Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySt. Johns Lutheran Church Cemetery
LocationSingers Glen, Rockingham County, Virginia. Two miles south of the community of Singers Glen on Route 613 (Singers Glen Road). The cemetery is on the east side of the road.
NotesThe church has been moved away but the cemetery remains. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted, "There are many unmarked and unknown graves. There possibly are some Negroes buried here. The second church building, of log, had a gallery to accommodate the Negro worshipers of the community." The majority of the notes in the "Remarks" column were from J. Robert Swank's cemetery records.
Survey Date and Recorder08 Feb 2002
Martha Lee

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
EversGeorge31 Mar 178326 Jul 1849h/Margaret Evers, Per Swank in 1967-George was buried on his farm along fence line of the Brown & Beery H. May farm.
BeeryJohn1 Jan 1825May be buried here per Swank in 1967
BeerySallie Sarah22 Oct 1824May be buried here per Swank in 1967
BeeryWilliam29 Aug 18567 Jan 1863May be buried here per Swank in 1967, s/John & Sallie Beery
BeeryLuther14 Oct 185710 Feb 1860May be buried here per Swank in 1967, s/John & Sallie Beery
BeeryLaura1 Aug 185919 Jan 1863May be buried here per Swank in 1967, d/John & Sallie Beery
BeeryLydia15 Apr 186121 Jan 1863May be buried here per Swank in 1967, d/John & Sallie Beery
BeeryAbrahamMay be buried here per Swank in 1967, s/John & Lydia Beery
BeeryDavidMay be buried here per Swank in 1967, s/John & Lydia Beery
BeeryJosephMay be buried here per Swank in 1967, s/John & Lydia Beery, died age 14
BeeryBarbaraMay be buried here per Swank in 1967, d/John & Lydia Beery, died age 10
WhislerTwinsMay be buried here per Swank in 1967, c/Jacob Franklin
FunkSamuel (Shem)May be buried here per Swank in 1967
DonovanJacob Harvey2 Feb 1872Jun 1940May be buried here per Swank in 1967. 1m/Dora Ellen Gentry b. 1878 2m/Mrs. Deen Pain Ray b. 1886 d. 1971.
LamEllaMay be buried here per Swank in 1967, w/Andy Lam, nee Shoemaker
WellerMary Elizabeth12 Dec 180929 Sep 1879Negro, may be buried here per Swank in 1967, d/George Miller, w/Abram Weller. D/George Miller, w/Abram Weller, she is buried here as Mary E Berry per J. Robert Swanks addition.
MessickMissBuried 20 Oct 1863 from Solomon Funk diary per J. Robert Swanks addition.
001WaltersOllie A.13 Sep 187420 Mar 1948w/Charles F.
001WaltersCharles F.12 Mar 187119 Nov 1948
002ByerlyLorine V.19311934
002ByerlyMinnie R.19001940w/John F.
002ByerlyJohn F.18961979
002ByerlyVirginia S.1918
003ByerlyWilliam S.18591934
003ByerlyJeannetta S.18691934w/Wm. S.
003ShowalterRalph Atwood1 Oct 19113 Nov 1959s/W. Raleigh & Ada F. Humes Showalter
003ShowalterVallie Beverly8 May 19092 Jun 1996d/John Byerlyw/Ralph A.
003ShowalterJudy May13 Sep 193631 Mar 1974
004WhislerJacob F.8 Jun 1939Pvt 331 Inf 83rd Div
004GoodRe___ Ne____19031980Lindsey Funeral marker only
004HingardnerGeorge A.18731933
004HingardnerMollie S.1881w/George A.nee Dove
005PayneHarrison18181924Full name is Horace Harrison Payne & bro. Of George W. per Kevin Thompson 3/21/2002
005PayneGeorge W.18 Jun 18482 Jun 1922aged 73y 13ds/Harrison; Per Kevin Thompson 3/21/2002 George W. is son of Thomas & Sidney Jones Payne of Dry River.
