Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryKoontz Community Cemetery
LocationNorth of Elkton, Page County, Virginia. Take Route 33 East to Elkton, Virginia. In Elkton take Route 340 North . Go 4.4 miles and turn right onto Route 609 (Naked Creek Road) then go 2.2 miles to Route 604 and turn left. Go 3/10 mile and cemetery is on a small hill on the left. Need to drive through cow pasture to get to the cemetery. Located on land presently owned by David Koontz
NotesWell maintained and has a fence around it. There are several unmarked stones and there appears to be numerous unmarked graves. Rows 001 thru 005 are located in a fenced area in the southwest corner of the large cemetery. All rows are recorded facing headstones, from left to right (south to north) and back to front (west to east).
Survey Date and Recorder14 Jan 2007
Bob & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
SmithInfant Girl19621962No visible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
001LowmanGeorge E.19472006Kyger Funeral Home Inc marker only
001KoontzN. Keirle19001982
001KoontzElsie E.18991945
001KoontzMary B.31 Oct 19405 Jul 1964
002KoontzRoselyn M.22 Jun 18971 Mar 1977
002KoontzNoah W.29 Dec 186023 Mar 1932Father
002KoontzIsa L.4 Sep 18653 Mar 1942Mother
002KoontzArbutes G.18861950d/Noah & Isa L.
003HuffmanJohn P.24 Jun 183817 May 1907FatherFather of Isa L. Koontz
003HuffmanMary A.25 Feb 183730 Jun 1922Motherw/John P.
003KoontzOlan H.6 Aug 190216 Oct 1968
003KoontzViola M.20 Jul 19039 Jun 1975
003KoontzAnnie Clarice25 Sep 191320 Sep 1915d/J.G. & Minnie
004KoontzPhilip15 Jun 1889Aged 53y 4m 11d
004KoontzManervia Ann3 Jul 1896Aged 57y 11m 8d
004KoontzCordelia M.13 Mar 187427 May 1967
004KoontzInfant Daughter14 Jun 190414 Jun 1904d/C.E. & H.A.
005YatesArchie P.6 Jun 1892Aged 1y 7m; s/E.L. & V.B.
005YatesBirdie25 Aug 18998 Sep 1899d/E.L. & V.B.
006DearingWillie B.27 May 19003 Jan 1967
006DearingMamie V.9 Jun 191526 Jan 1996
006ShifflettJ. Elwood19341992Kyger Trobaugh Inc marker only
006BreedenMattie L.19121997Kyger Trobaugh Inc marker only
007UnknownFuneral Home marker only-no markings
007UnknownFuneral Home marker only-no markings
007MericaAgnes Merl19122002Kyger Service marker only
007UnknownJ. C. Brill Funeral Home marker only-no markings
007UnknownJ. C. Brill Funeral Home marker only-no markings
007HarrisGrover Lee18871945J. C. Brill Funeral Home marker only
007HarrisAnnie Collier18841964
007HuddleLee F.6 Mar 18911 Sep 1934
007HuddleFlora M.14 Mar 189519 Nov 1970
007HuddleJohn T.19 Jun 186624 Apr 1944Father
007HuddleSallie M.29 Jul 18671 Nov 1939Mother
007ShifflettWilliam F.20 Mar 187610 Dec 1951Father
007ShifflettJennet S.29 Feb 187718 Apr 1931Mother
007SmithFloyd D. "Printy"17 Jun 193618 Sep 1998
007StanleyCharles W.8 Mar 192624 Jun 1997
007LamEthel E.3 Nov 1932
008BloseJoseph C.2 Mar 186330 Oct 1933
008BloseMary A.6 Jun 186823 Jun 1916w/J.C.
008SmithConnie L.18891950Father
008SmithLottie E.18951983Mother
008SmithCharles M.23 Apr 19176 Dec 1918
008SmithJames E.14 Jun 191513 Dec 1916s/C.L. & L.E.
