Rockingham County Virginia Tombstones by Cemetery

CemeterySingers Glen Cemetery
LocationSingers Glen, Rockingham County, Virginia. From downtown Harrisonburg, travel north 5.5 miles on Route 42. There will be a sign on the right side of Route 42 pointing left to Singers Glen. Turn left onto Route 721 (Green Hill Road) and go 3.7 miles, following the Route 721 signs, till you come to Route 613 (Turleytown Road) and take a right. Go approximately 2/10 mile and you will see cemetery on left side of road.
NotesFacing the cemetery from the street, SECTION 1 is to the left of the driveway and SECTION 2 is to the right or the driveway. Headstones were recorded from front to back and left to right in each section. The notes in the "Remarks" column were furnished by J. Robert Swank. In 1967 Mr. Swank noted "Others known to be buried in the old section (SE corner in the back) of the cemetery in unmarked graves. There are probably as many as one hundred unknown and unmarked graves. The cemetery was first the private burial plot of the Good Family. In 1826 Mrs. Frances Good expressed a desire to be buried at the location and shortly after, on Aug 26, 1826, she died and was the first person buried at the location. In 1855 at the time her son Henry sold the family farm to the Toflingers, he & his wife Elizabeth, deeded a half acre, surrounding the grave of his mother and others, to 3 trustees; Joseph Funk, Christian Burkholder & Henry Frank. No organized effort for the maintenance of the grounds was made until December 7, 1904. The original 1/2 acre plot is known as 'The old Section'." Excerpt from article in Harrisonburg, Va. Daily News-Record dated January 7, 1943: "Plans were discussed to beautify the cemetery by the removal of footstones & obsolete limestone markers in the 'old section' of the cemetery. A considerable area of the northwest section of the cemetery was used as a burying ground in Colonial days. Only limestone slabs without inscription, show the location of these graves. Board decided to remove these ancient markers & erect modern marble slabs showing that the section is occupied by unknown dead. (Note: marble slab was not visible in 2002.) A pioneer family named 'Good' donated the land & established the burying ground by their names & the date of founding are unknown to the Board."
Survey Date and RecorderApr 2002
Martha Lee

Cemetery Index

Surname Index

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SectionRowSurnameGiven Name & MIBirth DateDeath DateHeadstone NotesRemarks
BrownJacob (Infant)no visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, s/Morris & Mary E.
BrownAlbertno visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, died 12 Oct 1907, brother of William Frank Brown
BrownJohnno visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, died 17 Oct 1930, 79y, brother of William Frank Brown
BrownElizabeth Craton15 Nov 1887age 75y 3mno visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967 taken from Brown History, page 46, w/William Brown, parents of Harvey & others
CooperSarah Gangwerno visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, ashes in cemetery-location unknown
DonovanDavidno visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, s/William & Frances Donovan
DonovanLouisano visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, d/Horatio & Margaret Owens, 1w/David Donovan
FulkBessieno visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, died about 1903, d/John R. Fulk
HumesOscar11 Aug 188620 Jan 1891no visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, s/James Wm. & ___ Donovan Humes
HumesInfant Daughter1894-95no visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, s/James Wm. & ___ Donovan Humes
HumesWilliam23 Jun 19007 Jul 1900no visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, s/James Wm. & ___ Donovan Humes
ShaverMargaretno visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967, w/Henry H., d/George & Peggy Miller Evers
WeissEmma Jane31 Jul 187210 Jun 1903no visible marker-buried here per Swank in 1967
001001FarrDorothy Strickland17 Feb 190512 Sep 1989our beloved mother
001001JohnsonDean Robert13 Nov 19254 Oct 1986Sgt U. S. Army Korea
001001ReedBenjamin F.19131990McMullen funeral Home marker only
001001EstepHomer G.28 Sep 190811 Feb 2002
001001EstepHilda A.9 Dec 191324 Feb 1995
001001LeeLewis Harold13 Nov 191125 Oct 1982married 4 May 1938
001001LeeEleanor Rhodes16 Jun 1917w/Lewis H.
001001CriderAmanda Lynn14 Sep 19775 Jun 1983
001001CriderChristina Elizabeth27 Feb 19813 Sep 1981
001001CriderEugene Sherwood28 Feb 19243 May 1990
001001CriderBarbara Showalter21 Jul 1928
001002GriffithHerman D.17 Oct 192021 Oct 1997Pfc U. S. Army WWII
001002GriffithLucy Agnes4 Jan 1925children-Catherine, Martha & Robertw/Herman D.
001002HollarRichard A.5 Sep 1938
001002Unknownillegible funeral marker-grave here
001002Holbert__es Hubert19231983McMullen funeral home marker
001002TurnerRoy Lee26 Sep 19365 Feb 1998
001002BrownEarl M.3 Dec 190025 Sep 1980
001002BrownStella P.15 Nov 190129 May 1999
001002ShippCharles E.15 Feb 192910 Sep 1980
001002ShippReba M.3 Feb 1930
001002FrankErnest B.17 Sep 190522 May 1987
001002FrankEdna P.21 Jul 190825 Jun 1982
001002KeisterClyde L.6 May 19068 Feb 1992
001002KeisterFrances S.21 Jul 191622 May 1994
001002StricklerHenry L.8 Mar 194616 Sep 1980
001002StricklerElizabeth A.21 Jan 1948
001002WhetzelJerry Lane4 Jun 19577 Jun 1977
001002DoveShannon Marie15 Jul 197723 Nov 1977d/T. F. & D. M. Dove
001003LandisWilmer M.9 Feb 191411 Dec 2001McMullen funeral home marker only
001003LandisLorraine S.24 Jun 1915
001003RayEzzie L.1 Jul 190517 Oct 1996
001003RayBlanche M.25 Oct 190515 Sep 1989
001003RolstonAnnie Jane3 Feb 189626 Apr 1988
001003McMullen, Jr.Roy L.30 Aug 192715 Sep 1982
001003CulpJulius A.19291987McMullen funeral home marker only
001003BowmanGeorge V.8 Mar 190331 Jul 1990
001003LeePorter M.19021990
001003LeePauline C.19021971
001003LeeJohn Wine8 May 192819 Jan 2001ETM3 U. S. Navy WWII
001003CraunMerrill L.3 Feb 19201 Feb 1993S1 U. S. Navy WWII
001003CraunJessie M.22 Apr 1918
001004PatteeDonald F.14 Feb 193824 Dec 1986AK2 U. S. Navy
001004MoyersBruce E.24 Jan 19309 Aug 1997father, Pvt U. S. Army Korea
001004MoyersBetty B.30 Nov 1932mother
001004ShermanWilson B.19271978Pfc U.S. Army Air Forcemilitary marker reads born 27 Sep 1920 & died 28 Oct 1978
001004ShermanHelen B.19301986
001004SteeleWilliam D.7 Mar 192113 Dec 1976Married 20 Mar 1945
001004SteeleDarlene I.19 Dec 1924w/William D.
001004DeaversWilliam A.28 Jan 19137 Mar 1979Pfc U. S. Army WWII
001004DeaversHazel E.13 Jun 192112 Aug 1976
001004BrownRaymond S.22 Nov 19082 Jan 1975TEC 5 U. S. Army
001004BrownMary S.13 Aug 19162 May 1976
001004DavisC. Russell24 Dec 19041 Aug 1976
001004DavisRuth M.19 Feb 190620 Sep 1984
001004AllmanLouise Virginia19171979McMullen funeral home marker only
001004KileMichael Shane26 Dec 197724 Feb 1978
001004BillerWilliam J.18991976
001004BillerElenora F.19091990
001005WaylandWilliam E.22 Aug 191318 Nov 1985
001005WaylandThelma M.28 Mar 1909
001005GowlRalph Lewis20 Apr 190321 Dec 1997
001005GowlAva Swank16 Apr 1912
001005RitchieGrover L.13 Dec 191328 Aug 1999
001005RitchieEthel M.8 Feb 19187 Feb 1999
001005Persinger, Jr.Joseph Leonard2 Nov 19354 Apr 2000Married 25 Feb 1968
001005PersingerShirley Ann Ritchie28 Mar 19435 Mar 2000w/Joseph L. Jr.
001005PersingerJoseph Adam10 Jun 1974
001005MayRichard (Dick)28 Oct 193524 May 1995our children-Greg, Frank, Tommy, Rene'
001005MayBonnie J.5 Aug 1935
001005MayClarence F.14 Jan 190424 Jun 1996
001005MayNellie R.14 Apr 190628 Apr 1984
001005KageyPaul S.27 Mar 189225 Nov 1978Cpl U. S. Army WWI
001005KageyEdna R.19 Jun 1914
001006SimmonsRaymond Olin1 Mar 19211 Jan 1985Maj U. S. Army WWII
001006WhetzelRaymond H.21 Nov 190626 Nov 1975
001006WhetzelL. Rebecca10 Oct 190928 Dec 1991
001006WhetzelAva P.31 Mar 19006 Jan 1988sisters
001006WhetzelGoldie M.6 Mar 1911sisters
001006WhetzelValvin V.27 Sep 1918sisters
001006WhetzelScott B.6 Nov 191413 Jul 1999S Sgt U. S. Army Air Force WWIImilitary marker reads Scott Beery Whetzel
001006WhetzelPauline S.18 Feb 1921
001006ShoemakerHarold E.21 Nov 193127 Mar 1985
001006RexrodeHarry V.12 May 193224 May 1974father, son
001006RexrodeNellie Craun27 Feb 1917mother
001007MoyerGarner W.18 Jan 192728 Mar 2000Cpl U. S. Army WWIImilitary marker reads Garner Webster Moyer
001007MoyerWanda P.12 Jun 192726 Oct 1999
001007MoyerTommy Lee7 Nov 194723 Dec 1974Cpl U. S. Marine Corps
001007RoadcapNorma Lee14 Dec 19391 May 1977
001007DonovanGarrett E.25 Aug 191126 Feb 1991father
001007DonovanNancy L.27 Nov 1941daughter
001007ShoemakerHoward W.2 Dec 192224 Oct 1993
001007ShoemakerArizona L.23 Dec 1923
001007ByerlyAndrew J.18991973brother
001007ByerlyVelma F.1906sister
001007KlineE. Louise1928
001007KlineNeff I.19051989
001007KlineNaomi N.19011995
001007StroopVernon Franklin4 May 194912 Feb 1971
001008LawsonJohn M.19191978
001008LawsonCamsie M.19221996
001008LawsonEdward M.19591975s/Donald & Joyce
001008CriderFrederick Daniel24 Oct 194026 Feb 1995
001008StroopFreeman W.28 Aug. 192015 Jun 1987
001008FallsEverett W.22 Jan 191430 Sep 1999
001008FallsLouie S.5 Jun 190820 Mar 2000
001009ShehaneSara Marie26 Sep 198429 Sep 1984
001009RichmondRobert Lee14 Feb 19163 Oct 1975Pfc U. S. Army WWII
001009KnightBennie M.2 Jul 190830 Jun 1970
001009KnightRuby D.3 Sep 19172 Aug 1991
001009Ritchie, Jr.Foster P. (Jack)15 Aug 192327 Feb 1977
001009SummersEvelyn Knight5 Jul 19384 Mar 1970
001009BrownJohn F.3 Apr 186319 Aug 1938h/Barbara K; s/Frank & Jane Turner Brown
001009BrownBarbara K.15 Feb 186410 Aug 1932w/John; d/Harvey & Julia R. Hulvey Brown
001009BrownInfant Sonno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Basil & Leona Moubray Brown
001009DonovanInfantno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, c/Mary Donovan
001009McKuhnAlda M. McMullen19361981
001009McMullen, Sr.Roy L.13 Aug 190116 Sep 1975
001009McMullenBertha H.28 Feb 18987 Feb 1976
001009ThompsonWhiteman Perry27 May 192118 Feb1994Cpl U. S. Army WWII
001009SieverJustina F.26 Sep 189614 Jan 1976
001009SieverGertie A.9 May 191023 May 1995
001010MorrisEdna Mae (Kim)2 Jul 19278 Sep 1981
001010WagonerLeslie E.10 May 190424 Nov 1993
001010WagonerMabel W.17 Mar 191022 Mar 1995
001010WardLawson A.21 Mar 189131 May 1976
001010WardCurtis Lincoln12 Feb 19377 Feb 1970
001010PayneNancy Jo31 Aug 195121 Sep 1967
001010PayneC. Conrad9 Mar 19325 Mar 1997married 18 Jan 1974
001010PayneNellie B.22 May 1947
001010DorseyHattie Webb21 Jun 187923 Oct 1968
001010HartmanCharles B.26 Feb 189510 Feb 1982Pfc U. S. Army WWI
001010HartmanAva S.14 Jul 190114 Dec 1994
001010WhiteJohnnie N.23 May 1936father
001010WhiteVelda L.28 Jan 1941mother
001010BoltonJerry Allen19332002McMullen funeral home marker only
001010SwankChristine B.10 Apr 19061 May 1995mother
001010SwankJohn N.8 Jun 19369 Sep 1969son, Va. S Sgt U. S. Air Force Koreamilitary marker reads John Newton Swank
001011SwankNelson W.25 Feb 19119 Aug 1978TSgt U. S. Air Force WWIImilitary marker reads Nelson Ward Swank
001011SwankLucille H.13 Dec 19127 Oct 1996
001011Scott, Jr.Homer E.16 Dec 194215 Dec 1968Va. Pfc Signal Corps
001011BurkholderInfant Daughter5 Oct 1975d/Eldon & Carol Ann Burkholder
001011HopkinsRobert E.2 Jul 191830 Jul 1963Sgt Co C 580 SIG AW BN WWII Va.h/Thelma Powers, s/John A. & Minnie Whisler
001011HopkinsThelma P.19221976mother
001011CookHoward D.19041967
001011BridgesEphraim R. (Babe)26 Oct 19083 Oct 1968Va. Pfc 1879 SVC Comd Unit WWIImilitary stone reads born 26 Oct 1906
001011BridgesOrpha V.16 Nov 1911
001011WhetzelRay B.14 Dec 192625 May 1969Va. EN2 U. S. Navymilitary stone reads Ray Burnell Whetzel
001011WhetzelMabel E.21 Feb 1933
001011RhodesJohn Olen21 Oct 18953 Jul 1969
001011RhodesDaisy M.14 Oct 1901Appears to be grave here
001011Arthur, Jr.Harold L.24 Oct 192326 Feb 1980
001011ArthurIrene C.10 Nov 1923
001011ShirkeyRoger A.20 Mar 1944
001011ShirkeyBeverly D.24 Jan 194620 Jul 1990
001011Hoover, Jr.Lloyd A.14 Feb 19275 May 1994EM3 U. S. Navy WWII, married 29 Mar 1964
001011HooverRuby L.10 Jan 1929w/Lloyd A.
001012LamJohn Ed25 Aug 191312 Jul 1983
001012ShafferHoward T.21 Oct 19123 Sep 1970Va. Pfc Co F 264 Infantry WWII
001012RoadcapGuy E.1899 1953h/Nellie G. Philips, died Sep 9, 1953 age 53y 11m 13d
001012RoadcapNellie G.1900 1954w/Guy, d/18 Apr aged 54y 4m 14d
001012ShafferLaura Josephine21 Aug 190815 May 2000w/Otis W. Shifflett, w/George H. Siever, w/Tracie L. Raines
001012ShafferJohn L.1906 1960h/Edith Jarrels, s/ Tilden & Rosa B. Donovan, born 12 Jan. & died 3 Apr
001012LandesJosephine1866 19521h/John W. Donovan, 2h/Joshua Ritchie, 3h/Jacob Jones, 4h/Henry Landes, d/James W. & Sarah J. Pumphrey Webb
001012FaughtLibert E.8 Oct 18895 Dec 1959no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; h/Emma M. Miller
001012FaughtEmma Miller3 Nov 18743 Mar 1951w/Lilbert, nee Miller
001012SimmonsGarnett E.13 May 19206 Apr 1978SF3 U. S. Navy WWII
001012SimmonsVada M.22 Jan 1928
001012Lee, Jr.Jesse R.23 Jul 192113 Jul 2000Sgt U. S. Army WWII
001012BlosserBenjamin F.15 Feb 19093 Mar 1947h/Vivian R. Vanpelt, aged 39y 19d
001012BlosserVivian R.30 Nov 1911
001012LeeC. Nelson23 May 192420 Feb 1984
001012LeeHelen H.22 Nov 1927
001012Lee, Sr.Jesse R.13 Dec 18948 Feb 1955h/Virgie Vanpelt, s/B. Frank & Saloma Cromer Lee, military marker reads Jesse Rolston Lee Sr.
