Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryBriery Branch Church of the Brethren Cemetery
LocationBriery Branch, Rockingham County, Virginia. Take Route 42 South (John Wayland Highway) and in Dayton turn right onto Route 257 (Ottobine Road) which changes name at the Ottobine crossroads (turn south) to Briery Branch Road. Drive 8.8 miles and church/cemetery is on the right side of the road, at the junction of Route 257 and 731 (Daniel Cupp Road).
NotesThe cemetery was recorded starting with the first row to the east and last row to the west. Rows were recorded from left to right (south to north). In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "Indications are that there are more graves without named markers than those with named markers." The notes in the "Remarks" column were made by Mr. Swank and/or taken from church records.
Survey Date and RecorderApr 2002
Robert & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BodkinsMae Lona18951974No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
CookInfant GirlDec 1956No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
CookInfant GirlAug 1964No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
CurryEva Belle189612 Mar 1924No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely; d/Wellie Snyder; w/Jasper N. Curry who is buried in Hetzer Cemetery PA
DriverJudy Fay19521952No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
GroggJohn Robert18731950No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
GroggLucy, Mrs.18751965No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
HowdyshellErnest9 Jan 189921 Dec 1961BrotherNo visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
KnicelyWiley H.19291983No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
KnisleyHarry Lee19371941No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
MichaelRebecca J.18861974No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
NicholasHarry R.19091963No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
PriceHensel M., Mrs.18891954No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
ToddThomas Garland19281975No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
ToddHarold W.19291977No visible marker - found in 1987 copy of church records by Betty Knicely
001KnicelyAubrey R.11 Jun 192728 Jan 1990
001KnicelyNellie E.3 Dec 19303 Oct 2001
001KnicelyLarry Ray14 Aug 195515 May 1990Beloved brother
001HeatwoleRonald R.9 Aug 1939
001HeatwoleJuanita B.30 Jan 1944
001KygerSidney Edward16 Apr 19143 Apr 1989
001RayKatrina Sue7 Jun 19908 Jun 1990
002RevercombR. Everette7 Jan 19359 Apr 1989Wed 16 June 1956
002RevercombAlda D.15 Jun 1935w/Everette
002RevercombRoy Lee4 Apr 19579 Mar 1990s/Everette & Alda
003GoschAlice G.19311999
004AllmanGregory William19 Apr 197820 Nov 1988
004CurryNorlyn Phillip19 Feb 1935Married 15 Sep 1956s/Alfred & Myrl Grogg Curry
004CurryRuby Jane20 Feb 193218 Sep 1985w/Norlyn P.; d/Wm. Luther & Annie Jane Taylor Losh
004MinnickVernon M. "Johnny"25 Jul 19324 Jan 1988Married 11 May 1957
004MinnickPeggy J.16 Mar 1935w/Vernon
005CaveWillie G.19091986
005CaveGeneva A.19091985
005Todd, Sr.Norman L.19361988McMullen funeral home marker only
005ToddTracey Ann19631997Lindsey funeral home marker only
005CaveBuford Gale26 Mar 193020 Dec 1985SFC U.S. Army Korea
006UnknownIllegible marker - appears to be grave here-recorded 2002
006UnknownFlowers here - appears to be grave-recorded in 2002
006EppardElwood Virgil10 Nov 19319 Jan 1997S1 US Navy KoreaMilitary marker only
007Harold, Jr.L. Dae4 Jun 19757 Oct 1983Our son
007WengerJoseph Sterling11 Apr 194716 May 1997SP5 U.S. Army Vietnam
007WengerCarolyn Lambert4 Sep 1945Married 28 Feb 1970w/Joseph S.
007HuffmanTheresa M.14 Mar 19564 Oct 1982
007MillerWeldon Andrew3 Jan 191325 Jan1999Dad
007MillerReba Newman26 Sep 19124 May 1994Mom; married 23 Aug 1933w/Weldon A.
008LambertErnest F.19021980
008LambertHelen Miller1912McMullen funeral home marker only - no death date shown
008PlaugherR. T. "Budge"9 Nov 19234 Jun 1990Father
008PlaugherDoris Jean9 Jan 192927 Jun 1984Mothernee Huffer
008HooverHarry L.28 Dec 1928
008HooverRuth E. Price8 Jul 194726 May 1982
008LeeBenjamin James14 Aug 197015 Sep 1986
009JohnsonElwood E.19061981
009JohnsonDella R.1915
009ZimmermanRussell C.6 Nov 191012 Jul 2000
009ZimmermanOlga C.22 Feb 19125 Aug 1994
009CookGilbert Eddie27 Nov 194318 Jul 1989Loving Father; Our children: Cindy D., Holly J., Rodney E.
009CookDottie Jane13 Sep 1941Devoted Mother
009Whitesel, Sr.Charles E.29 Oct 194028 Nov 1987Husband & Father
009ShefferMary Sue19651996Johnson funeral home marker only
009Whitesel, Jr.Guy J.27 Aug 191923 Aug 1996
009WhiteselGoldie M.26 Apr 192124 Mar 2000
009CurryGeorge Leonard15 Mar 19259 Feb 1981PVT U.S. Marine Corps WWIIMilitary marker only
010Cave, Jr.Tony Lee "T.J."19791981Our Baby
010TaylorCharles G.20 Jun 19514 Jul 2001
010TaylorRoy Esten25 Jun 191920 Nov 1982PVT US Army WWII
011ChambersDavid S.24 Aug 19037 Dec 1991
011ChambersIrene E.26 Sep 189715 Sep 1980
011KeslerAlonzo Dale16 Nov 190616 Sep 1987
011KeslerOlive Rose Foster19 Sep 191330 Dec 1995
011BodkinHarry Dewitt20 Jul 19268 Jan 1990S1 U.S. Navy WWIIMilitary marker only
012ZimmermanElmer J.29 Nov 1914
012ZimmermanLena M.21 Aug 191230 Nov 1985
012HortonKent P.14 Mar 19667 Jul 1980
012ShullJames Earnest3 Feb 189629 Apr 1987Married 31 Dec 1925
012ShullStella Leota14 Jan 19071 May 1986w/James E.