008SmithElmer O.21 Sep 192622 Jun 1996US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows name Elmer Owen Smith
008MungerAnnie V.19 Jan 185527 Sep 1916
008BreedenRuth Naomi23 Mar 19308 Jun 1994Mother
009WyantEthel A.30 Jan 191525 May 1998
009WyantJames A.9 Aug 191224 Dec 1981
009AlgerArdelia M.9 Mar 191021 Feb 2001
009AlgerJohn A.18 Jan 188728 Jun 1976
009LangJessie H.27 Aug 19152 Jan 2000
010GordonLloyd R.19 Feb 193619 Nov 1983
010GordonBessie H.13 Aug 1914
010GordonJohn H.22 Apr 18964 Apr 1988
010MungerBessie G.15 Jul 188323 Jul 1906w/J.O.
010MungerJoseph Hulbert2 May 188810 Aug 1914
010SealBenjamin27 May 18439 Jan 1913
010HuddleRobert Henry19 Jul 187127 Dec 1933
010HuddleWade A.20 Sep 19532 Oct 1953s/B.W. & Ressie
010HuddleJames W.10 Jul 19408 Aug 1940s/B.W. & Ressie
010HuddleBenjamin C.4 Jun 19391 Jul 1939s/B.W. & Ressie
011SealKathleen M.15 Jan 192223 Nov 1989
011SealVernon L.1 Oct 191631 Dec 1958Virginia S Sgt 527 Air Svc Gp AAF WWII; Brother
011SealCharlie C.19 Oct 18868 Sep 1983
011SealNolen A.7 Mar 189024 Jan 1940
011SealRaymond E.9 Aug 193018 Oct 1931
011SealHelen M.9 Jan 192726 Jan 1927
011SealEmma Geneva4 Sep 191215 Sep 1913d/C.C. & A.N.
011DearingJack W.12 Feb 1816Aged 74 yrs
011DearingSarah M.20 Jun 184911 Mar 1935
012BloseClarence M.13 Feb 190928 Mar 1972Father
012BloseWilma H.20 Feb 190716 Jul 1987Mother
012DearingJackson W., Pvt.22 Apr 184112 Feb 1916Pvt Co K 23 VA Cav CSA
012ReidRuth Virginia19262003Mother "Ma Ma"
012CollierHoward L.20 Oct 191724 Jun 1991Pvt US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Howard Lee Collier
012CollierCharles A.30 Mar 192213 Jul 1986
012CollierCharles H.18911980
012CollierElla M.18951974
012GordonBenjamin F.21 Sep 189412 Oct 1981Pvt US Army WWI
012GordonBertie M.17 Apr 191212 Jan 1987
013DrummondBessie H.19 Mar 189913 Aug 1900d/J.B. & A.E.
013HuddleJos. D.1 Nov 18336 Feb 1906
013HuddleCurillia A.5 Mar 18401 Mar 1916Age 75y 11m 27d
013HensleyEdna P.19011925d/Mr. & Mrs. C.E. Blose
013BloseCharlie L.15 Apr 1932
013BloseLina Bell4 May 18765 May 1951
013BloseAnna Ruth "Dill"15 Mar 189930 Sep 1969
013DavisVernon E.31 Jan 19045 Jul 1904s/Luther & Minnie
013DavisHarry26 Dec 1896Aged 2y 18d; s/Luther & Minnie
014HuffmanIsaac M.19 Aug 1883s/Isaac & LurettaAge below ground
014HuddleJoseph B.1 Nov 18336 Feb 1906Pvt Co C 33 Va Inf CSA - surrendered at Appomattox VA
014DavisJohn B.23 Jan 183815 Mar 1905
014DavisOur ChildrenNo other visible markings
014DavisInfant15 Oct 190425 Dec 1904Infant/Henry & Rebecca
014DavisInfant7 Nov 190726 Dec 1907Infant/Henry & Rebecca
014Smith, Sr.Vernon Ray24 Feb 192119 Sep 1996PFC US Army WWII
014SmithErvin Lee8 Aug 19536 Jun 1971
014SmithPhillip Ray19392002Kyger Trobaugh Inc marker only
015LamLottie M.5 May 191319 Apr 1984Mother
015LamGuy17 May 190630 Nov 1978Father
015LamHattie M.28 Feb 19145 May 1993w/Russell J.
