m 25d
002006ArgenbrightMary Elizabeth18791958
002006DentonJames W.18 Mar 18476 Jun 1883Father
002006DentonElizabeth J.9 Dec 18496 Apr 1928His Wifew/James W.
002006DentonSelah F.15 Jan 182218 Mar 1895Aged 73y 2m 3d
002006DentenMary A.13 Oct 1897Aged 72y 7m 25d, w/Selah F.
002006ShaverEdward J.22 Nov 187215 Apr 1950
002006ShaverMary J.21 Jun 18805 Feb 1959
002006ShaverRuth J.28 Aug 190329 Apr 1986
002006SaufleyJames M.13 Nov 18437 May 1920Aged 76y 5m 14d
002006SaufleyMary L.3 Mar 18479 Jul 1909Aged 62y 4m 6d, w/James A.
002006ClaytorBertie Long18771958
002006SaufleyJoseph F.3 Sep 18396 May 1900Aged 60y 8m 3d
002006SaufleyLouisa M.17 Apr 184322 Dec 1898Aged 55y 8m 5d, w/Jos. F. Saufley
002006CarpenterHenry22 Jun 182631 Jul 1906Aged 80y 1m 9d, Father
002006CarpenterLucy A.1 Jun 182816 Aug 1892Aged 64y 1m 15d, Mother
002006EarmanLeanna Virginia21 Feb 188713 Mar 1890Aged 3y 20d, d/Samuel & Alice C.
002006EarmanPalmer Bell12 Jun 190223 Aug 1902Aged 2m 11d
002006HuffmanMary M.16 Mar 181327 Dec 1890Aged 77y 9m 11d, w/ReubenStone by Wine & Rinker (Bridgewater)
002006HuffmanReuben8 Nov 18089 Oct 1883Living or dying, Lord, I ask to be but Thine, my life in Thee, Thy life in me, makes Heaven forever mine.Stone broken off & face down on ground in 2006, All data recorded by John W. Wayland in 1928 - S. Loewner's Marble Work, H'burg Va.
002006EarmanMattie Jane24 Dec 184815 Apr 1880Aged 31y 3m 12d, Affectionate Wife/Joseph A.
002006ShowalterCharlotte S.2 Apr 18702 Jun 1870Aged 2 m, d/Isaac & Isabel
002006RainesGeorge F.13 Jul 1877Aged 1y 6m 10d, s/Wm. N. & S.
002006SaufleyInfantinf./J. F. & L. M.John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - born Apr 1(?) 1870, died Apr 2(?), 1870
002006SaufleyElla Girtrude8 Jun 187628 Nov 1882Aged 6y 5m 20d
002006AltafferBenjamin Franklin18 Oct 184913 Apr 1872Aged 22y 5m 26d
002006TrobaughAbner10 Jun 18144 Mar 1866Aged 52y 8m 24d
002006TrobaughWilliam H.1 Jul 184427 Dec 1865Aged 21y 5m 26d, s/Abner
002006HuffmanCatherine5 Oct 1864Aged 65y 7m 6d; w/John
002006HuffmanSollomon17 Feb 17732 Mar 1861Aged 88y 12d
002006HuffmanElisabeth4 Aug 1847Aged 68y 7m & some days, consort/Solomon
002006LambJohn D.19 Apr 181026 Mar 1842Aged 31y 11m 7d, h/Mary A.
002006HuffmanJacob6 Feb 180122 Mar 1840Aged 39y 1m 15d
002006HuffmanJohnMay 1843Aged 46 yrs
002007SlusserBessie Florence17 Jun 18804 Apr 1911
002007SlusserSamuel H.18411905
002007ShowalterLucy E.12 Nov 1895Aged 35y 5m 13d, w/Wm. E.
002007HuffmanElijah28 Mar 183013 Nov 1885Aged 55y 7m 15d
002007HuffmanSusannah Bowman11 Sep 183713 Jul 1919w/Elijah, Mother
002007PirkeyRobert E.11 Mar 18737 Apr 1950
002007PirkeyAlice F.22 Nov 187218 Feb 1960
002007WakemanGertrude C.18941974
002007CraunSamuel H.30 Nov 185719 Mar 1939Father
002007CraunFleeta B.28 Feb 187118 Feb 1908Mother
002007CraunInfant Son17 Mar 190717 Mar 1907s/S. H. & Fleta B.
002007CoxDorothy E.7 May 18558 Jun 1904Aged 49y 1m 1d
002007AltafferMargaret Frances8 Nov 184011 Nov 1914
002007HartmanBertha V.1 Nov 1897Aged 20y 10m 14d; d/P. W. & B. A.
002007AltafferSalome18 Jan 181121 Nov 1897w/Reuben, d/Martin & Eve Whitmore, She joined the Reformed Church in her 13th year.