005PayneMalinda C.17 Jan 185015 Feb 191363y 29d, w/George W.1w/George W.; d/George & Ann Armentrout of Rockingham Co. VA per Kevin Thompson 3/21/2002
005ShowalterWilliam P.22 May 184627 Sep 1921s/Joseph Jr. & Sarah Coffman Showalter
005ShowalterLydia F.13 Jun 184827 Jan 1930w/Wm. P., d/Joseph & Elizabeth Swank
005ShowalterCreed A.18 Apr 19143 Feb 1927s/W. R. & A. F.
005ShowalterInf. daughter1934d/R. A. & Vallie
005ShowalterInf. son1952s/R. A. & Vallie
005ShowalterAda F.18901945w/W. R.d/Richard Humes
005ShowalterW. Raleigh18881950s/Thomas H. & Louisa V. Swank Showalter
006GowlE. N.27 Oct 18785 Mar 1944aged 35y 3m 17d
006GowlEmma Deavers20 Aug 18817 Dec 1916w/E. N., nee Deavers
006MinnickDaisy F.2 Apr 1894aged 11yr 3m 26d, d/J. W. & Emma C.
006BrunkFannie19 Jul 183611 May 1898aged 61y 9m 22d, w/Abram D.nee Loker. Given name Frances Walters per J. Robert Swank additions.
006BrunkAbram D.14 Nov 1902aged 65 yr 1m 14db/Hugh
006BowersCaroline J.26 May 183319 Feb. 1900w/John W.
006BowersJohn W.14 May 183613 May 1911
007HinegardnerRoscoe J.9 Jan 190412 Oct 1922c/W. H. & S. J.
007HinegardnerMyrtle E.d/W. H. & S. dates
007HinegardnerSidney J.18 Jun 18648 Mar 1904w/Wm. H.1w/Wm. H.
007HinegardnerWilliam H.5 Mar 186316 Nov 1939
007HinegardnerMaggie3 Jan 185314 Sep 1943w/Wm. H.2w/Wm. H., nee Grimstead
007AndesAndrew12 Jul 18212 Oct 1904aged 84y 2m 8d
007AndesHannah16 Nov 182326 Feb 1892aged 68y 3m 10dw/Andrew
007GowlMary Sheldon8 Feb 19078 Aug 1910c/E. N. & E. F. Gowl
007GowlInf. Dau.29 Apr 189429 Apr 1894d/C. L. & M. Gowl2002 stone is broken
007GowlIda M.18721957w/Charles L., nee Lineweaver
007GowlCharles L.18721930
007GowlRebecca S.24 Aug 184211 Feb 1919w/Reuben L., nee Bixler
007GowlReuben L.22 Oct 184822 Jan 1903s/Adam per J. Robert Swank addition.
007GowlLelia G.18991930w/Luther, nee Garrison
008AshenfelterMargaret Ann28 Feb. 1852aged 1y 9m 25d, d/J. & E.
008MillerWillie27 Jul 1896aged 13d, d/SusanNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
008ShowalterVerdie C.18851973
008ShowalterOlive E.18761958d/Thos. & L.V. Swank
008ShowalterThomas H.18501926s/Joseph & Sarah Coffman Showalter
008ShowalterLouisa Virginia18521927d/Joseph & Eliz. Swankw/Thos. H.
008ShowalterJoseph Albert12 Dec. 1881aged 6y 10m 11ds/Thomas H. & L. V.
008ShowalterJoseph10 Jan 181628 May 187963y 4m 18d
008ShowalterSarah C.16 Oct 181014 Feb 1878w/Joseph Showalter, nee Coffman
008DriverElizabeth6 Jan 1895aged 72 yrs, w/John
008CoffmanJoseph27 May 1896aged 76y 19d
008ShowalterSarah G.19 Jan 184314 Jun 1897aged 54y 4m 25dd/Joseph & Sarah
008ShowalterDora A.11 Apr 18815 Apr 1911aged 29y 11m 24d, w/Wm. A., nee Gilmer1w/Wm. A.