015LamRussell J.19 Mar 191428 Oct 1987Wed 24 Dec 1935
015DavisPhyllis L.11 Feb 19402 Jan 1975
015DavisCecil D.21 Sep 193722 Aug 2004PFC US ArmyMilitary marker shows Cecil David Davis
015LamLeila H.15 Sep 1918
015LamReecy J.19 Mar 191427 Oct 1972Virginia Pvt Co C 9 Armd Repl BN WWIIMilitary marker shows death date 29 Oct 1972
015FerrellCora Elizabeth18751914
015FerrellJohn Amos18731908
015FerrellMelinda Cornelia1 Nov 188523 Jun 1944
015FerrellDavid Connor25 Aug 187026 Jun 1945
015HuffmanWilson Carrier9 Mar 19019 Mar 1901Aged 78 yrsDAR
015MongerHerbert L.28 Jan 187121 Aug 1873CHECK DATES ON THIS STONE
015DearingSeguerine M.4 Apr 18698 Feb 1942
015DearingJohn W.11 Feb 186216 Jun 1917
016LeapClarence26 Jan 18936 Aug 1898Partially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
016LeapSallie B.12 Oct 18739 Dec 1898w/G. E.Partially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
016UnknownLesterNo visible markings except the name Lester 1/2007
016DearingBeartha F.18881898Stone broken off and lying on ground
016HuffmanElizabethAged 61y 3d; Our SistersNo dates
016HuffmanMary C.Aged 40y 6m 3d; Our SistersNo dates
016HuffmanChristinaAged 86y 2m; Our Parents
016HuffmanAmbrose5 Feb 180419 Jan 1862This is 2nd marker for Ambrose Huffman
016GlennWilly Alma1 May 186011 Jul 1865d/David
016DavisAlbert D.11 Mar 19771 Jan 1997
016Smith, Sr.Willie Roger "Widgie"24 Sep 19409 Sep 1998
017MeadowsEdna S.16 Dec 189418 Apr 1983Mother
017MeadowsHubert W.25 Apr 189011 Jun 1979Father
017MeadowsRuth E.27 Nov 19314 Nov 1994Mother
017MeadowsGarland D.13 Mar 192415 Jul 1997Father
017MericaMaggie W.5 Mar 191210 Apr 1997Mother
017MericaPaul E.2 Sep 191121 Nov 1979Father
017ShiversGeorge H., Rev.22 Dec 189725 Nov 1976
017WilliamsFannie A.18901942
017WilliamsElec J.18831956
017UnknownAnna12 May 1908Marker buried below ground-is near a Frazier surname marker-Jan 2007
017UnknownRobertMarker buried below ground-is near a Frazier surname marker-Jan 2007
017UnknownInfant30 Dec 1897Marker buried below ground-is near a Frazier surname marker-Jan 2007
017UnknownBessie ?Illegible marker-not recorded by D.A.R.
017RothgerMable24 Jan 18933 Aug 1894d/G.B. & A.E.Illegible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
017OffenbackerRessie F.6 Jan 18957 Jul 1895ch/J.B. & A.E.Partially illegible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
017OffenbackerDewey G.5 Sep 189626 May 1900ch/J.B. & A.E.Partially illegible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
017MericaAnnie R.7 Jul 185628 Nov 1936Age 80y 4m 21d; w/Hiram
017MericaThomas Alfred18821947
018DearingThomas J.24 Feb 1873Aged 2 yrs; s/E.C. & S.E.Partially illegible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
018FrazierJames H.30 Nov 18198 Apr 1897
018FrazierJane A.11 Apr 18191 May 1897
018CochranRobin Dale2 Nov 196223 Feb 1963Our Baby
018MericaJohn W.4 Feb 18766 Feb 1942
018MeadowsInfantInfant/Earman R. & Daisy A.No dates
018MeadowsInfantInfant/Earman R. & Daisy A.No dates
018MeadowsInfantInfant/Earman R. & Daisy A.No dates
018MeadowsEarman R.1 Oct 193422 Nov 1994
018MeadowsDaisy A.14 Jul 19369 Dec 1998
018LamAnnie V.9 Apr 187229 Jul 1945
018MericaReginald M.16 Sep 19106 Feb 1981
018MericaMary A.9 Nov 190920 Feb 1998
018AndersonHarry A.21 May 192727 Nov 2002U.S. Coast Guard, PFC US Army Air Forces WWII; m/1 Dec 1962
018AndersonMabel L.29 Nov 192411 Jan 2003w/Harry A.
