Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryAntioch Baptist Church Cemetery
LocationBrocks Gap/Runion Creek area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North to Broadway. In Broadway turn left on Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road). Go to Route 610 (Runions Creek Road) and turn right. Go 8.3 miles and turn left onto Deerlick Lane which is a private dirt road. Go 3/10ths mile and cemetery gate is on the left side. Keep to right and cemetery is on a small incline.
NotesFenced and well maintained. Appears to be some unmarked graves. Notes in Remarks column were provided by J. Robert Swank.
Survey Date and Recorder22 Jun 2007
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
WilliamsJosephine R.13 Sep 189023 Feb 1933
WilliamsJohn T.27 Mar 188927 Oct 1981
TusingWilliam1 Dec 187412 Jan 1943Father
TusingAlma9 Feb 191716 Mar 1919d/Wm. & Florence
KohneGeorge W.28 May 189424 Feb 1965Virginia Pvt Co H 359 Infantry WWIh/Bessie Tusing Kohne
KohneOwen C.29 Oct 191811 Mar 1951Virginia PFC AAF 56 Air Base Sq WWIIs/G. W. & B. T.
KohneBessie Tusing15 Feb 189912 Aug 1967Aged 68y 5m 27d; w/George W.
TusingJohn H.9 Feb 187227 Oct 1876Aged 4y 8m 18d; s/J. W. & J. A.
BillerMary E.6 Apr 187125 Sep 1876d/Joseph & MaryPartially illegible-recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1967
TusingDolly L.12 Mar 18973 Oct 1899d/John & Emma J.
RunionHoward W.30 Aug 19016 Jun 1903s/W. E. & L. S.
RunionClaudie H.4 Aug 19062 Dec 1919s/W. E. & L. S.Death date below ground-recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1967
RunionAlmar22 Nov 19101 Jan 1920d/W. E. & L. S.
RunionLydia Susan4 May 187631 Aug 1949w/William E.
RunionWilliam E.23 Jan 187127 Jul 1955
TusingRachel A.18 Jul 188616 Jul 1889d/John & Emma J.
TusingRobert H.26 Nov 18927 Sep 1893s/John & Emma J.
SagerWm. A.10 Oct 1896Age 1y 10m 10d; s/Daniel & Hannah
TusingInfant6 Jan 19026 Jan 1902d/Henry A. & Martha S.
TusingInfant20 Jul 190421 Jul 1904d/Henry A. & Martha S.
TusingInfant22 Jun 190522 Jun 1905d/Henry A. & Martha S.
TusingInfant30 Jun 190630 Jun 1906d/Henry A. & Martha S.
TusingInfant17 Feb 190820 Jun 1908d/Henry A. & M.S.
TusingMartha S.4 Dec 187821 Oct 1918w/Henry A.Death date below ground-recorded by Mr. Swank in 1967; Henry buried at Runions Creek Cem. by 2nd wife Beaulah
TaylorJulia A.4 Jun 185128 Oct 1925Aged 74y 4m 26d2nd w/Joshua; nee Biller; Joshua buried at another place with 1st wife
TusingTimothy P.28 Jun 18843 Sep 1893s/J. W. & J. A.
TusingJoshua W.12 Aug 18473 Oct 1891Aged 44y 1m 21d
TusingHenry28 May 18306 Mar 1914Aged 83y 9m 8d
TusingElizabeth28 Feb 1902Aged 62 yrs; w/Henry
TusingDollie12 Jul 192124 Jan 1922d/M. F. & M. E.Headstone in brush
TusingMoses F.13 Feb 187031 Dec 1939
TusingMinnie E., Mrs.4 Mar 187717 Oct 1956Aged 79y 7m 13dw/Moses
BillerInfantNov 1884Aged 7 ds; s/Moses & Mary E.
BillerMoses A.Partially illegible-no previous recording
TusingJohn14 Sep 185530 Dec 1925
TusingEmma Jane1 Dec 18608 Nov 1925w/John; nee Runion