Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryDungeon's Chapel Graveyard (*)
LocationPleasant Valley Area, Rockingham County, Virginia. Cemetery is located on the east side of the intersection of Pleasant Valley Road (Route 679) and Spaders Church Road (Route 689). The cemetery is reached by going down a lane that was formerly the road past the church.
NotesCemetery was recently located by Paige Kaeli, Kathy Kaeli and Dale MacAllister on 9 April 2005.
Survey Date and Recorder09 Apr 2005
Paige & Kathy Kaeli; Dale MacAllister

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
GivensHarriet5 Oct 1899Aged 70 years
ScottJames H.15 Mar 185214 May 1914Aged 62y 1m 29d; The Lord is my shepherd
ScottHerbert A.27 Feb 1906Aged 1y 3m 1d; s/Georgia Scott
ScottWm. Henry18791935Father; Ornate tombstone with bird and olive leaves with the word "HOPE"Footstone with initials WHS
ScottGeorgia11 Aug 1906Aged 23y 9m 8d; d/Henry & Malinda A. Scott; Prepare to meet me in Heaven"
ScottMalinda K.13 Apr 18531 Sep 1909Aged 56y 4m 17d; w/H. S. Scott; d/Wilson & Kizar Mickie; She now sleeps in Jesus
ScottInfants - 6Children of Wm. H. & Elsie B. Scott
ScottElsie B.18851955Motherw/Wm. Henry Scott; Footstone with initials EBS
ScottMother Lester Roy5 Dec 190817 Jan 1932Age 23y 1m 12d
GivensPhoebe E.27 Aug 1899Aged 48 years; w/Thomas GivensFieldstone footstone
UnknownLarge tiered base missing its top, with footstone
CurryCeymour R.3 Mar 1906Son of O & J Curry; aged 7 mo & 13 ds.
S.W.Small rectangular "W.S."
UnknownJ.Small rectangular stone; "J" partially broken with footstone
WashingtonAmanda Elizabeth21 Dec 18449 Apr 1915Per death certificate-daughter of Thomas & Julia Ann Dallard Washington
WashingtonJohn L.18681920Let not your heart be trouble. Ye believe in God, believe in Me
WashingtonHattie M(ay)29 Jun 189922 Jun 1916Aged 16y 11m 21d; She died trusting in the LordDeath Certificate shows s/John & Ada B. Scott Washington and cause of death-tuberculosis
WashingtonHenry D(eRay)29 Nov 189415 Jun 1913Aged 18y 6m 16d; Suffer little children to come unto meDeath Certificate shows s/John & Ada B. Scott Washington and cause of death-tuberculosis
WilliamsWyatt16 Feb 1917At rest
WilliamsHester4 Apr 1910His wife; at Restw/Wyatt Williams
WoodBeverly A.7 Mar 188916 Sep 1905Aged 16y 6m 9dCurved stone with flower
WoodWilliam L.17 Jul 188710 Dec 1898Aged 11y 5m 29dFootstone
F.R.Small rectangular stone