013GrahamRobert H.1 Nov 190924 Jan 1955
013GrahamMildred A.5 Aug 19109 Jul 1989w/Robert H.
013GrahamDolores Marie26 Jun 193724 Apr 1938d/R. H. & M. A.
013ShullMary E.18601946w/Joseph R.
013ShullJoseph R.18541933
013ShullWalter D.9 Jul 18895 Jul 1890s/J. R. & M. E.
013ShullJerry21 Dec 192822 Dec 1928
013CuppFred L.9 Dec 193225 Jan 1951
013CuppLottie H.20 Dec 190729 May 1973
013CuppLewis R.3 Dec 190326 Sep 1986
013GrimDonald Rudolph23 Sep 19309 May 2001Wed 21 June 1953
013GrimAudrey Jean5 May 1929
013PharesDon R.18731954
013PharesLulu V.18831964w/Don R.
013ShullPerry Hinkle15 Sep 189816 May 1964
013ShullJesse Wise8 Feb 18932 Jul 1964PVT US Army WWI, VA
013ClickFrances S. Cromer3 Sep 188725 Feb 1975
013ShullCalvin Joseph5 Jun 190010 Jan 1977s/Joseph & Elizabeth
014MillerMaude L.31 Aug 190224 Nov 1988Sister
014MillerKathryn22 Sep 191017 Jul 1989Sister
014MillerWilliam S.18741951
014MillerPearl B.18791979w/W. S.
014MillerBlanche26 May 1901Aged 5m 24d; d/W. S. & B. B.
014DriverGalen Thomas11 May 1908
014DriverViola L. Cook30 Jul 190812 Sep 1998
014CuppLydia R.8 Jan 185527 Nov 1919Aged 64y 10m 19d; w/F. W.2nd wife of F. W.
014CuppFredrick W.18561939
014CuppFannie E.15 Mar 1902Aged 44y 2m 22d; w/F. W.1st wife of F. W.
014CuppInfant Son19 Feb 1894s/F. W. & F. E.
014CuppOrville L.3 Dec 191515 Feb 1945PFC 417 Inf 76 Div WWII VA; Father; married 14 Feb 1939
014CuppGlenna W.30 Nov 1919Mother; Our Children: Dennis, Wayne, Ivan, Regena
014DriverInfant Girl1951No visible stone - recorded by Swank in 1967
014BleazardSean Paul9 Feb 198217 Jul 1982Our Son
015DriverDonna M.25 Oct 192430 Aug 2000
015Driver, Sr.Oscar P.13 Feb 191314 Jan 1987
015DriverMary L.18781976w/Anthony S.
015DriverAnthony S.18751938
015DriverJohnnie R.30 Aug 191030 Dec 1910s/A. S. & M. F.
015CuppDaniel7 Mar 1897Aged 66y 4m 2d
015CuppStuart P.23 Sep 186818 Nov 1928
015CuppGertrude E.16 Nov 18769 Oct 1956w/S. P.
015CuppTreva J.7 Jul 1898Aged 2y 4m 7d; s/S. P. & Gertie
015CuppEdna E.17 May 1895Aged 3m 3d; d/S. P. & G. E.; Our baby
016JavinsJ. Edward19001937
016JavinsMary E.1 May 186921 Nov 1916Mother; w/C. S.
016JavinChas. S.18671938
016JavinsInfant Son11 Mar 1899s/C. S. & L. E.
016CuppEliza J.25 Mar 1901Aged 32y 9m 16d; w/W. P.
016CuppInfant Sons/W. P. & E. J.No dates
016CuppInfant Son15 Oct 1899Aged 1 day; s/W. P. & E. J.
016CuppHattie M.20 Jan 1897Aged 8y 8m 20d
016CuppDaniel S.16 Jun 1897Aged 10y 3m
016CuppMary C.1 Feb 1897Aged 29y 10m 15dw/Wm.
016CuppLydia V.18 Feb 1897Aged 6y 3m 2d
016CuppDavid O.9 Mar 1897Aged 4y 11m 4d
016CuppOma V.23 Oct 18975 Mar 1988
016CuppInfant Son24 Jul 1945s/R. T. & Edith
016CuppRussell T.5 May 19079 Mar 2000
016CuppEdith S.19 Mar 190323 Sep 1987
016DriverMartin L.2 Mar 19023 Aug 1997
016DriverBeulah A.28 May 190310 Dec 1995
017DayGeorge E.18661937
017DayLydia S.18761960w/G. E.
017JavinsJames W.12 Oct 186521 Mar 1949
017JavinsSallie E.5 Aug 18735 Oct 1941
017JavinsArlie T.2 Feb 19033 Oct 1922
017JavinsJames William31 Jul 189731 Aug 1899
017UnknownI.Footstones - don't know person buried here
017C.M. C.Footstones - don't know person buried here
017UnknownFootstones - don't know person buried here
017C.L. R.Footstones - don't know person buried here
017C.T. E.Footstones - don't know person buried here
017C.D.Footstones - don't know person buried here
017CurryEdward F.25 Feb 187926 Jan 1971Fathers/Wm. Worth & Anne Jordon Curry
017CurryMary E.20 Oct 187320 Aug 1944Motherw/E. F.; d/John & Lucy V. Curry
017CurryDaisy M.22 Jun 189611 Dec 1955d/Edward F. & Mary E. Curry
017CurryRuby G.21 Jul 1977d/Edward F. & Mary E.
