Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryShank Cemetery
LocationFrom the corner of Route 33 West & Route 42 North in Harrisonburg, go West on Rt. 33 for 1.5 miles and turn left onto Route 910 (Garber Church Road). (Note: Route 910 is called Switchboard Road to the right.) Go 1/2 mile on Garber Church Road & turn left onto driveway. You will see cemetery with stone wall around it.
NotesThe cemetery is enclosed by a stone wall and is well-maintained. Notations in "Remarks" column were provided by Mr. Swank. In 1967 J. Robert Swank noted "There are many unnamed graves in the plot." In 1931 John W. Wayland wrote "Prof. Harry Brunk tells me that this was the old graveyard of Weaver's Church. There are places in the enclosure, old stones without inscriptions or with lettering illegible."
Survey Date and Recorder27 Jun 2002
Robert & Lois Emswiler

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Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001RhodesPeter5 Nov 18247 Apr 1863Aged 38y 5m 2ds/Anthony & Annie
001RhodesAnnie13 Aug 18223 Sep 1875Aged 53y 20dw/Peter; d/John K. & Magdalene Wenger Beery
001RhodesSimon Peter7 Nov 185715 Jan 1863Aged 5y 2m 8d
002ShowalterMaria25 Nov 181111 Jun 1887Aged 75y 6m 16d; w/Davidnee Eversole
002ShowalterJoseph P. E.12 Oct 1863Aged 10y 11m 7d; s/David & Mariah
002ShowalterDavid25 Mar 1867Aged 58y 9m 12ds/Jacob & Sophia Saufley Showalter; born 13 Jun 1808 pr Swank in 1967
002EversolePeter1872In 52nd yr of his age; s/John & Maria
002EversoleJohn1 Feb 181311 Jun 1884Aged 71y 4m 10d; s/John & Maria
002EversoleHannah1850In 50th yr of her age; d/John & Maria
003RhodesDavid27 May 1859Aged 6y 2m 23d; s/Henry & Margaret
003RhodesPricilla F.29 May 185925 Jun 1864d/Henry & M.
003RhodesHenry H.10 May 18259 Jul 1864Aged 39y 1m 29d; erected by Grandchildrenh/Margaret; old headstone leaning on wall
003GoodSimon20 Jul 1869Aged 15y 5m 4d; s/Henry & Elisabeth
004DavisLydia K.25 Jun 1881Aged 39y 1m 26d; d/David & Mariah Showalter
004EversoleJohn1824In 47th yr of his age
004EversoleMaria1863In 84th yr of her age; w/John
004GainesMaria1863In 22nd yr of her age; granddaughter of John & Maria Eversole
004EversoleLydia1857In 32nd yr of her aged/John & Maria
004EversoleCatherine1848In 32nd yr of her aged/John & Maria
004GoodHenry16 Aug 1858Aged 41y 4m 19d; s/David & Magdalene
004GoodElisabeth27 Nov 1870Aged 52y 11m 9d; w/Henry; d/Christian & Barbara Brunk
004UnknownHeadstone base only-recorded 2002
005ShowalterMarthaInfant child/David & Maria Eversole Showalter
005ShowalterElizabethInfant child/David & Maria Eversole Showalter
005ShowalterJacobInfant child/David & Maria Eversole Showalter
005ShowalterElizaInfant child/David & Maria Eversole Showalter
005ShowalterCatherineInfant child/David & Maria Eversole Showalter
005ShowalterPeterInfant child/David & Maria Eversole Showalter
005ShowalterJohnyInfant child/David & Maria Eversole ShowalterSwank & Wayland showed dates 1844-1848; no dates on stone-recorded 2002
005ParretBarbara C.6 May 1847Aged 1y 22m 8d
005ShankDaniel20 Dec 1847Aged 7m 13d; s/David & Rebecca
005SuterElisabeth1 July 1847Aged 3m 11d; d/Emanuel
005ParretUriah11 Mar 1852Aged 1y 5ms/Branson & Mary Showalter Parret
005UnknownMarker with no writing-recorded in 2002
005SuterMary Margaret6 Jan 18577 Jan 1861Aged 4y 1d; c/Emanuel & Elizabeth
005SuterSarah Jane30 Jun 186119 Dec 1863Aged 2y 5m 19d; c/Emanuel & Elizabeth
006UnknownIllegible marker-recorded in 2002
006WeaverJacob30 Mar 1852Aged 2y 29dc/S. & E.
