Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Paran Baptist Church Cemetery (*)
LocationElkton, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 33 East to town of Elkton. In Elkton go north on Route 340 (East Side Hwy aka Stuart Avenue). Then turn right on Rockingham Street, continue on to Furnace and this changes to Route 759 (Newtown Road). Continue on Route 759 and turn left onto Route 891 (Mt. Paran Church Road). Cemetery is located behind the church on the left hand side of the road.
NotesCemetery in good condition. Note By Deb Wake: I tried to meet with Mr. Fields several times when I surveyed the cemetery in July and again August 15th, but his health was not good. He died 24 Aug 2008. In the 1960s the D.A.R. noted there were 16 illegible undertakers grave markers.
Survey Date and Recorder14 Aug 2008
Deb, Simon, Lella, & Malcolm Wake

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
NizerRobert Daniel27 Dec 189614 Aug 1961c/ Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
BanksElijah (Fount)No visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
JonesCharlotteNo visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
M.L. A.No visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
WillisAlma R.18801963No visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
BarberFrank19021919No visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
Fields3 markers reading Fields-no given names
StaggleAlice18741961No visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
NizerNannie J.5 Mar 18928 Oct 1948
NizerMary E.18 Mar 185130 Apr 1912w/ Edward Nizer
FieldsEarl2 Feb 19233 Sep 1947Va. TEC 5 Trans. Corps WWII
TolliverJames E.27 Jan 196512 Jun 1994
BanksDonna D.8 Dec 195830 May 1996
LewisOttie F.2 Jan 191911 Feb 1988brother
FieldsBertha2 Nov 189418 Apr 1970shared stone w/ Robert Fields
NizerWilliam Albert18 Sep 188813 Jul 1945c/ Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
NizerJerry Edward7 Jan 1904c/ Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
NizerClayton Floyd22 Sep 1900c/ Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
NizerEmly Louvinia5 Jun 189821 Jul 1921c/ Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
FieldsNathan18851950shared stone w/ Maude N. Fields
GreenHattie C.5 Mar 1911w/ J. F. Green; aged 36
FieldsMaude N.18931954shared stone w/ Nathan Fields
GreenFrankNo visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
NizerJerry, Rev.18 Dec 186815 Dec 1913Erected by heirs of Jerry & Annie Aug 7, 1994shared stone erected 7 Aug 1994
NizerLandolia26 Sep 19108 Jan 1980
NizerAnnie B.7 Jul 190829 Oct 1997
HendersonFrankNo visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
PhillipsNina P.22 Jun 190819 Sep 1991shared stone w/ William Oscar Philips
NizerMaud Gertrude24 Jul 18931954c/ Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
NizerJ[ames] Monroe6 Apr 18686 Jan 1954also funeral home marker
NortonWilliam18891959No visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
HendersonAnnie B.18891989J. C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
HendersonWalter1889[1929]J. C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
WalkerAnanias1 Feb 189621 Aug 1966Va. PFC Co C 511 Engr Svc Bn WWI
FieldsRobert25 Jul 188816 Aug 1975shared stone w/ Bertha Fields
SimpsonElizabeth18881954Lindsey Funeral Home Marker
LivelyMaggie18881943J. C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
BrownBlanche L19161975
WaxEliza30 Aug 1926Aged 72 yrs; motherfootstone E. W.
WaxJerry30 Aug 1904Aged 62 yrs; fatherfootstone J.W.
GriggsMaynard1 Apr 1936Va PVT 1 CL Engr Officers Training Sch.
AugustusCatherine19202007shared stone w/ Charles Augustus
AugustusCharles19101962shared stone w/ Catherine Augustus
WilliamsGeorge H.18 Feb 189418 Nov 1963Va. CPL U.S. Army WWI
NizerAlice P.5 Jun 19051 Sep 1917
ArringtonHenry18921918PVT US Army WWI; CO H 803rd Pioneer Inf
NizerBessie Elizabeth29 Nov 18911934c/ Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
PhillipsWilliam Oscar22 May 189215 Aug 1961shared stone w/ Nina P Philips
NizerAnnie Elizabeth22 Feb 186924 Jan 1904shared stone; children named with dates
NizerMary J.1 Oct 18817 Apr 1961also J. C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
FieldsJosephine, Miss19191952funeral home markermust be Josephine Fields recorded by DAR
WrightLucy Annie30 Aug 1928w/ L. W. Wright; Aged 52 yrsshared stone w/ L. W. Wright
HendersonHunter23 Mar 189016 Dec 1959Ohio PVT Co. B 158 Depot Brigade WWI
WrightL. W.No dates; shared stone w/ Lucy Annie Wright
Unknown02J.C. Brill Funeral Home marker
BrownHamilton13 Oct 191814th Dev. Co.; Maryland Pvt 154 Depot Brighas two stones
BrownMinnie A.18731936
BrownWilliam S.18711957
WalkerAnnie R.1 Jan 190614 Jun 1979
Fields, Sr.Leonard L.29 Feb 192420 Oct 1986Pvt US Army WWII; 599th quartermaster Laundry Companyother half of double stone blank
FranklinAlvirta M.18981974
HendersonElizabeth Strowther4 Dec 18782 Nov 1902north side of shared stone w/ Martha, Cortney & Alice
StrowtherCortney1 Jan 18319 Dec 1897south side of shared stone w/ Martha, Elizabeth & Alice
NizerMartha28 May 185922 Jul 1911east side of shared stone w/ Cortney, Elizabeth & Alice
BrownMertley C.3 ____ 1917d/ M. M & R. L. Brownaged 2 mos. 14 dys.