017ShullEthel Irene9 Mar 19002 Jan 1972w/John H.
017ShullJohn Henry24 Dec 18941 Sep 1973
017Simmers, Jr.Roy O.9 Jan 1952s/R. O. & Gay
017SimmersGay D.3 Aug 19244 Sep 1986
017SimmersRoy O.15 Aug 1921
018MitchellAlma F.23 Feb 190917 Feb 1955
018HowdyshellMary L.18691948
018HowdyshellRobert W.18751925s/Alexander & Maria A. Minnick Howdyshell; killed by lightening
018JavinsEdward Snodon18421911Batt E 18 VA Regt Confederate States Army
018MichaelJohn Newton18821961Funeral home marker only set in concrete
018MichaelMary Margaret18601918
018C.J. H.Footstones - don't know person buried here
018UnknownFootstones - don't know person buried here
018L.C. F.Footstones - don't know person buried here
018UnknownFootstones - don't know person buried here
018HowdyshellStella V.18 Nov 18892 Jan 1967
018HowdyshellWm. Earl21 Jul 191419 Aug 1979
018HowdyshellCharles N.3 Feb 18885 Aug 1958
018JavinsHattie E.19 Aug 189713 Mar 1955w/Edw. S.
018JavinsEdward S.7 Jul 189511 Jan 1967
018GioscioGinda Colleen27 Jan 197528 Jun 1994d/Vicki; d/Gina & Joe; gdau/David & Colleen
019HummelIla May6 Dec 192113 May 1922d/C. W. & M. E.
019HummelIvan Leonard6 Dec 19216 Dec 1921s/C. W. & M. E.
019HuffmanInfant2 Jul 19163 Jul 1916Aged 1d; d/A. R. & Lena
019LongSilas L.28 Nov 18289 Feb 1913Father
019LongVirginia27 Nov 183717 Feb 1911Motherw/Silas L.
019BooneWilmer E.20 Sep 19167 Aug 1918s/C. F. & M. S.
019WheelbargerRosia B.13 Mar 189614 Jan 1964
019WheelbargerCharles W. A.9 Mar 18774 Aug 1949
019WheelbargerMartha S.6 Feb 18867 Dec 1919w/Charles W.
019LongLydia S.21 Aug 186529 Sep 1940
019WheelbargerJohn H.7 Apr 18444 Apr 1918Father
019WheelbargerMary E.5 May 185325 May 1932Motherw/John H.
019WheelbargerDorcas MayInf. Dau/J. H. & M. C.No dates
019FosterJanice MarieNov 1942No legible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
019FosterJoseph S.1 Oct 19178 Nov 1981
019FosterRosaline H.18 May 1922w/Joseph S.
019HowdyshellCharles O.13 Aug 190021 Nov 1958
019HowdyshellEdna F.17 Dec 19031 Mar 1996Motherw/Chas. O.
019MillerPaul R.16 Jun 19065 May 1981
019MillerBeulah V.13 Sep 191129 Jul 1992w/Paul R.
019FosterLinda M.29 Sep 1947w/Bruce D.
020CuppJohn Alfred R.28 June 19003 Nov 1900s/John & Lydia
020CuppWilber H.4 Apr 190322 Jul 1903s/John & Lydia
020CuppJohn H.18581945
020CuppLydia E.18681943w/John H.
020CuppInfant Son13 Apr 196115 Apr 1961s/Bennie & Maxine
020CuppClarence A.12 Jun 190718 Jan 1998Our children Dorothy, Donna, Larry, Gay
020CuppVada L.8 Dec 190824 Aug 1986w/Clarence A.
020MillerJ. Mark6 Oct 194415 Feb 1997Our parents: Stuart L. & Martha D. Miller, Clarence A. & Vada L. Cupp
020MillerDorothy C.8 Apr 1945Our sons Christopher Jon, Jason Leew/J. Mark
021CuppI. Newton6 Jun 18653 Jun 1913Aged 47y 11m 27d
021CuppSarah E.16 Oct 18687 Mar 1931w/I. N. & F. W.; Our mother at rest
021CuppRessie M.9 Oct 189614 Sep 1918
021CuppAda B.28 Jan 189310 Apr 1919
021CuppMattie J.12 Nov 190516 Mar 1941
021CuppSamuel A.13 Aug 189518 Dec 1991
021CuppGrace B.9 Aug 190219 Dec 1957w/Samuel A.
021CuppMarcella C.19301933d/S. A. & Grace
021UnknownIllegible stone - recorded 2002
021UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded 2002
021UnknownIllegible stone - recorded 2002
021CurryTurner L.1 Aug 1897Aged 6m 9d; s/Sarah F.
021CookAlvin Oakley19181985
021SnyderPerry O.12 Feb 189819 Dec 1948
021SnyderDelphia A.16 Dec 19009 Feb 1989w/P. O.
021CaveInfant Son26 Apr 1954s/C. A. & Mary A.
021CaveCharles A.18 Aug 191422 Dec 1976
021CaveMary A. Smith7 Apr 19262000Lindsey funeral home marker has death date
021SmithTenie Simmons25 Dec 188821 Feb 1975Mother
021SmithSamuel H.20 Jun 191919 Feb 1958
022CurryMary M.16 Feb 185720 Jan 1906Aged 48y 11m 4d; w/John H.
022W.M. E.Illegible stone - recorded 2002
022L.M. J.Illegible stone - recorded 2002
023RexrodeInfant28 Mar 190128 Apr 1901s/G. C. & C. E.
023RexrodeInfant23 Dec 1909d/G. C. & C. E.
023CookJoan Vivian1 Jul 19407 Sep 1941d/Kenneth & Evelyn
023LongRoshor Roy18 Apr 190014 Aug 1900s/W. F. & C. F.