001012LeeVirgie V.1 Jun 18994 May 1975
001012LeeCarl D.11 May 19173 Sep 1944S Sgt 29th DivWWII Va.
001012LeeGeorge W.27 Jan 189127 Jun 1957h/Lonie Vanpelt, s/B. Frank & Saloma Cromer Lee
001012LeeLouie B.16 Oct 189423 Jan 1978
001013Smith, Jr.William M.14 Dec 1921
001013SmithHelen Lam16 May 1923
001013LamCharles C.10 Nov 188226 Jan 1965fathers/Andrew & Mary Humes Lam, h/Dillie Roadcap
001013LamDillie R.2 Apr 189414 Jun 1974mother
001013HopkinsArchibald J.26 Jan 187621 Jul 1967
001013HopkinsAda M.1 Oct 188212 Aug 1960w/Arch F. Hopkins, d/John & Hannah Farney Hough
001013SpitzerBenj. F., Rev.2 Feb 188411 Mar 19641h/Emma Armentrout, 2h/Mrs. Sadie Moyers, s/Jacob A. & Molly Shaver Spitzer
001013SpitzerEmma Susan26 Aug 18926 Oct 19581w/Rev. Benj. F. Spitzer, nee Armentrout
001013SpitzerKingley F.2 Nov 191929 Dec 1943T Sgt 95 AAF Bomb GP W.Va.,WWIIs/Rev. Benj. F. & Emma S. Armentrout Spitzer
001013RichterOscar G.24 Nov 189424 Aug 1963h/Ethel McMullen
001013RichterEthel M.29 Dec 18992 Nov 1969
001013McMullenCharles L.18701956h/Jennie M. Bush, s/Stephen & Mary Daugherty, born 13 Dec & died 16 Oct
001013McMullenJennie M.18681946w/Charles L. McMullen, nee Bush, born 2 June per Swank
001013McMullenCharles Earl17 Jun 190124 Dec 1975brother
001013McMullenVirginia Pearl17 Jun 19012 May 1989sister
001013ArthurEugene Samuel24 Sep 190622 Jan 1947h/Audrey E. Armentrout, s/David W. & Lydia Arthur
001013MortonAudrey A. Arthur7 Aug 1919
001013DavisPrice A.22 Sep 190711 Dec 1979
001013DavisEva Arthur17 Jul 190930 Jun 1980
001013ArthurHarold L.4 Jul 189816 Jul 1984
001013ArthurBessie L.16 Sep 189417 Jul 1960d/Laben & Sarah Reel McMullen, w/Harold L. Arthur
001014BrownBasil H.4 Feb 190918 Oct 1969
001014BrownJ. Timothy18681953h/Effie Walters, s/Harvey & Julia Hulvey Brown
001014BrownEffie K.18891975
001014StroopLester E.9 Oct 18963 Aug 1951h/Rebecca Griffith
001014StroopRebecca C.8 Oct 190220 Jan 1995
001014HopkinsJohn A.2 Jan 18833 Apr 1959h/Minnie F. Whisler, s/Ferdinard C. & Angeline Rinker Hopkins
001014HopkinsMinnie F.22 Jan 188313 Jan 1948w/John Abner Hopkins, d/Wm. & Maggie Frank Whisler
001014WhetzelRussell L.26 Jul 190511 May 1946s/David E. & Verdie G. Rinker Whetzel
001014WhetzelShirley D.30 Jan 191811 Dec 1978Cpl U. S. Army WWIImilitary marker reads Shirley David Whetzel
001014WhetzelMamie E.28 Jul 192012 Feb 1973
001014Whetzel, Jr.David E.16 Oct 187423 Feb 1964h/Verdie G. Rinker, s/David E. Sr. & Fannie McMullen Whetzel
001014WhetzelVerdie G.10 Nov 187326 Sep 1946w/David E. Whetzel Jr., d/Joel & Sarah Dolly Rinker
001014ArthurDavid T.2 May 19041 Jan 1990Pvt U. S. Army WWIImilitary marker reads David Troy Arthur
001014ArthurMattie V.5 Jun 190818 Sep 1990
001014ArthurCleo F.16 Aug 194516 Aug 1945s/Troy
001014Hawse, Jr.Marion D.1 Nov 1921father; Army 9-1-42 - 1-17-46
001014HawseElva Shaver29 Jan 192327 Feb 2001mother; married 14 Jun 1943w/Marion D. Hawse, Jr.
001014ShaverJ. Robert28 Dec 18863 Feb 1962h/Martha Spitzer, s/Wm. H. & Mary Ellen Brown Shaver
001014ShaverMartha E.13 Mar 189317 Aug 1980
001014SpitzerIra Gilbert2 Apr 188224 Jan 1970
001015ScottTalford O.1888 1956h/Octavia S. Shoemaker,s/David & Abigail Scott
001015ScottOctavia1895 1953w/Talford O., d/Geo. A. & Mary E. Shoemaker Scott, born 31 Jul & died 16 Aug
001015ScottHomer E.1912 1965h/Bertha Berry, s/Talford O. & Octavia Shoemaker Scott, born 17 Feb & died 27 Jan
001015ScottBertha J.1916
001015ScottCharles F.4 Oct 19329 Nov 1948s/Homer E. & Bertha
001015HooverJames A.8 Dec 187515 Dec 1947h/Hattie Carrier, s/David C. & Malinda J. Reedy Hoover
001015HooverHattie V.24 Apr 18911 Jun 1975
001015BlosserIrene H.12 Jun 191914 Jan 1975
001015HumesJames Thomas5 Dec 18832 Dec 1972
001015HumesLessie Smith24 Aug 188529 Jun 1979
001015HenkelRoy Carlton12 Jul 190331 Jul 1988
001015HenkelFleta B. Whetzel17 Dec 19044 Mar 1970
001015HenkelAnna Lou1 Nov 19305 Dec 2000
001015MoyersFred P.4 Aug 189712 May 1972
001015MoyersTessie B.20 Sep 189118 Sep 1992
001015MoyersMabel Marie22 Jul 192626 May 1946d/Fred & Tessie Walters Moyers
001015HenkelWilliam J.1879 1960Bertha A. Whisler,s/John B. & Fannie Henkel, born 26 Jun & died 7 Feb
001015HenkelBertie A.18821945w/William J., d/Wm. H & Susan M. Frank Whisler, born 22 May per Swank
001015HooverJ. Edward1883 1958h/Rebecca Waggy Shank, s/Samuel & Josephine Swank Hoover, born 25 Jun & died 8 Jun
001015HooverRebecca J.19001978
001016BrownRobert S.23 Oct 19179 Oct 1970
001016BrownMyrtle M.22 Sep 191223 Apr 2001
001016BrownHiram F.1871 1964h/Ida Turner, s/Harvey & Julia Hulvey Brown, born 13 Apr & died 11 Oct
001016BrownIda Turner1875 1950d/Jacob & Mary Turner, died 10 Dec per Swank
001016BrownFlemmie M.19031947d/Hiram F. & Ida T. Brown
001016StroopRoy G.6 Apr 1921
001016StroopMargaret V.15 Oct 1922
001016StroopBonnie J.2 Jul 194616 Jul 1946d/Roy G. & Margaret V. Shank Stroop
001016BartonBaby Girl19331933
001016BartonElwood19361937s/Clarence Barton
001016BartonLouise19221950d/Clarence Barton
001016WhetzelMildred K.19201937daughterd/D. Olen & Eva K. Whetzel
001016WhetzelDavid O.1897 1961husbandh/Eva Kagy, s/Charles & Frances Whetzel, born 3 Aug & died 9 Oct
001016WhetzelEva G.19031989wife
001016BridgesSamuel B.13 Jul 18566 Jan 1941h/Julia A. Phillips, aged 84y 5m 23d, s/Benj. & Mary K. Owens Bridges
001016BridgesJulia A.6 Dec 18722 Aug 1957w/Samuel, d/Edward & Nancy Phillips
001016WaltersJohn W.6 Jun 186615 Jan 1943h/Mollie C. Brown, d/Jacob H. & Martha R. Walters
001016WaltersMollie C.28 Sep 186928 Aug 1954w/John W., d/Wm. Frank & Jane Turner Brown
001016HopkinsVista J.2 Aug 18708 Aug 1941w/C. B.w/C. Baxter, d/John C. & Mahulda Simmons Davis
001016HopkinsCharles Baxter1 Dec 187522 Oct 1947h/ Vista J. Hopkins, s/Wm. Newton & Eliz. Rinker Hopkins
001016BakerE. W.29 Apr 186012 May 1946s/John P. & Hattie Baker; first name Emanuel; h/Hattie Brown
001016BakerHattie J.22 May 18734 Feb 1953d/Wm. Frank & Jane Turner Brown; aged 79y 8m 12d; w/Emanuel W.
001016HallBertha Humes1888 1942d/Robert Franklin & Florence R. Weiss Humes; w/Noah Hall
001016RoadcapEarman M.1904 1954h/Madeline l. Hasler, s/Lincoln & Dorcas C. Roadcap, aged 49y 10m 9d; died 26 Mar
001016RoadcapMadeline P.190319__
001017FulkJ. Calvin10 May 18737 May 1963fatherh/Emma S. Brown, s/Geo. & Julia A. Sprinkle Fulk; first name John
001017FulkEmma S.14 Jul 18758 Dec 1947motherw/John Calvin, d/Wm. Frank & Jane Turner Brown
001017FallsLena Bell Humes23 Sep 18958 Jan 1970mother
001017HumesG. Newton1875 1949h/Virginia S. Fultz, s/James A. & Marietta Owens Humes
001017HumesVirginia S.18731944w/G. Newton, d/Geo. W. & Rebecca Fultz
001017HooverTalmadge F.28 Oct 191026 Dec 1955h/Nelson V. Bllhimer, s/Lloyd & Gertie Hoover; WWII VA
001017HooverNelson V.11 Feb 1922
001017HooverInfant Dau.15 Sep 1941d/T. F. & Nelson V. Hoover
001017HooverInfant Dau.8 Dec 1943d/T. F. & Nelson V. Hoover
001017KlingerLilia E.8 Apr 190228 Jan 1981
001017KlingerCora M.22 Aug 18785 Apr 1951W/Dr. John M., d/John R. & Martha Hevener Hartman
001017KlingerJohn M.2 Jul 184829 Mar 1933h/Cora M. Hartman, s/Geo. & Mary M. Klinger; Doctor
001017WhetzelCharles H.18721934s/David E. & Fannie S. McMullen Whetzel; h/Fannie E. Brown
001017WhetzelFrances E.18731949his wifew/Charles H., d/Perry & Harriet Vanpelt Brown
001017McMullenAldine K.25 Mar 186525 Apr 1943fatherh/M. Alice Moubray, s/Stephen & Mary Ann Daugherty McMullen
001017McMullenM. Alice30 Nov 187211 Jul 1935motherw/Aldine K., d/Benj. W. & Kate L. Thacker Moubray
001017McMullenLeola D.24 Apr 190910 Nov 1997
001017HopkinsArlie G.13 Mar 190021 Aug 1939married 31 Oct 1921s/C. Baxter & Vista Davis Hopkins; h/Alma May
001017HopkinsAlma M.24 May 190310 Jan 1994w/Arlie C.
001017FrankWilliam V.14 Aug 187030 Jan 1954h/Sophie E. Brown, s/Henry & Catherine
001017FrankSophia E.18671940mother, w/W. V. Frankdied 5 Jun per Swank
001017KageyLula May8 Sep 189016 Apr 1962d/Jacob S. & Bettie Swank Kagey
001017KageyJacob S.16 Mar 18651 Dec 1947h/Bettie I. Swank, s/ Samuel & Mary Toppin Kagey
001017KageyBetty I.1 Jan 18668 Sep 1939w/Jacob S., s/Peter & Barbara Ralston Swank
001017ShoemakerGrover C.1893 1943Pilot USN Air Ser. AEF Va., s/John & Mary Adams Shoemaker, born 8 Mar & died 4 May
001017ShoemakerElizabeth S.19031994
001018StroopClarence Virgil21 Jan 1927
001018StroopWilma Mae12 Oct 1931
001018StroopHarry Lee10 Jun 1949
001018Stroop, Jr.Clarence V.19 Oct 1959s/Clarence V. & Mae Siever Stroop
001018CoakleyJohn W.18951972
001018CoakleyEthel S.19001976
001018CoakleyWinifred F.19211943d/John F. & Ethel Swank Coakley
001018NorcrossCharles W.18831952h/Myrtle Swank Norcross, s/Geo. W. & Sarah J. Norcross
001018NorcrossMyrtle S.18861969
001018SwankJohn F.28 Aug 186222 Mar 1935s/J. Harvey & Mary C. May Swank
001018SwankLula B.1 Apr 18686 Aug 1944w/John F. Swank, d/Jacob J. & Sallie Beery Frank
001018SwankSallie V.1890 1965d/John F. & Lula B. Frank Swank, born 21 Jun & died 21 Sep
001018SwankC. Elizabeth20 Oct 192917 Feb 1934d/W. R. & Lillie Swankd/Wilmer R. & Lillie May Swank
001018SwankWilmer R.22 May 18944 Jan 1957s/Louis E. & Betty Ralston Swank; middle name Ralston
001018SwankLillie M. 2 Aug 189510 Oct 1948w/Wilmer R. Swank, d/Charles L. & A. Florence Nichols May
001018KlineJohn I.18691942fathers/Isaac B. & Rebecca J. Kline
001018KlineSallie A.18711942motherw/John I. Kline, d/Jacob F. & Catherine Moyers Neff
001018RitchieClara R.12 Jul 19007 Mar 1950w/F. P. Ritchied/John I. & Sallie A.Neff Kline
001018RitchieJ. Franklin23 Mar 193112 Feb 1995s/Foster & Clara, bro/Virginia & Jack
001018ShoemakerJohn M.18681948s/Jacob A. & Mariah Miller Shoemaker
001018ShoemakerMary M.18671931his wifew/John M. Shoemaker, d/Dabney & Mary D. Funk Adams
001018SwankEarl R.19001930No.5121300 SATC Reg Army Va.,s/Joseph E. & Nora Reese /swabj
001018SwankJoseph E.29 Oct 18694 Jun 1941s/J. Harvey & Mary May Swank
001018SwankNora J.2 Mar 18733 Jan 1966w/Joseph E. Swank, nee Reese
001018SwankRollin O.18791954b. 21 Oct 1879 & d. 6 Aug 1954, 1st wife-Bettie Atichson, 2nd wife-Sallie Dean-buried at Cooks Creek Presby. Cemetery, s/J. Harvey & Mary C. May Swank
001018SwankBettie B.18761943b. 29 Sep 1876 & d. 15 Mar 1943, 1w/Rollin O. Swank, d/Thomas & Sarah J. Cromer Atichson
001019Falls, Jr.Roy Lee15 Aug 194015 Jul 1958s/Roy Lee Sr. & Lydia V. Johnson Falls
001019FallsRoy L.27 Aug 1910
001019FallsLydia V.19 Feb 19238 May 1972
001019SmithElbert L.19 Sep 19097 Apr 1984
001019SmithMary G.9 Dec 18992 Nov 1973
001019SmithGathalene A.10 Aug 193910 Sep 1992
001019SmithJohn N.19001987
001019SmithLucy V.19081940w/John N. Smith, d/James W. & Alice Brady Frank
001019SwankJoseph H.16 May 190420 Nov 1975
001019SwankRuth H.15 Jul 190528 Jul 1988
001019SwankCharles F.23 Oct 1933
001019SwankJohn Edwin22 Feb 193222 Feb 1932s/Joseph H. & Ruth Hollar Swank
001019MayCharles L.18651939s/John H. & Anna Beery May
001019MayFlorence A.18681930his wifew/Charles L. May, nee Nichols
001019AyreVincent R.6 Jul 192710 Aug 1929s/V. E. & Flemma Ayres/Vivian E. & Flemma Ralston Ayre
001019AyreVivian E.26 Feb 18897 Jan 1985
001019AyreFlemma R.18 Mar 18923 Dec 1972
001019ShoemakerWilliam B.18651947brotherc/Jacob & Mariah
001019ShoemakerMinnie J.18741948sisterw/Miller Shoemaker
001019ShoemakerHarold Miller18 Apr 191220 Oct 1996Pvt U. S. Army WWII
001019ShoemakerJ. Frank28 Aug 18601 Oct 1928
001019ShoemakerIda M. Whissen25 Feb 188029 Apr 1950his wife2w/J. Frank Shoemaker, d/Jacob H. & Susan Funk Whissen
001019ShoemakerF. Whissen1 May 191113 Dec 1993
001019AckerJoseph E.16 Apr 18909 Dec 1935Major U. S. Army Va.s/John & Mary Funk Acker; Major Signal Corps 33rd Div AEF Va.
