Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryPleasant Valley Alms Cemetery
LocationHarrisonburg, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, take Route 11 South (South Main Street). Turn left on to Route 679 (Pleasant Valley Road), then, turn left on to Route 710 (Greendale Road). Go less than 5/10 mile and sign marking cemetery entrance is on the right side of the road. There is a locked gate but the cemetery is accessible thru a walkway of about 200 yards.
NotesWell maintained. Rev. Bill Zirk and Deb Wake spent many hours, days, months, into researching the burials in this cemetery. Rev. Zirk was instrumental in getting Rockingham County and volunteers to restore the Alms cemetery to itís present condition.
Survey Date and Recorder07 Nov 2007
Rev. Bill Zirk

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
CherryholmesLutherMar 18668 May 1915Verified by Death Certificate
HottingerDillman18512 Feb 1935
Hollen? Hollar?Thomas6 Jun 1942Age 76 years
HearnSarah June Mrs.183030 Jan 1909Widow of Jefferson HearnInformation from article in Harrisonburg Daily News, dated Feb. 1, 1909
FridleyCasper186031 Mar 1939
FitzwaterVirdie12 May 190825 Aug 1912Verified by Death Certificate; Has a headstone
FinksRobert28 Jul 1915Age about 50 yearsVerified by Death Certificate; Colored
FinkMike26 Jun 1939
EatonArbella11 Sep 1926Age about 50 yearsVerified by Death Certificate
EatonAmanda186422 Jul 1938
EatonSamuel Gabriel5 May 1942Age 90 years
DunningJohn Stoneman12 Apr 18621 Dec 1932
DellingerFannie Sigler9 Jan 186422 Nov 1942
BaileyFrank19121965Recorded by the D.A.R. in 1960s
BowersStella Florence (Garst)2 Apr 189618 Jul 1939Verified by Death Certificate
BakerNellie Knott189214 Jan 1937Mrs. Isaac Knott
BakerJacob23 Oct 186116 Mar 1943
BakerDave A.11 Nov 186423 Apr 1938
BakerHannah1 May 186526 Aug 1939
BallJohnabt 187025 Feb 1916Verified by Death Certificate
ClaytonJohn William6 Sep 1932
BibleSusan183231 Aug 1912Verified by Death Certificate
Christ (Crist)May189126 Dec 1912Verified by Death Certificate
BoyersCharles H.3 Aug 1944
BoyersCharles P.5 May 188421 Nov 1953
BoyersCharles3 Jul 1944Age 54 years
BurkePatrick18605 Oct 1937
CarrierJoseph L.10 Mar 192717 Mar 1927Verified by Death Certificate
LamLydia17 Mar 1914Age about 37 yearsVerified by Death Certificate
BaugherArthur Green22 Sep 188719 Jan 1922Verified by Death Certificate; Another source shows he was born 15 Sep 1887
SteppMiletus Lete18681949
HowlarDorothy Lee25 Feb 192919 Apr 1932Verified by Death Certificate
SampsonFrank18562 Feb 1937
SampsonVerinda Catherine Knighton, Mrs.5 Jun 186123 Mar 1939
ShifflettAda2 Mar 19057 Jun 1938
ShirkeyHenry14 Apr 185621 Feb 1937
RunionElmer26 Nov 1923Age 27 years
SoutherlyBenjamin Franklinabt 18813 Dec 1918Verified by Death Certificate
RoadcapCharles D.5 Feb 1937Age 63 years
StickleyIda18585 Aug 1935Recorded by the D.A.R. in 1960s
StroopJennie, Miss25 Dec 1956
StroopMary, Miss18811960
StroopBessie, Miss18831968
TylerWilliam13 Oct 186530 Mar 1936Colored
Whan (Wharr)John1 Oct 18682 Apr 1940Recorded by the D.A.R. in 1960s
SmallwoodMary Elizabeth27 Aug 189524 Jan 1944
McKennyMary183710 Jul 1927Born in IrelandVerified by Death Certificate
WimerPeter31 Jan 183012 Mar 1908Has a headstone
LamLavenia10 Jan 1922Age 55 yearsVerified by Death Certificate
LeeJames Franklin12 Sep 19013 May 1949
Leecy? Lucy?William C.25 Apr 18706 Feb 1937
LouisCharles8 Jun 18681 Jun 1939Recorded by the D.A.R. in 1960s
RunionCora10 Aug 1936Age 43 years
MayMedford14 Apr 18824 Dec 1955
JohnsonJames10 Jul 183430 Jun 1916Verified by Death Certificate; Colored
MillerJacob16 Mar 18577 Jun 1935
MorrisJohn Franklin3 Nov 1942
NazlerodLizzie18683 Oct 1940
PlaugherSusan20 Oct 1936Age 63 yearsAnother source shows she died 26 Oct 1936
MarshallSamuel A.18651952