023LongCornelia F.15 Sep 186928 Apr 1900w/W. F.
023LongMatilda J.15 Sep 1894Aged 68y 1m
023HummelMary E.13 May 189915 Sep 1970w/Charles W.
023HummelCharles W.12 Jan 189112 Feb 1975
023FoxAnnie Mary Hummel2 May 188726 Nov 1976
023HummelFravel Everette10 Jan 192719 Nov 1989Husband
023HummelCorene Armstrong9 Dec 1934Wife
023CurryMartha L.11 Dec 188331 May 1978Mother
023CurryCharles A.2 Jun 18885 Jun 1957Father
023CurryKermit C.23 Sep 19228 Jun 1954Brother
023AuvilleHarvy28 Jul 192324 Nov 1992PFC US Army WWII
023AuvilleC. Annale26 Jul 1928w/Harvy
023DoveCharley Warren23 Oct 192028 Oct 2000S1 US Navy WWII; Loving parents of Jerry, Larry, Kenny, JohnnyMilitary marker reads Charles Warren Dove
023DoveBernice Hummel26 Dec 1923Married 8 Feb 1941w/Charley W.
024RiceAnnie B.25 Jun 19017 Aug 1901No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
024UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded 2002
024UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded 2002
024UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded 2002
024SimmonsDaniel A.18641938Father
024SimmonsMartha S.18681924Motherw/Daniel A.
024SimmonsInfants/D. A. & M. S.No dates
024SimmonsLizzy B.30 Mar 190020 Apr 1900
024SimmonsMinor C.26 Jun 189327 Sep 1898
024SimmonsElmer R.31 Jul 1896s/D. A. & Susan; Our Babe
024DickensonLloyd Langdon25 Dec 191922 Mar 1975PFC US Army WWII
024DickensonBessie Pearl Lee7 Feb 192329 Aug 1971
024HummellMildred K.10 Mar 192726 Aug 1969
024HummellRoger Allens/Garland & MildredNo dates
024HummellLarry Allens/Garland & MildredNo dates
024Hummell, Jr.Garland Kenneths/Garland & MildredNo dates
025UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded in 2002
025WeanLessie Howdyshell26 Apr 19027 Dec 1960Daughter
025HowdyshellJ. Robert18771970
025HowdyshellRebecca E.18741947
025SimmonsBlanchey M.29 Apr 189616 Aug 1896No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
025GroggCam A.8 Nov 18872 Jan 1948
025GroggAnnie J.24 Sep 189513 Jan 1989His Wifew/C. A.; nee Howdyshell
025GroggRobert C.1932
025GroggDarrell C.16 May 193227 May 1956VA FA US Navy
025HuffmanTillie L.10 May 192126 Dec 1956MotherNee Long
025HuffmanRoy W.29 Jan 191324 Jan 1981Father
025SmithJoseph P.31 Mar 19058 Nov 1981
025SmithStella A.2 Apr 191015 Sep 1988w/Joseph
026C.Annie25 Jun 19017 Aug 1901No surname on stone - recorded 2002
026SimmonsOma Caldon8 Sep 19055 Oct 1906d/W. H. & Rebecca
026SimmonsRebecca7 Feb 1920Aged 46y 9m 6d; w/W. H.
026SimmonsW. H.17 Mar 187225 Nov 1939
026UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded 2002
026WheelerSadie M.25 Sep 189211 Jan 1951w/Jacob
026WheelerJacob R.21 Aug 18827 Nov 1948
026WheelerInfant Daughtersdaus/Jacob & Sadie
026Unknown29 Apr 189?16 Aug 1896Illegible stone - recorded 2002
026UnknownBase only, stone missing - recorded 2002
026SimmonsWilmer N.19011949Married 11 Nov 1923; s/Daniel A. & Martha Long Simmons; b. 26 Mar 1901 d. 29 Jan 1949
026SimmonsMae V.19051996w/W. N.; d/Geo. Wine & G. Duggans Knicely
026PriceChester Calvin19461959No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
026AndersonGeorge W.1 Feb 190611 Aug 1969
026AndersonMeda B.2 Jul 190410 Jan1995
026MichaelDonald Franklin "Dude"20 May 19366 Oct 1993Maried 28 Jun 1956
026MichaelMary Jane Anderson "Mau"4 Mar 1934
027LongMervin L.7 Jan 190410 Dec 1906s/Emanuel & Nellie
027LongEmanuel S.22 Aug 188216 May 1956
027LongNellie M.14 Feb 188512 Jul 1957w/Emanuel
027UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded 2002
027HuffmanPaul C.16 Jun 190215 Sep 1950
027HuffmanShirley E.27 Feb 190812 Jul 1991
027HuffmanPerry Elmer21 Jan 19283 Feb 1986
027HuffmanCarl Samuel31 May 194314 Nov 2001
027HuffmanBetty Jordan8 Nov 1941
027AndersonAljournon G.14 Feb 18728 Jan 1957
027AndersonHattie M.23 May 18852 Mar 1990w/A. G.
027WheelbargerBessie R.9 Feb 1915d/Charles & Martha
027WheelbargerEthel S.3 Sep 193025 Sep 1982d/Charles & Rosie
027BooneMary Susan23 Feb 188324 Sep 1965
027WheelbargerMartin L.20 Sep 188016 Apr 1963
027AndersonHarlan Leo7 Aug 1929
027GroggLephia Etta10 Jul 19234 Mar 1997
027GroggFelecia M.19411997Johnson funeral home marker only
028LongOla May4 Jun 190912 Nov 1910d/J. D. & L. M.
028LongJ. Daniel11 Dec 186428 Mar 1940
028LongLavinia M.4 Jul 187020 Feb 1962w/J. D.
