Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryConcord UCC Cemetery
LocationTimberville area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Court Square in Harrisonburg, Virginia, Take Route 11 North about 14.6 miles. Turn left onto Route 793 (Concord Church Road) and go 1.9 miles. Church/cemetery are on the right side of the road.
NotesFenced and well maintained. There are many unmarked graves. Facing the headstones, cemetery is recorded from entrance to back (east to west) and from left to right (south to north).
Survey Date and Recorder21 Jun 2007
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001CampbellRoy T. "Jigs"7 Sep 191922 Aug 1991U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker shows name Roy Turner Campbell
001CampbellMary Lee7 Apr 1939
001ZiglerJ. Paul16 May 1919
001ZiglerGoldie V.1 Aug 192127 Dec 1985
002SmithRaymond Clifford19201981US Navy WWII
002SmithRussell L.9 Mar 189527 Jul 1976
002SmithLena A.31 Aug 189720 Dec 1973
002DerrowW. Frank23 Oct 19033 Sep 1990
002DerrowFern R.9 Nov 190623 Jul 1991
002DerrowJaunita R. Schiro12 Nov 192818 Jun 1958
002CampbellL. Jean27 Nov 193819 Mar 2001
002CampbellGarland J.24 Oct 19392 Sep 1983U.S. Air Force
002CampbellFred M.7 Feb 19126 May 1984S2 U.S. Navy WWII; Father
002CampbellDaisy M.1 Oct 19164 Mar 2007Mother; m/20 June 1936w/Fred M.
002CampbellAmbrose J.18781971
002CampbellMamie S.18831953w/Ambrose J.
003SilviousLawrence J.19151998Theis Funeral Chapel marker only
003SilviousRebecca V.31 Dec 190024 Dec 1943
003SilviousRaleigh E.28 Jan 188128 May 1963
003BakerWilbert A.19041931
003BakerAllen Leroy21 Dec 192119 May 1925c/J.B. & Grace O.
003BakerAlva W.20 Oct 18981 Jan 1918Aged 19y 2m 12d; s/J.B. & G.O.
003SilviousSophia17 Jun 184128 May 1912Aged 71y 11m 19d; Aunt
003SilviusJeremiah23 Jun 184923 Mar 1904Aged 51y 9m 6d
003SilviusHannah24 Feb 1851w/Jeremiah
004KnuppBenjamin F.22 Feb 188228 May 1936
004KnuppWelbie M.17 Mar 1892Appears to be burial here
004GolladayJohn E.23 May 187024 Aug 1948
004GolladayLaura A.1 Feb 18727 Aug 1921w/John E.
004GolladayMervil Eugene23 Jul 19036 Feb 1904Aged 6m 14d; s/John E. & Laura A.
004GolladayVada N.10 Jan 18956 Apr 1985
004SilviusElton M.15 Jun 190212 Sep 1963
004PhillipsMaggie Lee18851941
004GolladayDerrick29 May 187223 Apr 1953Brothersbrother Homer
004GolladayHomer1 Jan 18583 Apr 1933Brothersbrother Derrick
005BurkettMyrtle E.26 Jun 192220 May 1998
005BurkettJacob M.19131973
005BurkettEdna A.19161943w/Jacob M.
005HuffmanJ. Casper18601934
005HuffmanCora I.18691951His Wifew/J. Casper
005HuffmanVincent T.7 Dec 189326 Aug 1955
005HuffmanIda V.17 Feb 18914 Dec 1987w/Vincent
005HuffmanHilda C.8 Feb 192723 Sep 1929d/V.T. & I.V.
005HuffmanCamilla R.22 Feb 19213 May 1937
006LittenRussell D.18841950
006LittenMeda A.18931991
006MinnickWalter D.18951971
006MinnickMartha E.18971956
006MinnickMary L.17 Jul 192830 Jun 1930d/W.D. & M.E.
006SalyardsWilliam A.4 Aug 18611 Dec 1929
006SalyardsMary S.9 Apr 18698 Aug 1921His Wifew/William A.
006SalyardsGeorge W.15 Aug 183125 Feb 1909Aged 77y 6m 1d; Our Father
006SalyardsInfant8 Jun 191113 Jun 1911c/W.A. & M.S.
006SalyardsWilmothann Rebecca29 Mar 182819 Jun 1910Our Mother; w/G.W.
006SalyardsWilma S.1 Aug 19042 Aug 1904d/W.A. & M.S.
006SalyardsInfant22 May 19031 Aug 1903d/W.A. & M.S.Marked in plant growth
006SalyardsLirty Brown3 Aug 1896Aged 5m 26d; s/W.A. & M.S.
006SalyardsInfant5 Jul 190930 Jul 1909d/W.A. & M.S.
007SalyardsCharles G.14 Oct 190019 Jan 1977
007SalyardsMina L.22 Nov 19066 Sep 1970
007SalyardsStanley H.21 Apr 190611 Jun 1970
007SalyardsVirginia M.3 Sep 19059 Jun 1985
007HuffmanIsaac21 Jul 1907Aged 77y 6m 27d
007HuffmanMaria4 Mar 1911Aged 75y 11mw/Isaac
008StrawdermanHays C.19251985Pvt U.S. Army WWII
008StrawdermanCarrie (Katie)19271961
008StrawdermanJo Ann8 Jan 194917 Mar 1949
008HuffmanJohn H.18711933
008HuffmanPhoebe M.18671948
008GolladayJacob P.28 Jul 186329 Jun 1928Husband
008GolladayElizabeth C.18 Sep 1863Wifew/Jacob P.
008HolsingerSamuel22 Jul 1902Aged 63y 6m 23d; Our Father
008HolsingerRebecca6 Apr 1894Aged 61y 1m 8d; w/Samuel; Our Mother
009HiggsMargaret A.23 Apr 185910 Oct 1913Aged 54y 5m 17d
009FellowsHarry S.18886 Dec 1936Father
009FellowsAnna M.2 May 189614 Sep 1968Motherw/Harry S.
009SimmersErnest W.19 Dec 189030 Jun 1959
009SimmersEffie Irene18871945
009SimmersHarvey J.18 Sep 185526 Apr 1943Aged 88y 7m 8d; Father
009SimmersVirginia A.4 Feb 18563 Nov 1925Aged 69y 8m 29d; w/Harvey J.; Mother
009HuffmanJoseph M.18661901
009HuffmanMollie C.18671957w/Joseph M.
009HuffmanRoy H.21 Oct 189322 Oct 1893s/J.M. & M.C.
009CampbellMelvin W.11 Aug 193718 Jul 2006SP4 U.S. Army VietnamMilitary marker shows Melvin Wayne Campbell
009CampbellCarol J.13 Oct 1944
009FlickEverette Lee22 Apr 194026 Apr 2002
009FlickGenevieve Francis17 Apr 1943
010GolladayJulia C.29 Oct 185628 Aug 1907Aged 50y 9m 29dInside fenced area in cemetery
010GolladayPerry4 Jun 18367 Jun 1911Aged 75y 3d; Our FatherInside fenced area in cemetery
010GolladayMalinda C.9 Nov 18386 Jul 1905Aged 66y 2m 22d; Our MotherInside fenced area in cemetery; w/Perry
010GolladayCora Ella7 Mar 18744 Aug 1892Aged 18y 4m 28d; d/Perry & Malinda C.Inside fenced area in cemetery