Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeteryShipp Family Cemetery
LocationWest of Elkton, Rockingham County, Virginia. From Harrisonburg go east on Route 33 through Elkton and 2/10ths mile east of Route 628 (Beldor Road). Just around first bend in the road at the foot of mountain & just inside park boundry near site of famous old Mountain Hotel. About 1/4 mile from Route 33. Inside the Shenandoah National Park.
NotesNotes in "Remarks" column were made by the DAR in 1960s and by Lois B. Bowman in 1981. From the book "Undying Past: History of The Shenandoah National Park" written by Darwin Lambert in 1989, on page 283 it reads "About 20 graves, including row of 7 Shipp children under age 20."
Survey Date and Recorder1 Nov 1981
Lois B. Bowman

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
001BaugherCarrie L.17 Oct 189010 Jan 1973
001BaugherNina I.19 Jan 18925 Mar 1961
001BaugherWm. David18641937
001BaugherM. A. Kate18671930w/ W. D.Nee Mary Augusta Shipp 15 Oct 1867 - 27 June 1930
001BaugherVernon D.20 Aug 18953 Nov 1912
002FrensleyJohn W.18181900
002FrensleyMary A.18201901
002FrensleyLucy E.18431910
002ShippLarge stone only bears family name
003ShippLarge stone only bears family name; series of low stones arranged in row between the 2 large ones
003ShippJames A.18411916FatherMiddle name Albert; 12 Jun 1841 - 8 Feb 1916
003ShippJulia F.18501928MotherMiddle name Frances; nee Frensley; 21 May 1850 - 10 Mar 1928
003ShippEula J.18951895
003ShippNina L..18901890Middle name Lee
003ShippLelia G.18741881Middle name Gracie; 26 Mar 1874 - 1881
003ShippVirginia M.18761881Middle name McGee; 1 Jul 1876 - 1881
003ShippLucie F.18781881
003ShippFannie E.18691880Nee Fannie Elizabeth Walden; 26 Mar 1869 - 1880
003ShippG. W. Price18711890Name George Wm. Price Shipp; born 10 June 1871 died 1890
004FryeIrene S.19131973Funeral home marker only; d/Roy Shipp
004ShippRoy DeWitt18911942Husband of Maude Hensley
004ShippJohn Price19181942John home on furlough & in uniform was allegedly shot by Sheridan Dean.