028LongLanie Magdalene15 Feb 191119 Dec 1987
028WeaseS. Scott24 Apr 186017 Sep 1949
028WeaseE. Ellen18608 Dec 1943
028WeaseAaron8 Apr 183724 Aug 1911
028WeaseNancy E.31 Oct 1899Aged 62y 1m 6d; w/Aaron
028WeaseIda P.21 Jun 1897d/A. & N. E.
028WeaseInfantInfant of Ida P. WeaseNo dates
028LashDawn Elaine26 Jun 19505 Jun 1951Aged 11m 9d; d/Ruby
028LashBrenda Louise1951No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
028LoshWalter H.4 Jul 192722 Jun 1976
028LoshW. Luther13 Aug 189815 Apr 1989
028LoshAnnie J.14 Dec 190125 Dec 1989
028LoshViolet A.25 May 1942
028CaveLeroy H.31 Oct 192311 Oct 1957
028Nicholas, Jr.Harry R.21 Dec 194121 Aug 1965
028CaveJohn W.31 Dec 18807 Jul 1966
028CaveSallie W.5 Feb 18905 Oct 1963w/John W.
028CaveVivian V.15 Nov 191120 Sep 1969
028BaughmanEskridge Glen30 Oct 191710 Nov 1997A loving father
029WheelerMariah J.13 Mar 18485 Apr 1907Aged 59y 23d; w/Peter W.
029WheelerPeter W.7 Jul 1914Aged 76y 10m 14d
029HoyLuther G.18 Oct 1913Aged 27y 6m
029UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded in 2002
029KnisleyFlorence R.2 Apr 18725 Nov 1899w/Anderson
029UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded in 2002
029KnicleyWalter19031906s/Mr. & Mrs. A.
029KnicleyEffie M.19011906d/Mr. & Mrs. A.
029KnicleyInfant1898s/Mr. & Mrs. A.
029GroggWilliam E.19021972
029GroggBessie B.1916
029GroggGarland E.19411942Son
029NicholasReba M.19182001McMullen funeral home marker only
029ClickWilmer G.26 Dec 1917
029ClickEva E.5 May 1932
029ClickDwight E.2 Jul 19526 Sep 1992
030M.B.Illegible stone - recorded in 2002
030BarkleyMary A.18871965
030BarkleyE. Newton18861968
030DriverAlma R.31 Mar 190410 Jul 1930
030DriverWilbur S.14 Aug 19048 Dec 1995
030DriverErva V.11 Apr 19162 Nov 1998
030DriverEva L.19301936d/W. S. & Alma
030CurryCharles18681950No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
030ShankElizabeth C.18841958w/W. H.
030ShankWilliam H.18761947
030TusingInfant Daughter17 Jan 1952d/Paul & Maxined/Paul C. & Maxine Grogg Tusing
030TusingPaul Clarence2 Nov 191925 Nov 1986TEC4 US Army WWII
030TusingMaxine Grogg15 Jul 1929w/Paul
030TusingLydia Ann2 Jun 194815 Apr 2002Headstone at foot of Maxine Tusing's grave
030KiracofeW. Houston24 Aug 189114 Sep 1970
030KiracofeAda B.17 Mar 189711 Oct 1976
030WineEarl Samuel19 Sep 190630 Mar 1992SK2 US Navy WWII
030WineRuth Cook11 Feb 1911
030WrightCharles H.19071986
030WrightD. Jean1936
031EyeWilliam A.17 Jun 18781 Jun 1909Aged 30y 11m 14d
031EyeAndrew J.14 Aug 187630 Sep 1911Aged 35y 1m 16d
031EyeHarry P.12 Jan 188611 Dec 1911Aged 25y 10m 29d
031EyeBarbara Jane11 May 185429 Nov 1934w/C. Frank
031GeorgeIda Jane10 Apr 189220 May 1938Mother
031EyeMollie C.21 May 188510 Oct 1910w/Harvey
031CurryJohn H.13 Mar 188011 Jan 1908s/John A. & Lucinda "Lucy" A. Good Curry.
031FairchildSadie Botkins Curry9 Aug 187725 May 1911
031LongPaul17 Nov 194922 Aug 1951s/Wm. & Hilma
031WengerSarah Ann12 Feb 18925 May 1966w/W. F. Long
031LongWilliam P.19081990TEC5 U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker reads: born 17 May 1908 died 1 May 1990
031LongRonald Gary19422001
031LongHilma D.19131997Military marker reads: w/William P. Long, born 19 June 1913 died 15 June 1997
031BodkinPaul O.10 Apr 191018 Feb 1975
031BodkinReba J.23 Aug 191519 Aug 1975
032CurryDee L.30 Mar 191531 Jan 1945PVT 313 Inf 79 Div WWII VA
032CurryPhillip H.18 Aug 188510 Nov 1953s/John H. & Mary Cook Curry
032CurryClara B.6 Feb 188717 Jun 1958d/John & Alice Corbins Knicely
032DriverLeona V.22 Sep 191317 Feb 1969
032CurryArnold Maryl6 Apr 192721 May1994PVT U.S. Army WWIIMilitary marker only
032HowdyshellGarland C.25 Nov 192422 Aug 1972
032HowdyshellBeatrice A.14 Jul 1924
032HowdyshellTimothy Wayne16 May 1975s/Douglas & Kathryn
033Minnick, Sr.Earl Henry12 Apr 191517 Aug 1970Father; Love Doris & Linda
033HummelVirgil "Boots"13 Jul 189912 Sep 1961
033HummelAnnie D.19 Jun 18978 Oct 1968
033UnknownIllegible marker - recorded in 2002
033HummelAdam J.18541920
033HummelMary E.18631929w/A. J.