002007AltafferMartin J.26 Nov 183812 Jul 1903
002007HinkleHettie M.24 Sep 184718 Dec 1898Aged 51y 2m 24d, w/M. J. Hinkle
002007LandesMary1 Jun 1893Aged 77y 8m 26d, w/John
002007CarpenterNettie Viola29 Feb 1881Aged 11y 9m 6d, d/W. J. & C. A.
002007HartmanSarah S.27 Apr 1879Aged 17y 8m, d/P. W. & E. A.
002007WhitmerSally C.3 Aug 185514 Sep 1877Aged 22y 1m 11d, d/Martin Whitmer
002007HuffmanDaniel13 Aug 18052 Jun 1875Aged 69y 9m 19d
002007CarpenterJ. M. Hensel16 Oct 1872Aged 5y 8m 15d, Eldest s/Wm. J. & C. A.
002007CarpenterElizabeth S. E.9 Apr 1872Aged 31y 4m 24d, w/Wm. T.
002007LandesElizabeth Ann24 Mar 18443 Sep 1864Aged 20y 5m 10d, d/J. & M. Landes
002007LandisJohn3 Apr 18134 Apr 1873Aged 60y 1d
002007HartmanMartha A.19 Sep 1860Aged 9m 27d, d/ P. W. & E. A.
002007AltafferReuben6 Jun 180017 Sep 1860Aged 60y 3m 11d
002007CarpenterJohn W.14 Jul 1869Aged 1y 5m 9d
002007CarpenterDaniel M.28 Aug 1869Aged 3y 8m 19d
002007CarpenterLucy M.14 Jul 1869Aged 5y 8m 23d
002007CarpenterNealya V.18 Aug 185926 Apr 1860Aged 8m 8dJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - name Nealy A. V. Carpenter
002007CarpenterAnn15 Jan 18111 Nov 1854Aged 43y 9m 15dJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - Consort of John Carpenter
002007CarpenterDavid Henry18 May 1851Aged 5y 4m 15d, s/Sam'l & L.
002007CarpenterLucy Margaret20 May 1847Aged 2y 2m 12d, d/William & SarahJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - died 26 May 1847, age 2y 2m 12d
002007CarpenterGeorgeAged 2y 3m 19dPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s, John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - George A. Carpenter, aged 2y 3m 19d
002007CarpenterSarahAged 2y 2m 14dPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s, John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - Sarah E. Carpenter, aged 2y 2m 14d
002007BowmanJohnathan6 Apr 1841Aged 1y 4m 18dNew stone & old stone, age on old broken stone 2006
002008ByerlyBenjiman7 Jun 180218 Oct 1886Aged 84y 3m 11d, Our Father
002008WhitmoreSusanna6 Oct 181421 Jun 1892Aged 77y 8m 15d, w/John
002008WhitmoreJohn10 Apr 180610 Jan 1872Aged 65y 9m 25d
002008SaufleySusan Cornelia26 May 1867Aged 26y 11, 4d, w/G. H.
002008ByerlyPolly S.1808Feb 1864Aged 56y, w/Benjamin
002008WhitmerMartin26 Mar 18027 Apr 1887Aged 85y 11d, Father
002008WhitmerEve18 Dec 1859Aged 44 yrs, w/Martin, Mother
002008WhitmerJoseph29 Jul 1850Aug 1854s/M. & F.John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - Joseph Whitfield Whitmer, son of M. & E. Whitmer, born 29 July 1850, died 17 Aug. 1854
002008BierlySusan12 Dec 1849Aged 45y 4m 1d, Consort/BenjaminPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s, John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded same data shown here
002008ShowalterJohn F.20 May 1862Aged 47yrs, Father
002008ScottPolly Showalter5 Jun 1884Aged 54 yrs, Our Mother
002008ShowalterAgnes30 Jun 179431 Jul 1875Aged 81y 1m, w/David
002008ShowalterDavid30 Oct 178130 Apr 1858Aged 76y 6m
002008WhitmerSamuel H.13 Jul 18547 Nov 1862J. Hess, McGaheysville, Va.
002008WhitmerEphraim4 Oct 180620 Feb 1858Aged 51y 4m 16d
002008WhitmerJohn M.4 Jun 184421 Sep 1853Aged 9y 3m 17d
002008WhitmerElizabeth A.17 Jun 183821 Sep 1843Aged 5y 3m 4d,Partially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002008WhitmerSarah K.13 Nov 181217 Sep 1841Aged 28y 10m 4d, w/Ephraim
002009JohnsonMary H.18451926Aged 81yrs
002009SlusserJacob P.17 Apr 180522 Jan 1885Aged 79y 9m 5d
002009SlusserChristina Sherman24 Jul 181311 Nov 1896Aged 83y 3m 17d
002009SlusserCharles P.18511872
002009BeardMaryHis WifeNo dates, w/Paul S.