018MericaBeatrice19052000Kyger Trobaugh Inc Funera Home marker only
018CochranGene5 Feb 1931
018CochranWanda L.4 Mar 193317 Nov 2005
019LaMontHester L.15 Jul 1939
019LaMont, Sr.Allen R.20 Sep 193830 Aug 1991EM1 US NavyMilitary marker shows nameas Allen Roger LaMont Sr.
019DeanAlline G.29 Dec 19087 Feb 1987Motherw/Wilson G.
019DeanWilson G.6 Jul 19131 Sep 1981Father
019MericaEssie D.19 Feb 18935 Nov 1977Our precious mother
019MericaJames Oliver4 Jun 192926 Nov 1976Cpl US Army Korea
019MericaMary M.26 May 1918
019MericaTalley M.12 Oct 191216 Jul 1966Virginia PFC Co B 358 Infantry WWII BSMMilitary marker shows born 29 Oct 1912
019BakerBetty18 Mar 1924Aged 84 yrs
019MoubrayVirginia M.2 Jun 191612 Apr 1997w/Virge M.
019MoubrayVirge M.18 Sep 191128 Jan 1998m/17 Dec 1935
020SealInfant ChildIllegible marker
020SealHattie MyrtleJul 1897Age 1y 2m
020SealLe ?1883Age 1 yr 10 mIn 1960s D.A.R. showed name as Elizabeth
020HepnerEliza JaneSisterNo dates
020HepnerMatilda E.MotherNo dates
020WyantJohnnie E.11 Oct 189720 Aug 1964Father
020WyantCora Belle9 Sep 19078 Sep 1995Mother
020MericaWilmer Thomas28 Feb 19217 Jan 1993US Army WWII
020HammerHerman C.27 Aug 192610 May 1984S2 US Navy WWII; Dad
020HammerAva Beth12 Jun 192912 Aug 1999m/3 Oct 1945w/Herman
020FrinkAvalynn M.8 May 195129 Mar 2001Our Mom
021HammerErnest Franklin16 Jan 192926 Oct 1991Pvt US Army
021EppardLillie B.12 Jul 187913 Jan 1881d/T. A. EppardPartially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
021EppardCarlis C.25 Mar 187313 Aug 1874s/T. A. Eppard
021EppardMary J.17 Aug 184620 Mar 1884w/T. A. EppardPartially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
021EppardHab. L.12 Feb 187113 Sep 1887Partially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
022HammerJohn F.12 Dec 187828 Jan 1903
022EppardThomas A.30 Jun 183919 Jun 1908Age 70y 11m 12dPartially illegible-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
022EppardLizzy F.8 May 184022 Jan 1903w/T. A.
022MeadowsNelson R.27 Jul 191321 Mar 2000
022MeadowsDella D.31 Mar 19166 Jan 1999
023SmithLucille M.18 Aug 192318 Feb 1991Momw/Elwood R.
023SmithElwood R.4 Aug 192220 Jan 1999Dad
023SmithOwen R.17 Apr 19214 Feb 1999TEC 4 US Army WWII; DaddyMilitary marker shows Owen Ralph Smith
023SampsonFannie L.18691952
023SampsonWilliam E.18681948
023SampsonWilliam R.28 May 192826 Jan 1929s/Mr. & Mrs. J. T.
023SampsonCharles N.4 Apr 19001 Dec 1904s/Mr. & Mrs. Wm. E.
023UnknownConcrete marker-no markings
023SmithEmma S.19 Dec 185622 Jul 1936His wife; Motherw/S. T.
023SmithS. T.27 Aug 186328 Aug 1928Aged 65y 1d; Father
023SmithWilliam J.10 Oct 1909Age 24y 9m 20d; s/S. T. & E. S.
023HarrisElizabeth E.1 May 184322 Mar 1910Erected by P. F. Watson her son-in-law
023HammerLounie C.s/ ?Illegible & broken marker
023HammerMinnie F.19001951
023HammerErnest O.18991976
023HittElizabeth16 Jul 1916Age 2y 10m 28d; d/V. L. & B. E.