001019AckerRhoda M.6 Oct 189017 Jul 1942w/Joseph E. Acker, nee McCorkel
001020WelchFlorence V.31 Jan 186610 Feb 1847aged 81y 10d; w/Wm. Welchd/Benj. F. & Mary Owens Bridges; w/William Welch
001020RitchieJohn William25 Dec 188424 Feb 1943s/Abraham & Rachael Anne Ritchie
001020GriffithDavid H.25 Sep 185920 Jun 1930fathers/Henry & Sarah Ann Griffith
001020GriffithMargarette J.29 Sep 185826 Mar 1943mother2w/David H. Griffith, d/Noah & Bettie E. Ludholtz
001020SmithJoAnn F.16 Mar 193319 Mar 1933d/Elbert & Mary Griffith Smith
001020StultzJames Carl7 Jul 191512 May 1936
001020PittsKathleen R. Stultz31 Dec 191318 May 1999
001020BaldwinLant Irvin19 Aug 190729 Sep 1986
001020BaldwinMamie Neff1 Jan 19094 May 1972
001020KeelerRaymond L.22 Jul 193715 Feb 1992sonKyger funeral home marker
001020KeelerWalter30 Nov 188519 Mar 1963fatherLindsay funeral home marker only, s/John W. & Emma Bell
001020KeelerFanny Day189816 Nov 1935d/Adam & Mildred Simmons Dayno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, w/Walter Keeler, d/Adam & Mildred Simmons Day
001020DavisCharles L.18741960s/John C. & Hilda Simmons Davis, born 2 Apr & died 5 Jul
001020DavisEdith L.1876 1965w/Charles L. Davis, d/Conrad & Kate B. Long, born 30 Apr & died 10 Apr
001020FrankAlpheus A.18751931s/Henry & Catherine
001020FrankSarah J.18721929w/Alpheus A. Frank, d/Isaac & Polly Roadcap Vanpelt; middle name Jane
001020FrankRobert E.20 Nov 1938Va. Pvt 137 Inf 35 Divh/Ina May; s/Wm. V. & Sophia E. Brown Frank; born 16 Sep 1893
001020FrankIna M.12 Feb 190218 Jan 1970w/Robert E. Frank
001020MayLuther M.1873 1955s/James H. & Sarah F. Bridges May, born 15 Sep & died 15 Dec
001020MayAddie F.1879 1956w/Luther M. May, d/Christian W. & Rachael M. Bridges, born 29 May & died 2 May
001020VanpeltW. F.13 Jul 189119 Feb 1931w/Lois Faar, s/Martin V. & Mary S. Hoover VanPelt; first name William
001021HopkinsWalter S.19061996
001021HopkinsDeva K.19071991
001021KageyDavid Samuel2 Feb 190431 Aug 1987
001021KageyElizabeth Catherine13 Aug 190317 May 19521w/Charles Griffith, 2w/David S. Kagey, nee Petitt, Aged 48y 9m 4d
001021GriffithCharles H.31 Dec 18955 Dec 1926s/David H. & Marguerite Lutholtz Griffith
001021GriffithElizabeth C.13 Aug 1903his wife
001021HopkinsHarry H.18851973brother
001021HopkinsBertha S.18891967sister
001021KeysearElla H.29 Feb 188024 Oct 1947
001021HopkinsElizabeth, Mrs.19 Sep 184927 Nov 1926w/William Newton Hopkins, d/Jonathan & Ann Rinker Hopkins
001021BaldwinWilliam M.10 Dec 18725 Nov 1940s/Peter & Ann Baldwin
001021BaldwinDelphia L.14 Oct 188220 Oct 19262w/William Martin Baldwin, d/Phoebe Vanpelt
001021ArthurMillard W.11 Apr 190112 Jan 1926s/D. W. & Lydia Arthur
001021ArthurDavid W.11 Apr 18671 Dec 1948s/John P. & Mary E. Arthur
001021ArthurLydia M.12 Jan 187618 May 1937his wifew/David W. Arthur, d/Solomon Gladwell
001021ShafferErnest D.1890 1953sons/Benj. J. & Mary I. Long Shaffer, born 8 Oct & died 12 Dec
001021ShafferBenjamin J.1867 1925fathers/John & Mary Armentrout Shaffer, born 15 Nov & died 22 Feb
001021ShafferMary I.1873 1959motherw/Benjamin J. Shaffer, d/Conrad & Kate Bergentine Long, born 24 Feb & died 8 Oct
001021AckerEvelyn May9 May 18829 Jun 1982
001021AckerJohn Acker18451923Member of McNiels Rangers C.S.A., s/Peter & Laura Barnes Acker
001021AckerMary J.18511934w/John Acker, d/Timothy & Susan Ruebush Funk
001021WhetzelLawrence N.18 May 191917 Jan 1923age 3y 7m 29d; s/R. C. & E. F. Whetzels/Roy C. & Effie VanPelt Whetzel
001021WhetzelInfant Daughter5 Mar 19365 Mar 1936d/R. C. & E. F. Whetzelc/Roy C. & Effie VanPelt Whetzel
001021WhetzelEffie V.14 Aug 18974 Jan 1985mother
001021RogersWilliam H.10 Jul 187130 Aug 1941s/William J. & Susan E. Rogers
001021RogersVirginia F.6 May 187630 Jan 1958w/William H. Rogers, d/Samuel & Catherine Layman
001021Miller, Sr.Owen E.1 Sep 190626 Aug 1973Va. Pfc U. S. Army WWII
001021MillerEthel R.18 Sep 1906
001022ChartonJames25 Dec 1928no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967; s/William & Elizabeth Charton
001022ChartonElizabethno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, w/Tipton Ford, w/James Charton, d/Samuel & Susan Bull
001022RoadcapJohn C.23 Jul 18966 Apr 1978
001022RoadcapDaisy B.1 Aug 190311 Aug 1966w/John C. Roadcap, d/Joseph B. & Mary Lam Crawford
001022StultzJames W.1871 1964s/James M. & Caroline Masters Stultz; born 6 Sep & died 27 Jul
001022StultzFannie H.1883 1964w/James Wm. Stultz, d/Wm. Newton & Eliz Rinker Hopkins; born 10 May & died 11 Apr
001022HopkinsEstella Ann5 Mar 187827 Feb 1961d/Wm. Newton & Eliz. Rinker Hopkins
001022MoyersDorothy19331935d/R. E. & Ivyb. 14 July 1933 & d. 13 Feb 1935, d/Raleigh E. & Ivy Dingledine Moyers; middle name Louise
001022MoyersRaleigh E.1902 1956b. 6 Jun 1902 & d.14 Nov 1956, h/Ivy Dingledine, s/Joel & Mary Myers Moyers
001022MoyersIvy May18991993
001022FultzJ. Harvey18561930fathers/George & Rebecca Fultz; born 30 Sep 1856
001022FultzIda B.18611931motherw/J. Harvey Fultz, d/Wm. & Nancy Wright Funk, born 23 Feb 1861
001022RitchieDavid H.18601934fathers/Joshua & Annie Moyers Ritchie
001022RitchieMary A.18591925motherw/David H. Ritchie, d/Jacob F. & Catherine R. Neff
001022RitchieJohn W.18571930s/Joshua & Annie Moyers Ritchie
001022RitchieVirginia M.18621948his wife1st married John W. Ritchie, 2nd married William J. Hollar, d/Jacob & Malinda Roudabush
001022RitchieClaude H.18891970
001022RitchieLucy Lee18951979
001022MillerLouise R.22 Jul 1918
001022MillerLloyd F.27 Feb 1912
001023RoadcapInfant Daughter21 Jul 192821 Jul 1928c/John C. & Daisy B.illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/John C. & Daisy Crawford Roadcap
001023RoadcapInfant Son8 Aug 19328 Aug 1932c/John C. & Daisy B.s/John C. & Daisy Crawford Roadcap
001023ShultzJohn H.31 Aug 194326 Nov 1943
001023JosephHarold W.27 Apr 192319 Feb 1959WWII
001023HooverLotus Fern4 Jul 19269 Aug 1926no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Lewis & Nellie Day Hoover
001023HooverLewis O.18 Feb 190120 Mar 1968
001023HooverMable M.8 Jun 19062 Jul 1973
001023HopkinsHarold1926c/Walter & Deva Hopkinsc/Walter & Deva Kiester Hopkins
001023HopkinsLillian1927c/Walter & Deva Hopkins
001023HopkinsAlice Faye1934c/Walter & Deva Hopkins
001023HopkinsEvelyn1935c/Walter & Deva Hopkins
001023HopkinsEmily1940c/Walter & Deva Hopkins
001023HopkinsLawrence1947c/Walter & Deva Hopkins, twins
001023HopkinsLeo1947c/Walter & Deva Hopkins, twins
001023BrownMorris1865 1929h/Mary E. Burkholder, s/Harvey & Julia A. Hulvey Brown
001023DingledineJohn A.13 Jun 185725 Oct 1941fathers/John & Ellen
001023DingledineLydia C.20 Feb 186421 May 1925mother, w/J. A.d/Absalom & Annie Wilt
001023RitchieMarion J.18871960h/Bertha Bowman, s/David H. & Mary A. Neff Ritchie; born 2 Aug & died 6 Jul
001023RitchieBertha B.18941968
001023LaurentGeorge B.27 Sep 18848 May 1939fatherh/Ida Humes, s/Fred &Susan
001023LaurentIda B.7 Sep 188718 Nov 1969mother
001023HumesCharles R.27 Sep 18819 Sep 1943s/James & Maiulta Owens Humes
001023HumesDorothy J.30 Oct 186114 Feb 1924his wifed/Harvey & Julia Hulvey Brown; w/Charles R. Humes
001023RitchieFrederick K.7 Oct 19217 Oct 1921s/Frederick & Flora Kline Ritchie
001023Shifflett, Jr.Charles N.20 Mar 1948grandson
001023Good, Sr.Charles E.19021968
001023GoodRebecca M.19111995
001023ArmentroutLyle M.20 Jun 190523 Jan 1982
001023ArmentroutVirginia M.15 Apr 190527 Apr 1999
001023ArmentroutW. Scott25 Sep 18714 Mar 1950s/Harrison B. & Eliza Armentrout
001023ArmentroutMyrtice M.22 Apr 187128 Oct 1952w/W. Scott Armentrout, d/Travis S. & Lucy A. Maddox
001023ArmentroutWalter E.20 Jan 189818 Jun 1923s/W. Scott & Myrtle M. Armentrout
001024RoadcapLincoln3 May 186624 Mar 1952s/Isaac & Margaret Roadcap
001024RoadcapDorcas11 Oct 186725 Nov 1958w/Lincoln Raodcap, d/Joseph M. & Sallie Ray
001024RoadcapMinor M.2 Oct 189118 Jul 1971
001024StroopMaud18941960w/Fred Stroop, d/Adam & Mildred Simmons Day, b. 27 Mar 1894 & d. 9 Dec 1960
001024MyersEdna H.14 Jan 192130 Mar 1968
001024MyersOliver B.9 Jan 19075 Apr 1999Cpl U. S. Army WWIImilitary marker reads Oliver Brewer Myers
001024MyersTracy C.1 Aug 190614 Dec 1928w/Oliver Myers, d/John Pence
001024HedrickVirginia B.28 Sep 18751 Jan 1936d/George W. & Jane Simmons Hedrick
001024MallowPhebie A.18751928aunt
001024DayIrwin A.16 Sep 192021 Jan 1921s/A. I. & Stella
001024BrownJames18721935died 23 June 1935
001024YatesIra C.20 Dec 188725 Aug 1968Va. WT USNRF WWImilitary marker reads Ira Curtis Yates
001024YatesOllie Lee6 Jul 189913 Mar 1968
001024RockCarroll H.6 Jun 191817 Jul 1995
001024RockDorothy S.19 Jan 19103 Jan 2000
001024EarlyIvan Hubert1 Mar 19028 Jan 1955CSK USNR WWII Va.s/A. M. & Clara G. Rhodes Early
001024EarlyMildred Ann16 Jan 191228 Dec 1963w/I. Hubert Earlyd/Clarence E. & Bessie Lee Smith
001025HollarWarren Gooch14 Sep 192318 Mar 1924our baby, s/L. B. & M. G.s/Luther B. & Maureen Gooch Hollar
001025HollarLuther B.18811953s/William J. & Rebecca Long Hollar; h/Maurene Gooch
001025HollarMaurene G.18901971
001025FloydMillard R.14 Mar 19103 Nov 1993
001025FloydHazel G.4 Sep 1909
001025HollarLeonard Q.11 Jan 1927
001025HollarThelma Floyd24 May 1928
001025HollarClarence R.14 Jan 192221 Jun 1952CPL 293 Mil Police Co WWII Va.s/Forrest H. & Vera V. Hill Hollar
001025HollarForrest H.26 Apr 189622 May 1965s/William J. & Rebecca Long Hollar, h/Vera V. Hill
001025HollarVera V.5 Mar 190120 Jan 1976
001025DeaversWoodrow W.11 Dec 191613 Apr 1924s/D. R. & Siddie A.s/David R. & Sadie Howver Deavers
001025DeaversDavid R.20 Sep 188222 Feb 1973
001025DeaversSiddie H.7 Oct 18795 Mar 1941d/Joseph & Lucretia Ralston Howver, w/David R. Deavers
001025HumesJohn R.19 Jan 185121 Jan 1927s/James A. & Marietta Owens Humes
001025HumesHannah C.14 Feb 18502 Aug 1936d/A. J. & Mary Jane Vanpelt,w/J. Richard Humes
001025HedrickLemuel L.22 Jul 186724 May 1937fathers/George W. & Mary Jane Hedrick
001025HedrickEllen J.14 Nov 187129 Nov 1923motherd/John H. Emswiler, w/Lemuel L. Hedrick
001025StroopMammie Ruth6 Oct 19186 Jan 1921aged 2y 3md/Fred & Maud Day Stroop
001025DayElmer E.18861957s/Adm & Mildred Simmons Day, h/Josie Brown, born 14 Jul & died 8 Feb
001025WhislerW. F.18591933s/John & Mary Whisler; first name William
001025WhislerMaggie18641931his wifed/Jacob J. & Sallie Beery Frank, w/William F. Whisler
001025LeeFaye E.5 Sep 1920
001025LeeNorman N.17 Apr 191123 Jun 1974
001025LeeClifford W.18861942s/John I. & Jane M. Ritchie Lee, h/Lucy Neff
001025LeeLucy B.18861983
001025SmithClarence E.26 Feb 188521 May 1920s/D. E. & Margaret Smith, h/Bessie Lee
001025SmithBessie Lee2 Oct 188419 Sep 1970
001025LeeJohn I.3 Jul 185821 Apr 1937fathers/Zachariah & Mary Lee
001025LeeJane M.26 Oct 18605 Dec 1945d/George & Mary Ritchie, w/John I. Lee
001026VanPeltOna Mary14 Feb 192031 May 1924no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001026VanPeltFrancis Wilson1 May 191814 Nov 1937no visible marker-recroded by Swank in 1967,s/Andrew R. & Ona M. Shifflet VanPelt
001026NaylorLavina J.19141993Heffner funeral home marker
001026VanPeltAndrew R.1882 1953s/David S. & Hannah J. Moss VanPelt, born 21 Feb & died 2 Dec
001026VanPeltMary Ona18881964died 19 May 1964, d/David & Veney Shaffer VanPelt, w/Andrew R. VanPelt
001026VanPeltDavid S.28 Feb 1931age 76y 11ms/A. J. & Mary VanPelt
001026VanPeltHannah J.27 Dec 1943age 78y 11md/Rail & Susan Moss VanPelt
001026DayArlie I.18901986Pvt U. S. Army WWImilitary marker reads Arlie Irwin Day b. 13 Oct 1890 & d. 26 Jun 1986
001026DayStella V.18921973
001026BowersPhilander18441933Co. I 52nd Reg. C.S.A.
