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CemeteryMiller Family Cemetery 3
LocationRockingham County, Virginia. From Route 42 North, turn left onto Route 763 (Mt. Clinton Pike/Singers Glen Road). Before you reach Route 701 (Cooks Creek Road). Located on the Spangler farm.
Notes2008 Sharon Spangler stated: no visible markers. Cemetery is in the middle of a corn field with a metal fence around it. No road in. Several big trees growing inside the fence. One has to drive into our farm to get to the cemetery. The family legend is that there were slaves buried here as well and we have heard that the bricks and the house were built with slave labor. There once was a hidden trap door in the slave quarters that we believe to have been part of the underground railroad, but no proof and the house is gone now. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted: No stones were found. The best available information indicated members of the following families perhaps were buried there: Miller - Good - Burkholder - Layman. A check of deeds shows William Reherd in 1841 sold to J. J. Miller. J. J. Miller to Michael M. Miller in 1875. Michael M. and B. Kate to John G. Miller. John G. and Priscilla A. to W. P. Showalter in 1900, 25 a. which was later sold to William Tate. Adjoining land owners mentioned in deeds were: B. F. Ralston, John Geil, C. Bowers, Emanuel Suter, Freymeyers, G. Goul, John Burkholder, Beery, Keller, Ewings. Marriages: Michael M. Miller married 18 Mar 1844 Elizabeth Andes dau. of William; John G. Miller married 14 Oct 1872 Anna Priscilla Geil had dau. Ida Elizabeth married 9 Sep 1893 William C. Wampler and dau. Berta F. married 22 March 1898 Paul M. Argenbright.
Survey Date and Recorder1967 & 2008
J. Robert Swank & Sharon Spanger

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See remarksNo visible markers in 2008