Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryMt. Clinton Mennonite Church Cemetery
LocationMt. Clinton, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg travel west on Route 33 (Rawley Pike) approximately 6 miles and take a right onto Route 752 (Muddy Creek Road). Continue on Route 752 about 3 miles and take a left onto Route 726 (Mt. Clinton Pike). You will cross a bridge and go about 6/10ths mile and cemetery will be on the left side of the road.
NotesRecorded cemetery from left to right (east to west) and headstones from left to right (south to north). In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "This cemetery is well kept. Indications show more graves without markers." The notes in the "Remarks" column were provided by Mr. Swank.
Survey Date and Recorder24 May 2002
Robert & Lois Emswiler

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

Surnames are sorted by section / plot / row / grave - only sections and rows are shown

SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
VanpeltGrantNo visible marker; J. Robert Swank note in 1967 - Minor Hoover said this man is buried here.
001NelsonWilliam W. "Billy"25 Sep 195824 Feb 2000Children: Bobby, Ashley
002NelsonBruce A.14 Feb 1928Father, Our children: Danny, Kathy, Bruce Jr.(Buddy), Billy
002NelsonPauline F.7 Mar 193120 Dec 2001Mother
002TroyerRoger, D.D.S.17 Nov 194531 Aug 2000Our children: Sarah K., Emily J., David M., Jared M.
002TroyerJeanne Miller23 Apr 1951w/Roger
003MoyersCletus Hopkins26 Aug 191627 Dec 1990
003KirkpatrickRebecca F. Payne28 Jun 19197 Dec 1994
003KnightPaul B.30 May 1927Father
003KnightRuby11 Jun 192720 Jul 1998Mother
003CaldwellLoyd E.19292000Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker only
003BrownHarold19341999Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker only
003DoveLeona M.1 May 19163 Oct 1999
003CarpenterJulian O., Rev.28 Jul 194129 Oct 2001SFC U.S. Army Vietnam
003CarpenterRandy19532002Johnson funeral home marker only
003McDormanLeonard W. "Mack"16 Feb 193011 Mar 1999Our children: Bonnie, Leonard Jr., Rhonda Huffman, R. Joseph, Lewis Milton, Libbie Ritchie
003McDormanRuby Hawkins15 Jun 1932w/Leonard
003KnightBobby E.13 Oct 193828 May 1999
003HighRonald G.27 Dec 193810 Feb 2002
003HighEvelyn M.9 Nov 1948
004SmithWarren H.23 Feb 192215 May 1987U. S. Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Warren Howard Smith
004SmithWretha A.8 Mar 192913 Feb 1998
004KnightRalph F.11 Jun 192012 Jan 1997PFC U.S. Army WWII
004RitchieIvan16 Oct 19147 Jun 1998
004RitchieHelen T.19 May 191614 Mar 1998
004JonesEffie H.31 May 19102 Jun 2000Mother
004BurkholderI. David3 Sep 1936Married 1 Sep 1956
004BurkholderLois C.5 Jan 1937w/I. David
004SimmonsMabel13 May 193026 Nov 1998
004HoskinsDella May19172000Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker only
004ZirkleCoyn Clayton19411999McMullen funeral home marker only
004PayneEdward L.9 Jul 191229 Jul 2001
004PayneNaomi P.18 Oct 1925
004Payne, Sr.Clarence E.10 Aug 19207 Feb 1999
004JohnsonRussell F.19751998
004EppardRobert D.19401997Wed 29 Dec 1979
004EppardKatherine M.1938w/Robert D.
004Smith, Jr.Charles W.18 Oct 1931
004KnightMargie Louise4 Apr 194028 May 1998
005PayneJohn W.16 Mar 191424 May 1999Cpl U.S. Army Air Forces WWIIMilitary marker reads John Wilmer Payne
005SmithJacob Leon (Ginger)28 May 196026 May 1994
005CurryCharles L.8 Mar 1943Married 8 Aug 1961
005CurryShirley H.18 Jul 194730 Mar 1994w/Charles L.
005PaynePaul23 Aug 19176 Apr 1987
005HooverFrances K.11 Jun 19153 Mar 1987
005HooverRobert Lee19251988AS U.S. Navy WWII
005HooverDanny Leroy10 Jun 1952Son
005HooverAnna Lee3 Jan 192728 Aug 1993Mother
005HooverJacob T. "Jakie"16 Oct 193113 Jun 1993
005KnightAvis E.19 Jun 1949Our children: Kim, Bryan, Chris, Wesley, Dustin
005KnightVera J.16 May 1948w/Avis E.
005ThomasWanda Hamilton26 Aug 194823 Feb 1996Mother
005SimmonsStanley L.16 Aug 195124 Dec 1992Married 2 Dec 1979
005SimmonsVirginia L.5 Jul 1957w/Stanley L.
005HooverPaul30 Nov 192827 Aug 1996
005LamSidney McClure22 Sep 191923 Apr 1993
005LamHazel Lea19 Apr 192214 Sep 1998
005SmithHenry A.14 Apr 193215 Apr 1986Married 7 May 1950
005SmithMamie M.9 Mar 1934w/Henry A.
005HuffmanJohn W.6 Aug 191514 Mar 1995Pfc U.S. Marine Corps WWIIMilitary marker reads John William Huffman
005HuffmanGeraldine M.5 Jun 191324 Sep 1988
005UnknownStone missing-only base in 2002
006CaldwellFrank8 May 191612 Nov 1980
006CaldwellHoward C.8 Apr 191418 Oct 1995
006CaldwellDorothy M.21 Jun 1921
006CaldwellLeonard2 Jun 192227 Nov 1989
006KnowlesRandall Alan11 Jan 19643 Dec 1979s/Riley A. Jr. & Ruth M. (Swope) Knowles
006SwopeHoward P.19131980Father
006SwopeMartha A.19101996Mother
006KnightBarney K.10 Aug 19087 Feb 1980
006KnightMinnie B.8 Dec 1917
006LambertEdward L. "Eddie"2 Dec 193712 Jun 1995
006LambertGeorgie L.3 Sep 1934
006BynakerJohn P.14 Aug 191931 Oct 1997
006SanfordTaga L.22 Jun 192424 Jul 1983
006HooverPete20 Jul 192019 Mar 1983
006HooverMargie C.20 Dec 1928
006HooverLester L.20 Sep 193110 Jan 1988Their children: Judy, Billy, Jeff
006HooverRosie S.26 Jun 1933w/Lester L.
006FinkCharles F.22 Feb 19267 Oct 1982
006FinkReba V.17 Dec 1928
006McDormanJ. Richard19271979
006McDormanLorraine B.19331983
006ReedyArlie Eugene28 Feb 195611 Jul 1987
006PayneHarry L.25 Aug 1924
006PayneMary C.17 Mar 192710 Oct 1996
006ReedyJordan W.20 Apr 199620 Apr 1996Our son
006PayneEdward Eugene16 Mar 19083 Jun 1992
006EppartBarbara Ann13 Nov 196822 Feb 1989Daughter
006ShoemakerJames W.20 Mar 18931 Feb 1980
006ShoemakerSallie C.21 May 190612 Jan 1989
006EaversJames Orville19201987Pfc U.S. Army WWII
007HowdyshellWhitney Lee20 Sep 192718 Sep 1981Father; Married 11 Feb 1950; Our children: Rickey, Lester, Janet, June, Joann
007HowdyshellJearlene V.6 Dec 1930Motherw/Whitney Lee
007SandyElbert W.8 Nov 193521 Sep 1995Brother, uncle & friend
007CaldwellRobert F.19021979Father; Children-Earl, Pauline, Loyd, Golden, Clarence, Geraldine, Rachel, Helen, Brenda
007CaldwellLucille S.19081979Motherw/Robert F.
007CaldwellEarl David19231980Lindsey funeral home marker only
007ShowalterW. Earl14 Aug 190830 Jan 1992Father; Children-Ethel, Paul, William, Mary Lee, Samuel
007ShowalterElma K.14 Feb 191015 Dec 1986Motherw/W. Earl; nee Kingree
007CrawfordLester J.6 Apr 1929
007CrawfordArvilla M.4 Jan 193110 Jun 1992
007Anthony, Sr.James W.2 Jan 19363 Oct 1988
007AnthonyLoretta J.14 Aug 1937
007McDormanClaude S.29 Dec 19046 Oct 1982
007McDormanIva B.23 Sep 191320 Sep 1996
007AllenJames P.17 Sep 19304 Mar 1988Pvt U.S. Army KoreaMilitary marker reads James Paul Allen
007AllenHelen G.29 May 1930
007AllenJohn W.8 Mar 195216 Oct 1978Father; Our children-Vicky, Cindy, Denise
007AllenSandra S.11 Jan 1954Motherw/John W.