002009BeardPaul S.No dates
002009BeardMollieTheir DaughterNo dates, d/Paul S. & Mary Beard
002009CraunPeter D.9 May 185519 Jun 1930father
002009WhitmerEve18 May 1901In her 88th yr, w/Ephriam, Mother
002009WhitmerGeorge D.5 Apr 184925 Apr 1929
002009WhitmerEliza J.31 Jan 18479 May 1945
002009CraunLenard Sylvester21 Jan 190420 Feb 1915
002009HeatwoleLillie F.19 Feb 1898Aged 16y 2m 20d, niece of G. D. & E. J. Whitmer
002009CoxJames A.24 Aug 185724 Dec 1919Aged 62y 4m
002009LandesBengamin F.2 Mar 1894Aged 83y 5m 12d, Consort of Catharine Landes
002009LandesCatharine3 Sep 1892Aged 77y 2m 15d, w/Benjamin F.
002009SaufleyMargaret24 Mar 18063 Jul 1885Aged 79y 3m 9d, w/William, Our Mother
002009GilkersonCharles Franklin14 May 1882Aged 6y 9m 24d, Oldest son of John H. & Eliza M. Gilkerson
002009MichaelEliza J.25 Jan 18173 Jun 1879Aged 62y 4m 18d, w/Abraham
002009RodgersSamuel H.5 Sep 1891Aged 25y 7m 2d, BrotherOn stone with James
002009RodgersJames26 Aug 1907Aged 73 yrs, FatherOn stone with Samuel H.
002009RodgersJulia14 Apr 1878Aged 33 yrs, MotherOn stone with James & Samuel H.
002009SaufleyWilliam27 Jul 18086 Apr 1872Aged 63y 8m 10d
002009SaufleyAnn Eliza8 Mar 1893Aged 68y 10m 20d, w/Geo.
002009SaufleyGeorge27 Nov 181622 May 1869Aged 52y 5m 25d
002009LandesMary A.1 Oct 1869Aged 23y 2m 7d, d/B. F. & Catharine
002009BrownPeter23 Aug 17951 Jan 1858Aged 62y 4m 8d
002009RauhofJohn P.28 Jul 1856Aged 78y 1m 1d
002009RauhofAnna K.23 Apr 178427 May 1859Aged 75y 1m 4d
002009ShoemakerBarbara12 May 179228 Jan 1849Partially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002009ShoemakerSarah20 Sep 181824 Apr 1844Partially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002010ArgenbrightJohn William26 Oct 18733 Feb 1947Father
002010ArgenbrightMary Susan28 Mar 18759 Apr 1943Mother
002010ArgenbrightSamathey J.29 Jun 184914 Jun 1924His Wife, Motherw/P. K. Argenbright
002010ArgenbrightP. K.9 Jan 18219 Jan 1895Father
002010ArgenbrightAnnie3 Apr 18789 May 1878
002010ArgenbrightInfant Daughter4 Oct 1907d/J. W. & M. S.
002010ArgenbrightInfant Son2 Jul 1912s/J. W. & M. S.
002010ErgenbrightEdward Crawford6 Aug 188118 Jun 1946Father
002010WilhiteCatherine2 Dec 183312 Feb 1910Aged 77y 2m 10d
002010WilhiteJoseph13 Apr 183519 Aug 1905Aged 79y 4m 6d
002010WilhiteLester W.26 Jul 1899Aged 1y 4m 9d, s/W. A. & BertieNo visible stone 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002010WilhiteGustava C.13 Oct 19021 May 1903d/W. A. & Albertia
002010WilhiteGeneva M.13 Oct 19021 May 1903d/W. A. & Albertia
002010WilhiteWilliam A.18721917Father
002010WilhiteAlberta C.18711907Mother
002010RodgersAugustus20 Sep188415 Feb 1906Aged 22y 4m 25d, s/Adam & Margaret
002010HeatwoleAmanda E.20 Nov 186017 Feb 1887Aged 26y 2m 27d, w/A. S. Heatwole
002010CrawnElias30 Jan 181617 Dec 1883Aged 67y 10m 17d, w/Elias
002010BakerPhilip2 Jan 1879Aged 77y 6m 9d
002010PirkeyElias3 Oct 182728 Apr 1907
002010PirkeySusan4 Sep 183512 Feb 1873Aged 37y 5m 8d, w/Elias Pirkey
002010BakerRebecca1800Jan 1876Aged 75y 7m, w/Jacob
002010BakerJacob7 Aug 179416 Apr 1870Aged 75y 8m 9d
002010BakerJohn29 May 1869Aged 28y 26d, s/Samuel & Elizabeth
002010BakerSusan Ann6 Oct 184018 Jul 1868Aged 27y 9m 12d, w/Jacob F.
002010CrawnEliza W.15 Feb 182014 Nov 1867Aged 47y 8m 29d
002010WilhiteMary I. B.23 Dec 1881Aged 14y 2m 10d, d/J. & C.
002010WihiteAlice J. V.13 Sep 1866Aged 5y 13d, d/Jos. & C.
