Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySellers Cemetery
LocationMelrose Caverns, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg, Virginia, take Route 11 north (North Valley Pike) to Route 721 (Fellowship Road). Turn right. Travel about 1/2 mile to Country Boy Lane and turn right. This is a dirt/gravel lane next to old house that is facing Route 721. The cemetery is located towards the end of this lane.
NotesEnclosed and overgrown. In 2011 and 2008 no attempt was made to record/photograph this cemetery, as it was overgrown. Many of the headstones were moved to Fellowship UM Church Cemetery but believe the remains are still located in this cemetery.
Survey Date and Recorder1960s

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
SellersAndrew30 Nov 177712 Oct 1859Aged 83y 10m 21dHeadstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
ArmentroutPaul B.13 Jan 1898Aged 15y 1m 16d; youngest son of H.B. & Elizabeth A.
GaitherInfant Son15 Nov 189515 Nov 1895s/J. & M.
PalmerHannah R. Sellers18 Apr 18542 Apr 1889
SellersIda E.S.30 Jul 186024 Sep 1861d/Silem & Rebecca
ArmentroutEliza A.16 Jul 1910Aged 65y 3m 29d; w/H.B. d/Silem Sellers
SellersSilem W.7 Jan 1887Aged 5y 7m 27d; s/J.B. & F.C.Moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
SellersIrene1 May 1901Aged 3y 2m 26d; d/J.B. & F.C.Moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
SellersDavid J.26 Jun 188531 Dec 1901Aged 16y 5m 4d; s/J.B. & F.C.Moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
SellersJacob B.5 Apr 184711 Sep 1931Moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
MaySarah F.18521943Sister of A.C. Palmer
ArmentroutCora Virginia19 Aug 187030 Aug 1870Infant d/H.B. & E.A.
SellersFrances C.13 Feb 185419 Jun 1930His WifeMoved to Fellowship UMC cemetery; w/Jacob
SellersRobert Rust21 Mar 185021 Mar 1851s/Silem & Rebecca
WashingtonOliver B.11 Jun 181711 Jun 1817Infant s/H.H. & Anna
ArmentroutElla Maude29 Mar 187824 May 1880d/B. & E.A.
HentonGeorge W.4 Mar 185926 Jan 1861s/Andrew & Barbara
WashingtonAnna G.4 Nov 18015 Nov 1872w/H.H.; d/James Baker
WestElizabeth15 Sep 180922 Nov 1889
HentonSon27 Feb 188620 Mar 1897s/J.W. & A.F.
HentonJohn William7 Dec 18469 Apr 1908s/Andrew & Catherine Harrison Henton
HentonHarrison P.6 Sep 1851Aged 3y 1m 16d; s/Andrew & Barbara Catherine
HentonBarbara Catherine13 Aug 182328 Jan 1877w/Andrew S.; d/David & Elizabeth Harrison
SellersHannah12 Feb 1852Aged 73 yrs; w/AndrewHeadstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
SellersWilliam B.28 Feb 184122 Jun 1909
SellersCatherine J.F.12 Apr 18582 Nov 1858d/Silem & Rebecca
LongDiannah Margaret24 Jan 185221 Oct 1925w/J.L.; d/Silem & Rebecca Sellers
HentonElise E.C.1 Nov 18834 Oct 1884d/J.W. & A.F.
HentonPeter16 Jul 1860Aged 67y 1m 2d
ChapmanJames Edward10 Jan 183327 Jan 1834
HentonAlberta Florence26 Dec 186325 Apr 1956w/John W.; d/J.W. & Eliza West
SellersWilliam4 Akpr 181616 Feb 1895
HalcombeMariantha29 Apr 185127 Feb 1867d/Rev. J. & H.
BerryJulia Ann18 Aug 184121 May 1967w/Newton; d/James & Annie Baker
LawsonVirgie E.2 Jan 188716 Mar 1907
LawsonRebecca15 Feb 1893Aged 61y 9m 14d; Our Mother
ArmentroutH.B.13 Mar 184217 Mar 1925
SellersDiannah29 Sep 18113 Jan 1849Consort of Michael
SellersSallie Frances18 Aug 184119 Jan 1923w/J.R.
KellerJohn R.30 Mar 186115 Nov 1884
BakerJames10 Mar 181327 Feb 1878
HentonFrancis Marion12 Feb 185330 Dec 1907w/Andrew S. & Catherine Harrison Henton
SellersJohn R.6 Jan 184524 Dec 1904s/Michael & Dianah
FlookEliza Ann8 Jun 183025 Apr 1922Aged 91y 7m 27d; d/Daniel & Margaret Sellers FlookHeadstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
LawsonBealy N.24 Jun 18826 Feb 1904
YanceyFrances E. Flook29 Dec 183913 Nov 1925Headstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
HentonElizabeth18 Sep 180528 Feb 1830
HentonInfant Daughter16 Apr 188916 Apr 1889d/J.W. & Alberta F.
SellersMichael Silem10 Apr 18643 Nov 1881Youngest son of Silem & Rebecca
SellersRebecca5 Mar 1891Aged 70 yrs; Mother
SellersSilem6 Aug 1899Aged 81 yrs; Father
FlookMartha J.21 Nov 18323 Nov 1889d/Daniel FlookHeadstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
PalmerAbram C.8 Jun 185012 Dec 1932
SellersNancy4 Mar 182327 Jul 1892
HaslerDora Yancey7 Oct 18763 Nov 1901w/John W.
YanceyGeorge W.20 Sep 183020 Oct 1907Headstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
SellersAndrew H.25 Mar 184514 Jun 1849
YanceyMargaret L.2 Jan 185626 Jan 1887d/George W. & PammieHeadstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
FlookMargaret Sellers18 Feb 18095 Mar 1899w/DanielHeadstone moved to Fellowship UMC cemetery
BakerAnnie10 May 181522 Oct 1875Consort of James
MyersJennie M.30 Mar 185630 Dec 1912w/Samuel R.