007McDormanRussell B.22 Jan 1922Father; married 30 Aug 1952
007McDormanViolet G.21 Aug 19363 Jun 1978Motherw/Russell B.
007CrouchWilliam7 Jan 19137 Nov 1986
007CrouchGrace F.1 Dec 191816 Aug 1990
007HensleyVirginia M.5 Mar 193827 Mar 1985nee Crouch
007BrooksCarl E.21 Aug 192827 Oct 1977Father; Children-Karen, Tommy, Steven, Jackie, Dale, Carl, Cindy
007BrooksThelma B.2 Feb 1929Motherw/Carl E.
007HooverWeldon K.27 Feb 19098 Mar 1977
007HooverCharlotte M.9 Jun 191613 Oct 1995
008HarperJune Faye7 Oct 195931 Aug 199
008HowdyshellDaniel W.26 Sep 197922 Feb 1980Son
008FallsLy? Hazel19251997Kyger Trobaugh funeral home marker only-letters missing
008FallsLayton C.12 Jan 191318 Feb 1991
008SimmonsLeslie P.10 Jan 194016 Oct 1977
008SimmonsGenevieve A.22 Feb 1943
008SmithWilliam E.12 Jul 191219 Sep 1985Husband; S2 U.S. Navy WWIIMilitary marker reads William Evert Smith
008SmithCatherine G.8 Jan 1939Wifew/William E.
008ShoemakerCharles S.20 Feb 19482 Jun 1984
008Donovan20 Jun 195310 Jun 1977
008DonovanDavid20 May 1932Father
008DonovanBrownie M.12 Mar 19339 Dec 1999Mother
008HooverDallas L.2 Apr 1941
008HooverMargie M.29 Mar 1941
008KnightHarry17 Aug 19129 Apr 1984
008KnightHazel M.24 Aug 1918
008KnightDonnie Lee14 Jun 1957
008WarnerTynia Luann Wilburn11 Mar 196825 Nov 1994Her children: Karen, Jennifer, Timothy
008AllenRodney Wayne25 Nov 197223 Feb 1977
008AllenLarry P.26 Jan 19496 Mar 1993Pvt U.S. Army Vietnam; His children-Rodney, Stefanie, JohnMilitary marker reads Larry Paul Allen
008ReedyArlie H.24 Dec 19182 Jan 1994
008ReedyTressie E.6 Apr 192413 May 1994
008RexrodeGeorge E.19041976
008RexrodeLena B.19061996
008KingJoseph R.6 Mar 189427 Dec 1975Father; Married 2 Jun 1926
008KingOla Fulk3 Oct 189627 Mar 1981Motherw/Joseph R.
008SparksB. Joan King20 Mar 192710 Jul 1999Beloved d/Joseph R. & Ola Fulk King Sparks
008HooverFannie C.20 Mar 18857 Feb 1981Erected by Charlotte
008HooverBobby Lee7 Aug 194026 Oct 1982
009RexrodeBenjamin B.29 Mar 192114 May 1995
009RexrodeArizona R.30 Jul 1921
010McDormanScott A.28 Jan 1976
010CaldwellRocky A.12 Aug 194716 Apr 1978
011DonovanMary E.18 Mar 191112 Jun 1912d/David F. & Lillie D.
011DonovanJames E.26 Oct 1912Aged 19y 23d; s/David F. & L. D.
011DonovanLurty M.18 May 19032 Nov 1918Aged 15y 5m 15d; s/David F. & Lillie D.
011HensleyInfant Daughterd/Mr. & Mrs. N. HensleyFuneral home marker only; located at the bottom at backside of Donovan stone
011DonovanDavid F.4 Mar 187028 Aug 1944
011DonavanLillie Dale19 Dec 19712 Mar 1919Aged 47y 2m 11d; w/Daniel F.d/David & Mary J. Shoemaker; Note: stone shows birth year as 1971 & actually is 1871
011ClemmerTracey B.23 Aug 1923Aged 27yr; w/W. S.
011M.S.Foot stone with initials only - recorded 2002
011FallsLewis19081979Lindsey funeral home marker only
011ShoemakerLuverna24 Nov 188517 Jul 1913d/W. N. & M. J.
011ShoemakerMary Jane7 Feb 184915 Jun 1929
011ShoemakerNoah W.18611934
011FallsJearls D.19131923s/O. D. & M. L.
011FaulsNoah W.19201943
011FaulsBertie L.19241945
011FaulsJene A.19431945
011FallsOtis D.10 Aug 18886 Jan 1948
011FallsMennie Lee22 Jun 188826 Jun 1952w/O. D.
011LeeMyra B.13 Mar 1931Aged 20d; d/B. W. & N. L.
011LeeNyrie L.17 Jun 190029 Aug 1956w/B. W.
011LeeBenjamin W.16 Jan 189926 Jun 1968
011ShoemakerRoy L.27 Apr 19151 Oct 1932
011ShoemakerElmer C.16 Sep 193628 Oct 1936
011UnknownHeadstone missing; only base showing
011ShoemakerJohnny E.19241981
011ShoemakerAdam A.18861951
011ShoemakerBessie M.18941984w/A. A.
011ShoemakerWilmer A.21 Feb 192131 Oct 1987Husband
011ShoemakerDorothy M.3 Apr 192115 May 1960Wife
011UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
011UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
011HumesAnnie E.10 Mar 18667 Jan 1962
011DonovanCorney G.19001960s/David & Blanche Lam Donovan
011DonovanMary J.190219491/w C. G.; d/L. L. & Ella J. Hedrick
011LamElva Maxine19271987McMullen funeral home marker only
011LiskeyBertie V.22 Dec 1933
011ReedyNelson E.19421955
011ReedyBetty R.19491949
011ReedyBerlin L.19381939
011ReedyGeniva F.19351938
011ReedyLester L.19321933
012ShoemakerOwen Bertram "Owie"24 May 190916 Sep 1989
012ShoemakerEve Ann18681939Mother
012MoubrayAlice E.6 Apr 188423 Mar 1958
012L.?F. P.Foot stone - recorded 2002
012LeeMaynard Allen22 May 193417 Aug 1957A2C 363 Installation Sq. AF Va.
012LamEdward D.31 Aug 188924 Feb 1960
012LamGernie E.21 Oct 190912 Feb 2000
012DoveLeonard H.28 Oct 192220 Aug 1965PFC US Marines WWII Va.
012DoveThelma V.18 Aug 1925
012UnknownCross marker only - appears to be grave here
012DonovanJoseph E.1 Mar 190229 Jan 1968
012DonovanMamie B.24 Oct 1903
012KephartDorothy E.11 Jan 191311 Jun 1983Mother
012KephartOlen G.19101999McMullen funeral home marker only - placed in front of Dorothy E.
012KephartDouglas O.18 May 193825 Aug 1974SonOn headstone with mother-Dorothy E.
012KephartHarold A.19 Nov 19341 Apr 1935
012KephartOtis E.16 Nov 193311 Jan 1934
012PayneLuther22 Mar 188312 Feb 1971
012PayneFannie F.28 Jul 189129 Jul 1957w/L.
012KephartMabel19231944Their children: Naomi & Harold
012PayneVelma M.8 Oct 190919 Feb 1988
012BaugherGrover C.13 Feb 189031 Jan 1970Father
012BaugherTessie C.17 Sep 188910 Mar 1974Mother
012BaugherMary E.1928DaughterAppears to be grave here
013McDormanStuart H.14 Feb 187117 Apr 1948
013McDormanSamuel14 Mar 182818 Nov 1910Aged 82y 8m 4d
013McDormanNancy C.4 Aug 18418 May 1918Our Mother; w/Samuel
013McDormanJessie L.4 Mar 186923 Nov 1932Motherw/A. E.
013McDormanAddison F.7 Nov 186723 Sep 1962Father
013GrimesDavid Lee16 Feb 194227 Dec 1942s/R. L. & C. M.
013JosephLeroy E.23 Mar 191722 Aug 1917s/R. T. & Madeline
013JosephM. Winston27 Mar 19296 May 1938s/R. T. & Madeline
013UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
013JosephRaleigh R.18961958Gartner's funeral home marker only set in stone
013JosephE. Madeline18941980Gartner's funeral home marker only set in stone
013MoubrayBen F.18871942
013MoubrayMollie18891959w/B. F.
