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CemeteryHorn Family Cemetery
LocationTurleytown, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 North (North Valley Pike) to Route 259 (Mayland Road name changes to Brocks Gap Road). Turn left onto Route 259 to Cootes Store and turn left onto Route 613 (Turleytown Road). Continue to Route 787 (Horn Mill Road) and take a left. Cemetery is located in a field behind Mrs. Swecker's house on right side of road. Field is owned by Lowell Turner.
Notes2011-no attempt was made to record this cemetery. In 2011 field is owned by Lowell Turner. In 1960s J. Robert Swank wrote: Inclosed by iron fence - overgrown. There are a number of unmarked graves. Jackson Horn was a Justice of Rockingham County and the father of Mary Elizabeth Horn, wife of J. Perry Swank.
Survey Date and Recorder1960s
J. Robert Swank

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
HornRebecca29 Nov 182026 Jan 1883w/Jacksond/Daniel Moyers
HornElizaberth21 Nov 1908Aged 89y 8m; w/EliasBorn 1819?
HornChristian25 Dec 178311 Mar 1840
Horn (?)FlaviousStone buried in ground
HornMahala A.21 Nov 185716 Apr 1858
HornMary22 Aug 18377 Apr 1858
MauckFlavious J.11 Feb 188922 Feb 1889
HornJackson9 Nov 181610 May 1898Father of Mrs. J. Perry Swank
GlassInfant10 Jun 1898s/John & Emma
HornHarrison3 Jan 181326 Mar 1836
HornElias18 Aug 180914 Feb 1890
HornMary Kibler20 Nov 178730 Mar 1860
HornMiranda Jane13 Aug 18199 Apr 1835
BrownEmmad/John & Fannie Horn Brown
MauckIda A.3 Sep 186827 Feb 1899
HornJackson14 Jun 181326 Mar 1836Aged 23y 2m 23d