006WeaverFrederick8 Oct 1851Aged 31y 7m 21dc/S. & E.
006WeaverSamuel5 Jun 1837Aged 10y 2m 11dIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/Samuel & Anna Heatwole Weaver
006WeaverElisabeth4 Jul 1837Aged 8y 2m 11d
006FreyJacob3 Jun 1845Aged 2m 26d; s/Joseph & FrancesHard to read in 2002
006UnknownMarker with no writing-recorded in 2002
006Parret, Jr.Bransen M.6 Apr 1852Aged 22dass/Bransen & Mary Showalter Parret
006UnknownSmall marker with no writing-recorded in 2002
006BrunkJacob21 May 1863Aged 1y 3m 1d; s/J. & A.s/John & Anna Weaver Brunk
006UnknownFootstone no markings-recorded in 2002
007MillerMichael17651817First buried in this cemetery
007MillerElizabeth17731815First buried in this cemetery
007UnknownMarker with no writing-recorded 2002
007ShankFronica18 Oct 1866Aged 42y 11m 18dw/Jacob; d/Michael & Eliz. Miller
007ShankSamuel21 Aug 1831Aged 4y 4m 5dHard to read-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/Jan F.
007UnknownFootstone no writing-recorded 2002
007HildebrandBarbara28 Mar 1845Aged 65y 2m 15dHard to read-recorded by Swank in 1967
007BrunkMagdalene28 Nov 1853Aged 31y 9m 12d; Consort of Jacob1w/Jacob; nee Weaver
007WeaverMary22 Feb 1856Aged 23y 3m 4d; Consort of Joseph
007WeaverSamuel13 Mar 1857Aged 66y 5m 29d
007WeaverElizabeth14 Jan 1873Aged 82y 28d; Consort of Samuel Weaver, decd.nee Rhodes
007BrunkSarah11 Feb 185915 Jun 1859d/Jacob & S.d/Jacob & Sarah Heatwole Brunk
007BrunkDavid C.29 Mar 185523 Dec 1862s/Jacob & S.s/Jacob & Sarah Heatwole Brunk
007WeaverElizabeth30 Oct 18423 Mar 1863d/F. & S.d/F. & S.
008RodeIsaac8 Jul 1851Aged 22y ?m ?dBroken stone hard to read-recorded in 2002
008UnknownBroken illegible stones
008ShankMatilda28 Jun 1847Aged 5m 21d; d/David & Rebecca
009RodesDavid10 Jan 1841Aged 1m 1dWriting not distinct
009HeatwoleElisabeth26 Dec 1845Aged 32y 9m 5d; Consort of John
009HeatwoleFrances12 Aug 1850Aged 35y 2m 24d; w/David G.1w/David G.; nee Rhodes
009HeatwoleMary6 Mar 1852Aged 32y 5m 11d; w/Jos.1w/Joseph; nee Rhodes
009HeatwoleElisabeth6 Dec 1853Aged 23y 11m 18d; Consort of David G.2w/David G.; nee Lineweaver
009HeatwoleDavid G.7 Aug 1857Aged 45y 4ms/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole
009HeatwoleNoah3 Feb 1860Aged 8y 2m 15ds/David G. & Elizabeth
009HeatwoleDewill12 Aug 1855Aged 2y 7m
009RodesHenry14 Jun 1855In his 74th yr
009HeatwoleJohn G.16 May 1869Aged 53y 2m 22ds/Gabriel & Margaret Swank Heatwole
009HeatwoleMargaret2 Nov 17905 Jun 1879w/Gabriel; d/Jacob & Mary Showalter Swank
009HeatwoleGabriel26 Oct 178918 Jun 1875Aged 85y 7m 22ds/David & Magdalene Weaver Heatwole
009UnknownIllegible marker - recorded in 2002