013MoubrayCharles E.24 Apr 192426 Aug 1985
013MilsteadEdna P.12 Mar 191021 Nov 1972
013CrawfordCharles E.12 Aug 191114 Mar 1963
013RoadcapSarah J., Mrs.18761960Lindsey funeral home marker only
013RoadcapHelen19211950Z. H. Roadcap Family
013DoveLoretta K.19451946
013DoveVirginia A.19461947
013OrebaughLinda1959Infant d/Oscar & Lorraine
013OrebaughDonald1954Infant s/Oscar & Lorraine
013HartmanMarie Ellen9 Aug 19106 Sep 1975Mother
013HooverWilliam F.6 Mar 197217 Mar 1972Infant Son
013CulpJonathan L.12 Nov 191515 Nov 1971F1 US Navy WWII Va.
013SnyderLeRoy W.24 Apr 1928
013SnyderGeorge H.18911948
013SnyderNora19021962w/G. H.
013PittingtonR. Lee1948
013BlakeStella C.10 Nov 190211 May 1970
013TilleyMollie Mc.17 Sep 189419 Dec 1973Sisters
013McCormickPolly Mc.21 Jun 19007 May 1982Sisters
014BrownShelby J.25 Feb 1956Lindsey funeral home marker only
014SmithBeverly Jean26 Aug 193513 Aug 1948
014RayHerman L.5 Apr 190327 Aug 1978
014RayIrene V.14 Jan 19095 Mar 1958w/H. L.
014HooverWilliam2 Feb 191927 Nov 1957
014HooverLottie P.23 Jul 1925w/Wm.
014PayneBeatrice A.29 Jul 193529 Jan 1937Sisterd/W. S. & M. B.
014PayneMinnie B.1 Mar 189016 Jul 1946w/Wade
014PayneWade27 Feb 188327 Feb 1962
014CrawfordSamuel S.7 Oct 192024 Feb 1971PVT AGF Repl. Deport WWII Va.
014CrawfordNellie23 Aug 18937 Aug 1943w/Cleveland
014CrawfordCleveland15 Mar 18841 Mar 1977
014BaileyDelia P.20 Apr 187418 Aug 1945Motherw/C. B.
014BaileyCharles B.19 Oct 187324 Jul 1955Father
014BaileyArnold R.19071959
014UnknownFoot stone-no initials - appears to be burial here - recorded 2002
014PayneFranklin21 Jun 191717 May 1993
014PayneVelma V.8 Nov 1921
014JacksonElva Franklin14 May 18883 Nov 1971Born at Fort Spring, W.Va.
014JacksonIrene Fauls18 Dec 191512 May 1981Born at Mt. Clinton, Va.
014JacksonLinda Lou26 Jan 195027 Jan 1950
014McDormanJohn S.18921982PVT US Army WWIMilitary marker shows name John Sam McDorman b. 25 Sep 1892 d. 16 June 1982
014BoyerEdith B.19171981Lindsey funeral home marker only
015LillyFlorence Bell14 Apr 187823 May 1918w/Wm.
015RiceRaymond E.5 Feb 193418 Aug 1967Son
015UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
015UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
015RayMaudie C.15 Nov 189717 Apr 1956
015JosephElizabeth Ann15 Sep 185317 Aug 1927Motherw/Abner
015JosephAbner3 May 185224 May 1925Father
015EyeBessie M.19071967
015EyeAmmi20 May 186314 Oct 1929
015EyeMary J.30 Dec 186330 Nov 1938w/Ammi
015EyeBerlin Lee25 Aug 193216 Aug 1948
015EyeDonna Kay1 Sep 19477 Nov 1971
015B.?J. M.Foot stone - recorded 2002
015RayLincoln M.19 Jul 1958Aged 76y 9m 27dNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
015RayGilbert R.27 May 19029 May 1923s/L. M. & B. B.
015RayRaymond H.8 Nov 191130 Mar 1971
015RayMyrtle A.12 Apr 1914
015RayConnie Sue19 Nov 195211 Mar 1988
015KeithEldon19301996McMullen funeral home marker only
015HartmanJerry Lynn27 Apr 195821 Jun 1958
015HartmanThe Twins6 May 19566 May 1956
015VarnerPaul E.10 Jul 193514 Feb 1982
015VarnerMargaret A.28 Apr 1924
015BynakerCharles Rudy25 Aug 19468 May 1955s/J. P. & Margaret
015CarpenterOscar Bill3 Aug 19177 Nov 1997Our children: Julian O., Norma M., Carolyn A., Randy I.
015CarpenterFleta V.28 Sep 191230 Aug 2000w/Oscar
016SmithEdna Grace3 Dec 190925 Dec 1909d/L. K. & Grace
016SmithWhit Herve17 Jun 190510 Nov 1910s/L. K. & Grace
016SmithWalter Franklin1 Nov 191320 Jun 1932s/L. K. & Grace
016SmithC. Howard20 Jun 189622 May 1967Father
016GladwellWilliam D.18701954Father
016GladwellClarissia18791954Motherw/W. D.
016GladwellLeonard D.19121954Sons/W. D. & C.
016GladwellElizabeth G.10 Oct 191413 Oct 1914d/W. D. & C. G.
016GladwellRaymond E.19251971My Husband
016MoubrayBessie M.18881935
016MoubrayJames C.18811949
016MoubrayBenjamin F.23 Nov 191212 Nov 1914s/James & Bessie
016SmithWilliam E.30 Nov 193825 Dec 1939Children of Joseph & Wm. Smith perished in flames of dwelling of Wm. E. Smith. Geneva B., Gladys L. & Jo Ann were buried in one coffin.
016SmithGeneva B.17 Jul 193221 Dec 1939Children of Joseph & Wm. Smith perished in flames of dwelling of Wm. E. Smith. Geneva B., Gladys L. & Jo Ann were buried in one coffin.
016SmithGladys L.22 May 192721 Dec 1939Children of Joseph & Wm. Smith perished in flames of dwelling of Wm. E. Smith. Geneva B., Gladys L. & Jo Ann were buried in one coffin.
016SmithJo Ann20 Jan 193721 Dec 1939Children of Joseph & Wm. Smith perished in flames of dwelling of Wm. E. Smith. Geneva B., Gladys L. & Jo Ann were buried in one coffin.
016T.O.Foot stone - recorded 2002
016S.H. W.Foot stone - recorded 2002
016GowlJohn Driver17 Jun 19121 Sep 1918s/ John E. & Lillie
016GowlLillie V.187819321w/J. E.; 2w/Minnie Shoemaker Brown
016GowlJohn E.18771964
016W.S. E.Foot stone - recorded 2002
016G.L. L.Foot stone - recorded 2002
016McDormanHoward L.19081956No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
016FulkBeulah V.25 Aug 1922
016FulkErnest21 Jun 19232 Dec 1983
016FulkKatie Knight8 Aug 189814 Sep 1964
016FulkErvin B.25 Feb 1939Aged 37 yr; PVT US Army Va.Military marker only
016BurgoyneEdward R.4 Feb 18695 Aug 1945
016BurgoyneLusebe E.19 Jul 187621 Mar 1962w/E. R.
016BurgoyneBeulah C.17 Feb 18988 Jun 1958
016BurgoyneL. Dewey9 Mar 18999 Aug 1971
016BaileyRuth E.12 Nov 190826 Feb 1996
016MillerVirginia Scott28 Jun 19065 Oct 1993
016McDormanElsie B.19181960
016McDormanTracy B.18951960w/Walter
016McDormanRaymond B.17Jun 19332 Feb 1954
016PayneHarold Guy "Rabbit"9 Aug 19465 Aug 1979
016WhetzelLorraine P.10 Jun 192820 May 1989Mother
016PayneLennie C.10 May 191031 Oct 1993Father
017HensleyInfant Daughterd/Mr. & Mrs. HensleyNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
017SmithGloria Fay13 Mar 195621 Oct 1956No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
017Smith, Jr.Henry Addison22 Oct 19584 Dec 1983
017CrawfordMary15 Mar 189916 Jan 1969
017ScottCharles F.18821963
017TaylorEdna Scott27 Aug 19198 May 1971
017CampbellArchie W.14 Oct 19047 Mar 1977
017CampbellLena M.1 Jun 190815 Apr 1995
017PayneLonnie O.7 Jan 192622 Nov 1986
018WebbGoldie M.23 Feb 19035 Feb 1909d/W. E. & S. C.