023HammerEvelyn G.28 Aug 1932Mother
023HammerOwen A.20 Jul 192423 Jun 1977Pvt US Army WWII
024SmithFred W.14 Jun 190310 Jun 1976
024SmithMayme W.20 May 190323 Jan 1998
024SmithCharles W.16 Oct 18601 Jun 1923Father
024SmithAmanda C.23 May 186630 Jan 1943Motherw/Charles W.
024WatsonRobert F.18671958
024WatsonInfant ChildrenChildren/R. F. & Mary C.No names and no dates
024WatsonJesse C.17 Mar 19036 Jan 1919Age 15y 9m 19d
024SmithLud E.10 Mar 188631 May 1937Father
024SmithBertha D.14 Mar 189328 Mar 1980Motherw/Lud E.
024Unknown2 concrete stones-no markings
024ConleyDewey E.27 Apr 1926
024ConleyDorothy G.10 Mar 1927
025ConleyJanice Lam9 Mar 19472 Jul 2005
025ConleyGeorge Kenneth17 Sep 19456 Mar 1996US Army Vietnam; Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart
025ConleyVirgil H.1 Aug 193124 Jun 1970Virginia Cpl US Marine Corps
025ShifflettStella S.24 Feb 1935
025ShifflettLuther Eldon25 Dec 19301 Feb 1976PFC US Army Korea
025BreedenBaby Boy19691969J.C. Brill Funeral Home marker only
025UnknownJ.C. Brill Funeral Home marker only
025SmithBaby Boy1972
025SmithEdith Elizabeth Stanley29 Jan 19079 Jan 1978Mother
025SmithRessie May22 May 190531 Mar 1925Illegible marker-recorded D.A.R. in 1960s
025SmithThomas Russel12 Nov 189219 Jul 1964Virginia PFC Co B 318 Infantry WWI
025MericaDora E.25 Feb 18807 Dec 1967
025MericaGeorge F.23 Sep 187723 Jun 1941Father
025ComerEvling V.10 May 19198 Feb 1924d/Mr. & Mrs. L. F.
026TurnerHoward W.9 Oct 192617 Mar 1992
026TurnerHilda Ruth4 Sep 1932
026FerrellWayne William19271985PFC US Army WWII
026FerrellOwen Avis23 Jul 192028 May 1967
026FerrellConnie W.18951945Father
026FerrellMary F.18941979Motherw/Connie W.
026MericaCharlie C.16 Jan 189119 Aug 1948Father
026MericaMary E.13 Dec 190128 Aug 1967Motherw/Charlie C.
026MericaBenjamin F.5 Mar 191212 Apr 1956Brother
026MericaMary E.22 Feb 1915d/Frank & Dora
026ShifflettBobby L.19321995PFC US Army Korea; HusbandMilitary Marker shows Bobby Lee Shifflett b. 26 Jul 1932, d. 5 Sep 1995
026ShifflettRuby L.19371965Wifew/Bobby L.
026WilliamsJohn A.8 Apr 191426 Aug 1968Father
026WilliamsMadie M.10 Jun 19144 Sep 2001Motherw/John A.
027ShifflettMartha E.1916
027ShifflettAldin J.19121987
027HammerKevin Eugene19 May 196716 Oct 1969
027HammerInfant Daughter16 Aug 1946Infant d/H. C. & Ava
027MericaWilliam Clinton24 Aug 194123 May 1945s/T. M. & Mary M.
027SmithGarland R.19851985J. C. Brill Funeral Home marker only
027MericaAlvah Ray26 Sep 193220 May 2001PFC US Army Korea
027MericaAlesia27 Dec 19614 Oct 1970Our darling d/Alvah & Erthel
027MericaRaymond5 Aug 195127 Dec 1958Our darling s/Alvah & Erthel
027PainterHelen E.10 Jun 1922w/Lewis W.
027PainterLewis W.16 Sep 192230 Apr 1978Wed 27 Feb 1943
027PainterBobby Lee19692006Kyger Funeral Home Inc marker only
027TurnerDonna-FayeJan 1951Twin-Infants
027TurnerDiana-KayeJan 1951Twin-Infants