002010WilhiteLaura S. L.7 Feb 1869Aged 10y 14d, d/Jos. & C
002010TutwilerNewton S.15 Jul 1862Aged 1yr 9m 23d, s/J. & M. J.
002010RolerRebecca Catharine3 Apr 185125 Jun 1851Aged 2m 22d, d/John W. & SusanPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002010LinnLucy Ann9 Oct 18486 Jun 1851Aged 2y 7m 27d, d/Philip C. & Eliza A.Partially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002010LongCatherine30 Dec 1841Aged 50 yrs
002011SandyMaggie E.17 Apr 184229 Dec 1911w/A. H. Sandy, Mother
002011TutwilerLucy Ellen10 Dec 1883Aged 8y 6m 3d, d/M. J. & Susana
002011TutwilerJohn K.27 Jan 1885Aged 6y 9mPartially illegible 2006, on stone with Lurty L., John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - childfren of F. P. & Emma V .
002011TutwilerLurty L.27 Apr 1891Aged 11mPartially illegible 2006, on stone with John K., John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - children of F. P. & Emma V. Tutwiler
002011Tutwiler??Partially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002011RuebushSchyler A.24 May 1890Aged 19yrs, s/J. Harvey & S. E.
002011TutwilerDiana27 May 18159 May 1889w/Henry
002011TutwilerHenry7 Aug 181226 Nov 1879
002011TutwilerMargaret15 Feb 18113 Feb 1889Aged 77y 11m 18d, w/John
002011TutwilerAlice V.6 Aug 18545 Jun 1885Aged 30y 9m 29d
002011WhiteselSusan16 Aug 1884Aged 65y, w/Enos
002011WhiteselEnos10 Jun 1894Aged 77y 25d
002012HawkinsEliza Jane Levell21 Apr 183822 May 1910
002012MooneyR. M.27 Apr 18247 Jul 1887Father, Capt. CSAJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - born 17 Apr 1824
002012MooneyFrances E.27 Feb 182620 Jan 1884MotherJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - died 20 Jan 1864
002012MooneyHenry A. Wise10 Jan 186017 Apr 1862s/R. M. & F. E.
002012GilkersonWilliam P.27 Feb 18427 Apr 1900Aged 58y 1m 10d
002012WinegordMalinda J.7 Oct 18423 Jun 1865Aged 22y 7m 23dPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002012HulveyMary M.2 Sep 18421 Apr 1863Aged 20y 6m 29d
002012HulveyEmma A.11 Sep 1862Aged 2y 8m 3d
002012HulveyJames M.12 Feb 184626 Jun 1862Aged 16y 4m 14d
002012HulveyMadison17 Jul 181312 Dec 1861Aged 46y 4m 25d
002012HulveyJohn W.23 Mar 1856Aged 8y 6m 17d
002012LongNancy2 Jul 1859Aged 47y 4m 27d, w/Eli
002012BakerSamuel12 Mar 1858Aged 53y 10m 22d
002012LongAdam26 Jan 1767Aged 87y 10m 17d
002012BakerElizabeth20 Jul 181314 Oct 1887Aged 74y 2m 24dPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded all the same data
002012LongWm.12 Apr 18348 Oct 1851Aged 17y 5m 20dJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - Adam Long, sen.
002013BakerPhilip25 Apr 184823 Sep 1850s/S. E.
002013CrawnLucy M.12 May 184817 Oct 1849d/E. & E.
002014GilkersonSusan6 May 183519 Oct 1910Aged 75y 5m 13d, w/Wm. P.
002014ShullElsie Annalee18 Mar 188422 Feb 1951Mother
002014GilkersonJohn H.17 Feb 187018 Feb 1910
002014HuffmanJoseph H.3 Sep 183017 May 1891Aged 60y 8m 14d, Our Father
002014HuffmanArdeny, Mrs.1 Dec 182429 Jan 1902Aged 77y 1m 28d, w/J. H.
002014BazzleLillian M.11 Jan 1291312 Jun 1985
002014HentonArminda J.5 Jan 185328 May 1896Aged 43y 4m 23d, d/Jos. T.& Mary A.,
002014RoudabushMaggie C.18541930
002014RoudabushRichard R.2 Jul 1893Aged 41y 4m 25d, my dear husband
002014HentonMary Anna18331909
002014HentonJoseph T.29 Mar 18266 Apr 1890Aged 64y 8d, Our Father
002014GangwerJohn29 Jan 181229 Jul 1888Aged 76y 6m
002014GangwerAnnie12 Feb 18213 Jun 1897Aged 76y 3m 21d
002014WhitmerElizabeth28 Feb 1894Aged 78y 6m, w/Martin
002014RuebushGeorge14 Jun 180520 Mar 1873Aged 67y 9m 6d
002014RubushMary C.2 May 181516 Feb 1879Aged 63y 9m 14d
002014ClatterbuckSamuel William6 Feb 1871Aged 1y 1m 17d, s/W. A. & Lucy JanePartially illegible 2006, John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - died 6 Feb 1871, age 1y 4m 13d
002014CrawnAdam Harvey13 Sep 1842s/E. & E.Partially illegible 2006, John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - died 22 Apr 1857
002014CrawnJohn Edward9 Apr 185319 Feb 1854s/E. & E.