018WebbClarence23 May 189716 Oct 1918Aged 21y 4m 23ds/W. E. & Sallie Whisler Webb
018WebbWilliam E.18741934s/James W. & J. Pumphrey Webb
018WebbSallie C.18701942w/W. E.; nee Whisler
018MoyersBerlin L.30 May 193730 May 1937s/Martin & Irene Webb Moyers
018WebbJames C.23 Apr 190631 Mar 1956s/John W. E. & Sallie W.
018WebbCarl "Rabbit"23 Oct 190225 Jan 1980
018WebbMaggie C.22 Jan 19139 Feb 1991w/Robert Webb
018WebbRobert L.26 Jun 191116 Nov 1938h/Maggie Payner; s/John W. E. & Sallie
018WebbMildred B.2 Aug 193714 Jan 1939
018WebbBobbie11 Apr 193920 Nov 1941
018VanpeltJames G.20 Mar 186510 Mar 1937
018VanpeltHenry H.17 Feb 18339 Jan 1910Aged 76y 10m 23d
018VanpeltArnold F.29 May 191624 Sep 1916s/C. E. & Maggie
018M.E. C.Foot stone-no initials - recorded in 2002
018CaldwellAlbert5 Sep 19233 Sep 1967
018CaldwellCatherine N.5 Mar 1932
018CaldwellBessie20 Apr 18844 Mar 1973
018KnightMargie Primrose8 Apr 19188 Apr 1918d/Benj. & Mary
018KnightMary R.28 Oct 1926Aged 49y 2m 28d; w/Benj.
018BurgoyneInfant Sons/Mr. & Mrs. E. R.
018AreyGolden L.11 Feb 190721 Feb 1937Aged 30y 10d
018AreyWalter S.29 Dec 18866 Jan 1918Rest, soldier, rest. Thy warfare's o'erAmerican Legion marker by headstone
018AreyGeorge W.20 Apr 185224 Jul 1935Aged 83y 3m 4d; Father
018AreyLinda J.8 Jun 18677 Mar 1936Aged 68y 8m 29d; Motherw/G. W.
018RayNellie G.22 Apr 18897 May 1916w/W. D.
018RayLacy Bell8 Nov 190924 Dec 1992
018RayBryan E.28 Mar 188410 Mar 1920
018RayDillie R.1 May 188617 Oct 1971w/B. E.
018RayFrank13 May 190724 Feb 1950
018ScottMary Susan9 May 188211 Sep 1937w/Chas. F.
018ScottCalvin Lee "Butch"10 Jan 194124 May 1947s/Edna Scott Taylor
018McDormanWeldon H.19081955
018McDormanTracie C.19101981w/W. H.
018PayneLillie E.18871954w/Thomas
018EckardAnna K.28 Feb 19092 Jun 1979w/Elwood P.
019LoftusMargaret A.8 Sep 186911 Dec 1883Aged 13y 3m 3d; d/Arch & Mary C.
019SmithMary E. V.1 Feb 185410 Aug 1875w/Benjamin
019SmithHenry F.9 Aug 1875Aged 1y 2m 16d; s/B. B. & M. E. V.
019UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
019VanpeltMehala J.12 May 183310 Apr 1900
019VanpeltIva Bell22 Jan 190814 Aug 1908d/Thomas & Lenra
019VanpeltBenet30 Nov 19049 Jan 1905d/Thomas & Lenra
019P.S. C.Foot stone - recorded 2002
019McDormanHoward L.19081956Lindsey & Sons funeral home marker only
019McDormanBonnie J. H.2 Sep 193922 Jun 1985
019McDormanSterling11 Dec 192526 Oct 1974
019McDormanGeorge W.5 Jul 186918 Jul 1938
019WrightLydia R.25 Aug 182518 Jan 1905
019KnightAndrew Jackson12 May 18624 May 1930
019KnightCardelia14 Dec 18654 Nov 1948w/A. J.
020C.M. S.Foot stone - recorded 2002
020KiblerDavid C.183713 Sep 1903Aged 66 yrs
020KiblerM. V.2 May 187610 Jun 1876d/David & M.
020KissingerBertha Jane17 Feb 188814 Jul 1963
020ShankRebecca Jannie27 Oct 185921 Mar 1884Aged 24y 4m 24d; w/Isaac
020LoftusMary E.3 Mar 183831 Jan 1893w/Archibald
020J.W. C.Foot stone - recorded 2002
020MoyersMartin L.2 Oct 19021 Mar 1969
020MoyersIrene W.13 Sep 1900
020ShoemakerNellie M.Mar 1894Aged 24y 7m 2d
020WolfreyJeremiah M.21 Aug 182315 Feb 1900
020C.D. A. G.Foot stone - recorded 2002
020PayneRobert D.15 Mar 189120 Dec 1899Aged 8y 7m 5d; s/James & Annie
020PayneAnnie12 Nov 184811 Apr 1917Aged 68y 4m 29dw/James S.
020PayneJames S.24 Jul 185329 Jul 1919Aged 66y 5d
020PayneWilliam M.25 Mar 18814 Nov 1944Father
020SmithMolly Knight29 Nov 191424 Apr 1994
020KnightJames C.25 Jun 19061 Nov 1949
020KnightLanzy P.3 Mar 18796 Jun 1947
020KnightVictoria C.2 Sep 18878 May 1982
020SmithOllie H.29 Nov 192125 May 1959Mother; erected by Ronald Lee Smith
020HooverJacob18 Jul 18775 May 1963Erected by Charlotte
020HooverHoward W.17 Nov 191219 Jun 1966
020HooverViola M.29 Jan 1918
020HooverMrs. Howard19151966No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
020KephartLarry7 Jul 19518 Jun 1968
020CarlsonNaomi Ruth14 Sep 195813 Sep 1974
020CarlsonDavid Alvar23 Jul 190730 May 1973
020PropstJesse Wayne10 Jun 1985Our Baby
021RiceJames E.19 Dec. 186525 Dec 1896
021McDormanOtis Ross11 Jul 19002 Mar 1902
021JosephGrover L.9 Apr 192023 Jun 1967
021JosephGrover L.17 Sep 188827 Mar 1958
021JosephBlanche Z.4 Aug 189321 Jul 1981w/G. L.
021SmithLurty, Captain14 Oct 189814 Jan 1973US Army WWIIMilitary marker only
021SmithNorma Jean
021SmithSandra Kay17 Mar 195215 Jul 1952
021HooverHarry1 Jul 188925 Nov 1969Father
021HooverLula K.2 Jul 189121 Aug 1969Mother
021HooverJohn2 May191725 Jun 1974CPL Army Air ForcesMilitary marker shows: born 17 May 1917
021HooverSusan M.16 Nov 1922
022UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
022MayCharles27 Feb 187918 Mar 1883
022RiceNancy C.2 Mar 188812 Jun 1890d/James & Marietta
022RiceLeanna21 Mar 1896Aged 8m 1d
022JonesA. W.6 Mar 1882Aged 56 yr; C. L. Neale, Alexandria, VA
022MasonEdwin23 Feb 18188 Oct 1886Aged 68y 7m 15d; Consort of Mary J.
022MasonMary J.17 Jun 181925 Oct 1890w/Edwin
022MasonNettie J.3 Sep 1894Aged 41y 1m 6d; d/E. & Mary J.
022SmithJacob E.18831967
022SmithAnnie E.18901967w/J. E.
022MoyersRichard C.4 Jan 192313 Apr 1995
022MoyersNancy L.21 Oct 19212 May 1981
022MasonGeorge B.16 Apr 1896Aged 39y 6m 22d, Consort of Sallie E.
022MasonEdwin C.7 Apr 1896Aged 16y 7m 16d, s/Geo. B. & Sallie E.Sallie E. is nee Cline
022ThomasGuy Wilson6 Sep 19074 Aug 1984Father
022ThomasFloyd F.19101927s/L. E. & Kate
022MoyersHobert R.2 Feb 190426 Jun 1998Married 10 Aug 1938
022MoyersVirgie May18 Dec 191110 Oct 1979w/Hobart
023KannayWilliam H.14 May 187616 Mar 1902
023KenneyCatherine29 Aug 1916Aged 79y 10m 27d; w/William J.
023KenneyWilliam J.26 Jul 1903Aged 71y 2m 12d
023NiswanderJohn W.7 Feb 1903Aged 6y 2m 10d; s/C. T. & M. J.
