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CemeteryTide Spring Farm of Neal Riddle (#)
LocationSouthwest of Broadway, Rockingham County, Virginia.
NotesNo attempt was made to find this cemetery in 2008. In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote the following: Field stones mark the location of a number of graves in the open pasture field on the hill east of the Neal Riddle house and south of Road 784 (Tide Spring Road AKA Klines Mill Road). Eight or so stones remain. The space would indicate 20 or more graves. No one could be found to identify any buried here. Early deeds show the land transferred from Richard Winfield to Jacob Moyer in 1855. Jacob and Barbara, his wife, to Samuel R. Moyers and John A. Moyers in 1887, by will to Minnie I. Myers, daughter, and mother of C. J. Riddle, and by Millie I. Myers to C. J. Riddle. Richard Winfield was a commissioner in the first transaction. The land adjoined Geo. Shafer, Beerys, Smith, the Great Road and Meeting House.
Survey Date and Recorder1967
J. Robert Swank

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