033CurrySamuel H.18 Aug 189823 Dec 1922s/W. H. & I. D.
033SmithInfant Daughter30 Nov 1951d/L. T. & M. W.
033SmithLester T.22 Jun 192623 Apr 1969
033WengerRoland L.29 Sep 193629 Jul 1963
033WangerWillie A.19041952Father
033WangerVernie M.19061992Mother
033HowdyshellOmer Jim19312002Johnson funeral home marker only
033McKinleyKin Kirk W.18981971Inez KY
033ConnCharles R. "Ray"5 Sep 19516 Dec 1998
033ConnRosanne M.31 Oct 1953
034UnknownIllegible stone - recorded 2002
034UnknownIllegible stone - recorded 2002
034PropstInfant Daughter14 Apr 1914Aged 1d; d/Charles E. & Minnie M.
034BlackSarah, Mrs.1869?1964
034HowdyshellMartin L.7 Aug 190917 Jan 1966
034HowdyshellDelphia V.20 Jun 191813 Jan 1992w/M. L.
034RexrodeLouise11 Sep 18874 Jan 1968Mother
034RexrodeWilliam25 Nov 18821 Mar 1980
034McCrayJohn Leon12 Dec 193424 Nov 1960Son
034HummellJason Lee8 Jun 1971s/H. L. & Mildred
034KnicelyMyrtle H.19171966
034KnicelyHenry E.19031974
034RaceyShirley Ellen19391992Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker only
034LoshWade D. "Pete"12 Jun 192711 Apr 1997
034LoshPauline Z.30 Jan 1928
035HowdyshellHubert E.16 Aug 19237 Sep 1923Children
035HowdyshellAlice V.29 Aug 19277 Feb 1928Children
035HowdyshellGoldie G.22 Jan 19032 Feb 1950
035UnknownIllegible river rock - recorded 2002
035PlaugherWilliam H.16 Feb 186119 Jan 1938
035PlaugherHattie S.27 Jul 188419 Jan 1956
035S.M. C.Footstone - recorded 2002
035CattHarry M.17 Oct 191727 May 1986
035CattEffie M.19 Jan 192720 Nov 1988
035ShankJohn14 Dec 187722 Jan 1953
035ShankMary15 May 189023 Mar 1952
035ShankFannie L.19281999Lindsey funeral home marker only
035ShankJackie L.2 Apr 19525 Jan 1969c/Elijah & Fannie
035ShankJohn H.19141997Lindsey funeral home marker only
035CookAndrew J.19021983s/Samuel & Ida Corbin Cook
035CookOlla S.19021967w/Andrew; d/Robert W. & Mary Laverne Javins Howdyshell
035Minnick, Sr.Ray M.19252002Lindsey funeral home marker only
035MinnickThomas Wayne19491962s/Ray & Virginia
036DickensonJohn Edmond FamilyStone only
036SagerMary C.18651924Mother; w/J. A.
036UnknownIllegible marker - recorded 2002
036UnknownIllegible marker - recorded 2002
036ShifflettJannie K. "Johnie"16 Mar 1929
036ShifflettFrank W.3 Aug 1928
036LeakeJames A.19051974
036LeakeDelia F.18911968
036GroggOcie Wyatt11 Dec 19237 Sep 1979
036GroggJack17 Dec 191821 Dec 1978
036GroggG. Garth18 Aug 19396 Sep 1993
036ReedyWanda Y.20 Apr 19363 Oct 1976
037KnicelyClaude E.19071986Brothers
037KnicelyBoyd D.19131980Brotherss/Geo & Georganne Duggans Knicely
037KnicelyHenry D.9 Jan 190326 Sep 1936
037KnicelyMabel G.2 Feb 19055 Oct 1934
037KnicelyGeorge W.12 Feb 18659 Apr 1924
037KnicelyGeorgeanna7 Jul 18715 Feb 1957w/George W.; nee Duggan
037HowdyshellOtho W.19091982Married 19 Apr 1930s/Samuel & Gertrude Curry Howdyshell
037HowdyshellElla B.19101973w/Otho Wm.; d/Wm. & Alice Grogg Minnick
037HowdyshellInfant Son8 Jan 1932s/O. W. & Ella
037HowdyshellSamuel H.16 Apr 187828 Mar 1957
037HowdyshellGirtie F.22 Mar 188228 Jul 1948
037HowdyshellAlbert D.16 Mar 190016 Aug 1921
037HusseyElla Pearl23 Sep 188313 Jun 1974
037HusseyRussell G.19081979
037HusseyWilliam Earl22 Jul 192110 Nov 1993CPL US Army WWIIMilitary marker only
037HusseyLoreen S.1915w/Russell G.
037CurryWendell E.19381979My beloved husband. I love yous/Ethel Curry
037CurryDorothy Marie19402002Johnson funeral home marker only
038WineLula F.4 Jan 18733 Dec 1948w/E. G.
038WineEdward G.19 Jun 187618 Feb 1933
038WineEliza A.No dates; buried here-recorded 2002
038WineSamuel N.No dates; buried here-recorded 2002
038KnicelyAnthony12 Nov 187115 May 1958s/Donald & Catharine Randall Knicely; married 19 Dec 1896
038KnicelyMary J.25 May 187325 Jun 1969w/Anthony; d/Wm. & Anne Jordon Curry
038DevierLucreasia Bell Curry25 Jun 1936Aged 57 yr; w/A. J.; d/Wm. & Annie B. CurryMarried 24 Feb 1920
038CurryWilliam W.18501924Fathers/John & Eliz. Jane Cool
038CurryAnnie F.18551924Motherw/Wm.; d/James & Frances Jordon
038ClinedinstSarah F.18771965Motherd/Wm. & Anne F. Jordon Curry
038HuffmanJohn O.11 Mar 19242 Mar 1996Father; Pvt U.S. Army WWII; married 12 Feb 1942
038HuffmanGay Wine17 Sep 1923Mother; our children: John Jr., Joan, Dee, Joey
038CookClay1928s/Andy & Olla Lavene Howdyshell Cook; Retired SSGT U.S. Army; church records indicate he died 3 May 1986
038CookLois C.19281978
038HuffmanArbry Adolph19251996Johnson funeral home marker only
039AllmanRhoda A.30 Sep 191113 Nov 1966Motherw/Walter C.