023HigginsWeldon C.11 May 190829 Jul 1908s/A. J. & T. C.
023HigginsTracie C.3 Feb 188620 Sep 1911w/A. J.
023UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
023NieswanderCharles T.18 Aug 186125 May 1931Father
023NieswanderMary J.24 Jul 186026 Jun 1938Motherw/C. T.
023PayneAnnie H.27 Jan 186727 Dec 1952Mother
023HigginsFloyd M.11 Sep 1896Aged 1m 14d; s/B. F. & S. C.
023ThomasJ. H.5 Nov 189128 Mar 1892
023ThomasWilliam22 Apr 1897Aged 84 yr
023ThomasMary A.18321918w/Wm.
023ThomasLewis E.10 Jul 187220 Feb 1940Father
023ThomasKatie J.17 Dec 18849 Jun 1954w/L. E.
023ThomasCharles E.19081921s/L. E. & Katie
023PayneMary J.17 Aug 1912Aged 73yrs; w/Jas.
023PayneTas N.19 Feb 189327 Dec 1925
023AreyMary Payne5 Aug 190018 Mar 1937
023LamKirby G.17 Jul 190915 Nov 1947
023GillJames Arthur14 Sep 191916 Aug 1986
023SmithDaniel T.5 May 187331 Oct 1960
023SmithBertha E.1 Jun 187212 May 1951w/D. T.
023KnightJack A.29 May 189427 Apr 1973
023KnightCliffie B.24 Sep 190016 Apr 1990
023KnightGladys L.11 Jul 1925
024RobinsonEstella18741927Mother; His Wifew/Charles
024RobinsonLucy C.31 Jan 1897Aged 57y 8m 16d; w/W. H.
024RobinsonSamuel L.27 Nov 1893Aged 27y 8m 10d; s/W. H. & L. C.
024T.J. A.Foot stone - recorded 2002
024AndrewsPaul W.22 Sep 1911They donated their bodies to medical science
024AndrewsFannie K.15 Sep 190922 Mar 1987They donated their bodies to medical science
024AndrewsJudith J.30 Jun 1947d/P. W. & FannieNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
024ForrenArlice E.19101979
024ForrenAnna A.19021992
024HarrisAlliene W. "Al"28 Jul 190926 Dec 1972
024HarrisMary Sue Messerley13 Aug 1920
025BurkholderFrancis C.30 Jan 1878Aged 5y 5m 26d; d/S. P. & L. M.
025BurkholderSimon P.22 Nov 1895Aged 56y 10m 14d
025BurkholderLydia M.10 Nov 1904Aged 63y 3m 25d; w/S. P.
025BurkholderNancy V.1 Dec 1896Aged 19y 10m 11d; d/S. P. & L. M.
025UnknownBase only-headstone missing - recorded 2002
025ShifflettCharles Sheldon19061947Father
025ShifflettMary Susan Mollie13 Sep 187928 Feb 1957
025WhislerJ. C.17 Apr 184911 May 1923
025WhislerMary A.12 May 184422 May 1901Aged 57y 10dnee Ritchie
025WhislerMollie E.21 Sep 1894Aged 25y 4m 16d; d/J. C. & M. A.
025WhislerNellie V.4 Sep 187925 Jan 1948
025PayneCharles S.1880Husband
025PayneMalenda C.18681935Wife
025JosephPirk8 Jan 18631 Feb 1907Aged 44y 24d
025HiserBeulah Joseph8 Jul 190613 Dec 1976Mother
025JosephFannie9 Jun 189618 Jun 1907d/Pirk & M. C.
025RoadcapStephen20 Apr 182313 May 1904Aged 81y 23dHeadstone broken-placed in front of Mary C. - recorded 2002
025RoadcapMary C.25 Dec 18457 Jan 1902Aged 56y 12d; w/Stephen
025RoadcapLucy M.22 Dec 18727 Aug 1891Aged 18y 7m 15d; d/Stephen & Mary C.
025ShifflettNettie Ann17 Jun 187730 Nov 1911Aged 34y 5m 13dw/W. L.
025RoadcapLucinda17Jul 1920Aged 51 yrs; w/G. D.
025ShifflettWarney L.11 Apr 188016 Oct 1951Father
025RobinsonEthel A.19081984w/C. A.
025RobinsonCharles A.19111961
025MoubrayJames W.19201957
025MoubrayMargie M.19271972
025SmithLester A.9 Feb 190810 Nov 1952
025SmithSarah Frances14 Jul 19101 Dec 1998
025KnightThomas "Tommy"27 May 18881 Dec 1969
026S.R. J.Foot stone - recorded 2002
026MoubrayDavid S.23 Jul 18624 May 1878Aged 15y 9m 11d; s/Joseph & Susan
026MoubrayAda May24 Feb 1893Aged 12y 5m 25d; d/Joseph & Susan
026MoubraySusan5 Mar 184117 Jan 1912Motherw/Joseph
026MoubrayJoseph5 Oct 183630 Nov 1921Father
026ShifflettRosa May22 Mar 187822 Jan 1881d/J. W. & E. E.
026ShifflettMary E.14 Feb 186513 Apr 1883Aged 18y 1m 29d; d/Harden & Mary
026ShifflettMary6 Sep 183022 Feb 1909Aged 78y 4m 16d; w/Harden H.
026ShifflettHarden5 Dec 18212 May 1917Aged 95y 4m 27d
026T.G. W.Foot stone - recorded 2002
026UnknownFoot stone-no initials - recorded 2002
026McDormanSusan C.13 Oct 188414 Oct 1908wStuart; No visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
026MoubraySarrah Ann18501928Aged 78 yrs; w/Tazral
026EwingJohn C. B.18561950
026EwingFannie C.18721961w/J. C. B.
026SheetsClara L.29 Feb 189116 Jan 1892d/P. S. & L. E.
026ShopeC. Miller1 Sep 188612 Nov 1938Father
026ShopeLouella Frances Kiser27 Sep 188517 Jun 1936Mother; w/C. Miller
026ShopeChristine F.18 Nov 191420 Aug 1987Our beloved sister
026EwingWiley R.7 Sep 190721 Aug 1967
026EwingRuth V.6 Jul 191814 Aug 1984
026BowmanAlma P.29 Aug 1896Aged 4m 1d; d/L. S. & BerthaNo visible marker - recorded by Swank in 1967
026BowmanMartha E.30 Jul 18718 Jan 1893w/Luther S.; Stone is broken and leaning on Silber stone
026SilberJoseph26 Mar 183015 Dec 1890Father
026SilberNancy E.14 Feb 184228 Oct 1912Motherw/Joseph
027CoffmanWm. Leroy19001943Brother
027CoffmanElizabeth6 Aug 18552 Jul 1891w/S. B.
027CoffmanSamuel B.18511926Father
027VanpeltSusan C.25 Oct 18426 Apr 1903Aged 60y 5m 12d
027ShreveRoger Lee21 Jan 1950
027KiserMiller J.5 Nov 188713 Jul 1888Aged 8m 8d; s/John R. & Christena F.
027KiserWalter R.18 Jul 189014 Dec 1891Aged 1y 4m 28d; s/John R. & Christena F.
027KiserChristena F.10 Feb 185624 Jul 1905w/J. R.
027KiserJ. R.21 Sep 185322 Jul 1924
027JuddInfant5 Dec 19105 Dec 1910s/C. W. & M. C.
027JuddMary C.10 Oct 187914 Jan 1911w/C. W.
027JuddCharles W.20 May 187828 Jun 1936
027JuddFannie B.25 Feb 18879 Apr 1977
027BeahmBenjamin F.8 Apr 18708 Mar 1962
027BeahmEliza E.4 May 187115 Jul 1925w/B. F.
027RexroadBarbara C.22 Dec 18523 Dec 1930
027SmithBenjamin B.8 Jun 18467 Aug 1898Aged 52y 1m 29d
027SmithJasper N.6 Aug 18906 Aug 1890s/B. & B. C.
027UnknownSmall stone-no markings
027ShifflettGoldie L.19111994
027ShifflettMary B.19092001
027ShreveOrville S., Rev.24 Mar 19062 Oct 1986Father
027ShreveAlma M.13 Jun 19133 Jul 1999Mother
027CrawfordRussell G.11 Sep 1915Died 21 May 2002, U.S. Navy WWII, s/Grover Cleveland & Nellie Knight Crawford from newspaper obituary
027CrawfordMattie V.27 Jul 1920nee Payne
027KnightJoe Ann1963No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
028HeltzelHattieMar 1880Jun 1880d/J. G. & A. M.