001026MasonMary L.1 Oct 185830 Jun 1931d/Edwin M. & Mary Mason
001026FunkAgnes A.13 May 184815 Dec 1922d/Edwin M. & Mary Mason,2w/Timothy Funk
001026MoubrayDavid Kermit2 Oct 19213 Oct 1921aged 1d, s/J. F. & M. E.s/J. Frank & Minnie Shifflet Moubray
001026MoubrayKingsley Otterbein30 Apr 191914 May 1978Pfc U. S. Army WWII
001026MoubrayMinnie E.9 Jun 188222 Nov 1973
001026MoubrayJohn Franklin29 Jan 18712 Mar 1922s/Joseph & Susan Moubray, h/Minnie Shifflet
001026HollarJoseph Glenn16 Feb 192113 Aug 1921s/J. P. & L. R. Hollars/Joseph P. & Lula R. Spitzer Hollar
001026HollarJoseph P.30 Jul 18925 May 1986
001026HollarLula S.10 Nov 18951 Feb 1988
001026CoffmanDora Ann9 Aug 19219 Aug 1921d/H. M. & E. L.d/Hinton M. & Ella Lee Coffman
001026CoffmanHinton M.21 Mar 189728 Sep 1983
001026CoffmanElla Lee9 Jul 19001 Dec 1959d/B. Frank & Saloma Cromer Lee, 1w/Hinton M. Coffman
001026DonovanPerry26 Mar 186624 Apr 1948s/Jacob & Elizabeth Humes Donovan
001026DonovanAllie N.8 Aug 1929age 64y 3m 5d, w/Perryd/George & Mary Ritchie
001026HooverMary Zeala5 Jun 189914 Mar 1921aged 21y 9m 2d, w/Lester A.d/Perry & Allie Ritchie Donovan 1w/Lester Hoover
001026CoakleyWard L.16 Jul 1922age 30y 1m 5d; s/L. S. & M. F.409th Eng. Dept. Detached Camp Lee Va. WWI; s/Lewis L. & Fannie Shaffer Coakley; born 11 June 1892
001026CoakleyLewis S.1869 1960s/Walter & Caroline Coakley,born 27 Feb & died 2 Nov. per Swank
001026CoakleyMary F.1869 1964d/John & Mary Armentrout Shaffer, w/Lewis L., born 31 Dec & died 19 Nov
001027StultzEllen M.30 Jul 18585 May 1919aged 60y 9m 5dd/James M. & Caroline Masters Stultz
001027StultzMinnie Alice24 Jun 186914 Jul 1941aged 72y 20dd/James M. & Caroline Masters Stultz
001027FunkGwen28 Mar 191926 May 1919d/Jno. S. & Alice S.d/John S. & alice Fadely Funk
001027BeazleyWilliam O., PHD27 Jan 188222 Oct 1918s/William Franklin & Jane Alsop Beazley, h/Bebe Funk
001027BeazleyBeatrice Funk7 Jan 188911 May 1979
001027FunkVada E.26 Jul 18865 May 1965d/John S. & Dora Funk
001027TaylorMinnie Myrtle28 Oct 187810 Mar 1920loving companion of R. S. Taylord/John S. & Dora Funk, 1w/Robert Taylor
001027HedrickJohn W.11 Mar 190320 Oct 1979husband
001027HedrickAmanda F.26 Sep 19012 Apr 1994wife
001027MoyerJulia A.29 Feb 189616 Aug 1919aged 23y 6m 18d; d/W. I. Moyer w/William Isaac Moyer, d/Wm. V. & Sophia Brown Frank
001027HollarHarold Ray15 Jul 19057 Apr 1998
001027HollarMargaret Neff6 Feb 191116 Feb 1998
001027HollarBlanche6 Aug 191220 Aug 1935daughterd/Berlin & Tracy Lam Hollar
001027HollarC. Berlin8 Aug 18791 Dec 1966fathers/William & Rebecca Long Hollar
001027HollarTracie Lam22 Nov 188628 Sep 1919motherd/James M. & Sarah Coakley Lam, w/C. Berlin Hollar
001027BerryClaude C.18911979
001027BerryLeta M.19031988
001027BerryDavid H.18471934fathers/Alexander & Susan Berry
001027BerrySallie A.18501940motherd/David & Catherine Andes Hollar, w/David H. Berry
001027HollarD. M.6 Oct 185221 Apr 1928s/David & Catherine Andes Hollar
001027HollarMary M.20 Jan 185514 Oct 1928d/Albert & Mary Long, w/David M. Hollar
001027HowverJ. Ott23 Jan 189910 Jan 1991
001027HowverEunice Z.26 Jul 19018 Apr 1990
001028ShoemakerLizzie Tutwiler18733 Jul 1905aged 42y 6m, w/J. Frank Shoemakerd/Eli & Lucy J. Tutwiler, 1w/J. Frank Shoemaker. Note: Front of stone reads her name & born1873 and died 3 Jul 1905. Back of stone reass died 3 Jul 1905 aged 42y 6m 0d. The age 42 years doesn't agree with the birth year of 1873. McMullen Funeral Home record shows they buried her on 5 July 1905 but no age.
001028HopkinsBessie B.28 Aug 1905aged 24y 5m 16d, d/F. C. & Angelined/Ferdinand C. & Angeline Rinker Hopkins
001028HopkinsFerdinand C.18451931fathers/John & Malinda Jane Ralston Hopkins, C. S. A. VA.
001028HopkinsAngeline R.18511932motherd/Jonathan & Anna Rinker, w/Ferenand C. Hopkins
001028HopkinsJames P.1878 1943s/Ferenand C. & Anna R., aged 65y, died 26 Dec 1943
001028BaerFrederick Samuel1869 1942builder, grandson of founder of Singers Glens/Jacob & Hannah Funk Baer; died 6 Mar 1942
001028BaerDorcas Shoemaker186312 Aug 1906wifed/Jacob & Mariah Miller Shoemaker, w/Fred C. Baer, died 12 Aug 1906
001028BaerBeulah Gladys18901986daughter, Author & Artist
001028SmithJohn W.24 Mar 186329 May 1918aged 55y 2m 5ds/Samuel & Nancy Smith
001028SmithAmanda13 Oct 1930aged 68y 11m 13dno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/John & Mary E. Miller, w/John W. Smith
001028SmithWilliam Edward7 May 189023 Sep 1907s/J. W. & A. S.d/John W. & Mary E. Miller Smith
001028DoveHelen V.26 Jan 191626 Jan 1916d/John & Tracyd/John F. & Tracy Ritchie Dove
001028DoveJohn F.21 Apr 189627 Mar 1970
001028DoveTracy R.31 Jan 189813 Apr 1981
001028McDormanLottie11 Jan 190721 Aug 1907aged 7m 10d, d/R. N. & M. F.c/Reuben & Frances Layman McDorman
001028McDormanMary F.19 Oct 187812 Oct 1958d/George & Anna Layman, w/Reuben N. McDorman
001028McDormanReuben N.1 Nov 18744 Jul 1964s/Samuel L. & Nancy Smith McDorman
001028HopkinsJohn H.11 Feb 184824 Nov 1912s/John & Malinda Ralston Hopkins
001028KeisterErnest L.19 Apr 188713 Jul 1908s/William C. Keister
001028PayneRussell3 Jan 19036 Aug 1908s/J. W. & Annies/John W. & Annie Kenney Payne
001028WardClaude S.11 Dec 193816 Apr 1939infant s/Lawson & Mabel Wards/Lawson & Mabel Fleek Ward
001028WardWm. Sey18571933
001028WardMargaret L.6 Jan 185917 Jan 1916age 57y 11d, w/W. S.w/William Sey Ward
001028VanPeltJ. Floyd9 Apr 188120 Oct 1918s/Isaac & Polly Roadcap VanPelt
001028VanPeltLucy M.2 Nov 188416 Aug 1940d/David & Viney Shaffer Shiflet, w/Floyd VanPelt
001028McMullenSallie E.16 Apr 18655 Aug 1933aged 68y 3m 19d, w/Laben M.d/Jacob & Elizabeth Reel
001029BridgesInfantno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, c/Samuel & Julia Philips Bridges
001029FitzwaterInfant9 Dec 195510 Dec 1955no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, c/David & Rita L. Roadcap Fitzwater
001029WrightJohn F.15 May 18603 Mar 1913aged 52y 9m 16d, my husbands/Lawson & Nancy Wright
001029WrightAnne E.25 Nov 184518 Jan 1912w/John F.d/William & Elizabeth Ralston
001029KlingerJoseph H.7 Nov 190516 Sep 1906Illegible stone date-recorded by Swank in 1967,s/J. M. & Cora Hartman Klinger
001029BowmanEli M.1861 1950fathers/Elias & Catherine Lohr Bowman, died 18 Nov per Swank
001029BowmanAmanda C.18651936motherd/David & Catherine Andes Hollar, w/Eli M. Bowman
001029BowmanSusie E.18901907d/Eli M. & Amanda C Bowman
001029BowmanInfant Son1909Infant son/E. M. & A. C.s/Eli M. & Amanda C. Bowman
001029BowmanEmma C.18851977
001029BowmanCallie R.18881985
001029HedrickGeorge W.14 Dec 184222 Feb 1922s/Joseph & Magdalene Hedrick, Co. 1, 7th Reg. Va. Vols. & Co. B. 7th Reg Inf. W.Va. U.S.A.1861-1864
001029HedrickMary Jane21 Oct 184524 Dec 1917aged 72y 2m 3d, w/Geo. W.d/James & Mary Jane Rohrbaugh
001029DavisLee S.17 Feb 187219 Mar 1920age 48y 1m 22d, s/J. C. & M. S.s/John C. & Mahulda Simmons Davis
001029SimmonsNelly9 Aug 18222 Mar 1908age 85y 6m 22d, w/Emanuelm/Mahulda S. Davis, illegible side of stone
001029DavisJohn C.18341908
001029DavisMahulda C.18491927w/John C. Davis, nee Simmons
001029MyersSidney K.3 Oct 19183 Oct 1918s/J. C. & U. M.s/Jacob C. & Ursula M. Davis Myers
001029DingledineInfant5 Mar 18935 Mar 1893c/E. B. & M. V.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Eli B. & Mary V. Grandle Dingledine
001029DingledineLouis E J.30 Mar 1909aged 18y 4m 21d, s/E. B. & M. V.s/Eli B. & Mary V.
001029DingledineEli B.26 Oct 185918 Feb 1942aged 83y 3m 23ds/John & Ellen Dingledine
001029DingledineMary V.12 Feb 185620 Jul 1919aged 63y 5m 8d; w/E. B.d/Emanuel & Mary V. Grandle
001029DingledineMaggie F.20 Sep 188719 Mar 1966d/Eli B. & Mary Grandle Dingledine
001029RinkerCompton6 Jan 19101 Jul 1911s/Charles & Tracy Rinkers/Charles & Tracy Donovan Rinker
001029DonovanEverett A.2 Jun 18935 Feb 1968
001029DonovanRessie R.24 Nov 189515 Oct 1980
001029DonovanThomas P.29 Mar 186125 Feb 1915s/David & Louisa Owens Donovan, middle name Perry
001029DonovanMarietta H.15 Mar 18645 Dec 1916d/James & Marietta Humes, w/Tom Perry Donovan
001029SmithInfantno visble marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Benjamin Smith
001029MorrisJames18531922s/Abraham & Martha Morris
001029MorrisDorthia17 Mar 183124 Sep 1911w/James MorrisAunt Dolly, d/Christian & Susan Fulk, 1w/James Morris
001030FunkMary Virginia25 Aug 19078 Jul 1908d/AnnaBelle & J. E.d/J. Earl & Anna Belle Ritchie Funk
001030KennonAttie H.13 Oct 188313 Jul 1973
001030KennonE. W.23 Jun 185616 Jul 1906s/Philip & Mary G. Kennon
001030KennonMary A.26 Oct 185826 Jul 1941aged 82y 9mw/Edwrd W., nee Hulvey
001030GowlInfant Daughter9 May 19399 May 1939cInfant dau./R. L. & A. S. Gowlc/Ralph L. & Ana? Swank Gowl
001030SwankLouis E.20 Aug 186712 Jan 1929s/J. Harvey & Mary May Swank
001030SwankBettie C.1 Jun 18628 Mar 1909aged 46y 9m 7d; w/L. E. Swankd/Abraham F.& Hannah Ralston
001030ShoemakerIra J.1884 1961s/Wesley & Margaret Miller Shoemaker, born 9 Sep & died 26 Feb
001030ShoemakerDewitt M.18751945s/Wesley & Margaret Miller Shoemaker, 1w/Florence Hartman, 2w/Sadie Hopkins
001030ShoemakerSadie H.18841974
001030ShoemakerMadge Helen14 Jan 19083 Sep 1910Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Dewitt & Sadie Hopkins Shoemaker
001030DoveC. W.18711929s/B. Frank & Sarah K. Ralston Dove
001030DoveSallie H.1875 1955his wifew/Charles W., d/John H. & Mattie McCord McMullen, b/14 Mar & d/8 Jan
001030DoveRoy F.1 Oct 190519 Oct 1910s/C. W. & Sallie H.s/Charles W. & Sallie H. McMullen Dove
001030VanPeltIsaac25 Apr 184512 Jun 1923s/Tunis & Alice VanPelt
001030VanPeltPolly1 Jan 184420 Nov 1926w/I.d/o Absalom Roadcap
001030VanPeltErnest E.24 Mar 188928 Aug 1911age 22y 5m 4d, s/Isaac & Polly R.
001030ShoemakerOwen E.22 Feb 189511 May 1917age 22y 2m 19d, s/J. S. & Lottie1h/Lena Humes, s/James S. & Lottie VanPelt Shoemaker
001030WhetzelFrederick L.11 Dec 188223 May 1963married 6 Jan 1914s/Jesse N. & Susan Bowman Whetzel, h/Lena Kenney
001030WhetzelSada L.3 Oct 189113 Mar 1990
001030WhetzelHarold W.21 Oct 191412 Jan 1918s/F. L. & Sada WhetzelIllegible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001030MayJ. Walter29 May 188030 Jul 1964s/James H. & Sarah F. Bridges May; full name Jacob Walter May
001030RinkerJoel26 Oct 184616 May 1915our fatherwith NcNeils Raders C. S. A.
