Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryRunions Creek Cemetery
LocationBrocks Gap/Runion Creek area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 42 North to Broadway. In Broadway turn left on Route 259 (Brocks Gap Road). Go to Route 610 (Runions Creek Road) and turn right. Go about 4.5 miles and turn left onto a dirt road which is across Route 610 from the old Tunis Church and School.
NotesThe cemetery is partial fenced and kept mowed. There are many unknown markers and stone markers for unidentified burials. Many unknowns buried here. Facing the headstones, the cemetery is recorded from the top to the bottom (west to east) and from left to right (south to north).
Survey Date and Recorder22 Jun 2007
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
A.T. F.26 Jan 192911 Mar 1930No visible marker-recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1976
001DelawderMarvin C.21 Jun 19385 May 1985
001DelawderPeggy J.24 Oct 1939
001DelawderAlan E. "Jim"20 Mar 196225 Jan 2004
002BrownThomas William13 May 196623 Sep 2003We love you always-Tonya, Brittany & Brianna
002BrownLuther E. (Luke)14 Jul 196815 Jan 1987Love you always by Lysa
003DelawderCorney L. "J R"11 Oct 19718 Jun 1989
003Custer, Jr.J. Raymond19291989
003CusterWillie Edward13 Nov 18958 Mar 1990Pvt U.S. Army WWI
003LamBerlin19191993Grandle Funeral Home marker only
003SieversNannie V.19281992Grandle Funeral Home marker only
003FitzwaterLeonard W.19351994Grandle Funeral Home marker only
003FordHenry Franklin4 Aug 19189 Feb 1995
003BarbEmma Runion7 Jul 192024 Apr 2001
004OrebaughGary D.5 Sep 1951
004OrebaughRessie A.5 Jun 194920 Mar 2004
004RunionSally L.20 Aug 195310 Dec 1997SP4 U.S. Army; Wed 26 Feb 1985Military marker shows Sally Lisa Runion
004RunionLaney E.23 May 192218 Nov 1996Sgt U.S. Army WWII; m/14 Dec 1946
004RunionE. Genevieve1 Oct 193120 Feb 1999Our children-Laney J., Karen, Ronniew/Laney E. Runion
005KohneGeraldine3 Aug 193116 Jul 1996
005KohneWilbur F.28 Feb 192526 Oct 1998
006MathiasW. H.15 Nov 185821 Oct 1933
006LamRaleigh A.5 Oct 188019 May 1952
006LamLouise J.19 Jan 18853 Apr 1968
006WhetzelBessie R.28 Nov 191728 Jan 1979Loving memory of our Mom & Grandma
006WhetzelArchie A.19201983Grandle Funeral Home marker only
007TusingIvan H.29 Nov 19108 Aug 1988Wed 16 Feb 1931
007TusingDaisy V.13 Jun 191318 Jul 1986w/Ivan H.
007CusterElizabeth26 Mar 187227 Jan 1943
007CusterNancy Fay9 Nov 194610 Nov 1946d/P.F. & M.I.
007UnknownIllegible Funeral Home marker only
007UnknownIllegible Funeral Home marker only
007UnknownIllegible Funeral Home marker only
007CusterThomas A.Age 3 mosIllegible Funeral Home marker only
007RunionRussell R.21 Aug 19058 Feb 1924
007RunionCalvin9 Aug 18758 Mar 1934
007RunionEldon Lee20 Nov 194420 Nov 1944
007HawseMary Katherine14 Jun 1941Asleep in Jesus
008StroopLucy M.13 Oct 19083 Dec 1914d/S. A. & Ida C.
008StroopSidney A.20 Aug 187127 Apr 1939
008StroopIda C.1 Mar 187716 Jul 1939
008EatonSamuel9 Dec 184723 Sep 1927
008EatonSusan3 Oct 184915 Dec 1922
008WeanBertha S.28 Jul 190121 Jun 1971
008UnknownIllegible Funeral Homer marker only
008UnknownIllegible Funeral Homer marker only
008SilveusNoah17 Mar 184723 Jan 1901
008SilveusHannah E.12 Jul 185325 Feb 1921
008SilveusClarence R.8 May 18924 Dec 1904
009UnknownUnknown marker
009UnknownStone-no markings
009CusterHarvey W.28 Aug 185629 Apr 1933
009CusterMaggie B.11 Jun 186910 Aug 1950
009RunionOlin C.18 Feb 190427 Feb 1904s/Mr. & Mrs. Nathan C.
009RunionInfant Sons/A. F. & Edith J.
009RunionInfant Sons/A. F. & Susan E.
009RunionEdith J.15 Feb 185628 Sep 1927w/Abram F.2nd w/Abram F.
009RunionAbram F.9 Sep 184830 Sep 1920Aged 57y 21d
009RunionSusan E.5 Dec 184521 Oct 1883Aged 37y ?m 16d; w/Abram1st w/Abram F.