009BlosserLydia Catharine4 Apr 186617 Jan 1871d/Peter & Magdalene BlosserBroken stone hard to read - recorded by Swank in 1967
010BurkholderJohn5 Oct 1844Aged 3y 1m 5dIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010BurkholderElisabeth21 Sep 1844Aged 2y 10m 8d
010Burkholder, Jr.Peter21 Aug 1828Aged 16y 1m 1dIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010BurkholderElisabeth23 Apr 1846Aged 71y 2d; w/PeterIllegible marker-reocrded by Swank in 1967
010BurkholderPeter, Rev.27 Dec 1846Aged 63y 4m; Minister & a Bishop Mennonite Church for 41 years
010BurkholderMichael9 Oct 1816Aged 2y 19d
010BurkholderMary2 Oct 18?Aged 3y 5m 2d?Illegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010Unknown1830Aged ? 2m 26dIllegible/broken marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010UnknownIllegible marker-recorded in 2002
010BurkholderSusanna18 Dec 1853Aged 21y 11m 24d
010BurkholderAnna8 Sep 1861Aged 42y 5m 3dd/Abraham & Eliz. Wenger Beery
010BurkholderDavid2 Dec 1855Aged 41y 8m 29dh/Anna
010BurkholderMargaret17 Sep 1857Aged 3y 6m 1dd/David & Anna Beery Burkholder
010HartmanJohn17 Sep 1858Aged 20y 4m 6d; s/D. & E.
010BurkholderElisabeth1 Oct 1858Aged 14y 5m 16d; d/Martin & Rebecca
010BurkholderAnna10 Nov 1859Aged 25y 8m 6d
010HartmanFrances9 Jun 1860Aged 9y 7m; d/David & Elizabeth
010BurkholderJacob23 Jan 185125 Jul 1860s/Martin & RebeccaIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010BurkholderTelman11 Mar 185530 Jul 1860s/Martin & RebeccaIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
010HartmanAnna27 Sep 1860Aged 3y 9m 6d; d/David & Elizabeth
010B.T.Stone - initials only
010HartmanFrances5 May 1868Aged 28y 4m 8d
011H.M.Stone - initials only
011HeatwoleMargaret8 Jul 1855Aged 64y 7m 14d; w/Abrahamd/Daniel & Margaret Saunders Showalter
011HeatwoleDavid12 Aug 1855Aged 2y 7mNo visible marker in 2002-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/Daniel & Eliz. Grove Heatwole
011HeatwoleWilliam H.29 Dec 186031 Mar 1862s/D. S. & E.s/Daniel & Eliz. Grove Heatwole
011HeatwoleSophia M.20 Dec 18583 Apr 1862d/D. S. & E.d/Daniel & Eliz. Grove Heatwole
011HeatwoleMary C.20 Dec 185612 Dec 1862d/D. S. & E.d/Daniel & Eliz. Grove Heatwole
011HeatwoleDaniel R.29 May 186429 Aug 1865s/D. S. & E.s/Daniel & Eliz. Grove Heatwole
011BurkholderAnnie11 May 1871Aged 49y 1m
011BurkholderSusannah1858Aged 47y 7mIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
011ShankBenjamin M.26 Mar 1861Aged 1y 2d; s/J. C. & M. A.
011BurkholderMartin, Rev.7 Feb 181718 Dec 1860Aged 43y 10m 11d
011ShankJacob C.18 May 1860Aged 25y 12d; Our Brother
011SwopeMary Susan13 Apr 1871Aged 21d; d/J. R. & E.