002014ReubushElizabeth J.22 Feb 184727 Mar 1852
002014RubushWilliam H.1 Sep 184027 Mar 1845Aged 4y 6m 27dPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002014RubushJulia A.7 Jul 184229 Mar 1845Aged 22y 8m 22dNo visible stone 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002015SaufleyWilliam McK.18411909
002015SaufleyJosephine L. A.18441930His Wifew/William
002015SaufleyFleta B.18701919Daughterd/William & Josephine
002015AltafferAmber Webb26 Jun 1884Aged 8m, d/C. W. & Ida C.
002015HulveyM. E.17 Aug 1908Aged 67y 11m 25d, Mother
002015HulveyI. F.27 Jul 1895Aged 46y 4m 9d, Our Father
002015HulveyOceola16 Nov 188011 Dec 1882
002015BazzleCharley M.10 Feb 188324 Oct 1884John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - Charley Michael son of P. A. & M. Bazzle,
002015BazzlePeter A.14 May 185124 Oct 1898John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - age 47 yrs, Father
002015BazzleMargaret J.185529 May 1916John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - age 61 yrs, Mother
002015BazzleKennie B.2 Sep 18878 Apr 1967
002015BazzleLottie E.18 Nov 18871Jul 1950
002015DaggElizabeth16 Aug 1795Partially illegible 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - Elizabeth wife of S. D. Dagg, born 16 Aug 1795, died 19 June 1883
002015DaggSamuel T.29 Oct 1898Aged 60 yrs
002015CrawnMaggie S.31 May 18543 Jun 1884Aged 30y 3d, w/Mathias E. Crawn
002015CrownAlice, Little9 Jul 1882Aged 7m 8d, d/M. F. & M. S.
002015CraunM. Frank18501930Husband
002015CraunMattie A.18511942Wifew/M. Frank Craun
002015HenkelBessie E.26 Sep 188822 Jan 1911Aged 22y 3m 26d
002015ShowalterIsabella28 Sep 1899Aged 66y 4m 20d, w/Isaac, Mother
002015ShowalterIsaac17 Dec 1895Aged 68y 9m 13d
002015ShowalterAlice E. I.16 Jun 187718 Dec 1883Aged 6y 6m 2d, d/Isaac & Isabel
002015RidlleDavis W.8 Jan 1882Aged 2y 2m 5d, s/J. & F.John W. Wayland recorded in 1928 - son of J. & P. Riddle
002015RiddleCharles T.23 Nov 186113 Sep 1887Aged 25y 9m 20d
002015RiddleCarrie Nora25 Jan 187712 Aug 1888Aged 11y 6m 18d
002015RiddleMaggie Bell10 Nov 18735 Sep 1888Aged 14y 9m25d
002015RiddleJames2 Mar 183511 Aug 1911Aged 76y 5m 9d, Our Father
002015RiddleFannie21 Jan 183711 Aug 1914Aged 77y 6m 20d, Mother
002015GilkersonJames H.17 Nov 1908
002015GilkersonElizabeth16 Dec 1931
002015RiddleGeorge W.19 May 187024 Apr 1945
002015RiddleLaura R.5 Feb 187527 Apr 1961
002015HaughSamuel S.2 Mar 189711 Dec 1975
002015HaughMyrle R.7 Mar 189823 Dec 1980
002015SipeJohn P.20 Apr 18625 Mar 1902
002015RollerCharles L.28 May 1880Aged 3m 3d, s/E. & L. C.
002016ArgenbrightLewis28 Nov 1895Aged 81y 5m 6d, father
002016ArgenbrightFrances Tutwiler11 Feb 182028 Mar 1901Aged 81y 1m 18d, w/Lewis
002016ArgenbrightJohn Martin19 Sep 184610 Jan 1906Aged 59y 3m 21d, Brother
002016ArgenbrightGeo. Henry5 Sep 185418 Feb 1911Our Brother
002016WaltersMary Etta19 Oct 18938 Nov 1906Sister
002016WaltersMary A. E.30 Aug 18545 Jul 1903Mother
002016DinkleCaroline8 Feb 18365 Jun 1920
002016AreyC. Oliver16 Aug 184917 Feb 1916Father
002016AreyElizabeth E.8 Sep 18519 Jan 1944His Wife, Motherw/C. Oliver Arey
002016HenkelMargaret E.1 Feb 182110 Mar 1889Aged 68y 1m 9d, w/Henry
002016LeavelJames W.19 Aug 18505 Apr 1909Father
002016LeavelOttie Britt1 Dec 185319 Sep 1918Mother
002016LeavelSamuel Earl10 Dec 1900Aged 6y 9m 20d, s/Jas. & Ottie
002016LeavelJas. Asher28 Sep 1900Aged 21y 10m 23d, s/J. W. & O. B.
