Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryEdom Methodist Church Cemetery
LocationEdom, Rockingham County, Virginia. On Jesse Bennett Way beside the Edom Methodist Church.
NotesFrom the gate entrance, rows are from front to back, and left to right. The majority of the information in the "Remarks" column are from J. Robert Swank and were included when he recorded this cemetery in 1967. Once was known as the Beery Cemetery
Survey Date and Recorder23 Oct 2001
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001HolsingerSolomon10 Dec 18536 Oct 1895aged 41y 9m 26ds/John & Lilse
001HolsingerBettie Ann1 Jan 18599 Nov 1934aged 75y 10m 8dd/Geo K & Eliz Myers Holsinger
002DepoyEtta C.3 Mar 186730 Nov 1958
002RhodesFrank R.18 Apr 185413 Jan 1937s/Anthony & Hannah Beery Rhodes
002RhodesLaura M.1 Feb 186118 Sep 1950w/Frank R.; nee Wood
002RhodesCollon J.27 Mar 1905aged 14y 4m 15d; son of F. R. & L. M.s/Frank & Laura M.
002RhodesLincoln J.9 Apr 1888aged 2y 2m; son of F. R. & L. M.S/Frank and Laura M.
003MyersGeorge K.9 Feb 1875aged 50y 1mhusband of Elizabeth
003MyersMary M.17 May 1894aged 44y 10m 18dd/Geo K & Eliz. B.
003MyersElizabeth (Beery)24 Apr 1894aged 23y 4m 18dd/John K & Magdalina Wenger Beery
003MyersJohn B.12 Jan 1869aged 20y 11m 4ds/George K. & Elizabeth B.
003MyersGeorge D.7 Mar 1859aged 1y 9m 22ds/George K. & Elizabeth B.
004BeeryClarence A. "Dick"28 Mar 18853 Sep 1950s/Isaac N. & Jane Swank Beery
004BeeryMary J. Carrier "Mamie"17 Feb 189020 Nov 1934(on headstone with Clarence A. Beery)
004BeeryIsaac N.4 Sep 18354 Dec 1915C.S.A. Cavalry Laurel Brigades/John K & Magdaline Wenger Beery
004BeeryS. Jane17 Nov 184212 Sep 1899wife of I. N.1/w Isaac N; d/John & Mary Swank; S=Sarah
004Beery, Jr.Isaac N.7 May 1878age 5y 2m 22d; s/Isaac & Jane - No headstone
004BeeryWade Hampton17 Apr 1878son of Isaac & S. J.age 5y 2m 22d; s/Isaac & S. J.; born 25 Feb 1873
005BeeryRoy P.4 Nov 187926 May 1957s/Isaac N. & S. Jane
005BeeryJoseph W.5 Apr 18398 Jan 1862aged 22y 9m 3d; C.S.A. Infantry Jackson Brigade; Killed In Actionwounded 6 Jan 1862 Boliver, WV Stonewall Jackson Brigade, Infantry C.S.A.; s/John K. & Magdalene Wenger Beery
005BeeryMagdalene6 Nov 180012 Apr 1876wife of John K.; aged 75y 5m 6dw/John K.; nee Wenger
005BeeryJohn K.4 Jun 180111 Oct 1885aged 84y 4m 7ds/John & Barbara Kagey Beery
006Wenger, SrClarence Windon24 Jan 18997 Feb 1982Major U.S.A.R. WWI & WWII
006WengerElizabeth Gentry Hill27 Jan 1907(on headstone with Clarence W. Wenger, Sr)
006WengerDiane Elizabeth Wenger Taylor Bacon25 Jun 193427 Nov 1977
006WengerRene Lawrence21 Aug 19001 Feb 1987Lt Col U.S.A.R.
006WengerSara Hoffman11 Dec 19098 Jul 1993(on headstone with Rene L. Wenger)
006WengerJudith Renee16 May 1940
006WengerIsaac B.10 Oct 186010 Aug 1949s/Isaac & Lydia Brenneman Wenger
006WengerLula M.2 Jul 186810 May 1944d/Isaac N. & Jane Swank Beery
007WengerInfant17 Jun 189717 Jun 1897s/Isaac B & Lula Beery Wenger
008WengerIsaac Beery30 May 18961987Lawyer; WWI Veteran
008WengerElsie Coffey7 Dec 1915(on headstone with Isaac Beery Wenger)
008ZirkleInfant15 Nov 1867age 3d; s/Dr. M. S. & M. C.
008ZirkleMamie E.2 Aug 1862age 5m; d/S & M. L.; (date could be 1862 or 1872)
008ZirkleOlive Pauline7 Apr 1871d/S & M. L.
009RodesInfant13 May 1855child of J. S. & C. C.aged 1 day