Harrisonburg and Rockingham County Cemeteries

Harrisonburg and Rockingham County cemeteries were originally recorded (walked) in the 1960’s. The local chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and J. Robert Swank accomplished this project. The DAR recorded cemeteries on the east side of Route 11, and Mr. Swank recorded the west side cemeteries. These records were typed and a copy has been kept by the historical society.

Beginning in 2000 a number of volunteers re-walked all known cemeteries. This information was entered into a database to allow easy searching for information. Concurrently the webmaster of the Rockingham County GenWeb site converted these records to that website. Later, photos of tombstones were added to that project. The information on the GenWeb site has yet to be updated with a remaining 60 cemeteries still to be placed on the site. This update requires a lot of programming.

The cemetery information on this HRHS website is complete to the best knowledge of HRHS. All known Rockingham cemeteries can be found here. The programming to include tombstone or other photographs requires considerable and ongoing effort. Therefore the historical society has not undertaken the task of providing photographs.

Please note that the markers in the cemeteries are listed by section and row in the order found in the cemetery. This is to assist researchers in finding potential family members who may be buried adjacent to or near each other.

Some latitude and longitude coordinates are provided to help you locate cemeteries.

Additional information may be found using our Online Databases with member and non-member options.