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CemeteryByrd Cemetery
LocationCraney Island, Rockingham County, Virginia. Cemetery is on a rise west of the creek south of Route 794 (Craney Island Road). Note that (in 2010) Craney Island Rd. turns east from Rt. 11 about 2 1/2 miles south of New Market.
NotesIn Algernon Good's book, Shadowed By The Massanutten, published in 1992, he wrote the following information: Cemetery is on a rise west of the creek south of state road 794, only a few stones remain there today. To locate, begin at the fence in front of Walter McDaniel's home, then proceed in a line due south with the Endless Caverns coffee shop 148 large steps (yards), this should place you at a line between the late home of Herman Buhl to the east and the large Rosenberger brick home to the west. A former pupil (Mr. John Buhl) of the Craney Island school about 1908-13, told this writer; in the spring, the teacher would take the class down the road to the old Byrd cemetery, and each student would make up a list from the stones of those persons buried here with all the dates. He later told me he didn't think the above list included all that are buried here. Mr. Good wrote: The O'roarks lived at the Fairfax line on the mountain road. In recent years various people have tried to locate this cemetery without success. It has been said that all the stones have been removed. No attempt was made to locate this cemetery in 2009.
Survey Date and Recorder1960s & 1992
D.A.R. & Algernon Good

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
Byrd, Jr.Andrew17291799Capt. Indian & Rev. WarsNo visible marker
ByrdMary Reese23 Sep 1784w/Andrew Byrd, Jr.No visible marker
Byrd, IIIAndrew175430 Nov 1838Aged 84ys; Capt. Rev. WarNo visible marker
ByrdAnn10 Oct 175528 Apr 1834Consort of Andrew Byrd, IIINo visible marker
ByrdWilliam22 May 17583 Apr 1763s/Andrew & Mary Reese ByrdNo visible marker
ByrdIsaac4 Feb 17639 Dec 1763s/Andrew & Mary Reese ByrdNo visible marker
ByrdAndrew James2 Apr 17951823Aged 28; s/Andrew & AnnNo visible marker
ByrdMary8 Jan 177813 Oct 1784Aged 6y 9m; d/Andrew & AnnNo visible marker
ByrdGreen B.23 May 1819Jun 1839s/Andrew & Rebecca ByrdNo visible marker
O'RoarkMichael22 Jul 1853Aged 39 yrsNo visible marker; Algernon Good recorded this burial.
ByrdAndrew16951749No visible marker