001030RinkerSarah22 Jun 18501 Apr 1912our mother, w/Joel Rinker
001030BridgesBeery F.16 Sep 190930 Sep 1911s/Wm. & Laura Hopkins Bridges
001030BridgesCleo14 Jul 191227 Jul 1912illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1967
001030MaupinNorman Brewer17 Jan 191914 Mar 1919s/A. T. & L. D.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/A. T. & Lacy Hoover Maupin
001030HooverPhoebe V.22 Jan 186215 Sep 1946d/Henry & Mahala J. VanPelt, w/Mayberry Hoover
001030HooverNewton M.6 May 18578 Aug 1915s/Cyrus & Lydia Hoover; middle name Mayberry
001030HooverRoma Troxella22 Mar 191414 Aug 1914Illegible date-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Lacy D. Hoover
001031BrownPerry12 Jan 185015 Feb 1939aged 89yrss/Wm. & Elizabeth Brown, h/Harriet VanPelt
001031SummersJames E.28 May 190330 Oct 1992
001031SummersRuby F.22 Mar 190810 Feb 1969
001031LeeGlen Rolston12 Oct 191717 Oct 1917s/R. E. & Mary G.s/Robert & Mary R. Grimm Lee
001031MillerMary G.17 May 189523 Jun 1977
001031RolstonBenjamin F.18601946s/Abraham & Hannah J. Ralston
001031RolstonDora L.18681950d/John H. & Anna Beery May, W/Benjamin F. Ralston
001031RolstonAmanda May16 Oct 189821 Aug 1916d/B. F. & Dora
001031LongAlice A.c/A. & M. J. Long
001031LongInfant27 Oct 186028 Oct 1860c/A. & M. J. Long
001032HooverRomanus M.11 May 187220 Jun 1956aged 84y 1m 9ds/Margaret Hoover
001032ShoemakerElla S.15 Nov 1883aged 7y 3m 8d, d/J. A. & M. J.s/Jacob A. & Mariah J. Miller Shoemaker
001032LongAlbert2 Oct 182216 Sep 1919aged 96y 11m 14ds/Lewis & Nancy Baugher Long
001032LongMary J.26 Dec 182415 Feb 1906aged 81y 1m 19dw/Albert Long, nee Long
001032LongLewis A.13 Nov 185113 Apr 1875aged 23y 4m 21d; Killed instantly by the accidental discharge of a guns/ Albert & Mary A. Long
001032RuebushMarioni L.12 Sep 186812 Dec 1873illegible first name recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Wm. H. & Nancy Long Ruebush
001032RuebushWilliam H.25 Oct 1891aged 50y 6m 28d, husband/Mary J.illegible name-recorded by Swank in 1967,s/Jacob & Dianna Ruebush
001032RuebushNancy J.18471935d/Albert & Mary J. Long, w/William H. Ruebush
001032RuebushJ. Albert1870 1942s/Wm. H. & Nancy Long Ruebush, born 29 Jul & died 25 May
001032HooverDavid C.18531939s/Cyrus & Lydia Hoover
001032HooverMalinda J.18511905d/Levi Reedy, w/David C. Hoover
001032HooverVerdie B.18821907d/David C. & Malinda J. Reedy Hoover
001032HowverEmma C.18701953d/Abraham & Sallie R. Ruebush Howver
001032HowverA. Cornelia18731948d/Abraham & Sallie R. Ruebush Howver
001032LeeSalome A.18631943motherd/John H. & Lucretia Ralston Cromer, w/B. Frank Lee
001032LeeB. Frank18551905fathers/George & Melinda Lee
001032LeeJoseph C.13 Mar 189230 Sep 1918Co A. Water Motor Truck Train Camp Merrit N. J. WWI Va.s/B. Frank & Salome Ralston Lee; 301st Water Tank Train
001032HowverMary J.18621945d/Abraham & Sallie Ruebush Howver
001032HowverGeorge13 Apr 18451 Jan 1916a Confederate Soldiers/John & Barbara Funk Howver
001032HowverAbram18391886s/John & Barbara Funk Howver, b. 5 Jan 1839 & d. 29 May 1886
001032HowverSallie Ruebush18371927w/Abraham Howver, nee Ruebush
001032HowverJohn18101885Swank correction in 1967- born 26 Nov 1802, died Nov 1865 - Civil War
001032HowverBarbary Funk1812 1850w/J. L.d/Joseph & Elizabeth Rhodes Funk, 1w/John Howver, born 8 Oct & died 6 Jan
001032HowverMary30 Sep 18218 Jul 1892w/John Howverd/Daniel Good, 2w/John Howver
001032SmithJohn L.26 Sep 184425 Aug 1928s/Samuel & Sarah A. Smith
001032SmithPernilia W.18 Feb 18421 Mar 1914aged 72y 13d, w. J. L.d/Louis & Mary Moubray, w/John L.Smith
001032CaterinaFris (Freeze)1804River rock with markings moved from Freeze Family Cemetery west of Singers Glen south of Junction of Routes 613 & 774.
001033BrownHarriet R.6 Feb 183821 Feb 1922aged 84 yrsd/Noble & Margaret Owens, w/Perry Brown
001033McMullenJoseph17 Jul 18148 Jan 1886aged 71y 5m 21ds/Joseph & Catherine Kuestseek McMullen
001033McMullenMatilda29 Dec 1891aged 72y 7mIllegible name-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Jacob & Catherine Snyder Fries
001033McMullenInfant11 Apr 190511 Apr 1905c/L. M. & S. E.c/Laben & Sallie Reel McMullen
001033McMullenLaben M.26 Oct 18479 Dec 1912aged 65y 1m 13ds/Joseph & Matilda Fries McMullen, h/Sallie Reel McMullen
001033McMullenJohn M.6 Oct 189625 May 1917aged 20y 7m 19d, s/L. M. & S. E.
001033HooverSamuel B.18481918s/Cyrus & Lydia Hoover
001033HooverJosephine E.18531926d/John D. & Margaret Beery Swank, w/Samuel Hoover
001033HooverHattie J.18761880d/Samuel & Josephine E. Swank Hoover
001033HooverGilbert18811883s/Samuel & Josephine E. Swank Hoover
001033RolstonSilas W.19 Oct 18479 Sep 1904aged 56y 10m 20ss/William & Elizabeth Ralston
001033RolstonJulia A.23 Jan 18485 Jun 1877aged 29y 4m 12d, w/Silas W.d/Wm. B. & Mary Johnson, w/Silas W. Ralston
001033RolstonWilliam B.29 May 187729 May 1877s/Silas W. & Julia A. Johnston Ralston
001033RolstonMary E.22 Apr 187626 Apr 1876d/Silas W. & Julia A. Johnston Ralston
001033HowverLucretia J.7 Sep 184215 Nov 1911aged 69y 2m 8d, w/Joseph Howverd/Wm. & Elizabeth Ralston
001033HowverJoseph21 Dec 184128 Jun 1900aged 58y 6m 7ds/John & Barbara Funk Howver
001033HowverSallie K.9 Jan 1893aged 23y 24d, d/Joseph & Lucretiad/Joseph & Lucretia
001033KageyLeanna E.17 Sep 18667 Jan 1891aged 24y 3m 20d; w/S. P. Kageyd/Joseph & Lucretia
001033GoodChristena7 Mar 1849aged 41 y 8m 5dw/Jacob1w/Jacob Good, nee Detrick
001033SmithVerdie A.31 Mar 188329 Nov 1906aged 29y 7m 28d, d/J. L. & P. W.d/John L. & Permalia Moubray Smith
001033SmithNoah A.2 Jun 188013 Nov 1900aged 20y 5m ?d, s/J. L. & P. W. Smiths/John L. & Permalia Moubray Smith
001033SmithCharles B.6 Jul 18661 Jan 1885aged 18y 5m 27d, s/J. L. & Pernelia W. Smith
001033FridleyJohn1908s/George & Caroline Fridley
001034FunkEudocia G.15 Feb 185913 Apr 1956d/John & Mary E.d/John & Mary Elizabeth Swank Funk
001034FunkEmma J.18561927d/John & Mary Elizabeth Swank Funk
001034FunkJohn28 Oct 182231 Jan 1914aged 91y 3m 3ds/Joseph & Rachel Britton Funk
001034FunkMary Alberta5 Aug 186020 Sep 1922d/John & Mary E. Funkd/John & Mary Elizabeth Swank Funk
001034FunkMary E.13 May 183616 Jul 1902aged 66y 2m 3dd/John & Mary Acker Swank, w/John Funk
001034FunkEdwin W.18641955s/John & Mary Swank Funk, b. 17 Jan 1864 & d. 25 Apr 1955
001034FunkEmma Susan18671953wifed/John & Emma Glass, w/Edwin W. Funk
001034FunkKingsley Willard, Rev.1898 1918sons/Edwin W. & Susie Glass Funk, born 7 Feb & died 26 Nov
001034FunkJohn S.18 Apr 18473 Jan 1917Jonathan & Mary Driver Funk
001034FunkDora B.8 Dec 185816 Aug 1952d/Solomon & Lizzie Koiner Funk, w/John S. Funk
001034FunkDaisy Pearl17 May 187728 Sep 1901aged 24y 4m 11d, d/J. S. & Dorad/John S. & Dora Funk
001034SmithTracy R.16 Aug 18914 Oct 1915aged 24y 1m 18d, w/S. O. Smithd/Joseph F. & Louise Dove Hoover
001034HooverLouie V.11 Mar 186914 Oct 1893aged 24y 7m 3d, w/Joseph Hooverd/B. Frank & Sarah K. Ralston Dove, 1w/Joseph F. Hoover
001034HooverLouie F.16 Oct 18936 May 1894d/Jos. F. & Louie V. Dove Hoover
001034SmithClaud H.15 May 191321 Oct 1915aged 2y 5m 15d, s/S. O. & Tracy R. Smiths/S. O. & Tracy R. Hoover Smith
001034HooverJos. F.18631950s/Cyrus & Lydia Hoover
001034HooverMinnie H.18631939d/Wm. & Elizabeth Ralston, 2w/Jos. F. Hoover
001034CarnsHenry18251899Va. Pvt Co B 7 Regt Cav Va., CSAborn 24 Jul
001034CarnsSarah O.21 Nov 1875aged 29 yrsno visible markers-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Isaac & Magdalene Beery Miller
001034CarnsParmelia28 Jul 1866no visible markers-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Henry & Parmelia Miller Carns
001034DingledineMary M.2 May 189830 May 1977
001034DingledineJohn J.12 Nov 188929 Feb 1932s/John & Lydia C. Dingledine, h/Mary Frank Dingledine
001034DingledineWeldon C.11 Nov 1917died an infant, aged 4m 23d, s/J. J. & M. M.s/John J. & Mary M. Dingledine
001034HowverJohn Perry5 May 18648 Dec 1920s/Joseph & Lucretia Ralston Howver
001034HowverMinnie A.8 May 18691 Jan 1949d/Joel & Sarah Rinker, w/J. Perry Howver
001034UnknownRock stuck in ground,appears to be grave here
001034GoodMagdaleneJan 1845aged 65y 3md/David Whitmer, w/Daniel Good
001034GoodDaniel, Rev.Feb 1850aged 68y 3ms/Jacob Good
001035FulkGrace1905aged 4y 4m 9dno visible marker-recorded by Swank 1967, d/Calvin & Emma Brown Fulk
001035FulkHomer4 Oct 190612 Oct 1906no visible marker-recorded by Swank 1967, s/Calvin & Emma Brown Fulk
001035StroopWilmer Calvin7 Nov 1921no visible marker-recorded by Swank 1967, s/Lewis & Ruth Fulk Stroop
001035StroopMarie Virginia26 Jan 1926no visible marker-recorded by Swank 1967, d/Lewis & Ruth Fulk Stroop
001035PatteeClifton R.13 Sep 191815 Jul 1950s/Boyd & Madge Bagsby Pattee, aged 31y 7m 2d
001035PateeMadge Bagby16 Mar 18799 Jul 1972
001035PatteeBoyd Charles13 Oct 18789 Jun 1943s/James & Norleen Baer Pattee, h/Madge Bagsby
001035FunkHomer4 Jul 1874aged 3y 1m 18d, s/John & Marys/John & Mary Elizabeth Swank Funk
001035FunkMinnie Lula Arzonetta27 Mar 1869aged1y 3m 11d, d/J. & Mary E.d/John & Mary Elizabeth Swank Funk
001035PatteeNelia Baer20 Feb 185322 May 1911aged 58y 3m 2dd/Jacob & Hannah Funk Baer
001035BaerHannah C.22 Feb 182119 Jul 1901w/Jacobd/Joseph & Rachel Britton Funk, w/Jacob Baer
001035BaerCharles E.15 Jul 1860Feb 1868s/J. & H. G.s/Jacob & Hannah Funk Baer
001035FunkRachael9 Dec 1833aged 40y 8m 23dstone broken in 2002, nee Britton, 2w/Joseph Funk
001035FunkHarry13 Sep 1807no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, age 6th yr, c/Joseph & Eliz. Rhodes Funk
001035FunkSusan7 Oct 1810no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, age 5th yr, c/Joseph & Eliz Rhodes Funk
001035FunkJoseph9 Mar 177724 Dec 1862aged 85y 9m 15ds/Henry & Barbara Showalter Funk
001035FunkMinnie Koiner18 Mar 185715 Feb 1864aged 6y 10m 28d, d/Solomon & Lizzie Funk
001035FunkSolomon, Rev.13 Jun 1880aged 54 y 7ms/Joseph & Rachael Britton Funk
001035FunkLizzie10 Aug 1892aged 61y 3m 8d, w/Rev. Solomon Funknee Koiner, w/Solomon Funk
001035KiefferCambyses H.6 Mar 186626 Feb 1867s/Aldine S. & Elizabeth Hammon Keiffer, whose death inspired the writing of the song "Grave on the Green Hillside"
001035LaymanAbraham24 Jan 1887aged 80 yrs
001035DonovanCharles D.25 Oct 186714 Jul 1925
001035DonovanMary C.3 Sep 188728 Jan 1973
001035Unknownillegible stone-broken
001035Unknownillegible stone-broken
001036GoodFrancesAug 1826aged 71y, w/Jacob Goodfirst grave in cemetery; 1/2 acre of land deeded by her son Henry & wife Elizabeth in 1855
001036LaymanDavidDec 1843aged 6m
001036LaymenElizabeth21 Apr 184713 Dec 1862
001036DonovanSallie18451907stone broken-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/John & Emma Donovan, 2w/David Donovan, mother of John Will & Daniel P. Donovan
001036DodsonWilliam18421917aged 75y 3ddied 21 Nov 1917, s/John & Margaret Dodson
001036DodsonBetty18441926died 17 Aug 1926, aged 81y 10m 20dd/John & Emma Donovan, w/William Dodson
001037DayJosephine BrownSep 1928Sep 1928d/Maurice & Mary E. Burkholder Brown, w/Elmer Day
001037BrownMary E.11 Jan 1919no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Jacob & Sarah Burkholder, w/Morris Brown
001037BrownSophia Jannetta4 Oct 1901aged 17y 15dd/William Frank & Jane Turner Brown
001037BrownWilliam Franklin1 Jan 1904aged 66y 1m 23dborn 4 Dec 1837 per Swank in 1967
001037BrownJane21 Sep 1931aged 90 yrsno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, born 17 Nov 1840, d/John & Caty Baer Turner, w/Wm. Frank Brown
001037BrownHarvey18341908s/William & Elizabeth Crayton Brown
001037BrownJulia A.18381896d/John & Mary Fulk Hulvey, w/Harvey Brown
001037BaerJ. R., Rev.22 Feb 185722 Feb 1940s/Jacob & Hannah Funk Baer, first name Jerome
001037KiefferMary4 Jul 181519 Apr 1888aged 72y 9m 15d; w/John Kieffer, our motherd/Joseph & Rachael Britton Funk, w/John Keiffer
001037FunkJonathan15 Apr 18068 Jun 1874aged 68y 1m 24ds/Joseph & Elizabeth Rhodes Funk
001037FunkSophia15 Mar 1818no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Charles Speck, w/Jonathan Funk
001037KeifferKittie1 Feb 184217 Apr 1870aged 28y 2m 17d, d/John & Mary Kiefferd/John & Mary Funk Keiffer
001037FunkR. Harry15 Apr 18534 Nov 1927no visible marker recorded by Swank in 1967, s/David & Maria L. McLaughlin Funk, h/Emma Williams Funk
001037FunkBenjamin29 Dec 18291 Jul 1909aged 79y 6m 2ds/Joseph & Rachael Britton Funk; 1w/Louisa Burkholder dau/Jacob B.
001037FunkMollie E.20 Apr 184423 May 1909aged 65y 1m 3dnee Cowger, 2w/Benjamin Funk
001037FunkLuna30 Mar 18794 Jun 1885aged 5y 9m 4d, d/Benjamin & Mollied/Benj. & Mollie Cowger Funk
001037HollarSusan C.13 Sep 18505 Dec 1909can't read age, d/Edwin M. & Susan Mason, 2w/Christian Hollar
001037DonovanJohn W.2 Jan 18627 May 1903s/Sallie Donovan, h/Josephine E. Webb
001037ShafferJoseph T.27 Nov 18769 Jun 1931s/John Funk & Rosa B. Donovan
001037ShafferRosie B.18 Apr 188829 Apr 1920aged 41y 4m 5d, d/John Will & Josie Webb Donovan, w/Tilden Shaffer
001037ShafferTilden27 Nov 18769 Jun 1931no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001037FrankElizabeth21 Mar 180921 Mar 1883aged 71 yrsd/Valentine Baer, w/Daniel Frank
001037FrankDaniel15 May 1870aged 77 yrs
001037FrankWilliam21 Apr 1839infant son/Daniel & Elizabeth Frank
001037FrankCaroline F.5 May 1862d/Henry & Eliza Frankd/Henry & Eliza Hupp Frank
001037FrankIsaac20 Dec 1860s/Henry & Eliza Frankc/Henry & Elizabeth Hupp Frank
001037FrankCharles H.28 Aug 1856s/Henry & Eliza Frankc/Henry & Elizabeth Hupp Frank
001037FrankAnn Eliza Hupp19 Apr 183627 Jan 18631w/Henry Frankd/Isaac Hupp
001037FrankHenry6 May 183113 May 1901aged 70y 7ds/Daniel & Elizabeth Bare Frank
001037FrankCatherine3 Jun 18402 Feb 1891aged 50y 7m 29d1w/Timothy Fulk, 2w/Henry Frank
001037FrankEmma10 Aug 187317 Dec 1883no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Henry & Catherine Frank, nee Ritchie
001037FrankMarietta F.31 Aug 1883d/Henry & Catherine Frank
001037GlovierLuvernie E.20 Mar 186517 Feb 1926mother, aged 60y 10m 27dd/Henry & Catherine Frank, w/Lehrand Glovier, Parent of Rev. David F. Glovier
001038HooverEva6 Mar 18556 Jul 1902aged 47y 4m, w/Haromd/ Philip & Eve Ritchie, 1w/Hiram Hoover
001038OwensMargaret E.7 Feb 18127 Sep 1888w/H. Owens
001038DavisMinnie C.25 Apr 18587 Aug 1879aged 21y 3m 12d, d/J. B. & M. E. Gangwerw/Charles Davis, d/John B. & Mary E. Funk Gangwer
001038GangwerWilliec/ J. B. & M. E.