008ShowalterWilliam A.12 Feb 187810 Aug 1965s/Thomas & Louisa V. Shank Showalter
008ShowalterAnnie B.19 Aug 188122 Jun 1974
009TaylorMargaret J.24 Sep 1851aged 10m 7d, d/Sam B & JaneIllegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
009Berry, Sr.John6 Oct 178715 Oct 1868s/ Abraham & Magdaline Rife Berry, aged 81y 9d
009BerryLydia15 Jul 179725 Feb 1859aged 61y 7m 10dw/John, nee Showalter
009SwankJoseph C.20 Jul 1859aged 1y 8ds/John D. & Margaret Beery Swank, In 2002 stone is down
009SwankEffie A.26 Jan 1875aged 3y 3m 1d d/John D. & Margaret Beery Swank
009UnknownIllegible stone - possibly ? Berry
010BrweCatherine23 Jun 1854aged 88y 16d
010BrewThomas5 Apr 179214 Dec 1879In 2002 stone is down
010BrewAnnie9 May 1880aged 72y 2m 8d
010SmithPolly17 Nov 18047 Sep 1884aged 79y 9m 21d
010SwankJoseph H.6 Nov 18365 Jul 1918aged 81y 7m 29ds/Joseph & Elizabeth Landes Swank
010SwankMary C.3 Nov 183623 Jan 1907aged 70y 2m 20d, d/Levi & Sarah May1w/Joseph H.
010SwankJoseph20 Jan 180824 Jul 1883s/Jacob & Mary Showalter Swank, aged __y 5m 26d
010SwankElizabeth28 Jan 180824 Jan 1883d/John & Esther Landesw/Joseph, No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
010SwankSusan5 May 1849aged 21y 6m 24d, d/Jos. & Eliz.Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
010SwankMargaret Jane3 Feb. 18482y 11d, d/Joseph & Eliz.Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
010SwankSamuel Joseph6 Jun 186022 Jun 1875s/Samuel & Cath. Ralston SwankIllegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
010SwankIsaac L.25 Nov 185617 Apr 1868Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967. Birth and death dates added per J. Robert Swank addition.
010UnknownIllegible stone - recorded in 2002
010BerryArchibald R.14 Oct 1896aged 73y 10m 18dUndertaker
010BerryElizabeth J.20 Jan 181926 Oct 1907
010FlickAnnie6 Sep 1881aged 6y 1m 23dNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
010FlickMary E.31 Aug 1881aged 2y 9m 28dNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
010AdamsJohn Lee10 Mar 18766 Feb 1881c/D. & M.Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
010AdamsMary D.23 Jun 184324 May 1916w/Dabneyd/Jonathan Funk
010AdamsDabney4 Aug 184524 Jul 1930stone there but can't read (M. J. L.)
011PennypackerSarah26 Feb 1844aged 24y 25dw/Mathias, Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
011GowlGeorge H.4 Nov 1864aged 21y 7m 10d, s/A. & S.
011GowlWilliam P.31 Aug 1864aged 24y 11m 28d, s/A. & S.In 2002 stone broken
011GowlJenata M.22 Jun 1865aged 7y 6m 10d, s/A. & S.In 2002 stone is down
011GowlAndrew J.3 Jul 1867s/A. & S.
011HinegardnerVirginia E.26 Jul 1865aged 4y 4m 24d, d/J. W. & S. J.
011GowlSusannah2 Sep 188271st yearw/Adam. w/Adam nee Fultz per J. Robert Swank addition.
011GowlAdam17 Jan 1897aged 83 yrs
011HinegardnerSarah J.9 Apr 184124 Jul 1907w/Jacob W.
011HinegardnerJacob W.24 Sep 183328 Dec 1911
011MellottBettie A.20 Jun 186618 May 1928w/W. A.