039AllmanWalter C.30 Jan 190314 Jul 1990Father
039AllmanRodger H.1910
039AllmanMary S.1914No date-Mary is buried here
039AllmanEverette W.26 Oct 19363 Nov 1936s/R. H. & Mary
039AllmanW. D.12 May 186630 Mar 1947
039AllmanMary S.31 Dec 187228 Jan 1936His wifew/W. D.
039AllmonBlanche A.3 May 190626 Apr 1926d/W. D. & M. S.
039BodkinSarah, Mrs.18881955Lindsey funeral home marker only
039BodkinM. Wilson18 May 190829 Jun 1997
039CurryAshby C.28 Dec 190823 Jun 1966
039KnottShawn T.13 Apr 197624 Apr 1976
039KnottJustin Colby2 Dec 19836 Nov 1993Son; Brother
039BoydFranklin H.7 Jul 194829 Oct 1977
039LoshR. Leroy19241979
039LoshNellie I.19211993
040HowdyshellGracie E.6 Aug 191210 Aug 1941Sister
040HowdyshellJohn Thomas1 May 18757 Dec 1943Father
040HowdyshellLizzie Catherine29 Oct 18763 Oct 1969Motherw/John T.
040HowdyshellClaude E.25 May 190628 Oct 1928s/J. T. & L. C.
040HummellIva J.29 Dec 192727 Apr 1928d/Mr. & Mrs. J. N.
040HummelCarl N.3 Apr 19159 May 1974PFC US ArmyMilitary marker only
040HummelEarl James11 Aug 192312 May 1971CPL Army Air Forces WWII VA
040HummellMinnie E.1 Aug 189212 Jun 1982
040HummellJasper N.14 Jan 188629 Feb 1928Children: Olen L., Loy W., Carl A., Viola M., Meda E., Goldie M., Earl J., Ray D., Iva J.
040PuffenbargerLon7 Nov 190326 Sep 1965Father
040PuffenbargerArtie28 Apr 18963 Aug 1972Mother
040HummelTrenton A.25 Dec 191726 Apr 1952GM1 US Navy VA; sonMilitary marker only
040Sheffer, Jr.Jacob Daniel12 Sep 191725 Jun 1988Husband
040ShefferLeola Maxine11 Feb 192910 Mar 1985Wifew/Jacob B.
040BodkinTony L.26 Jun 19644 Dec 1976s/Leo C. & Carolyn C.
040BodkinJeffery E.25 Jul 19664 Dec 1976s/Leo C. & Carolyn C.
040BodkinAmber Marie13 May 198214 Feb 1983d/Michael C. & Leona M.
040BodkinLeo Carroll12 Dec 19355 Feb 1998Wed 27 Oct 1956
040BodkinCarolyn June "Honey"6 Jun 1940Children: Donna, Dennis, Mike, Hopew/Leo C.
041PropstBobby Lee17 Jun 193311 Aug 1994
041PropstOney F. "Papa"14 May 19063 Jan 1981
041PropstPauline H. "Mama"12 May 190711 Jun 1980w/Oney
041HuffmanMary V. "Ginny"7 Nov 188222 Oct 1943
041HuffmanDavid T. "Tom"9 May 18849 Feb 1959
041HuffmanMary E.11 Jan 186020 Nov 1941Motherw/S. H.
041HuffmanSamuel H.25 Oct 18613 Jul 1929Father
041KnisleyPeter F.29 Sep 184814 May 1928
041PlaugherMary M.25 Jun 190728 May 1952
041KnicelyCarrie B.16 Mar 18786 May 1966
041KnicelyMichael H.15 Mar 187521 Apr 1938S.T.S. & Z.E.S.Initials on stone at bottom
041KnicelyJohn Newton18821953Funeral home marker only
041KnicleyWilma L.2 Apr 19411 Jun 1981w/Willard
041KnicleyWillard W.30 Jun 193228 Nov 1996
041BaldwinLandon G.26 Jul 19674 Dec 1976s/L. Glen & Dorothy S.
041BaldwinDorothy L.5 Apr 194312 May 2000
041BaldwinLuther G.24 Dec 1941
042KnicelyJacob A.17 Sep 189428 Feb 1937
042HuffmanGeorge C.28 Sep 18963 Oct 1937Father
042WhetzelAnnie Margie Huffman6 Oct 190319 Aug 1972On headstone with George Huffman
042KnicelyVillia Lavine5 Oct 191628 Apr 1968
042KnicelyLuther W.22 Sep 190626 May 1999Z.E.S. & J.D.D.S.Initials on stone at bottom
042LohrNorman Ray9 Jul 19689 Jul 1968s/LeRoy C. & Janice L.