001038GangwerAlliec/ J. B. & M. E.
001039SpitzerFrancis Leora25 Feb 1917Mar 1917c/B. E. & Emmac/Rev. Benj. F. & Emma S. Armentrout Spitzer
001039SpitzerMarshall Wilson20 Mar 19145 Apr 1917c/B. E. & Emmac/Rev. Benj. F. & Emma S. Armentrout Spitzer
001039SpitzerRoy Thomas11 Jul 191015 Aug 1936c/B. E. & Emmac/Rev. Benj. F. & Emma S. Armentrout Spitzer
001039StroopLuna2 Oct 189721 Mar 1920no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/William Frank & Jane Brown, 1w/Lewis Stroop
001039StroopRuth16 Sep 190319 Jan 1926no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/J. Calvin & Emma Brown Fulk, 2w/Lewis Stroop
001039WhetzelMaud D.22 Jun 187921 Dec 1917w/M. T. Whetzel, mothers/William H. & Ellen Brown Shaver, 1w/Michael T. Whetzel
001039WhetzelDavid E.18481921fathers/Jacob & Delelah Whetzel
001039WhetzelFannie S.18491914motherd/Isaac & Hannah Miller McMullen, w/David E. Whetzel
001039GeilJohnnie23 Mar 1904aged 9y 4m 12d, s/J. S. & Alice M. Geils/John S. & Alice May Shank Geil
001039FrankJacob T.15 Sep 187826 Feb 1960aged 81y 4m 11ds/Henry & Catherine Frank, h/Annie B. Shank
001039FrankGeorge I.24 Nov 1906James W. & Alice Brady Frank, born 18 Oct 1906-per Swank in 1967
001039FrankJanie31 Jul 187210 Jun 1903w/J. W. Franknee Weist, 1w/James W. Frank
001039FrankJames W.18691929s/Henry & Catherine Frank
001039FrankAlice Brady18871964d/Rev. George & Mary S. Davis Brady, 2w/James W. Frank, born 14 Mar & died 1 Apr
001039VanPeltMartin D.18621952s/Martin & Harriet Owen VanPelt
001039VanPeltAnnie E.18771953d/George & Mary Whisler Miller, 2w/Martin N. VanPelt
001039VanPeltMary S.18611920d/Cyrus & Lydia Hoover, 1w/Martin D. VanPelt
001039VanPeltWilliam M.10 Apr 19163 Sep 1916s/W. F. & L. P. VanPelts/Wm. F. & Lois VanPelt
001039VanPeltMinnie P.3 Nov 188811 Jan 1901illegible stone-recorded by Swank 1967, d/ Martin D. & Mary Hoover VanPelt
001039VanPeltDewey D.16 May 190013 Jul 1900illegible stone recorded by Swank 1967, d/Martin D. & Mary Hoover VanPelt
001039FranklinCharles W.20 May 18482 Jan 1894born at Fortress Monroe, Va. & died at Singers Glen, Va.
001039LaymanSamuel R.5 Feb 185416 Oct 1908aged 54y 8m 11ds/Dale & "Eliz. Layman
001039LaymanCatherine N.18 Sep 1898aged 54y 4m 3dnee Tate
001039LaymanElizabeth9 Aug 182323 May 1897aged 73y 7m 14dnee Fry
001039Unknownillegible broken stone-recorded 2002
001040HooverJosie R.27 Dec 191831 Oct 1920c/L. A. & G. C. Hooverc/Lloyd & Gertie Hoover
001040HooverElwood B.11 Jul 192417Jan 1925c/L. A. & G. C. Hooverc/Lloyd & Gertie Hoover
001040HooverLilburn L.31 May 191320 Dec 1938Va. Pvt.16 Field ArtyU. S. Army
001040HooverGertie C.25 Sep 188827 Jun 1958d/Joseph & Minnie Ralston Hoover, w/Lloyd Hoover, middle name Catherine
001040HooverLoyd A.28 Oct 188914 Jan 1971
001040StaleyFrederic11 Aug 1900c/T. C. & M. A.died 28 Aug 1900, twins of Carl & Allie Shoemaker Staley
001040StaleyMarguerite11 Aug 1900c/T. C. & M. A.died 30 Aug 1900, twins of Carl & Allie Shoemaker Staley
001040StaleyNellie V.19 Jan 191131 Mar 1917d/H. L. & B. L. Staleyd/Harry L. & Bessie Hoover Staley
001040StaleyHarry L.18761944s/Lewis C. & Mary Staley, h/Bessie Hoover
001040StaleyBessie Hoover18791975
001040HooverAlice V.1874 1956d/Samuel & Josie Swank Hoover, born 23 Jan & died 3 Aug-per Swank, middle name Virginia
001040ShankChristian23 Jun 183614 Dec 189955y 11dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/David & Rebecca Shank
001040ShankElizabeth8 Mar 184022 Mar 1895aged 55y 14d; w/C. F. Shankd/Josiah & Ann S. Beery, w/Christian Shank
001040ReinboldMary E. Swank11 Nov 189522 Jun 1990Poetry her song
001040SwankLucy Willard5 Nov 189811 Apr 1900aged 1y 5m 6d; d/C. H. & L. M. Swankd/Rev. Charles H. & Lucy shaffer Swank
001040SwankCharles H., Rev.1863 1899s/Peter & Barbara Ralston Swank, born 9 Apr & died 30 Nov
001040SwankLucy M. Donovan18651954d/John & Mary Armentrout Shaffer, 1w/Charles H. Swank, 2w/Philip H. Donovan, born 11Oct & died 2 Dec
001040SwankWeldon Henton25 Aug 18897 Dec 1904s/C. H. & L. M. Swankillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Charles H. & Lucy Shaffer Swank
001040SwankMillie Viola13 Mar 188617 Feb 1917d/Charles & Lucy Swankd/Charles H. & Lucy Shaffer Swank
001040ShoemakerJacob A.9 Jan 1900aged 63y 5m 3ds/Isaac & Elizabeth Tusing Shoemaker
001040ShoemakerMaria J.18 Feb 18377 Apr 1912aged 75y 1m 19d; w/J. A. Shoemakerd/Jacob & A. Wright Miller
001040HartmanEmma H.10 Feb 188719 Dec 1971
001040DonovanHazel I.27 Jul 189923 Apr 1970
001040DonovanHoward F.31 Oct 18969 Apr 1899s/Arch F. & Jennie Long Donovan
001040DonovanArch F.18 Jul 187014 Dec 1908s/George W. & Mary E. Miller Weller Donovan
001040DonovanVirginia L.27 Aug 187416 Aug 1963d/Conrad & Kate Bergentine Long, 1w/Arch F. Donovan, 2w/Jacob Conard
001040MayJames25 Aug 18452 Sep 1912s/Henry & Elizabeth May, middle name Henry
001040MaySarah F.13 Dec 18547 Aug 1911d/Benj. F. & Mary Bridges, w/James H. May, middle name Frances
001040FrankMarie C.5 Feb 19226 Feb 1922
001040MayEva D.19 Apr 190027 Jun 1901
001040SwankInfant20 Jul 189820 Jul 1898s/L. E. & B. Swanks/Lewis E. & Bettie Ralston Swank
001040FrankPamyc/William & Sophieno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001040FrankJeromec/William & Sophieno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001040FrankJohnc/William & Sophieno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967
001041BrownGranvel M.6 Oct 19246 Oct 1924
001042RitchieEva Kate27 Jul 1899aged 34y 4m 25dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Ashby & Emma Frances Landes, born 2 Mar 1865
001042SwankGrace G.18921977
001042DonovanP. H.1861 19282h/Lucy Shaffer Swank2h/Lucy shaffer Swank, s/George W. & Mary Weller Donovan, born 9 Apr & died 12 Jan -name Philip Harvey
001042DonovanGeo. W.15 Feb 1905aged 72 yrs1h/Lee Ann Swecker, s/John & Emma Donovan, Co. I 33rd Vol. Inf., Stonewall Brigade,wounded twice, captured at Chancellorsville, imprisoned at Fort Delaware C.S.A., full name George Washington Donovan
001042DonovanMary E.6 Jun 1901aged 62y 3m 27d, w/G. W. Donovand/Abram & Mary Elizabeth Miller Weller, 2w/George W. Donovan, born 9 Feb 1839
001042DonovanJohn D., Rev.10 May 185522 Apr 1905s/George W. & Lee Ann Swecker Donovan
001042DonovanLillian Croft7 Mar 187328 Feb 1962d/Daniel & Virginia Smith Croft, w/Rev. John D. Donovan
001042DonovanGladstone C.18 Jan 189726 Oct 1961North Carolina, Pvt 6 Co 156 Depot Brigade WWIs/Rev. John D. & Lillian V. Croft Donovan
001042FunkWilliam Clay18521936s/Timothy & Susan Ruebush Funk
001042FunkAnnie Baer18481944w/William C. Funkd/Jacob & Hannah Funk Baer
001042PatteeDonald Glen14 Sep 1917
001042PatteeMargurite Frazier1 Mar 191518 Oct 1981
001042MoubrayBenj. W.26 Apr 1900aged 61y 1m 21ds/Lewis & Mary Moubray
001042MoubrayKate L.18 Apr 184125 Nov 1927motherd/Wm & Catherine Thacker, w/Benjamin W. Moubray
001042MoubrayBetty1874 1936d/Benjamin W. & Kate Thacker Moubray, born 5 Aug & died 14 Jun
001042HartmanMary C.10 Nov 187921 Oct 1946aged 66y 11m 11d, d/John R. & Martha
001042ShoemakerFlorence Lucy6 Jan 18817 Jan 1905w/D. M.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, 1w/Dewitt Shoemaker, d/John R. & Martha R. Hartman
001042HartmanJohn R.18511927father
001042HartmanMartha R.10 Jul 185312 Jun 1916mother, w/John R.nee Hevener
001042HartmanInfant Son24 Mar 1900aged 7days, s/J. W. & Martha R. Hartman
001042HartmanInfant Daughter10 Jul 1898aged 4m 10d, d/J. W. & Martha R. Hartmanillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
001042HooverJarvis W.22 Jun 18969 Aug 1896c/Mayberry & Phoebe
001042HooverHolly R.12 Oct 18975 Aug 1899c/Mayberry & Phoebe
001042GriffithJohn Newton19 Jun 1889illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/David & Sarah E. Tate Griffith
001042GriffithSarah E.30 Aug 185519 Oct 1891illegible broken stone-recorded by Swank in 1967; nee Tate, 1w/David Griffith
001042GriffithNoah D.13 Jul 189627 Jan 1901Illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/David & Margaret Ludholtz Griffith
001042TateSarah A.12 Nov 1898aged 76y 3m 11d, w/John H. Tate
001042TateJohn H.2 Dec 1898aged 65y 9millegible age-recorded by Swank in 1967
001042TateS. E.s/John W. & Sarah A. Tate, born 16 Mar 1870, died May 1941
001042DoveThomas J.1 Jan 18533 Mar 1890aged 37y 2m 2d
001042BridgesBenjamin F.16 May 183223 Dec 1918aged 86y 7m 7d
001042FrankMarie Catherine5 Feb 19226 Feb 1922no visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/ Robert & Ina
001043NiswanderJohn W.4 Mar 1894aged 50y 2m 5d, Co C 10th Va. Vol. Inf. C.S.A.illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
001043SwankRuel P.25 Oct 189413 Sep 19183165599 Co F 329th Inf, s/S. H. & N. V.s/S. Henton & Nettie Va. Donovan Swank; Co F 329 Inf 83rd Div. AEF, died at base hospital 52 LeMans France-remains to US Sep 1920 WWI
001043SwankAlma Hazel13 Jun 190027 Oct 1900d/S. H. & N. V. Swankillegible age-recorded by Swank in 1967
001043SwankS. Henton3 Oct 185413 Oct 1931s/Peter & Barbara Ralston Swank; first name Samuel
001043SwankNettie V. Donovan20 Apr 186813 Sep 1943his wifed/George W. & Mary Weller Donovan, w/S. Henton; known as Jennie
001043FunkJoseph R.22 Apr 18552 Jul 1911s/Timothy & Susan Ruebush Funk
001043FunkLouie C.27 Apr 185529 Apr 1940d/Jacob & Hannah Funk Bare, w/Joseph R. Funk
001043FunkTimothy, Rev.26 Jan 182411 Jun 1909fathers/Joseph & Rachael Britton Funk
001043FunkSusan R.13 Feb 182826 May 1895motherd/Edwin M. & Mary Ruebush,1w/Rev. Timothy Funk
001043FunkNellie Naomi24 Sep 188427 Aug 1908d/J. R. Louie G.d/Joseph R. & Louie Bare Funk
001043FunkBeatrice J.6 Jan 188218 Jul 1962d/Joseph R. & Louie Bare Funk
001043GrassmannAnton21 Oct 193510 Nov 1990
001043GrassmannPaige Pattee17 May 1939
001043McMullenJennie E.28 Feb 186613 Mar 1871d/S. & M. McMullenname illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Stephen & Mary A. Daugherty McMullen
001043McMullenElmer K.13 Jul 1877illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Stephen & Mary A. Daugherty McMullen
001043McMullenLula K.18 Dec 1894aged 21y 8m 13dillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Stephen & Mary A. Daugherty McMullen
001043McMullenStephen23 Oct 1890aged 60y 5m 18ds/Isaac & Hannah Miller McMullen
001043McMullenMary Ann12 Aug 183520 Feb 1905w/Stephen McMullendates illegible-recorded by Swank in 1967, nee Daugherty
001043DunavinDavid20 Oct 185111 Dec 1928aged 77y 1m 9ds/John & Emma Donovan
001043DunavinBeaunavista15 Jun 18495 Jul 1919aged 70y 20d, w/Davidnee Schelle, w/David Dunivan
001043DunavinTessie B.18 Feb 1891aged 1y 1m 27dillegible stone below ground, d/David & Buenivista Schelle Dunivan
001043DoveB. Frank18431901fathers/George & Malinda Dove
001043DoveSarah C.18431901motherd/William & Elizabeth Ralston, w/B. Frank Dove
001044BixlerMorgan J.18371913s/John & Mary Bixler, Blacksmith, C. S. A.
