Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySt. Paul United Methodist Church Cemetery (*)
LocationNewtown (near Elkton), Rockingham County, Virginia. Take Route 33 East to town of Elkton. Take Route 340 North. Turn right on Rockingham Street and it runs into Route 759 (Newtown Road). In Newtown community the church is on the left side of road and cemetery is behind the church.
NotesWell maintained. Facing headstones they were recorded from left to right (south to north) and from back to front (west to east). There are several fieldstones with no markings and there appears to be many unmarked graves.
Survey Date and Recorder17 Dec 2006
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
JacobsKenison18941954No visible marker 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
WashingtonSarah A.18891963No visible marker 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
PinnerJennette J.19051952No visible marker 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
WilliamsHarry18901965No visible marker 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
ToliverBenjamin26 Sep 1923No visible marker 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
JacobsHerbert18821968No visible marker 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
ToliverLucy186126 May 1947No visible marker 2006-recorded by DAR in 1960s
001CainFrank8 May 1914Aged 73 yrs
001BanksRachael L.23 Mar 190931 Mar 1970Erected by Samuel K. Banks
001BanksSarah S.20 Sep 18854 Oct 1962Mother; erected by family
002ToliverEdith A.4 Dec 19004 Dec 1985
002WiseClinton3 Feb 193028 May 1979S Sgt US Air Force Korea
002WiseMary Rosalie24 Aug 193021 Jun 1988
002ButlerJohn DeHaven19 Jul 19238 Sep 1995A loving Brother
002WasingtonSarah Magnolia24 Aug 190715 Dec 1981
002ButlerWalter F.8 Mar 18977 May 1993
002UnknownFieldstoneNo markings
003ButlerEliza15 Jun 185715 Dec 1945Inside Fence
003ButlerFrank20 Oct 1937Virginia Mech. US ArmyInside Fence
003ButtlerCharlie10 Oct 18699 May 1934Inside Fence
003ButlerArthur27 Mar 18854 Feb 1914Inside Fence
003ButlerFelex1 Nov 18962 Feb 1897Inside Fence
004TurnerSalena Edna (Dute)25 Dec 190118 Apr 1957
004ButlerNancy B.18871945
004ButlerDellard19051959s/Mary Rosalee
004Butler, Jr.John S.4 Jan 1954
004Butler, Sr.John S.1913
004ButlerSarah L.1948
005ButlerMary L.21 Jan 192325 Jun 1997
005ButlerHoward S.2 Sep 195826 Oct 1999Her sons/Mary L. Butler; on stone with mother
005ButlerHoward20 Nov 191620 Oct 1973Virginia PFC US Army WWII
006Blakey, Jr.James N.16 Mar 195425 Apr 1954In memory of our brother
006ToliverDorothy S.13 Jul 19146 Jan 1986
006ToliverMinnie E.20 Jan 189230 Jun 1980Beloved mother and father
006ToliverAlbert F.6 Jul 18958 Dec 1928Beloved mother and father
006ToliverJames Lee27 Mar 192030 May 1937
006ToliverAlbert F.8 Dec 1928Virginia Pvt 330 Field Artillery 92 DivMilitary stone; he has two headstones
006ToliverBernice Jean30 May 191830 Aug 2004
006JacobsThomas18478 May 1908
006JacobsJennie3 Mar 186812 Jul 1939
006JacobsCaroline1 Nov 18316 Mar 1906
006HendersonOliver22 Jul 1918About 100 yrs
007Toliver_arry B.19471999Kyger Funeral Home marker only; 1st name missing a letter
007ToliverEva J. Becks9 Sep 18951 Nov 1980Mother
007ToliverWalter A.1 Jan 190012 Mar 1973Father
008BrockMargaret T.16 May 19076 Nov 1997Mother
008BrockClarence A.29 Oct 193421 Jan 1997Sons/Margaret T. Brock; on same stone as mother
008MajorsJanet L.26 Feb 193211 Nov 1984
008WalkerAnnie V.2 Mar 193515 Nov 1976
008ToliverColonell W.28 Aug 19314 Oct 1984
008ToliverVirginia E.29 Jan 191212 Dec 1990
008ToliverSilas C.16 Mar 191016 Dec 1990
008JonesBettie M.21 Feb 193321 Jan 1995
008ToliverJames Hampton28 Jan 18936 Feb 1969Virginia PVT Co C 511 Engineers, WWI
009ButlerElsie N.24 Jul 190012 Aug 1990
009RossJunior Harris29 May 19259 May 2001Tec 5 US Army WWII; husband of Verastarr B. Ross