002016LeavelWilliam Otis13 Dec 1884Aged 9y 11m 28d, s/Jas. & Ottie
002016StonerAlfred L.22 Nov 188525 Oct 1903s/B. F. & M. R., A member of New Hope Council No. 15, Jr. O. U. A. M.
002016HenkelEmma C.17 Jun 18659 Apr 1903Aged 37y 9m 22d, w/C. L. Henkel, d/S. H. & C. E. Craun
002016StonerMary R.17 Sep 186223 Jun 1898w/B. F., d/S. H. & E. C. Craun
002016CraunSamuel H.18381921Father
002016CraunElizabeth C.18391886Motherw/Samuel H. Craun
002016CraunHomer Tilden2 Dec 1883Aged 7y 5m 10d
002016CraunInfant Son1 Oct 1894s/T. A. & H. E.
002016CraunLillie A.13 Jan 1898Aged 6y 1m 3d, d/T. A. & H. E.
002016CraunMary E.15 Jul 1900d/C. S. & M. M., Aged 5m 22d
002016BakerEstella Gertrude22 Nov 1883Aged 4y 9m 13d, Our DaughterPartially illegible 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
002016BakerSam'l18 Jun 184415 May 1897Aged 52y 10m 27d, In memory of my HusbandC.S.A. emblem in front of stone
002016BakerMargaret J.8 Jun 18467 Jan 1908
002016BakerDaniel Fete7 Jul 184724 Mar 1919Aged 72 yrs
002016BakerCecil Harold10 Aug 190030 Oct 1902s/C. E. & P. C.
002016CrabillSamuel27 Aug 182023 Jan 1888Aged 67y 4m 26dJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded died 23 Jan 1889
002016CrabillMary25 Aug 182524 Sep 1901Aged 76y 29d, w/Samuel
002016NicholCatherine R.22 Oct 1896Aged 52y 9m 9d, d/Samuel & Mary Crabill, Mother
002016NicholCharley E.31 Dec 1898Aged 25y 3m 16d, s/Albert & Catherine R., Son
002016TrobaughEligah E.18 Feb 185017 Sep 1898Aged 48y 6m 29d
002016TrobaughHelen V.29 Jan 184815 Jul 1890Aged 42y 5m 17d, w/E. E.
002016TrobaughCharley C.9 Mar 18883 May 1889Aged 1y 1m 24d, s/E. E. & H. V.
002016TrobaughMichael J.19 Aug 18818 May 1904Aged 22y 8m 18d, s/Elijah & Helen V.
002016PainterAda Anna9 Nov 18729 Apr 1883Aged 10y 5m, d/R. E. & M. E.
002016PainterCalvin N.24 Nov 18654 Apr 1883Aged 17y 4m 11d, s/R. E. & M. E.
002017FloryGeorge D.18631939
002017FloryMinnie L.18651957
002017FloryMollie A.18671909John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - wife of Geo. D. Flory, age 42y 3m 25d
002017WhiteselLydia M.4 Nov 18379 Nov 1906w/S. C.
002017WhitsellSimon C.18421917
002017LongLera Helen27 Jan 19164 Feb 1920
002017LongCharles E.18751963
002017LongHomer W.18791932
002017LongBertie J.18721946
002017LongSarah C.18441926His Wifew/Isaac
002017CarverJohn23 Dec 1892Aged 75 yrs, Father
002017CarverElizabeth15 Feb 1905Aged 76 yrs, Mother
002017HuffmanWm. D.7 Oct 1917Aged 73y 3m 13d
002017HuffmanElizabeth S.4 Jan 184423 Oct 1895Aged 51y 9m 19d, w/Wm. D.
002017LandesAnna B.22 Aug 187218 Apr 1889Aged 16y 7m 26d, d/Wm. & E. S. Huffman, w/A. D. Landes
002017BurkeCora A.8 Jan 186531 Oct 1900
002017RainesJosie Fhine Ora20 Nov 1898Aged 36y 10m 11d
002017RainesG. W.11 Oct 1891Aged 36y 4m 18d, My Dear Husband
002017BurkeJane A.1 Jan 183419 Jul 1896Aged 62y 6m 19d, Our Dear Mother
002017BurkeJ. W., Col.24 Sep 181720 Feb 1898Aged 80y 4m 27d, Our Dear Father
002017ShifflettMary C.30 Nov 184118 Apr 1927Mother
002017MichaelCharles W.11 Oct 1891Aged 19y 7m 29d, s/W. H. & Mary F.
