Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryOld Forge Church Cemetery (United Brethren)
LocationGrottoes, Augusta County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, travel to Grottoes. From Grottoes take Route 825 south crossing into Augusta County. Go a short distance and turn right on Grand Caverns Drive (left turn goes to Grand Caverns). Cemetery is on the right side of road.
NotesWell maintained and has a fence around it. Church is no longer in existence.
Survey Date and Recorder25 Jul 2008
Deb, Simon, Lella & Malcolm Wake

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
KaylorBettie Lee3 Jan 1890Aged 4y 5m 12d; d/S.H. & M.R. Kaylorsouth face of pillar; d/S.H. & M.R. Kaylor on east face of pillar
GreenJessie J.11 Sep 1896Aged 1y 5m; s/J. W. & M. F. Green
TaylorPercy W.12 Feb 1903Aged 5y 2m 28d; s/Thos. & Lucy
TeterLafayette25 Aug 1855Aged 2y 1m 10d
BruceMattie V.19 Mar 1893north face of pillar
WeastMary Alice8 Oct 1862Aged 3y 19d; d/D. & C. Weaststone laying over
SprinkelHardenia C.17 Jan 18333 Jan 1896w/Wm. Sprinkel
KigerMargret3 Feb 18186 Oct 1885Aged 67y 8m 3d
FerrelMary181610 Feb 1865Consort of Wm. Ferrellarge iron marker
KaylorSarah27 Feb 180418 Sep 1871Aged 67y 6m 21d; w/Peter Kaylor; d/Jacob & Barbara Kyger
SipeJ.W.19 Mar 1909Aged 63 yrs.
TeterMattie5 May 1882Aged 23y 86m 7d; w/P. W.No visible marker; recorded by DAR in 1960s
Unknownlarge iron marker but no markings can be found
WeastInfant Son15 Jan 1881Aged 14 dys; s/D. & C. Weast
WeastEdgar J.31 Oct 1880Aged 18y 5m 14d
McAllisterGustavus F.22 Feb 18676 Oct 1896s/W. D. & Hester A. McAllister
WeastLula V.12 Feb 1879Aged 2y 2m 13d; d/D. & C. Weast
WeastWilliam Newton14 Jul 1869Aged 12y 9m 14d; s/D. & C. Weast
KaylorPeter14 Feb 17956 Jan 1885Aged 85y 10m 22d
BaynesTwin babiesFeb 1897Twin Babiesshared stone w/ mother & grandmother
TeterJohn22 Aug 181516 Oct 1891Fathershared stone with Cynthia A. Teter
TeterCynthia A.2 Feb 182526 Oct 1908Mothershared stone with John Teter
TeterMary E.1 Apr 1862Aged 4y 1m 12dstone broken in two halves
TeterWilber C.7 Jan 1881Aged 1m 16d; s/P.W. & M.S. Teterstone laying over
TeterMartha B.23 Nov 1864Aged 3m 26d
TeterMattie Worth15 Jul 1882Aged 6 mos
KaylorJohn W.15 Apr 183225 Jul 1860Aged 28y 3m 10d; s/Peter & Sarah Kaylor
KnightJno. H.7 Jul 1901Aged 19y 1m 3d; s/Mattie Green
BaynesMaggie A.25 Apr 1897Daughtershared stone w/ mother & twins
Ritenour19301931_.J. & K.V.unable to tell if this is a remnant or all there is
WeastDaniel16 Jan 182223 May 1908Aged 86y 4m 7d
WeastEliza Catharine22 Jun 1884Aged 47y 8m 27d; w/Daniel Weast
WeastPhilip8 May 1867Aged 93y 8m 4d
WeastNancy22 Sep 1857Aged 72y 9m 18d; w/Philip Weast
KeisterD. Mc.10 Aug 186918 Sep 1892Aged 23y 1m 3d; s/Henry & Eliza Keister
BruceInfant Son1 Apr 1896ch/L.E. & L.G. Brucesouth face of pillar; children of L.E.& L.G. Bruce written on west face of pillar
BruffyVirginia13 Mar 1897Aged 57y 4m 5d; w/Samuel Bruffy
Unknownlarge iron marker but no markings can be found
BaynesCornelia F.28 Dec 1885Mothershared stone w/ daughter & twins