028HeltzelWade Hampton17 Feb 187918 Mar 1893s/J. G. & A. M.
028HeltzelAnna Magdalene30 Sep 183829 Nov 1899Aged 61y 1m 29d; w/J. G.
028HeltzelJames G.5 Oct 182716 May 1910Aged 82y 7m 11d
028HeltzelAnna May2 Dec 18762 Jul 1900Aged 23y 7m; d/J. G. & Anna M.
028HeltzelSamuel C.14 Oct 18712 Jun 1960
028HeltzelSallie B.11 Nov 18741 May 1938w/S. C.
028HeltzelTurner Isaac23 Sep 18951 May 1899Aged 3y 7m 8ds/S. C. & S. B.
028HeltzelInfant Daughterd/S. C. & S. B.
028HeltzelInfant Daughterd/S. C. & S. B.
028SmithLessie B.16 Mar 187715 Oct 1944Mother2w/H. Addison; nee Robison
028SmithInfant21 Apr 1935Inf/Mary H. & Grattan A.
028SmithLessie I.14 May 192018 Sep 1920
028SmithHerman W.12 Jul 190618 Jul 1907
028SmithHenry M.24 Mar 190130 Jul 1901Henry has two stones
028SmithH. Addison24 Aug 186824 Dec 1938Father
028SmithMattie1 Apr 1901Aged 24y 7m 24d; w/H. A.1w/H. Addison; nee Joseph
028JosephDollie14 Feb 1894Aged 3m 23d; d/Alan & Bettie
028YanceyCarolyn Ann19 Oct 1953
028EversMary E.17 Jul 188216 Mar 1889d/P. F. & J. A.
028EversJane A.16 Jan 184913 May 1913w/P. F.nee Spitzer
028EversPerry F.19 Aug 185717 Jan 1919Aged 61y 4m 28ds/Wm M. & Magdalene Suter Evers
028MillerRaymond9 Aug 19139 Nov 1913s/A. R. & M. R.
028McDormanWilliam J.18991959Lindsey funeral home marker only
028ClemensDorothy, Mrs.19131959Lindsey funeral home marker only
028MayMary J.31 Dec 1905Aged 72y 2m 25d; Our mother
028McDormanJ. Litton16 Apr 185614 Feb 1934Father
028McDormanRebecca C.23 May 186814 Jun 1935Motherw/J. L.; nee Webb
028McDormanCallie17 Jul 18887 Dec 1907d/J. L. & Rebecca
028ReeseMary E.3 Jan 1896Aged 20y 8m 21d; w/Geo. S.
028McDormanHenry2 Jul 1890Aged 69 yrs
028ReeseSallie McDormanNo dates on headstone
028SmithLuther Ashby18751957Lindsey funeral home marker only
028SmithGeorge W.19 Sep 18783 Mar 1911Aged 32y 5m 12d
028McDormanJennie, Mrs.7 Jun 191524 Jan 1975
028WengerLessie B.12 Sep 19072 May 1985Sister
028SmithRosie P.15 Apr 189510 May 1992Sister
028CusterHoward E.13 Feb 1944
028CusterMarie E.6 May 194813 Aug 1975
028MartinNolan D.4 Sep 1931
028MartinIsabelle E.5 Apr 1934
028KnightAlfred Lynn17 Feb 19034 Nov 1989
028KnightVerdie Clara17 May 191921 Sep 1987
028KnightLawrence E.9 Jul 193517 Sep 1960
029ShankInfant22 Feb 1883s/S. E. C. & Ida G.
029LineweaverSallie Etta25 Aug 18884 Feb 1917Aged 28y 5m 10d; d/Peachy & Mary
029LineweaverInfant26 May 188526 May 1885d/Peachy & Mary
029LineweaverInfant24 Apr 189124 Apr 1891s/Peachy & Mary
029LineweaverMary M.24 Aug 1896Aged 44y 2m 20d; w/Peacheyd/Henry & Henrietta Miller Heatwole
029LineweaverPeachy26 Sep 185011 Mar 1916Aged 65y 5m 15dh/Mary M. Heatwole
029LineweaverMargaret A.24 Jul 185211 Apr 1904Aged 51y 8m 17d; w/Peachy
029UnknownNo marker-base of headstone only
029UnknownNo marker-base of headstone only
029SandyMary M.10 Dec 184617 Mar 1922Aged 76y 3m 7d; w/W. H.
029SandyWilliam H.29 Mar 18442 Feb 1907Aged 62y 10m 4d
029KnicelyElizabeth C.17 Oct 187025 Apr 1892Aged 21y 6m 8d; w/E.
029CampbellMartha B.9 Nov 19068 Jan 1965
029CampbellIda B.6 Aug 187518 Jan 1954
029CaricofeClaudy C.17 Jun 188824 Aug 1905s/D. F. & E. V.
029CaricofeMattie V.2 Oct 18757 Apr 1970
029HooverEdna M.10 May 189928 Dec 1928d/P. F. & M. E. Showalter
029C.B. E.Footstone only with initials
029ShifflettLouella M.22 Mar 1903Aged 23y 10m 11d;w/J. S.
029PinerGeorge W.12 May 184710 Feb 1893Aged 45y 8m 28d; consort of Sarah Piner
029PinerSarah E.8 Mar 1913Aged 66y 5mw/Geo. W.
029ShiffletPurlie L.28 Mar 1902Aged 1m, ch/J. S. & L. M.
029ShiffletArtie I.18 Dec 1902c/J. S. & L. M.
029ShifflettInfant20 Mar 1903c/J. S. & L. M.
029ShackelfordMary E.11 Feb 18548 Jun 1903
029RitchieGeo. A.28 Jul 184011 Feb 1923
029RitchieAnn C. E.11 Feb 184520 Feb 1896His wifew/G. A.
029HeatonMary11 Jun 1906Aged 88yrs; w/Jas.
029HeatonJames22 Mar 18086 Jun 1888Aged 80y 2m 15d
029PinerDave W.17 Apr 187116 Feb 1940
029PinerElla E.18 Apr 188521 Apr 1934
030GoodSarah E. "Betty"13 Mar 188428 Nov 1973
030GoodJames William27 Feb 1881Aged 7m 20d, s/Isaac & Mary E.
030GoodCora Magdalene22 Mar 1883Aged 7m, d/Isaac & Mary E.
030NieswanderMartha F.8 Jun 1898Aged 19y 8m 17d; w/J. F.
030GoodMary E.18561929His wifew/Isaac
030JohnsonLaura Good27 Dec 18722 Jun 1961
030AshenfelterMary3 Jan 182020 Dec 1885Aged 65y 11m 17d
030AshenfelterJohn27 Nov 180827 Mar 1886Aged 77y 4m
030PenceSarah C.14 Jun 18437 Feb 1912Aged 68y 7m 24d; w/H. B.
030PenceH. B.1 Feb 18432 Aug 1916Aged 73y 6m 1d
030PenceHugh C.18 Mar 188217 Feb 1947
030PenceSarah C.17 May 188717 Mar 1943w/H. C.
030PenceLula V.25 Mar 18838 Apr 1920w/Hugh C.
030PenceInfant26 Dec 190627 Dec 1906c/H. C. & Lula V.
030CaricofeJohn F.10 Nov 1903Aged 78y 3d
030CaricofeMary A.22 Jun 1909Aged 75y 8m 21d; w/J. F.
030CaricofeBettie E.29 Jan 1925Aged 65y 8m 18d
030UnknownFootstone only-unmarked
030RayDavid C.20 Apr 1892Aged 69y 5m 24d; Our parentsCopied in 1931 by John W. Wayland off of Ray stone: "In Memory of Our Parents - Pop saw the war and served it through. He raised his children all but two. Those two are dead, we're aware, Theyve gone to Heaven, he'll met them there. Mother didn't seem to mind when the war begun. she stayed at home and trucked about and kept us everyone."
030RayMargaret J.11 Jun 1902Aged 77y 11m 22dw/D. C.
030MasonMaudy C.6 Feb 18796 Nov 1902d/A. H. & Nellie
030AreyRobert M.9 May 19088 Aug 1908Aged 3 mos
030MasonDaisy M.28 Dec 188326 Jan 1913Aged 29y 29d; d/A. H. & Nellie
030RaySarah J.30 May 189312 Jun 1914d/Geo. & V. F.
