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Teamwork Reveals Courthouse Treasures

Thursday, February 17, 2022, 7pm Zoom Webinar

Over the past 14 years, the Rockingham Circuit Court Clerk’s office has identified and conserved or preserved records that were securely tucked away. A unique collaboration with JMU’s History and Library departments has given students hands-on public history experience and created a digital archive for public research.

Digital collections now available include court records from prohibition, overseers of the poor, historic criminal cases, and the creation of Shenandoah National Park.

Haywood will also discuss other resources that can be found in the Clerk’s office and online.

More about this collaboration:

About Chaz Haywood

Chaz W. Haywood was elected in 2007 and began serving as the Clerk of Rockingham Circuit Court which includes the City of Harrisonburg.  During his 15 plus years in this capacity, he has worked diligently to streamline court processes as well as focused a lot of attention on preserving court records that date back to as early as 1739.

Prior to this his election, Chaz spent 14 years working for members of the United States Congress.  He was also employed for a time at James Madison University and spent 9 years in the Virginia Army National Guard.  

About Kevin Borg

Kevin Borg is Professor in the Department of History at JMU where he teaches courses in US History, Public History, the History of Technology in America, The Automobile in America, and supervises off-campus history internships at the undergraduate and graduate level. He is a 20-year resident of Bridgewater and has been on the board of Rocktown History just over 5 years.