001044BixlerMary Catherine18411920d/Isaac & Melvina Fulk, w/Morgan J. Bixler
001044McMullenRebecca E.3 Sep 186117 Jun 1892w/E. W. McMullenillegible date-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Morgan J. & Mary C. Fulk Bixler, w/Rev. Edgar W. McMullen
001044McMullenEdgar W.5 Feb 186111 Dec 1917s/Stephen & Mary Ann Daugherty McMullen
001044RitchieDonald H.8 May 190616 Jul 1907s/D. H. & M. A. Ritchies/David H. & Mary Neff Ritchie
001044RitchieScott B.15 Aug 189125 Mar 1892s/D. H. & M. A. Ritchies/David H. & Mary Neff Ritchie
001044RitchieAnnie E.10 Dec 183619 Sep 1902aged 66y 9m 9d; w/Joshua Ritchied/David & Mary Moyers, 1w/Joshua Ritchie
001044RitchieJoshua26 Jul 183414 Jan 1913aged 78y 5m 18ds/Michael & Christina Ritchie
001044BartonJohn visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Isaac & Emily Barton
001044BartonSusan R.2 Feb 1894aged 35y 8m 11d, w/John R. Bartonnee Wright
001044HopkinsBruce15 Apr 1892aged 1y 11m 2d, d/P. H. & Kate Hopkinss/P. Harrison & Kate Long Hopkins
001044HopkinsDychie13 Apr 1892aged 3y 11m 7d, s/P. H. & Kate Hopkinss/P. Harrison & Kate Long Hopkins
001044HopkinsLineous21 Apr 1892aged 5y 11m 17d, s/P. H. & Kate Hopkinss/P. Harrison & Kate Long Hopkins
001044HopkinsMarcus24 Apr 1892aged 7y 4m 18d, s/P. H. & Kate Hopkinss/P. Harrison & Kate Long Hopkins
001044HopkinsWm. B.11 Jun 1893aged 21y 3m 16d, s/P. H. & Kate Hopkinss/P. Harrison & Kate Long Hopkins, Drowned
001044HopkinsPeachy H.12 Feb 184130 Aug 1918father, aged 77y 6m 18ds/Thomas Gordon & Sarah Ralston Hopkins, Co. H. 10th Va. Vo. Inf. C.S.A. wounded
001044HopkinsKate A.27 May 184416 Apr 1938mother, aged 93y 10m 19dd/Albert L. & Mary Long, w/P. Harrison Hopkins
001044KewinEudora H.18681926d/P. H. & Kate Long Hopkins, w/W. H. Kewin, nurse
001044HeatwoleAnnie Pearl15 Jan 189111 Sep 1927d/David F. & Sarah M. Heatwole
001044HopkinsClarence Franklin15 Sep 191623 Sep 1918no visible Marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/John A. & Minnie Whisler Hopkins
001044SteppSamuel D. (Son)27 Dec 18606 Dec 1941s/Samuel & Ellen Stepp
001044SteppSamuel6 Feb 182526 Feb 1896aged 71y 6m 20d
001044SteppEllen Elizabeth4 Dec 182712 May 1900aged 72y 5m 8d; w/Samuel Stepp, mother
001044BowmanJerry 9 Jan 1929aged 75yrsillegible broken stone-recorde by Swank in 1967, s/Elias & Catherine Lohr Bowman
001044BowmanSarah F.3 Feb 1895aged 40y 6m 25dd/James Humes, w/Jerry Bowman
001044HawsePearl F.14 Jul 188724 Sep 1910w/John Hawseillegible broken stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Jerry & Sarah F. Bowman
001045HollarAlbert L.12 Jan 18848 Jul 1884s/W. J. & R. J. Hollars/Wm. J. & Rebecca Long Hollar
001045HollarAva B.22 Mar 18998 Jul 1912age 13y 3m 16d, d/W. J. & R. J. Hollard/Wm. J. & Rebecca Long Hollar
001045HollarW. J.18561942s/David & Catherine Andes Hollar
001045HollarRebecca18611935his wifed/Albert L. & Mary A. Long, w/Wm. J. Hollar
001045McMullenJohn H.18341899s/Isaac & Hannah Miller McMullen
001045McMullenMartha J.18421924his wifed/John & Sarah McCord, w/John McMullen
001045RidgelyHarriet Butler2 Dec 191414 Sep 1996
001045RitchieMinnie M.31 Mar 189714 Sep 1898aged 1y 3m 13d; c/John & Jennie Roudabush Ritchieillegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
001045RitchieGilmer B.12 Jun 188825 Sep 1888aged 3m 12d; c/John & Jennie Roudabush Ritchieillegible stone-recoded by Swank in 1967
001045GangwerH. Spurgeon18721950s/John B. & Mary E. Funk Gangwer, died 27 Oct
001045GangwerAddie E.18821951d/Jacob B. S. & Mary S. Barton Ratcliffe, w/H. Spurgeon Gangwer
001045RatcliffeJ. B. S.22 Aug 185511 Aug 1933fathers/William & Melinda Ratcliffe, name Jacob B. S.
001045RatcliffeMary S.18 May 18606 Mar 1936motherd/Isaac S. & Emily Barton, w/Jacob B. S. Ratcliffe
001045RatcliffeInfant31 Aug 1896c/J. B. & M. S. Ratcliffeillegible date-recorded by Swank in 1967, s/Jacob B. S. & Mary S. Barton Ratcliffe
001045RatcliffeAnnie V.183512 Jul 1896aged 61y 1m 5dillegible date-recorded by Swank in 1967
001045GangwerMary S.10 May 191610 May 1916d/H. S. & A. E. Gangwerd/H. Spurgeon & Addie Ratcliffe Gangwer
001045AdamsSamuel25 Jan 180916 Nov 1897illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, brother of Mary A. Burgendine
001045BurgendineWilliam F.23 Dec 181816 Aug 1890illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967
001045BurgendineMary A.Mar 181318 Feb 1898illegible stone-recorded by Swank in 1967, nee Adams, w/Wm. F. Burgendine
001045LongPhoebe Catherine24 Mar 184530 Nov 1890aged 45y 8m 6d; w/Conrad H. Longd/William F. & Mary A. Adams Burgendine
001045LongC. H.10 Apr 184912 Nov 1893aged 44y 6m 2ds/Albert L. & Mary A. Long, name Conrad H. Long
001045FulkDavid I.1884 1962s/Josiah & Susan C. Brenneman Fulk, born 3 Sep & died 15 Jul
001045FulkM. Belle1886 1966d/William Newton & Elizabeth Rinker Hopkins, w/David S. Fulk, born 17 Mar & died 17 Apr
001045DriverVernie25 Jan 186415 Jul 1884d/Benjamin & Lucinda Allen Driver
001045DriverBenjamin28 Dec 181710 Apr 1895s/Peter & Dorothy Raleigh Driver
001045DriverLucinda10 Sep 18244 Mar 1905d/David & Augusta Allen, w/Benjamin Driver
001045WhetzelLouis A.16 Dec 1894aged 5m 16d, s/W. N. & M. I.s/William Newton & Mollie Isadora Humes Whetzel
001045HumesJames A.18271883father
001045HumesMary E.18341899motherdied 21 Jul 1899
001045HumesFlorence Rebecca186914 Jul 1891w/Robert Frank Humesno visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, d/Aaron & Mary E. Weast, mother-Bertha Humes Hall
002001ThompsonRonald Lee14 Nov 1952Married 7 May 1975, Parent of Sumer Danelle
002001ThompsonKaren Sue28 Feb 1957w/Ronald Lee Thompson
002002DavisBenjamin Cole19982002McMullen funeral home marker
002002StroopWilliam R. (Bill)10 May 195017 Oct 2001Married 12 Oct 1985
002002StroopTheresa S.12 Dec 1961Our daughter Marta Roseannew/William R.
002002FrankErnest L. (Dock)29 Aug 19452 Aug 2001SP4 U. S. Army VietnamMilitary marker reads Ernest LeRoy Frank
002002FrankJoann E.19 Jun 1952
002003ShoemakerElmer W.24 Sep 193017 Aug 1999Married 16 Jun 1951
002003ShoemakerNellie P.15 Jul 193230 May 2001w/Elmer W.
002003MoyersErma Louise19511999Grandle funeral home marker
002003OplanderBelinda Ann18 Mar 19493 May 2000loving mother
002004VarnerLawrence R.19501997Grandle Funeral home marker
002004BrownSamuel F.16 Feb 1916
002004BrownLucille S.27 Aug 1919
002004DonovanThomas Clegg13 Jun 192116 Jul 1997Pvt U. S. Army WWII
002004DonovanThelma Pearl1 May 192825 Jun 1998mother and grandmother
002004LandfearArthur H. (Art)22 Dec 19203 Mar 2000U. S. Army WWII
002004LandfearEdith M. (Mimi)16 May 1922
002004Lambert, Sr.James H.31 Jan 1943Married 10 Aug 1963
002004LambertIle A.26 Mar 1945w/James H. Lambert, Sr.
002004IsbellL. D.28 Oct 192418 Mar 1998U. S. Navy WWIIMilitary marker reads Lemuel Dabney Isbell
002005DoveJ. Nelson13 Apr 1919
002005DoveMary Belle15 Apr 1921
002005DonovanBob N.13 Apr 1948
002005DonovanElaine C.2 Jul 1948
002005CookAndrea Jeanette25 Nov 197213 Jan 1996SP4 U. S. ArmyMilitary marker reads Ralph Brooks Ritchie
002005RitchieRalph B.17 Jun 192811 Nov 1999F2 U. S. Navy WWII
002005DavisHelen V.20 Oct 19116 Apr 1997
002005HolbertNellie Turner2 Mar 19162 Jul 1999beloved mother
002005ScudderC. Lester19331997CPL U. S. Army Korea, beloved fatherMilitary marker reads Charles Lester Scudder, b. 16 Jan 1933 d. 4 Sep1 997
002005ScudderLorraine J.1930loving mother
002005HartmanCarl Wayne24 Dec 194927 Mar 1996
002005Miller, Jr.Dennis W.6 Oct 19703 Mar 1996
002006DoveRoy Junior12 Mar 192930 Oct 1996children-David, Ronnie, Anna
002006DoveCatherine M.4 Jun 1943w/Roy Junior
002006JacksonAndrew W.2 Mar 1918
002006JacksonVivian E.1 Nov 1921
002006MillerAlpheus H.17 Nov 189920 Dec 1993
002006MillerKatie J.23 Feb 190214 Jan 1998
002006DoveEdward L.3 Jun 192323 Mar 2000PVT U. S. Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Edward Lee Dove
002006DoveMary D.19 Sep 19188 Aug 1995
002006SamsonFrancis M.6 Sep 194713 Dec 1995
002006SamsonCheri M.2 Sep 1948
002006GriffithHeather Faith29 Aug 1994d/Robert & Joy
002007GrimRichard L.31 Oct 1932
002007GrimElva L.22 Sep 192411 Oct 1993
002007GrimMichael L.18 Feb 1960
002007HarrisFrankie Jean15 May 19343 Apr 1999d/Charles C. & Dillie M. Lam
002007RitchieCatherine14 Apr 19218 Aug 1996appears to be buried in Grahman plot
002007GrahamThis is large headstone with family name only
002007PayneRalph Wilson19232001McMullen funeral home marker
002007TaylorCurtis W.12 Apr. 1962married 28 Sep 1984
002007TaylorPeggy S.24 Jul 19654 Aug 1994w/Curtis W. Taylor
002008DoveAllen M.27 Apr 1927dad, married 28 Sep 1948
002008DoveEvelyn E.28 Feb 1930momw/Allen M. Dove
002008WestonJames R.29 Apr 192927 Sep 2000BN2 U. S. Navy KoreaMilitary marker reads James Russell Weston
002008WestonNancy P.10 Sep 1940
002008TaylorGlenwood M. (Glen)16 Dec 192219 Sep 1992father, married 17 Jun 1946, PVT U. S. Army WWII
002008TaylorWilda C. (Susie)25 Jan 1928motherw/Glenwood M. (Glen) Taylor
002008RitchieJerry Lee12 Mar 197117 Jul 1995
002008HopkinsMarvin R.19591992Lindsay funeral home marker
002008SprolesJ. McKinney27 Jan 192331 Jul 1994U. S. Navy WWIIMilitary marker reads James M. Sproles
002008SprolesFrances H.16 Jan 1924
002008SimmonsSterril H.6 Jul 192528 Jul 1997TEC 3 U. S. Army WWIIMilitary marker reads Sterril Henry Simmons
002008SimmonsVivian C.24 Nov 1929
002008SwaimIda Pence21 Sep 192824 Sep 1992mother
002008PenceClaude Edward22 Feb 19259 Jan 1994PFC U. S. Army WWII
002009Rexrode, Sr.Michael O.6 Jan 19608 Jan 1997
002009RexrodeKathy A.18 Sep 1965
002009CobbLeonard Joseph5 Feb 19488 May 1990
002009ShifflettRay Johnson3 Aug 193229 Apr 1990father
002009HighEdgar Bunny19292000McMullen funeral home marker
002009HighVirginia K.30 May 190715 Sep 1989mother
002010RayJames M.25 Nov 190830 Mar 1988
002010RayVivian Lee (Sis)14 Jul 191226 Jun 1989
002010TroutmanJess A. William30 Nov 1920
002010TroutmanAgile M.10 May 192517 Feb 2001
002010WestcottMargaret E. (Peggy)27 Jan 191221 Feb 1998
002010JohnsonAlbert Zeke19181987PVT U. S. Army WWIIGrandle funeral home marker, military marker shows Albert A. Johnson
002010RidenourIrene D.11 Jun 190610 Jun 1985
002011RitchieJarvis A.22 Apr 1948
002011RitchieVista G.30 Oct 1943
002011SimmonsGatha R.10 Jul 192220 Sep 1996mother
002011RitchieDonnie W.17 Dec 1946son
002011WescottD. Dean30 Oct 1937
002011WescottJanet C.25 Aug 1939
002012WhetzelCharles M.11 Jun 190523 Sep 1998
002012WardNannie L.4 Dec 18889 Oct 1969aunt
002012WardIrene M.30 Apr 19164 Dec 1984niece
002012GreenJohn H.10 Feb 19181 Feb 1991S SGT U. S. Army WWIIMilitary marker reads John Harold Green
002012GreenMaxine H.17 Sep 19125 Feb 1979
002012HeathJohn James8 Jul 195621 Dec 1975
002012WhitmerV. Jenning6 Sep 1924
002012WhitmerMiriam Dove4 Jun 192622 Aug 2000
002013SilmanDavid W. (Bud)18 Dec 192720 May 1991
002013SilmanMaxine H.2 Jan 1927
002013HooverWeldon F.4 Dec 190530 Apr 1969
002013HooverShirley M.5 Dec 190418 Nov 1990
002013WescottOscar E.20 Aug 19078 May 1970
002013WescottNellie H.21 Jun 19046 Jun 1962d/C. Baxter & Ursula Davis Hopkins, w/Oscar E. Westcott
002013BridgesGlen Elwood (Bud)5 Apr 193017 Jul 1962s/Herman & Eunice Donovan Bridges, h/Lois Flory
002013BridgesHerman L.16 Jun 190323 Mar 1975
002013BridgesEunice M.15 Jun 190623 Feb 1994
002013Bridges, Jr.Herman L.24 Dec 192526 Oct 1982PVT U. S. Marine Corps WWII, erected by mother Eunice Bridges
002013ShoemakerRaymond C.23 Jun 190517Nov 1962s/Eve
002013ShoemakerCurtis R.24 Nov 1932
002013LudholtzJames A.Sep 1920Apr 1980
002013LudholtzEthel B. Jan 1923 Jul 1963d/John F. & Minnie Rumsey Byerly, w/James A. Ludholtz, b. 16 Jan 1923 & d. 16 July 1963-per Swank
002013ClatterbuckSteve L.19411990McMullen funeral home marker
002013ForbusSarah Jeanne19851987Sarah J. Forbus & Sarah J. Weaver in same grave; Grandle funeral home marker only
002013WeaverSarah Jeanne16 Aug 196426 Nov 1964d/Cecil & Patricia Stroop Weaver
002014GrimJoseph Daniel25 Mar 189822 Oct 1961Married 16 May 1922s/J. L. & Annie R. Kline Grim,h/Bessie Ritchie Grim
002014GrimBessie Ritchie17 Aug 19026 Mar 1985w/Joseph Daniel Grim
002014Whisler, Jr.Charles B. (Jeff)9 Sep 191711 Mar 1966VA TEC5 Co C 595 SIG AW BN WWIIs/Charles B. & Daisy Hopkins Whisler
002014MillerDee Early23 Jul 191513 Dec 1961T SGT 98 Bomb GP AAF WWII VAs/Frank Miller, 2h/Mavie Hollar Miller
002014FrankJ. Newton25 Jun 19142 Dec 1983
002014FrankHelen S.19 Sep 1917
002014FrankEmmer M.23 Aug 1920
002014FrankLillian Mills26 Oct 1918
002015WhislerCharles B.28 May 189014 Oct 1961s/William F. & Susan M. Frank Whisler, h/Daisy Hopkins
002015WhislerDaisy A.8 Jan 18969 Feb 1970nee Hopkins
002015VigarRocky26 Mar 195512 Sep 1960s/William Alexander & Mobley Hedrick VigarFootstone reads William A. (Rocky)
002015HedrickJames O.14 Aug 19141 Nov 1993
002015HedrickRoxie W.28 Aug 1920
002015RolstonEdna Swank24 Apr 189627 Dec 1966d/Louis E. & Elizabeth Catherine Ralston Swank,1w/Frank Ralston Jr.