011MellottLouis F.19 Oct 189115 Jul 1977
011BerryMary E.12 Dec 180929 Sep 1879aged 69y 9m 17d1h/Abram Miller, 2h/David Berry, d/ George Miller.
011WellerJohn W.183525 May 1863killed Chancellorsville, Va. C.S.A, s/ Abe & Mary E. Berry Weller
011WellerAbram18 Mar 1844aged 43Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
011BridgesMary K.21 Jun 183222 Jun 1918aged 86y 1dw/Benjamin, d/Hastener & Margaret Owens
011BridgesRachel9 Sep 185322 Jun 1920w/Christian W.
011BridgesChristian W.9 Sep 185227 Mar 1915aged 62y 8m 18ds/Benjamin & Mary Owens Bridges
011BridgesChildFuneral 7 Jan 1878 from Solomon Funk diary per J. Robert Swank addition.
012LandesHannah J.17 Jun 1898aged 70y 10m 9d, w/D. H. Landes
012FunkNancy23 Nov 1895aged 79y 3m 27dd/Sam.& Sarah Carrier
012FunkSarah25 Mar 1879aged 95 yrs, w/Shem
012FunkJacob D.1 Nov 184018 May 1842aged 1y 6ms/Jonathan & Mary Drive Funk
012FunkSarah15 Mar 183815 Oct 1860aged 22y 7md/Jonathan & Mary Drive Funk
012FunkMary28 Apr 18061 Feb 1888aged 81y 9m 3dw/Jonathan, d/Peter & D. Raleigh Driver
012FunkJonathan22 Apr 180631 May 1888aged 82y 1m 9ds/Samuel & Sarah Carrier Funk
012ShowalterEliza27 Jun 186127 Aug 1863d/John D. & Elizabeth Showalteraged 2y 20d; d/John D. & Elizabeth Showalter
012ShowalterCatherine1 Apr 185616 Oct 1861aged 5y 6m 15d; d/John D. & Elizabeth Showalter
012UnknownRachelIllegible stone
012UnknownJacobIllegible stone
013ShafferInfant daughterd/John & FannyIllegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
013ShafferFannie24 Dec 183612 Sep 18591w/John, Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
013ShafferMary E.18 Sep 18338 Jul 19042w/John, nee Armentrout, Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
013ShafferJohn4 Oct 182816 Sep 1906s/IsrealIllegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
014SwankCatherineMar 1842aged 36 yrs, w/Daniel1w/Daniel, d/John Evers
014SwankDaniel30 Nov 1881aged 77 yrss/Jacob & Mary Showalter Swank
014ShafferIsreal16 Nov 1876Pvt. 2nd Va. Militia, War of 1812f/John
014ShafferMary (Polly)18001880
015FultzSebastian175928 Dec 18032002 found new stone in front of old stone which is illegible; aged 41 yrs
015FultzBarbara17612 Oct 18502002 found new stone in front of old stone which is illegible, aged 89y 2m 2d
015HooverJ.1821Partial illegible stone found in 2002
015SwankJohn David23 Nov 185024 Nov 1883aged 32y 11m 27dh/Geneva Harper Swank, s/Peter & Barbara Swank
015SwankPeter18 Jul 182516 Sep 1875aged 50y 1m 28d, s/John & Mary Acker Swank
015SwankBarbara A.2 Dec 182728 Sep 1898aged 70y 9m 26dw/Peter, d/David & Frances Berry
015SwankSarah Laverne20 May 1862aged 2y 3m 14dd/Peter & Barbara Rolston Swank, Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
015SwankLevi18 Jan 18278 Nov 1834s/John & Mary Acker Swank, Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
015SwankMary V.7 Jun 1855aged 19m 12dd/J. Harvey & Sarah F. Swank
015SwankJohn15 Dec 17936 May 1861aged 68y 4m 22ds/Jacob & Mary Showalter Swank
015SwankMary10 Nov 18035 Jan 1887aged 83y 1m 26d, d/Peter & Mary Driver Ackerw/John
015SwankHattie1 Oct 1891aged 19y 11m 8dd/J. Harvey & Sarah Fleming Swank
015BrewerHelen Kathryn2 Nov 1905aged 3 yrsd/Dr. S. W. S. & Flemma Brewer
015SwankSarah A.15 Dec 183327 Nov 1905w/J. H., d/Lemuel & Hilda Fleming
015SwankJ. Harvey17 Nov 182924 Jul 1913s/John & Mary Acker Swank
016MillerBarbara28 Jan 179312 May 1878aged 85y 3m 14dw/John H. Miller, d/Peter & Dorothy R. Driver
016MillerJohn H.7 Apr 179412 Oct 1888aged 94y 6m 5ds/George "Red" Miller
016LincolnNancy19 Feb 1905aged 77y 22dw/John. nee Driver per J. Robert Swanks addition.