WilliamsFloyd1 Jan 19024 Jun 1976shared stone w/ Frances C. Williams
WilliamsCharles C.1926fathershared stone w/ Katherine Williams
ChamberRobert18861966funeral home marker
ChambersAdele O.1 Dec 190927 Feb 1993also Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home marker
NizerClarice E.24 Oct 194318 Feb 2005
BecksRobert D.9 Jun 1900
RankinEvelyn F.26 Jun 1926shared stone w/ James D. Rankin Sr
GreenRobert P.18691951shared stone w/ Victoria M. Green
NizerW. Albert18 Oct 188813 Jul 1945birth month different than Rev. Nizer stone; c/Jerry & Annie Elizabeth
Rankin, Sr.James D.15 Feb 192614 Dec 2003shared stone w/ Evelyn F. Rankin
FieldsGoldie L.19111973
Nizer, Sr.Thomas D.30 Jun 192011 Dec 1984CPL US Army WWII; 1862nd Engineer Battalionshared stone w/ Margaret E. Nizer
NizerRudolph F.19211981
Jones, Jr.Earl22 Jul 19492 May 1972husband
FieldsRudolph Henry29 Jun 193313 Jul 1967VA SFC Btry C 26 Arty Tabshared stone w/ Easter M. Fields
FieldsEaster M.29 Jul 192528 Oct 1968shared stone w/ Rudolph H. Fields
HendersonAliceaged 4 yrsd/ Elizabeth Strowther Hendersonnorth side of shared stone w/ Martha Cortney & Elizabeth
FieldsAnnie E.19131987
MotonJames18831977J.C. Brill Funeral Home Marker
NizerMargaret E.17 Apr 1920shared stone w/ Thomas D. Nizer Sr.
FieldsEthel M.19161989shared stone w/ Sherman L. Fields
BanksEtta V.24 Aug 189830 Dec 1991
JacksonMort, Rev.18851980Richmond, VA
WilliamsEdith C.23 Sep 191029 Dec 1993
FieldsRichard E.19102004TEC 5 US Army WWIIMilitary marker shows Richard E. Sr. b. 22 Mar 1910 d. 26 Jul 2004
FieldsEllwood M.17 Apr 192928 Apr 1970PFC US Army Korea
JonesJames Jake19311982Warren Kyger Funeral Home Marker
WilliamsKatherine1948mothershared stone w/ Charles C. Williams
WardRuth S.19021981
BrownCharles Ashby24 Jun 191029 May 1984PFC US Army WWII
ButlerEmma B.19182007shared stone w/ Philip Butler
MitchellYvonne D.6 Jun 192626 Sep 1991shared stone w/ Robert L Mitchell
TempleHelen B.19121982
ButlerJosephine D.13 Dec 190915 Nov 1995shares stone w/ Haywood Butler Sr
BecksNorris18951984PFC US Army WWI 42nd Separate Company Inf.has two stones
LanierWilliam Robert28 May 19103 Jun 1985father
MosbyMable19111996mothershared stone w/ Reginald C Mosby
Butler, Sr.Haywood12 Apr 190714 Jun 1993shared stone w/Josephine D. Butler
RossCarlton M. L.25 Sep 196416 Mar 1994s/Junior H. & Verastarr D. Rossshared stone w/ Junior & Verastarr Ross
FieldsSherman L.1919[24 Aug 2008]*shared stone w/ Ethel M. Fields
ButlerPhilip19111982shared stone w/ Emma B. Butler
RossVerastarr D.4 Nov 1929mothershared stone w/ Carlton & Junior Ross
Moton, Sr.William A.19102000Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home Marker
Moton, Jr.William A.19671999Kyger & Trobaugh Funeral Home Marker
GreenVictoria M.18731935shared stone w/ Robert P. Green
WilliamsFrances C.1976w/ Floyd Williamsshared stone w/ Floyd Williams
MosbyReginald C.19312000sonshared stone w/ Mable Mosby
MitchellRobert L.17 Mar 192615 Apr 2007shared stone w/ Yvonne D Mitchell
JonesGennet E.28 Feb 19032 Dec 1977shared stone w/ Bennie W, Jones
HendersonLeahNo visible marker; recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
JonesDemetrius M.19272004Kyger Funeral Home Marker
JonesInfant27 Apr 1972s/ Sherry Ross & Bennie Jones
JonesLulu Rebecca19201998Kyger Funeral Home Marker
YoungAngela Janine17 Sep 19605 Mar 2001d/ Betty Jo & Stanley J. Young Sr; sister to Stanley J. Young Jr.
YoungBetty Jo29 Jan 19378 Apr 1997A2C US Air Force
JonesBennie W.1 Jan 18956 Dec 1974shared stone w/ Gennet E. Jones
RossJunior H.29 May 19259 May 2001fathershared stone w/ Carlton & Verastarr Ross