009RunionD. F.25 Jan 187221 Nov 1932
009RunionJulie M.8 Jan 188920 Sep 1958
009RunionRichard D.17 Jan 189427 Jun 1984
010TusingHenry A.17 Aug 187619 Feb 1948Father
010TusingBeulah V.28 Apr 18998 Oct 1959Motherw/Henry A.
010RunionAmus B.18641952Grandle Funeral Home marker only
010RunionBertie A.18751952No visible marker-recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1967
010RunionAnderson14 Dec 185724 Jul 1927Father
010RunionMargaret J.19 Aug 185811 Jan 1943Motherw/Anderson
010RunionSallie18161891His Wifew/Anderson
010RunionAmanda18431850d/Anderson & Sallie
010RunionMatilda Miller182918611/st w/Silas
010RunionSilas2 Apr 184718 Jun 1926
011CusterTimothy8 Dec 19018 Mar 1968
011CusterJoshua16 Mar 186216 Oct 1927
011RunionShirley1920Illegible Funeral Home marker only
011RunionViola1920Illegible Funeral Home marker only
011AndesDavid22 Jun 1884Age 1m 22d; s/?
012SprinkleZula C.23 Feb 19053 Jul 1913
012SprinkleLottie S.13 Sep 188317 Jun 1948w/Frank
012SprinkleFrank20 Oct 18754 Jul 1956
012RunionNoah J.18 Aug 184911 Dec 1926
012RunionRhuemma16 Dec 185317 May 1918w/Noah
012RunionDianah14 Aug 183516 May 1915w/Christian
012RunionChristian18 Apr 182912 Jan 1909
012RunionJohn C.16 Nov 186629 Aug 1900
012RunionSamuel28 Jul 1839Jun 1885
013DelawderErnest F.17 Mar 19005 Nov 1963
013WhetzelGola Delawder19 May 190011 Jul 1989
013RitchieJohn C.3 Feb 187529 Oct 1963
013RitchieEffie J.22 Mar 18804 Sep 1949w/John C.
013RitchieRuth A.11 Jan 190229 Aug 1902d/J.C. & E.J.
013RitchieNathan C.8 Mar 185130 Dec 1929Aged 78y 9m 22d
013RitchieLydia E.20 Apr 185213 Nov 1897Aged 45y 6m 23d; w/Nathan C.
013SmithMary15 Mar 18127 Dec 1887Aged 75y 8m 22d; w/Henry
013SmithHenry18 Nov 17943 Nov 1884Aged 89y 11m 15d; Was A Soldier of the War of 1812
013FadeleyRobert F.19021938Cannot read-marker face down on the ground
014RunionMamie E.18 Feb 189715 Mar 1899
014RunionMaryDec 183529 Jul 1914Aged 78y 7m
015TusingDavid23 Oct 183310 Jan 1902
015TusingSarah26 Dec 183517 Feb 1933Mother
015RunionLydia E.18 Feb 186421 Sep 1912Aged 48y 7m 23d; w/William
015RunionInfant25 Jan 190330 Jan 1903Aged 5 days; ch/Wm. & Lydia
015RunionInfant1 Jan 19004 Jan 1900Aged 3 days; d/Wm. & Lydia
015RunionTurner A.15 Jun 188421 Sep 1885s/Wm. & Lydia
015RunionInfant15 Jun 1883s/Wm. & Lydia
015RunionWilliam Henry12 Jul 190819 Oct 1910s/J. H. & Bessie
016FrankLeonard11 Apr 189014 Feb ?No visible marker-recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1967
016TusingSusan C.18591933
016TusingLaura18911893d/R.S. & Susan
016EstepAmos3 Mar 184522 Jun 1923
016EstepHettie F.9 Sep 185626 Nov 1908Aged 52y 2m 17d; w/Amos
016EstepElmer S.17 Nov 188810 Nov 1895s/A. & H.
016EstepChildren18 Mar 187718 Mar 1877ch/Amos & Hettie
017LantzJohn H.6 Jun 186629 Sep 1939
017LantzClarence1 Mar 1920Sep 1920
017LantzDarcus E.27 Jan 18774 Mar 1920
017LantzBessie V.13 Dec 18977 Nov 1917Aged 18y 10m 14d
017LantzOscar S.15 May 1900Aug 1910
017RunionAmos M.13 Sep 186931 Jan 1953
017RunionElizabeth5 Nov 187510 May 1942w/AmosPartially illegible-recorded by J. Robert Swank in 1967
017RunionThomas S.19081986Grandle Funeral Home marker only
018EstepFleta P.2 Nov 19075 Dec 1915Aged 8y 9m 3d; d/E. A. & R. B.
018EstepOrville David22 Apr 190927 Dec 1925
018EstepEligah A.22 Nov 18719 Jan 1952Father
018EstepRosa B.18 Apr 18749 May 1964Motherw/Eligah