Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMcCoy Cemetery
LocationElkton area, Rockingham County, Virginia. Cemetery is located at 3075 River Road (Route 635) at the end of a long lane, northwest of Elkton. Present owner of property is Ralph McCoy, Jr.
NotesCemetery is well maintained with fence around it. There are several rough stones unmarked. On 1 Feb 1937 C.C. Morris wrote the following up for the WPA Project: 3 miles south of Shenandoah, Virginia. It is a privately owned family burying ground in very good condition. This old graveyard has no highlights much that are of interest. It was started about 1855 by the McCoy family and has been the burying place of the McCoy family ever since. All of the markers to the older graves are of limestone, and have no inscriptions on them.
Survey Date and Recorder24 Jul 2008
Deb, Simon, Lella & Malcolm Wake

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
McCoyLucinda3 Sep 183015 Jan 1915w/Sheppard
McCoyPhillip E.13 Aug 195424 Oct 2006Loving Husband, Father & Pee Paw; Our children: Jason E., Britani F., Matthew P.,shared stone w/ Rita M. McCoy
HensleyAdrain23 April 1988Our Sweet Little Babyfuneral home marker Adrian; headstone Adrain
McCoyGregory Keith1957Our Baby
McCoyEdna B.21 Mar 190910 Oct 2004Mothershared stone w/ Ted E. McCoy
McCoyHenry18 Jun 186122 Aug 1887
SecristDerrick Kevin28 Jun 197615 Feb 2001shared stone w/ Donald & Linda
McCoyThos. J.17 Mar 186620 Feb 1882
SecristDonald Ray16 Dec 1946shared stone w/ Linda & Derrick
SecristClara M.8 Mar 1915shared stone with Philip M. Secrist
EatonGrace L.17 Nov 19329 Jul 1995shared stone w/ Arthur R. Eaton
McCoyShepard12 Oct 18304 Jan 1900
EatonWilliam P.1932shared stone w/ Lilly B. Eaton
McCoyMalinda Jane15 Jul 18868 Mar 1955shared stone with Dixon R. McCoy
McCoyDixon R.20 Apr 187120 Jan 1940shared stone with Malinda Jane McCoy
YoungEdward E.Sep 6 189617 Mar 1953Va. Pvt Trp B 2 Cavalry WWIshared stone with Beatrice M. Young & military footstone
CopelandCharles Whitmore Jr2 Aug 19524 Jul 2001shared stone with Lucretia Putnam Copeland
McCoyTed E.8 Nov 19047 Feb 1974Fathershared stone w/ Edna B. McCoy
McCoyRita M.5 Aug 1968Loving Wife, Mother & Me Maw; m/19 Jan 1991shared stone w/ Phillip E. McCoy
OffenbackerSarah C.Motherno dates
CopelandLucretia Putnam11 Oct 1955shared stone with Charles Whitmore Copeland Jr
McArthurTara Olivia31 May 19739 Dec 2002
SecristPhilip M.5 Mar 191014 Nov 1985shared stone with Clara M. Secrist
PerkinsCharles E. Jr28 Aug 19323 Feb 1998Cpl US Army, Koreashared stone with Phyllis Perkins & military footstone shows Charles Epps Perkins Jr.
McCoyLavinia Ann7 Feb 187721 Jan 1958shared stone with Eugene McCoy
McCoyHarry19171918s/ E.G. & Lavina
McCoyEugene12 Apr 187211 Feb 1953shared stone with Lavinia Ann McCoy
McCoyJohnie W.18991901s/E.G. & Lavina
BearRoy Miller22 Oct 19078 Aug 2003shared stone with Lucille McCoy Bear
YoungBeatrice M.3 May 190210 Feb 1978shared stone with Edward E. Young
McCoyMary Agnes25 Feb 191313 Jun 1986shared stone with Ralph Dixon McCoy
McCoyRalph Dixon25 May 191220 Feb 1992shared stone with Mary Agnes McCoy
PerkinsMildred C.21 Jun 19076 Oct 1986shared stone with Charles E. Perkins
EatonArthur R.29 May 19306 Jun 1986shared stone w/ Grace L. Eaton
PerkinsPhyllis C.26 Feb 193127 Feb 2005shared stone with Charles E. Perkins Jr
McCoyInfant1908?1908?s/E.G. & Lavina
McCoyMary L.19 Jun 1936shared stone with John E. McCoy
McCoyJohn E.12 Jul 193428 Nov 1999Sgt US Marine Corps, Koreashared stone with Mary L. McCoy & bronze military marker
PutnamCharles William28 Mar 19282 Jul 1970Virginia PFC 9 Air Veh Rep Sq AAF WWIIshared stone with Gail Bear Putnam & military footstone
PutnamGail Bear4 Dec 1931shared stone with Charles William Putnam
BearLucille McCoy26 Dec 190911 Apr 1995shared stone with Roy Miller Bear
SecristLinda Kaye27 Dec 1947shared stone w/ Donald & Derrick
OffenbackerNewmanSonno dates
EatonWilliam20 Mar 1932Virginia Pvt 155 Depot Brig.No birth date; likely same as Willliam P. Eaton
EatonLilly B.8 Oct 189817 Oct 1932shared stone w/ William P. Eaton
PerkinsCharles E.2 Aug 190925 Jul 1956shared stone with Mildred C. Perkins