Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBethel Mennonite Church Cemetery
LocationBrocks Gap/Runion Creek area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North to Broadway. In Broadway turn left on Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road). Go to Route 610 (Runions Creek Road) and turn right. Go about 4 miles and church/cemetery are on the left side of the road.
NotesWell maintained. Facing the headstones, the cemetery is recorded from bottom to top (east to west) and left to right (south to north)
Survey Date and Recorder21 Jun 2007
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001001OrebaughGuy B.16 Oct 1938
001001OrebaughReba Jean W.13 Aug 194023 Aug 1999
001002WhetzelStanley W.17 Sep 19172 Mar 1997Father; m/20 Apr 1935
001002WhetzelAlberta L.12 May 191820 Jun 1992Motherw/Stanley W.
001002DovelJonathan Andrew4 Sep 1997Our Son
001003ShoemakerGilbert23 May 190823 Oct 1989
001003ShoemakerMary E.16 Jan 19132 Jan 1998
001003ShoemakerEugene E.18 Oct 193515 Jul 1998
001003ShoemakerNancy M.19 Dec 194014 Apr 2001
001003ShoemakerBaby Boy25 Jan 195725 Jan 1957
001003ShoemakerKenneth E. "Kenny"24 Aug 19683 Apr 2004
001004ShowalterLowell D.25 Oct 19421 Jul 2005m/14 Dec 1963
001004ShowalterThelma R.7 Oct 1944w/Lowell D.
001004Sonifrank, Sr.Herbert A.6 Nov 192820 Jun 2007No marker yet-new burial
001004RitchieFrederick D.11 Jun 1936
001004RitchieKathleen W.1 Jun 192418 Dec 1983
001004BillheimerMartha V.15 Mar 192216 Sep 2004Mother; Children-Linda & Nelson
001005EstepThomas F.15 Apr 19189 Sep 1977
001005EstepBeulah R.13 Feb 1926
001005SonifrankGeorge D.10 Apr 18962 Jan 1976
001005SonifrankClara A.15 Dec 19103 Jan 1978
001005SonifrankNolan F.31 Oct 193325 Jun 1975
001005SonifrankEva N.12 Sep 1935
001005SonifrankCarolyn Jean3 Mar 195529 Jun 2000Mother
001005SonifrankOma Virginia10 Mar 193126 Jul 2005
001005SonifrankClifton D.31 Dec 192925 May 1981Father; Our children-Daniel, Debra, Brenda
001005SonifrankClota D.11 Dec 1931Motherw/Clifton D.
001005SonifrankDaniel F.5 Sep 195123 Jan 1996Our Son
002001LineweaverNancy L.19442004Grandle Funeral Home marker only
002001WhetzelJoseph Daniel27 May 192718 Feb 1998
002001McPhersonVictor W.Oct 1991Grandle Funeral Home marker only
002001WhetzelEugene David "Jim"21 Aug 193331 Oct 1991Love-David, Raymond, Ginger, Tracy & Buddy
002002AndesGuy Roosevelt19332003Grandle Funeral Home marker only
002002CusterMedford W. (John)19191976
002002CusterBlanche M.19221999Grandle Funeral Home marker only
002002RunionCover "Mick"22 Dec 191513 May 1995
002002RunionEvelyn C.4 Oct 1922
002002CusterWeldon C. "Bub"10 Jan 195424 Jun 2006
002002CusterEunice Lee22 Aug 1938
002002FunkhouserJeremy L. "Jake"25 Oct 198211 Jul 2004His daughter Faith L. Funkhouser
002002Custer, Sr.Luke A.14 Jun 193727 Feb 1990Father; wed 1 June 1959
002002CusterShirley M.14 Jun 1940Motherw/Luke A. Custer Sr.
002002BlackBetty Jane19501996Grandle Funeral Home marker only
002002CusterW. Noonie19621989Grandle Funeral Home marker only
002002SummersDerrick W.19782002Grandle Funeral Home marker only
002002RunionVernon M.4 Oct 195412 Mar 2001
002003MayGeorge W.19191993In loving memory-Connie, Christina, Marvin
002003HedrickOdith G.9 Aug 191425 May 1990
002003HedrickEdith E.13 Oct 192715 Apr 1999
002003FluckNorman R.30 Nov 19022 Dec 1977
002003FluckMarguerite E.15 Nov 192015 May 1986
002003CusterCharles F.13 Mar 188817 Jun 1974
002003CusterMyrtle R.24 Jun 19017 Jun 1980
002003CusterIvan J.3 Oct 192824 Oct 1988Father
002003CusterIvan David25 Aug 194727 Oct 1998SP4 U.S. Army Vietnam; Beloved Husband, Father & Papa
003001WilkinsRudolph W.7 Mar 192110 Nov 1993SSgt U.S. Army WWII
003001WilkinsRuby M.18 Mar 192715 May 1984Mother
003002EmswilerMark F.23 Mar 19444 Aug 1982Father; Children-Laverne, Lashonda
003002EmswilerWanda R.31 Aug 1942Mother; m/26 June 1965w/Mark F. Emswiler
003003SmithWillie19141995Grandle Funeral Home marker only
003003RunionEdna G.21 Sep 19196 Feb 1986Beloved Mother of Floyd, Robert, Billy, Shirley, Otis, Jerry, Viola, Wilma, Virginia, Ada, Joyce, Mary, Doris, Janice
003003StrawdermanVirginia Ann22 Oct 194714 Feb 2006Mother; My Daughters-Linda, Patricia
003003HumphriesPhillip L.19622006Lindsey Fuenral Home only
003003DelawderBraxton K.1 Feb 192221 Jan 1971Father
003004WiltRichard M.14 Aug 19202 Sep 1973
003004WiltStella R.16 Dec 1921
003004RunionOtis28 Jan 19441973
003004RunionDavid15 Sep 19681973
003004RunionMary F.24 Mar 19501973
003004RunionDebbie13 Dec 19701973
003004RunionOtis Jr.21 Apr 19721973
003004DelawderWarren F.22 Oct 192431 Oct 1994
003004DelawderReba V.25 Apr 192713 Oct 2004
003004DelawderTerry F.19521965