030MasonRay Phoil22 Feb 190212 Apr 1915Aged 13y 1m 21d; s/A. H. & Nellie
030MasonCornelia A.26 Mar 185721 Feb 1922Motherw/Adam H.
030MasonAdam H.8 Sep 18571 Dec 1932
030MasonEdward L.1 Jul 18813 Nov 1945
030MasonBessie R.29 Aug 188614 May 1966
030MillerSamuel E.27 Dec 19171 Apr 1985
030MillerElla May22 May 1915
031WeaverMary Magdalene1 Dec 1881Aged 9y 10m 8d; d/Sem S. & Mary A.
031WeaverMartin D.13 Mar 188212 Jun 1883s/Sem S. & Mary A.
031WeaverMary Lehman27 Feb 185224 Jul 1890w/Sem S.
031WeaverOliver S.21 Mar 1892Aged 4y 2m; s/Sem S. & Mary A.
031WeaverNannie B.18 Oct 1892Aged 16y 3m 3d; d/S. S. & M. A.
031WeaverSem S., Rev.15 Feb 184726 Sep 1919
031LahmanAbraham P.14 Apr 18264 Jan 1887Husband
031LahmanFrances Good24 Sep 18255 Jan 1909Aged 83y 3m 11d; w/A. P.
031LahmanAnnie8 Dec 182315 Aug 1895Aged 71y 8m 7d; his sister
031GroveEtta S.6 Dec 187921 Jun 1910w/C. M.
031FryePaul F., Rev.19001959
031FryeSadie M.19011985w/P. F.
031ShowalterCarrie F.16 Sep 1893Aged 3m 28d; d/P. F. & Mary E.
031ShowalterRoy Edward5 Aug 18953 Feb 1902s/P. F. & Mary E.
031ShowalterP. Franklin30 Oct 186710 Jul 1935s/David B. & Susan C. Swope Showalter
031ShowalterMary E.1 Oct 18669 Apr 1923His wifew/P. F.; d/John Caricofe
031GladwellHalcy I.7 Aug 1895Aged 6m 5d; d/M. C. & Icy L.
031GladwellMinor C.18691949
031GladwellMary E.18491922His wifew/Sol.
031GladwellLizzie C.18781900
031GaldwellDavid J.18711892
031GladwellCharles J.18731891
031GladwellLewis L.18841886
031TurnerDaniel M.24 Mar 187422 Nov 1952Father
031TurnerMinnie L.20 Aug 188229 Sep 1938Motherw/D. M.
031ShantzGordon W.16 Jul 191730 Aug 1975
031Lowe, Sr.Roger M.5 May 19112 Oct 1988
031LoweEffie M.13 Jan 192122 May 2000
031DonovanRaymond O.19 Jun 19089 Mar 1980Married 6 Aug 1930
031DonovanNora C.22 Aug 190123 Sep 1979w/Raymond O.
031CarrStanley E.11 Mar 1924
031CarrReba G.25 Feb 192520 Jul 1981
031McDormanJames S.23 May 190424 Jun 1985
031McDormanAddie L.6 Jun 190314 Mar 1982
032LineweaverSamuel D.10 Feb 187625 Jul 1878s/M. B. & A. C.
032LineweaverMartin B.18481923Father
032LineweaverAnnie C.18531926Motherw/M. B.
032ShowalterStillbornd/Anthony & E.
032ShowalterRhodaAged 4yr; d/Anthony & E.
032PenceBessie F.16 Nov 18976 Feb 1899Aged 1y 5m 6d; d/J. W. & Dillie
032PenceJohn W.6 Jul 187021 Nov 1918Aged 48y 4m 15d; Father
032PenceDillie C.27 Mar 186626 May 1952Motherw/J. W.
032FlickMary E.8 Feb 18847 Nov 1966
032FlickArchibald5 Sep 185210 Mar 1906Aged 53y 6m 5d
032FlickLizzie16 Jan 190331 Jan 1903d/Archibald & Mary E.
032FlickHannah23 Jun 18238 Sep 1913w/AllenMarker missing only base is showing in 2002; recorded by Swank in 1967
032FlickAllen24 Oct 181412 Jun 1894Aged 79y 8m 16d; Consort of Hannah Flick
032ShowalterJoseph P.18531927s/Christian & Sarah Bowman Showalter
032ShowalterSarah Alice18621888His wife; Motherw/J. P.; nee Caricofe
032ShowalterMary Alice26 Aug 188810 Feb 1952Twin sisters
032ShowalterSarah Catherine26 Aug 188822 Feb 1967Twin sisters
032ThackerLessie V.18851918Motherw/A. M.
032ThackerAlbert M.18881939Father
032ThomasSamuel L.18711950
032ThomasMary F.18721946w/S. L.
032ThomasJames Adison25 Oct 189211 Aug 1909Aged 16y 9m 17d; s/S. L. & Mary A.
032ThomasMary Myrtle2 Jun 189117 Jun 1894Aged 3y 15d; d/Samuel & Mary
032ThomasOtho7 Jan 189012 Mar 1890Aged 2m 5d; s/Samuel & Mary
033BurkholderSolomon F.18571878
033BurkholderRebecca J.18471926His wife; Later wife of S. E. Rhodes
033BurkholderAnna M.18741956
033BurkholderNoah2 Jun 1880Aged 6yrs
033DriverJ. William18671944
033SmithFrances F.3 May 18548 Oct 1933His wifew/Noah A.
033SmithNoah A.4 Oct 185127 Jul 1918
033SmithInfantNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
033SmithInfantNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
033SmithSarah A.19 Jul 1884Aged 69yrs
033SmithSamuel6 Feb 1886Aged 72yrs
033CoffmanBarbry17 Jul 185720 Apr 1939w/John
033HessChanac/Jerry & Mollie A.
033HessArtiec/Jerry & Mollie A.
033HessArtemesc/Jerry & Mollie A.
033HessChattiec/Jerry & Mollie A.
033RayInfant8 Feb 189718 Feb 1897s/Joseph & Amanda
033MillerBenjamin4 May 189811 Apr 1963Father
033MillerIda F.20 Nov 18982 Mar 1935Motherw/Benj.
033MillerHoward W.15 Dec 19199 May 1990Father; TEC 5 U. S. Army WWII
033MillerLucille W.15 Oct 192830 Sep 1992Mother
033HartmanInfant14 Mar 1946s/Floyd & Thelma
033HartmanFloyd D.21 Jan 1915
033HartmanMarie C.26 Sep 190515 Oct 1992
033ClineRaymond A.26 May 193218 Feb 1998A loving sonBuried at the foot of Marie C.'s grave
033BennWillis E.15 Nov 190930 Dec 1991Pfc U. S. Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Willis Ernest Benn
033BennCleo F.13 Oct 191319 Jan 2000
033MitchellCharlie J.14 Aug 189223 Oct 1962
033MitchellMinnie A.1 Mar 189212 Mar 1947Motherw/C. J.
034DriverLydia Catherine18561934
034DriverMary Magdalene20 Sep1877Aged 15y 10m 16d; d/Jacob & AnnaNo visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
034DriverJacob25 Jan 183020 Nov 1877Aged 47y 9m 26d; Father
034DriverAnna21 Dec 18338 Nov 1904Aged 70y 10m 18d; Motherw/Jacob
034BeeryMichael A.20 Aug 183130 May 1911
034BeerySarah E.5 Feb 183526 Aug 1915w/M. A.
034BeeryFannie R.7 Sep 184223 May 1923d/Abraham & Magdalene
034DriverSamuel23 Jun 181621 Feb 1879Aged 62y 7m 28d
034DriverSavilla10 Mar 181710 Dec 1901Aged 84y 9m 8d; w/Saml.
034DriverDorilas3 Jun 183811 Apr 1913
034DriverMary M.18521927His wifew/Dorilas
034ClineCharles F.8 May 190122 Sep 1912Aged 11y 4m 14d; s/C. B. & Fannie J.
034ClineLillian M.18721956
034ClineCharles B.18631943
034ClineFannie J.18651910w/C. B.
034ClineInfant7 Aug 19097 Aug 1909s/C. B. & F. J.
034ClineDaniel9 May 19086 Sep 1908s/C. B. & F. J.
034ClineHeltzel4 Jul 190215 Nov 1902Aged 4m 11d; s/C. B. & F. J.
034ClineJohn F.30 Mar 1895Aged 59y 1m 18d
034ClineDorcas3 Oct 1912Aged 73y 5m; w/J. F.
