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CemeteryHillyard Family Plot
LocationWest of Tenth Legion, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 North (North Valley Pike) to Route 798 (Tenth Legion Road and Hillyard Drive). Turn left onto Route 798. 1960s J.Robert Swank directions: on the Warren Lohr place-east side of Road 798 near barn.
Notes2011-No attempt was made to record this cemetery. In 1960s J.Robert Swank wrote: Inclosed by a broken down iron fence. Livestock run. Most stones down. There are probably 40 or more graves in this space. Rev. Charles E. Nair wrote History of Northern Linville Creek in 1954. On page 37 he wrote: Jacob Rhodes probably purchased his farm of Thomas Dunkenson who was about to move to Kentucky. One or more of this Rhodes family were buried in the Hillyard graveyard near the Rhodes place. One gravestone, and undressed slab of limestone, bore the name of a young Rhodes, born in 1800 and died in 1825. His stone got misplaced years ago when some boys were allowed to get inside the iron fence and root the stones about over the enclosure. This Jacob Rhodes belonged to the generation of Anthony and Samuel Rhodes and who he was related in I am not aware. His widow, Catherine sold the farm to Joshua Wampler about 1855. Casper Kennedy has possession of the farm at present.
Survey Date and Recorder1960s
J. Robert Swank

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
FoltzNoah F.27 Nov 1880Aged 2m 8d; s/H.H. & M.J.
HillyardFrederick11 Nov 181512 Oct 1902
HillyardEmeline13 Apr 181627 Jun 1894w/Fred Jr.
DonovanMary F.7 Sep 18041 Jan 1887w/Richard
MartzGeorge Annar3 Jun 1886Aged 17y 7m 16d; s/D.C. & E.
HillyardJuliana14 May 1862Aged 6y 10m 13d
HillyardAmelia A.6 Jun 1862Aged 8y 11m 27d
HillyardAmanda C.31 May 1853Aged 1 y 1m 29d
HillyardEthel E.15 Jul 1892Aged 1y 3m 18d; d/Fred & Mary E.
DonovanInfant29 Nov 1886Aged 4 days; s/Richard & Mary I.
HillyardInfant30 Jun 188130 Jun 1881s/Frederick Jr. & Mary Elizabeth
RodesCatherine13 Sep 176014 Dec 1834
DonovanInfant11 Jan 188212 Jan 1886s/Richard & Mary I.