002015SwankRuth Elizabeth29 May 190030 Oct 1980
002015AlvarezWinifred Swank11 Dec 19038 Nov 1985
002016FitzwaterClarence W.8 Feb 19132 Dec 1969
002016FitzwaterRuth1 Nov 190024 Dec 1965d/Joseph B. & Elizabeth Blaine Thacker, w/Clarence W. Fitzwater
002016LambJames Hensel2 Apr 190911 Dec 1980
002016LambMay VanPelt13 May 1905
002016VanPeltLuther15 May 18794 Dec 1962s/Isaac & Polly Roadcap VanPelt,h/Zella Hoover
002016VanPeltZella Hoover26 Aug 187917 Jan 1967d/David & Malinda Reedy Hoover,w/Luther VanPelt
002016HummelClaude F.2 Feb 1914
002016HummelOpal J.11 Apr 191119 Jun 1993
002016HeatwoleCarlton W.29 Aug 19134 Feb 1975
002016HeatwoleNaomi R.3 Oct 190622 Dec 2001
002016DoveJohn P. 1918 1962CPL 326 Base Unit AAF WWII Va.s/John F. & Tracy Ritchie Dove, h/Ruby Swank, military marker reads John Pershing Dove b. 21 June 1918 & d. 16 Oct 1962
002016DoveRuby S.1917
002017RexrodeJames R.21 Sep 19083 Jan 1972W.Va. TEC5 549 SIG HV Const Co WWII
002017BennyLillian S.15 Dec 189719 Aug 1965No visible marker-recorded by Swank in 1967, possible grave here, w/Nick Benny-buried at Rest Haven Cem., d/George W. & Anna Pettit Stroop
002017JohnsonLevi F.8 Apr 188930 Sep 1960s/Daniel & Eleanor Senger Johnson, w/Sallie B. Fitzwater
002017JohnsonSallie B.18 Aug 1893Appears to be grave here in 2002
002017RobertsSamuel14 Apr 188429 Mar 1960h/Lottie Mae Daggy
002017RobertsLottie M.18 May 189815 Mar 1982
002017ReamyGarnett Latane22 Feb 190713 Mar 1961
002017ReamyElizabeth Ann19 Jan 192410 Sep 2001Grave appears to be here, recorded in 2002. Information added 10/22/03 from Betty Reamy Naghdi (daughter) via email.
002017HopkinsWilliam H. (Bill)12 Aug 19149 Jun 1990
002017HopkinsVivian B.23 Apr 191326 Dec 1997
002017HopkinsLoretta Kae20 Sep 193926 May 1940d/William H. & Vivian Hopkinsage 8 mos, d/William H. & Vivian V. Byerly Hopkins
002017ShowalterSteven James13 Sep 195719 Sep 1957s/Carl & Shirley Showalters/Carl P. & Shirley Hopkins Showalter
002018Hasler, Sr.Maynard Lee19251976DT2 U. S. Navy WWII
002018DonovanClaude B.27 Mar 192314 Jan 1972
002018HaltermanHayse S.23 Oct 192027 Jul 1959s/Samuel & Virginia Sites Halterman, w/Mary Payne Morris
002018Simmers, Jr.George W.23 Jan 193920 Sep 1969VA ENC U. S. Navy Vietnam
002018McInturffLeseia Elaine11 Jul 1957d/R. L. & Charlotte McInturffd/R. L. & Charlotte Lanham McInturff
002018McInturffR. Louis1918
002018McInturffCharlotte L.1923
002018SteppJessie Mae19241961b. 31 May & d. 4 May-per Swank 1967
002018SteppAlbert 1892 1957s/Samuel & Ellen Stepp, b. 27 Apr & d. 31 Mar-per Swank
002018SteppAnna L.18921966d/Eli & Amanda Hollar Bowman, w/Albert Stepp, born 6 Aug 1892 & d. 8 June 1966-per Swank
002018StroopLewis 18851960daddy is at rest1h/Luna Brown, 2h/Ruth Fulk, 3h/Gertie Fulk, s/Henry & Sally Stroop, b. 5 Sep 1885 & d. 24 Mar 1960-per Swank in 1967
002018StroopGertie S.19111997mom is at rest
002018Stroop, Jr.Lewis12 Apr 193126 Apr 1988my dear son
002019NeffHelen Frank3 Oct 192017 Dec 1965motherd/Joseph & Florence Lam Frank, 1h/Conrad Calhoun, 2/h Glenn Neff
002019FrankJoseph F.14 May 189125 Jun 1958s/William V. & Sophie Brown Frank, h/Florence B. Lam
002019FrankFlorence L.14 Nov 189512 Jan 1983
002019WhetzelMichael T.1876 1956s/David & Fannie McMullen Whetzel, b. 6 Nov & d. 7 Jul-per Swank
002019WhetzelDella T. 1876 1965d/Joel & Sarah D. Rinker, w/Michael T. Whetzel, b. 28 Jul & d. 16 Feb-per Swank
002019RinkerMaude B.29 Oct 188329 Jan 1963sisterd/Joel & Sarah B Rinker
002019RinkerClaude O.5 Dec 18877 Jun 1963SFC Bakers & Cooks SCH QME WWI Va.,brothers/Joel & Sarah B Rinker
002019SummersEugene B.27 May 19136 Jan 1957fatherKilled in auto accident
002019SummersMary L.6 Mar 19136 Jan 1957motherKilled in auto accident, w/Eugene B. Summers
002019HooverWilliam F.1873 1956fathers/David C. & Malinda J. Reedy Hoover, h/Maggie E. Brown, b. 21 Sep & d. 19 Apr-per Swank
002019HopkinsEdith F.20 Nov 193611 May 1997
002020FrankRalph F.3 May 191629 Mar 1997
002020FrankNorma Lee6 Apr 19239 Jan 1993
002020LeeReuel S. (Swank)12 Oct 191811 Jan 1995T SGT U. S. Marine Corps WWII
002020LeeLois Arthur13 Jul 1922
002020MacallisterCharles Carter3 Aug 192211 Apr 2000PFC U. S. Army WWII
002020MacallisterNancy (Mitzi) Lee14 Jun 1924
002020LeeEmmer P.10 Dec 188810 Oct 1969
002020LeeMaud S.17 Dec 189028 Apr 1974
002020MayEverette Lee1 Aug 1914
002020MayMarie Lee6 May 191621 Jul 1964d/Emmer P. & Maud Swank Lee, 1w/Everette L. May
002021WrennRichard Paxton19171993
002021WrennJuanita Ruddle1921
002021RuddleDon Smith19 Jan 189911 Sep 1992
002021RuddleMabel Swank21 Sep 190223 May 1996
002021SwankJ. Robert11 Jun 189231 Dec 1985SGT U. S. Army
002021SwankAlma19 Mar 190323 Jan 1965d/Fred C. & Emilee Tabos Charske, w/J. Robert Swank
002022FunkJ. Earle29 Jul 188222 Mar 1980
002022FunkAnna B.17 Jun 188616 Dec 1978
002022WatkinsRachel Britton Funk27 Apr 191219 May 1999
002022FunkSamuel Henry19 Jul 1915
002022FunkNorma Diehl5 Nov 19185 Apr 1969
002023FunkCora Beatrice (McKenzie)14 Dec 1935
002023FunkJohn Harold30 Mar 1909
002023FunkMary Robin Coakley30 Oct 19103 Aug 1980
002024MayArnold R.5 Dec 190425 Oct 1995
002024MayHannah M.16 Mar 190623 Oct 1983
002024StroopJoyce Ann25 Feb 195625 Feb 1956d/Roy & Margie Stroop
002024SpitzerNelson W.3 Feb 1912
002024SpitzerRuth O.15 Jul 1912
002024SpitzerE. Anne, M.D.21 Mar 195013 Nov 1988healer of mind & body
002024HooverHardy W.18991970
002024HooverHelen C.19171999
002024FisherFrank Miller10 Mar 192112 Jul 1985U. S. Army WWIImilitary marker only
002025MayBenjamin R.25 Jun 187725 Dec 1955s/James & Sarah F. Bridges May, full name Benjamin Raleigh May
002025MayMinnie E.3 Dec 18816 Jan 1958his wifed/Christian & Rachael Bridges, w/Raleigh May
002025StrawdermanDarrell L.19 Feb 195625 Feb 1956s/Leroy & Genevieve Strawderman
002025EmswilerClay B.18 Nov 18962 Jun 1971Veteran WWI
002025EmswilerLula G.30 Jun 188718 Feb 1969
002025HooverLawrence A.24 Aug 190918 Mar 1960s/Lula Hoover (Emswiler), name-Lawrence Aubrey
002025KlineEarl A.27 Dec 189621 Sep 1967
002025KlineLetha D.11 May 18994 Mar 1986
002026FryWade C.18901973
002026FryMackie G.1887 1955w/Wade C. Fry, b. 10 Apr 1887 & d. 14 Dec 1955
002026FrankCharles Edward10 Jul 189722 Dec 1955s/James W. & Janie Weist Frank, h/Flemma V. Kline
002026FrankFlema Virginia20 Sep 189827 Jul 1989
002026DonovanDavid Perry1869 1955fathers/Sallie Donovan, b. 7 Aug & d. 19 Aug-per Swank
002026DonovanFrances L. 1875 1961motherd/James & Josephine Pumphrey Webb, w/David P. Donovan, b. 18 Aug & d. 26 Apr-per Swank
002026DonovanMarvin J.17 Oct 1897s/David & Frances L.
002026DonovanHilda L.3 Oct 1909d/David & Frances L.
002026Rodgers, Jr.Robert N.7 Mar 1915father
002026RodgersViolet M.23 Jul 191819 May 1998mother
002026RodgersRoy Lee13 Jul 1939son
002027HooverMaggie E. 1878 1955motherd/Perry & Harriet Brown, w/William F. Hoover, b.16 Oct & d.16 Nov-per Swank 1967
002027AckerJohn W.29 Nov 18832 Feb 1952s/John & Mary Funk Acker, h/Margaret Bray
002027AckerMargaret B.24 Jun 18884 Jul 1973
002027AckerWilliam Funk28 Oct 191527 Jun 1990
002027AckerBetty Turner6 Sep 1922
002027FrankTrovilla F.30 Jun 19257 Dec 1999PFC U. S. Army WWII
002027FrankLois E.25 Jul 192627 Jan 2000
002027FrankJ. Dennis 1894 1960s/James W. & Janie Weist Frank, b. 2 May & d. 11-Nov per Swank
002027FrankGertrude Leona18981952w/Dennis Frank, nee Smith
002027FrankRoy L.9 Sep 1916
002027FrankMamie B.6 Feb 190930 Dec 1991
002028StultzLynward Madison23 Aug 190729 Jun 1954aged 46y 10m 6d
002028StultzRuth Wampler21 Sep 19076 Apr 1994
002028HartmanDonald E.21 Dec 195322 Nov 1968
002028HartmanWilliam F.15 Sep 195518 Sep 1955s/Wayne Hartman
002028HollarKate Umstot18941918wifenee Umstot, 1w/J. Paul Hollar, b. 1894, d. 1918 per Swank
002028HollarW. Paul, Rev.18941985
002028HollarCharlena Rhodes18951931d/John H. & Minnie Weller Rhodes, 2w/Rev J. Paul Hollar
002028HollarInfant3 Sep 1931d/Charlena R. & J. Paul Hollar
002028HollarInfant Son11Jun 1922buried at N. Baltimore, Ohios/J. Paul Hollar
002028HollarDavid Gordon5 Sep 192531 Mar 1945(buried in) unknown grave in Germanys/J. Paul Hollar, WWII
002028HooverJ. Minor17 Dec 189114 Sep 1986
002028HooverVera F.2 Aug 190322 Apr 1983
002028HooverJ. Carl13 Jan 19494 Nov 1986
002029DavisS. Eva18841968
002029DavisOra O. 1881 1963d/John c. & Mahulda Simmons Davis, b. 4 Feb & d. 7 Feb-per Swank
002029MyersD. Russell30 Oct 1915
002029MyersEdna H.13 Dec 191816 Dec 1967
002029MyersJacob C.18771951s/Peter H. & Elizabeth Myers
002029MyersUrsula D. 1879 1958d/John C. & Mahulda Simmons Davis, w/Jacob C. Myers, b. 20 May & d. 15 Apr-per Swank
002029MowbrayWilliam O.14 Nov 187020 Sep 1951s/Benj. W. & Kate Thacker Moubray, h/Lena Myers, full name William Otterbine Mowbray
002029MowbrayLena E.19 Dec 18884 Feb 1976
002029RioS. Richard20 Feb 191229 Jul 1999
002029RioMinnie Myers12 Jun 191814 Jan 1998
002029MathiasVirgil L.15 Aug 190231 Jul 1998
002029MathiasVirginia M.5 Dec 1915
002030DeaversPeggy Lynn25 Nov 19505 Apr 1951d/Roy O. & Frances Ritchie Deavers
002030LanhamHoward G.20 Aug 190730 Apr 1986married 25 Jun 1930
002030LanhamLeona W.21 Mar 190928 Dec 1985w/Howard G. Lanham
002030WemmerusFrederick Wanamaker10 Aug 19148 Jul 1971
002031May, Jr.Walker H.31 Jul 192420 Dec 1985SSG U. S. Army WWII
002031MayFrances F.15 Jul 1925
002031HenkleRalph W.13 Apr 190731 Dec 1987
002031HenkleFrances A.24 Mar 1907
002031HenkelCharles L. 1915 1957s/Homer C. & Lula E. Whisler Henkle, 1h/Goldie Showalter, b 10 Sep & D. 4 Jun per Swank
002031HenkelGoldie S.191819__there is a grave here, nee Showalter
002031LanhamLaco M.18771950fathers/Manville & Susan Lanham, h/Ticie Spitzer, d 1 Jun per Swank
002031LanhamTicie S.18861980mother
002031KageyGalen B. 1912 1971PVT Field Art. WWIImilitary marker reads b. 20 Feb 1912 d. 30 Aug 1971
002031KageyVirginia L.1915
002032MayRobert F.11 Jun 1920
002032MayVirginia R.10 Jan 1919
002032SieverFranklin Leon27 Nov 196122 Feb 2000
002032SieverGlenn A.7 Oct 1929married 17 Oct 1948
002032SieverVirginia G.17 Oct 1930children Richard, Glenna, Franklin James, Shelby, Harlanw/Glenn A. Sievers, nee Griffith
002032GriffithNewton E.14 Apr 189415 Jun 1970
002032GriffithSallie C.11 Jan 189719 Oct 1973
002032StaubusGenevieve Frank Weldon4 Jan 19281 Nov 1994
002032RobinsonRobert Eugene19 Apr 193422 Jan 1994SP4 U. S. Army
002032RobinsonGertrude Rodgers8 Oct 1940
002033ReedyBerlin A.1882 1964s/Philip & Sallie Reedy, b. 25 Aug 1882 & d. 28 Apr 1964 & full name Berlin Alexander Reedy-per Swank
002033ReedyIda M. 1888 1961nee Hollar, w/Berlin A. Reedy, b. 6 June & d. 14 June-per Swankd
002033ReedyJames B.11 Jun 191119 Mar 1977
002033ReedyGeneva B.15 Dec 191530 Nov 1972
002033Reedy, Jr.David A.19192001Grandle funeral home marker
002034MayWalker H.6 Nov 18963 Sep 1967
002034MayRuth B.5 Oct 18961 Jul 1975
002034MayBeery H.28 Aug 189714 Apr 1963s/Charles L. & Frances Nichols May, h/Hazel Fishback
002034MayHazel F.24 Jan 189515 Jan 1978
002034SwankGlen O.23 Feb 19143 Nov 2001
002034SwankDorothy V.28 Aug 191018 Apr 2000
002034SwankEffie J.1877 1957d/William Newton & Elizabeth Rinker Hopkins, 2w/Louis E. Swank, b. 10 Jan & d. 14 May-per Swank