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CemeteryDavid Reedy Place Cemetery
LocationSingers Glen area, Rockingham County, Virginia. Located on east side of Route 781 (Wills Creek Road) in woods east of the David Reedy home (formerly William Keister). Near Mt. Zion Brethren Church.
NotesIn 1967 J. Robert Swank wrote: One stone with inscription was found. There are indications of 15 or more graves, some marked with field stones. In checking back on owners of the land, we find the names: Keister, Shoemaker, Shaver, Wine, Zimmerman, Brown, Parrett. On the former William Keister place, along west side of Route 752, south of Mt. Zion Brethren Church, there are three or more graves. Unknown and unmarked. Tradition has it a burial place for Indians. Clyde Keister state the Indian graves were along the fence on south side of Mt. Zion Brethren Church, in the field. In 2008 no attempt was made to locate this cemetery.
Survey Date and Recorder1967
J. Robert Swank

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
KeisterInfantNo stone date furnished by Clyde Keister; by the 1st marriage
KeisterInfantNo stone data furnished by Clyde Kesiter; by the 1st marriage
LochElizabeth18 Apr 179125 Nov 1810d/Henry & Catherine ShoupHad headstone
KeisterHattie Virginia26 Apr 19021906No stone data furnished by Clyde Keister