002017BakerWilliam S.18521936
002017BakerJennie R.18581938
002017BakerMartha A.19031957
002017TrobaughSusannah16 Aug 182522 Feb 1897Aged 71y 6m 6d
002017FallsJohn N.5 May 184118 Mar 1907Aged 65y 10m 13d
002017FallsMary A.7 Mar 18374 Jun 1897Aged 60y 2m 27d, w/John N.
002017RobertsonEverett Excell27 Sep 1892Aged 1y 2m 21d, s/E. & B.Partially illegible 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 record same data as shown
002017PenceLewis24 Mar 182016 Oct 1899Aged 79y 6m 21dJohn W. Wayland in 1928 recorded born 25 March 1820
002017PenceMargaret Jane16 Jul 18282 Jun 1892Aged 63y 10m 16d, w/Lewis
002017PenceEliza19 Oct 181115 Jan 1889Aged 77y 2m 26d
002018TrobaughArvetta C.2 Jun 190717 Sep 2001Daughter
002018TrobaughJennie L.17 Sep 18822 Jul 1972Mother
002018TrobaughJ. Brown12 Nov 18821 Nov 1966Father
002018TrobaughPeter S.28 Jan 185826 Oct 1909Our Father
002018TrobaughCatharine E.19 Apr 18575 Nov 1928Our Mother
002018WhitmerLucy B.6 Nov 18336 Feb 1896Aged 62y 3m, w/Abram
002018TrobaughCharles H.15 Dec 186415 May 1924
002018EarmanElijah8 Jan 1822Partially illegible 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded death 17 Oct 1896
002018LevellJohn W.22 Apr 184326 Nov 1925Aged 82y 7m 3d, Our Father
002018LevellAda F.3 Feb 185227 Aug 1929Aged 77y 6m 24d, Our Mother
002018LevellTexie Iota15 May 187324 Jan 1896Aged 22y 8m 9d, d/J. W. & Ada. F.
002018MisnerLaura T.9 Nov 187729 Oct 1964
002018ShowalterWilliam A.10 Jan 185222 Feb 1927Father
002018ShowalterKatherine B.12 Apr 185017 Jan 1928Mother
002018ShowalterLula Hope23 Oct 188312 Mar 1897John W. Wayland in 1928 Lula Hope dau. of W. A. & Kate
002018ShowalterHensel B.1 Jan 188025 Oct 1901John W. Wayland in 1928 shows Hensel B. son of W. A. & Kate
002018HulveyElias D.18511940
002018HulveyMildred J.18571930
002018SmithDovey D. Hulvey18791924John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded Dovie D. Smith, died 18 Oct 1924, age 45y 1m 6d
002018HulveyLessie Lillian13 Feb 1898Aged 1y 10m 13d, d/E. D. & M. J.
002018HulveyEmory Curtis1 Apr 189112 May 1961Sgt First Class, 875th Aero Squadron Air Service
002018DaytonArtie Bell Hulvey18781973
002018ShowalterElizabeth23 Jul 182810 Mar 1903Aged 74y 7m 17d
002018ShowalterLydia20 May 182426 Feb 1906Aged 81y 9m 6d
002018ShowalterAdline20 May 183917 Mar 1922
002018ChapmanDelilah31 Jan 183318 Oct 1914
002018ChapmanWm. H.25 Sep 18376 Feb 1909Aged 71y 4m 11d
002018HilePeter17 Apr 180817 Dec 1887Aged 79y 8m
002019SteeleJohn22 Jan 18455 Feb 1897
002019ShaverMary Ann11 Dec 184421 Oct 1913Aged 68y 10 d, w/Jos. E., Mother
002019ShaverJos. E.27 Feb 184415 Sep 1931Aged 87y 6m 18d, Father
002019TutwilerHenry J.5 Jun 185119 Oct 1917
002019TutwilerSusan A.5 Aug 1900Aged 51y 1m 2d, w/H. J.
002019CraunTurner A.18691955
002019CraunHattie E.18721940
002019BakerPeter13 Nov 184926 Jun 1920Father
002019BakerIsabella C.21 Jan 185212 Feb 1911w/Peter Baker, Mother
002019HintonHarriet E. (Betty)9 Apr 187325 Sep 1949
002019HintonSamuel E.6 Jul 186518 Oct 1938
002019ShowalterKemp E.24 Mar 188628 Oct 1952Father
002019ShowalterMinnie J.8 Jun 18893 Apr 1971
002019ShowalterTracy T.22 Apr 18762 Oct 1958
002019ShowalterLeta C.3 May 190321 Nov 1987
002019ReubushWilliam H.21 Jun 185822 Feb 1920
002019ReubushHettie L.3 Aug 18644 Dec 1956His Wifew/William H.
002019ReubushAlfa B.Feb 9 1903Aged 9m 19d, d/W. H. & H. L.
002019ReubushNelson S.4 Jan 191121 Feb 1911Aged 1m 17d, s/W. H. & H. L.