016LincolnJohn9 Nov 1889aged 65y 5m 15d
016SteppMarion R.7 Sep 189226 Dec 1892s/Hiram & Sarah Stepp
016FultzEllen M.13 Apr 187812 Oct 1890
016FultzRebecca A.18 Feb. 18269 May 1894w/ George
016FultzGeorge5 Jan 182222 Dec 1894
017LincolnInfant Son12 May 1849aged 2m 2d, s/John
017ArmentroutNancy E.27 Dec 1862aged 8y 8m 27d, d/D. B. & M. A.
017MillerSusan6 Apr 186513 Aug 1921aged 56y 4m 7d
018EversSamuel M.10 Sep 18586 Nov 1924s/J. Wm. & Magdalene Suter Evers
018SwankSarah C.18651943d/G. Wm. & M. Evers2w/Jos.H. Swank, 2w/D. H. Ritchie
018RitchieSarah C. Evers18651943by brother M. D. E.This stone was placed by brother M.D.E., same person as Sarah C. Swank
018EversMagdalene12 Jul 1902aged 68y 3m 7d, d/ Daniel & Anna Suterw/G. Wm., b. 5 Apr 1834
018EversG. W. H.24 Feb 1878aged 57y 3m 8db. 19 Sep 1824. Name George William per J. Robert Swanks addition.
018DonovanElizabethw/Jacob, no dates
018EversMargaretJun 1875aged 83y 9m 11dw/George, b. 11Aug 1791
018MayLevi26 Apr 1854aged 56y 9m 12dHe is Levi Sr.
018MaySarah9 Jan 179910 Dec 1886aged 87y 11mw/Levi Sr., d/Geo. "Red" Miller
018MayLevi Wm.5 Jan 1860aged 21y 1m 19dtwin/John H., s/Levi & Sarah May, b. 17 Aug 1838
018MayJohn H.17 Aug 18388 Dec 1919aged 81 3m 21ds/Levi & Sarah Miller May
018MayAnnie30 Jun 183923 Mar 1907aged 67y 8m 23dw/John H., Henry & Lydia Y. Berry
018ArmentroutDavid14 Mar 18321 Mar 1906Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
018ArmentroutMary A.11 Oct 183031 Mar 1895nee Berry, Illegible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
018ArmentroutJoseph F.7 Dec 1878aged 13y 8m 17d, s/D. B. & M. A.
018ArmentroutPhoebe30 Dec 1886From Dora Funk diary per J. Robert Swanks addition.
018ArmentroutMrs.Buried 25 Sep 1865 from Solomon Funk diary per J. Robert Swanks addition.
019MayH. Franklin12 Jan 186421 Aug 1903aged 39y 7m 19d, s/John H. & Annie Berry May
019MayEmma J.3 May 186915 Jun 1950aged 81y 8m 12d1w/H. F. May, 2w/J. Frank Fulk, d/Peter & Barbara Ralston Swank
019FulkJ. Frank6 Aug 18802 Feb 1970aged 89y 5m 26ds/Abe and Susan Breneman Fulk and 2h/Emma Swank May per J. Robert Swanks addition.