Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryJ.L. Strickler Farm Cemetery
LocationTenth Legion area, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 North (Valley Pike) several miles. Cross over Interstate 81 and continue on Route 11 till you come to Route 798 (Arkton Road). Turn right and go about one mile. There will be a dirt driveway on the right side of the road and this takes you to the cemetery and the farm past the cemetery.
NotesWire fence around cemetery and it is well kept. The notes in the Remarks Column were furnished by the D.A.R. and A. Good in his book Shadowed By The Massanutten.
Survey Date and Recorder02 Mar 2011
Bob & Lois Emswiler

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
MartzChas. W.19021903s/W. A. & D. C.s/William & Delphia
MartzInfant3 Sep 1906Inf/W. A. & D. & Delphia
MartzAmanda V.12 Mar 184818 Jul 1905His WifeInclosed with iron fence; w/Isaac P.; nee Strickler
MartzLucy K.Sep 188930 Nov 1896d/I.P. & wifeInclosed with iron fence
MartzChap R.17 Jul 187716 Feb 1896s/I.P. & AmandaInclosed with iron fence
MillerCaroline6 Jul 18507 Feb 1901Aged 50y 7m 1d; w/James Miller
BuhlLottie V.19141914d/J. H. & N. L.
BuhlMary E.18941907d/J. H. & N. L.
BuhlRuth R.19221922d/J. H. & N. L.
WillEmma F.9 Jan 18804 Jun 1903Aged 23y 4m 25d; w/A. J. Will; d/Peter & Amanda Smith
BrownCharles E.18681937
BrownEmma See18811977w/Charles
PickeringMary Susan27 Nov 18414 Jul 1902Aged 60y 7m 7dd/James & Mary
MartzEllie12 Sep 1895d/I. P. & AmandaInclosed with iron fence
MartzDavid H.18861941
PickeringJennetta24 Aug 182512 Mar 1900Aged 75y 6m 18d; w/Richard; d/James & Anna Smith
PickeringRichard21 Mar 1862Aged 40y 1m; s/Daniel & Hannah
PickeringHannah23 Dec 1830Aged 46y 1m 27d; w/Daniel
BuhlMamie A.18991900d/J. H. & N. L.
MillsJoseph E.1 Oct 191316 Aug 1994
MillsJanet R.8 Jul 19432 Mar 1994
GrattanElizabeth1 Apr 177022 Jul 1849w/RobertLarge flat slab; dau of Peachy R. Gilmer
MillerEdward Wilson "Eddie"6 Aug 193625 Jun 1979Son; erected by mother Beatrice Echard
SmithJoseph26 Jan 185415 Mar 1907My Husband
SmithPeter23 Jul 18562 Nov 1907Aged 51y 3m 9d
SmithAmanda Jane2 May 185917 Nov 1937Aged 78 yrsw/Peter
SheetsLaura D.24 Jan 188823 Jun 1933
BrownR. Ruth19252002Grandle funeral home marker only
BrownRoger Lees/Charles E. & Emma S.No dates
MartzInfant22 Nov 1903Inf/W. A. & D. & Delphia
HomanElizabeth22 Feb 18109 Jul 1887
WillInfants/Emma F. & A.J. WillNo visible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
MartzIsaac P.20 Jan 184029 Sep 1915Inclosed with iron fence; Civil War Veteran
BrownPaul F.28 Sep 19021 Jul 1962
BrownVernie May19 Sep 19066 Jan 1907d/S. F. E.No visible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
BrownInfant25 Jan 1911Inf/C. E. & E. M.
BrownJohn R.7 Apr 19077 Mar 1908s/G. E. & E. M.No visible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
PickeringRichard16 Jan 182219 Jul 1847Aged 25y 6m 3d
MartzByrd P.17 Oct 188117 May 1884s/I.P. & AmandaInclosed with iron fence
SmithIda4 Mar 187819 May 1960Mother2nd w/Owen Smith
PickeringDaniel29 Jun 178624 Aug 1843Age 57y 1m 25d; s/Wm. & Barbara
StricklerJackson Lee13 Jan 18642 Jul 1956Inclosed with iron fence-can't get to headstone because of stickers; s/Lewis; unmarried-lived with his mother-died at her home.
StricklerMary Catherine3 May 18298 Oct 1921w/LewisInclosed with iron fence-can't get to headstone because of stickers
StricklerLewis5 Dec 182317 Dec 1890Aged 66y 10m 12dInclosed with iron fence-can't get to headstone because of stickers
StricklerNealy2 Jan 18671 Mar 1874d/Lewis & M. C.Inclosed with iron fence-can't get to headstone because of stickers
StricklerMary Margaret22 Feb 18517 Dec 1902d/Lewis & Mary C.Inclosed with iron fence-can't get to headstone because of stickers
MaygoonElizabeth E.25 Oct 18522 May 1879Aged 26y 6m 7d; w/John
SmithClarene V.7 Apr 191121 Jun 1911d/O. W. & Amanda
SmithOwen W.6 Aug 187620 Feb 1943Father
PickeringLydia10 Aug 183617 Jan 1907Aged 70y 5m 7dd/James & Mary
GoodJackson Lee11 Feb 19362 Feb 1938s/W. C. & E. M.s/Calvin & Edna
SmithSister28 Apr 19098 Jul 1910Aged 1y 2m 10d; d/O.W. & Amanda
SmithCatharine21 Nov 18155 Apr 1887?w/John B.
SmithAlbert G.19021949Husband
SmithRobert Wilson1 Jan 19074 Dec 1958Father
BazzelRheubin F.18711945
BazzelMaggie C.18781915His wifeon same stone as Rheubin F.; w/Rheubin F.
CowanJohn13 Mar 17839 Apr 1869Our Father
O'RoarkJohnnie7 Mar 1904Aged 18 das; s/W. I. & Anna MaryNo visible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
PickeringPhoebe24 Dec 18291 Mar 1840Aged 10y 2m 6d
SmithAmanda R.15 Jun 187816 Apr 1911Aged 32y 10m 1d; w/O.W.1st w/Owen Smith
PickeringJames5 Jun 179829 Oct 1863Aged 65y 4m 24d
PickeringWm. Thomas16 Jul 184822 Feb 1852
PickeringMary8 Jan 180322 Feb 1852Aged 49y 1m 14dw/James
CowanMary27 Aug 177910 Aug 1857w/John; Our Mother1st w/John; nee Pickering
HillyardJohn II11 Mar 184222 May 1842Aged 2m 11d
BazzelViola V.189419--His Wifeon same stone as Rheubin F.; Viola remarried & is buried at Fairview Church cemetery
SmithJohn B.12 Aug 182022 Feb 1897
PickeringMathia5 Oct 181411 Apr 1885Aged 20y 7m ?d; w/Wm.
PickeringCatharine23 Feb 182410 Apr 1892Aged 68y 1m 18d
ZirkleJames LewisAug 1852s/Benj. & Bettie; Our Sister's child
PickeringDaniel10 Oct 184321 May 1864Aged 20y 7m 11d; s/William & ?
PickeringSusannah2 Feb 1862Aged 22 days; d/Wm. & MathiaNo visible marker-recorded by D.A.R. in 1960s
PickeringWilliam6 Oct 1811Illegible stone-unalbe to read death date-covered with sod
UnknownJacobIllegible marker-stone flat on ground
PickeringWm. P.Jan 1815
PickeringBarbara Woodley21 Jun 1814Aged 55y 7m
ZirkleJames LewisAug 1852s/Benj. & Bettie; our sisters child
PickeringLucy24 May 183223 Mar 1918d/James & Mary