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CemeteryRobert Farley Farm Cemetery (#)
LocationDayton area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg go south on Rt. 42 (John Wayland Highway) to Dayton. Turn west (right) on Rt 257 (Ottobine Rd) and go 2 miles to the Dry River Bridge. Continue over the bridge for one tenth mile and turn north (right) on Rt. 758 (Dry River Rd). Drive 1.2 miles. The old Speck house is on the right and is brick with chimneys at each end. In 2008 it was made into a Bed and Breakfast. Across the road there is a gravel lane (Family Farm Lane) that leads (west) to some other homes and a patch of woods, about 1/2 mile away. The cemetery was located in or near the woods.
NotesIn 2008 there are no visible signs of this cemetery. This was the family cemetery for the Martin Speck family in the early 1800's. Don't know the name of the present owner of the land where cemetery was located. Mr. & Mrs. Phil Evans are the current owners of the Speck house and indicated that in the 1960's a descendant of the family removed the stones since they were being plowed under and the cemetery no longer exists. In 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote: There is evidence of 15 to 20 graves in open field. Mr. Swank included the following marriages and transactions: Early Rockingham County Marriage Records show: 1807 Martin Speck to Elizabeth Rodes; 1838 Barnet R. Speck to Elizabeth Koogler; 1838 Frederick K. Speck to Annie Wine; 1841 William R. Speck to Parthana Paul (Later note; buried in Bridgewater Greenview Cem).; 1853 Barnet R. Speck to Lydia Rhodes; 1854 Andrew Speck to Sallie A. Rhodes; 1839 Sophia Speck to Jonathan Funk; 1843 Margaret Speck to Jacob Tarflinger; 1847 Frances J. Speck to Andrew Lindsey. Real Estate transactions: Mar 1839 Fredrick Speck from Sarah Fishback and Fredrick Speck from F.M. Jackson; Apr 1842 Fredrick Speck from Abraham Stoner; Nov 1855 Fredrick Speck from A.C. Bryan & Fredrick Speck from Jacob Rodgers; Sept 1838 Martin Speck from Abraham Click; Dec 1849 William R. Speck from John Dinkle; May 1850 William G. Speck from George Conrad; Sept 1850 William R. Speck from John A. Wine.
Survey Date and Recorder1967; 17 Apr 2008
J. Robert Swank; Seymour Paul

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