Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryRinace Cemetery
LocationPage County, Virginia. Recorded directions in 1960s by the D.A.R.-Located at Rinace Corners. About 8 miles northwest of Elkton, Virginia. Is owned by Trinity Church. Borders on land owned by Jack Armentrout and the Shipwreck Farm.
NotesIn 2011 no attempt was made to locate this cemetery.
Survey Date and Recorder1960s

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BatmanEmory P.19341934w/G. O. & M. S.
SteppRoy Lee29 Oct 1903Aged 2 yrs; s/A. J. & Lavenia
LongMinnie26 Dec 188831 Oct 1925
LongR. Hunter11 Dec 186512 Nov 1948
LongFleta V.14 Sep 188412 Jan 1966
LongGeorge W.20 Jan 187816 Nov 1960
LongAndrew13 Sep 186819 Jul 1934
LongReuben5 Nov 188922 Jan 1923
LongEliza E.28 Dec 183917 May 1895
BennettGeorge W.14 Sep 184412 Jun 1901Father
RinaceMargaret13 Jun 186513 Jun 1949Mother
RinaceAndrew J.3 Oct 186019 Mar 1933Father
HaydenAda V.19001928
LongJacob20 Jan 187818 Apr 1892s/R. & E.
BatmanDavid H.18581943
SteppGeorge Martin22 Nov 1903Aged 4 yrs; s/A. J. & Lavenia
SteppMillard L.9 Jan 19115 Oct 1919s/A. J. & Lavenia
RinacePhilip H.6 May 18643 Mar 1933Father
SteppAndrew Flory11 Nov 1903Aged 5 mos; s/A. J. & Lavenia
ArmentroutMary E.13 Nov 187223 Dec 1924Wife
RinaceMary R.19 Nov 186016 Apr 1933Mother
DuBoiseOwendolyne12 Dec 191730 Jan 1920d/G. E. & E. M.
RinaceGeorge A.4 May 184229 Dec 1910
RinaceEmmaline11 Aug 183616 Dec 1904w/George
BatmanBenjamin9 Jan 18838 Dec 1902s/D. H. & A. L.
RinaceErnest L.21 Dec 188525 Jan 1896s/A. J. & M. L.
RinaceJames Floyd14 Nov 191931 Apr 1921s/J. A. & C. E.
RinaceFrances G.20 Jun 19035 Jan 1904d/J. A. & C. E.
BatmanAnnie L.18641909