042ClinedinstC. D. "Jack"3 Jun 1921
042ClinedinstNina B.23 Feb 19228 Aug 1997
042SlyeCharles Jonathon14 Sep 197815 Apr 1994
043MinnickDee Ray14 Jun 193528 Jun 1938ch/Mr. & Mrs. Frank Minnick
043MinnickNaomi Mae29 Feb 194029 Feb 1940ch/Mr. & Mrs. Frank Minnickd/Frank & Leona
043MinnickJ. Frank19021977
043MinnickLeona M.19101997Married 24 Dec 1928
043McAbeeAnna Lee10 May 192529 Oct 1978Sister
043KnicelyRonald D.24 Sep 193730 May 1977s/Boyd David & Zela W. Grogg Knicely; 1w/Barbara Shifflett; 2w/Judy Harris
043KnicelyZelma W.13 Nov 191510 Sep 1993Mother; "Fluffy Our Buddy" (dog photo)
043FulkPeggie L.30 Oct 193519 Dec 1997DaughterOn headstone with Zelma Knicely
043GlickMarvin F.19041980Father
043GlickSallie S.1907Motherw/Marvin F.
043GlickLarry19521975Sons/Marvin F. & Sallie S.
043HartmanBobby A.22 Jun 1967Married 20 Dec 1996
043HartmanGina J.3 Jan 1962
043CurryLarry C.26 Jul 1943Dad; married 17 May 1963
043CurryJeanie W.26 Dec 194517 Jan 2000Mom; Our sons: Clint, Darren, Tim
044CurryAlfred L.7 Oct 190721 Oct 1975Father; married 17 Apr 1930s/Philip & Clara Knicley Curry
044CurryMyrl A.5 May 1914Motherd/Cameron & Anne Jane Howdyshell Grogg
044CurryNorma Catherine22 Sep 19365 Aug 1938d/Alfred & Myrl
044CurryHarold David5 Aug 193021 Aug 1931s/Alfred & Myrl
044CurryWilliam Henry18751956s/John A. & Lucinda "Lucy" A. Good Curry; Funeral home marker only; Church records show b. 1 June 1875 d. 3 May 1956
044CurryIda G.8 Aug 187218 May 1938w/Wm. H.; nee Grogg
044CurryConnie C.27 Mar 191215 Feb 1953s/Wm. H. & Ida D. Grogg Curry
044CurryAnnie C.6 Sep 1920w/Connie C.; d/Z. T. & Nealie Howdyshell Plaugher
044CurryDickie Carson31 Mar 195028 Jul 1970PFC Trp B 11 Armd Cav Div Vietnam BSMKilled in Vietnam; s/Cornelius & Annie Plaugher Curry; military marker only
044SnyderRobert D.5 Apr 191622 Oct 1975
044SnyderCharlsie C.7 Jan 1918
045LoshAndrew J.18821961
045LoshBessie J.18881958w/A. J.
045LoshBaby EdithInfantNo dates shown
045LoshFlomia E.24 Nov 190818 Apr 1988On headstone with Baby Edith
045MillerA. Luther18671943
045MillerLydia V.18671941
045MillerLeRoy C.2 Dec 18957 Feb 1963
045MillerRuth F.25 Jan 19002 May 1984
045WhisenantOlive P. Miller25 Sep 189718 Apr 1993
045PuffenbargerJacob O.2 Sep 190526 Jul 1965
045Todd, Jr.Robert F.22 Jan 197911 Nov 1995
046HowdyshellJ. W.13 Jan 187027 Nov 1948
046HowdyshellMary M.4 Apr 186721 Mar 1934His wifew/J. W.
046CookLoda L. Hummel22 Dec 192719 Nov 1993
046HowdyshellCora Edna4 Aug 19086 Feb 1939w/L. W.
046HowdyshellHarold W.8 Apr 19278 Nov 1942
046HowdyshellPaul K.14 Nov 19398 Oct 1948
046HowdyshellEldon W.7 Jun 19353 Jan 1984
046HummelLoy W.21 Mar 19134 Sep 1967PFC Co.K 11th Inf. Regt WWII; Daddy; Granddaddy
046Brogangoldie Mae Hummel12Jul 192514 Apr 1992Mother
046MilsteadRonald E.2 May 193330 May 1991Stepfather of Rob, Connie, Scott
046MilsteadJoyce Ann "Tootsie"18 Apr 19419 May 1978
046ShullRodney K.19101993Married 25 Jul 1936
046ShullO. Janet1919Appears to be burial here; w/Rodney K.
046ShullGary Norman18 Jan 19413 Aug 1967Father
046ShullMabel Cave22 Jun 19476 Dec 1966Mothernee Cave
046CookGilbert K.29 Apr 19214 Feb 1994Wed 25 Dec 1939
046CookLena K.26 Sep 1921w/Gilbert K.
046ShullJeremy William24 Nov 199424 Nov 1994
047MillerOrey C.19171932
047MillerTwilight W.19411941
047MillerPaul L.19331964
047MillerAlbert R.18821945
047MillerDora D.19001964nee Minnick
047MinnickAmandy A.8 Sep 186910 Dec 1934Mother
047MinnickErshel L.27 Mar 192316 Jul 1967
047LongRodney G.15 Apr 191328 Sep 1973Father
047LongMary H.MotherNo dates shown
047HowdyshellJohn M.18661930
047HowdyshellMary T.18661945w/John M.
047MorrisJohn I.20 Mar 189215 Feb 1977
047MorrisElsie V.4 Jan 190526 Aug 1996w/John I.
047MinnickHiram L.19011991Father
047MinnickMarvie L.19061975Motherw/Hiram L.
047CuppAlice L.8 Oct 19152 May 1983w/Lenwill I.
047CuppLenwill I.27 Sep 19101 May 1973
047CookGalen L.8 Feb 1923Appears to be burial here
047CookBernice A.28 Jun 192921 Dec 1994
047CookJason Lee20 Mar 197619 Jul 1995s/Jimmy & Cindy
042KnicelyBenjamin Franklin11 May 190915 Apr 1995s/Michael H. & Carrie Bowman Knicely; Z.S.Initials on stone at bottom
019FosterBruce D.29 Dec 194014 Jan 2000Married 23 May 1981