034ShoemakerHelen F.17 Oct 192114 Oct 1982
034ShoemakerCarson E.5 Feb 19482 Dec 1955s/C. W. & Helen
034MinnickLouisa29 Sep 184224 Feb 1917Aged 74y 4m 26d; d/Elijah & Frances A.
034MinnickFrancis A.18 Jul 181922 Apr 1895w/Elijah; middle name Ann recorded by John W. Wayland in 1931
034MinnickElijah9 Mar 18173 Jul 1899
034HessElizabeth F.18 Jul 18553 Aug 1933
034HessNancy J.18451890His wifew/Noah
034HessNannie V.18771888Their daughterd/N. & N. J.; Nannie has two markers
034M.F. A.Footstone with initials only
034M.L.Footstone with initials only
034RaySarah A.2 Nov 1891Aged 45y 6m; w/Joseph
034RayJoseph M.25 Aug 184120 Feb 1910Aged 68y 5m 26d
034ShoemakerElizabeth31 May 183316 Apr 1913Aged 80y 16d
034FrankBertha E.9 Oct 18929 Apr 1965
034MagalIvan V., M. D.3 Jul 192228 Dec 1984XPNCTOC BOCKPEC!
035FrankBessie F.18841931No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
035DriverLizzie C.24 Mar 18717 Mar 1875ch/J. N. & F. L.No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
035FrankAlice Machin20 Sep 187824 Aug 1881d/J. H. & Mary M.
035FrankJohn H.15 Apr 18375 Aug 1900Aged 63y 2m 21d
035FrankMary M.16 Dec 184631 May 1911w/John H.
035FrankWilliam Warren28 Apr 19083 Jun 1908s/W. H. & L. J.
035DriverJohn Samuel H.1 Jun 1882Aged 5y 8d; s/John A. & Margaret
035DriverJohn A.18411879
035DriverMargaret J.184318991w/John A.Driver; 2w/John A. Rodes; 3w/David Rodes
035ClineAnnie26 Sep 1911Aged 83y 7m 11d; w/Michael
035ClineMichael1 Apr 18261 Oct 1880
035CoakleyMichael10 Feb 1881s/P. R. & C. V.Ilegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
035ClineMarten S.24 Mar 187914 Dec 1886
035CoakleyCatherine V.1 Sep 1889Aged 39y 7m 8d; w/P. R.
035StoverCharles F.18671944
035StoverFannie R.18671939w/C. F.
035HeltzelJames B.13 May 18583 Sep 1887
035HeltzelSue A.27 Jan 185216 Nov 1919His wifew/J. B.
035SpitzerRachel25 Mar 18069 May 1880Aged 74y 1m 14d
035SpitzerAbraham180912 Apr 1889
035ShoemakerJacob A.19511975
035ShoemakerShirley A.1953
036AndrewsMary E.28 Feb 1899Aged 7d, d/D. H. & L. F.
036AndrewsElizabeth F.18691939w/David H.
036AndrewsDavid H.18741944
036AndrewsJoseph H.4 May 191420 Oct 1994
036HooverWendelle D.29 Jan 1923Inf. s/H. W. & Anna A.
036LamAnnie M.3 Jun 188916 Apr 1921Motherw/Ira C.
036LamIra C.14 Feb 188625 Jan 1970Father
036SnellMyrtle L.26 Oct 19146 Apr 1995
036LamEmery Ray18981976
036LamJohn S.7 Apr 186024 Feb 1922Father
036LamRebecca A.1 Dec 186024 Jun 1939Mother
036LamLula E.23 Dec 188728 Sep 1960
036ShifflettBenjamin E.18851939
036ShifflettFrances M.18911965w/B. E.
036SmithSarah Rebecca16 Apr 187119 May 1909Aged 38y 1m 3d; w/S. C.2w/S. C.
036SmithJacob Austin30 Mar 189121 Feb 1902s/S. C & Rebecca
036SmithJohn S.24 Sep 18917 Jun 1896s/S. C. & S. R.
036SmithJoseph L.14 Nov 1889Aged 2d, s/S. C. & S. R.
036SmithSamuel C.20 Dec 183920 Mar 1911Aged 71y 3m
036SmithNancy Jane25 Dec 184522 Apr 1885Aged 39y 3m 27d; w/Samuel C.1w/Samuel C.
036G.David A.Illegible marker
036RayHoward L.14 Nov 191123 May 1914s/Joseph & Amanda
036RayRobert Lee14 May 18985 Nov 1918Aged 20y 5m 22d
036RayAmanda D.18771933Motherw/J. M.; d/Jacob & Eliz. M. Humes Donovon
036RayJos. M.18761960Fathers/Joseph M. & Sallie R.
036EyeJohn O.18 May 187927 Mar 1968
036EyeMary S.6 Apr 188228 May 1974
036PenceEdward F.28 Jun 189431 May 1948Father
036PenceElsie R.1 Jan 189820 Oct 1981Mothernee Bridges
036PenceCharles A.13 Sep 189111 Jul 1943
037SwopeAnna Rebecca6 Mar 19208 Feb 1922d/J. P. & Rebecca
037SwopeRebecca W.18771953w/J. P.
037SwopeJ. Perry18771966s/John R. & Anna R. Weaver Swope
037SwopeLelia C.1 Jul 190610 Jan 2002Second wife of Moses Hertzler
037MyersHarry26 Dec 191325 Jan 1927s/C. L. & Sallie
037MoyersConrad L.18641942
037MoyersSallie18791968w/C. L.
037MoyersRalph N.25 Jun 191422 Dec 1966Va. EM3 USNR WWII
037McDormanFloyd27 Feb 188514 Sep 1938
037McDormanNellie B.5 Jun 18956 Nov 1975w/Floyd
037McDormanElsie Fae1938Infant
037SmithBessie A.28 Apr 188719 Feb 1976
037SmithCharles F.18641935
037SmithMary E.18641952w/C. F.
037UnknownFootstone only-no initials in 2002
037SmithAva Elizabeth21 Mar 190915 Jul 1909c/C. F. & M. E.
037MillerJohn P.25 Sep 182617 Dec 1911Aged 85y 2m 22d
037MillerMary E.28 Oct 18359 Jun 1903w/John P.
037SmithCharles W.18541926Father
037SmithAlice S.18591938His wife; Motherw/C. W.
037ThomasSamuel A.26 Oct 189630 Jun 1939
037ThomasNora B.15 May 1900w/S. C.
037SeitzDelbert L.6 Dec 1941
037SeitzJean H.1 Jun 19428 Jul 1996
037CrawfordRobert N.19091946Dad
037CrawfordGoldie M.19161987Momw/R. N.
037AndrewsJohn D.26 Mar 190922 Jun 1991
037AndrewsMamie V.13 Nov 19156 Apr 1983Andrews
037AndrewsBetty Jo27 Oct 193931 Dec 1942
038UnknownLuella R.30 Aug 19313 Dec 1931
038UnknownLois25 Jun 19368 Jan 1937
038Unknowninfant son
038BurgessLoraine P.Jun 1926Nov 1992
038McDormanAustin Calvin5 Nov 189030 Mar 1980
038McDormanSadie Rebecca21 Feb 19017 Oct 1952
038BaugherOlen R.12 Mar 191521 Jun 1994Married 21 Mar 1951
038BaugherLillian F.31 May 1925w/Olen R.
038Baugher, Jr.Olen R.24 Apr 19423 Jun 2001
038McDormanNonie (Layona)4 Aug 192726 Oct 2000
038ShifflettCharles N.18771955
038ShifflettMinnie L.188219__w/C. N.; Died in 1965 per Swank in 1967
038SmithCharles H.16 Sep 189823 Jun 1965
038SmithMyrtle A.12 Sep 189923 Aug 1988
038JudyWinton W.9 Feb 18745 Aug 1958
038JudyKatie T.29 May 18871 Jun 1973
038KnightWilliams/H. & S.Illegible-stone sunken in 2002
038KnightHarrisonIllegible-stone sunken in 2002
038KnightSalliew/H. K.Illegible-stone sunken in 2002
038RuebushHomer C.2 Jan 187511 Jan 1959s/Wm. H. & Nancy J. Long Ruebush
038RuebushDorothy F.24 Mar 18772 Feb 1962w/H. C.; nee McDorman
038PayneDewitt (Dee)2 Apr 190420 Jul 1984
038WhitmerSally F.6 Sep 19086 Oct 1994
038WhitmerFrank W.10 May 19085 Mar 1982
038EyeJacob C.18701936
038EyeRachel L.186619__His wifew/J. C.; no death date in 2002