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CemeteryRoadcap Family Cemetery
LocationFulks Run, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Fulks Run Grocery, turn from Route 259 onto Route 612. After about 2 miles, turn right onto Highway 817 toward Mountain Grove Church of the Brethren. Go past Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church. Turn into the first gate on the left (be sure to shut the gate). Drive through the field down the hill, across a small stream, to an old cedar about halfway up the next hill. The cemetery is under the old tree. Remains of an old fence go through the plot.
NotesIn 1967 J. Robert Swank noted this cemetery on the old Romanus Hoover place. "In field by a large cedar. No fence. Said to be 25 or 30 graves. No markers." Pat Ritchie wrote: "In 1998 property owned by Richard Trumbo. Cemetery hard to find without a guide. There were 4 rocks marking graves and four grave-marker rocks leaning against an old cedar tree. Didn't find indications of other graves."
Survey Date and Recorder1. 1967 2. 1999
1. J. Robert Swank 2. Patricia Turner Ritchie

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001RoadcapAbsolomThought to be buried here - per Swank in 1967