002019HooverRoaslee12 Nov 193113 Nov 1931Aged 1d, d/B. B. & M. R.
002019Hoover, Jr.Boyd B.19 Dec 192420 Dec 1924Aged 1d, s/B. B. & M. R.
002019RootOtis C. S.19031904s/C. W. & H. L.John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded - born 8 May 1903, died 5 April 1904
002019RootJanie V.19221931d/C. W. & H. L.
002019RootCharles W.5 Mar 187426 Sep 1947
002019RootHalcie L.19 Sep 188030 Dec 1947
002019LandesDavid N.28 Oct 18453 Jan 1906Father
002019LandesSarah M.4 Nov18442 Dec 1937Mother
002019PainterArthur A.19 Sep 1892Aged 14y 3m 8d, s/J. B. & M. C.
002020CraunRuby H.28 Apr 194217 Aug 1984
002020ShankWard G.27 Aug 189222 Mar 1969
002020ShankLottie M.24 Apr 190028 Sep 1978
002020ShenkWilliam J.18661949
002020ShenkGeorgeanna V.18661929
002020ShenkGussie V.18821958
002020RootGeorge S.6 Feb 18455 Aug 1929
002020RootAnnie B.30 Apr 18501 Nov 1930
002020RootMalgie G.18 Sep 187124 Sep 1931
002020RootIda F. Bazzle19 Sep 187319 Jan 1955His Wifew/Malgie
002020HollomanWoodrow W.29 Aug 19127 Jan 1976TEC 4 U. S. Army, WWII
002020BaileyThomas J.22 Feb 188110 Jul 1961Husband
002020BaileyGournie V.5 May 187725 Aug 1960Wifew/Thomas J. Bailey
002020ManningGracie V.11 Mar 189317 Jun 1928Aged 35y 3m 6d, w/ John
002020ArgabrightWilliam H.30 Jul 184822 Oct 1919Aged 71y 2m 22d
002020RiddleJames L. M.8 Nov 18895 Apr 1908Aged 18y 4m 27d
002020RiddleJames M.4 May 185128 Dec 1902Aged 51y 7m24d
002020RiddleLucy A.15 Mar 18515 Nov 1921Aged 70y 7m 20d, His Wifew/James M.
002020CraunMoffett H.7 Sep 187814 Oct 1964
002020CraunNora Null10 Nov 18829 Jan 1967`
002020CraunCecil H.12 Jul 190918 Aug 1931
002020NullLeonard J.20 Aug 184218 Jul 1907
002020NullLaura V.6 Mar 184628 Oct 1903Aged 57y 7m 22d, w/L. J. Null
002020FootstoneP. K. F.Possibly footstone for Pauline K. Flick
002020FootstoneA. E. F.Possibly footstone for Mary E. Flick
002020FootstoneL. F. F.Possibly footstone for Lillie Frances Flick
002020FootstoneBlankNo initials on footstone
002020FootstoneH. F. F.Possibly footstone for Harvey F. Flick
002020ShumakerDaniel H.18591932
002020ShumakerSallie E.18691936
002020ShoemakerMargaret B.1 Feb 1915Aged 84y 2m, w/Capt. Abram
002020ShumakerInfant Sons/D. H. & S. E.No dates
002020FlickMary E.3 Jun 18545 Mar 1917Mother
002020FlickHarvey F.15 Dec 185811 Nov 1892Father
002020FlickPauline K.1 May 18246 Sep 1893
002021MooreClaude Theodore5 Jan 19373 May 1991
002021MooreNadine Cobb30 Apr 1940
002021MillerJesse R.16 Sep 1941
002021MillerLinda S.14 Nov 1946
002021KiteOrville H.12 Oct 19179 May 2006
002021KiteElizabeth G.20 Jun 19238 Feb 1966
002021AlexanderJennie L.14 Feb 187821 Jun 1904Aged 26y 4m 7d, w/H. B.
002021AlexanderVirginia M.3 Feb 1904Aged 5m 9d, d/H. B. & Jennie L.
002021FlickWilliam3 April 1928Age 4y 6mNo visible stone 2006; John W. Wayland in 1928 recorded this burial.
002021FlickLillie Frances18841927w/J. H.
002022HuffmanValentinePennsylvania, Chaplin (Capt.) Berks Co. Militia, Rev. War
002022BecksLonie F.4 Apr 186124 Jan 1913Aged 51y 9m 20d, w/Wm. J., Our Mother
002022ShifflettMary U.18 Nov 18789 Jul 1936d/Brazeal & Mary C.
002022HallJohn W.10 Mar 183429 Jan 1914
002022HallMary A.5 Feb 183131 Jan 1903
002022FootstoneBlankNo initials on footstone
002022CalahanJohn W.16 Oct 185929 Dec 1922
002022GibsonJames R.5 Sep 186112 Jul 1898Aged 36y 10m 7d
002022FootstoneBlankNo initials on footstone